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I : f- ,l - \
.,. . '
. '
1961 monarch
Papillion, Nebraska
Editor Judy Overholser
Assistant Editor. Ellen Denker
Faculty Advisor Mr. Charles W.eber
Senior Index
'Tis the human touch in this world that counts,
The touch of your hand and mine,
Which means far more to the fainting heart
Than shelter and bread and wine;
For shelter is gone when the night is o'er,
And bread lasts only a day,
But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice
Sing on in the soul alway.
--Spencer Michael Free
The Senior Class would like to dedicate the 1961
Monarch to the--
Outstanding teacher, Mr. Kleffner, for the guidance
and instruction he has given us during our high school
years, to help us in the future.
Outstanding student, Karen Giermann, whose friendly smile
and courage has been inspiration to us all.
Outstanding Citizen, Blonde Ruff, whose friendly jokes and
loyalty has added joy to our lives.
AJm in ~ f,.a lion
STANDING: Delbert Mesner, Barney Schram, James
Hubbard, Sam Hoke, Elton Semke, Don Lehr (SEATED).
Southern Illinois
B. of Education
"I seemed to have misplaced it some-
Nebraska Wesleyan
B.S. in Education
"Get Busy!"
Wayne State
B. A. in Education
"Be Quiet!"
Nebraska University
B.S. in Education
Master In Music
"One, Two, Ready--Plr.y."
Peru Strtte
B.S. in Education
"Spread out."
Nebraska University
B.S. in Education
"Take out a sheet of paper ."
Peru State
B.A. in Education
"Use the Dictionary. "
Peru State
B. A. in Education
"What's so funny?"
Omaha University
B.S. in Education
"Oh for goodness sake r
Peru State
B.S. in Education
"Extra Work r
Oklahoma State
B.S. in Agriculture
"Who left that mess?''
Southern State
Teachers College
B.S. in Education
"Ah Shut-up r
Wayne State
B.A. In Education
"Let's have It quiet in here."
Omaha University
B.A. In Education
"All right, what's been going on
in here."
Wayne State
B.S. in Education
"! don't feel like doing anything today."
(Not Pictured)
Southern State
B.S. in Education
"Ohl Mercy."
High School Bookkeeper:
Mrs. Jackie Mowinkel
Mr. Walter Luenenberg
Mrs. Freida Godsey, Mrs. Fawn Clark, Mrs.
Helen Dierks.
Secretary to Superintendent and School Board:
Mrs. Loretta Matthies
Head Custodian:
Mr.George Oxley
Bus Driver and Custodian:
Mr. John Daup
. . .
r r ,
~ ~ . /"
A likeable fellow, loyal and true, with plenty
of fun and mischief, too.
A swell girl with a personality twice her size.
My Interest is in the future because I am
going to spend the rest of my life there.
Search for tomorrow, but don't forget today.
Be the best of whatever you are.
Her good nature makes her a favorite. Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Always carrying a smile. Quiet but nice.
To undertake is to achieve.
Her laugh is gay, her smile is sweet; here's
a gal that can't be beat.
Brown eyes, blonde hair, personalities like
hers are very rare.
A jolly girl, chuck full of fun; she's always
nice to everyone.
Silence Is a great art of conversation.
"Join the Navy and see the world--in a sub-
Keep that splendid, silent smile.
She's like a magnet--attractive.
A winning way--always gay.
Is that a sparkle in her eyes or reflection
of her ring?
A little nonsense now and then never hurt
Her mind is set, her path is straight, you
needn't worry about her fate .
He who means no mischief does it all.
The future holds much for guys like him.
Willingness makes friendliness.
This peppy gal is full of cheer, she radiates
happiness when she is near.
I love work: I can sit and watch it all day.
A personality full of fun and laughter.
H may be silent in his way--but hE
a success som day.
In this day and age dark haired rna
are all the rage.
'r friends are many, her foes are few,
e is tall, nice, and wl tty too,
e is only difficult when
think or make It so.
A good deed and a kind word.
Quiet men are always welcome.
If what he's done so far in school is any
indication of what he'll do later, he's sure
to be a success.
Beauty dwells within as
well as without.
It's a great night for
The Royalty
What's going on here?
Having Fun?
One-two-step I
One-two-step I
:JJ,_e Senior Snow Carnival
The Senior Snow Carnival, sponsored by the Senior Class, was
a lot of fun for all who carne. The Royalty chosen were Ginger Haacke,
Queen, Mike Whitney, King, Judy Smith, Princess, and Bill Eichner,
Joan Williams crowned the Queen in the absence of Sharon Golf,
last year's Queen. Mike Whitney was crowned by George Landgren,
last year ' s King.
The chaperons for this dance were Mr . and Mrs . Catlett, Mr .
and Mrs . Overholser and Mr. and Mrs . Williams.
How's the food?
Cheeeeeese!! II
Put on your imagination and crowd into a time machine with me for a trip to Washington, D.C., in the
spring of 1981.
We land on Pennsylvania Avenue and catch an aero bus that will pass the White House. That portly
gentleman who got on after us --why, it's JIM RUNGE, now a millionaire sporting goods manufacturer,
and in front of him- -could it be the former BO NIE THURSTON, and her husband?
Now we're on our way. Look at that nice little sports car shop, and isn't that DON BARTELS sitting
out in front, smoking a pipe?
As you know, Washington is quite a place for conventions. We'll pass one of them on our way. There
it is now, a dental convention. The roster says the speakers for today are those well-known experts,
The bus has to make another stop, Say, is this a school tour? No, it's only GLENDY E GRUNKE trying
to herd her twenty-one children onto the bus.
"Next stop, the White House." I guess we had better get ready to get off . The sign on the gate says
President MIKE WHITNEY, isn't in town today, but from where we are standing we can see GINGER HAACKE,
the First Lady, sweeping the front balcony. Well, what's the use of going through the White House if there's
no chance of seeing the President?
Let's cross the street to the Washington Monument and walk from there to the capitol building.
I see DAN SCHRAM is in town (he's quite a rich farmer now, you know). He's trying to come to an
agreement with ERVIN KERSTEN, owner of Kersten Katchup Kompany, about a train load of tomatoes .
Is that ROSE AN MASS playing with her first grandchild under that tree?
There's a car with a built-in TV set. Let's go over and take a look.
It's a baseball game. Listen, what's the announcer saying? "And now TERRY ABELS come to bat.
This young man, the American League's most valuable player last year, has already . . . Why did they have
to change channels? Who wants to watch a panel show?
Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's panel members are: LYLE JORGENSEN, noted labor leader, DELORES
KAVA, Mrs. America of 1980, ROBERT BISHOP, an aeronautical engineer just back from a trip to our
Mars colony, and CHARLOTTE FAIR, star trapeze artist for Ringling Brothers .
"We pause for a word from our sponsor." Southern Belle Products present their Southern Belle,
Miss SARA ARMOUR, to tell you about Southern Belle Skin Creme.
The Senate Wing is only a little way. Let's drop in on one of Nebraska's senators.
Isn't that Brigadier General ROBERT OCHS, assistant secretary of the Air Force, leaving the Senator's
We can go in now.
Where is he? All I see is a big stack of mail on the desk. Wait! I think it moved. There's a head coming
up. It's BILL "Decisions, Decisions, Decisions" KLABU DE. He still can't make up his mind.
We leave the building noticing KATHRYN HANES at the switch-board as we go out the front door.
Since it's just across the street, let's visit the Library of Congress next .
