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How to build a brand
Fate Foundation Half-Day Workshop
Alder Consulting June 30, 2005


Let’s loosen up!

4 Now we can begin. .

5 Of fame & fortune .

Biodegradable 2. Power and Influence . Structural 3.6 There are 4 wealth creation tools: 1. Capital 4.

7 1. Biodegradable earning inflation real earning power Biodegra dable Pha se energy projected earning time .

Structural .8 2.

9 3. Capital earning earning inflation energy time Capitalist Phase .

10 4. Power and Influence .


The tool applied by an organisation (or individual) determines the amount of wealth possessed. Consider the following facts and figures:


The value of the top 10 global brands (Coca Cola, Microsoft, IBM, GE etc.):

BusinessWeek, Aug. 2, 2004, Page 71


The cumulative worth of the top 10 brands in America is $372b (N51.71t). The cumulative worth of the top 5 brands in Germany is $67b (N9.31t).

14 The cumulative worth of the top 5 brands in Japan is $55b (N7. .64t).

4b).5b) is 35. The market cap.15 The market cap of Microsoft ($288b) is 6.1 times the GDP of Nigeria ($47. of NTT Docomo ($100.9 times the GDP of Sierra Leone ($2.8b). .

6b) The market cap.7 b) is 6.4 times the GDP of Ghana ($6.6 times the GDP of Gambia ($6.6b) .2 b) is 15. of Nestle ($102.16 The market cap. of Singapore Telecoms ($17.

let’s ask a fundamental question What is a brand? .17 Using these figures as a foundation.

It is so powerful. . it programmes people into habitual obedience. you will have invested about N1m in Coca Cola International. Consider that by the time you die.18 A brand is basically an IDEA.

19 From the past into the future .

David Shore of Harvard Business School subscribes to this notion. This is a historical distortion. . Page 71). April 2001. (Selling Point. Dr.20 The prevailing thoughts about Branding probably originated from the notion that branding evolved from cattle rearers in the West who wanted to distinguish their cattle1.

Branding timeline .

22 With the Anti-Christ. . branding prophetically seized control of the political/economic space.

.23 Conclusion Branding is an inescapable milieu in political/economic affairs.

24 Query How do you become a Microsoft? .

Conviction 9. Focus 7. Clarity of thinking 5.25 You need: 1. A face or identity 4. Tenacity 8. Dedication: There is nothing like part-time business . A dream 2. Purpose 6. Vision 3.

Guidance 12. Intellectual depth 13. Faith .26 10. Direction 11.

27 Spiritual Dimensioning .

28 As you build your brand. there are 5 things to consider: .

29 A. Idea .

30 Exercise Write down your business idea .

31 B. Brand Fundamentals .

32 Brand Policy Framework .

33 For an SME. Brand personality . the most important brand fundamentals are: 1. Conceptual definition 2.

34 Breakdown .

Conceptual Definition .35 1.

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. 1776) . that among these are Life. and the Pursuit of Happiness. that to secure these Rights. America’s Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson (July 4. deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed”. Liberty. Governments are instituted among Men.36 “We hold these Truths to be self-evident that all Men are created equal.

37 Conceptual definition is: < < < < Who the organisation is What it stands for What it is all about Its essence and ideology .

38 It is the fundamental reason for existence beyond just making profits .

39 Examples .

consumer products Conceptual Definition Rebellion against the establishment and provision of cheaper and qualitative alternatives . travel.40 Functional Definition Entertainment. financial services.

41 Functional Definition Global discount supermarket chain Conceptual Definition Reducing the cost of the standard of living .

42 Functional Definition Integrated Financial Services Conceptual Definition The world’s local bank .

43 Functional Definition Consumer electronics manufacturer Conceptual Definition Poetry .

44 Functional Definition Motorcycle manufacturer Conceptual Definition Freedom .

45 Functional Definition Soft drinks manufacturer Conceptual Definition American lifestyle. youthfulness .

46 Functional Definition Manufacturer of consumer electronics Conceptual Definition “Pioneer Spirit” “Sony is a pioneer and never intends to follow others.” . It shall always be a seeker of the unknown. Sony wants to serve the whole world. Through progress.

47 Functional Definition Multimedia entertainment and theme parks Conceptual Definition Bringing happiness to millions and celebrating. nurturing and promulgating wholesome American values .

expect a lot and the rest will follow . Treat them well.48 Functional Definition Hospitality business/hotel chain Conceptual Definition People are number 1.

media Conceptual Definition Improving the quality of life through technology and innovation . financial services.49 Functional Definition Electrical and electronic products.

50 Functional Definition Manufacturer of automobiles Conceptual Definition “People as the source of our strength. Products as the end results of our efforts. We are about cars” .

51 Functional Definition Multi-product manufacturer Conceptual Definition “Our real business is solving problems” .

52 Functional Definition Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products Conceptual Definition “We are in the business of preserving and improving human life. All our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal” .

53 Functional Definition Manufacturer of greeting cards Conceptual Definition To be the best at helping people express their feelings and strengthen the important relationships in their lives .

54 Functional Definition Foods Conceptual Definition Do a common thing uncommonly well. This brings success .

55 The need for conceptual definition .

in today’s age of ideas. . Furthermore. mission.56 More than anything. this singular element serves as a foundation for the spiritual dimensioning of an organisation .its vision. values and culture. the most successful companies will be those that are defined conceptually. It determines process and strategy.

