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1.Widget ready
2. Option page
3. User friendly with easy navigation, option page (UDASS with font size, color, page width changeable, integrate page navigation,
bread crumb or wp pagers.
4. Blog owner friendly with option page for define function and features, default color scheme to choose from various scheme,
number of sidebar and sidebar position.
5. Accessible.
6. 100% xhtml and CSS validated and follows guidelines.
7. Seo Friendly.
8. Ajax enhancement. (Tabbed browsing, live search, including sidebar recent comments, discussed and emailed tabbed browsing)
9.Jquery plug-in integration. (thick box, ajax login, rounded corner, fish eye menu, yshout etc. )
10. Fast loading
11. WEB 2.0 Look and feel with rounded corner.
12. Cross browser ready. Wordpress 2+ ready

1. Fisheye menu (use highly optimized png images)
2. Ajax slide show
3. page option (UDASS)
4. Live search
5. Dhtml drop down menu for category, sub category browsing.
6. Gallery Link

1. Yahoo UI Pattern comments
2. Gravtar Integrated.
3. Live preview
4. Ajax spell checker.
5. Comments quick tag

Side Bar
1. Widget ready.
2. Moveable anything so that visitor could move left or right.
3. Blog owner able to define right or left, one or two.
4. Sidebar slider integrated. (DHTML)
5. Tabbed browsing discussed, emailed, read build in.

1. Minishow gallery build in, and display images stored in any particular folder, and those images used in blogging.
2. Build in Must have plugins,(translate, google Adsense ready rss auto submit, wp Mobile, etc)

The new Wordpress theme Meyshan has to epitomize Wordpress blogging system. The new Wordpress theme
“Meyshan” should be highly enhanced and build with lots of Ajax. The theme should be 100% XHTML and
CSS Validated theme, also, the theme Meyshan should be widget ready and with option page to easily
customize to user needs. The theme should be tested to run perfectly nice with all the major browser,
including IE, Safari, Opera, and our own Firefox.

The the new Wordpress theme Meyshan should have Ajax tapped browsing, Ajax Live search, Ajax
Comments, 3 column or 2 column(user selection) and also has a static front page. The theme meyshan also
integrated with latest light box, grey box, thick box effects, sweet titles, seo plugins and more.

The highly ajax enhanced Wordpress theme “meyshan” also integrated and bundle with more than 40 useful
must have Wordpress plugins and hacks.
The vision and Idea behind the Wordpress theme Meyshan is to contribute, to the Wordpress community by
providing a theme, with the web. 2.0 kind of look and feel, fast loading, user friendly, and covering all the
aspects of accessibility, search engine friendly and to show how ajax, flex, fijax along with other scriptlous
and moo.fx effect including Lightbox script could play and blend together to create superior blogging theme
for Wordpress.

With the perfect blend of color, widget, plugins, Superior design, user friendly, efficient coding, the theme
meyshan from Meyshan world Inc is expected to become a blog-hold name among bloggers in the world and
expected to established a brand name.We love meyshan and Wordpress, so we decided to make a Wordpress
theme in the name of meyshan to contribute to Wordpress community.

http:/ as described here about the

accessibility of wordpress theme

General requirement for and Wordpress theme as follows:

1. validate (X)HTML using W3C Markup Validation Service.

2. validate CSS using W3C CSS Validation Service.

• website in at least work in IE, FF, Opera and Safari.


• ALT and TITLE attributes to all the images automatically.

• To add the LONGDESC attributes to all your image that need a description.

• To write effective ALT text.

• To make the size of your pages less then 50KB.

• To choose the appropriate filetype for your images.

• To add a description to images that support your content.

• To use plain text instead of images for important content.


• To use a sans-serif typeface with a decent font size for your body text.

• To adjusted the leading and tracking, if necessary, to increase readability.

• To align your body text to the left. (depends on language)

• To use EM or percentages instead of PX.

• To make sure that there are no whole sentences in uppercase.

• To use less then 78 characters, including spaces, per line.

• To make brief and precise paragraphs with explanatory titles.

• To use lists to sum things up.

• To write your conclusion first and then your explanation.

• To create enough contrast between the text and the background.

• To make your website also accessible for text-only browsers.

• To make sure that there are no ‘under construction’ pages.

• To include a print function on pages with a large amount of text.

• To include a print stylesheet.

• To replace all special characters with the ISO Latin-1 codes.

• To spell check your content and To proofread for grammar errors..

• To adjusted the leading and tracking to increase readability.


• To make sure that all your links work. W3C Link checker does the job.

• To include a link to all your main pages on your homepage.

• To include your main navigation on every page.

• To use no more then 8 items in your main navigation.

• To distinguish the active and nonactive page in the menu.

• To use self explanatory link text instead of ‘click here’.

• To use self explanatory link text instead of business terms.

• To make a distinction between visited and non-visited links.

• To make a distinction between links and plain text.

