Kid Silver: Alone Chapter One by: Matthew H.


1. Harry Garrison wasn’t my ather and he made s!re " #new that. Other #ids$ normal #ids$ they’d be asleep in bed by now. Me$ " was o to brea# someone’s %aw$ or their arm$ or their #nee. " was o to brea# someone’s somethin&. Harry wo!ld do the tal#in&$ o 'o!rse. (ro essor Hawthorn had #idnapped some ri'h man’s da!&hter. )he ri'h man’s name wasn’t important. *either was the da!&hter’s name. She ended !p not ma#in& it. +ell$ Hawthorn had threatened to drop her in a vat o a'id i the ri'h man didn’t pay !p. Apparently$ there was some wa lin& be ore the ri'h man went p!bli' with the #idnappin&. " don’t !nderstand the mindset o people with deep po'#ets. As i we wo!ldn’t 'ome. "t was all li#e 'lo'#wor# b!t ar more pointless.

)hey 'alled him a hero. )he newspapers named him the Gray Knight be'a!se he was &arbed in a lon&$ &ray 'loa#. )he newspapers 'alled me Kid Silver be'a!se "$ sort o $ wore silver. "t was 'loser to &ray body armor. *othin& too e,'itin&. )he st! didn’t even stop b!llets. "t %!st slowed them down. *either o !s !sed or even li#ed those names that the newspapers &ave !s. He 'alled me Ma,well and " 'alled him Sir when " didn’t 'all him -Harry.’ +e tried o!r best to stay o!t o the papers$ b!t that’s hard when yo! leave a trail o bro#en bodies in yo!r wa#e. "t 'omes with the %ob des'ription$ " &!ess.


Matthew H. Jones

"t wasn’t hard or the le&endary Gray Kni&ht to ind (ro essor Hawthorn or people li#e him. "t was ass!med that the Gray Kni&ht had a 'omp!lsion to de end the helpless 'iti.ens o *orth City. "t wasn’t that at all. "’ve h!rt &ood$ honest people and he’s #illed them. /!rin& the day$ he wears a s!it$ a bla'# s!it with a bla'# shirt and a bla'# tie be'a!se yo! 'an hide a lot o blood on a solid bla'# o!t it. He was a mean loo#in& man with h!ndreds o &rooves di&&in& thro!&h his a'e. He had little sho'#s o &ray r!nnin& thro!&h his bla'# hair and he was never all0the0way 'lean0shaven. " thin# he mi&ht have been in his early orties$ tho!&h " didn’t delve too m!'h into his li e. *ot that " wo!ld’ve &otten m!'h o!t o him i " tried. " mean$ " lived with him in his pentho!se$ b!t " really didn’t #now him. )he man wasn’t ri&ht all the time$ in the head " mean. " don’t #now why he started wearin& the 'loa# at ni&ht and &oin& a ter 'riminals. )here are two di erent people in that one man$ both o whom are monsters. +e dropped down onto &ravel$ slidin& into the shadows li#e a hand into a &love. )he Atlanti' O'ean was spittin& and 'h!rnin&. )he air tasted ioni.ed. A storm was 'omin& soon. A &roanin& rei&ht ship bobbed la.ily !p and down in the harbor. )here were men$ several men pa'in& ba'# and orth$ tryin& not to loo# li#e they were &!ardin& somethin&. Men with &!ns t!'#ed in their belts wal# a 'ertain way. )he metal impairs the swin& o their pelvis. "t’s very sli&ht$ hard to 'at'h b!t on'e yo! learn to see it$ yo! 'an never not see it. He had insisted that there’s a way to tell i someone has a holstered weapon$ no matter what. " only believe him be'a!se he’s always ri&ht abo!t those thin&s. " personally 'o!ldn’t tell. 1/raw their ire$2 he said in a 'old &rowl$ b!t he didn’t have to. " always drew their ire. " was small. +ell$ " was relatively small$ and " was 3!i'#$ even with the armor on. 4!llets 'an still hit a small tar&et$ b!t it was harder than i it was a bi& one. )hat was the lo&i'$ anyway.


