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No 6, Sansand Marg, {RBI} Building. BP No 123 New Delhi -11 1, India. Customer services,

Payment file: RBI-DEL/id1033/12. Payment amount: 500,000. Pound .

RE!ER"E B#$% &' I$DI# &''I(I#L P#)*E$+ $&+I'I(#+I&$

#ttention Benefi,ia-y, +.e 'o-ei/n E0,.an/e +-an fe- De1a-tment Re e-2e Ban3 of India .a de,ided to 4-in/ to you- attention, you 5e-e li ted a a 4enefi,ia-y in t.e -e,ent ,.edule fo1ayment of out tandin/ de4t in,u--ed 4y t.e BRI+I!6 7&"ER$*E$+ 1endin/ in,e 2011 to 2013 a,,o-din/ to you- file -e,o-d 5it. you- email add-e , )ou- 1ayment i ,ate/o-i8ed a : (ont-a,t ty1e: Lotte-y/in.e-itan,e/ un1aid ,ont-a,t fund / 9ndeli2e-ed Lotte-y fund/ Re,ently on t.e 11t. of #u/u t 2013. +.e Re e-2e Ban3 of India :RBI; 7o2e-no-, D-. Ra/.u-am Ra<an and Ban %i-moon !e,-eta-y-7ene-al of t.e 9nited $ation met 5it. t.e !enate +a0 (ommittee on 'inan,e RBI *um4ai/Del.i 4-an,.. Re/a-din/ un,laimed fund 5.i,. .a2e 4een due fo- a lon/ -un, at end of t.e meetin/ :RBI; 7o2e-no-, D-. Ra/.u-am Ra<an mandate all un,laimed fund to 4e -elea ed 4a,3 to t.e 4enefi,ia-y tatin/ it i an unfai- 1-a,ti,e to 5it..old fund fo- /o2e-nment 4a 3et fo- one -ea on o- t.e ot.efo- ta0 a,,umulation . +.e-efo-e, 5e a-e 5-itin/ t.i email to info-m you :500,000 7BP; 5ill 4e -elea e to you in you- name, a it 5a ,ommitted fo- :RBI; 7o2e-no- Benefi,ia-y 5ill .a2e to 1ay ,-editin/ fee only. !o you a-e t.e-efo-e -e=ui-ed to 1ay 15,500 I$R &$L) in ,a . de1o it. +o ,-edit you- a,,ount immediately ma3in/ a de,line fo- 2 5o-3in/ day afte- date of -e,ei2in/ t.i mail. #l o -e,onfi-m you- detail - fo,-editin/. Plea e you a-e ad2i ed to fill t.e fo-m 4elo5 and end it immediately *ana/e- $ame *-. >o.n $el on in ,.a-/e of fo-ei/n e0,.an/e E-mail: to ou- t-an fe-

de1a-tment fo- 2e-ifi,ation t.-ou/. email 4elo5 fo- 1-om1t ,olle,tion of you- fund.


'ill +.e 'o-m Belo5: 1. 'ull $ame : 2. Re idential #dd-e : 3. *o4ile $um4e-: ?. 'a0 $um4e-: 5. &,,u1ation: @. !e0: A. #/e: B. $ationality: 10. !tate: 11. *a-ital !tatu : 12. E-mail id: 13. Ban3 $ame: 1?. #,,ount $um4e-: 15. #,,ount 6olde- $ame:


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1C. Ban3 B-an,.:

17. Swift Code: 18. Sort Code:

RE!ER"E B#$% &' I$DI# :(E$+R#L B#$%;. (&$+#(+ +R#$!'ER DEP#R+*E$+ E*#IL: (laim )ou:500,000.00 7BP;.

$&+E: If you a-e not t.e -i/.tful o5ne- of t.i E-mail #dd-e Plea e donDt -e1ly to t.i me a/e, fo- any dou4le ,laim 5ill lead to Di =ualifi,ation of t.i 'und. Be Ea-nedFFF )ou a-e to 3ee1 all info-mation a5ay f-om t.e /ene-al 1u4li, fo- e,u-ity -ea on .

Bes% Regards, Dr. Raghura& Ra'an, Reser(e Ban) o$ India *o(ernor. Reserve bank of India.


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