• To add the TITLE attribute to all your links.

• To use breadcrumbs if you have a large amount of pages.

• To include a search option if you have a large amount of pages.

• To make your logo link to your homepage.

• To make a skip to content link at the top of your pages.

• To make a skip to menu link at the top of your pages.

• To make it possible to browse your website using SHIFT-TAB and RETURN.


• To make a consistent page structure.

• To place your logo at the top left.

• To place an explanatory tag line next to your logo.

• To place your search box at the top right.

• To place important content above the fold/scroll.

• To make your design on a grid system.

• To make your design fluid using percentages.

• To make your website also viewable on low resolutions.

• To make custom titles (as in TITLE tag) for all your pages.


• To make sure that users don’t return to an altered form after an error.

• To make a friendly and informative error page.

• To make a friendly ‘thank you’ page with a confirmation email.

• To add only a ’submit’ button and no ‘reset’ button.

• To tell the user what to expect after clicking the submit button.

• To split long forms up into multiply pages.

• To gave the user room to type.

• To place an asterisk when a field is compulsatory.

• To keep the standard look of input fields that is generated by the browser.

• To create a logical order of asking information.

• To use double input fields for passwords only.

• To let the computer, not the user, handle information formatting.

• To make sure that users can fill in the entire form using the TAB key.

• To explain to the user why you ask certain information.

• To explain to the user what you are going to do with that information.

• To use realtime validation using AJAX.

• To use the LABEL tag.

• To place the LABEL above the input field, instead of next to it.

• To choose the correct input type for different data.

• To make the top input field automatically active using setfocus.

• To destinguish the active field from non-active fields using input:focus.

• To use the FIELDSET and LEGEND entities when appropriate.

• To check if your forms also work with Javascript turned off.


• To make sure that essential information/navigation is not made in Flash.

• To make sure that music and videoclips don’t start playing automatically.

• To make sure that music and videoclips can be turned off at any time.

• To inform the user about the size and length of your music and videoclips.

Extra features

• To make a custom 404 page.

• To make a site map.

• To make a rss feed. (if you add content regularly)

• To make a high contrast version of your website.

• To make good looking URL’s (like this one).

• To make sure that there are no frames on your website.

• To make sure that there are no pop ups on your website.

• To make a contact form instead of just an email link.

Exclusive Wordpress theme requirement as follows:-

• Give a web 2.0 look and feel. with rounded corner, with out any images, by using
niftycorner and here
Corners_article_403.aspx or any simillar css effect.

for google ad-sense integration use catfish


• Widget ready theme with option page.

• Use Fishey style menu in top using dojo tool kit, and jquerry.

Rest of the menu should be tapped browsing shall use shocker fish style menu as in

• Header image should be rotatable, with ajax slide show.

• The should be Accessible and should use unobtrusive Javascript

• Have live search in right side, with moo.fx fade in fade out effect.

• In build minishow script for photo, effect given such as minishowgallery effect, and greybox, light box,
etc. use minishowgallery and create a effect of there. You can see
the example at and at

• Enhance and power the theme with ajax, moo.fx, scriptlous, jquerry.

• Two column and three column option ( user should be able to select through
option page)

• Include option page and Widget ready theme.

• guidelines should be followed and 100% xhtml should be validated.

• Full Sidebar Widgets support,

• Live search
Use nifty corner instead of images to created rounded corner as given here.

• Authorinfo box

• Fully IE 7 compliant, and Firefox, safari, opera, netscape complaint.

• Lightbox js, grey box, thick box to be integrated

• Degradable ajax livesearch

• Degradable ajax comments

• Fully Wordpress 2.0+ complaint

• WP Hack: AjaxWp Enhancement.

• Integrated Quticktags

• Integrated multi-author support.

• AJAX enhanced Paged Comments, using yahoo ui as per the sample here • WP
Comments built with Yahoo! UI

• Degradable AJAX Inline Content expansion/shrinkage

• Degradable AJAX Inline Comments

• Degradable AJAX Calendar

• Inegrated LiveArchive With Extended Live Archive plugin found and activated

• Integrated Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin

• Integrated WP-Short-Keyword plugin

• Integrated Brian’s Latest Comments plugin by Brian Meidell

• Integrated Get Recent Comments plugin by Krischan Jodies

• Integrated WP-Sociable

• Integrated Gravatars 2.0

• Integrated Optimal Title plugin

• Integrated Ryan Prins’s Amazon Wishlist plugin

• Integrated xfish_meta plugin

• Integrated Landing Sites plugin

• Integrated Dustin Diaz’ Sweet Titles

• Integrated UDASSS-based scheme switcher.

