It is a tragic reflection of the times we live in, that incidents of high school kids – particularly in the USA – committing atrocities

that were once considered beyond the pale, even for adults, are becoming all too common. Mentally disturbed – or, simply, amoral – teenagers are carrying out school shootings and other random acts of senseless violence with distressing regularity. Colombine and Virginia Tech refuse to get erased from our collective consciousness. A recent incident in West Palm Beach, Florida, however, speaks of a depth of depravity almost too horrible to contemplate – more so considering the age of the perpetrators. Avion Lawson, 14, and Nathan Walker, 16, were among a group of about 10 masked suspects who forced their way into a woman's apartment in a crime-ridden hous¬ing project, on the night of June 18. The abomination started innocently enough. A man knocked on the woman's door and told her he had a flat tyre. The mother and her 12-year old son went out¬side and were ambushed by a group of gunwielding suspects. According to the police, the victims were forced back into their home, beaten and sexu¬ally assaulted. The men raped, sodomized and beat the woman, then forced her son to participate in the as¬sault at gunpoint. But the final indignity was yet to come. The 12-year old boy was forced to have sex with his mother in front of them. Still not sated, the perpetrators beat the boy, almost to a pulp and poured numerous household clean¬ing liquids into his eyes. What goes on in the minds of monsters like that? Do they have a mind at all, or do they operate purely on animal instinct? It is not known if the teenagers were on drugs but, even if they were, it still does not offer a rational explanation. People on drugs sometimes act out their deep-rooted fantasies and frustrations. But what kind of mind could even conceive a fantasy of a young boy having sex with his mother and – more abhorrently – getting pleasure from watching that sickening act? And to follow that depraved act by probably impairing the boy’s eyesight for the rest of his life? What did the young innocent do to them? It is probable that they did not even know him. What sort of home environment could turn out children like that? If not the parents, who is to blame: teachers, friends, violent video games? The truth is that none of us have the answers. Not only does there appear to be no cure in sight, even prevention is a pipe dream. Just when society thinks some of its members cannot sink any lower, they continue to surprise us. You cannot prevent something that is beyond your comprehension. Source: Associated Press