Isn't the building beautiful? Say, isn't that ELLEN DENKER and JUDY CATLETT repainting that
Uh-oh. The librarian is motioning us to be quiet. It's GERALDINE GLASSON, and the door down the
hall says KARE GIERMANN is head librarian.
There goes Dr. WILLIAM EICHNER, WORLD famQus scientist and researcher, up those stairs .
Before we make our last stop at the Big Banana, a famous night club on Kansas Avenue let's take
a short trip down Embassy Row. I'd like to see the Nigerian Embassy.
Oh, I can see now, the ambassador is talking to PATTI MES ER, world famous Missionary and
author of several best selling books .
If you look to your right as we go back, you can see the only country school left in the u.s.A. See the
teacher's on the steps? Why it's THERESA KAZOR.
Last stop, the Big Banana. The comedy team here has been a smash hit . Hurry, the show's about to
start .
Well, look who the stars are, BOB WITTMUSS and JOANNE WEISS, who have also co-authored the
book You Wouldn't Believe Me.M_LTold You But I'll Tell Y o u ~
But first the master of ceremonies will introduce any celebrities who happen to be here.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I see in our audience tonight CAROL VILLWOCK, world famous model,
whose face you know from magazine covers.
"A little way from Miss /illwock is PATRA BUSCH, chief stewardess on the Earth to Mars run.
Way in back you can see DARLENE HANSEN, famed and feared lady wrestler and, sitting right across from
her, JUDY SMITH, wig designer for the National Wax Museum. I' ll be back after the 3how to introduce anyone
else who may come in."
I know it isn't polite to talk while the show's going on, but isn't that JAN THOMPSON sitting over there?
The woman with the pig with the diamond collar?
And look who's coming in, trailing dazed men-- JUDY "Scarlett O'Hara" OVERHOlSER.
I hate to break things up but it's time for us to go. Maybe we'll be back in another twenty years.
My poor nerves!!
You are most beautiful!Il
I can't believe it II
Prompter , please!I
Mr. Bennet
Mrs. Bennet
Catherine .
Mr. Collins
Mr. Bingley
Miss Bingley
Mr. Darcy ..
Lady Catherine
Lady Lucas .
Mr. Wickham
Jane .
I'm so happy!I
Who do you think you are?
Don Bartels
Glendyne Grunke
. . Ginger Haacke
Judy Overholser
. . Terry Abels
Jim Runge
Sandy Johansen
Mike Whitney
Carol Villwock
Judy Smith
Patra Busch
Dick Aeschliman
. RoseannMass
Judy Berryman
Patti Mesner
Sara Armour
I still love you, BUT???
Confess your love II I
After II I
May 21, Seniors march in for Baccalaureate.
Rev. Marsh of Papillion Methodist Church,
gives address.
Seniors march out after Benediction is given.
Processional ...... . Mrs . Arthur Grube
Invocation . . . . . . Rev. Donald Marsh
"The Halls of Ivy" . . . . . . Girls ' Chorus
Baccalaureate Address . . Rev. Donald Marsh
"Incline Thine Ear, 0 Lord". . Girls ' Chorus
Benediction . Rev. Donald Marsh
Recessional ........ Mrs . Arthur Grube
Processional .. .. . . Mrs . Arthur Grube
Invocation ... . . . Rev. C. R. Goldenstein
"Climb Ev'ry Mountain" . . Girls' Chorus
Valedictorian Address Bill Eichner
Presentation of Scholarships
............ Mr. John Kleffner,
Commencement Address . . Dr . Francis Hurst
Presentation of Class . . Mr . Leslie George,
Presentation of Diplomas . . Mr . Don Lehr,
"Now' s the Hour"
Recessional . . . .
School Board President
.. Girls' Chorus
Rev. C. R. Goldenstein
.. Mrs . Arthur Grube
Commencement, May 24, everyone stands for Invocation.
Girls' Chorus, directed by Mr . James Hinds, sing for Commencement. Dr . Francis Hurst gives Commencement address .
School Board President, Mr. Lehr, reads
names of Seniors as Vice-President, Barney
Schram gives diplomas .
The Graduates march out to the recessional.
With tears and smiles people
congratulate the graduating
class .
Corne along with the Seniors on a review
of their trip to the Ozarks.
Ready and wait ' n at 12:00 for the bus
to the Ozarks.
Everyone on the bus and ready to head out. Here's our chance to sleep??
Supper time rolls around and finds us
at the Copper Kettle in Kansas City.
Next stop: Papillion.
Our bus departs from the Lodge and heads for the
Bridal Cave. Just hear the oh 's and ah 's as \vtl tour
this beautiful cave.
"Okay kids you can have a 10 min.
break I"
This was our bus driver who made it
through the trip in one piece!
The morning brings a nice day, so
a few brave souls try the swimming
Rest is over, time for a trip to Bagnell Dam.
Designation reached, rain coming down, hats
bought at souvenir shop, these girls catch
a little rest In their cabin at the Lodge of
the Ozarks.
Breakfast time at Lodge of the Ozarks, even the sponsors
made it up!
After a busy night at the dance and
wiener roast, these girls are up bright
and early getting ready for breakfast.
Here you see the Darn I
ext we find ourselves at
Dogpatch where we bought
souvenirs and took funny
pictures. This is just one
Sanding Day-Work for all
Get busy, Dave!!
Mr. George gives a helptng hand.
Feet hurt, Mike?
Working hard or hardly working?
The works done and the desks look like new.
7/f! / 111/l; /lj
'I '/ I f '
I adualed
I /
2 8
Betty Bailey
Ron ita Boll
Lyta Bellinger
Rosemary ' Bohac
Eldon Boone
Steve Case
Judy Christensen
Mary Christiansen
Glenda Curnett
George Frederick
Judy Glesmann
Bill Goff
Patty Harlow
Jody Hegenberger
Cheryl Hinds
Mary Jepsen
Carla Johnson
Betty Kol.e
Jerry Kritenbrink
a r ~ Landgren
Marvin Leaders
Dave Lundgren
Bill Mansfield
Cindy Morrison
Marilyn Nagler
Doug Olson
Genie Petersen
Marge Roberts
Ron Schram
Pam Scott
Sue Shy
Larry Smith
Carol Tomlin
Connie Tomlin
Ethel Veatch
Conrad Wildhagen
Terry Willard
Pauline Young
The County Government Day crew.
Junior Class Officers are left to right, Mary Lee Jepsen, Secretary, Cindy
Morrison, Treasurer, Mary Alyce Christiansen, President, Dave Lundgren,
Vice President, Mrs . Porter, class sponsor .
Mr . Keller casts his ballet for the party
of his choice.
Ain't ja glad to see me?
The silent type.
Favorite pastime 1
Look what the wind blew in!
Shucks ! caught again!
I believe in be'n friends!
Pure tore her!
Silence is golden
This aln 't go 'n to be easy!
Clr.ara clerJ
Now girls!
Homer Hollowbone Steve Case, Jerry Krintenbrink
Maw Hollowbone Cindy Morrison, Betty Bailey
Paw Hollowbone Mike O' Brien, Dough Olson
Sarah Jo Hollowbone ... JodyHegenburger, Patty Harlow
Gracie May Hollowbone ... Pauline Young, Glenda Curnutt
Fannie Jane Hollowbone . . Marge Roberts, Marilyn Nagler
Pepper Hollowbone . . . . . . . Bill Goff, Bill Mansfield
Sis Hollowbone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Betty Koke
Grandpappy Hankley . . . . . . . . Conrad Wildhegen
Widow Blairhouse . .... Connie Tomlin, Terrie Willard
Bertha Blairhouse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carol Tomlin
Slim Blairhouse Ron Schram, Marvin Leaders
M ilissa Dugan . . . . . . . . . Susie Shy, Mary Lee Jepsen
Hortense Todd . ... . . .. . Cheryle Hinds, Ethel Veatch
Isabel Todd ... . ...... .. . . . LytaGay Bellinger
And further more
It's a love letter I
Welcome Seniors!! Mary Alyce, toastmistress, wel-
comes everyone to the Junior-Senior Prom of "'61."