• Inegrated Spam Karma 2.x

• Dozens of different schemes are available

Integerate tacotin pareser as shown here where ever


use wp extended page navigation along with bread crump and use pages as show in the link

• Configurable Asides/shorties functionality

Other functionality refer this article

For accessibility needed in wordpress theme meyshan refer this article

• Integrates the search hilite plugin by Ryan Boren

As we wanted use as much as of jquery plugins, to make sure this theme is showcase of jquery and to
make sure this theme is does not conflict with too many different javascript, I would request you to
integrate the following jquery plugin in addition to the list submitted above.

1. Tootip. We are currently using dustindiaz tool tip, please change that to
2. We wanted to ensure movable anything inbuild in our theme, instead of this you can use this to give a same effect.
3. To subcribe you can use this
4. To validate contact forum and for signup page validation you can use this
5. for forum you can use this
6. Please check this link
which has ie zoom plugin, what i really want you to see in this page, is while you scroll down, keep a
eye on the header bar in the top, since, we have the sidebar slider, with this, it would make very easy
for user to access the links any time they want, pure accessibility with java script.

7. dynamic loading of plugin

8. Instead of j reflection you are using to reflect the logo use this

9. hope this has been used already, if not do it.

10. spy can this be used to display live action of the blog,
somewhere the blog, such as guest, user, comments, etc.

We need a totally bug free Ajax enhancement, hence, the ajax enhancement do not stop any plugin
being working.

2. We need a very good theme design, even then the design intially part of this project, now being
awarded to you as separte project, but make sure, you deliver a excellent design, with web 2.0 look. We
want the header bar to still slimer. Make sure the theme is TABLESS.

3. All the plugin that has been asked to be inbuilt, should be inbuild and integrated. The plugin we
have asked it should support, can have the support.

4. As we wanted to have this theme to be jquery showcase, we wanted you to use least 15 plugins we
have listed earlier, if not all.

5. You own gallery which you are in building with the theme, should be better than the Minishowcase
gallery. if not please inbuild minishowcase the ajax gallery.

6.The theme should fast loading, seo friendly, user friendly blog owner friendly. Most imporantly the
theme should 100% accessible and with 100% xhmtl and css validation.

7. Over 70 days we haven't seen the wayrang style login or signup, we did not see the yahoo ui style
commenting system, we would like to the see dhtml slider, the side bar slider in action, along with
extended live archieve.

8. If you could not not use the movable anything for any reason then make sure, the blog reader can
shift the sidebar through the option page.

9. Hope the theme Control panel is unique and user could control every part of the theme, and the
inbuild plugins right from here.

10. Accessible Ajax contact for validation should be on typing it should be live, adbrte integration, most
emailed, most read, most discussed in minitabbed browsing can you use the meyshan 6in1 here?,
fisheye menu, etc.

Once you finish the theme, along with the theme, i want you to send a report, on the feature of finished theme and installation as
well as configuration instruction of the theme.

2. Please update me today, with the remaining feature to be done if any in the theme.

3. We were suppose to have yahoo ui + yahoo exit based commenting system for our wordpress theme. Latter you promised you
will provide exactly similar feature and functionlaity and effect using jquery thickbox. Hope you have done that. Though, i could
not see that in the test blog.

4. The theme design you were suppose to make it as web 2.0 look and feel with similar to tab in, and default to color
scheme of hope you have done that.

5. Which version of minishow gallery you are using, hope the lattest version has been installed and configured to use the wp-
content/uploads directory as the default image directory and with the link here.

6. Hope you have modified the contact forum as requested.

7. We were suppose to have in the sidebar, tabbed browsing for the most mailed, most read, most commented, similar to business
week page, as shown example, as discussed and agreed hope you have done that.

8. Hope all the (least most of them are inbuild and integraed with the theme say 90%) plugins are inbuild, and few are supported.
Make sure requested plugins are inbuild and integrated within the theme.
9. Can you confirm numbers of jquery plugins you have used. I hope you have used those i provided in the lattest list, if not all as
we wanted as per the initial documents.

10. The catfish, back ground color should changed to make it more vibrant and eye catching. Please check the sample link i send
you earlier, for you convenience i am providing you here...

11. we were suppose to have similar visual pull sign like this hope you have done that.

12. what happened with the fisheye menu, exactly where are you using that.

13. Log in system. hope you have exactly similar to this and the signup, page similar
as requested. The pop over, features, look and feel etc.

14. The ajax slide show should be exactly as discussed and agreed should be below the slim head bar, in that way it acts sort of
header image rotator hope you have used the techonlogy found here index.php/weblog/comments/ajax_slideshow/

. To make a skip to menu link at the top of your pages.

What do you mean by this?

I mean bottom of the post and the page Pagination with previous and next navigation feature should be implemented, along with a
link top, where on click either using moo.fx effect, the page should scroll back to top.

2. To make a friendly and informative error page.

Will be done as part of form validation and Ajax submission. Done as 404 page.

The error page style should be similar to dunstan error page, or inbuild and configure the dusntran style error page plugin.

