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To leave matters in no doubt, we obligingly assert that the Russell class R, i.e.

{x: x x}, both belongs to itself and also does not belong to itself; in short, we assert R R & (R R). To be quite explicit, we assert the contradiction r & r, where r abbreviates R R. Thus, in convenient symbols, r & r, where is the group of dialethicians comprising (at least) Priest and Routley. (Richard Sylvan & Priest, G. (1988). Answering another alleged dilemma destroying dialetheism. Bulletin of the Section of Logic, 17(1), p. 42)

Philbert Phlurk The major quirk of Philbert Phlurk was tinkering all day, inventing things that didnt work, a scale that wouldnt weigh, a pointless pen that couldnt write, a score of silent whistles, a bulbless lamp that wouldnt light, a toothbrush with no bristles. He built a chair without a seat, a door that wouldnt shut, a cooking stove that didnt heat, a knife that couldnt cut. He proudly crafted in his shop a wheel that wouldnt spin, a sweepless broom, a mopless mop, a stringless violin.

He made a million useless things like clocks with missing hands, like toothless combs and springless springs and stretchless rubber bands. When Phlurk was through with something new, hed grin and say with glee, I know this does not work for you, but ah! it works for me.

-------------------------------------------------------Jack Prelutsky1

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