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2 machineries and office equipment -computer -printer -air conditioner -office supplies -dividers -drawers -cleaning materials -fire extinguisher -electricfan 7.3 utilities -electricity -water supply -telephone -internet connections 7.4 service -recruiting people(job seekers)

-providing employee to the clients 7.5 production schedule IRA should recruit atleast 15 employees a month ( 5 employees to every client) 7.6 operations schedule IRA operates from Monday to Friday with a minimum of 8 hours a day including regular and special holidays.

7.7 manpower requirement

Our company consist of HR manager and staffs for hiring, recruiting, and deployment. Every position requires a degree of any four year business course.

7.8 employees uniform

All epmployees within the company should wear proper attire.


With challenging business objectives, getting efficient manpower recruits for your organization is not a simple task. The changing technology and business pressures has led

to the increase in the overall scope of work. Finding the right kind of people with specified skills requires a lot of time and resources. Manpower recruitment agencies have two way responsibilities. Firstly to provide skilled manpower to their clients and secondly to provide good opportunities to the candidates who apply through them. This means a lot of responsibility and there has to be clarity from both ends to enable the manpower recruitment companies to provide the right results to both its counterparts. It may sound easy but it is a difficult task. Manpower recruitment is a job of an expert because everyone cannot determine a person during an interaction of few minutes. A good understanding of the human psyche should be developed. If, you do not have the resources and the time for a long in-house process, it is advisable that you opt for an offshore manpower recruitment agency.

Title of the study: a feasibility study on Recruitment Agency

Name of the business

The business proponents came up Immediatum Recruitment Agency as the name of our business. Immediatum comes from the Latin word which means AGAD in Tagalog and Recruitment Agency , an organization that finds jobs for people seeking them and finds people to fill particular jobs.

Mission -to run a profitable business providing an increase to the employees socio-economic condition.

-to provide a fastadous employment for the job seeker suitable to their chosen field.

-to enhance their power to perform a specific task and broadening their knowledge.


Your oppotunities start here....


To be the leading recruitment agency that attract, screen, select and onboard a qualified person for a certain job.we attempt to match the employment needs of an employer with a worker having the required skill set and interests.

Objectives of the study

To develop a client relationship that begins with networking to establish relationships with companies either in the geographical area of the agency or in the industry niche in which the agency specializes. Recruiters associated with a client's account are responsible for interpreting the client's needs and the company culture so they can conduct a targeted search for candidates.

to become the expert adviser whom clients automatically turn to when they have employment needs.

To screens future employees and attempts to successfully match them with a job.

Description of the study

The study is about putting up a recruitment agency .our study wants to highlight the important contribution of this kind of business not only to the employee being place to a particular job but also to the government and its economic condition. People now can directly seek a job and put them to the position that are suitable to their abilities and knowledge.

F. SWOT Analysis


The location of the business is accessible enough to meet our target market.

The business will easily catch the interest of the customers for Filipinos arefond












offeredand other features being presented

Kalye Ocho will provide alternative foods for those who want to be a spend thrift

It provides modern communication tools including print ads and website that willenable to build a connection between the business and the customersWeaknesses

The perception of some that street foods are unhealthy and unsafe

Maintenance of special features of the store is quite costly.Opportunies

Street foods are not normally presented in a typical restaurant and this willserve as an opportunity for the proponents to give a different impact orapproach regarding the kinds of food we cater through safety and qualityassurance

The business would be the first restaurant that caters street foods in thelocation being chosen(SM Bicutan)Threats

Well-known restaurants within the same vicinity will be the great competitors ofthe business.

The business will be new in the market, it may easily have good marketstanding but it may encounter difficulty in terms of sustaining demand of thecustomers that may lead to its saturation point or declining stage.