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The Scope of Work includes the elevator work for the Georgetown Neighborhood
Library which is located at 3260 R Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Contractor shall be responsible for labor, material and equipment for the elevator at the
existing building and the new addition as indicated in bid documents (100% Final
Construction Drawings and Specifications dated July 9, 2009). Available on CD. Work
includes but is not limited to the following specification sections
Division 1 – General Requirements
Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection
07841 Through- penetration Firestop Systems
07920 Joint Sealants (As applicable for your work)
Division 14 – Conveying Systems (Complete)

1. Caulking and sealing all wall and floor penetrations required for this
2. Firestopping all wall and floor penetrations in fire rated walls and floors
as required for this work.
3. Furnish and install all sleeves and inserts for concrete floors and walls
as required for this work.
4. Hydraulic elevator with all accessories and cab finishes as indicated.
5. Slurry and spoils from the drilling of the cylinder to be removed from
6. Rails, rail brackets and supports.
7. Hoisting as required for this work.
8. Provide any Independent Testing & Inspection Services required for this
Work, including materials testing and inspections;
9. During the period of this work, contractor agrees that all employees
must be experienced in performing the work.
10. Contractor shall coordinate this work with other work in progress.
11. The Contractor shall ensure that no elements determined to be unstable
are left unsupported. Any and all required structural bracing for
structural systems to remain shall be included in this scope of work.
12. Contractor shall remove and transport debris resulting from erection
operations and materials to site disposal area. Recyclable materials shall
be separated and stored or stockpiled without intermixing with other
surplus materials before transporting to recycling facilities in accordance
with a recycling program consistent with the Project LEED Certification
13. Contractor shall comply with all identified performance and
specification requirements to achieve LEED points toward the Silver
certification goal as indicated in the bid documents.
14. Contractor shall take all necessary precautions to avoid damage to all
existing and completed construction in place.
15. It is Contractor’s responsibility to read the Hazardous Materials Survey
Report for Georgetown Neighborhood Library, including the July 8th
2008 addendum.
16. Contractor shall submit bids detailing their proposed means, methods
and schedule for this scope of work.
17. Provide labor for incidental project clean-up
18. Provide miscellaneous temporary protection of existing conditions
during construction as specifically specified herein and OSHA safety
barricades, rails and floor coverings, for this Work.
19. Engineering, site survey and layout for this Work including any required
field measurements.
20. Provide monthly Project construction progress documentation &
photographs, including existing building pre-construction condition
21. Contractor shall leave the workplace in a clean and presentable
condition ready for subsequent trades and prepared for finishes as
22. Submittals will be required for approval prior to execution of the work