Frauline C. Tadle 2011-04813 BSE Social Studies Educ 101- WFR June 6 2010 !

"steries #n$old% &o' Traditional and (lternati)e Education Started T'o decades o$ nonsto* e+a,s and re*orts. E)er"da" assi-n,ents and recitation. Eac. da" 'e are /ot.ered /" t.e *ressure e,itted /" terror teac.ers and sc.ool ad,inistration. T.e contents o$ a '.ite rectan-ular and si,*le card are so i,*ortant as i$ our li)es and $uture de*end on it. Seein- a red ,ar0 etc.ed on it deli)ers our 'orld into its end. (. t.e .orrors o$ /ein- a student. Sc.ool is one o$ t.e institutions .as -reat e$$ect on an indi)idual. 1t o$$ers a $ittinen)iron,ent $or *eo*le to learn .o,e isn2t ca*a/le o$ 3 conce*ts and trainin-s '.ic. t.e ,odern 'orld de,ands. (nd "et tt2s e+act ori-in is still s.rouded in ,"ster". Fortunatel" se)eral .istorical ,a" so,e.o' -i)e li-.t to t.e ,atter. T.e esta/lis.,ent o$ sc.ools see,s to /e correlated 'it. t.e ad)ancin- o$ a societ". /eca,e ,ore a**arent '.en t.e s"ste, o$ 'ritin- 'as $irst de)elo*ed in circa 3100 B.C. 1 Writin- is 'a" o$ *eo*le to 0ee* records o$ trades and -o)ern,ent transactions. Tradin- can onl" /e ,ade *ossi/le o$ a societ" .as alread" reac.ed t.e le)el '.eret.e" .a)e ,ore sur*lus. 1ncresased in sur*lus usuall" .a**en in an a-riculture-/ased societ". 4et a-riculture is not acti)it" '.ic. needs t.e s0illo$ 'ritin-. T.at2s '." *eo*le ca,e u* 'it. t.e idea o$ esta/ sc.ools '.ere c.ildren ,a" .a)e $or,al education and learn .o' to 'rite. For centuries education .as /een entirel" a *ri)ile-e $or 'ell-to-do $a,ilies '.o are t.e onl" one can /ene$it $ro, education. trend ended '.en *eo*le /e-an to reali5e t.e *ositi)e e$$ects o$ .a)in- educated citi5ens to t.e social and econo,ic condition o$ a countr". T.e rise o$ 6rotestantis, '.ic. *ro,oted education as dut" to sa)e soul $ro, eternal da,nation 2 could .a)e ,ade a /icontri/ution '." -ettin- to sc.ool /eca,e co,*ulsor". 1n addition to t.e de,ands o$ t.e ca*italistic societ" ,a" .a)e initated t.e re-ulation o$ t.e lessons s.ould /e tau-.t in institutions. 1n t.e 6.ili**ine settin- $or,al education da'n to our land '.en t.e S*aniards introduced it to us durin- t.e 300 "ears t.e" .ad coloni5ed us. T.ou-. $or,al education 'as *ri,aril" .andled /" t.e Cat.olic c.urc. and onl" t.ose o$ t.e elite class can .a)e it. 1t 'as t.e (,erican2s '.o /elie)ed in t.e
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Ro/ert 7uise*i 8T.e &istor" o$ Education 9 History-world.*%;;.istor"-'orld.or-;.istor"<o$<education..t,=. 6eter 7ra" 8( Brie$ &istor" o$ Education9

