JDG Cryogenics Rules (((HERE BE SPOILERS


Ladies and Gentlemen,

After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to go ahead and post the House Rules for JDG Cryogenics-based characters. There is content in here that WILL spoil some of the JDG plot for some of you, so I highly recommend NOT reading it unless you intend to play a JDG Projector, or are DAMNED CONFIDENT you can separate player knowledge from character knowledge and vice versa.

These rules also contain spoilers vis a vis the pigment/black heroin plot so tread carefully!

As always, any metagaming will be met with meteor-induced character death.

I will be setting up interaction rules with some of the various creature types, hopefully before Wednesday, but to be honest, I am hella busy this week and have already spent too much time on rules stuff. If I get to it, I'll update the forums. If not, well, you'll just have to wait.

Having said that, without further ado… > > > > > > > > > > really, there are spoilers down here…dont do it! > > >

> > > > > so not kidding… > > > > > NWoD JDG Cryogenics house rules. v .01 Character Creation: As per WoD core rules. Apply Creature Template Determine Lament, Shade and Stain Laments: Hue (vitality cap of 6/may use essence to power Stains. Activate a stain for 2 essence. Lasts 1 hour) Skimmer (gain 1 essence per hour while in body/costs 1 essence per hour to be out of body. Take bashing damage to their physical form, but may use Stamina in place of Defense while out of body for a cost of 1 essence per hour, in addition to the cost of projecting. Must succeed a Meditation test to project immediately, or may spend one minute in concentration to project. May immediately return to body at the cost of 1 bashing damage, otherwise must cross the distance back to the body) Sleeper (may shunt Spite to frozen body, which manifests as bashing damage, and does not begin healing until body is thawed. Regenerate essence at a rate of one per night of rest, unless in their bodies ( a process which takes 8 hours to complete) No spirit lament. Shades: Shade is determined by Virtue. Banshee: Temperance (Spite: 1) Haunter: Fortitude (Spite: 2)

Poltergeist: Justice (Spite: 3) Skinrider: Prudence (Spite: 2) Marrow: Charity (Spite: 3) Phantasm: Hope (Spite: 2) Wisp: Faith (Spite: 1) Stain: Your first stain is determined by Vice Envy: Bat's Ears Gluttony: Shark's Appetite Greed: Pseudopods Lust: Gossamer Webs Pride: Chameleon Skin Sloth: Carapace Wrath: Dagger Tongue A character may gain 3 xp by adopting ONE additional Stain in character creation. Advantage: Vitality Rank Ability Max 1 5 10/1 2 5 11/1 3 5 12/1 4 5 13/2 5 5 14/2 6 6 15/3 7 7 16/3 8 8 17/4 9 9 19/5 10 10 20/6 Essence/Will per turn

At Vitality 2 may manifest fully (See Manifest, below) At Vitality 4 may engage in Crucible Horrors At Vitality 6 may learn Vitality Emblems New Trait: Spite Spite is a measure of the darkness within a projector or Hue. This is a proximity to oblivion, founded entirely in all things negative. Spite has a temporary and permanent rating, which can be raised or (more rarely) reduced by the character's actions. All characters begin with a number of permanent Spite determined by Shade. All characters begin with a number of temporary Spite points equal to their permanent Spite. Tapping Spite: Characters may tap Spite in order to gain essence. To do so, use the following steps.

1. Declare the number of Spite tapped. You must declare if you are tapping temporary or permanent Spite. You may not tap more Spite than you currently have in one scene. 2. Roll current Spite (temp or perm. as appropriate) target number (10 – Spite tapped) When tapping temporary Spite apply 10 again. When tapping permanent Spite apply the 9 again rule. Number of successes determine the number of Spite gained. Essence gained through tapping Spite is subject to normal Vitality limits. 3. Each point of temporary Spite tapped provides 1 essence. Each point of permanent Spite tapped provides 10 essence. If a character reaches 10 temporary Spite, he gains a permanent Spite and his temporary Spite pool is reduced to 1. Effects of Spite: Spite eats away at a character's moral center. As such a character may have a Morality score no higher than (10 – permanent Spite). If an increase in Spite causes a character's current Morality score to drop, he must check for Derangements as normal. Each time a character's Permanent Spite increases, he must select an additional Stain. Willpower: Willpower can be used to draw additional essence. A character may spend 1 wp to gain 3 essence, up to the maximum per turn rating dictated by Vitality. If a character suffers damage reducing his essence to 0, a point of wp is AUTOMATICALLY spent in order to keep the character in existence. If successes remain on the damage roll once this wp is spent, those successes reduce the amount of essence gained. This automatic willpower expenditure will continue until no damage remains. This is the ONLY time at which a character may exceed their spending limit on wp as dictated by Vitality. Horrors: A character gains the Basic Horror for his Shade upon applying this template. A character may gain an additional Horror at character creation by adding one additional permanent Spite. The Basic Horror for each Shade is: Banshee: Wail Haunter: Inhabit Poltergeist: Helter Skelter Skinrider: Puppetry Marrow: Flesh-Flux Phantasm: Bedlam Wisp: Unearthly Repose Horrors are treated with greater detail in the "Improvement" section Default Abilities Upon gaining this template characters gain access to the following Default Abilities:

