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DP-CAS eFOLIO 2 YEAR PLAN (G11-12) Complete and post this plan at the start of Grade 11/DP Year

1. It is due in early
October. To be completed in G11 only.

Student Name: Jolee Tung

Grade/Advisor: Ms. Chee

DP-CAS eFolio Commitments

Commitment Creativity Action Service 2 major creativity commitments 2 major action commitments 2 major service commitments
*1 commitment must be school-based; 1 must have a local community or global impact *Either your school-based or local-global impact must be a collaborative group project or initiative You can find more ideas and guidance on TheMulgraveCitizen and the DP CAS eFolio Guide There is also a list of possible commitments in each category and student eFolio exemplars to help understanding options and expectations.

G11-12 (over 2 years)

Definition of Terms:
1. 2. 3. Major Commitment: a long term, genuine commitment that allows students to embrace some of the 8 CAS Learning Outcomes. What defines a major commitment will be personal to each student and will be developed in partnership with his/her Advisor and parents. Minor Commitment: not relevant for DP-CAS; all commitments are majors. Collaborative Group Project: a service-based initiative at school, in the community or beyond which involves working with others to develop and facilitate a group project, activity or event.

Mulgrave eFolio: Whole Student // Whole World

DP-CAS eFOLIO COMMITMENTS PLAN: Complete and post this plan at the start of Grade 11/DP Year 1. It is due in early October.
# Major CAS Commitments
long-term commitments that support the 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below)

CAS Learning Outcome(s) 1 Covered

(circle 2Cs /2As/2Ss)

Time Commitmen t (estimate)

Service Commitment Type

(Service ONLY):
1 Local/Global Impact 2 School-based initiative *Please put a C in service section for the Collaborative Group Project

Set a goal(s) for each commitment to help you achieve your CAS eFolio expectations and 8 Learning Outcomes (noted below)


3, 4, 6


Ongoing through the year Ongoing through the year

2h/week, Sept-Nov 10h/week, May-Aug

1 Local/Global impact (in particular Spirit Week) Collaborative group project 2 School-based initiative

G11: taking a lead on 2 portfolios G12: G11: increase awareness to symptoms G12:


7, 8


Swimming (club & school team)

1, 5



G11: stronger mental state, race prep G12:

Basketball (Sr. Girls B Team)

4, 8


4h/week, Dec-Feb 2h/week, whole year 6h+/week, whole year


G11: work on new skills & plays G12:

Sr. Jazz Band

2, 5



G11: taking solos whenever possible G12:

Coaching swimming (club & Jr. school team)

1, 2, 3



G11: planning more creative workouts G12:

8 Learning Outcomes (see overview on next page): #1 Self-awareness; #2 Exploration; #3 Planning & Initiative; #4 Collaboration; #5 Commitment; #6 Globalocal Impact; #7Ethics; and #8 New Skills

Mulgrave eFolio: Whole Student // Whole World


1. SELF-AWARENESS: demonstrating personal growth and intrapersonal understanding, developing skills of resilience, resourcefulness and problem-solving when facing challenges; 2. EXPLORATION: engaging in new challenges and new interests, taking risks, and extending existing passions; 3. PLANNING & INITIATIVE: developing and organising activities with others; taking on roles and responsibilities; 4. COLLABORATION: working collaboratively with others, making new connections, sharing responsibility, and facing problems together; collaboration must include one service-based group project 5. COMMITMENT: demonstrating to varying degrees genuine dedication to commitments. At a minimum, this implies engagement, participation, perseverance and responsibility in developing, facilitating and reflecting on CAS initiatives; 6. GLOBALOCAL IMPACT: engaging with issues of global-local importance at school and beyond, becoming engage in WORLD CITIZENS; students must participate in at least one local and one global impact CAS activity; 7. ETHICS: developing a caring and ethical appreciation of relationships and experiences and implications at school and beyond; 8. NEW SKILLS: engaging in new learning.

Mulgrave eFolio: Whole Student // Whole World