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November 8, 2013 All homework is due by Friday, November 15th:

Review our past word wall words and study the new ones below. Math- Do one session of ScootPad (About 20 questions) Spelling- Do one session of ScootPad to practice your Spelling words. Read, then color your Book It form. This will be due on Monday, Dec 2nd. Scholastic book orders are due by 11/22 (See below for more info.)

This week’s new SPELLING WORDS: then them this that path with men set was said This week’s new SWEET SENTENCE (Just for fun- not graded!): Beth and the men do math together. This week’s new WORD WALL/SIGHT WORDS: she could put new use this them went ~~Please note the following and mark your calendar:~~
Nov 11th- Picture Retake Day- - Remember to return your previous picture package! Nov 19th-22nd- Parent-Teacher Conferences (report cards will be given at this time) Nov 25th- Half-day for students due to Teacher’s Inservice Nov 26th- Deadline for Reflections entries due to the office First Grade Feast from 2:10-2:45 (More info at conference time)  Nov 27th-29th- Thanksgiving Break- - There will be NO SCHOOL!     What Does The Fox Say? Hmmm…. Come check out our hallway bulletin board to find out! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mrs. Prone for doing research with us to learn more about foxes! Sweet Sentence: On Fridays, we will be having a more challenging spelling opportunity for campers who pass their Wednesday pretest. Campers who pass their Thursday Pretest will be asked to write the week’s Sweet Sentence. (It’s a “sweet” sentence, because they get a “sweet” as they test on it! ) This sentence is only for fun and is not recorded as a grade. It’s just a fun challenge! Website/App of the Week: Minecraft has become quite popular with your campers and I encourage your child to tell you more about it. At a conference last year, I learned how educators all over the country are employing gaming into everyday educational concepts. This app allows students to create their own worlds with blocks, complete with houses, people, and animals. Students can also link up and hang out together. The mathematical/spatial reasoning that takes place while creating these worlds is amazing! I highly recommend this app! (It is available on the computer as well.) Sometimes we do not get our lunch menus in a timely manner, so be advised you can go to the main page of the protopage and access both the lunch and breakfast menus. You can print them, too! With cold/flu season coming, your child may experience more absences than normal. Feel free to get the day’s classwork by calling the office and asking that it be brought down for you to pick up. OR, if you know a TE student who can bring the work home to you, let me know and I will get it to that student. I hate for classwork to pile up for your child if s/he is out for more than one day… Scholastic Book Club orders will be due by Friday, 11/22 for those choosing to order. Now that you know your child’s DRA number, look below each book title to find out if the book is a “good fit” for him/her. If these books will be Christmas presents, let me know! Also, online orders earn FREE BOOKS for our classroom library, so I thank you in advance for placing your order online!

Looking forward to the week ahead, Mrs. Cronce 

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