Dead-Eyes You can see ghosts, projectors,and spirits of the neverborn, unless those spirits are possessing a person or object. With a successful Wits + Investigation + Vitality roll, you can determine the Vitality score and current Essence of another ghost or projected entity. Detect Shade Any time a character is out of body they may spend one essence to automatically know the shade of any other character, living or dead, in their presence. This costs one essence per character targeted and requires no roll. Donate You may donate essence, at will, to any other ghost, projected entity, or neverborn. Incorporeal and Invisible Characters, unless manifested, cannot be seen by normal, living creatures. Only magics or technology permitting someone to see ghosts or spirits can reveal them (or an ability like DeadEyes) Also an unmanifested character can spend one essence to pass harmlessly through all physical objects for one hour. If the character does not spend this essence, he loses one essence per turn that physical objects pass through him (or vice-versa). Activating this ability while manifested automatically ends the manifestation. Manifest Each Shade has three manifestation forms. The specific systems of each form are determined by shade, but some basics apply: 0 essence manifestation forms impact the living world is a small but perceptible way. 1 essence manifestation forms place the character solid in the living world, but at 1/2 value of all physical pools (except defense) 2 essence manifestations place characters in the physical world at full dice pools as if they were alive. This level of manifestation is not possible until a character attains Vitality 2 or higher. Manifestation forms function exactly as described in Orpheus. Misery Loves Company By spending one essence and rolling Resolve + Composure + Vitality vs. a ghost's Resistance, the character may form an empathic bond allowing for clear communication and giving the character a +2 bonus to all social rolls against the target ghost. The ghost must belong to the same Shade as the character (determined by using Detect Shade) Sense Anchor By spending one essence, the character may gain one clue or psychic flash as to a target ghost's anchor. This requires one turn of peaceful, non-aggressive interaction to use (and is often used as a follow up to Misery Loves company) Sever the Strand Once a character knows a ghost's anchor, he can assist that ghost in resolving the tie that binds it

to its previous life. By taking an active role in the Ghost's interaction with the teher and helping bring a resolution (GM Discretion) the character may expend 10 essence to Sever the Strand. once this is completed, the ghost moves on to its next life and the character performing Sever the Strand loses one point of PERMANENT Spite. Thievery By grappling another ghost with whom the character shares a Shade, the attacking character may steal essence from another character or ghost. This requires a resisted Resolve + Composure + Vitality roll. If the attacker wins, he gains 1 point of Essence per success. If this is successful, the character must then roll Spite + Vitality at a target number of (10 – essence gained) if successful, the character gains a point of temporary Spite. If a character destroys the target (by reducing the target's essence AND willpower) he gains a point of VITALITY. Destroying another spirit in this fashion is horribly inhumane and evil, and the attacker AUTOMATICALLY gains a PERMANENT Spite, and must roll as above to avoid gaining a SECOND PERMANENT Spite. Free Traits: Characters gain four points in Merits upon applying this template. These Merit points may only be spent on Orpheus Merits. IMPROVEMENT xp costs for these characters are as listed in the WoD book, with the following exceptions: New Shade Horror: 15 xp New Non-Shade Horror: 20 xp Vitality: New Dots x 8 Lament Change (Sleeper to Skimmer) 35 xp Lament Change (Skimmer to Sleeper) no cost Lament Change (Any to Hue) only costs you your life Lament Change (hue to anything else) nope. no way. sorry, junkie. Horrors: Banshee Horrors: Wail-Automatic All Banshees receive Wail at character creation. System: Impact emotions: Cost 0-2 Essence. Roll Manipulation + Empathy + Vitality in vs. opponent's Resolve + Composure. Duration: Essence spent + 1 turns. Success: (o Essence) Impacts one target. Calms/Enrages imposing a -1 penalty to all mental and social pools. (1 Essence)Impacts up to two people. Calms a screaming baby/enrages a calm person. Lowers all test pools of Mental or Social actions by 2 for duration. (2 Essencse) Calms a raging psycho, Enrages a buddhist monk. Impacts 10 people. -3 to mental/social dice pools.

