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ease ensure "evision mar#in$ remains A%TI&' in this document Gavin wi!! review as and when re(uired Than# you) *ei!

Workflow Support Notes


1 1 1 Genera! +or#,!ow In,ormation 1 1 2 .Type con,!ict in the ASSIG* statement in the pro$r / 0 $enera! 1 1 1 .Type con,!ict in the ASSIG* statement in the pro$r / 0 PI+' 2 APIPS 1 1 3 .Type con,!ict in the ASSIG* statement in the pro$r / 0 4A&5&'*6O" 1 1 5 Actions to reso!ve PI+' prob!ems 1 1 8 Actions ,or PI+' prob!ems 0 Assi$n con,!ict 1 1 - Actions ,or PI+' prob!ems 0 Archived when re9ected 1 1 7 Actions ,or PI+' prob!ems 0 Status chan$e a,ter terminatin$ event 1 1 : Actions ,or PI+' prob!ems 0 German messa$e S"051; 1 1 10 Actions ,or PI+' prob!ems 0 *ot in Barcode Tab!e 1 1 11 S<57 errors ,or &endor %han$e =4A&> 1 1 12 .Transaction e?ecutin$/ 1 1 11 .%onnection no !on$er e?ists in interna! connection/ 1 1 13 'rror in event receiver 1 1 15 @pdate terminated 1 1 18 &endor *I %han$e 1 1 17 Auic# &endor =4%&1> 1 1 1: 4A& Postin$ error 1 1 20 4A&24%& !o$ica!!y de!ete wor#item 1 1 21 4A& "o!e "eso!ution 'rror 1 1 22 &endor 70355-5 created P!ease maintain &SB ,!a$ 'mai! 1 1 21 "e(uisition <'51 0 B@S2105 ' Purchase re(uisition 1 1 23 Print B Archive issue in PO =<'21 messa$es> 1 1 25 PO "e!ease Strate$y =<'21> 1 1 28 6ead!ine '?pired 1 1 2- 6PO C038-11 002 create I6O% 1 1 27 &endor ?yDE Period nn yyyy "un *I ad9ustment pro$ram 1 1 2: +or#,!ow :7-000001: 2:7-0000018 not activated 1 1 10 Fai!ed 'mai!sE 1 1 11 Password "eset "e(uest 1 1 12 *ew Go$in 6etai!s 21 08 2005 11E00E31 2 1 1 11 '6IE H?? ??? e$ Partner pro,i!e not active 1 1 13 Free!ancer =4F"''%O* tcode to ,ind wor#,!ow> 1 1 15 Issue where 4F"''%O* PO Processin$ step han$s due to te?t update prob!em re, F701381 7 7 7 7 7 : 10 11 11 12 11 11 11 13 13 13 15 15 15 18 18 111111: 1: 1: 20

%han$es pendin$ approva! 2005012013 added to Other support tas#s how to ,orward wor# item to other user 2005012015 e?tended the write up ,or ,indin$ and !o$ica!!y de!etin$ a!ready de!eted 4A%24%& re(uests

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'ach day a set o, manua! chec#s on the wor#,!ow run0time is re(uired These are described in the +or#,!ow section o, the +or# Instructions document <ost o, that content is repeated here) but note TC' +O"I I*ST"@%TIO*S A"' 6'FI*ITI&') whi!e this document is ASSISTI&' This document is !aid out ,irst with sections coverin$ the chec#s to be done) then sections with #nown prob!em conditions and corrective actions ,or them) and then .OTC'"/ sections most!y with ad0hoc support tas#s *oteE the second main section .%ommon prob!em conditions/) is arran$ed accordin$ to where conditions may arise) ie under So01 or S<57 etc) but in ,act some o, these can occur in more than one o, the T%ode sub0headin$s) so be prepared to use the overa!! section ,!e?ib!y) ie as a $enera! resource ,or prob!em reso!ution

