NAME: Gudruman Marinela DATE: TEXTBOOK: HIGHFLYER, LONGMAN LEVEL / GROUP:L1/7TH GRADE No of STUDENTS: TIME: 50 THEME: R!"#$#o% AIMS OF LESSON: • • • • To &! '&(! )o *$! +o,,!+)(- .,!$!%) $#/.(! '%0 +o%)#%*o*$1 To &! '&(! )o *$! +o,,!+)(- .'$) $#/.(! '%0 +o%)#%*o*$1 To &! '&(! )o .,!0#+) )2! +o%)!3) of ' )!3) f,o/ $o/! #((*$),')#o%$1 To &! '&(! )o ,!"!'( )2! /'#% #0!'$ of ' )!3)1

AIDS / MATERIALS: • B('+4&o',01 • T!3)&oo41 • 5o,4$2!!)$

♦ )o introduce them to the to&ic o" the new lesson +. books at &age -8( E ♦ )he students ha$e to ♦ )o check their &re$ious knowledge.N o6 1 S)'7!$ of (!$$o% LEAD-IN S)*0!%)$ '%0 )!'+2!. $ '+)#"#)#!$ ♦ the student on duty tells the absents. ♦ the teacher checks the homework and the s correct the mistakes! i" necessary. )e'tbook./M01E ♦ )he teacher asks the 2EN I/ students to close their N )A 3 materials 4te'tbooks! notebooks5 and re$ise their &re$ious notions% &resent sim&le and continuous1 &ast sim&le and continuous( ♦ )he teacher e'&lains once again some o" these notions i" necessary4i" they are not clear enough "or the students5 01E EN ♦ )he teacher asks the )A)I/N7 students to o&en their 01A.#'($ *lackboard T#/#% 7 +. 8 re$ealing the main ideas o" a te't( R!'$o%$ fo. ♦ the teacher writes on the blackboard the title o" the new lesson and the main ob#ecti$es% -re$ising &resent sim&le and continuous1 8re$ising &ast sim&le and continuous. the teacher writes the absentees in the register.)I. ♦ )o &ractice reading com&rehension. - 6 . ♦ )o &resent the main ob#ecti$es " the day M')!. 66. '+)#"#)#!$ ♦ )o create a &leasant atmos&here into the classroom. ♦ )o skim a *lackboard. heets o" &a&er( .

. ♦ )o &ractice work grou&s. ♦ )o &ractice &air working.♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ look at the &ictures! skim the te't and say what this te't is about( )he students ha$e to read the te't and e'tract the unknown words( )he teacher e'&lains the unknown words( )he students ha$e to work in &airs and do e'ercise 6 "rom &age -9( )he students do the e'ercise! come to the blackboard and write the sentences( )he teacher di$ides the classroom into + grou&s( Each grou& recei$es a sheet o" &a&er( /n this &a&er there is written a tense 4&resent continuous1 &ast sim&le or continuous5( )he grou& has to trans"orm the sentences "rom e'ercise 64no more than 6 minutes5( )he sheets o" &a&er are changed between the grou&s( )he students ha$e to correct the &a&ers and re&ort the mistakes( )he teacher asks the students to work in te't. ♦ )o &ractice &ast tense. ♦ )o &ractice &resent tense.

)e'tbook( . homework on the blackboard% e'ercises -7&age -8.EED*A. ♦ Assigning homework *lackboard.reating "eed-back )e'tbook. -. *lackboard ( +. notebooks and corrects their mistakes i" necessary( ♦ )he teacher writes the students.3 + 2/ME </13 A IGN MEN) &airs and do e'ercise : "rom &age -9( ♦ )he students come to the blackboard and write their sentences( ♦ )he teacher corrects their mistakes and e'&lains these mistakes i" necessary( ♦ )he students ha$e to sol$e indi$idually e'ercise 1E7&(:-( ♦ )he teacher checks students.: . and +7&age -9 ♦ )he teacher asks the students write their homework in their notebooks( ♦ .

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