(3 Essence) May inflict bashing damage (Roll Manipulation + Empathy + vitality – target's Stamina (and cover, if applicable) May shatter wood. requires manifestation to affect corporeal targets. (4 Essence) May inflict lethal damage (Roll Manipulation + Empathy + vitality – target's Stamina (and cover, if applicable) May shatter stone. requires manifestation to affect corporeal targets. (5 Essence) May inflict lethal damage. (Roll Manipulation + Empathy + vitality +1 – target's Stamina (and cover, if applicable) May shatter steel. requires manifestation to affect corporeal targets. Benefit: May spent 1 essence to double the range, area or number of targets of another projected entity's Horror. Forebode-Second Tier Wits + Empathy + vitality. Success indicates a hazy vision of the future or a photo-accurate vision of the past. Visions of the future are dreamlike and never literal. 0 essence: Extends one hour/permits one question 1 essence: Extends one day/permits two questions 2 essence: Extends one week/permits three questions 3 essence: Extends one month/permits four questions 4 essence: Extends one year/permits five questions 5 essence: Extends ten years/permits six questions Benefit: for 1 essence, may add a +2 modifier to a target character's Horror. This modifier stacks with other modifiers. Haunter Horrors Inhabit-Automatic Allows the character to possess an object. Size determined by the size of the object. 0 essence: size 1 objects 1 essence: size 2 objects 2 essence: size 5 objects 3 essence: size 15 objects 4 essence: size 20 objects 5 essence: size 30 objects While inhabiting an object the character must roll Stamina + Crafts + Vitality to affect the object. A success means that the character can perform any function the object is capable of performing normally. Additional successes allow for supernatural effects such as performing repairs on the object or causing unnatural occurrences (walls in a house bleeding, bending objects to attack their users) This may also be achieved by spending an additional essence every two turns. Benefit: For a point of essence, the character can delay another character's horror by binding it to a nearby object for up to three turns.

Witch's Nimbus-second-tier Horror The character spends essence to cover his ghostly form in fire or electricity. Effects determined by essence spent. 0 essence: Generates light equal to a candle's flame. May ignite flammable materials. 1 essence: deals one lethal damage on physical contact. -1 to Stealth rolls. 2 essence: 2 lethal levels on contact. -2 stealth. 3 essence: 3 lethal levels on contact. All hand to hand damage converted to lethal. May fire bolts of electricity or fire 10 yards (Dexterity + Athletics +1 – Defense) -3 stealth. Heat will ignite nearby flammable objects and trigger fire prevention devices if manifested. 4 essence: 4 lethal upon contact, 1 lethal to all characters within 5 feet of user. Ranged attacks suffer a -1 penalty due to brightness of the character. Stealth rolls automatically fail. 5 essence: 2 levels of damage to all characters within 10 feet of the user. May hurl bolts 2x per turn (Dexterity + Athletics +2 – Defense). Ranged attacks suffer a -2 penalty due to brightness of the character. Stealth rolls automatically fail. Benefit: May spent 1 essence to double the duration of another projected entity's Horror. Poltergeist Horrors: Helter Skelter-Automatic May manipulate physical objects within 30 yards. for a number of turns equal to the number of essence spent +1. The character may manipulate physical objects with traits according to the chart below. 0 essence: 1 dot in Strength and Dexterity 1 essence: +1 to either Strength or Dexterity 2 essence: +2 to spend between Strength and Dexterity 3 essence: +3 to spend between Strength and Dexterity 4 essence: +4 to spend between Strength and Dexterity 5 essence: +5 to spend between Strength and Dexterity Attacks use the (Horror's) Strength + brawl + vitality Dexterity determines the amount of objects that can be manipulated. Strength + vitality determines the total weight that can be lifted (as per feats of strength in the WoD corebook) Benefit: may spend 1 essence to add a +2 essence boost to another projected entity's horror. Congeal: Second-tier horror the ghost may make weapons out of his own gauze. Roll Stamina + Crafts + vitality. Success indicates the object is created 0 essence: +1 bonus to hand to hand attacks. Bashing damage. (rocks for fists) 1 essence: +1 bonus to hand to hand attacks. Lethal damage. (small knives for hands) 2 essence: +2 bonus to hand to hand lethal attacks (machetes, small axes) or +1 bonus ranged bashing attacks (darts, quills)