You did a great job Juniors!!!
Mrs. Porter thanks the Junior
class for the fine job they did.
Let's jump into our time machine and .....
Carla Johnson reads the Senior Class Prophecy
at the Banquet.
Sponsors line-up I The sponsors sit this one out.
Buenos dias Seninitas and Senors! Mr. Kleffner
greets everyone in the traditional Spanish style.
Having Fun?? The students enjoy slow one played
by "The Ramrods" from Norfork Junior College.
Last dance ..... Everyone wishes the
moment could last and last.
Everyone Upllll Mr. George M.C. 's the dance.
Junior Senior Prom
Everyone gets ready for a big night of bowling.
This music sends me! Couples dance
to a fast one at the Prom.
Strike or Spare? Looks like everyone's having
fun bowling.
Tired but hungry. The students sleeply enjoy the
last phase of the Prom, the breakfast.
2:00 and all is well. The students enjoy two suspense
ll\rillers at the show.
-- - - -- - - - --
The Junior class sponsored the first dance
of the season on Sept . 23, 1961.
Everyone appeared in the latest hobo
fashions and the sloppiest bums were given
special recognition. Cindy Morrison and Mike
0 'Brien were crowned. Miss Hobbett and Mr.
Hobo, Ronita Bell and Don Bartels were
runner-ups .
What's the matter, not enough boys?
To pooped to pop.
The sloppiest bums crowned royalty
The line-up I
New way of travel ?
Look Who's first when it ' s time to eat I
Hi ya all.
Sophomores at their Spanish party.
Just call me grace I
The party is still going on.
Betty Gierman
Roger Hansen
Amy Hart
Walter Kazor
vernon Krautkremer
Kenneth Mass
Thomas Mesner
Gary McNew
Darwin Aeschliman
Barbara Barthel
Bob Bookout
Jack Borman
Bill Bowling
Margie Busch
Nancy Christensen
Owen Dierks
Barbara Errett
Erik Foged
Mr. Aten, Sponsor; Cheryl Reiter, Vice-President; Waltor Kazor, President; Barbara Errett,
Secretary; Owen Dierks, Treasurer.
Sophomores arc working hard in English
Franklin Peters
Charles Peterson
Janet Peterson
Joan Pollar d
Cheryl Reiter
Nancy Seibold
Kathy Sievers
David Skusa
Gene Stoltenberg
Melvin Strawn
Barbara Thurston
Judith Trumble
Janet Williams
Kathleen Williams
Donna Willms
Dwight Moore
Thomas Morrison
Carolyn Okeson
Jack Percifield
Sophomore, Tom Morrison, speaks be-
fore Pep Rally.
Think you can do better?
I'm not scared.
Anyone for something tasty?
Who said I couldn't????
3 8
FIRST ROW: Russell Montgomery, Tony Perez, Ivan
Steinke, Russell Daly, Joe Stoupa, Ronald Buesing,
Dennis Kelly, Sonny Clapper, Janet Villwock, SECOND
ROW: Ken Fredericks, Eugene Block, Marge Kramme,
Anita McCart, Elaine Farr, Bonnie Koke, Steven
Mcintosh, Ron Severin, Barry Alley, Larry Gloe, THIRD
ROW: Gary Chapman, Doug Homolka, Don Borman,
Cheryl Johnson, Jean Catlett, Sherry Bishop, Janet
Nagler, Helen Ruff, DianaDenker,FOURTHROW: Dianne
Bartels, Linda Perez, Judy Godsey, Kerel Peters, Elsie
Drapper, Pam Williams, Sharon Whitten, Linda
Christensen, Sandy Mortensen, Marilyn Corn, FIFTH
ROW: Jim Babbit, Susan Okeson, Carole Fair, Kathy
Kurieck, Mary Jackson, Sharon Dierks, Gary McDonald,
Patty Petersen, Shirley Grube, SIXTH ROW: Dot Martin,
Alyce Weiss, Larry Kerstens, Mike Goldenstein, Don
Stille, Don Tex, Kenny Zeeb, Dale Sutton, MikeDaharsh,
SEVENTH ROW: Harold Jones, Don Jacot, Paul Jochim,
Gary Brandon, Pandy Palmer, Sue Ehlers, Gunter
Stormer, Sondra Hinds.
Kerel Peters, Treasurer; Sharon Whitten, Secretary; Ivan Steinke, President; Linda Christensen, Vice-
President; Mr. Anderson, Advisor.
Hail to the Monarchy! Dot Martin and Sonny Clapper
are crowned at the Freshman Saint Pat's dance.
Look out below I!!! A huge Irish top hat was the
main decoration attraction at this dance.
Where's the Seniors??? Junior high couples enjoy
the music at the Freshman dance.
Where's the girls, boys? It looks like the Junior
High boys have big appellles at these dances.
The Line Up. It's intermission
time for everybody at the
Freshman dance.
Hey girls I Why those sober faces? A few of the
girls sit this one out.
Don't cry on my shoulder
Freshman couples dance to
one of those slow romantic
Jitterbug or Minuet? The
girls show the boys how to
do it.
Go Man Go !II! Gary Brandon
does an impersonation of
Bobby Rydell .
Who drinks Sanka? Th boys
tests their steadiness .vhi le
they confer on which girl to
ask next.
FIRST ROW: Mike Hauschild, Mike Hauschild, Keith
Low, Ann Schmidt, Sam Williams, Susan Alfons,
Geoffrey Burdge, David McClure, SECOND ROW: Ken
Lucht, Jimmia Fair, Bill George, James Vance, Janet
Parkhurst, Ronnie McNew, Margaret Sayre, Carol
Halverson, Sue Aeschliman, THIRD ROW: Blayne
Ruffcorn, Larry Ross, Van Hyde, Myrna Cash, Dorothy
Stock, Carol Reves, Ray Armour, Ronald Turtscher,
Wayne Kelly, FOURTH ROW: MarshaOchs,JudyOkeson,
Mike McDonald, Darrell Reynolds, Carol Scusa, Nancy
Koke, Ronald Ingram, Kathleen Krause, Jack Buffington,
FIFTH ROW: Dennis Karlik, Judy Shy, Sieve Witt,
Frank Ankenbrand, Bob Wittmuss, Otto Rudolph, Margie
Goodrow, Janice Meisinger, CarolDaharsh,SIXTHROW:
Norma Meisenheimer, Jeanie Bishop, Jin Johnson, Philip
Rica!, Dorothy Hutton, Rita Riekena, Robert Hawn,
Charles Sturm, Larry Langley, SEVENTH ROW: Marvin
Stanke, Jin Morrison, Dean Gosch, Larry Stark, Judy
Thompson, Clayton Harvey, Susie Engberg, Dan Iske,
Ada Sue Farr.
Marna Cash, Vice President; Sam Williams, Treasurer; Ann Schmidt, President; David McClure,
Secretary; Mr. Rehurek.
Were on our way!! By now!!
