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The Eltek range of monitoring and control units has been specifically developed to provide indication and management for DC standby power systems used in telecommunications and industrial applications. The Aeon Gold shall set the trend in the era of new Eltek power supply monitoring systems The AEON GOLD benefits you in the following ways: Digital communication with the rectifier system, giving safe communication and advanced control and monitoring capabilities

Control and Monitoring unit

User friendly menu driven user interface for easy and advanced configuration /setup as well as good monitoring Event logging so events can be read at your convenience Remote monitoring and configuration via serial line and WinPower on PC Software can be upgraded via PC and serial port Ten configurable relay outputs for remote control Eight available digital inputs which can be named and routed to relay outputs


The Aeon Gold control and monitoring unit may be connected to all rectifier systems where the SMPS 4000 modules are employed. MENU STRUCTURE The Aeon Gold main menu will show the most important information, such as: Time and Date Input Voltage Output Voltage Load Current Battery Current To gain more information, you can choose between user menu, service menu and installation menu. User menu is accessible without password and can give you the following information: Alarm information Voltage information System information Service information Rectifier status In order to access the service menu it is neccessary to have a password. The following functions can be accessed. System on/off Battery testing Battery boost Voltage configuration Battery configuration Communication Setup Regulation mode, output control or temperature compensation The installation menu has its separate password and should be accessed only during installation. Parameters like language settings and system voltage can be accessed. METERING and ALARMS The Aeon Gold can monitor the following parameters: Output Voltage Load Current Battery Current Individual and total rectifier currents Mains voltage Symmetry voltage Battery Temperature Ambient Temperature

In addition to user- specified alarms, the following standard alarms are given: High battery voltage Low battery voltage High battery temperature Mains failure Rectifier failure Symmetry failure Low voltage disconnect (LVLD or LVBD) The alarm system of Aeon Gold is highly advanced and flexible. In additions to the standard alarms, the operator can define his or her own alarms and connect them to relay outputs. The user- specified alarms can be configured based on more than 100 parameters. The alarms can be routed to relay outputs which can be configured NC or NO. COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS The serial communication link between Aeon Gold and the SMPS 4000 rectifiers utilises the CAN protocol. CAN is a protocol which is reknowned for high reliability and high communications speed, even when there are many nodes connected to the bus. The serial communication link, RS232, between Aeon Gold and Winpower is based on the proprietary protocol PCOMM. Other protocols will also be integrated, for more information contact Eltek Energy AS. AEON GOLD POWERING The monitoring and control unit will have its primary supply from the output DC bus. LVBD disconnection will cause the Aeon Gold to loose its primary supply but an internal battery will supply the internal clock i.e. no information is lost. AC supply is convenient, especially during power-up, and can be supplied upon request. OTHER FEATURES The Aeon Gold can control one battery contactor and one load contactor. The contactors can be activated based upon output voltage or timer. Please contact us if another contactor configuration is desired. HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS AC input voltage: 230 VAC nominal, 100- 300 VAC DC supply voltage: 20- 60 VDC Maximum relay currents: 8 Amps Weight: 1.5 kg Dimensions: Display Unit: 490 mm W x 89 mm H x 33 mm D Controller Unit: 557 mm W x 128 mm H x 103 mm D


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