SM37 Daily Check for required SWW jobs
%hec# there are 9obs schedu!ed or runnin$ ,or E S++6C'H J 6ead!ine <onitorin$ S++'""' 0 'rror <onitorin$ retry S++%G'A" J =once a day> %!ear out ,inished S++ 9obs S++%O*6 J condition based event tri$$er chec#

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ication o.erent symbo!s =as .or emai!> These distinctions re.or user0id w.!ow) and has a trian$!e symbo! to distin$uish it The other =2> is an emai! noti.SO01 Office Workplace – orie !a!io The o.0admin =2> wd0admin substituted em !l =at bottom o.!ow and !oo#s much !i#e it These are represented by di.erred to as +or#.erred to as '<AIG even thou$h it !in#s into +or#. wor#..!ow conditions can arise as rea! wor#.. it Start the o.usin$ This section identi.!ow or as emai! advice o. screen> *ote that =1> is to how you encounter the wor#p!ace transaction =So01> and proceed as be!ow Pa$e 3 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 ..!ow) and is re.!ow Some wor#.ies the main components re!evant to the support tas#s =1> Kmy user0idL Inbo? Workflow Substituted .ice Workplace has severa! simi!ar components which can be con.

o!der and i$nored 6e!ete messa$e . Please maintain VSB flag.or WF"AD#IN su$st!tute% em !l) and action i.ter chec#in$> %hec# there are 1 emai! each day .Vendor nnnnnnn created.'rror in event receiver/  .*o tit!e .or OT&/ E note PO number) chec# PO whether vendor is OT&) i.ter chec#in$> I.ication so it %hec# there are 1 emai!s each day .FAH TOP%AGG/ These are errored . the S++M 9obs =6e!ete a. necessaryE Fi!e6e!ete a!! with .BA%I %C'%I/ This !ists any bac#$round wor#. them SO01 – office subs!i!u!io W"#$DM%& *orkflo* (a! !op of scree ) %hec# WF"AD#IN su$st!tute% workflow items) and wor# throu$h the open itemsE I$nore Interna! Trade errors Further instructions app!y . *ction immediately+ .or the previous day *orma!!y there are none I.or PI<S outbound wont be there> =2-2320.or 4F+05) 4F+25 9obs=6e!ete a. # Check for ha -i .or action by SAP Apps  Some . (dated previous day) This messa$e is $enerated by one o.urther notes be!ow app!y to this area SW%$ +Process Workflo* i!e's as ad'i is!ra!or.!ow errors .Replace all committed (in process) work items’.or others) some cases o.SO01 – office subs!i!u!io W"#$DM%& e'ail (a! bo!!o' of scree ) %hec# open mai! .PI<S no!on$er issues this noti.a? messa$es which can be de!eted .-is is w-ere t-e recipient -as done S*P mail .Reply’ so . so) raise support wor#s ca!! . a!! present) de!ete a!! o.or 4F+08) 4F+1: 9obs=6e!ete a. there are) investi$ate as appropriate Pa$e 5 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .i!ed in T'<P2FAHTIG' mai! . which areE  .  Some issues sti!! to be documented  ../o filters 0/o conversion 0/o version c-ange’  .ter chec#in$> %hec# there is an emai! messa$e sayin$ .*orkflo*s "un tcode S+IA and use the variant . ’  “Re !P" R#$#%&' ((# ) days elapsed.

or r.rom the previous wor#in$ day =on <onday inc!ude Friday Saturday and Sunday in the chec#s> I$nore entries .SM./ Daily Check 0"C 1rrors "un S<57 to chec# .or BI5P"6 =B+> Pa$e 8 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .c errors .