de,ocrac" o$ education i,*le,ented t.e $ree *u/lic sc.ool s"ste,. 3 Fro, t.en on education /eca,e a ri-.t o$ e)er" Fili*ino c.ildren and it is t.e >o/ o$ our -o)ern,ent to secure e)er" c.ild 'ould .a)e access to a ?ualit" education. 4et in t.e *ast $e' decades criticis,s 'ere /ein-'n u*on t.e traditional s"ste, '.ic. lar-el" insisted $or a *olitcal and social uni$or,it". So,e educators suc. as Ellen @e" &er,ann Aeit5 6aul and @urt &a.n .ad seen t.e de$icencies o$ t.e traditional educaton s"ste, t.e" .a)e /e-an t.eir o'n st"le o$ Ellen @e" $or e+a,*le 'as one o$ t.e $irsts '.o ad)ocated a c.ildcentered 'a" o$ educatin- students.4 (lso t.e increasin- nu,/er o$ out-o$-sc.ool "out.s due to se)eral reasons con>ured /" current social e)ents Be.-. teena-e *arentin-C ,ade sc.olars as0 t.e -o)ern,ent to ta0e an action $or t.ese $ello's are t.e usuall" le$t /e.ind /" t.e .i-. acade,ic standards.D To address onto issue alternati)e education 'al0ed into t.e li,eli-.t. (lternati)e education is not a $res. (s a ,atter o$ $act. 1t .as /een coe+istin- 't. t.e tradition e)er since t.e $irst .al$ o$ 1Et. centur".6 But /ecause it .as ne)er recei)ed ,uc. attention /e$ore t.e *ast decades it still do not .a)e a de$inite ,eanin- o$ its o'n. Se)eral institutions and sc.olars .a)e alreead" -)en t.eir o'n de$intion to alternati)e education to di$$erentiate it clearl" $ro, tradition. Fne o$ t.ose is t.e one can /e $ound $ro, t.e consttution and /"la's o$ 1o'a (ssociation o$ (lternati)e Education '.ic. stated% 8t.e stud" o$ *ractice o$ i,*le,entin- alternati)e sc.ools or *ro-ra,s. 6u/lic alternati)e education ser)es to ensure e)er" "oun- *erson ,a" $ind a *at. to t.e educational -oals o$ t.e co,,unit". (lternati)e sc.ools and *ro-ra,s $ocus on '.at t.e" can o$$$er t.e student not on '.at *ro/le,s t.e students .as .ad in t.e *ast. (lternati)e educations is a )ital co,*onent o$ t.e total education s"ste,.9G (lternati)e education s"ste, 'as *ri,aril" desi-ned to acco,,odate t.e s*ecial needs o$ t.e "out.s '.o 'ere not a/le to co*e u* 'it. t.e traditional s"ste,. 1t atte,*ts to reac. t.ese "out.s t.rou-. ,a0in- an en)iron,ent 'ill allo' t.e, to $eel co,$orta/le and re-ain t.eir interest in learnin-.8 Hue to its c.aracteristic o$ .a)n- t.e interest o$ c.ildren as *rinci*al interest alternati)e education is no' /eco,in- *art o$ t.e core tools o$ students. T.e s"ste, o$ sc.oolin- ,a" .a)e -one t.rou-. a lot o$ Fro, /ein- e+clusi)e to a *u/lic ri-.t and no' c.ild-centered 1t2s .istor" is >ust an e+a,*le o$ .o' create t.eir
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(let.ea Florido 8Educational 6ro$ile in t.e**ines and /est *ractices in Fili*ino sc.ools and classroo,s 9 (nne Sli'0a 8Contri/ution o$ (lternati)e Education 9 *. 2. Aaudan (ron 8To'ards a T"*olo-" o$ (lternati)e Education 6ro-ra,s% ( Co,*ilation o$ Ele,ents $ro, Aiterature 9 The Urban Institute, Jul" 2003 *. 2. Sli'0a *. 1. (ron *. G. Janine I'ei- 8Julnera/le 4out.% 1denti$"in- t.eir need $or (lternati)e Educational Settin-s 9 The Urban Insitute, *. 10.

o'n antit.esis. (nd no ,atter .o' 'e re>ect or ?uestion t.e e)ol)in- s"ste, o$ education it doesn2t t.e $act '.at it ser)es re,ain $or our interest.

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