3 essence: +3 bonus to hand to hand lethal attacks, 9 again rule applies (fireman's axe. Claymore sword, chainsaw) or +2 bonus ranged bashing attacks (throwing stones, slingshots) 4 essence: +2 bonus ranged lethal attacks (handguns, rifles) 5 essence: +3 bonus ranged lethal attacks. 9 again rule applies. (shotguns, machine guns) Benefit: may spend 1 essence to add a +2 to damage to another projected entity's horror. The recipient's next attack must be successful. If the attack fails, this essence is wasted. Skinrider Horrors Puppetry-automatic Roll Presence + intimidation + vitality vs. target's Resolve + composure. Essence expended determines duration and degree of control. 0 essence: can do a simple non-dice action. (write or speak a single phrase. change direction of movement. Stop or start walking.) Lasts one turn. 1 essence: as 0 essence expenditure, but can repeat actions on successive turns. Lasts one minute 2 essence: full control of the target's body. may make dice actions. Lasts 1 hour. Victim retains consciousness and memory, but no physical control. If the skinrider takes no action, the victim simply stands limply awaiting instructions. 3 essence: as above, but the character may now "ride" the host, leaving it fully aware and able to act on its own. The skinrider may also telepathically communicate with the host, but this is limited to conversational exchange. The skinrider cannot read the host's memories, only surface thoughts. Lasts 1 hour. 4 essence: As above, but the skinrider can access the host's skills and memories. The skinrider controls what the host does and does not remember. The skinrider may read memories and thoughts of the host freely. Lasts one day. 5 essence: as above. Lasts until the skinrider elects to release the body. Benefit: may spend one essence to add a +2 modifier to a target character's mental or social test pool. This is cumulative with other modifiers. Juggernaut: Second-tier Horror The ghost may spend essence to gain strength, initiative and speed, or Armor. Duration and amount of additional points are determined by essence spent. Armor gained through the use of Juggernaut is of equal value vs. bashing and lethal damage (though it has no effect on aggravated attacks) and has no dexterity or defense penalty. 0 essence: 1 dot in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 1 turn. 1 essence: 2 dots in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 2 turns. 2 esssence: 3 dots in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 3 turns. 3 essence: 4 dots in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 4 turns. 4 essence: 5 dots in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 5 turns. 5 essence: 6 dots in Strength, Armor, or initiative and speed. Lasts 6 turns. Benefit: May spend 1 essence to grant another ghost a +2 bonus to their next strength, dexterity, or stamina-based Horror roll.

Wisp Unearthly Repose: automatic Unearthly repose allows a wisp to add a bonus equal to the number of essence spent to all non threatening social rolls for one scene. A wisp may also use Unearthly Repose to create a ball of light, which anyone who sees it is compelled to follow. The effect is automatic if someone sees it, though viewers may spend a Willpower point and roll Resolve + Composure + advantage trait – the wisp's Presence + vitality to resist. 0 essence- all viewers take 1 step toward the wisp. 1 essence- all viewers follow the wisp, but stopped if distracted in any way. 2 essence- all viewers follow the wisp, ignoring all audible distractions, but stopping if touched or startled. 3 essence- all viewers concentrate hard on the light, stopping only if struck. 4 essence- all viewers will fight physically if restrained from approaching the wisp. 5 essence: all viewers will ignore personal safety to follow the wisp's light, such as walking off a building or into a river. Benefit: may spend one essence to add a +2 modifier to a target character's Presence, Manipulation, or Appearance based Horror. Storm-Wending: second-tier horror The wisp may teleport over distances as well as blink around an area, increasing the difficulty of oncoming attacks. 0 essence- may teleport 5 feet. uses the highest of wits or dexterity for defense for one turn, not the lowest. 1 essence- may teleport 10 yards. -1 penalty to ALL incoming attacks for one turn. 2 essence- may teleport 100 feet. -2 penalty to ALL incoming attacks for one turn. 3 essence- may teleport 100 yards. -3 penalty to ALL incoming attacks for one turn. May teleport one additional willing target. 4 essence- may teleport 1000 feet. -4 penalty to ALL incoming attacks for one turn. May teleport two additional willing targets. 5 essence: may teleport 2500 feet. -5 penalty to ALL incoming attacks for one turn. May teleport three additional willing targets. Benefit: for one vitality, the wisp may grant a target character a re-roll on her next failed horror check, provided that check did not botch. If the next failed horror check is a botch, the essence is wasted. Lasts one hour. If not used by this time, the effect fades. Stains: Envy: Bat's Ears can see through concealment, invisibility and utilize echolocation (roll Wits + Composure +

