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Science 3 Terbilang Monday / 10 August 2009 10.45 a.m. – 11.15 a.m. (60 minutes) Soil What Soil is Made Up of? (Part1)

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to:1) Describe what soil is made of Model / Method: Needham’s Five Phase / Constructivism Science Process Skill (SPS): Observing, Predicting, Communicating. Manipulative Skills (MS): Use and handling materials correctly Thinking Skills (TS): Analyzing, Comparing, Making decision, Generating Ideas, Identifying. Scientific Attitude and Noble Values (SANV): Having an interest and curiosity towards environment, Being Objective Teaching Aid and Materials (TAM): Soil sample, Cards, Worksheet. Vocabulary: soil, stone, clay, silt, garden soil



Teaching & Learning Activities


Showing the sample of soil to the pupils Orientation (5 minutes)

1. Teacher shows the sample of soils. 2. Teacher asks the source of the soil Garden soil Sand Field

SPS: Observing TS: Analyzing TA : Soil

Guess the content of the soil

1. Teacher distribute cards 2. Teacher asks the pupils to draw or write the things that they see in the soil onto the cards. 3. Pupils can discuss with their friends to know the answers.

SPS: Observations, predicting. TS: Comparing, making decision TAM : Soil samples, Cards.

Eliciting Ideas


(20 minutes)

Observe the soil to know the content roughly. Restructuring of Ideas (15 minutes)

1. Teacher and pupils observe again the soil. 2. Teacher lets pupils give their finding among them. 3. Teacher checks the answers and discuss with pupils.

SPS : Observation, Communication TS : Identifying TA : Sample of soil, worksheet. SANV : being Objectives




that make us know the soil made of.

1. Teacher lets the pupils know the meaning of silt, clay, dead plant and animals that make the layer of

SPS : Communicating TS : Generating Ideas TA : Sample of soil

soil. Application of Ideas (15 minutes) 2. Teacher asks them to guess the arrangement of the layer when dissolve in the water. 3. Teacher tell pupils to bring sample of soil such as garden soil, beach soil or sand for the next lesson to do the experiment. Summarize the lesson Reflection (5 minutes) Ask the conclusion, teacher asks pupils what they have learned today. Get feedback from anyone of them. SPS : Communicating TS : All thinking skills SANV : having interest and curiosity towards environment

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