3. Use all the jquery plug ins, including thickbox, yshout, fisheye menu from tool tips, etc. found here Please note all plug-in has to be part and parcel of the theme. For all images, thick box image plug in to
be modified in that, way, it is automatically adds, necessary class, while the user adds images.
J query, Curvy corners and Thick box used. Farbtastic will also be used.

If not all, as per the earlier least, i want you to use the maximum no of jquery plugin, to enhance the theme. As told, this should be
also a showcase for jquery.

4. . Ajax contact form

Underlaying PHP code finished. Javascript Validation finished. Ajax needs to be added on top.

Ajax contact forum, as we had several discussion, here in RAC, and in the blog it should secure, accessibile just like the theme.

Drop down subject line, ajax validation, ajax submission etc, please refer to earlier discussion.

5. Movable anything
We need this, i have installed this earlier it used to work fine. If we can not install this, as per the earlier idea and discussion we
had, we should have under the page option, where in the reader can change the alignment like width of the page, moving side bar
etc. as per the sample and discussion we had.

6. search hi light, landing sites, and tag warrior plugin have been attached for your convenience, as you said, you could not find
some of them. and i have attached side bar slider plugin also, all of which has to integrated and inbuilt within the theme like other

7. you download and view the tagcloud plugin, which you said
you did not understand, this has to inbuild inside the theme as mentioned in the document, can we in build it in the footer. what is
your feeling.
Further Ingreated support for the following plugin is required

Plugin Version Description Action

A version of the WordPress calendar that

uses AJAX to allow the user to step
through the months without updating the
page. Additionally, a click on the ‘expand’
Giraffe AJAX Calendar 2.1 Deactivate
link shows all the posts within that month,
inside the calendar. Caching of content can
be enabled to increase speed. By John

A fuller featured 404 error page modeled

Dunstan-style Error Page 1.2 from By Deactivate
Andrew Ferguson.

Implements a dynamic archive, inspired by

Binary Bonsai and the original Super
Extended Live Archives 0.10beta-r18 Archives by Jonas Rabbe. Visit the ELA Activate
option panel to initialize the plugin. By
Arnaud Froment.

Post comments quickly without leaving or

AJAX Comments 2.07 Deactivate
refreshing the page. By Mike Smullin.

A very simple plugin that allows you to

use ajax to retrieve post contents in-line
Inline Ajax Posts 1.0 for your users. For those that don’t have Activate
javascript it displays a link as usual. By
Aaron Dowden.

Akismet checks your comments against

the Akismet web serivce to see if they look
like spam or not. You need a API key to use this
service. You can review the spam it
Akismet 1.15 Deactivate
catches under “Manage” and it
automatically deletes old spam after 15
days. Hat tip: Michael Hampton and Chris
J. Davis for help with the plugin. By Matt

AJAX Random Images 0.2b Randomly select and show specific Activate
number of images out of a directory and its
subdirectory.Specially configed for the
Wordpress build-in upload mechanism. By

The MOD of spellchecker plugin for

wordpress using this Ajax spellchecker By
Ajax Spell Checker 0.6 Activate
zz85 & m0n5t3r & emil & broken-

Adds easily “add this page to my

favourites” and “make this your
Add To Favourites 0.1 Deactivate
homepage” icons and texts By Atanas

A widget to display the content of the n

most recent posts from the specified
Asides widget 1.0 Deactivate
category - designed for aside usage. By
James Carppe.

This plugin inserts a flag set to the top of

the WordPress sidebar. The base language
is pulled from the wp-config file. When a
visitor selects a flag, your webpage is
Auto Translator 0.1b Activate
automatically translated via one of several
on-line automatic language processing
tools. No guarantees on the accuracy of the
translation! By Thom Skrtich.

Display image (if present) and/or name for

Author Image(s) 0.9 the author of a post, or for all authors on Activate
the blog. By Scott Reilly.

Display your chat widget from meebo me.

Add <?php if
meebo me Plugin 1.1 (function_exists('echo_meebome')) Activate
echo_meebome(); ?> where you want the
widget to display. By Ajay D'Souza.

This shows an overview of the recently

active articles and the last people to
comment on them. Original idea and code
fixes contributed by Michael Heilemann.If
Brian's Latest Comments 1.5.10 Deactivate
you have Dunstan’s Time Since installed,
this plugin uses it for the title=”" attributes
on the comments and posts. (For
WordPress 1.5) By Brian Meidell.

Adds a breadcrumb navigation showing

the visitor's path to their current location.
Breadcrumb Navigation XT 1.5 For details on how to use this plugin visit Deactivate
Breadcrumb Nav XT. By Michael

wp-alexify 2.4 Adds a popup on all hrefs that shows the Activate
homepage as recorded by alexa. By Cal
Evans .

