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by Edward T. Bennett With an Afterword by Ro e an

This two-part article was published in The Occult Review (also known at times as Rider's Review) in July and August !"#$% The author was Assistant &ecretary (!''(-!"#() to the &ociety )or *sychical Research% Romeman has shown in the +annstudygroup booklet on The ,aw o) -ibration that it is highly probable that .% /% +ann 0uoted more than once )rom this article in his !"#" interview with Richard /% .ycko)) in The Ticker and 1nvestment /igest the so-called Ticker 1nterview% (2ov% !3 (#!4)

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by Romeman
The New American Cyclopædia, ed. by G. Ripley and C.A. Dana, p. 518, published in 1859, states: "Arithmomancy depended upon the secret operation o numbers and ma!ical s"uares, and the numerical #alue o letters$ it %as practised by the Chaldeans, and ormed a part o the doctrine o the &ytha!oreans, 'eo(&latonists, and cabalists." http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,1-..AAAA/AA01p!,&A518 2he boo* entitled The Occult Sciences by the Re#. 3d%ard 4medley, -. Coo*e 2aylor, the Re#. 5enry 2hompson, and 3lihu Rich, published in 1855, elaborates on these points as ollo%s:
AR.25676A'C8, 2o %hich head belon!s the ma!ical operation o numbers and ma!ical s"uares, is deri#ed rom the doctrines o the &ytha!oreans and &latonists. .n estimatin! these doctrines, it must be remembered that all mo#ement, proportion, time, and, in a %ord, all idea o quantity and harmony, may be represented by numbers: hence, %hate#er may be attributed to the latter, may also be e9pressed by numbers, as the si!ns o occult #irtues and la%s. .t is *no%n to philosophers that the mo#ements o nature are rhythmical$ physicians ha#e obser#ed this in the periodicity o diseases$ and the appointment o the se#enth day as a 4abbath, has added a reli!ious obli!ation to this la% o nature. 2he three, the ten, and the twelve are also members o %ell *no%n import, and one is the most di#ine o all, as e9pressin! the unity o God, and the comprehension o all thin!s in per ect harmony. 2he use o numbers in di#ination has assumed many curious orms. .t may su ice to mention here the Gematria, or irst di#ision o the Cabbala, %hich teaches ho% to cast up the letters o particular %ords as numerals, and to orm conclusions rom the proportion bet%een the sum o one te9t and the sum o another. 2his method con#erts the :ible into a boo* %ritten solely by numbers, and some curious results are obtained, probably as near the truth as the rabbinical astrolo!y ;see note to Geomancy<. 4ome curious properties o per ect, amicable, and other numbers ha#e been elucidated by the late &latonist, 2homas 2aylor. 2he most #aluable remains o anti"uity connected %ith this sub=ect are contained in the >Chaldean 7racles> o ?oroaster. @or the #arious arran!ements o ma!ic s"uares %e may re er to a curious %or* entitled > /an#on(3(.slam AsicB$ or, the Customs o the 6oosulmans o .ndia,> by 0a ur 4harree . 2he &ytha!orean doctrine is noticed by 3nnemoser, %ho "uotes some interestin! passa!es rom &lato on this sub=ect. http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,8DCCAAAA6AA01p!,&ADE8 G376A'C8. Geomancy, rom t%o Gree* %ords, ge, the earth, and manteia, di#ination, is an art connected %ith astrolo!y, and is called by an old %riter on the sub=ect, "the dau!hter, and abbre#iation thereo ." An ancient method o practisin! it %as by castin! pebbles on the !round, rom %hich con=ectures %ere ormed much the same as rom the chance lines or dots made on paper$ in later times, scratches made in the earth %ere ound to ans%er the same purpose. 2he

