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INVOKING THE FOUR ARCHANGELS This ritual invokes Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

It is used mainly to gain insight and protection for yourself, people you know, and for all of humanity. I like to stand while doing this ritual, but you can sit down in a straight backed chair, if you prefer. !ace east. "lose your eyes and take three or four deep breaths. #isuali$e yourself surrounded by a pure white light of protection. %hen you feel ready, invoke Michael, the archangel of the south. &e stands by your right hand side. 'ou do this by saying the following words out loud( )I now invoke the mighty and powerful *rchangel Michael to stand at my right hand side. +lease grant me the strength, courage, integrity, and protection I need to fulfill my purpose in this incarnation. +lease use your sword to cut away any doubts and negativity. ,urround me with your protection, so that I may always work on the side of good. Thank you.+ause for thirty seconds. .ecome aware of Michael standing beside you, and be alert for any insights or words that he may offer. %hen you feel ready, invoke Uriel to stand at your left hand side. Use the following, or similar, words( )I now invoke the mighty and powerful *rchangel Uriel to stand on my left hand side. +lease release all my tensions, worries, and insecurities. Grant me tran/uility and peace of mind. &elp me to serve others, and to give and receive generously. Thank you.+ause again for thirty seconds, and see if Uriel has a message for you. 'ou will sense Uriel standing to your left. ,miling, acknowledge his presence, and remain alert for any wisdom or advice that he might offer. %hen you feel ready, invoke Raphael to stand in front of you. )I now invoke the mighty and powerful *rchangel Raphael to stand in front of me. +lease fill me with wholeness and good health. &elp me heal the wounds from the past. +lease heal and restore every aspect of my being. Thank you.0

Most people think of angels as ethereal beings, dressed in white, diaphanous gowns, with gossamer wings and shiny halos. Nothing could be further from the truth. Angels are very real, but they have no physical substance. They are pure intelligence, and their energy is the energy of the cosmos. InKabbalah, which is the mystical doctrine of udaism, angels are said to be emanations from the !odhead, who created them to carry out his divine plan. They are known as the Malachim, the "reator#s messengers, and the ones in charge of the delicate balance of the universe. $or that reason they are e%uated with the universal laws, which they rule and sustain. &verything that e'ists is the result of the interplay of several physical laws, all of which are angels. $rom the tiniest grain of sand to the awesome power of the human mind, we can perceive the subtle work of angels. They are everywhere and control every material thing, and their intelligence and power transcend human imagination.

udaism, "hristianity, and Islam have all endeavored to identify the angels, and several of the medieval sages even placed them in celestial hierarchies known as "hoirs and Angelic (rders. The most accepted "hristian authority is )seudo*+yonisius, who lived in the ,i'th "entury. -e grouped the angels in three (rders of three "hoirs each. The three choirs of the $irst (rder, and the highest in the angel hierarchy, are the ,eraphim, the "herubim, and the Thrones. The three "hoirs of the ,econd (rder are the +ominions, the .irtues, and the )owers. And the three "hoirs of the Third order are the )rincipalities, the Archangels, and the Angels. The Kabbalah gives -ebrew names to the "hoirs and groups them differently, but it agrees basically in the description of the angels. The Kabbalah, however, lists a tenth "hoir, known as the Ishim, or the souls of saints. The reason why there is a tenth "hoir in the Kabbalah is that each "hoir is associated with one of the ten spheres of the Kabbalistic Tree of /ife, which is a representation of the entire created universe. There are myriad angels in each "hoir, numbering billions of these celestial beings. 0ut there are also the ,arim, which are the Angelic )rinces, who rule each of the "hoirs. These are the best known angels, the ones with whom we are most familiar. -ere we will only refer to the highest of these, the ten ,arim or )rinces of the Tree of /ife,each of whom is said to rule a different human endeavor. These e'alted angels are Metraton, 1a2iel, "assiel, 3adkiel, Kamael, 1aphael, Anael,Michael, !abriel, and ,andalphon. 4e must also consider 5riel, who is the ,ar who rules the earthelement. (f these ten angels, the ones who are invoked most fre%uently for help in our human affairs are the angels of the four elements6 Michael, !abriel, 1aphael, and 5riel. Michael rules the fire element and the south7 !abriel rules the water element and the west7 1aphael rules the air element and the east7 and 5riel rules the earth element and the north. Also very popular in angel magic are ,adkiel, who rules abundance and prosperity7 Anael, who rules love7 Kamael, who rules war and strife7 and "assiel, who rules inheritances, businesses, and real state matters. Michael is invoked to attain power and success7 1aphael for health issues, books, and studies7 5riel for money matters7 and !abriel for family matters and travels. It is always important to remember that angels have only the powers conferred upon them by the "reator. (ne cannot invoke Michael in love matters because that is not what he rules, nor !abriel in health problems because he has no power in those situations. $urthermore, it is easier to contact an angel on the days and hours that he rules. The colors and the attributes of each angel must be used during the invocation to empower the petition. $ollowing is a list of the days, the hours, and the attributes of these angels6 Angel Day Michael ,unday Times Color Stones 8am, 9am, :pm, 8;pm 8am, 9am, :pm, 8;pm 8am, 9am, :pm, 8;pm Incense Flowers Candle Rules: Michael rules power, gold victories over candles obstacles, protection against adversaries