Automatically compress your CSS files:

GZIP and remove comments. “Comment
CSS Compress .3b hacks” will be removed as they are Activate
contained in comment tags.. By Jeff

Sends an email to a specified address on a

per-category basis. Copyright 2005 Scott
cat2email 2.1 Deactivate
Merrill, licensed under the GPL. By Scott

A quick drop-in implementation of sIFR

2.0 Flash-based nice graphical titles.
CG-FlashyTitles 1.4.1 Activate
Please find a way to support
CHAITGEAR! By David Chait.

Adds “Color” button on your admin

Post/Page toolbar which you can easily
CA-ColorPicker 0.3 Activate
change your post’s font color. By Cosa

Inserts a quicktag toolbar on the blog

comment form. js_quicktags is a slightly
Comment Quicktags + 1.1 modified version of Alex King’s newer Deactivate
Quicktag.js plugin modified from original
found here. By Dan Cameron.

Control the layout of Canvas-compatible

Canvas 1.1.4b Activate
blogs. By Fresh Pursuits.

Generates a customizable sitemap

Dagon Design Sitemap
2.6 containing all posts and pages. (Configure Deactivate
options in your admin panel) By Aleister.

At the bottom of every post, links are

Posts by Author 1.4 shown for that author’s last X posts. See Deactivate
options page for config. By Aleister.

Allows you to edit your post inline, right

Edit N Place 0.6 on the front page of your blog. By Sean Activate

Enable You To Send Your Webblog Entry

WP-EMail 2.06 Deactivate
To A Friend. By GaMerZ.

Expand Comments 1.1 This plugin gives the blog an “Expand Deactivate
Comments” link at the bottom of each
post. When clicked, the comments will be
added below the post using AJAX. Some
index.php editing is required” By Andrew

Manage future events as an online

calendar. Display upcoming events in a
dynamic calendar, on a listings page, or as
Event Calendar 3.1._rc2 a list in the sidebar. You can subscribe to Activate
the calendar from iCal (OSX) or Sunbird.
Change settings on the Event Calendar
Options screen. By Alex Tingle.

Inline Image Enlarger Plugin By Andy

Enlarger 1.0 Activate

Adds sidebar widgets for Event Calendar

and Upcoming Events. Requires the
EventCalendar and Widget plugins. After
Event Calendar Widget 3.1._rc2 Activate
activating, please visit Sidebar Widgets to
configure and arrange your new widgets.
By Darrell Schulte.

This plugin allows you to put a flash

slideshow on your site. Image upload and
Flashfader 1.1 Activate
configuration via the admin panel. By
Marcus Grellert.

Provides PHP functions to display a

Fold Page List 1.4 Activate
folding page tree By Rob Schumann.

Flash Quicktag will add a tag in the post

Flash Quicktag 1.0 forms. It will insert XHTML valid Flash Activate
code for your flash files. By Sajid Saiyed.

A plugin that lets you post quick sidenotes

fQuick 1.2 with links on your blog By Fredrik Deactivate

Display the most recent comments or

trackbacks with your own formatting in
Get Recent Comments 1.2 the sidebar. Visit Options/Recent Deactivate
Comments after activation of the plugin.
By Krischan Jodies.

Muestra mediante ajax una URL desde tu

GreyBox Plugin 2.0 2.0 Deactivate
web. By Andres Nieto.

Adds the necessary JavaScript code to

enable Google’s Analytics. After enabling
Google Analyticator 1.4 this plugin visit the options page and enter Deactivate
your Google Analytics’ UID and enable
logging. By Ronald Heft, Jr..

Gravatars 2.6 This plugin provides an administrative Activate

interface to control default gravatar
options. Registered users can also
(optionally) define local gravatar images
that will override their
default. Copyright 2005 Scott Merrill;
Licensed under the terms of the GPL. By
Scott Merrill.

Implements Gravatars (global avatars: with enhanced caching
support, cron support, & administrative
interface to control default options.
Gravatars2 2.5.2 Deactivate
Registered users can use local Gravatars
(also cached). Copyright 2006 Kip Bond;
Licensed under the terms of the GPL. By
Kip Bond.

Refreshes the cached gravatar images

using a pseudo-cron implementation —
Requires WP-Cron
Gravatars2 WP-Cron 1.1 ( Deactivate
cron-14/) & Gravatars2
( By Kip

Muestra mediante ajax una URL desde tu

GreyBox Plugin 1.0 Activate
web. By Andres Nieto.

Assigns specified author profile

Get Author Profile 0.5.1 information to global variables for use in Activate
your blog. By Kaf Oseo.

AJAX powered contact form for

WordPress.Licensed under the MIT
Holler 0.8 Deactivate
License, Copyright © 2005-2006 Jamie
Talbot. By Jamie Talbot.

This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the

hope and enthusiasm of an entire
generation summed up in two words sung
most famously by Louis Armstrong: Hello,
Hello Dolly 1.5 Activate
Dolly. When activated you will randomly
see a lyric from Hello, Dolly in the upper
right of your admin screen on every page.
By Matt Mullenweg.

