Computer Aided Drafting & Design with

94006 CDAE 101 Z1
Download site for ArchiCAD:

Instructor: Ted Montgomery, registered architect and principal of GroundSwell Architects, Charlotte, VT. 425-7717 to be emailed to:

Download site for Artlantis:

☛Assignments 1 & 2, and the Final Skill Review are


Sept 2, 2009


Sept 9, 2009

Overview of ArchiCAD & BIM The ArchiCAD Workplace Using: Navigator, Floor Plan, 3D windows Toolbars, Pallettes, Coordinate box Using the tools: Walls, Pet Pallette Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.15-18,49-52,59-70,218-229

Using the tools: Slab tool, Magic wand, Profiler Using the line, polyline and spline tools Creating a slab from a line drawing Zooming IN and OUT, fit in window Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp. 255-256,378-385,237-240

Featured project: Student project 2006 Assignment 1: Write your name using the wall tool

Course project - the Bird House Assignment 2: Design a pizza using the slab tool


Sept 16, 2009


Sept 23, 2009

Bird House Layer: Lesson 3 Setting up: Layers, Stories, 3D viewing Using the tools: Doors, Windows, Columns, & beams Saving your workspace and palette positions Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.157-161,26-30,326-332,230-237

Bird House Layer: Lessons 4 & 5 Using the Roof tool: Trimming walls & roofs Using the tools: Skylights, stairs Using the 3D window for editing Using the Trace window Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.240-251,332-349,145-153

Featured project: Bird House Assignment 3: Student project - Creating A Not So Big Shelter for Two - Sketch ideas

Featured project: San Remo Drive Assignment 4: Student project - project setup, floor plans, doors & windows


Sept 30, 2009


Oct 7, 2009

Bird House Layer: Lessons 4 & 5 Materials: Creating custom colors, materials & textures Artibute Manager Using the tools: Section & elevation Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.36-40,175-185

Bird House Layer: Lesson 6 Using the tools: Mesh w/Gravity Creating contours from existing topographical information. Placing your project into a site. Solid Element Operations: Adding ponds & roads Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.257-259,352-355

Featured project: Montgomery Residence Assignment 5: Student project - elevations & sections

Featured project: Mucklow Residence Assignment 6: Student project - stairs & roofs, site mesh layout


Oct 14, 2009


Oct 21, 2009

Bird House Layer: Lesson 7 Libraries & GDL objects Creating your own objects Using the tools: Dimensioning, View maps Hotlink Manager: Creating MOD files Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.41-45,388-404,464-465,319321,482-492

Bird House Layer: Lessons 8, 9 & 10 Camera placement Setting up photorenderings: Sketch and Lightworks output Lamps, Lights & sun Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.513-524

Featured project: Green Ribbon Living Assignment 7: Student project - objects, furnishings

Featured project: Stern Residence Assignment 8: Student project - set up cameras & lighting


Oct 28, 2009


Nov 4, 2009

Bird House Layer: Lessons 8, 9 & 10 Working with photorenderings, cut aways Real time tours: walk thru’s, Space Mouse Using the Figure, Drawing and Label tools Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.525-526,386-387,417-420

Bird House Layer: Lessons 8, 9 & 10 Setting up animations, sun studies, VR objects Producing QuickTime movies An introduction to Artlantis Studio Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.526-532

Featured project: Green Mountain Club center Assignment 9: Student project - lamps & sun

Featured project: Copper Leaf Studio Assignment 10: Student project - walk thru & VR object


Nov 11, 2009


Nov 18, 2009

Bird House Layer: Lesson 11 Assigning zones & labels, customizing Zone lists Extracting information from templates. Creating: Window & Door schedules 3D documents Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.259-266,209-218,192-198

Bird House Layer: Lesson 12 Layout Book: How to set up sheets, import drawings, print files. Real time updating of floor plans, elevations & sections Interior elevation Tool Reading • REFERENCE GUIDE: pp.422-437,185-192

Featured project: Ten Stones Community Building Assignment 11: Student project - room areas, names

Featured project: Hale HIbiscus Assignment 12: Student project - Project presentation set of floor plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives output in PDF and JPG format

B r e a k


Dec 2, 2009


Dec 9, 2009

This will be a final, real time exercise on the skills you have learned. Each student will be provided with the same partially completed small home design. Your job will be to enhance and complete the job as best you can, drawing from your skills in ArchiCAD. This is not a race to the finish in three hours but rather a chance to examine your talents by using the right tools for the job. You will be judged by how effectively you use your skills.