Matthew H. Jones

" ripped thro!&h the air li#e a b!llet o!t o a &!n$ movin& on a strai&ht tra%e'tory or a tall$ bald man with a wide 'hest. He had a bi& 'hin and his hands were down at his sides$ mar#in& him as an all!rin& tar&et. He had a &ood hard %aw$ b!t all the teeth on his le t side shot a'ross his ton&!e and down his throat. He ell to the &ro!nd s'reamin& b!t " #ept movin&. )he &!ns were o!t b!t most o the men were %!st starin& at the bi&$ bald man s'reamin& on the &ro!nd$ s!ddenly bloody and #i'#in&. " sw!n& my le& o!t at a man with lon&$ &reasy hair. His #nee hin&ed in a way that it wasn’t s!pposed to and he went down. His mo!th b!rst wide open and s'reams &!shed rom his lips. )he others 'a!&ht on that they sho!ldn’t pay any mind to the in%!red or they’d be the ne,t to drop. A b!llet whipped past my ear. " elt the r!shin& air more than " heard it '!ttin& thro!&h the salty wind. " s!r&ed strai&ht at the armed men and their b!llets b!rst orward to meet me. More o the men ell in ripplin& 'ross ire. )he men were shootin& ea'h other in a 'l!msy attempt to shoot me. Harry’s &ray 'loa# was littin& and lappin& in the wind and he was movin& li#e the hand o death. " hadn’t 'o!nted$ b!t there had to be at least twelve o them. He never wasted movements. )he loomin& Gray Kni&ht didn’t dispense more than three stri#es or ea'h man b!t all o them stayed down. All o them had bro#en bones. )hin&s wo!ld be'ome 'ompli'ated i Harry went o #illin& people$ his ima&e in the press bein& the least o it. "nstead$ he p!t the bad &!ys in wheel'hairs. Most o them were already !n'ons'io!s b!t we still 'ir'led aro!nd$ deliverin& blood 'ho#es where needed. )he tri'# behind a &ood blood 'ho#e is indin& the %!&!lar. Most &!ys %!st s3!ee.e as hard as they 'an. )hat’s o#ay i yo! want to #ill the person. 6o!’ll either snap their


Matthew H. Jones

ne'# or 'r!sh their tra'hea. Harry didn’t want to #ill people$ so " needed to #now where the %!&!lar was.

Harry led the way !p the &an&way into the rei&hter as the ship bobbed and swayed. " hated i&htin& on a boat. "’d ima&ine that "’d li#e i&htin& on my own boat$ i " had my own boat. As it was$ " was the invadin& or'e. " was the (ersian$ tryin& to ta#e Spartan land. 4oats are always narrow$ 'ramped and i yo! #now the terrain$ yo! #now where to hide. )hen there’s always the ris# o bein& thrown in the o'ean. " 'o!ld &et ba'# on the boat or swim to shore i " had to. "t’s %!st that the Atlanti' O'ean is always 'old. Harry #new that " hate boats$ b!t he didn’t really 'are.

)he loor slanted and swayed and some li3!id sloshed in the distan'e. All o the ship was &roanin& li#e a wo!nded animal. A 'hained0down barrel ban&ed !p a&ainst the railin&$ so!ndin& e'hoes o!t in the ni&ht s#y. " 'len'hed my ists$ e,pe'tin& someone to atta'#. *o one was there. )he de'# was empty$ b!t a doorway seeped yellowed li&ht a'ross the s'! ed$ salted wood. +e des'ended$ ta#in& a steep$ narrowed stairwell. 8oi'es e'hoed !p towards !s. A laugh track. Someone was wat'hin& television down there. More li#ely$ someone had been wat'hin& television !ntil they heard &!n ire. *ow$ the television wo!ld’ve been abandoned and only !se !l in mas#in& o!r ootsteps.

)he end o the stairwell led into intervals o li&ht and shadows$ lon&$ even bars o them li#e a 'he'#erboard. )he so!nd o the television e'hoed o!t rom beyond massive$ bl!e and yellow$ metal 'ontainers. (ie'es were movin& in the 'he'#erboard shadows$ (ro essor


Matthew H. Jones

Hawthorn’s hen'hmen$ or hired &!ns$ or whatever they 'alled themselves. "t all 'ame down to the same thin&. )hey were %!st pawns. )he pie'es were a&itated$ littin& 3!i'#ly thro!&h the intervals o li&ht. )hey were s'!rryin& aro!nd 3!i'#$ tryin& to i&!re o!t the 'ommotion.