the rows o. use the Excel formula =SUBSTITUTE !"#.$ $. the tab!e I.rom the O.!ow prob!ems 1.o!!owin$ steps Tip: to remove spaces between the spaced out characters of the object id. 1.8 is needed .1. the transaction codes by which we access wor#.or reso!vin$ wor#.+. .1.5.or 4AP5PI+') the other .or 4A&5&'*6O" 6ri!! down o.N st teme-t !.1.e-er l Workflow I-form t!o- A wor#. the ob9#ey) e$ 0 0 0 3 8 1 . the tab!e SM.t1e pro2r.!ow2wor# item id as the se!ection criteria '?pand a!! nodes usin$ the doub!e arrows2trian$!es symbo! !ocated at the top !e.$$%  this chan&es each space to 'nothin&() For a PI+' prob!em) ta#e the actions as set out be!ow .3 " 'IWE 4 A'I'S I.!ict/ messa$e is a $enera! technica! messa$e It occurs because o.t1e pro2r.T/pe 0o-fl!0t !..!ow can be !o$ica!!y de!eted i.t1e pro2r..or the .. .rom S<57) but others can be seen .!ow prob!ems Some wor#.!ow usin$ its wor#. .t corner o.3 " 6A*7*ENDO( These are when OBNTOP' R 4A&5&'*6O" Pa$e 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .ind the OBNTOP' parameter 1. this is the case) enter transaction S+IA and view the wor#. the %a!!er .t1e ASSI.T/pe 0o-fl!0t !.+F0BAT%C/ or other user0id>) .3 " 2e-er l The . CO##ON '(OBLE#S ) ACTIONS TO (ESOL*E THE# +.1.or P PI+' J 4AP'*AAQ 1.Type con.&.N st teme-t !.&. .1.rom S<57 or other tcodes) e$ ./ proble' co di!io s *BE Tcode S<57 is one o.ect where a document was created in SAP 30 The va!ue o. the OBNTOP' is 4AP5PI+') the OBNI'O is the APIPS document number The 4AP5PI+' scenario is due to an up$rade wor#p!ace There..erent ori$ina! prob!em scenarios Be!ow) two scenarios are described) one .N st teme-t !. severa! di.. a terminatin$ event has been received) it wi!! be visib!e in one o.ore) treat the conditions and actions be!ow as a $enera! resource .t1e ASSI.T/pe 0o-fl!0t !.!ow prob!ems are typica!!y on!y seen ..t1e!d =which may be . it has received a terminatin$ event To see i.

:..!ow overview %!ic# the tit!e !ine and then the icon to view the wor#.erm ..i? the wor#.1. nec > 'dit %han$e 0 !o$ica!!y de!ete 1.=.rom their inbo? and set the status to unre9ected so that AP can process it It can occur that the status is incorrect =4AP56O%5"'GIST'" status does not correspond to +F status> Gaura can reset the status manua!!y =4"IPT><e0te% I.1. A0t!o-s for 'IWE pro$lems " St tus 01 -2e term!. not possib!e %hec# w.pro2r m (SWWDHEA7INTE(NAL Items o.!owE %!ic# on Ob9ect Id and +or#.6ri!! down to $et the ob9ect #ey va!ue J this is the vendor chan$e re(uest number) e$ 0 0 0 0 5 5 0 3 @se tcode Dav1 with this number =e$ as 5503> Set any o.8. the conditions chec# out suitab!y =chec# with team e?pert i.1.>.ter the terminatin$ event has been received =*o administrator .1. history J status R "'A6O S<57 J submit G@+ %hec# w.or tas#> 28 05 2003 10E52E32 4AP5PI+' 28 05 2003 10E52E32 4AP5PI+' 28 05 2003 10E52E35 1.ound .8 or trian$!e icon> %ontinues be!ow 1. a document is in re9ect when it is archived then it wi!! sti!! be in re9ect when it is unarchived In this case the 6<% must run the item .!ow !o$ Further instructions re(uired to assess status and corrective action re(uired 1. the vendor chan$e options 6rop down on the services . A0t!o-s to resol9e 'IWE pro$lems ActionE run Tcode 4AP'*AA =RPI+' overa!! reportin$> Ima$e numberE enter the ob9ect #ey number %hec#bo? R Space means search archive documents is in F"'6'"I%I tab!e To . A0t!o-s for 'IWE pro$lems " Ass!2. A0t!o-s for 'IWE pro$lems " . tas# TS:7:00130 disp!ay errors on the dead!ine monitorin$ batch 9ob "S++C'H5I*T'"*AG The e?act cause o.or ob9ect and view the wor#.Work !tem A 0 --ot $e re %3 !. A0t!o-s for 'IWE pro$lems " Ar01!9e% w1e. history J status R %O<PG'T' .mess 2e S(?8+@ German nu!! <essa$e J S"051 Access over 4'"O ob9ect re.ere Pa$e 7 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .t!-2 e9e-t Fionna F"I'G Fionna F"I'G Fionna F"I'G Terminatin$ event received +or# Item Processin$ %omp!ete +or# Item Set to Status "'A6O fter %odin$ error J these can be i$nored J attempts to set the status a. the error is un#nown but it doesn/t inter.1.!ow !o$ =.0o-fl!0t There wi!! be two Pin processQS one ca!!ed PAP 6ocument Processin$Q and the other ca!!ed PAP 6ocument Processin$ =v3>Q %!ic# on PAP 6ocument Processin$Q and 6isp!ay +F Go$ =scro!! icon> 6ri!! into top wor#item =started> I.

