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Environmentally friendly Smart-Trap

Smart-Trap uses UV lamp, it Produce 360~400nm light wave to attract pests

(moth, mosquitoes, beetles, others) Inhaling pests into the die Environmentally Friendly Smart trap help to reduce chemicals or pesticides. *The world's first multi-insect trap solar system AIR DROP (Countries outside patent pending) Eco-friendly decreasing of pests Using solar energy and saving electric power Free adjustment of height Technique of external power supply (SMPS) Detachable and angle regulating solar panels (10~30) Forced air cooling system to prevent high-frequency lamp heating system Prevent pest escape and Pheromone diffusion fan

Applies to
leafhopper, Pyralidae, Noctuidae(Moth), Mayfly, Chironomidae, Mosquitoes, Beetles, Moth

Where Solar Trap can be used

Rice paddy field, Orchard, Riverside and Shore, Park, Golf Course, Farms, Animal Farm etc.

Area of applied
Flat : 1~2 / ha Orchard and Outdoor : 2~3 / ha

Option Item
. fly, beetle, stinkbug trap attach to the Smart-Trap, pheromone lure Etc. Remote control, Plastic net, Hand , Fresh charge, Charging Lantern

Cigar jack (Phone, Note book, Coffee pot, Camera Etc. Charges), SMPS(DC12V 1Ah), Rain sensor FEATURE
Solar Panels : 22.5W Battery : 12V 15Ah / Removable Upper fan : Inhalation and lamp cooling, Pheromone Diffusion Lower fan : Suction and prevent pest escape device (24hour operation) prevent escape (Lower fan : 24hour operation) Lamp : BL UV Lamp (360~400nm Wavelength / DC 12V 5W / Dumet UV source) Controllers : And can be controlled from the outside / Lamp, fan hour individual settings One touch leg : 4EA / Free height adjustment Voltmeter : Check the remaining battery Mounted dimmer : Voltage and current regulation Solar power charge
Summer : 5~6hours, 112.5~135W Winter : 3~4hours, 67.5~90W Charge under cloudy day : 30%

Dissipated power (work 8 hours ) . Summer : 64W (Fan +Lamp) . Winter : 45W (Lamp) Automatically control to charge on day time and work during the night time

Battery charging
1. Solar charging 2. SMPS charging (Option) 3. Car adapter (Option)

Use Method
Assembly of the Product (1) Taking product out of the box, put the four legs and the net in the main body (2) Standing product to the direction of south aspect (3) Fixing solar panel moderate angle Test of product (1) Load 1 and Load 2 is displayed to the controller 5 seconds, press the set (2) The number is blinking, push the switch set to 5. (on / off function, a time by pressing on, pressing again off) (3) Tested again after five seconds, then switch to the controller number is blinking, press the switch for Load 1 in 7 Load 2 is set at 7

Winter : Fan Off Battery Installation and Replacement

After opening the battery compartment (+), (-) terminal of battery replacement after separation (1) DC12V 15Ah battery case attached to the (2) Battery red (+) to red (+) terminal plugs (3) Battery black (-), to black (-) terminal plugs

Smart trap operation

(1) On the front panel on / off switch on (2) The fan switch on (located in the middle portion of the lamp). (3) In front of the controller 7 and 7. show (7 hours after sunset light, the lower the fan running 24 hours)

Controller setting
(1) Lamp operation time control for the left and right up-time control of the Fan (2) Push the red load settings 3-5 (3) To set the time setting according to the number specified by the Controller (4) After specifying the settings after flashes 3-5 seconds to complete (5) Left. The right setting mode 5. 5 Fit (Press once on, becomes off by double-clicking) NO. Mode NO. Mode

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Pure light control Light +time-control for 1hour Light +time-control for 2hour Light +time-control for 3hour Light +time-control for 4hour Light +time-control for 5hour Light +time-control for 6hour Light +time-control for 7hour Light +time-control for 8hour

9 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Light +time-control for 9hour Light +time-control for 10hour Light +time-control for 11hour Light +time-control for 12hour Light +time-control for 13hour Light +time-control for 14hour Manule mode Debug mode Load open all times

(1) It maybe does not work in shady place, building, green house because lack of charge. So require attention. (2) When you need to install in slopes, be careful to adjust the height of legs Or it may fall down (3) Move product to safe place or fasten to the support in strong wind like hurricane. (4) It may not work in the raining or overcasting weather for a long time because of lack of charge. In these cases need to switch off. And then recharge on sunny day for more than 24 hours, or external power source(SMPS). (5) If you see any problem and disorder of the product, please do not break up. Just ask expert or staff to help. (6) Life-span of lamp is six months if you use another type of lamp may cause breakdown so please use lamp that match to product. (7) You can use the product right away after receiving. It charged full.