Starting at 4 PM, this final event will be at my home in the Ten Stones Community in Charlotte. If you come on time, I will give you a tour of our home and home offices. See map on the last page of this PDF file. At 4:30 PM, we will settle in to our home theater for your individual presentations using animations, walk thru’s, plans and renderings. Each student will have an allotted time to present their project to the class on a MacBook Pro and LCD projector. Email or bring your projects on CD or memory sticks. Pretend that the audience are just plain folks - you need to educate us about your design. Use your ArchiCAD pallette of skills to sell us and blow our collective minds! At the end of class, I will being cooking fresh pizza and have beverages available. Grading: Assignment 1 ...................................................5% Assignment 2 ...................................................5% Final Skill review ........................................... 30% Student project ............................................ 60%

T h a n k s g i v i n g

Computer Aided Drafting & Design with

Assignment 3: the Student project

Creating A Not So Big Shelter for Two
You have been asked by a dream client to design an ecological home for two on a site of your choosing. You may use any real location, or one that is conjured up from your imagination. This exercise will draw on your creative juices and use the skills that you are learning in our class. I will be dispensing encouragement, design comments and guiding your efforts for the next several months. While money is no object in this exercise, respect for our resources and environment surely can be. I will be looking for your command of the tools and techniques found in Assignments 1 thru 12. If you should have a site for this somewhere, bring in any information on the contours (topography) and we will convert it to a 3D object. Expect to spend plenty of time refining your design, creating custom objects and textures, perspectives, animations and presentation plans. You are encouraged to go beyond the basics. ArchiCAD has many nifty features that are not covered in our assignments, but which might be useful for special features in your project. Please review the Student Project Requirements on the following pages. Note whether you are in CDAE 101 or 295. You will have an alloted amount of time to present your idea via my laptop and our home theater screen during the final class for student projects at my home. Let imagination rule!

Computer Aided Drafting & Design with


Student Project Requirements for CDAE 101
OK! So you know quite a bit about this software
by now, right? Here are the minimum elements that should appear in your student project: 1. Construction elements - at least one of each: walls, windows, doors, roofs (trimmed to fit), slabs or floors, stairs, columns, beams, and meshes (probably your site - ponds and roads count extra). 2. Objects - use 10 or more objects from the supplied library. At least one must be your own, beautiful creation. 3. Original material - this can be a color and texture of your creation. 4. Organization - use Layers, Layer Combinations and Stories. 5. Dimensions - on one storey, show locations of windows in walls, and distances between walls. 6. Zones - at least one zone in one or more rooms to show area size. 7. Animations - at least one Fly-thru, Virtual Object or Sun Study, saved in the MOV format. 8. Presentation - At least one Photo Rendering of best quality (interior and/or exterior), showing sun shadows, textures, and reflections, saved in the JPG format. 9. Drawings - at least one elevation, section, floor plan and perspective drawing put onto at least one sheet and published as a PDF file. What to Submit: Your final project files should be saved into a folder with your name on it. Inside should be an archive file of your project in the ArchiCAD .pla format (saved project w/library parts), Quicktime Movies in the .mov format, Photo renderings in the .jpg format and published drawings in the .pdf format. Put this file onto a CD, DVD or portable USB device. Bring your project to the final class at my home, either on your laptop, on a DVD/CD or a USB storage chip. Make sure that you have all libraries, materials, objects and other files ready to go. Do a dress rehearsal before coming to make sure that you are confident about what you are presenting. Plan to leave your complete presentation at my home when you are finished. This can be left on my laptop if you wish. You will each have up to 10 minutes to educate us plain folks in the audience. Your presentation skills and showmanship are encouraged!

Montgomery’s at 477 Ten Stones Circle, Charlotte, Vermont

Phone: 802-425-7717

How to find us: Follow Route 7 south thru Shelburne Village to the first light just past the Shelburne Museum... this is Bostwick Road where you make a right turn and take the road west ... it will become “Greenbush Road” as you cross the Charlotte Town Line (“Orchard Road” intersects on the right at this point) ... stay on Greenbush for another quarter mile and look for “Ten Stones Circle” also on the right...You will have driven about 2 miles since turning at the light on Route 7... turn in, drive 300’ past the mailboxes and take the left fork ... look for the sixth house on the right, with a “477” marker next to the driveway. Or, heading north on Route 7, take a left turn on F5 into Charlotte village... turn right onto Greenbush, drive 2.5 miles to the sign “Ten Stones Circle” and repeat the above..

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