Spite if needed). -2 to all non-echolocation perception tests while active. Gluttony: Shark's Appetite +2 lethal bite attack. Can eat any object of size 4 or smaller. Lose one essence per scene if nothing is eaten while active. Greed: Pseudopods can grab objects and make hand to hand attacks at a range of 10 feet. Non combat actions taken withpseudopods incur a -2 pool penalty. Must roll wits + composure to keep from using pseudopods for non-combat actions while active. If failed, suffer a -2 dice pool penalty to that action. Lust: Gossamer Webs May expend one essence upon a successful brawl attack to unsheath a layer of "skin" which grapples an opponent with the character's strength. Lose 1 additional essence when passing through any object size 2 or larger. Pride: Chameleon Skin +3 to all stealth rolls. -3 to all social pools while active. Sloth: Carapace Grants 1/1 armor to attacks from behind. -1 to all Dexterity based pools wile active. Wrath: Dagger Tongue +1 lethal brawl attack with a range of seven feet. May not use 10 again on social rolls while active. Cruel and vicious in all speech. Pigment Also called Black Heroin, Blackies, or the Black Death, Pigment is a drug that lets people see ghosts (and occasionally project). Pigment is highly addictive and incredibly dangerous. If someone dies after having used Pigment, they will undoubtedly become a Hue. System: Pigment is a Hallucinogen. Upon taking a normal dose, roll Stamina + Resolve (-3 if swallowed or smoked, -4 if injected or snorted) if successful, the user hallucinates as well as acquires the ability Dead-Eyes. If the roll is failed, the user accidentally projects (basic shade Horror, Vitality of 1, treat as a skimmer, but cannot use Stamina in place of Defense) If the user botches, treat as an overdose with a toxicity rating of 10. Pigment is addictive. Treat as Kindred Vitae for the purposes of addiction.


In case you didn't notice, there are some rules not covered in the v.01 doc. Those will be added below as they are written. Erratta and corrections will appear here as well:

Ghosts and Projectors Hues are their own anchors and do not have anchors that can be resolved or destroyed. The stains on their soul from using Pigment in life tie them to the physical plane. Sleepers and Skimmers use their bodies as anchors for all intents and purposes. Abjuration Projectors and Hues resist abjuration by using resolve + composure + vitality. If the abjuration is successful, the PLE is NOT banished from an area, but in fact loses 1 essence per net success per turn while remaining in the area for the duration of the abjuration. If the PLE leaves and comes back, this loss still applies. Exorcism Roll as indicated in Mind's Eye Theatre for the exorcist. The PLE rolls Resolve + Compusure + Vitality to resist. On draws in which the PLE has less successes, he loses Willpower. A Hue subjected to total Willpower loss from exorcism is destroyed. A Sleeper subjected to total Willpower loss from exorcism is killed, becoming a Hue if appropriate. A Skimmer suffering total Willpower loss from exorcism automatically ripcords back to his body. A PLE may tap PERMANENT SPITE to gain automatic successes to resist exorcism on a onefor-one basis. Blessed Items Do damage to PLE's just as described in Mind's Eye Theatre Damaging Projectors and Hues (PLE's) Unlike ghosts, PLE's do not have Corpus. Sleepers and Hues instead lose essence when they incur damage at the rates below: 1 Essence per level of bashing damage. 2 Essence per level of lethal damage. 3 Essence per level of aggravated damage. If a PLE's essence is reduced to 0, willpower is automatically expended to give the PLE 3 essence (as described above) if essence and willpower are both reduced to 0, a Hue is utterly destroyed and a Sleeper will die, becoming a Hue if appropriate. As long as one point of essence remains, a Sleeper or Hue reduced to 0 willpower retains a tenuous hold on existence.