AJAX powered clock for

WordPress.Licensed under the MIT
Hottaimoijiruna 0.3 Activate
License, Copyright © 2005 Jamie Talbot.
By Jamie Talbot.

IM Online Plugin/Widget 2.8 Display status for MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, Activate
Jabber and ICQ via By
Martin Fitzpatrick.

Replaces Post headlines with PNG images

of text, from ALA’s Dynamic Text
Replacement. Includes soft-shadows,
Headline Images 2.8 improved configuration, and previews. Activate
Configure on the Headline Images
Configuration page. By Brian
"ColdForged" Dupuis.

A flexible way to include photos in your

Inline Gallery 0.2 posts. After activation go to Options → Activate
Inline Gallery to configure. By m0n5t3r.

A very simple plugin that allows you to

use ajax to retrieve post and comment
contents as well as the add comment box
Inline Ajax (front) Page 1.52 in-line for your users. This plugin also Activate
submits the comment box using AJAX.
For those that don’t have javascript it
displays links as usual. By Aaron Dowden.

Provides navigation controls for

In Series 2.0 next/previous within a connected series of Activate
posts By Scott Merrill.

PHP ImageManager + Editor for

WordPress. It will not be enabled until you
have configured it via the Options >>
ImageManager 2.3.7 Deactivate
ImageManager menu. *** Requires
Wordpress 2.0 *** Licensed under the
MIT License. By Per Soderlind.

Display inline comments on the main page

Inline Ajax Comments 0.3 using ajax. Based on code by Mark Activate
Jaquith. By Peter Kashou.

Allows keywords to be associated with

each post. These keywords can be used for
Jerome's Keywords 1.9 page meta tags, included in posts for site Deactivate
searching or linked like Technorati tags.
By Jerome Lavigne.

Keyword Tags 0.80 When installed this plugin adds the ability Deactivate
to Wordpress to associate keywords or tags
with posts. These keywords may either be
created or edited within Wordpress, or by
using a tool such as Ecto or Windows Live
Writer which supports the Metaweblog
API. This plugin offers the ability to
automatically append the keywords to
posts in formats such as Technorati or
Wordpress tags meaning there is no need
to edit any theme files. If custom
behaviour is required the user can use the
simple API to control the output and
formatting of tags within their theme. By
Andrew Grant.

Framework for King Widgets + King

Plugins. Contains Functions, Language,
King_Framework 0.70 Javascripts used by all Widgets. On the Activate
Options page you can set some global
switches. By Georg Leciejewski.

Activate to supply users with a live

comment preview. Use the function <?php
Live Comment Preview 1.7 live_preview() ?> to display the live Deactivate
preview in a different location. By Jeff
Minard & Iacovos Constantinou.

Une meilleure intégration de

l’incontournable Lightbox 2 de Lokesh
Dhakar. Ce script permet d’afficher
Lightbox+ 0.1 Deactivate
dynamiquement les titres et descriptions
des images, les redimensionne à la volé, et
enfin, offre un petit diaporama. By XBA.

Replaces the WordPress frontend with a

faster, templated frontend. Once enabled,
LightPress 1.2.0-b2 go to the “LightPress” menu to customize Activate
your installation. By Ludovico
Magnocavallo, Jerome Lavigne.

View your website activity in real time. By

Live 0.2 Activate
Sean Hickey.

Makes a microsummary of your latest blog

post. More about Microsummaries for
WP-Microsummary 0.91 Deactivate
Firefox 2.0+ ($Rev: 47 $) By Johannes la

Drag and drop anything anywhere. A web

Movable Anything 0.2 Deactivate
2.0 plugin. By Daniel Cameron.

Make your dashboard look quite a bit

WP-MooDash 1.2 better with the moofx libraries. By Chris Deactivate

Landing sites 1.3 When visitors is referred to your site from Deactivate
a search engine, they are definitely looking
for something specific - often they just
roughly check the page they land on and
then closes the window if what they are
looking for isn’t there. Why not help them
by showing them related posts to their
search on your blog? This plugin/guide
lets you do that, works with a long list of
search engines! Plugin is made with help
from these scripts: http://www.w-a-s-a-b-
related-entries-20/ - - By
The undersigned.

Make your posts compact with the moofx

WP-Moopost .80 Activate
libraries. By Chris O'Rourke.

This plugin will allow you to add a widget

to your posts that lets users submit your
Netscape Widget 1.0 posts to Netscape. Don’t forget to add the Deactivate
<?php nw_scapeThis(); ?> code in your
Single Post file. By Derek van Vliet.

This plugin will give you two functions

that will give you links to the
Next/Previous Post in same
v 0.2 next/previous post in the same category as Activate
the current post. By Jennifer -

Mirrors the function of wp_title() exactly,

but moves the position of the ’separator’ to
Optimal Title 1.0 Deactivate
after the title rather than before. By Aaron

Adds functions to distinguish authorised

Official Comments 1.1 Deactivate
WP user’s comments. By Brett Taylor.