Harry had one o Hawthorn’s men be ore " even #new the man was there. His hand shot o!t into the shadows and p!lled the man into the li&ht$ a wide0eyed$ thin man who seemed too pale to have ever seen dayli&ht. Harry %abbed on'e into the pale man’s ribs$ snappin& the bone. Air r!shed o!t rom the man’s lips as the bro#en rib 'ompressed his l!n& on the ri&ht side. )he man s!'#ed in air to s'ream and be ore he 'o!ld " la!n'hed my ist into his throat. )he pale man made a wet so!nd instead o a s'ream$ his eyes waterin& over and morphin& into bi& pani'#ed orbs. )hen the pale man’s eet went sla'# !nderneath him. Harry slammed an elbow into the spa'e between the pale man’s ne'# and sho!lder. )he man went down witho!t another so!nd$ his eyes rollin& into the ba'# o his head.

1Get rid o him$2 Harry said$ startin& !rther down the 'he'#erboard shadows. He had a habit o that$ tellin& me thin&s " already #new. Harry was o $ ta#in& 'are o the other men and he e,pe'ted me to t!'# these men away$ hide the br!tali.ed$ !n'ons'io!s bodies and stret'h the time between the rest o them #nowin& that someone was here and the rest o them #nowin& that we were here.

" opened !p one o the metal 'ontainers. "t was !ll o bo,es$ b!t there was spa'e or the pale man. " t!'#ed him away and 'losed the door. "t 'la'#ed so tly. )here were two hen'hmen lyin& in the li&ht. He always moved too ast. " don’t #now how "’ve never been shot doin& this. "


Matthew H. Jones

always eel li#e "’m wor#in& a&ainst him. 4y the time " &ot the se'ond man hidden$ he had o!r more or me to hide. At least it wasn’t li#e there was an in inite amo!nt o men or him to beat !p and brea# down.

)here’s a moment when it all stops matterin&$ when " don’t need to bother with dra&&in& those heavy men. Sometimes it’s a s'ream and sometimes it’s a &!nshot. )his time it was brea#in& &lass. Apparently$ those bo,es in the metal 'ontainers held ra&ile 'rystal stemware$ o all thin&s. " ra'ed aro!nd the metal 'ontainer$ r!nnin& li#e " was bein& shot at. "n reality$ it was more li#ely that he was &oin& to ta#e a b!llet in the head.

He was !p on a plat orm with a man 'r!mpled be ore him$ bl!e0&ray li&ht spillin& a&ainst his ba'#. )he &lass stemware had allen rom the opened top o a bo,$ spillin& down to the &ro!nd below. )here were two men r!shin& toward the dist!rban'e$ ishin& pistols rom holsters. " threw mysel into a roll$ 'at'hin& and trippin& them !p by the le&s. " hadn’t tho!&ht abo!t what " was doin& !ntil a ter it was done. )he both o them smashed down to the &ro!nd and " rolled ba'# onto my eet. )here was a twin&e o pain in my hip. One o them had 'a!&ht me hard in the thi&h$ b!t " 'o!ld i&nore it. )he one 'losest to me had allen down badly$ smashin& his nose in. )he other one had 'a!&ht himsel with his hands. " %!mped on him irst$ slammin& my ists into his #idneys. " wor#ed my way !p his body$ &ivin& 3!i'# stri#es$ hearin& bones brea#. " inally &ot to his ne'# and p!t him to sleep$ wrappin& my orearm aro!nd his ne'#.

)he other one$ with the b!sted nose$ had hoo#ed his arm aro!nd my ne'#$ yan#in& me o my eet. He was a bi& b!ll o a man and it loo#ed li#e he wasn’t &oin& or a blood 'ho#e li#e "


Matthew H. Jones

had %!st &iven. He had lost his &!n or or&otten that he had one. " heard and elt a sin&le vertebra pop$ not brea#. <ven tho!&h he hadn’t bro#en my ne'# yet$ it still s'ared me. "t always s'ares me. =p above$ " wat'hed him drop rom the plat orm with his &ray 'loa# bellowin& behind him li#e a wave o smo#e. Harry th!dded down onto the loor$ 'at'hin& himsel in a 'ro!'h.

