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Why No Bioluminescence?


The following insight & studies are developed by Michael S. Grasso of Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. The Original Outtter In Laguna Grande Since 1996 Trust in the Experience !

Laguna Grandes Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence in Laguna Grande is not a Permanent Fixture as many may think!
As of November 9, 2013 the Bioluminescence waters of Laguna Grande just stopped glowing? Now many dependent on this natural phenomena are at a loss for why? Well as in all things natural the rst rule is Environmental Changes rule how and when these Glowing Waters will or will not Glow! With this in mind we should know that the Bioluminescence in Laguna Grande has a Peak and Null Season or cycle. The cycle is based on conditions that are in the favor for the Bioluminescence or Not in Favor for the Bioluminescence. In short Pyrodinium Bahamense is a tropical euryhaline dinoagellate found mainly in the Atlantic ocean, that needs perfect set of conditions to be present on a semiannual or an annual bases! Peak & Null Cycle are Normal Conditions. Peak Cycle April through September reect best conditions for the strongest concentrations of Pyrodinium. Longer days, more sunlight, warmer waters, less freshwater from rain, higher salinity, stronger tidal movement, etc all leading to stronger blooms of Dinoagellates sometimes in concentrations of more than a million cells pre-galloon of water! Null Cycle October through March reect nonfavorable conditions such as extended days of cloud cover, shorter days, less sunlight, more freshwater from rain and runoff, presence of brackish waters for a saltwater organism, much cooler water temp, all leading to much smaller concentrations or even a No Show!

Based on ever changi ng weather patterns & environm ental inconsistencies this cy cle can be longer, shorter or no t at all. As seen over the last ve years of Peak Cycle and minim um to no Null Cycle!
So, Why Now? Was it Normal Cycles? Or The Presence of Elements not normally found there? Now that we know the normal cycles and the favorable & non-favorable conditions needed for this very delicate environment to produce Bioluminescence!


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What has Happened to the Glowing Waters?

Crushed Rocks, Sediments, Organic Matter & Water!
Dirt/Soil not normally found in the water column has lead to a dramatic and possible elongated presence of Suspended Particles in the waters of Las Croabas Harbor the channel leading into Laguna Grande and over a very short period of time Laguna Grande in its entirety! So, How did it get into the water? & How will this effect the Bioluminescence? Construction Of New Septic & Water Systems in the area, have lead to a very large and in my opinion poorly planed effort to upgrade an already failing, overwhelmed infrastructure. Many months ago newly paved roads and freshly laid sidewalks and gutters were dug up? Now, what was the best we have seen the areas roads and pedestrian amenities have laid way to massive earth movers,heavy equipment, road construction. Much of this started in the high areas of Las Croabas residential that surrounds Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve of which surrounds Laguna Grande itself. The problems started as construction began to dig through the asphalt, stabilizing rock and into the topsoil! Huge amounts of this lightweight soil laid on the road surface until said pipes were removed to make way for new larger pipes, during this time area rain storms common to the island and time of the year washed this Dirt/Soil into the street gutters and drains many if not all lead to one place, you guest it, Las Croabas Harbor! Now over the course of weeks this sediment has been collecting on the shores here it started its journey to the one place it was never intended to be, Laguna Grande! Waves, Tidal Movements & Currents present in the area have now moved the sediment into the water, large waves due to cold fronts and a full moon cycle making larger and stronger tides have suspended large amounts of dirt & soil into the water column. Now tides have moved it into the channel and into Laguna Grande! As of my observation last nigh 11/13/13 a well dened line of discolored water, was present in the channel and better than three quarters of the waters of Laguna Grande has Suspended Particles present making for very cloudy water, were normally clear water is present! S o , H o w Wi l l T h i s E f f e c t Bioluminescence? The presence of large amounts of Dirt/Soil being foreign to the environment will become Suspended and remain between the surface and the bottom causing normally clear water to become murky or clouded. This cloudy water will prevent Sunlight from penetrating the water column and warming the dark composted bottom, thus creating colder than normal water temp. Now factor in that Pyrodinium Bahamense is a species of Dinoagellate which belong to the animal kingdom of Protista, meaning that both plant and animal DNA are present! Sunlight now unable to penetrate the waters of Laguna Grande are stopping the organism from producing energy through Photosynthesis stopping its ability to create the bioluminescent heterocyclic compound called Luciferin! Without the proper amounts of Sunlight the Luciferin will not be present to mix with Luciferases and Bioluminescence will stop!

Normal Water Clarity In Laguna Grande!

Current Water Conditions In Laguna Grande! Photo shot on 11/13/13

Normal Water Clarity In the channel!

Current Water Conditions In The Channel! Photo shot on 11/13/13

Photo shot from the mouth of the channel with construction site 40 away?

WiIl This Wonder Of Nature Be Lost Stop The Construction

that rain can wash them into Las Craobas harbor, the long term effects of clouded water will continue. Being very lightweight particles the smallest of movements will re-suspend the sediment prolonging the ongoing problems. Roads and construction areas need to be free of standing Dirt/Soil that can be washed into the ocean via rain, digging and exposed soil areas should be free of standing top soil and stored in dump trucks or off the ground. All construction or trenching should be re-concreted or blacktopped as to prevent rainwater from washing topsoils back into the ocean! All construction so close to the mouth of the channel should be stopped and relocated as to prevent any further changes to this fragile Natural Wonder!

In Summation: If the current dirt/soil are left on the roads, gutters and or areas

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