Components of Smart Solar Trap (SST)

Product configuration Picture Specifications and Features

Controller - DC 12V 15Ah - External control mechanism - Time adjustable lamp and fan Volt meter - DC 12V


- Digital display for battery charge and power consumption Main On/Off waterproof switch Outlet - DC 12V - Charge cell phones, lanterns, digital cameras etc. - External power supply

Mono crystal solar module - Removable and fixed angle (20) - Maximum power : 22.5W

Solar module

- Voltage : 18V - Size : 460mm X 430mm X 30mm - Weight : 2.5kg

Height adjustable legs to prevent corrosion

One touch leg (4 pieces)

- Size : max- 77cm / min-47cm - Weight : 210g/pc - Material : aluminum and polypropylene

Non slop foothold

Ground fixed foothold

- Size : max ~ 34cm / min ~ 33.3cm - Weight : 170g/pc - Fixed footrest : 14cm X 7cm x 4cm - Fixing holes : 2cm

Product configuration


Specifications and Features

TiO2 pad lamp

Insect pest lure lamp - DC 12V 3W - Lamp radius : 100m~150m - Wavelength: 360nm~425nm (UV blue lamp) - TiO2 Pads - Elevated CO2 level, attract mosquitoes

Insect pest suction fan - DC 12V, 1.2W Lower fan - Prevent insect pest escape 24-hour operation - Fan ON / OFF switch (waterproof cap) - 650~800rpm

The world's first air drop - DC 12V 1.1W Upper fan - Propel insect pest to collection chamber - Lamp cooling and pheromone diffusion - 400~600rpm

Strobe light

Strobe light - Flashing 11 time, Spot 20times - Repel (force back, keep away) wild animals and vertebrate pests such as wild pig, wapiti vermin - Anti-theft system

Lamp safeguard hold and internal mounting holes for lure

Lamp protection case -Comprises of mounting holes for pheromone, mating disruption, repellents, lure - Size : 6mm, most lures with septa can be attached - Coleopteran, lepidopteran, hemipteran etc.

External lure case

External lure case - All kinds of lures (septa, vial) - Case size : 5cm X 2.5cm - Waterproof lid

How to Replace of Smart Solar Trap Battery

Job Name



using + Drive or a power drill that secure the Battery

Case Separated

Battery Case Open.

Remove the tape that secures the Battery Cable.

Battery (+) (-) terminal on the (+) and (-) to separate. Battery Replace

attery case pull out.

New battery (+)terminal andthe negative (-)terminal To the connect (+) and (-) cable Tip : (+) (-)terminal to reverse damage to the product

battery (+) terminal and the (-) terminal coupled, Cable give it a fixed tape.

battery Case is closed, tighten the fixing screws.

Smart Solar Trap Assembly sequence

Job Name



prepare to the four upper legs (aluminum).

prepare to the four lower leg (plastic). One Touch Leg Assembly

the lower leg to the upper leg straight down while turning it clockwise will be assembled.

prepare to lower fan and assembly four legs.

Lower fan / legs combined combine the four holes in the legs at the bottom of the lower fan.

Main Body combined

main Body is ready.

Cable inside the Main Body and the 11mm fan in the Lower hall direction, and then put the cable give.

Body the Main body of the cable and the lower fan + cable is connected. Lower fan case assembly Tighten the screws into the side hole.

Prepare to the solar panels.

Focuses hole in the hole in the side of the head and The solar panels into the mold. Tip : Allow installation in the back of the solar panels on the back of the power supply case

Butterfly bolts fasten securely tightened using. Solar panels + Head assembly Solar panels Solar jack connection cable is connected to the hole Tip : Tighten the other side the same way

Pest trapping net in the lower fan case should be Attached.

Pest trapping net attached and tighten the laces Tightly binds.

turn on the Main switch and Fan switch. Smart Solar Trap Tip : Sunset 7hours after the lamp operation, the completion Lower fan 24- hours operation.

Smart Solar Trap Components

Designation Picture Solar panels Lower fan / leg combined Case Smart Solar Trap Composition Main Body One Touch leg Upper / Lower Pest trapping net Solar panels combined screw / legs combination of screws Contents

Smart Trap Main Body Main Body Controller

Solar panels

Solar powered Safety mold

Pest suction and prevent pest escape Lower fan / Fan ON / OFF Switch Legs combined case One Touch Leg combined

One Touch Leg lower

Smart Trap Ground fixed

One Touch Leg upper

Height adjustment

Pest trapping net

Pest trapping

Q. A / S policy, please let us know
1. Quality Assurance - Consumer damage compensation in accordance with the provisions of quality products for one year warranty. - Circuit negligence (failure due to the alteration, modification, damage) when the reward does not

2. Consumer Complaints - Compensation and whether the contents from the date of the request, notify within 7 days, - pay for the damage within twenty (20) days from the date of notification will try our best to provide. - A / S under the Consumer Hotline or the place of purchase, please request a

3. Free service - Only if the product fails within 1 year (warranty period) day following the date of purchase may be eligible for free service. 4. Fee-for-service - In case of a fault or carelessness of consumers randomly repair, remodeling Moving the product of inadvertent damage * If a malfunction is not charged if you request a service, you refer to the instruction manual.

Q. How to Manage
- Before installation, please let it charge for - Efficient solar energy to charge the solar panels above Please remove particles. - Please keep off winter storage when the switch to the OFF

Q. How much each part of life?

- Lamp : 6 months ~ 1 year - The upper and lower Fan : 5year (50,000 hours) - Battery : 3 year

Q. How to charge the battery during discharge

- Solar charging - SMPS charging - Car adapter charging * Battery case replacement as the drawer is easy

Q. Hurricanes, high winds and even safe?

- Be waterproof, as well as because the wires hidden safe - Is a stable structure with four legs - When installing the product pack to the ground and four fixed firmly