Harry spran& !p onto his eet and r!shed o down the 'he'#erboard$ his oot alls th!nderin& away rom me. " 'o!ld never 'o!nt on him to help.

"nstin'tively$ " 'lawed at the man’s arm$ b!t " had padded &loves on. )he man started sha#in& me li#e a do& with a rabbit in its mo!th. " heard and elt more o my vertebrae poppin&. <a'h one made it harder to thin#. " threw my elbow ba'#ward$ slammin& it into his side. He had a hard belly and " 'o!ldn’t land a blow dire'tly. " 'o!ldn’t breathe and tears were rollin& down my 'hee#s as my eyes b!l&ed in their so'#ets.

There was this time when Harry and I first met when there was a rat in the basement. I was four at the time, or I think I was. I forget why I was in the basement, in that big basement at rince!s Tower, but I was down there, searching through things. I found a rat with big, black, beady eyes. It had been tra""ed in an old barrel half full of sawdust. I had told him about the rat. I said that it scared me and he took the rat by the scruff of the neck. The thing had grown huge, big enough to give any cat second#thoughts. It writhed and lashed, trying to get away. Harry held it firm and told me to hold out my hands. I told him that I wouldn!t. He grabbed me by the face with his free hand, his rough fingers locked against my cheeks. He "ulled me closer and drew the rat near to my face.


Matthew H. Jones

$%ither you hold it and risk it biting your fingers or I let it bite your face.& It had bit me, sni""ed the flesh between my inde' and my thumb and then again on my knuckle. (lood "earled and dribbled from my hands. I wanted to dro" it. I was afraid of it, but I was more afraid of him. I did what I had to do. It ke"t biting me, but I couldn!t dro" it. Instead, I crushed its rib cage. He let me dro" it when he saw it was dead. " did what " had to do with the man$ as well. " rea'hed ba'# and d!& my th!mb into his eye so'#et. " ell to the &ro!nd and my th!mb 'ame ree rom his eye and that’s the only reason why " stopped. " had intended to di& my th!mb into his brain$ i " 'o!ld. )he man st!mbled ba'#ward. His ri&ht eye was a drippin&$ red hole and his mo!th was stret'hed wide with silent$ sho'#ed s'reams. He was &oin& to &et his senses ba'# and he was &oin& to 'ome a ter me. " did somethin& to stop that$ too. " shot my le& o!t$ dire'tly into his #nee'ap. "t bent in the wron& dire'tion$ ma#in& a s!'#in&$ poppin& so!nd. He ell orward li#e a tree and " rolled away be ore he 'o!ld all on me. He ell hard on his a'e or the se'ond time. " slammed my elbow down hard on the ba'# o his head and " really wanted to thin# " #illed him. )hat wo!ldn’t do$ as ar as Harry was 'on'erned. " rolled the bi& man on his side so he wo!ldn’t 'ho#e in his own blood. " sat on the &ro!nd with my hands '!rled into ists$ ro'#in& ba'# and orth. My throat h!rt. My 'hest h!rt. My ba'# h!rt. My hands wo!ldn’t stop sha#in&. All " wanted to do was lay down. " 'o!ld do that later. *ow " had to &et !p. " st!mbled !p onto my eet and st!mbled down the middle o the 'he'#erboard. " wal#ed strai&ht down the line$ b!t in retrospe't " sho!ld have st!'# to the shadows. " was an easy tar&et. " 'o!ld have &otten shot in the ba'# o the head.