ai! see F-:351- 1.1?. A0t!o-s for 'IWE pro$lems " Not !.rom 4AP56O%5"'GIST'"> This runs a 9ob named e$ 4AP5BA"%6 1001-21-:2 Pa$e : 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .1.!ow and can thus be i$nored A possibi!ity cou!d be that the items dead!ines are . 1220320.GiD J *B this is a prod .B r0o%e T $le I am unab!e to process Ima$e Id 1001-21-:2) <essa$e comin up 0 *ot in barcode tab!e 0 contact mana$er "un Function <odu!e 45AP5I*S'"T5BA"%O6' Fi!! in Ima$e) Batchid) and ArchiveIma$e id =ta#en .with the overa!! in the past) business assured us this wou!d never happen =past dead!ines>.

+F can be . S#8= errors for *e-%or C1 -2e B6A*C There is an error in this processin$ which sometimes resu!ts in a b!an# re(uest record which prohibits .4A& 0 000:0808 +aitin$ .!ow Cistory +ithdrawn %hec# that the status is + =or not in tab!e at a!! >in tab!e 4A&5STS I.!ow In this case i.D?+D1? $/ AL#ONO?1 W !t!-2 for BBC Ow-er Appro9 l o.&??: 1.?=.11. who created it Ob9ect 4A&5&'*6O" Tcode 4A&1 &endor R the Ob9ectIey number &iew the +or#.D1?D58 $/ BESSED?& Pa$e 10 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .?=.or BB% Approva! on 07 07 2008 18E57E10 by 'SSOP*01 +aitin$ . so then this +or#.&??: 1.or BB% Owner Approva! on 07 07 2008 18E5:E17 by B@SS'602 W !t!-2 to $e poste% o.?=.ound =and it is not comp!ete> then the +ithdrawn event tri$$ered needs to be tri$$ered =S+@'> Function <odu!e to chan$e status It can a!so occur that the 4A& record says POST'6 then bac# to +aitin$ . a!! is o# set to STAT@S P usin$ above F< '$ supportwor# case re.or Approva! 6ue to a timin$ issue with wor#.unction modu!e must be run to set the status to + I.E F88327.or BB% Approva! on 07 07 2008 18E52E10 by 'SSOP*01 +aitin$ .or BB% Owner Approva! on 07 07 2008 18E57E57 by B@SS'602 +aitin$ .!ow can be !o$ica!!y de!eted I.1. not then a .urther re(uests bein$ raised a$ainst the same vendor J e$ &endor does not e?ist in %% =tab!e 4A&5GFB1> Tab!e 4A&5GFA1 cou!d have a b!an# row Tab!e 4A&5"'A shows detai!s o.1.?=.