Around we go II Don't squeeze too hard!!
G irIs serve tea or is it coffee?
They make lovely hostesses.
Break time!
Well, we made it around the rink once!
More fun!!
FIRST ROW: Nancy Glesman, Corbin Witt, Tommy
Buffington, Steve Christensen, Craig Marshall, Wayne
Robb, Steve Okeson, Eddie Vosler, Pam Ward, Vickie
Eymann, SECOND ROW: Nancy Ward, Larry Clayton,
Pam Hubbard, Susan Mortenson, Diane Huey, Carol
Kersten, Doug Nelson, Terri Langlay, Doug Firebaugh,
Lois Mansfield, THIRD ROW: Tom Rahn, Dean Borman,
Dean Borman, Ricky Woolridge, Roger Brockman, Bob
Lundgren, Dennis Schmucker, Carol Smithburg, Donna
Liemann, Marla Oksen, Sharon Severen, Pam Petty,
FOURTH ROW: Debbie Jones, Robin Boese, Mary Bose,
Linda Palmer, Karen Gibilisco, Linda Daharsh, Linda
Ybarra, Coleen Bowling, Linda Chapman, Kathy Lewis,
Tom Macintosh, FIFTH ROW: Dennis White, Don Iske,
Doug Clapper, David Long, Mike Kelly, Bob Thorpe,
Jackie Schaller, Karen Boone, Barbara Arp, Lorraine
Petersen, Linda Crowely, Richard Ellis, Carol Cook,
James Foged, Fred Catlett, Gene Handley, Beth Landgren,
David Roberts, Bill Aken, Kathy Knapp, Ken Nicklie,
SEVENTH ROW: Steve Sharr, Kathy Corn, Eugene
Parsons, Sally Stock, Cheryl Eby, Sherry Lehr, Dan
Stevens, K. C. Ready, Bill Christensen, Carol Kaiser,
Janet Merrie.
Karen Gibilisco, Secretary; Linda Chapman, Vice-President; Vicki Eymann, President; Lorraine
Petersen, Treasurer; Mr. Thurston, Advisor.

Yes you! Sherry Leer asks Mr.
Thurston to dance.
"And then she said to me" Judy Shy and Susie
Alfons discass who didn't come to t!>e dance.
Diplomatic relations-Sherry Leer and Mr.
Rehurek dance to one of the popular slow.
Junior High Triple Trio under the directiOI
of Miss Pugs ely sings a carol at Papillionr
annual Christmas Program.
Which one's the girl ? Ron
Ingram and Norman Nekuda
demonstrate their n ~
ing ability.
FIRST ROW: Left to right; Mr. Hinds, Nancy
Christensen, Connie Tomlin, Judy Smith, Geraldine
Glasson, Patty Harlow, Betty Koke, Genne Petersen,
Susie Shy, Judy Overhols!lr, Kathy IIanes. SECOND
ROW: Renita Bell, Sandy Johansen, Judy Berryman,
Linda Hanks, Jan Thompson, Glendyne Grunke,
Roseann Mass, Cindy Morrison, De lor s Kava, Nancy
Seibold, Mary Alice Christiansen, Lyta Bellinger,
THIRD ROW: Marilyn Nagler, Glenda Curnutt,
Kathleen Schobert, Sue Landgr n, Judy Catlett,
Ellen Denker, Amy Jo Hart, Judy Trumble, 1ar
Lee Jepsen, Pauline Young, Carol Tomlin.
FffiST ROW: Left to right; Mr. Hinds, Nancy
Christensen, Connie Tomlin, Judy Smith, Geraldine
Glasson, Patty Harlow, Betty Koke, Genne Petersen,
Susie Shy, Judy Overholser, Kathy Hanes. SECOND
ROW: Renita Bell, Sandy Johansen, Judy Berryman,
Linda Hanks, Jan Thompson, Glendyne Grunke,
Roseann Mass, Cincy Morison, Delores Kava, ancy
Seibold, Mary Alyce Christiansen, Lyta Bellinger,
THffiD ROW: Marilyn Nagler, Glenda Curnutt,
Kathleen Schobert, Sue Landgren, Judy Catlett, Ellen
Denker, Amy Jo Hart, Judy Trumble, Mary Lee
Jepsen, Pauline Young, Carol Tomlin, FOURTH ROW:
Bill Klabunde, Bill Bowling, Butch Krautkremer,
Owen Dierks, Eldon Boone, Terry Ables,Gary Me ew,
LEFT TO RIGHT: Lyta Bellinger, Glenda Curnutt, Sue Landgren, Amy Jo Hart, Kathy Schobert, Ronita
LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Berryman, Judy Trumble, Ellen Denker, Judy Catlett, Mary Lee Jepsen, Ron ita
Bell, Mary Alyce Christiansen, Connie Tomlin.
FRONT ROW: Left to right; Judy
Overholser, Cheryl Hinds, Judy
Trumble, Dennis Kelly, Cheryl Johnson,
Sandra Hinds, Barb Barthel, Joan
Pollard, Lyta Gay Bellinger, Susan
Alfonse, Mike Hauschild, Jean Catlett,
Linda Christiansen, Judy Catlett, BACK
ROW: Kerel Peters, Donna Wilms, Betty
Koke, Shirley Grube,
Seinke, Fred Catlett , Don Bartels,
Pauline Young, David McClure, Sharon
Dierks, Cindy Morrison, Amy Jo Hart,
Ivan Steinke, STANDING: Mr. Hinds,
Mary Lee Jensen, Sheri Bishop, Doug
Homolka, Dwight Moore, Jenny
FRONT ROW: Lett to right; Doug Homolka, Cheryl Hinds, Judy Trumble, Dennis Kelly, Judy
Overholser, MIDDLE: Ivan Steinke, Amy Jo Hart, Sandra Hinds, Barb Barthels, Joan Pollard,
BACK ROW: Don Bartels, Fred Catlett.
m ajorellej
LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindy Morrison, Shirley Grube, Betty Koke, Pauline Young,
Lyta Gay Bellinger, Mary Lee Jepsen.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Cattlet, Judy Cattlet, Linda
Saxophone :J,.io
LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Hinds, Barbara Barthels,
Joan Pollard.
:J,.umpel :J,. io
TO RIGHT: Cindy Morrison, Ivan Steinke,
Amy Jo Hart.
Cfa,.in el Qual'l el
LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Trumble, Dennis Kelly,
Cheryl Hinds, Judy Overhoulser.
FIRST ROW: Left to right; Jody Hegenberger, Susie
Shy, Ellen Denker, Ginger Haache, Carolyn Okeson,
Janet Williams, S.ECOND ROW: Pam Scott, Sara Armour,
Nancy Christensen, Kathy Hanes, Theresa Kazor, Cheryl
Reiter, Darlene Hansen, Judy Smith, Barbara Barthel,
Judy Overholser, Connie Tomlin, Barbara .Errett, Judy
Glesman, Miss Wittick, THIRDROW: LytaGayBellinger,
Joan Pollard, Kathy Williams, Mary AlyceChristiansen,
Pat Mesner, Ronita Bell, Cheryl Hings, Janet Petersen,
Joanne Weiss, Genne Petersen, Linda Hanks, Geraldine
Glasson, Pat Harlow, FOURTH ROW: Sandy Johansen,
Judy Berryman, Cindy Morrison, Betty Bailey, Margie
Busch, Carol Tomlin, Glendyne Grunke, Donna Willms,
Betty Koke, Delores Kava, Patra Busch, Nancy Seibold,
FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Nagler, Kathy Schobert, Amy
Jo Hart, Sue Landgren, Judy Christiansen, Carol
Villwock, Ethel Veatch, Judy Catlett, Glenda Curnutt,
Judy Trumble, Mary Lee Jepsen, Pauline Young.