Matthew H. Jones

At the end o the line$ he stood be ore a lar&e$ metal vat with r!sted$ s3!are rivets. H!n& above it was the &irl$ literally tied to a 'hair and h!n& on a hoo#. Her blonde hair draped a'ross her a'e$ swayin& limply with the motions o the 'hain. Tell me he didn!t leave her u" there the entire time. A man who wo!ld !se a vat o a'id as a weapon is as 'lose to a de inition o insanity as one 'o!ld &et. =nderstandin& that means !nderstandin& that he probably had the poor &irl !p there or the !ll two wee#s and she was probably already dead. )he a'id wo!ld have started to splash and evaporate and she wo!ld have &otten n!mero!s 'hemi'al b!rns$ at best. )hen$ there was the a't that ropes ti&ht eno!&h to hold her alo t in a 'hair wo!ld also 'onstri't her veins and arteries. At best$ a&ain$ she’d permanently lose sensation in her e,tremities. (ro essor Hawthorn was o $ wavin& his arms and ma#in& some sort o spee'h abo!t somethin&. )he (ro essor was a spidery0thin man with a bald$ vein0riddled head. He wore a lon& white lab %a'#et and &reen$ elbow0len&th &loves. " wasn’t e,a'tly s!re why he did that$ ran aro!nd dressed li#e that. "n one o the pro essor’s hands$ he held a swit'h o some sort. " ass!med it had somethin& to do with the &irl on the hoo#. " didn’t thin# it o''!rred to the pro essor that the &irl was dead. *one o these people made m!'h sense. " wasn’t payin& attention to what (ro essor Hawthorn was sayin& and it didn’t matter. )he Gray Kni&ht had that rabid0do& loo# on his a'e$ his &ray 'loa# shro!ded aro!nd him li#e /eath’s own shadow. (ro essor Hawthorn was &oin& to be history. )he pro essor #ept his 'hest p! ed o!t@ brandishin& the swit'h li#e it was a sti'# o dynamite. )he (ro essor mi&ht not have #nown that the &irl was dead$ b!t he #new that the swit'h was the only thin& #eepin& the sneerin& Gray Kni&ht at bay and that wasn’t &oin& to last lon&. )he (ro essor hid how s'ared he really was$ b!t when Harry s!r&ed orward$ his &ray 'loa#


Matthew H. Jones

l!tterin& aro!nd his sho!lders$ the pro essor st!mbled ba'#ward and the swit'h lew rom his hands. Harry was on the (ro essor$ his ists 'rashin& down li#e a piston. (ro essor Hawthorn’s head snapped ba'#$ blood b!rstin& rom his mo!th and nose. +et$ leshy so!nds e'hoed thro!&h the rei&hter. Harry had the (ro essor’s lab %a'#et wrapped aro!nd his ist$ b!t he’d stopped p!n'hin& Hawthorn. )he (ro essor’s eyes had rolled !p into the ba'# o his head and Harry didn’t want to #ill the man. )hat wo!ldn’t do. " #nelt down and pi'#ed !p the swit'h o the loor. )here wasn’t m!'h to it$ an arrow indi'atin& !p and another one indi'atin& down. )o the side o that$ there was a to&&le readin& -<,tendB Cetra't.’ " loo#ed !p the 'hain to the p!lley system above. )here was a tra'# alon& the 'eilin& o the ship whi'h wo!ld &!ide the body away rom the vat o a'id. )he &irl swayed li#e a slab o bee on a hoo# and little droplets ell rom her limp body as she past overhead. " pressed the /own arrow$ brin&in& the &irl down. " didn’t want to to!'h her. " tho!&ht " mi&ht vomit i the 'hemi'al b!rns had messed her !p too bad$ b!t it’d be worse or me i " as#ed Harry to 'he'#. He was always loo#in& or opport!nities to hone me$ to to!&hen me !p. She really was bad !nderneath her sheet o blonde hair. Her eyes were wide open$ b!t she had no irises. )hey were both mil#y0white. Her s#in was melted !p 'lose to her s#!ll and was peelin& li#e wisps o paper. She loo#ed li#e she was smilin&. Her teeth were very white. " stripped my &love o and pla'ed my inde, and middle in&er a&ainst her ne'#. She didn’t have a p!lse. )his wasn’t a stran&e o''!rren'e. )here was no point to the thin&s that we did. *ever. )he men$ who 'o!ld &etaway$ wo!ld &etaway be ore the 'ops 'ame. )he ones who 'o!ldn’t wo!ld most li#ely &et o . +e weren’t 'ops. *o one read them their Miranda Ci&hts. )here was no eviden'e o wron& doin& in most 'ases. )here was no eviden'e in a le&al sense$ anyway. )he 'ops li#ed !s be'a!se we p!t 'op #illers in wheel'hairs when they 'o!ldn’t. )he


Matthew H. Jones

mob li#ed !s be'a!se we too# 'are o the 'ra.ies who were bad or b!siness. 4oss 8in'ent had done the same thin& with a di erent ri'h man’s da!&hter$ min!s the vat o a'id$ and the Gray Kni&ht and Kid Silver had done nothin& abo!t that. "t was a 'on li't o interest.


Matthew H. Jones

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