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Kahlil Mariani Professor Catherine Bayly English 101:0404 October 28, 2013 Exercise is More Than Just a Workout So I had a problem, I hated myself for being out of shape, I felt useless, like I was not worthy of my dream of being one of the glorified superhero type soldiers. I was beginning to decline and give in to the doubt, and just accept the fact I was going to work at a hardware store for the rest of my life, just like some of the other employees there. I was not a very active person leading up to high school. I just wanted to play video games as a kid, given that, I was severely out of shape, which was what was killing my dream of what to do next after high school: joining the military and being accepted into the Special Forces. I tried to do their PT testing of pushups, sit-ups, running on my own, and failed miserably. This problem branched out to the rest of my everyday life, when I did not get a good grade on an assignment, or was rejected by a girl, I would say to myself “it’s because you suck, you’re only good for playing a video game”. There is nothing wrong with playing video games; it just was not what I wanted for my life. My mom desperately wanted to get me out of the house. Therefore, one day she told me about the parkour/cross fit gym that was just down the street from me. As a result my stepdad and I went to check it out. By the time an hour had passed we were on our backs gasping for breath, I know I wanted to throw up and my stepdad had the same look as I felt. However, we felt great, as if we were stronger already. We both registered ourselves for the parkour class, where it was just the trainer and us. Four days a week, two for parkour, two for conditioning, it was brutal, but it felt great. I knew I was going to be able to reach my goals in no time at this pace. By the end of six months, I gave the PT test another try

what your body is doing is releases chemicals to allow your body to perform these functions adequately. I felt awesome. but it cannot help you as much as discovering your potential that you are not worthless or weak. anxiety. Therefore. That medication may help someone conquer his or her problems.Mariani 2 and ended up tripling my score from the first time around. Exercise causes your body to release chemicals that stimulate your neurotransmitters and allow better cognitive functioning(Deslandes and others 2009). my passion. there are many forms of physical activity that people can choose from. I would go into the gym after a long day or night of stress. Essentially. it is good for alternative therapeutic uses. you feel your senses heighten. I am urging that people resort to exercise to aid in handling their life’s struggles. Even though the people involved with the exercise can become addicted to exercise. you . you get out and do something physical. not only was I reaching my goals. I am constantly discovering what my body is capable of and how it can do so much more so long as I put my mind to it. by providing the individual an outlet for their emotions. The chemicals involved in physical activity cause the person to just simply feel better from working out. It was great. Whenever you work out. or play a sport. Thus aiding in the mentality that if. go for a run. my cure. and happy through this discovery. In addition. confident. It helps to strengthen or activate your brains activity to aid in intelligence. and mental overload and walk out wondering why I was so caught up in whatever it is that was getting me down or in a funk. I have become fearless. or stress use medication to cope but are vulnerable to becoming addicted to the drugs. I had found my haven. There is a positive correlation between your physical activity and your mental/emotional well-being. because people suffering depression. when you are done.

It is as if your body and mind gets “stir crazy” or anxious from sitting around and causes you to overthink and stress yourself out. it enjoys exercise. as a means to help conquer your negativity. Have you ever noticed when finishing any type of physical activity that feeling of relief or renewal. For example women experience an increased amount of stress. Exercise helps to work both your mind and body and allow you to perform to the fullest. preventing a decline in mental and physical performance. exercise helps to allow you to maintain your cognitive ability longer than those with less physically active lifestyles do. On top of allowing your brain to perform more efficiently. by staying active. Part of having a good well-being is being able to socialize well with others. Therefore. but based on the intensity of their activity their levels of negative emotions were decreased(Arazi and others 2013). and depression as compared to men. Having a means to physically express or exert your feelings onto something allows you to clear your mind and enjoy life. Therefore. you keep your brain active. anxiety. The ability to socialize well can be hindered due to lack of motivation or feelings of negativity. Some worry that having to incorporate exercise or physical activity into their schedule that it will take up too . There is a theory that exercise helps with depression when it concluded that the neurotransmitters emitting chemicals that induce positive emotions naturally helps to reduce depression(Brown 2013). you should participate in an activity that is equally as strenuous on your body as your emotions is on your psyche.Mariani 3 can come back and write that English paper or do your math homework with greater ease. despite having just worn yourself out physically? It is because your body does not approve of a sedentary lifestyle. Individuals who partake in exercise more often tend to have a higher IQ level or better cognitive ability than those who do not do as much exercise and those who don’t get any exercise at all(O'Callaghan 2013).

you would be providing a new activity for you and your friends to partake in. it can be an instrument to aid in your social skills. However. it is a much better alternative than becoming addicted to anti-depressants and other medication people use to fix the problems that are already addressed through exercise. So in essence physical activity works wonders for you. Despite the fact that people can become “Healthnuts” and become obsessed with exercise. it can ward off depression. as stimulate your brain. By incorporating more exercise or a sport into your daily routine. the language used to relay the information will be formal but not too complex. Thus causing this paper to be as to the point as possible for the audience to ensure they stay interested and understand the topic and my side in the argument. and allowing those close to you to do the same. Audience Analysis: Solely English101 students and professors instructing English101 will most likely read this paper. allowing you create or strengthen bonds to better your lifestyle. Exercise is a widely forgotten or overlooked method to aid in our everyday struggles. and stress. and having a proper social life helped to mediate those aspects(Vankim and others 2013). those who participated in vigorous physical activity had better mental health. So as you can see Exercise doesn’t has to be serious. Thus making it more fun to improve your wellbeing.Mariani 4 much free time. Therefore. . anxiety. since the audience will probably be unaware of the terminology used in the studies that are referenced for this research. As well.

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