Shows users currently on the site By Tim

AJAXed Who's Online 0.61 Activate

Enables You To Have A Rating System For

WP-PostRatings 1.03 Deactivate
Your Post By GaMerZ.

A more customizable version of the built-

Previous Posts widget 1.0 Deactivate
in Recent Posts widget. By James Carppe.

Post-BOX allows you an easy navigation

Post-BOX 1.0 Activate
through your blog By Miquel Casas.

Photo/Image Gallery Plugin for a

Popup Image Gallery 4.2.3 Activate
WordPress Page By Andy Staines.

Accept input from reBlog, placing

reBlog 1.1 published items in regular WordPress Activate
weblog. By Michal Migurski.
Returns a list of the related entries based
Related Posts 2.02 on active/passive keyword matches. By Deactivate
Alexander Malov & Mike Lu.

This plugin will automatically submit your

blog rss feed and submit it to several rss
RSS Auto Submit 1.0 Activate
directories once per month. By BlackHat

Retrieve the name of a randomly chosen

file in a given directory. Useful for
displaying random images/logos or
Random File 1.0 Activate
including text from random files onto your
site (writing excerpts, multi-line quotes,
etc). By Scott Reilly.

This generator will create a Google

Google Sitemaps 2.7.1 compliant sitemap of your WordPress Deactivate
blog. By Arne Brachhold.

Speedy Cat adds a new section to the

“Create a new post” page that allows you
to create a new category to post in without
Speedy Cat 1.1 having to go to another page to create it. It Deactivate
automatically adds a new
checkbox/category name pair to the list of
categories. By Jonathan Fenocchi.

Works with the plugin "Theme Switcher"

Smilies Switcher 1.0.1 to switch the smilies per theme. By Activate

Allows readers to recieve notifications of

new comments that are posted to an entry
Subscribe To Comments 2.0.4 Deactivate
By Mark Jaquith and Jennifer

Add social bookmark links to your posts.

Social Bookmark Links 0.3a Deactivate
Config Instructions By Thomas McMahon.

Inserts search engine optimized title tags

using custom field (if defined) or tag name
SEO Title Tag 1.0 for tag pages generated by Deactivate
UltimateTagWarrior plugin By Stephan
Spencer, Netconcepts.

SpotMilk is the admin theme for

WordPress 2.0, which is inspired by
Spotlight on Mac OS X Tiger and the Milk
SpotMilk 1.7 Deactivate
theme by Max Rudberg, and the main
layout is based on the default admin theme
in WP 2.0. By Sunghwa Park.
Terms of use • Doc/FAQ • Support forum
— Adds a class="external" to all outbound
External Links 2.1 Deactivate
links. Use <a class="no_icon" …> to
disable the feature. By Denis de Bernardy.

Another way for file uploading and

TaM Attachment 0.1.3 editting attachments. By Takayuki Deactivate

Allows you to place a realtime comment

Textile Live Preview (AJAX preview with support for Textile. Based on
0.2 Deactivate
Version) code by Jeff Minard. By Jeff Minard &
Joen Asmussen..

Show Top 10 posts on your blog and count

Top 10 posts, Views per
1.2 visits per post By Mark Ghosh Activate

Allow your readers to switch theme.

Configure on the Options > Theme
Theme Switcher 2.0 Switcher page. Don’t forget to add Activate
get_theme_switcher() function in your
templates… By Mr Peer.

Translates blog dynamically (from

English) to eight languages - German
sample, Spanish sample, French sample,
Italian sample, Portuguese sample,
Japanese sample, Korean sample, Chinese
(simplified) sample. The translated pages
Translator 1.1 Activate
can be bookmarked for future use. Note: It
assumes the base language of the blog as
English. It requires curl libraries on your
system and available from PHP. Internally
Google Translator services are used. By
Angsuman Chakraborty.

Muestra mediante ajax una URL desde tu

ThickBox Plugin 2.1 1.0 Deactivate
web. By Andres Nieto.

A simple plugin to use UTW tags as

Tags in the Head RC 1 META Keywords in your HEAD By Kirk Deactivate

Displays the n most popular tags in a tag

Popular Tags for UTW
1.0 cloud - requires Ultimate Tag Warrior! By Deactivate
James Carppe.

Activate this plugin to make the server

Site Unavailable 1.0 unavailable to everyone, except admin. By Activate
Meyshan World Inc..

Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.141 Ultimate Tag Warrior is a tagging pluging, Deactivate
that’s heavy on tag visualisation. By
Christine Davis.

Add tags to wordpress. Tags and tag/post

Ultimate Tag Warrior 1.3 Legacy associations are seperated out for great Deactivate
justice. By Christine Davis.

Renders an archive view, based on tags.

Ultimate Tag Warrior: Tag
1.0 Depends on Ultimate Tag Warrior 2.5.1+ Deactivate
By Christine Davis.

