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TG5700 RTU - Siemens


Automation Systems
General Information Siemens has a complete range of products to handle everything from a simple automation to a completely integrated Protection, Control and Monitoring system.

SICAM PAS (Power Automation System) The IEC 61850 compliant SICAM PAS can meet all the demands of a distributed substation control system. By being designed to operate with IEC 61850, SICAM PAS provides:
Time savings in engineering, operations and maintenance of substations Cost savings through the use of Ethernet Consequent use of data exchange tools avoid double data input No generation of parameterization is required No loading of parameters in a separate runtime system On-line help and plausibility checks Alterations can be done by the user Onboard tools for commissioning, testing, and in operation Automation suite (CFC) OPC interface Remote and Local HMI Real-time data and historical archiving Diagnostic tool application suite The SICAM StationManager II combines extensive IED integration capabilities, an IEC 1131 compliant programming interface, some of the best configuration and diagnostic tools in the industry, and various advanced features like WAN support, data encryption, and HTML server capabilities, to make it a perfect Integration/Automation platform. The Telegyr 5700 RTU combines innovative hardware architecture, a comprehensive protocol library, a wide array of I/O modules, advanced communications abilities including support for encryption and HTML publishing, the best configuration tool in the market and an enviable track record for reliability, to create the premier medium to large point-count RTU.

TG5700 RTU
TG5700 RTU The TG5700 RTU is the premier medium to large point-count RTU. It combines: Novel hardware architecture A large protocol library A wide array of I/O modules Superior communications abilities including support for encryption and LAN/WAN access The TG5700 RTU is the best configuration tool in the industry, and has an enviable track record for reliability.

Innovative design. The TG5700 RTU employs a unique Power and I/O LAN to connect the I/O
modules to the Central Processing Unit, the StationManager. The Power LAN is driven by an AC switching PSU which sources 28 VAC at 21kHz. The Power and I/O LAN design provides an outstanding 3,750 volts of isolation between RTU modules, eliminating the cost of a card cage and allowing the modules to be distributed up to 2500 feet from the StationManager, and even further when fiber optic cable is used.

Much more than an RTU. In addition to providing all the functionality youd expect from an RTU like 1ms time stamping, Select-

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TG5700 RTU - Siemens

Before-Operate controls, Momentary Change Detect, accumulator freeze, communications buffering and Sequence of Event recording, the TG5700 is a Communications Gateway, a Programmable Logic Controller and an HTML server.

Integration. The combination of our large protocol library, a configuration tool specifically designed to simplify IED integration and the RTUs ability to add additional protocols and communication ports as required, makes it a perfect integration platform. Automation. Need to add automation functions like equipment monitoring, bus-transfer schemes, adaptive protection, system
reconfiguration or automatic service restoration? Use the StationManagers integrated Programmable Logic Controller and select from our library of applications, or develop your own via the IEC1131-compliant programming interface.

Intelligent Alarming. Want to receive an Alphanumeric page when something happens in your substation? Connect the RTU to a phone line or cell phone, and select up to 255 digital or analog points for the RTU to monitor and page you with the descriptive text you define. Or you can use our Smart Alarm feature and have the RTU page you with a concise event summary when a relay trips. No more guessing whats happening the RTU can provide all the information you need before you leave the office. Remote Access. Wish you could do more remotely? If you have WAN connectivity to your substation you can configure the RTU, program the PLC and perform diagnostics. With our Virtual Maintenance Panel, you can browse the RTUs database using any standard internet browser, and examine sequence of events, real-time data, communication statistics and more all simultaneously! Limited to a dial-up connection? No problem, you can configure, program and diagnose the RTU via the StationManagers optional dial-up modem.

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