Skimmers deal with damage differently. All damage dealt to a Skimmer, regardless of type is converted to Bashing damage and applied to the Skimmer's body. Skimmers may use Stamina in place of Defense to resist incoming attacks while out of body for a cost of 1 essence per hour, in addition to the cost of projecting. If a skimmer dies while projecting, that Skimmer will become a Hue if he has ever used Pigment. Effects that reduce Essence rather than deal damage, still affect a Skimmer's essence pool. If a Skimmer's Willpower and Essence are reduced to 0, he automatically ripcords back to his body. Crossover concerns: Geist Geists/Sin-Eaters may not be possessed via Skinriding Power interactions: Inhabit vs. Boneyard (treat as rules for Geists fighting over boneyards, except the PLE rolls wits + Crafts + Vitality Stigmata Boneyard: As per Geist, but if a PLE attempts to enter, use the PLE's Wits + Vitality in place of Power in the description. A PLE drained through Stigmata Boneyard loses Essence in place of Corpus as described. PLEs reduced to 0 Willpower via Stillness Boneyard Level 5 are subject to the normal consequences of losing all their willpower. Inhabit vs. The Industrial Caul PLE rolls wits + Crafts + Vitality vs the Geist's activation roll. Most successes controls the object. Victims of the Phantasmal Caul at Level 5 gain 1 point of temporary Spite for each net success received by the Geist. Pyre-Flame curse reduces the Effectiveness of Witch's Nimbus by 1 essence per level within the effect area. The Tear-Stained Curse cannot impede a PLE's ability to spend willpower to gain essence. All other Willpower expenditures are impacted normally. Fortunately, JDG has very good security. The Industrial Curse used on a Sleeper Cradle would be devastating (and function normally) Attacks on PLEs performed by the animal summoned by the Primeval Curse at Level 5 inflict Aggravated damage in lieu of willpower loss. Stigmata Curse does not impact PLE's while projecting. Stigmata Curse at Level 5 forces a sleeper or skimmer to project. Sleepers forced to project via this power are treated as skimmers

for the duration, but do not retain Skimmer abilities afterward. Projectors cannot manifest while under the influence of this power, nor can they return to their bodies unless they ripcord. Ripcording ends this effect. A PLE may use INHABIT to possess a Homunculus by rolling Stamina + Crafts + vitality vs the Geist's activation roll. This doubles the Essence cost of the Inhabit, if the roll succeeds. Inhabit may resist use of the Industrial Marionette by rolling Stamina + Crafts +vitality vs the Geist's activation roll. If a Geist uses the Passion Marionette on someone being possessed via Puppetry, the power impacts the possessing PLE, not the host. Resolve normally. Wail and Unearthly Repose used against someone affected by the Passion Marionette receive a dice pool penalty equal to the rating of the Geist's Passion Marionette. PLEs use Composure + Vitality as the applied penalty to using the Stigmata Marionette at Level 1 in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap one temporary Spite per turn to resist the effects of this power. PLEs are immune to the Stigmata Marionette at Level 2 as they handle anchors differently than ghosts. PLEs use Composure + Vitality as the applied penalty to using the Stigmata Marionette at Level 3 in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap one temporary Spite per turn to resist the effects of this power. PLEs are immune to the Stigmata Marionette at Levels 4 and 5, by virtue of being immune to the Level 2 power. Projecting Sleepers are considered to be corpses that have been dead for less than a day for the purposes of the Stillness Marionette. Of course, this "corpse" would likely animate inside a Sleeper Cradle, so the usefulness of this power is at best, questionable, but one never knows… Skimmers are more like coma victims than corpses when projecting and therefore immune to the Stillness Marionette. Geists using the Industrial Oracle automatically detect PLEs using Inhabit to possess objects. The Stigmata Oracle functions on PLEs exactly as it functions on ghosts. If a Geist uses the Industrial Rage on an object that a PLE possesses with Inhabit, the PLE may resist by rolling Stamina + Crafts + Vitality. Successes gained by the PLE negate successes gained by the Geist. Passion Rage at Level 4 deals Aggravated Damage to PLEs in lieu of removing Willpower.