.!ow =icon near top !e.l 0o--e0t!o-3 as above Pa$e 11 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . .ind ob9ect ids) cou!d be a PO i.eFe0ut!-23 =started previous day2!on$ time a$o but sti!! showin$ active> .1&.1+.!-ter.Tr -s 0t!o.1.Co--e0t!o.1.Services .or ob9ect> I.-o lo-2er eF!sts !. the transaction started recent!y) it wi!! probab!y pro$ress norma!!y and cease to be reported without our intervention 1. so use <'21) view wor#.t ca!!ed .Posted on 13 07 2008 12E21E22 by HT"I<<I*G' 1.

rom S'18 'HPI"'TI<' R cutpast popout time . the screen For a match) se!ect it and press U6e!iverV) then .!a$ settin$ R re!eased) and that the PO wor#.!ow is o# Then de!ete messa$e Ian C/s so!ution is to use another session . the #ey data X6e!iverVed as there wi!! o. it in the Inbo? item !ist PI+' +AIT event This 6O'S *''6 A%TIO* i.rom inbo? This process is written up in detai! in a separate document But it isn/t stored near here) and I can/t .ind out what the ob9ect type =e$ 4AP5PI+' ) B@S2105 etc> and what the id is) then action In most cases there wi!! be no error and the mai! can 9ust be de!eted '?amp!es o.!d I.ten be mu!tip!e instances o.rom S'18 Add the Ima$eId to ?!s in @EY@C5ABAP5TeamYSupportYAPIPS5'&'*T5'""O"S ?!s 6e!ete wi .urther chec#in$ '?ecute the messa$e I. in tab!e and Sys %t! Status R 23)30)50)85 continue e!se i$nore %hec# Popout 6ate B Popout Time are in the .!ow is comp!ete Then de!ete messa$e On a P "e() $o to the Pre( =<'51>) chec# the .S001 Proble' Co di!io s 1. '&T5*A<' J ie +AIT 'HPI"O6AT' R cutpaste popout date . P"O%'SS%O6' e$ BB%A '&'*T R va!ue o.ind 5'&T5OBNI'O Jput this number =which preceeds te?t> in S'18 4AP56O%5"'GIST'" ima$eid .1.ind it W so it has been recreated on Notes Link the Inow!ed$ebase +hen you hit U6e!iverV the item wi!! disappear . it is not possib!e to e?ecute) ta#e the wor# item number and view it via S+I1 =+or# Item se!ection> Or S+IA In case o.rom inbo? Pa$e 12 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .rom the browse screen 6urin$ your wor# session) #eep a temporary !o$ o. the +AIT event has not been tri$$ered as in this case the wor#item wi!! not be s!eepin$ and there.or this which are usua!!y not an issue are "ecord !oc#ed Item 000000 0on chec#in$ most! SGA/s This can occur %*2-21 Prod Fai! in pro$ress to . an record !oc# 2 en(ueue .or =say> !ast 23 hours) and match the inbo? item to one in the !ist at the bottom o. so run F< 45AP5T"IGG'"5+O"IFGO+ I<AG'I6 R va!ue o.i? this but in the meantime.!a$ is Pre(2PO) and that the P"e( wor#.e9e-t re0e!9er J view the mai! messa$e and the attached container to . causes .or tcode S+'AB"O+S'" view . '&T5OBNI'O 4APCIP% R va!ue!ureE on a PO) $o to the PO =<'21>) chec# the .ten the wor# item has been comp!eted or is In Process with no error *B I* '""O" J wou!d need .i!e in '&'*TSE rede!ivered events US+'AB"O+S'"V de!ete . Error !.15. the wor#item is 4AP5PI+' +AIT +O"IIT'< &iew the container J .ore wi!! not esca!ate and wi!! .uture and correspond to K'HPI"OTI<'L and K2'HPI"O6AT'L I.