QuickTime Video Enable comments on your videos By John

1.2b Deactivate
Comments Schimmel & Shawn Van Every.

Very fast cache module. It’s composed of

several modules, this plugin can configure
wp-cache 2.0.17 and manage the whole system. Once Activate
enabled, go to “Options” and select “WP-
Cache”. By Ricardo Galli Granada.

A navigation tree for displaying wordpress

post archives based on dtree. It can
generate archive trees based on a monthly
WP-dTree 2.2 or yearly basis, catergory trees and page Deactivate
trees. This version also has built in support
for scriptaculous effects. By Christopher

Lightbox JS v2 is a simple, unobtrusive

script used to to overlay images on the
current page written by Lokesh Dhakar.
WP lightbox 2 0.3 Add rel=”lightbox” attribute to any link Deactivate
tag to activate the lightbox. This plugin
integrate its feature into your WordPress
blog. By Safirul Alredha.

A Clickable Smilies hack for WordPress.

This is a slightly modified version of Alex
WP Grins 1.1.1 King’s original version, updated for Deactivate
WordPress 2.x compatibility. By Alex

Redirect mobile devices to a mobile

WordPress Mobile Edition friendly interface. Version 1.8, compatible Deactivate
with WP 1.5.x/2.x. By Alex King.

PageNav 0.0.1 Header Navigation. By Adi Sieker. Deactivate

WP Wetfloor is a WordPress wrapper for

Cow’s Reflection.js, it adds reflections
WP Wetfloor 1.6-a Deactivate
(a.k.a. the wetfloor effect) to images on
your Wordpress blog. By Shirley Man.
After working with WordPress for several
months now, I felt the Administration area
needed a little “freshening up”. I wanted
Tiger Style Administration 2.01 Activate
the utility to feel more like an application,
and less like a traditional website. By
Steve Smith.

A simple plugin to make WordPress load

the scriptaculous library to be used with
WP-Scriptaculous 1.6.1 Deactivate
other plugins that require it. By
Christopher Hwang.

Microformat Resume plugin lets you

creates a new page in your blog
specifically designed to present your
resume in a visual form that is viewable by
Microformat Resume Plugin 1.0 Activate
people and computers. This plugin in
100% compliant with hResume
Microformat. Brought to you by the Sajid
Saiyed. By Sajid Saiyed.

Adds an extended page navigation to

wp-pager2 2.0 Deactivate
Wordpress. By lifesinger.

Calendar and Event calendar 3.0 widget ->

King Calendar Widget 0.61 only usefull if events plugin is installed By Deactivate
Georg Leciejewski.

Adds a sidebar widget to let users search

Google Search widget 1.0 your site with Google. By Automattic, Activate

Adds a sidebar widget to display widget 1.0 Deactivate links By Automattic, Inc..

This plugin will parse all files in the

current directory with the wg_ prefix and
register them as side bar widgets (if
WidgetWorks 0.2 possible). I’ve included two widgets that Activate
override meta and pages adding the
functionality took out. By
James Kelly.

This plugin adds a more advanced

WYSIWYG editor to the Wordpress post
editing screen. It includes advanced image
WYSI-Wordpress 4.1 handling, including on-the-fly thumbnail Deactivate
resizing and compression. It also includes
Martin Chlupác’s excellent Iimage
Manager v 1.4.1. By

King_Categories_Widget 0.93 Adds a sidebar Categorie widget and lets Deactivate

users configure every Aspect of the
Category list. Screwing around in this long
xxxing wp_list array ends here! By Georg

Up to 10 sidebar Link widgets and lets you

King_Links_Widget 0.65 configure every Aspect of the Link list. By Deactivate
Georg Leciejewski.

Adds “Sidebar Widgets” panel under

Sidebar Widgets 1.0.20060711 Deactivate
Presentation menu By Automattic, Inc..

Adds a Text widget Options are: in which

category or Site Area to show + php/Html
King_Text_Widget 0.69 Deactivate
output + the html before and after the
Widget. By Georg Leciejewski.

Advanced Search Box Widget including

Category Dropdown and Search Word
King Search Widget 0.52 Deactivate
Spellcheck Suggestion By Georg

A plugin that creates a live shoutbox, using

AJAX as a backend. Users can chat freely
on your blog without refreshing the page!
It uses the Fade Anything Technique for
Wordspew eXtended 1.18 Deactivate
extra glamour. This is a Further
development of Jalenacks Work on
By Georg Leciejewski.

Adds a sidebar Pages widget and lets users

King_Pages_Widget 0.53 configure every Aspect of the Pages Deactivate
Navigation list. By Georg Leciejewski.

Tries to deal correctly with the meta tags

of posts like “keywords” and
“description”. Just insert the custom fields
‘keywords’ and ‘description’ in a post,
XFish Meta 0.7
‘keywords’ being a comma separated list
of keywords for that post, ‘description’ a
short description about that post. By Dirk