FIRST ROW: Left to right; Carol Daharsh, Sherry
Lehr, Patty Moss, Jody Shy, Kerel Peters, Anne Schmidt,
S.ECOND ROW: Nancy Glessmann, Nancy Warren, Carol
Kersten, Sue Alfons, Sue Aeschliman, Sally Schmidt,
Donna Ruth Lienemann, Marla Olson, Lois Mansfield,
Pam Hubbard, Mrs . Hughes, THIRD ROW: Debbie
Jones, Mary Bose, Vicki Eymann,SusanOkeson,Barbara
Arp, Dorothy Stock, Carol Shusa, Lesley llumberg,
Nancy Koke, Linda Chapman, Collen Bowling, FOURTH
ROW: Janet Parkhurst, Karen Gibilisco, Sharon Dierks,
Cheryl Cook, Beth Landgren, Linda Perez, Myrna
Cash, Kathy Knspp, Karen Boone, Sue Ehlers, Kathy
Krause, FIFTH ROW: .Elaine Farr, Alice Weiss, Patty
Peterson, Shirley Grube, Janice Meisinger, Carol
Daharsh, Marilyn Corn, Marsha Ochs, Pam Williams,
Judy Godsey, Diane Bartels, Linda Dooley, Lynn Dooley,
SIXTH ROW: Sondra Hinds, Linda Christensen, Janet
Nagler, Joan Schobert, Jo Marie Neverdahl, Cheryl
Johnson, Diane Denker, Sherrie Bishop, Sally Stock,
Jean Catlett, Sharon Whitten, Elsie Draper, Judy Okeson,
BACK ROW: Helen Ruff, Earlene Thorpe, Anita McCart,
Judy Thompson, Bonnie Koke, Sandy Sutherland, Janet
Villwock, Betty Ruff, Marge Kramme, Suzy Engberg,
Ada Farr, Cheryl Eby.
Senior cheerleaders: Ginger Haacke, and Ellen
Sophomore cheerleaders: Janet
Williams and Carolvn Okeson.
Busch, Vice President,
Carol Villwock, President,
Sandy Johansen, Sec-
retary. Delores Kava,
Junior cheerleaders: Susie Shy and Jody
-------- - - ---
King Jim Runge and Queen Carol Villwock
This year's royalty reigning with King and Queen were
Prince, Mike Whitney, Princess, Ellen Denker; Duke,
Dave Lundgren, Duchess, Ginger Haake; Count, Jerry
Kritenbrink, Countess, Judy Overholser; Lord, Tom
Morrison (not pictured), Lady, Judy Catlett.
Welcome .....
Introduction of Speaker . .
Speaker ......... .
Athletic Recognition
Carol Villwock
Carol Villwock
Carol Villwock
Mr. Kuncel
Football . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Keller
Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Paap
Cheerleaders ....... Miss Wittick
Volleyball . . . . . . . . . Miss Pugsley
Track . . . . . . . . Mr. Keller
Baseball . . . . . . Mr. Anderson
Toast Mistresses Ellen Denker
Ginger Haacke
Bob Ochs
Jim Runge
Mike Whitney
Lyle Jorgensen
A wonderful moment as last year's Prince and Queen,
Jim Willwock and Dorothy Petersen crown the new
heirs to the throne.
Well Boys, that's about the end of the food!
Guest Speaker, Dr, Kunce! from Omaha, South
Eating at Candy Land, this year's Banquet
The two Pages await their moment, Bruce Pollard and
Rhonda Brown.
Sweet Nothings ! !
"We use Nair--How about you?"
The Monarchs show real pep and spirit
as they do "Two Bits."
Coach Paap in the midst of a speech at the pep rally.
The basketball boys receive recognition by the coach
at our last rally.
This picture taken at Plattcview shows P.H.S. 's
Pep Club in action.
Monarch enthusiasts.
F .F.A. OFFICERS: Mr . Randell, Marvin Leaders, Jerry Krintenbrink, Dan Schram, Walter Kazor, Conrad Wildhagen,
Kenny Mass .
FRONT ROW: Left to right; Mr . Randell, Marvin Leaders,
Jerry Krintenbrlnk, Dan Schram, Walter Kazor, Conrad
Wildhagen, Kenny Mass, BACK ROW: Mike Daharsh,
Dennis Gruner, Larry Kersten, Larry G loe, Ronnie
Schram, Ervin Kersten, Roger Hansen, Franklin Peters,
Dwight Moore. Don Borman.
F.F.A. Sweetheart, Delores Kava escorted by Dan Schram, F.F.A. President.
Guest speaker: Richard Deams
The annual F . F . A. Banquet was held
Wednesday, April 19, 1961. The guest
speaker was Richard Deams . Thetheme
of his speech was "Dust in the Saddle."
The candidates for Chapter Sweet-
heart from the Senior class were ioan
Weiss, Theresa Kava. The winning
candidate was Delores Kava.
First place winner in the State Land Judging Contest: Left to right; Mr. Randell, Jerry
Kritenbrink, Marvin Leaders, Ervin Kersten, Dan Schram.
Meats and Identification Judging con-
test. Placed in Blue Ribbon group.
Jerry Kritenbrink, Ronnie Schram,
Marvin Leaders.
Poultry and Animal Husbandry Placed in Blue Ribbon group
Roger Hansen, Franklin Peters, Kenny Mass.
FffiST ROW: Left to right; Coach Paap, Dave Lundgren,
Conrad Wildhagen, Owen Dierks, Jim Runge, Bill
Goff, Coach Keller, SECOND ROW: Jack Percifield,
Terry Abels, Larry Smith, Bob Ochs, Tom Morrison,
Mike Whitney, Jerry Kritenbrink.
efetferman ~ C/ut
OFFICERS, Left to right; Terry Abels, Sports re-
porter; Bob Ochs, Vice President; Jim Runge, Pres!-
dent; Jerry Kritenbrink Treasurer; Dave Lundgren,
Be my guest, Tom I Bob Ochs initiates
Tom Morrison for Letterman's Club,
Taste Good???
With this enthusiastic support, "we're bound to win!"
Coach Paap gave a resounding speech at the "Kangaroo
Court" pep rally.
Democr atic Justice in Action! Kangaro0 Courtiers
(P-Club) try the "color day offenders . :
Be sure and get it clean II! Step a little higher!!!
----- - ------------------------- '
FRONT ROW: Left to right; Barbara Errett, Connie
Tomlin, Cheryl Rieter, Susie Shy, Jody Hegenberger,
Patty Harlow, Genne Peterson, Judy Christensen, Sara
Armour, Judy Glesmann, Pam Scott,Mr. Hinds. SECOND
ROW: Carolyn Okeson, Bill Goff, Betty Koke, Cheryl
Hinds, Glendyne Grunke, Carol Tomlin, Kathy Williams,
Betty Birley, Cindy Morrison, Terre Willard, Lyta
Bellinger, THIRD ROW: Sandy Johansen, Ronita Bell,
Pauline Young, Mary LeeJepsen,CarlaJohnson,Marilyn
Nagler, Glenda Curnutt, Amy Jo Hart, Jim Runge, Dave
Lungren, Dick Aeschliman, FOURTH ROW: Steve Case,
Ethel Veach, Ellen Denker, Bob Wittmuss, Bob Ochs,
Carol Villwock, Larry Smith, Judy Christensen, Sue

FillST ROW: Left to right; Ronita Bell, Amy Jo Hart,
Glendyne Grunke, Judy Overholser, Mike Greene,
SECOND ROW: Mr. Total is, Genne Peterson, Dennis Kelly,
Cherrie Lehr.
