2013 Cancer Survivorship Center RFA (Round 1

The Duke Cancer Institute is pleased to announce the first round of funding for the Cancer Survivorship Center pilot research projects. The goal of the pilot project program is to foster survivorship research that will inform and improve care delivery at Duke and/or allow investigators to develop preliminary data that will support external funding proposals. Research can span the spectrum from clinical or translational research to health services research and may include a focus on psychosocial wellbeing, cardio-oncology, health disparities, symptom management, care coordination, quality, behavioral health, patient education, or policy. The research question must be relevant to the care and outcomes of patients following initial treatment of cancer. Support: Option 1: Individual PI: Range: $8K to $10K for a one year project period with appropriate budget justification. Option 2: Co-PI Team: Range: $10K to $20K for a one year project period with appropriate budget justification. Collaborations require two or more active faculty participants. At the time of submission at least one of the PI's must be a DCI member and the other PI should apply for DCI membership based on this demonstrated interest in cancer research. Proposals may support research staff, equipment, or supplies but not the principal investigator/s effort. All pilot projects are eligible to compete for a second year of funding based upon progress, scientific justification, and the availability of funds. Non-DCI members (particularly young investigators) may submit applications with sponsorship by a DCI member.

Eligibility: Applications can be submitted by Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) members. Interested applicants who are not yet members of DCI, for whom cancer survivorship is an area of research emphasis, are encouraged to apply to DCI for membership. Young investigators without a prior history in cancer research, but with interest in embarking on a cancer-related career path, are strongly encouraged to apply to DCI for membership. The project must be directly related to cancer survivorship. Application: Please utilize NIH budget, biosketch and research format and submit application in the order listed below and in one complete pdf. file. Title the file with the investigator(s) last name(s) first, followed by: - Cancer Survivorship Center Pilot Project. e.g.: Doe, Smith – Cancer Survivorship Center Pilot Project. 1. Abstract of 300 words or less outlining rationale for proposal, methods, and how results of this pilot research will assist you in obtaining peer reviewed funding. 2. Letter of support from the DCI program leader or department chair. 3. 4 page NIH biosketch for you and your faculty collaborators. 4. Budget with justification. 5. 2- 3 page proposal that outlines:  Background and survivorship issue you are addressing  Goals and specific aims of this proposal

    Timeline:

Significance: How this research will inform the field and/or provide data to support further research. Approach and Methods including plans for analysis Description of Investigator(s) including summary of relevant experience in this area Plans for future funding, including specific grants, agencies, and projected timing of application

Application due date: Monday, December 9, 2013 Funding period: January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014 Progress report 1: April 1, 2014 Progress report 2: September 1, 2014 (if application is made for a second year of funding the application will serve as Progress Report 2) Review process: Applications will be reviewed by the Cancer Survivorship Center Scientific Review Committee. The composition of the review committee will be based on the expertise needed to assess the submitted applications. Make inquiries to: Jeff Peppercorn, MD, MPH Director, Duke Cancer Institute Survivorship Center Associate Professor of Medicine Division of Medical Oncology Jeffrey.peppercorn@duke.edu Submit applications to: Kevin Houck, MPH Research Assistant, Duke Cancer Survivorship Center Kevin.houck@duke.edu

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