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Sugar represent one of the nine staple which its consumption level increasing. The improvement can be seen fastly sugar consumption till 2.96% per year. However, this fast improvement dont cause balance to with sugar production which more and more downhill fastly 3.03% per year ( Council Sugar of Indonesia 2002) In the 1930, Indonesia have experienced of industrial feather in one's cap era of sugar. At that moment, sugar mill operating is 179 sugar mill with productivity around 14,8% and tired yield 11 - 13,8%. Besides, Indonesia sugar exporting also have reached [about/around] 3 million ton ( Et al Sudana, 2000). However, along with natural [by] problems [of] sugar industry that is in-efisiensi and lower factory financial competitiveness result degradation of[is amount of sugar mill from 179 factory in the year 1930 becoming 61 factory in the year 2009 ( Association Sugar Indonesia 2010). Pursuant to condition of above, solution which on the market government is importing. Sugar import is existing opdon because request of sugar which progressively mount while natural sugar production in fluctuation ( Safrida 2004). Decision to import sugar is not best decision because will affect ugly to sugar cane farmer and sugar industry. Its floods sugar product import in marketing will bother national sugar price stability so that result to the number of sugar industry which close down and lossy sugar cane farmer. On that account, needed by industrial revitalisasi of sugar cane for the solve the problem at the same time can make Indonesia as state of[is self sufficiency sugar. Industrial Revitalitation of sugar cane represent is a step to increase sugar productivity and yield. Revitalitation which have been conducted by government with fund give to improve/repair or re-engine - factory machine which have old. Revitalisasi like this have weakness because budgeted fund government by dozens its amount so that will cause at APBN state. Revitalisasi by applying production cleaner represent an alternative to increase sugar rendemen and productivity where do not require big fund because exploiting yielded waste from sugar cane industry. Efficiency raw material, water, energi, and formed waste minimimalisasi represent to form of production cleaner. Expected with applying of production cleaner can improve sugar productivity so that Indonesia can become state of[is self sufficiency sugar and improve economics of Indonesia.


Target of this handing out is to study industrial revitalisasi of sugar cane so that can improve sugar rendemen and productivity and also make Indonesia as state of self sufficiency sugar