1. Key terms in investment A. Find ten key words concerned with investments in the word square below. R E " ' R ! " F P D P ! $ F ! D F E A ! $ D ! E * O R S " R ! * R E D F " H A R E R E " E % & ( A ) * ! ! S " # & - P ' " ' F O & E S & O S % E O R S " O ) + S ! " E O O # % R O , " H S R

*. #atch a word in the square to one o. the de.initions below/ 0. s1endin2 or usin2 money to make more money in the .uture 3. the total collection o. shares4 accounts4 bonds4 and other .inancial items that an individual owns 5. the 1ro.it .rom investments 6. a 1art ownershi1 in a com1any re1resented by a 1iece o. 1a1er 7a certi.icate8. "he value4 or 1rice4 may rise or .all 9. shares that will be 1aid .or a .i:ed 1rice in the .uture4 or an a2reement to buy shares at a .i:ed 1rice at some time in the .uture. 3. Your responsibilities Sidney )arton is talkin2 about his ;ob res1onsibilities but is havin2 1roblems with his 1re1ositions. )om1lete the .ollowin2 sentences with a 1re1osition .rom the bo:4 where necessary. <ou need some o. the 1re1ositions more than once. Some o. the sentences do not need an e:tra word. a.ter 0. 3. 5. 6. 9. @. in on out to with

head ================ the marketin2 de1artment at Power Enter1rises. re1ort directly =============== #r. Power himsel.. look ============== a de1artment o. about 5> 1eo1le. deal ============== all the ma;or as1ects o. the com1any?s marketin2 strate2y. liaise ============== the other members o. the mana2ement committee. listen care.ully ============ what our customers say. 0

a 1roblem at a meetin2 duties * an a2enda a letter trees in storms with 1ride costs .. a com1any yoursel.ill inD cutDEcut down onD layDElay o. Business verbs &ook at the verbs below and decide which one 2oes with which word or 1hrase . B. 4.uture ri2ht 2uaranteed valued hi2h verbal . A drawDEdraw u1D o1enDEo1en u1D D.allED.A..ects.D takeDEtake onD brin2DEbrin2 u1D carryDEcarry outD a conclusion a market share 1rices a . . 0>. consumers.oundations ine.ectives in the bo:...icient com1anies 2oods at a discount a meetin2 too lon2 dynamism to the .. #r Power?s takeover 1ro. e:tra sta. 00. .illDE. ?m workin2 ============= a very im1ortant account at the moment. the ma.all down . also monitor ============== the 2eneral situation in the market 1lace.ob 1assen2ers 5. C.e carry ============== market surveys re2ularly. Business adje tives and nouns Some ad.D kickDEkick o. 03.rom lists A and *.ectives ty1ically 2o with certain certain nouns. accurate lar2e Dear Fatima 3 com1etitive loyal critical mi:ed easy 1ositive . am also involved =============== one or two o. )om1lete the letter usin2 the ad..D breakDEbreak u1D sellDEsell o.orm ci2arettes workers bad news to someone 1arts o.e test ============== new 1roducts on 2rou1s o. handle ============= one or two o.or accounts mysel.

ith best re2ards Al.or another year o. . @. your orders and ======================satis. service as 1ossible at an e:tremely ================== 1rice.action . Business verbs and nouns 5 . ". all this will be ====================== orderin24 more ==================== . 9. 3. course4 there has been a =================== reaction . B. our most =================== and =================== customers and we always try to 2ive you as =================== a level o. "he mana2er a1olo2iFed 1olitely ==========the delay4 but e:1lained that he was still waitin2 ========== a re1ort on the new customer?s creditworthiness. money in u1DtoDdate distribution . our newer customers4 but am sure that you will be 1atient with us durin2 the 1eriod o.or all. you need any more in.e are sure this is the ================a11roach. !repositions )om1lete the story with a11ro1riate 1re1ositions. He told ========the buyer that she could rely ========== him to or2aniFe everythin2. <ou are one o. She asked ========the salesman i.i2ures on the status o. Please contact me i. "his is why we want you to be the . O.e have already invested a ================== sum o. "hese chan2es will make a ==================== contribution to our continuin2 1artnershi1 and can assure you that we shall continue to o1erate by ================== a2reement on tele1honed orders in the .ul coDo1eration between our two com1anies.inancin2 are now enterin2 a ====================== sta2e.actory and called ======= a salesman. "he result o. Eventually she ran2 ========== the .ter several weeks she had heard nothin2 =========+enya.ruit. She returned to the 'S4 lookin2 .orward ========== receivin2 the com1onents4 but a. She insisted ======== seein2 the worksho1 and commented =========the 1oor workin2 conditions.ormation.or . .am writin2 to you to thank you . . his com1onents con.acilities and ne2otiations .actory and com1lained =========== the mana2er. Sometimes no 1re1osition is needed.redo #c+ay 6. 0. .irst to know about our 1lans to im1rove our ================== 1ros1ects throu2h e:1ansion. transition. A. On vacation in +enya4 a buyer with *# heard =======a small new . !evertheless4 the salesman succeeded ========= convincin2 her to consent =========a trial order.ormed ======== American norms.urther . 5.rom some o.uture as we have in the 1ast. 6.

Fit one verb . 5. KAZOULIS ________________ LEADING ROLE IN ADVERTISING STANDARDS CAMPAIGN 6 .’ CHAIRMAN TELLS SHAREHOLDERS 9. "H '! O!S O! !E.or C. *E!DS SE!DS 0. KAZOULIS _____________ RULES ON ADVERTISING: QUESTIONS IN PARLIAMENT @. #A!A%E#E!" =============A%REE#E!" . KAZOULIS BOARD ______________ DECISION TO CLOSE REGIONAL OFFICES: MANY JOBS LOST C.OR+FOR)E 0>. B. "here are 5 1ossible answers . PA< A!D )O!D " O!S FOR +A(O'& S . KAZOULIS ________________ BIG RISK WITH LATEST SHARE ISSUE A. *'S !ESS ! +A(O'& S )O##'! )A" O! )HA R#A!?S SPEE)H =============)&EAR S %!A& "O )O#PE" "ORS. 6. KAZOULIS ________________COSTS BY CLOSING REGIONAL OFFICES. ‘KAZOULIS _________________ CLIENTS’ NEEDS MORE EFFECTIVELY THAN EVER. 3. KAZOULIS _____________ SMALL PROFIT IN FOURTH QUARTER )'"S R'!S %E!ERA"ES #P&E#E!"S !)REASES &A'!)HES #A+ES #EE"S P&A<S REA)HES S %!S E-PA!S O! ! 'S ================ !E.rom the bo: into each o. the headlines 70D058 about kaFoulis communication in the business 1ress.


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