id and Forward to A%O*%P This was determined via S'18 on C"@S562 to determine the users .1.rom who the a$ent is a substitute *e-%or ---------. .!ow can be !o$ica!!y de!eted i.1.t corner o.or date In this case a!! !oo#ed o# but its possib!e that . Ep% te term!.!ow2wor# item id as the se!ection criteria '?pand a!! nodes usin$ the doub!e arrows2trian$!es symbo! !ocated at the top !!d =this by choice> as it needs to be con.1.or BB% Approva! =see e$ 4A&1 2-:13> Tcode 4A&1 J owner button %hec# Tab!e 4A&5O+*'"5+F to trans!ate BB% Owner e$ "A6IO Z<@SI% into Ob9ect Id e$ 5011832: %hec# Or$ Structure PPO<+ .D t The work item "Vendor 0010278269 : Change to Organisation Data" (ID 000042137556) of type W has the status ERROR. 5f t-e c-ange -as 3een applied t-en logically delete t-e workitem0 .1.or month end the user had been !oc#ed +e restarted w.rom the emai! 6o S<11 searchin$ .ore the ro!!0bac# "aise a Supportwor#s ca!! . a terminatin$ event has been received) it wi!! be visib!e in one o. this is the case) enter transaction S+IA and view the wor#. 5f it doesn’t appear to 3e ok t-en raise a supportworks case and assign to S*P 8ogistics . /um3er to 4-eck t-e 5doc value and t-e value in 67()!d) what happens is the vat number comes in on an idoc and it does not update the &AT . Gu!0k *e-%or B6C*+C SO01 messa$e PIncrement status to ne?t approva!Q +as unab!e to determine a$ent .18.or cance!!ed tas#s) .or the re!evant team '$ a print prob!em with a PO $oes to SAP Apps Purchasin$ Team!d unti! a !atter date Pa$e 11 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . the tab!e 1.eam +hen you $et these a!! that is re(uired is that you chec# 4A%6SP .ied above Goto 0L 6isp!aya @pdate 6ata to view data be.or that vendor and ma#e sure the &at number is in the proposed vat no .!a$s =id 28151073> An error occurred as wor#item was !oc#ed when user tried to e?ecute S+IA . the rows o. it has received a terminatin$ event To see i.1=.D C1 -2e to Or2 -!s t!o.1. the tab!e I.or a time period around the date and time identi. Initiate a correction measure so that the respective workflow (ID 000000000000> can be continued 1.te% Find date and time . +ith the above typeerror) the wor#.irmed by contributor payments) so it $ets but in the proposed .!ow usin$ its wor#.rom error and it moved on) 1Vendor ((#(((%22& *ttempt to c-ange V*.or the A$ent Type e$ 400: Free!ancer and chec# an a$ent e?ists . *e-%or NI C1 -2e A%O*<AST'" J i.or the w.1. the *I cate$ory is chan$ed the %ont Payments dept need to be ab!e to set some ..

