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Why Mauricio Pochettino can become a world-class manager

When Nigel Adkins was infamously sacked after an improved run of one defeat in eight league games, there was an area of doubt over the reliability and sustained control owner Nicola Cortese could have on the long-term future of outhampton football club! "ans adored Nigel Adkins for the success he had brought to the club his vast positivity, brining youth players to the first team and the attractive, free-flowing attacking style of football he had brought to the club! #e was replaced by Mauricio Pochettino, a manager who hadn$t had any e%perience in &nglish football, seemingly couldn$t speak &nglish, and had recently been sacked by &spagnol after a dismal run of nine points in '( league matches, leaving the club bottom of )a )iga! *ut so far, Nicola Cortese is yet to make an incorrect decision under pressure! After '' games, outhampton sit third place in the Premier )eague, amassing ++ points and a ,'- goal difference! )ooking back, there were definitely some characteristics and merits about Pochettino that Cortese will have liked! #e once admitted to *en mith .via **C port/0 12 don$t have a life outside football!3 #e also clearly had an eye for talent, ac4uiring the likes of Philipe Coutinho on loan and giving at the time '5-year old Paul 6uaye his debut against 7ayo 8allecano! #e was known by panish aficionados for favouring a high-pressing, possession-orientated style of football! 9bserving his management this season, it$s not hard to believe that this first 4uote is true! &verything has gone in outhampton$s favour so far and every department of his management has been spot-on! #e may have only made three signings this summer, but each have and will make an e%tremely valuable contribution! #ow he is drilling his practises into his players typifies his e%cellent man-management skills and how well he has assembled his s4uad! &ach of them are happy to carry out a number of roles, adapt to different formations and develop their games rapidly as the team improve! 9ne player who has failed to do this and conse4uently is not in the manager$s plans is silky playmaker :aston 7amire;, who only completed his <'+ million move from *ologna last summer! 9n paper, the team are a very balanced outfit! )uke haw has been perhaps un=ustly hyped as one of the Premier )eague$s best attacking full backs, but he is doing a great =ob providing outhampton$s

balance and relative width on the left to supplement >ay 7odrigue;$s runs inside and Nathaniel Clyne$s ?yle Walker-es4ue bombardments forward! @hey have a core of e%tremely 4uick and physical central players at the back! Ae=an )ovren, statistically ranked as the world$s best centre-back this season .via Who cored /, is typifying the team$s resilience with his confidence to win each aerial duel and interception, no matter how high up the pitch! #e has also threaded some fantastic short and long passes, while demonstrating his leadership abilities and confidence to the rest of the team! >ose "onte is now in the form of his life! Morgan chneiderlin, who should be a full "rench 2nternational, is an interception machine! 8ictor Wanyama is a solid physical presence ne%t to him, who will only get better! @hey mainly attack on the right, making the best use of Adam )allana$s industry, Nathaniel Clyne$s supporting runs and 7ickie )ambert$s use of the right channel! *ut its no surprise that all four of outhampton$s goals came from the left against #ull! #ull played five centre backs, who were positionally all over the place, could not compete with outhampton physically and were conse4uently outnumbered following the team$s high-pressing and industry on each flank, which freed up more space for >ay 7odrigue;, Adam )allana and later on, teven Aavis! @wo of the goals last aturday emphasised the difference between the two sides! After Adam )allna had bypassed )iam 7osenior, outhampton still only had one man to aim for, with four #ull bodies originally positioned in good positions to win the aerial duel! *ut the two player around 7odrigue; only half-committed to heading the ball, and while they each stared at each other in a myriad of confusion, midfielder Morgan chniederlin made a late run into the penalty bo% and scored following 7odrigue;$ initial header! )ater on, Adam )allana, now on the left, da;;led last a #ull challenge towards the goal and slotted past an outcoming teve #arper! @he goalkeeper was the only player with any sort of challenge! After being bypassed, no whole player went back with ay attempt to save their team, or any dignity in their first-half performance! @his was the difference between the two sides in the first half0 a central midfielder charging into the penalty area because his striker is out numbered to no defenders charging back when their goalkeeper and team are in trouble! @o ease the burden on the #ull players, who were a lot better after half-time! confidence does lead to more character and identity on the pitch, as well as a larger belief that you can win! As well as effectively analysing the match, this emphasises how versatile they are tactically! @hey keep possession e%tremely well, usually in a B-(-( shape with 7odrigue; as an inside forward, and >ames Ward-Prowse as a central midfielder! @he latter$s position changes so much every gameC we have already seen him play as a regista, a typical central-midfielder, advanced midfielder and on each flank! #e has unbelievable potential and unbelievable maturity! 9ff the ball, they are sometimes a (-(-B when pressing high up, when Clyne has committed himself forward! @o make situations easier for themselves, they each have the tactical discipline to put themselves where they are needed for the team! @his will automatically bring comparisons with the likes of Andre-8illas *oas and Pep :uardiola, who are all famous for making bold and astute decisions in the transfer market, setting milestones for others tactically, having no fear of e%cluding older players to involve less-known, younger player and delegating tasks effectively for each member in the football club! 2t makes a statement about his and the club$s desire to improve when a player, >ay 7odrigue; claims that he is not entirely satisfied with the team$s start .via ky ports/0 1We went to third and we still believe we can be higher! @here are no limits for us, really! We$ve =ust got to keep impressing and

working hard!D 2f Pochettino does keep improving on his vast wall of knowledge and merits as a manager, there is no reason why he cannot be a successful as the current *ayern Munich boss!