SAFE TEENS OFFICERS: Left to right; Lyta Gay
Bellinger, Treasurer; Marilyn Nagler, Vice President;
Susie Shy-Glendyne Grunke, Secretary.
Safe Teens is an organization to help promote
safe driving in our school. Any student 15 1/ 2 years
of age or older may join.
Marilyn l! Did you get a new dress????????
Susie's a good driver alright,---when she's not moving.
My what a big car you have Lyta!!!
Cincy M. and Mike 0. dance up a storm.
Wha' da' ya' mean, the music stopped??
Couples dance bewilderingly on the gym floor.
6 4
Whole lot of twistin' go in on. Girls liven up the
Crazy Legs!! Carol Villwock and Billy
receive prize for best dressed socks.
Urn' Ya! I'll take another Frito. Refreshment!
are gobbled up at break time.
Everybody dances at the Safe Teens sock-hop.
Mr. Weber awards ribbon to
Patra Busch for being se-
lected as the MOST REP-
Papillion High School.
Student Council J.lonor :lJance
STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Left to right; Joanne Weiss, Marilyn
Nagler-Secretary, Patra Busch-President, Larry Smith-Vice President-Treas-
urer, Janet Villwock. BACK ROW: Mr . Weber-Advisor, Judy Shy, Don Tex,
Tom Morrison, Mike Green, Beth Landgren. NOT PICTURED: Kathy Williams.
Dancing or Dreaming.
Mike Whitney is being pre-
sented with award after being
chosen as the MOST REP-
Papillion High School.
Happy Days Are Here Again.
The Last Dance
Palra /Judck
LEFT RO RIGHT: Patra Busch, Judy Berryman, Delores Kava.
FffiST ROW: Left to right; Karen Gierman, Judy Overholser, Darlene Hansen,
Ginger Haacke, Judy Smith, Kathy Hanes, Mr . Weber, SECOND ROW: Sandy Johansen,
Glendyne Grunke, Geraldine Glasson, Roseann Mass, Delores Kava, Patra Busch,
Judy Berryman, THffiD ROW: Ellen Denker, Terry Abels, Ervin Kersten, Don
Bartels, Bill Klabunde, Janet Thompson.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Klabunde, Advertising Manager,
Ellen Denker, Assistant Editor, Judy Overholser,
Editor, Ginger Haacke, Business Manager, Mr . Weber,
Advisor .
FRONT ROW: Left to right; Judy Overhoulser, Judy Glessman, Mary Alyce Christiansen, Pam Scott,
Joanne Weiss, Theresa Kazor, Cheryl Hinds, Susie Shy, Mrs. Porter, BACK ROW: Patti Mesner, Sue
Landgren, Judy Catlett, Bill Eichner, Carol Viii work, Ellen Denker, Judy Christiansen, Carla Johnson.
Soci el'J
FRONT ROW: Left to right; Karen Giermann, Kathryn Hanes, Mary Alyce Christiansen, Judy Glessman,
J anet Williams, Mrs. Rice, BACK ROW: Terry Willard, Ginger Haacke, Judy Christiansen, Carol Tomblin,
Geraldine Glasson.
- ---------
FIRST ROW: Left to right; Mary Alyce Christiansen, Patti Mesner, Joanne Weiss, Judy Glessman,
and Mr. Totalis, SECOND ROW: Carla Johnson, Bob Wittmuss, Bob Ochs, and Bill Eichner.
FIRST ROW: Left to right; JanetWilliams,NancyChristensen, Connie Tomlin, Susie Shy, Kathleen Seivers ,
Cheryl Reiter, Barbara Crrett, Pam Scott, Mr. Totilas, SECOND ROW: Kathy Williams, Ronita Bell,
Genne Peterson, Judy Trumble, Amy Jo Hart, Margie Busch, Cheryl Hinds, Janet Petersen, Carolyn
Okeson, THIRD ROW: Cliff Comer, Ellen Denker, Mike Greene, Butch Krautkremer, Owen Dierks, Judy
Christensen, Sue Landgren, Tommy Mesner, Bill Bowling.
LEFT TO RIGHT: Right end, Bob Ochs,
Right tackle, Lyle Jorgensen, Right guard,
Mike O'Brian, Center, Jack Percifield, Left
guard, Mike Whitney, Left tackle, Conrad
Wildhagen, Left end, Tom Morrison, Quarter-
back, Dave Lundgren, Left halfback, Owen
Dierks, Fullback, Jerry Kritenbrink, Right
halfback, Jim Runge.
VardifiJ anJ Rederve
FffiST ROW: Left to right; Coach Keller,
Gene Block, Doug Homolka, Berry Alley,
Tom Mesner, Don Tex, Ivan Steinke, Roger
Hansen, Bill Mansfield, Garry McDonald,
Coach Paap, SECOND ROW: Dennis Haacke,
Bob Bookout, Larry Glow, Jim Runge, Jack
Percifield, Don Stille, Kenny Mass, Owen
Dierks, Mike O'Brian, Conrad wildhagen,
Russel Montgomery, THffiD ROW: Dick
Aeschliman, Bill Goff, FOURTH ROW: Mike
Green, Butch Krasutkramer, Tom Morrison ,
Lyle Jorgensen, Bob Ochs, Mike Whitney,
Jerry Kritenbrink, Bill Bowling, Tony Perez.
FffiST ROW: Tom Buffington, Ronnie Ingram,
Steve Christensen, Ray Armour, Sam
Williams, Mike Hauschild, Keith Low, Jimmy
Foged, Steve Okeson, SECOND ROW: Mr .
Ludwick, Larry Ross, Gene Hanely, Jack
Buffington, Bill George, Bill Christensen, Van
Hyde, Nils Sandell, Richard Ellis, Tim
Campman, TllffiD ROW: Don Moss, Steve
Mcintosh, Dennis Gruner, Steve Shcraw, Jim
Morrison, Larry Stark, Jim Johnson , Kenny
Frederick, Dennis Karlic.
Senior ef!eltermen
UPPER LEFT: Lyle Jorgensen, Right Tackle.
CENTER: Jim Runge, Right Halfback.
LOWER LEFT: Bob Ochs, Right End.
LOWER RIGHT: Mike Whitney, Left Guard.
Sitting pretty!
Come on girls let's go l
O.K. Here we come l
Homecoming Queen
Yeaaaaa l Carol
We could have danced all night Swingin' man
Where's the boys ?
The annual Homecoming rites were held on October 21, at the home game against Louisville.
This year's candidates were Delores Kava, Ginger Haacke, Carol Villwock and Ellen Denker, who
were escorted by the senior football boys, being Jim Runge, Mike Whitney, Bob Ochs, and Lyle Jorgensen.
A snake dance, and bonfire pep rally on the preceding night introduced the Homecoming ceremonies,
which included the coronation and dance.
May we again wish congratulations to Carol Villwock who made a lovely Homecoming Queen of 1961!
Everybody's happy
What' ya doln?
Go get him I!!
Need some help???
Pardon me I! I
Hoorah for Papio ! ! !
Who ' s who???
Nice old chap! I!
That ' s all ! I !