m 4A&15A66 5STAT@S =see pa$e 10> and settin$ to the correct status =usua!!y P>5 1.4A&5CA*6G'5POST'""5&IA5POP@P/ in test mode usin$ the 4A& re(uest id There is a simi!ar issue where the wor#. this chec#s out o# 1.ind the 4000 temporary vendor number on tab!e 4%&S which wi!! $ive the date and time o.or 4A&15A665STAT@S =.1.ormed by the !o$istics team on!y as they are responsib!e . )nstead" browse work items or t#e user id o t#e s. )n t#is case t#e %endor is de&eted so it is not possib&e to see t#e work item rom t#is tcode. 1ind t#e one or t#is request and proceed to &ogica& de&ete.ound this by !oo#in$ at wor#item container J =w2iR301-0823>> 0 a!! it does is !oc# 4A&5"'A and then update the status so theres not much to $o wron$ J suspected it was a !oc#in$ error incorrect!y reported and so reprocessed .rom error and it was . A screen comes up asking or reason te!t" at w#ic# point t#e ob$ect ser%ices are %iewab&e at upper &e t. the create Then use S+IA se!ectin$ by a ran$e around that date and time) and .w ca&& requestor -.1>. 6A* 'ost!-2 error +hen a 4A& postin$ error has been received in wor#.or the data in !ive The re(uest is reposted by runnin$ .ore$round where the data can be corrected This is per.i?ed by manua!!y runnin$ the .!ow has wor#ed but the 4A&5STS has waitin$ to be posted rather than posted Oou can con.&?.So any ones you receive !i#e this do not need to be !o$$ed as a ca!! refer to S*P *pps (Sinead) SO01 messa$e PIncrement status to ne?t approva! %hec#ed code .unction modu!e . ) it is $ust a number it is &ike&( to be ZAV3" but w#en a Z*** number is gi%en it wi&& be Z+V3.or re.ind the temp vendor in that !ist Then browse the wor# item !o$ and chec# it has the user under the a$ents icon Go$ica!!y de!ete i.ine 1. 6A*46C* lo2!0 ll/ %elete work!tem SAP Apps may assi$n a supportwor#s re(uest to !o$ica!!y de!ete a wor# item . 6A* (ole (esolut!o.or a vendor chan$e '?amp!eE S2w F353:71 .1.irm this +or#item is comp!ete Administration tab on 4A&1 shows status as +aitin$0LPosted0L+aitiin$ This is caused by a timin$ issue and is .&1.!ow "e(uest 000121-000010133-1: Pa$e 13 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . ) t#at ai&s ask t#e user to state t#e work item. 00066085 is a request number and works in ZAV3.Error &endor %han$eE Approva! main wor#.!ow it is usua!!y due to incorrect data causin$ an error in the B6% or a !oc#in$ prob!em The postin$ can be per. it was due to a data error then it shou!d be per.ore$round I. 'roceed to browse t#e work &ow &og" se&ect item and &ogica&&( de&ete. Z000089035 is a temporar( %endor number and goes into Z+AV3. It wi!! probab!y be necessary to .ormed a$ain either in bac#$round or .1.s 00066085 and Z000089035./)50.ormed in .

&+.!ow went to a 2 nd approver and has been actioned J name shou!d tie up with that in the In. Em !l.&5. *e-%or =?588.Find out the "o!e "eso!ution %ode 'ventType Gin#a$e BO" Ob9ect Type +S:7:00077 4A&5&'*6O" S@B<ITT'6FO"APP"O&AG Function <odu!e 4A&5T"IGG'"5%C'%I J can then determine .rom inbo? 1..#E8+ " BES&1?8 E 'ur01 se reHu!s!t!oThese can be !o$ica!!y %an happen that a!! items are de!eted so w2.ter 'rror0L "ep!ace <anua!!y J this sets the status to ready A.rom code what issue is ie in this instance user was !oc#ed 1.-is means t-e user doesn’t -ave aut-ority to run t-e tcode @*44CD 3ut are in t-e org structure under 4ontri3utor payments.'O B#E&+ mess 2esC @pdate terminate Action "aise a support wor#s ca!! assi$ned to SAP APPs Purchasin$ Pa$e 15 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . 4-eck!ed A!thou$h the ori$inator has authority to re!ease the current A%O* re(uisition the system was unab!e to automatica!!y approve and post the A%O* re(uisition %ause The re( has been sent . 'le se m !-t !.8 0re te%. . does not comp!ete de!eted Then comp!ete the wor# item in the inbo? A%O* re(uisition 10312103 cou!d not be approved Automatic approva! o. 'r!-t I Ar01!9e !ssue !./!"R met 4C*/D.1. View email 9 : !ocument .ter rep!acin$ the wor#item you wi!! probab!y .ind that there are no a$ents I. 8ook for an error message (ie click on red traffic lig-ts). o# then view the wor#item and tic# comp!eted on e?it 1.E*S.*R.*SB fl 2.&&.<ecute 9: 8og. A%O* re(uisition 10312103 .w-at tcodes t-en take appropriate action ie F remove from org structure0 or give tcode aut-s Then you need to c!ear the wor# item '?ecute0L 'dit %han$e0L "estart a.o Icon above I.S*P *ut-s w-ere t-ey s-ould 3e and wit.or approva! and then subse(uent!y chan$ed ta#in$ the va!ue over the ori$ina! approvers !imit Action %hec# in 4A%1 that the status is A%%'PT'6 The in.R cannot 3e e<ecuted .g =ork item ((((>$22#(#' "3?ect @ABV. (eHu!s!t!o.1.5S. this is the case then wor#item has been actioned and it can be !o$ica!!y de!eted Bac# to overview and de!ete .1.ormation Icon wi!! show who the approver is %hec# <'51 that subse(uent wor#.