color topa2, citrine, frankincens yellow gold sunstone e flowers

!abriel Monday

color moonstone, violet selenite bloodstone, color rubies, red carnelian color agates, red ama2onites

<asmine incense

white lilies, !abriel rules travels, violets, silver family matters, purple candles mental clarity hyacinths red carnations Kamael rules legal red matters, war and candles strife, surgeries, accidents 1aphael rules all orange paper work, studies, candles health, communications ,adkiel rules blue abundance, candles prosperity, employers, banks

Kamael Tuesday


8am, 1aphae 4ednesda 9am, l y :pm, 8;pm ,adkiel Thursdays 8am, 9am, :pm, 8;pm


orange flowers

a2urite, lapis color la2uli, sandalwood gladiolus blue tur%uoise



8am, 9am, :pm, 8;pm

opal, rose color lavender %uart2, pink incense rodochrosite hematite, color ony', white obsidian

red roses

Anael rules love, pink marriage, friendship, candles all the arts "asiel rules white inheritances, elderly candles people, real estate matters 5riel rules money in green general, the candles ac%uisition of wealth and power


8am, 9am, ,aturdays :pm, 8;pm 8am, Also 9am, ,aturdays :pm, 8;pm


eucalyptus leaves


a%uamarine, color tourmaline, patchouli green aventurine


To invoke any of these angels to get their help in problems connected with the things they rule, gather some of the attributes of the chosen angel and place them on a small table facing east with a small glass of wine and a small bread roll. +o this on the day and at one of the four hours ruled by the angel. 0urn some of his incense and light two candles of the color associated with him. )urify the area by sprinkling salt water around its perimeter, and trace a circle in the air from east to east to protect the ritual. To do this place your thumb between the inde' and middle fingers of the right hand7 this gesture is known as a ficca and is used to seal a circle. )oint the ficca towards the east and turn around slowly, tracing an imaginary circle that ends back in the east. Now you are ready to contact the angel. (pen your arms wide while facing the east and say a simple invocation like the one that follows6 =I invoke you in this your day and hour, most glorious and e'alted )rince of the -eavenly "ourt >mention the chosen angel#s name? to come to my aid in the situation I am facing >mention the situation?. I ask this in the name of our most beloved "reator, our /ord and King of the universe, having full confidence in his love and his compassion. )lease accept and bless my humble offerings and help me in the solution of this problem. May the eternal light be with you always. Amen.= Now you may proceed to eat the bread roll and drink the wine. .anish the circle by repeating the motion with the ficca from east to east. !ather the angel attributes and keep them safe, as they are a point of contact with the angel. 1epeat the ritual seven times, always conducting it on the angel#s day and one of his hours. It is important to remember that all angel invocations must be conducted when the moon is wa'ing, that is, between New Moon and $ull Moon. Angel invocations are very powerful and effective when done with total faith and reverence. @ou can learn more about angel rituals and invocations in my new book, The Kabbalah & the Magic of Angels . !odspeed, and may angels guide you always in the path of light.