Stigmata Rage works as written in Geist. If a Geist uses the Industrial Shroud on an object that a PLE possesses with Inhabit, the PLE may resist by rolling Stamina + Crafts + Vitality. Successes gained by the PLE negate successes gained by the Geist. Geists who become intangible through the use of the Stillness Shroud still interact normally with PLEs. Ceremonies: PLE's resist any and all compulsions based on Ceremonies by rolling Resolve + Compusure + Vitality to resist. A PLE may tap temporary SPITE to gain automatic successes to resist any Ceremony on a one-for-one basis. PLEs resist Warding Circles using the same system as used to resist abjurations. PLEs cannot be affected by Bind Anchor PLEs are affected normally by Warding the Household. Spectral Captivity is resisted by a PLE's Resolve + Vitality. A skimmer can ripcord out of Spectral Captivity, but takes an additional bashing in the process. Plasmic Infusion used on a PLE grants that PLE a point of essence. Eaters of the Dead functions normally on PLEs PLEs cannot be bound into Fetters. PLEs can steal essence from Deathmasks if they have ownership of them. Merits: Disallowed: Unseen Sense. While a PLE might WISH they could unsee things, ghosts and the dead are laid out plainly for them. Dead-Eyes replaces the need for this merit. PLE's have access to certain unique Merits or Merits which have been altered to reflect their unique natures. The following Merits represent new or altered Merits for PLE's Any of these Merits can be purchased with the 4 merit pooints PLEs gain during character creation. Memoriam 1-5 (Hue only): Due to memories and emotional resonance given off by the living people who remember you, you may gain up to your Merit Rating in essence once per week by visiting a spot, specified when this merit is chose, that reflects that emotional energy. Suitable choices include: The Hue's grave, the Hue's place of death, a spot where the Hue took someone's

virginity. Any physical location can be a Memoriam, so long as it is a place that someone (or many someones) living strongly associates with the Hue. Relic 1-5 (Ghostly): This represents an object or item that forms of gauze when a sleeper or skimmer projects, or upon a Hue's death. Carved from the very gauze of the PLE, Relics contain access to powers. Each dot of Relic represents a particular Horror, at a particular essence expenditure, which the PLE can draw upon. As an example. A police officer who dies and becomes a Hue may purchase a Relic pistol at four dots to simulate the Congeal Horror at a 4 essence expenditure. Similarly, a Sleeper who fondly remembers a teddy bear from childhood can infuse it with the calming effect of Wail at a 2 vitality expenditure, as a relic of 2. A relic at rating 1 may instead possess 2 separate zero vitality abilities. A PLE's relic may be summoned at will, and dismissed as easily, by its owner. When dismissed, relics simply vanish, no PLE or scientist is certain where they go. Relics exist only in the spiritual world, and cannot be made solid while manifesting. Superego: 1-3 Prerequisite: Composure 4 Due to strength of will, a very good nature, or a faith in a higher power, a character with Superego adds his dots in Superego to the target number of any roll to resist gaining Spite. Superego does not affect automatic Spite increases, only dice rolls. Dream (functions exactly as described in Mage, with the following exception: May be used only while out of body) Haunt (functions exactly as described in Geist) New Identity (skimmer or sleeper only) Courtesy JDG, (functions exactly as described in Changeling) Status: Licensed Professional (available without prerequisite skills, courtesy JDG) Any Non-Conspiracy specific Merit from the Hunter Book, with JDG as the Conspiracy/Organization as applicable. Also: Etheric Rounds (as described in Hunter) Etheric Goggles (as described in Hunter)

More to come! Crossover Concerns:

Mage: Death Arcanum: Ectoplasmic Shaping is resisted by a PLEs Resolve + Composure + Vitality. This can effect a PLE that has fully manifested. Speak with the Dead functions normally with regard to PLEs. PLEs resist Ghost Summons via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap one temporary Spite per turn to resist the effects of this power. Control Ghost is resisted by the PLEs Resolve + Composure + Vitality Projectors stepping through a Ghost Gate gain full access to their Horrors and are treated as Skimmers for the duration with regard to essence costs and damage. Being in this state exposes the projectors emotions to a raw and horrible degree, doubling the result of any effect that causes an increase in Spite. Interestingly, any projector may end this effect immediately by ripcording. Restore Corpus heals bashing damage done to PLEs. Sleepers and Hues regain Essence first, up to their maximum pool, per Corpus healed by the spell. If successes remain, then LOST WILLPOWER is regained at the rate of one willpower per two successes. Skimmers healed with Restore Corpus heal damage to their physical bodies, at a rate of one point of Bashing damage per success. The Skimmer must be projecting, and the spell used on his gauze, not his body, to receive this effect. Haunting does not impact PLE's unless Death 5 is used, in which case the PLE resists Haunting via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap PERMANENT Spite to gain automatic successes while resisting this power. Devouring the Living impacts PLE's. The targeted PLE resists Devouring the Living via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. Quicken Ghost functions normally on PLEs Summon the Dead can be resisted by a PLE via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap PERMANENT Spite to gain automatic successes while resisting this power. Destroy Bindings: Successes must exceed the PLE's Resolve + composure + vitality. Using the Life Arcanum on a projecting Skimmer's body functions normally. Changes are reflected on the Skimmer's gauze. As Sleepers are technically corpses, they are affected as corpses. Any projector inside their own body are affected by Life normally, and have no special resistance.