57 2. Brand Personality .

language. voice. look. . behaviour and emotional characteristics.58 This is a psychological profiling of the brand. It includes the organisation’s persona.

59 Examples Oracle Assertive and confrontational Microsoft Arrogant and monopolistic Citibank Intelligent and detached .

cool.60 Caterpillar Hardworking. up to date and well informed . resilient. outdoor person. trendy. independent and a good friend Virgin Risk taker. trend setter. determined. rugged. adventurer. bold. goal seeking.

monarchical . youthful <Forceful. first-class. eternal <Elegant. ageless. shiny <Classic. noble <Exuberant. formal.61 If your organisation were a person. flirtatious. what would its personality or character be? Such as: <Brilliant. sparkling. presidential.

<Aggressive. high-tech. state of the art <Professional. tireless . old-fashioned. predatory <Futuristic.62 Contd. popular <Outdoorsy. nautical. reserved <Friendly.

63 Psychographic Traits .

leader.64 How would the organisation respond to the question. pathfinder. animal lover. outdoor person . informed consumer <Conservationist. “who are you?” For example: <Adventurer. risk taker <Boss. trendsetter. powerbroker <Careful shopper. decision maker.

thirty-something. overbearing <Thoughtful. taxpayer <Young adult. calculating . senior adult <Goal seeking.65 <Regular guy. sophisticated <Demanding. intellectual. working stiff. aimless <Smart. average joe.

Manifestations .66 c.

The key element here is the logo. They must be based on the conceptual definition & brand personality.67 Manifestations refer to the visual representations of the brand. .

It means story.68 The Logo The word logo is derived from the Greek word Logos. . explanation and organising principle.

69 The logo (in addition to the name) is the primary token of identification in the marketplace and holds the organisation’s DNA. 3D design etc. . It serves as the starting point in the creation of an organisation’s visual identity. Once a logo has been designed. it can be translated to business cards. letterheads.

70 The following are examples of what happens when you develop visual identity without taking into consideration the spiritual dimensions of the organisation. .

71 .

72 .

73 .

74 .

75 .

etc. Advertisements 2. . Brochures 3.76 Manifestations of the brand also include: 1.


We must reiterate at this juncture that whatever manifestation an organisation chooses, must be based on its brand personality. Consider Virgin.


Virgin consists of over 260 companies.


The only thing that binds the disparate companies together is the conceptual definition:

Rebellion against the Establishment and provision of cheaper and qualitative alternatives.
All the companies work towards the accomplishment of this common goal.

well-informed Both the conceptual definition & brand personality impact heavily on the company’s manifestations. Consider the following: .80 Its personality traits are: Risk taker| Trend setter| Adventurer Outdoor person| Goal seeking| Trendy| Cool Up to date.

81 .

82 .

83 .

84 .

85 Advertising layers .

86 .

87 Use of advertising within a branding context .

Societe Generale 1. Information: Launch of a new identity 3. Psychographic traits: Goal seeking & thoughtful 88 . Black and rising 2. Brand fundamentals: Personality – Self-assured & focused 4. Concept: Red.

assertive & bold 4.Standard Chartered 1. Information: Communicate skill and professionalism 3. Concept: A bank ready to take on any and everything 2. Brand fundamentals: Personality . Psychographic traits: Rugged 89 .Confident.

Information: Market product/service effectiveness 3.Siemens 1. Concept: An organisation noted for clinical precision 2. Personality: Intelligent & intellectual 4. Psychographic traits: Scientific and cerebral 90 .

UBS 1. Psychographic traits: Attentive 91 . Information: Communicate customer intimacy 3. Brand fundamentals: Confident & friendly 4. Concept: You & Us.A global organisation that works for you like a 2person firm 2.

Huawei Technologies 1. Psychographic traits: Tireless & hardworking 92 . Personality: Resilient & dependable 4. Concept: An organisation ready to take on any project no matter how difficult 2. Information: Communicate a readiness to undertake difficult projects (its concept) 3.

Psychographic traits: Intellectual 93 .Citigroup 1. Information: Market a specialised service 3. Brand fundamentals: Personality .Intelligent and detached 4. Concept: An organisation ready to provide any financial service a customer requires 2.

Concept: Provision of clean energy for people now & in the future 2. Information: Communicate Social strategy 3. Personality: Purposeful 4.Shell 1. conservationist 94 . Psychographic traits: Pathfinder.

Using a brand based approach to advertising creates spending efficiency .e. conceptual definition & brand personality) 2. it must be based on brand fundamentals (i. It must be built on a thematic approach 3. For advertising to be effective.95 It is important to note 3 things: 1.

Feedback .96 d.

Also.97 Information about customer experience must be actively collated and used to improve the overall experience of the brand. Feedback will help judge the perception of branding efforts by the customers of a business. This information is called feedback. it will help identify any gap between the brand and the experience of customers. .

98 e. Going Forward .

.99 Step 1 Turn your conceptual definition into a brand statement you can mediate on and work in-line with.

. advertisements etc. business cards etc.) and marketing communication materials (brochures.) and match them to your brand personality.100 Step 2 Streamline your visual identity (letterheads.

how do you intend to communicate the conceptual definition and brand personality to your employees? .101 Step 3 Deal with the basics: 1. If you already have staff. How does the conceptual definition of your organisation affect HR? What type of people should you hire? 2.

102 Questions .

com/stuff .103 Thank you www.alder-consulting.

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