Arabian Geomancy, said to ha#e been irst practised by Almadul, %as more recondite, bein! ounded on the e ects o motion under the crust o the earth, the chin*s thus produced, and the noises or thunderin!s heard$ its oundation %as the do!ma o Aristotle, that "the mo#in! o the hea#en is e#erlastin!, and is the be!innin! and cause o all in erior mo#in!s." 2he essential principle o !eomancy, in %hate#er orm practised, is the lot or chance$ it is ully described by Cornelius A!rippa, and as it determines the scheme o the hea#ens %ithout the necessity o astronomical obser#ation, it may be considered a royal road to astrolo!y. A amous pro essor o Geomancy, in the si9teenth century, %as one >6aister Christopher Cattan,> a translation o %hose %or* %as published by 4parry in 1591. .n the ollo%in! century the art is !raced by the name o -illiam 7u!htred, a distin!uished mathematician, and minister o the Church o 3n!land, %ho died in 1FFG. @or a !eneral idea o the method, %e may re er to the %ell(*no%n >:oo* o @ate,> said to ha#e been in the possession o 'apoleon, and translated ;the title(pa!e a#ers<, " rom an ancient 3!yptian 64. ound in the year 18G1 by 6. 4onnini, in one o the royal tombs near 6ount Hybicus, in Ipper 3!ypt." 2he !eomantic i!ures obtained by inspectin! the chance lines or dots %ere supposed to represent a certain situation o the stars, and the di#iner then proceeded as in astrolo!y, as i the con i!uration o the stars really %as such. Another mode o di#ination by stars, di erin! both %ith astrolo!y and !eomancy, %as practised by the Cabalists. 2he stars #ertical o#er a city or nation, %ere so united by lines, as to orm resemblances o the 5ebre% letters, and thus %ords %hich %ere deemed prophetic. 2his %as the rabbinical astrolo!y, and it %as a #ery plausible adaptation o the occult meanin! attributed to 5ebre% characters and roots, united to the traditional belie that the stars %ere themsel#es !ods, or the abodes o deceased heroes. 2he "star o your God" occurs in the prophet Amos, ;#. EF<, and :urder remar*s that the rise o a ne% star, or the appearance o a comet, %as thou!ht to portend the birth o a !reat person$ also, that the !ods sent stars to point out the %ay to their a#ourites, as Jir!il sho%s, and as 4uetonius and &liny actually relate in the case o 0ulius Caesar. As or the 5ebre% letters, they constantly i!ure in schemes o ma!ic, e. !. the potent %hich con ers its spell on the ma!ical *ni e, and on the shield o Da#id. http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,8DCCAAAA6AA01p!,&AD1K

@or 2homas 2aylor>s %or* on numbers, see his Theoretic Arithmetic, 181F http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+ id,Ju8DAAAA6AA01printsec, rontco#er 2homas 2aylor %as also the translator o 2he Chaldean 7racles. @or these, see 2he Classical 0ournal, in %hich they %ere printed in three parts: &art . ;December 181L< http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,JooMAAAA8AA01p!,&ADDD &art .. ;6arch 1818< http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,2@8Gd7?4-8oC1p!,&A1E8

&art ... ;0une 1818< http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,KD!MAAAA8AA01p!,&AEKD 7r see -. -ynn -escott>s #ersion o 2he Chaldean 7racles, based on 2aylor>s translation http:))%%%.sacred( . Qanoon- -!slam" Or# The Customs o$ the %oosulmans o$ !ndia by 0a ur 4hurree is a#ailable here http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,"ECd*GC1printsec, rontco#er or in a later translation entitled Qanoon- -!slam# or The Customs o$ the %ussulmans o$ !ndia by G. A. 5er*lots http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+ id,F1AbAAAA8AA01printsec, rontco#er . 0oseph 3nnemoser>s &istory o$ %agic is in t%o #olumes, translated by -illiam 5o%itt: Jol. .: http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,12tJAAAA6AA01printsec, rontco#er Jol. ..: http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,N!CuN'E?RtoC1printsec, rontco#er Geomancy is described in the 'ourth (oo) o$ Occult *hilosophy, %hich is attributed to 5enry Cornelius A!rippa ;%hose 2hree :oo*s o 7ccult &hilosophy, issued in recent years in a modern edition by Donald 2yson %ith commentary, are on -. D. Gann>s Hist o :oo*s or 4ale<$ the ourth boo* is online here: https:))archi#e.or!)details)cuD19EKGGFL18L5L 4cans o The Geomancie o$ %aister Christopher Cattan Gentleman are a#ailable at: http:)) (6aister(Christopher(Cattan(Gentleman http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,3tLm4aCu40AC1printsec, rontco#er The Oracle or (oo) o$ 'ate by 5ermann Oirchenho er is online at Goo!le boo*s: http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,ir81AAAA6AA01printsec, rontco#er .

As re!ards sources mentioned in the t%o(part article by 3d%ard 2. :ennett abo#e, the ollo%in! are a#ailable online: H. :. 5ellenbach>s +ie %agie der ,ahlen, also mentioned by :ennett, is here in the ori!inal German at: http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,D4*CAAAA/AA01printsec, rontco#er http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,ynDM0D/DnF*C1printsec, rontco#er . -. @. :arrett>s article on "Hi!ht and 4ound" in 2he /uarterly 0ournal o 4cience, 0anuary, 18LG, mentioned in the t%o(part article by 3d%ard 2. :ennett, is online here: http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+id,u133AAAA8AA01p!,&A1 . 6a=. &. A. 6ac6ahon>s "6a!ic 4"uares and other &roblems on a Chess(:oard" %as published in Jol. 1L o 'otices o the &roceedin!s at the 6eetin!s o the 6embers o the Royal .nstitution o Great :ritain http:))boo*s.!oo!*s+ id,e8c'A/AA.AA01p!,&A5G .
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