:..EFT TO RIGHT: Darrell Reynolds, Dick Aeschliman, Jack Percifield, Owen
)irks, Larry Smith, Bob Ochs, Torn Morrison, Terry Abels, Don Tex, Dave
Lundgren, Bill Goff, Lyle Jorgensen not pictured, Coach Paap,
LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Daharsh, Dale Sutton,
Russell Montgomery, Russell Dally, Dennis Kelly,
Barry Alley, Doug Holomka, Paul Jochim, Mr.
Gary McNew, Dwight Moore, Darwin Aeschliman,
Tony Perez, Mike Greene, Butch Krautkremer,
Ronnie Buesing, Melvin Strawn, Billy Bolling, Don
Jacot, Bill Mansfield, Ronnie Ingram, Coach Keller.
Tiptoe through the tulips
Hey fellows, where are you ?
Warming Up!
Look out , here comes trouble I
Tom shoots for two I
FRONT ROW: Gary McDonald, Terry Abels, Tom Morrison,
Jim Runge, Bob Ochs, Larry Smith, Dave Lundgren, BACK
ROW: Coach Anderson, Jack Percifield, Barry Alley,
Don Tex, Ken Mass, Bob Bishop, Owen Dierks, Kenny
Zeeb, Ron Gladman.
Papillion plays St. Joe in first round of District Baseball Tournament.
FRONT ROW: Harold Jones, Jack Borman, Tom Mesner,
Steve Mclnloch, Tony Perez, Gary Brandon, Gary McNew,
SECOND ROW: Don Stille, Don Tex, Jack Percifield,
Ken Mass, Russell Montgomery, Doug Homolka, Dave
Lundgren, TllffiD ROW: Gene Stoltenberg, Bob Bishop, Larry
Senior, Lyle Jorgensen in the high jump.
Smith, Tom Morrison, Mike Whitney, Bill Bowling, Franklin
Peters, FOURTH ROW: Roger Hansen, Melvin Strawn,
Lyle Jorgensen, Bob Ochs, Ron Buesing, Owen Dierks,
Barry Alley, BACK ROW: Coach Keller, Coach Paap.
Sophomore, Tom Morrison in the 880 relay.
Senior, Bob Ochs wins first In the 100 yd. dash.
Junior, Dave Lundgren, school record holder, pictured
in broad jump.
Senior , Mike Whitney places first In the 440.
Senior, Jim Runge breaks the tape In the low hurdles .
8 1
8 2
BACK ROW: Left to right; Judy Overholser, Susie Shy,
Kramme, Linda Perez, Kerel Peters, Darlene Loucks,
Cindy Morr;.,on, Mary Lee Jepsen, Janet Villwock, Carol
Judy Berryman.
3haron Whitten, Patti Moss, Carolyn Okeson, Mary Jo
Miss Pugsley. FRONT ROW: Judy Catlett, Patra Busch,
Villwock Ellen Denker, Kath Schobert, Kathy Williams,
The team was in a huddle
TERRY ABELS: Mixed Chorus , 1,4; Boys'
Chorus , 4; Safe Teens Member, 3; Letter-
man's Club, 4; Letterman's Club Officer,
4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Photog-
rapher, 4; Class Play 3 ,4; Dec lam Contests,
3,4; Baseball, 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4.
DICK AESCHLIMAN: Safe Teens Member, 4;
Class Play, 4; Track, 4; Baseball, 4; Basket-
ball, 4; Football, 4.
SARA ARMOUR: Pep Club, 4; Red Cross Jr.,
4; Safe Teens Member, 4; Class Play, 4;
Declam Contests, 4.
DON BARTELS: Music Letter, 1,2,3,4; Band,
1,2,3,4; Combo, 4; Brass Quartet, 4; Red Cross
Jr., 4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, <ti Annual
Staff, 4; Class Play, 3,4.
JUDY BERRYMAN: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Sextet, 3; Triple Trio,
4; Music Letter, 3; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, 2; Spanish Club, 3; Red
Cross Jr., 2,3,4; Monarch Sentinel Staff,
4; Monarch Sentinel Editor, 4; Annual Staff,
4; Class Play, 3,4; Declam Contests, 4;
Volleyball, 4; Coolest Kitten (Beatnik Dance),
3; Best Actress--District Declam Contest,
4; D.A.R. Essay Contest Winner, 4.
BOB BISHOP: Boys' Chorus, 1; Letterman's
Club, 4; Track, 4; Baseball, 4; Football, 4.
PATRA BUSCH: Mixed Chorus, 1,2; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Pep Club
Officer, 3,4; Pep Club Representative, 2,3,4;
Class Officer, 1,2,3; Red Cross Jr., 4; Safe
Teens Member, 3; Student Council, 2,3,4;
Student Council Officer, 3,4; Monarch Sentinel
Staff, 4; Monarch Sentinel Editor, 4; Annual
Staff, 4; County Government Day, 3; Class
Play, 3,4; . Volleyball, 1; All Around Student
4; Most Representative Student, 3,4.
JUDY CATLETT: Mixed Chorus, 4; Girls'
Chorus, 4; Triple Trio, 4; Music Letter, 4;
Band, 4; Flute Solo, 4; Flute Trio, 4; Pep
Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 4; Honor Society
Officer, Vice-President, 4; Volleyball, 4;
Regents Winner, 4; Sports Royalty Attend-
ant, 4.
ELLEN DENKER: Annual Staff, 4; Annual
Editor, 4; Annual Artist, 4; County Govern-
ment Day, 4; Class Play, 3; Declam Con-
tests, 3,4; Volleyball, 2,3,4; Volleyball Cap-
tain, 4; Most Representative Student, 2; Sports
Royalty Attendant, 3,4; Homecoming Attendant,
3 ,4; Best Supporting Actress, 3; Mixed Chorus,
2,3,4; Girls' Chorus, 2,3,4; Triple Trio, 3,4;
Music Letter, 3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
2,3,4; Cheerleader, 3,4; Head Cheerleader, 4;
Spanish Club, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Red
Cross Jr., 3,4; Safe Teens Member, 3,4;
Honor Society, 4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4.
BILL EICHNER: Mixed Chorus, 1,3; Boys'
Chorus, 1,3; German Club, 3,4; Class Officer--
Secretary, President, 1,2; Safe Teens Member,
3,4; Honor Society, 4; Honor Society President,
4; Student Council, 2; Student Council Officer
(Vice- President), 2; County Government Day,
3; Class Play, 3; Dec lam Contests, 4; Track,
1; Football, 1; Boys' State, 3; Valedictorian,
4; Senior Snow Carnival (Prince), 4.
CHARLOTTE FAIR: Mixed Chorus, 1; Spring
Concert, 1; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual
Staff, 4.
KAREN GIERMAN: Mixed Chorus, 1,2; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,4; Red Cross Jr.,
3,4; Monarch Sentinel; Annual Staff, 4; Li-
brarian, 2,3,4.
GEARLDINE. GLASSO : Mixed Chorus, 1,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,4; Pep Club, 1,3,4; Red
Cross Jr., 4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4;
Annual Staff, 4; Librarian, 2,3,4.
GLENDYNE GRUNKE: Mixed Chorus, 3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
2, 3,4; Red. Cross Jr., 2,3,4; Junior Red Cross
Council, 3,4; Junior Red Cross Officer, 3,4;
Safe Teens Member, 3,4; Safe Teens Officer,
4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff,
4; County Government Day, 3; Class Play,
3,4; Declam Contests, 4; Candidate for Criss
Cross Dance, 4.
