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Beloved Fortuna Once Again Calls Forth the Treasure Maps !

Beloved Heartfriends, During this past Easter celebration at Wellspring an announcement was made welcoming Heart Centers and Heartfriends Groups to bring to the Freedom Conference a treasure map focusing on the concept of development and expansion of their specific communities. This past Sunday on June 1 prior to the deliverance of Fortunas dictation, the following teaching was given: Part of the vision of each Hearts Centers is to have reading rooms with treasure maps showing what each group is attempting to precipitate for all of the people and evolutions within a certain area. Groups are built brick by brick by our wisdom not just current revelation. .The time will come for the focus of growth within Hearts Centers. We need to hold this focus to help grow the movement. Each Hearts Center must have a vision that needs to be established through a treasure map. On June 14, 2006 Fortuna released a specific teaching and instruction titled Teaching on the Cosmic Circular Divine-Qualities Treasure Map. Here is an excerpt from that teaching: ... I suggest that many of you consider creating a new divine treasure map for yourselves before this summer solstice, or to take that special day of summer solstice and meditate deeply upon your divine plan and what you seek to accomplish during the remainder of your life and your time upon earth. And on all twelve lines of the clock of this cosmic map, record both in imagery and in your writing, keys that will allow you to gain the full mastery of those cosmic qualities on each line seeing them outpictured in tangible manifestations of your work and service and the abundance that will accrue to you as you fulfill each of your goals, blessed hearts. ..Therefore, this new type of treasure map, wherein both the blessed Virgin and I will work with you as two Cosmic Mothers, will gain for you a newfound spirit of joy. For you see, as you check off each of these victories, your vision will expand, your abundance will be magnified and your joy will truly be the joy of the angels who will surround you in the process of working with you to assist you in accomplishing all, dear hearts. ...This can almost be a spiritual fun exercise like the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts who have their projects, their badges to win. And you can see how each goal that you set before you in writing and visually can truly be won not only by your own efforts but the magic that will manifest because you have made your goals known to the angels and the elementals. [This] will truly be miraculous.

. ...This can be a family project. Fun! Even a community project if you desire. And though you may not always share all of the alchemical desires that you hope to see fulfilled in your personal world, yet the joy of this experience itself will be a creative spark within the greater community of The Hearts Center activity to expand the light, to expand the possibilities that may be accomplished at all levels because you have put your goals and objectives and desires into the physical. There are many fun and exciting activities being planned for the upcoming Freedom 2008 July conference. All heartfriends are looking forward to this wondrous time of sharing love and friendship. Let us also share the vision of the masters and our hearts desire to expand The Hearts Center Community to those who dont know that we exist but would surely love to be a part of our community. As Fortuna has so explicitly outlined the science of alchemy using the cosmic treasure maps, so let us come together at the Freedom 2008 Conference with our treasure maps in hand, sharing the vision we hold for our specific Hearts Center communities. Each Heart Center and Heartfriend Group is encouraged to compose a cosmic treasure map and to bring this treasure map to the conference as an inspiration for others to create and hold the vision for the Golden Crystal Age together with our beloved Saint Germain, Mother Mary and with all the masters whom we love so much. Be creative !! Your cosmic treasure map will be on display ! See you at Big Sky Resort !!

The Hearts Center Council