the Mind Arcanum impacts PLEs normally, so long as the Mage can interact with the PLE (through Death Sight, etc) Twilight Temple requires the use of a Death 2 ward to prevent PLEs from entry. Siphon Essence can be resisted by a PLE via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. Suspension can affect PLEs normally, but use of Storm Wending can break Suspension. Exorcism can be resisted by a PLE via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap PERMANENT Spite to gain automatic successes while resisting this power. Materialize Spirit can be resisted by a PLE via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. Successful use of this spell causes the PLE to manifest at a minimum 1 essence manifestation. Second Sight: The following apply to Psychic Phenomena when interacting with PLEs: Spirit Channeling permits PLEs to possess the Psychic using the ability if they so choose. This grants the PLE no control other than that granted via Spirit Channeling, unless the PLE then elects to invoke Puppetry. Death Sight works on PLEs just as well as ghosts. PLEs DO NOT instinctively recognize when someone can see them, and must make a Wits + Empathy roll to see if they are noticed with this power unless the Psychic does something obvious, such as staring, waving to the PLE or saying "hey, I can see you" Ghost Calling does not forcibly summon or compel PLEs due to the way PLEs interact with anchors. PLEs are aware of the summon, but not compelled to respond to it. Nor are they given a method of instant travel. They must traverse the distance under their own power. This does provide for a rudimentary method of one way distance communication from the psychic to the PLE, as the PLE can hear the Psychic if the Psychic directly addresses the PLE verbally. While the Psychic uses this power, any PLE in his vicinity can Manifest fully for 0 essence, regardless of Vitality score. Evocation: PLEs resist Evocation via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. PLEs may tap one temporary Spite per turn to resist the effects of this power. Invocation functions normally on PLEs Sacrifice benefits PLEs normally if the ritual is used and specifically targets the PLE.

Second Sight will not only reveal PLEs, but will reveal PLEs possessing people or objects, making it slightly more effective than Dead-Eyes. Soul Jar: A sleeper undergoing suspension is considered a dying person for the purposes of Soul Jar. A skimmer projecting is not. Warding: Warding functions as written in Second Sight. Use the PLEs Presence + Vitality in place of Power for determining if the PLE can enter the Warded area. While inside the Warded area, the Ward's Strength is subtracted from the number of Essence points a PLE may spend to fuel a Horror within that area. If a Ward has a Strength of 5, the PLE may only use 0 essence Horror expenditures AND may not use benefits. If a Ward has a Strength of 6, the PLE may not employ Horrors while inside. PLES may ignore wards for one turn by tapping a point of PERMANENT SPITE. Reliquary The following rules apply to the items found in World of Darkness: Reliquary Entrap Entity: The PLE rolls Resolve + Compusure + Vitality to resist. A skimmer can escape this power by ripcording with no dice roll, but takes an additional level of Bashing Damage in the process. A PLE may tap PERMANENT SPITE to gain automatic successes to resist Entrap Entity on a one-for-one basis. Crossover Concerns: Werewolf: PLES do not suffer Lunacy. Corpse Witness Sleepers and hues bodies are are considered corpses for this power. This will report what the body has witnessed, not the projected soul. A skimmer's body is not a corpse. Word of Quiet affects PLEs normally. PLEs use Stamina + Vitality for this power in lieu of Resistance. Scent of Taint can detect Skimmers and Sleepers who are in their bodies. Bone Whistle is resisted via Resolve + Composure + Vitality in place of Resistance. Success forces PLEs to manifest fully, if able, to the maximum level permitted by their Vitality score. This forces the essence expenditure. Crossover Concerns: Vampire:

Subsume the Lesser Spirit leaves the host body unprotected. PLES may use puppetry on such a Vampire without a dice roll. Essence costs for using Puppetry are reduced by 2 in this scenario. When the Vampire returns, a roll is made and the power's use returns to normal. PLEs are treated as normal supernaturals with regards to Dominate, Majesty, ETC so long as those disciplines do not require a physical body to interact with. PLEs add Vitality as a Power trait per normal vs. these powers. A Sleeper's preserved body does not have blood in it. If a vampire somehow manages to try to feed off of a projecting sleeper, they get a mouthful of Suspension fuid and must see a Storyteller immediately.

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