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com for PreScreening of Term Papers

All students at SJSU are expected to uphold academic honesty. References to the definition of academic honesty can be found at !".htm #he $S %epartment places hi&h priority on ensurin& that SJSU students maintain this expected standard of academic inte&rity. 'or instance( the department routinely submits all )asters #hesis reports to a commercial pla&iarism detection ser*ice called #urn+t+n is extremely accurate and comprehensi*e in its search for any material that is pla&iari,ed. +t effecti*ely has the database contents of -oo&le includin& all web pa&es on the +nternet( .%'s( theses( dissertations( and e*en pre*iously submitted term papers here at SJSU. Since SJSU has a site license( + ha*e setup a free access area at for students to scan their own writin&s. +n this manner( students can feel confident that they ha*e properly cited the wor/ of other authors and not potentially misrepresented it as their own ori&inal wor/. Use #urn+t+n only to scan your paper0 not to submit your term paper. +t is still re1uired that you turn in a hard 2and2 soft copy 3on physical media4 of your term paper in class on the due date specified. #he #urn+t+n account is pro*ided to students so that they can chec/ their own wor/ to ensure a proper le*el of citation in their writin&s before formally submittin& it as their term paper project. .apers with a hi&h 5similarity score6 3789:4 will not be accepted. .apers with 5mar&inally hi&h6 similarity scores of 8":; will be penali,ed durin& &radin&. <ote that the $omputer Science %epartment has a formally stated re1uirement of =8": for all )aster>s #heses. Under normal circumstances( students who write their term papers usin& their own words are able to achie*e similarity scores well below the 5teens6. To register as a new user (if you do not already have an account): !4 -o to 84 $lic/ on ?$reate Account? and then follow the instructions under 5<ew Students Start @ere6. A4 Bnter the class +% number which is 5C8D8DA86 and the class enrollment password 5parallel6 which is case sensiti*e. C4 #ype in your e mail address 3which will ser*e as your lo& in username4( and a password 3twice4( alon& with a personally selected secret 1uestion and answer. 94 'inally( a&ree to the terms of usa&e to create your profile. Eour account for the class 5$S88D6 has now been established. .lease record the e mail 3username4 and password. How to submit Papers !4 Fo& into your just established account and clic/ on the class 5$S88D6. 84 Gn the assi&nment pa&e( clic/ on the submit paper icon 3with the &reen plus si&n4 to the ri&ht of the assi&nment named 5#erm .aper6. A4 Submit the paper by 5'ile Upload6 and enter a submission title 3e.&.( ?Eour#erm.aper#itle?4 C4 Hrowse to the file to be uploaded from your computer 3)S Iord or .%' files are accepted4 and clic/ submit to upload. 94 Ihen the web pa&e refreshes( *erify the contents of your selected file( and $lic/ 5Submit .aper6. Chec ing the !eport !4 -o to ?$lass .ortfolio?. Eour color coded 5similarity score6 will e*entually appear as a small rectan&le under the 5ori&inality6 column. #he rectan&le will remain &rayed out 3with J J in it4 and unclic/able until the analysis completes( &enerally within !9 minutes. <ote that the $lass .ortfolio web pa&e is not dynamically refreshed( so you may need to reload it if you are waitin& for the report to appear. Ihen the analysis is done( the rectan&le will be colored. -reen and a low similarity score 3an indication of no pla&iarism4 is your &oal. Eellow or Red with a hi&h similarity score indicates a problem. $lic/ on the colored icon to &et a detailed report showin& exactly what text in your paper and from what source3s4 #urn+t+n has identified as bein& a potential problem. .lease rephrase the information and ideas in your own words. Under rare circumstances( if it is absolutely necessary to use extracted text *erbatim( properly cite the source of information that #urn+t+n fla&s.