Haley Hypocrisy Tour

A week to put even the most self-serving governor to shame
Nikki Haley’s administration has been a train wreck for the people of South Carolina, so it’s not like she could be truthful when speaking about her record at events around the state. But Haley has had quite the week of hypocrisy, even for her, which saying a lot given that she puts even the most self-serving elected officials to shame on a regular basis. Let's review: Haley spent the morning bragging to the Chamber of Commerce about her record on jobs...as 200 new layoffs were announced in Florence with another plant closing.  Heinz announces plant closing, 200 layoffs in Florence. "Heinz announced Thursday that it will be laying off 200 employees and shuttering the relatively new Heinz frozen meal processing plant in Florence over the next six to eight months as the company continues to reorganize." [Florence Morning News, 11/15/13]

This afternoon, she heads to the SCBio Conference to brag about spurring innovation and research to create jobs...after having vetoed vital funding for research that only continued because she was overridden by a bi-partisan effort in the legislature.  If Nikki Haley had her way, South Carolina would be the only state that did not fund agricultural research at its land grant institution, would not have a local health-related economic engine in Greenwood, and would not support research at the university level. Haley vetoed: o EPSCoR, a federally supported program designed to stimulate research in universities (Veto 2; FY 2012-2013) o Sea Grant Consortium which helps the state’s research universities pursue federal funding to research issues relating to the South Carolina coastline such as fishing and aquaculture (Veto 17; FY 2011-2012, Veto 3 FY 2012-2013) o Greenwood Genetics Lab which provides knowledge-based, high-wage jobs at the Greenwood Genetic Center and aids more than 20,000 South Carolinians (Veto 45 FY 20122013) o Clemson University Agricultural Research which provides the infrastructure for all research on plants and animals impacting commodities across the state including soybeans, cotton, peanuts, peaches, grain, beef cattle and forestry.(Veto 16, FY 2011-2012, Veto 46 FY 20122013)

Nikki Haley also spent the last several days talking up the importance of ethics reform, while ignoring the fact that she is one of the worst offenders.  Haley tried to sweep ethics charges under rug before being fined by Ethics Commission. "But what followed was 14 months of secret negotiations as Haley’s attorneys tried repeatedly to have the commission dismiss charges that she did not provide addresses for all of her campaign donors, only to be rebuffed each time by the five members on the governorappointed commission, according to 60 pages of emails released Thursday.....The commission fined Haley $3,500 in July and issued her a ‘public warning’" [The State, 8/15/13] Unreported fender-bender involving Nikki Haley leads to questions about her ethics. “The sudden revelation last week that Haley had used a state-owned vehicle for travel in North

Carolina piqued the interest of the State Ethics Commission, the agency that has jurisdiction over statewide officeholders like the governor, but not lawmakers.” [Charleston City Paper, 8/30/13]  Governor Nikki Haley had to reimburse the state $9,500 for ethics violations regarding plane usage. “She returned $9,590 on Friday to the state Aeronautics Commission, which operates the state’s two taxpayer-funded planes. The reimbursement covers flights taken across the state over seven days” to attend “news conferences and bill-signings.” “A rule first inserted into the 2011-12 budget, and kept in this year’s, specifies that bill-signings, press conferences and political functions don’t count as official business. The clause says the flights are ethics violations.” [Associated Press, 10/8/12]

And the kicker -- from the self-proclaimed "most transparent governor in South Carolina's history” -none of these events appear on the Nikki Haley’s public calendar and only one was released as part of her weekly public schedule. It's bad enough for the people of South Carolina that Nikki Haley has consistently proven herself an incompetent and ineffective governor with things like a hacking scandal that put millions of people and businesses at risk for identity theft. It's worse that Haley clearly believes she's accountable to no one, as evidenced by the repeated cover-ups of her administration’s failures on the hacking scandal and TB outbreak at a public school. But to add insult to injury, all of these distractions also mean she hasn’t been able to do her job as governor – addressing the issues that affect people's lives like falling wages, low economic mobility, challenged schools and crumbling roads and bridges. South Carolina is ready for a change.

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