GINGER HAACKE: Mixed Chorus, 1; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Pep Club
Representative, 3; Cheerleader, 4; Class Of-
ficer (Treasurer) , 4; Student Council, 3;
Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4;
Annual Business Manager, 4; Class Play, 4;
Declam Contests, 4; Volleyball, 2; Co-Ed
Correspondent, 4; Sports Royalty Attendant,
4; Homecoming Attendant, 4; Senior Snow
Carnival Queen, 4.
DARLENE HANSEN: Mixed Chorus, 1; Pep
Club, 1,2,3,4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual
Staff, 4.
KATHRYN HANES: Mixed Chorus, 4; Girls'
Chorus, 4; Pep Club, 4; Red Cross Jr.,
3,4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff,
4; Class Play, 3; Librarian, 3,4.
SANDY JOHANSEN: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
1,2,3,4; Pep Club Officer, 4; Pep Club Rep-
resentative, 1,2,4; Class President, 1; Class
Vice-President, 3; Red Cross Jr., 3,4; Safe
Teens Member, 3,4; Safe Teens Officer, 3;
Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4;
County Government Day, 3; Class Play, 3,4;
Volleyball, 1; Jr. Sweetheart Queen, 3; Home-
coming Queen, 3.
LYLE JORGENSEN: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4;
Operetta, 3; Spanish Club, 3; Red Cross Jr.,
3,4; Safe Teens Member 2,3,4; Letterman's
Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Bas-
ketball1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Football Cap-
tain 4; Best Actor 4.
DELORES KAVA: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
1,2,3,4; Pep Club Officer (Treasurer), 4;
Pep Club Representative, 2,4; Spanish Club,
3; Class Officer, (Secretary), 2; Red Cross
Jr., 3,4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Monarch
Sentinel Editor, 4; Annual Staff, 4; County
Government Day, 3; Class Play 3; veclam
Contests, 4; F ,F .A. Sweetheart, 4; Best
Dressed Girl, 3; Homecoming Attendant, 4.
THERESA KAZOR: Mixed Chorus 1,2;
Girls' Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4;
Pep Club Representative, 2; Red Cross Jr.,
3,4; Honor Society, 4; Honor Society Treas-
urer, 4; F.F,A, Attendant, 4,
ERVIN KERSTENS: Boys' Chorus, 1,2; Safe
Teens Member, 3,4; Monarch Sentinel Staff,
4; Annual Staff, 4; Vocational Agriculture
Officer, 2,3,4; Runner-up State Land Judg-
ing, Individual Competition 3,4; Winner of
State Land Judging Contest, 4.
BILL KLABUNDE: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4;
Boys' Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Music Letter, 4;
Operetta, 4; Safe Teens Member 3,4; Mon-
arch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Annual
Advertising Manager, 4.
ROSEANN MASS: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio, 2; Operetta,
3; Band, 2; Pep Club, 1,2,3; Red Cross
Jr., 4; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; AnnualStaff,
4; Class Play, 3,4; Volleyball, 2.
PATTI MESNER: Mixed Chorus, 1,2; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; German Club,
3,4; Red Cross Jr., 3,4; Honor Society,
4; County Government Day, 3; Class Play,
3,4; Declam Contests, 4; Girls' State, 3,
BOB OCHS: German Club, 3,4; Class Officer
(Vice-President) 4; Red Cross Jr., 2,3,4;
Safe Teens Member, 3,4; Letterman's Club,
2,3,4; Letterman's Club Officer, (Secretary),
3, (Vice-President), 4; Track, 3,4; All Con-
ference Track, 3,4; Baseball, 2,3,4; Basket-
ball, 2,3,4; Football, 2,3,4; Football Captain,
4; Jr. Sweetheart Prince, 3; Mathematics
Contest Winner, 3.
JUDY OVERHOLSER: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Music Letter, 2,3,4;
Operetta 3; Band, 1,2,3,4; Combo, 4; Clarinet
Quartet 2,3,4; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Red Cross
Jr., 3,4; Junior Red Cross Council, 3,4;
Junior Red Cross Officer, (Secretary), 3,
(Vice-Pres.), 4; Honor Society, 4; Monarch
Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Annual
Editor, 4; County Government Day, 3; Class
Play, 3,4; Declam Contests, 3,4; Volleyball,
2,3,4; Sports Royalty Attendant, 4,
JIM RUNGE: Mixed Chorus, 1; Safe Teens
Member, 2,3,4; Letterman's Club, 3,4; Letter-
man's Club Officer, 4; County Government
Day, 3; Class Play, 3,4; Track, 2,3,4; Base-
ball, 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Football,
1,2,3,4; All Conference, 4; Football Captain,
4; Jr. Sweetheart King, 3; Sports Royalty
King, 4,
DAN SCHRAM: Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3; Boys'
Chorus, 1,2,3; Safe Teens Member, 3,4;
Vocational Agriculture Office, (Vice-Pres.),
3, (President), 4; Vocational Agriculture
Award, 1,2,3,4; Football, . 3; Most Repre-
sentative Student, 2; F .F .A. National Land
Judging Contest, 4.
JUDY SMITH: Mixed Chorus, 2,3,4; Girls'
Chorus, 2,3,4; Music Letter, 4; Operetta, 3;
Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; Pep Club Representative,
3; Red Cross Jr., 4; Monarch Sentinel Staff,
4; Annual Staff, 4; Class Play, 3,4; Senior
Snow Carnival Princess, 4,
JANET THOMPSON: Mixed Chorus, . 1,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
1,2; Monarch Sentinel Staff, 4; Annual Staff,
4; County Government Day, 3; Volleyball,
2; Volleyball Captain 2.
BONNIE THURSTON: Mixed Chorus, 1,3,4;
Girls' Chorus, 1,3,4; Operetta, 3; Pep Club,
1 ,2; Red Cross Jr., 4; Monarch Sentinel
Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Declam Contests,
4; Volleyball, 2.
CAROL VILLWOCK: Mixed Chorus, 3; Girls'
Chorus, 3; Pep Club, 2,3,4; Pep Club Officer,
(Vice-Pres.), 3, (Pres.),4; Class Officer (Sec-
retary), 3,4; Safe Teens Member, 3,4; Honor
Society, 4; County Government Day, 3; Class
Play, 3,4; Declam Contests, 3,4; Volleyball,
3,4; All Conference, 4; Jr. Sweetheart Prin-
cess, 3; Sports Royalty Queen, 4; Homecoming
Queen, 4.
JOANNE WEISS: Mixed Chorus, 1,2; Girls'
Chorus, 1,2; Pep Club, 1,2,3,4; German Club,
3,4; Honor Society, 4; Honor Society Officer,
(Sec.), 4; Student Council, 3,4; County Govern-
ment Day, 3; F .F .A. Attendant, 4; Salutatorian,
4; Best Homemaker Award, 4,
MIKE WHITNEY: Boys' Chorus, 1,2; String,
Quartet, 1,2; German Club, 3; Class Officer,
(President), 4; Safe Teens Member, 3; Letter-
man's Club, 4; Class Play, 4; DeclamContests,
4; Track, 3,4; All Conference Track, 3,4;
Football, 3,4; Football Captain, 4; All Around
Student, 4; Most Representative Student, 3,4;
Sports Royalty Attendant, 4; Senior Snow
Carnival King, 4.
BOB WITTMUS: Band, 1,2; Trombone Trio,
2; German Club, 3,4; Safe Teens Member,
3,4; r.ounty Government Day, 3; Declam Con-
tests, ;j,


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