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Course Outline

Programme: PGDM (FMG)

Name of the Course: Human Resource Management Term-2 Faculty: Dr. Neetu Jain

Credit: 1 Academic Year: 2013-2014 Contact No.:_41242438 Email:

Introduction: Human resource management is the utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives. Consequently, managers at every level must concern themselves with HRM. For many years it has been said that capital is bottleneck for a developing industry. This no longer holds true. Today it is the workforce and companys inability to recruit and maintain a good workforce that does constitute the bottleneck for production. On completion of this course the student should be able to acquire and appreciate the context and utility of HRM practices. This will also help developing the skills required for managing people effectively in an organization for achieving corporate goals successfully and take effective decisions on HR issues. Objectives: To understand the concepts, techniques and issues involved in managing human resource To analyze various human resource functions To provide an insight into various challenges faced by HR professionals in meeting business objectives.

Text Book :
R. Wayne Mondy, Human Resource Management, Pearson Education, 10th edition ,2009

Reference Book: David D.Cenzo & S.P.Robbins, Human Resource Management, Wiley India, 10th edition,2010

Pedagogy: Case Studies, Discussions, Role Plays, Lectures, Group activities and other simulation exercises.

Session Plan

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Session Theme

Additional Reading/ Cases


Introduction to HRM: Concept and Context , Functions of Human Resource Management Competencies of HR Professionals ,Strategic HRM Human Resources Planning-Objectives , Process of HRP , Job Analysis, Method of Job Analysis, Job Description & Job Specification

Ch-1 (Text book) -Discussion

Ch-1 (Text book) ,Discussion ,Role Play


Ch-3 (Text book) Discussion


Recruitment Sources of recruitment, Latest trends in Recruitment ,Selection- Process of Selection, Interview, Selection Test, Induction & Placement Training & Development- Training Need Analysis(TNA), Training methods, Evaluation of Effectiveness of Training Programme,

Ch- 4 & 5 (Text book) Questionnaire Ch-6 (Text book) Activities and Case Study



Performance Management Performance Appraisal process, Methods of Performance Appraisal ,Errors in Performance Appraisal

Ch-7 (Text book) , Discussion and Case Study


Compensation Management-Compensation Policy, Factors affecting Compensation, Monetary and Nonmonetary Benefits & Incentives

Ch- 8 & 9 (Text book) ,Discussion/ Case study


Job Evaluation- Process, Methods

Ch- 8(Text book)


EmployerEmployee Relations Industrial Ch-11 (Text book) Relation scenario in India, Trade Unions, ,Discussion Labour Legislations in India Contemporary Issues - Career Planning & Succession Planning, Employee Attrition and Retention, Work Life Balance, Employee Well being
Project Presentations


Case Discussion


Evaluation Criteria: Component Class Participation Case Analysis /Assignment Quiz Project Mid Term End Term Total Weightage 5 Marks 10 Marks 15 Marks 10 Marks 20 Marks 40 Marks 100 Marks