Regards 8iI Pa$e 18 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .1. *fter approval t-e R) wGf sends a notification to t-e P"creator w-ic. container =as on !ast dated wor#.-ere is a P" w-ic. more than user is approvin$ at same time the wor#item can error PO is re!eased and G"*d then the wor#item can be !o$ica!!y de!eted 1. no there is no tit!e on the header address then it can not be re!eased Action 0 "aise a support wor#s ca!! assi$ned to SAP APPs Purchasin$ 2> Possib!e that the PO has de!eted items in it so need to !o$ica!!y de!ete the wor# item In this case it is not possib!e to re!ease I.t-is workflowH eg logically delete >)!oes t-e wGf need to 3e c-anged for t-is scenario to avoid errors in t-e future.-is is an SRE P" %%(((&2$)# w-ic.1. > issues for you to advise please #)=-at s-ould we do wit.!ow !o$ &iew .ter 15 days and resu!ts in the error So!ution Te!! SAP auths the user0id) to $et the rep!acement user0id %han$e the container to have the new users name %!ic# on tas# 'dit 0L%han$e %han$e container Address Strin$s 0 remove o!d user and enter new Tic# and Save "estart a.rom the mai! bo? &iew the !o$ A user0id wi!! be visib!e ear!ier in the wor#. .in t-is case is B**CS(# w-icdoes not e<ist in R).-as an *pproval =orkflow in error.-as 3een amended in R) and -as 3een approved 3y /54C"7)# in R). however the 1> I.&:. De %l!-e EFp!re% '$ with "FO but cou!d happen in anyone '?ecute the wor# item .orwarded to a new substitute user Cowever the esca!ation pro$ram mai!s the ori$inator a.&8.1. 'O (ele se Str te2/. the address strin$ is b!an#) the ori$inator user0id cou!d not be used because the userid was de!eted In this scenario the wor# item wou!d have been . 5ts in error 3ecause it cant find an agent.!ow entry> %auseE I.address strin$/ o.ter 'rror S"< PO amended in "1 0 PO Approve purchase order 33000-7511 E 01 Support ca!! raised about this issue 1020-22008 8aura *P( . B#E&+C 1> &endor 100 is a 1 time vendor Account Group R 4001 I.

.?????1> 4> e$ SAP Auic#order B Password "eset "e(uest Medas. messa$e a!on$ with one !i#e this .&.!ow Steve is $oin$ to investi$ate these) but in the meantime) !eave the items in the inbo? =incase they $et de!eted .or vendor2ar %<ustme-t pro2r m These errors seem to re!ate to the terminatin$ event not bein$ received proper!y and so not actua!!y terminatin$ the wor#.rom the inbo?) two o. ' sswor% (eset (eHuest Te?t may di. F !le% Em !lsD 1.&>.1.&=.or user An9u!i +oo!house) so contacted her to as# i.+?. D'O H?5:.ound this out because I noticed the two messa$e .co. she had e?perienced a prob!em She said the on!y thin$ she cou!d thin# o.1.RR"R.BBCIThelpdesk@medas.-e work item 1D8 =orkflow BR(# ##(%()2&' >(($1 (5! (((()2J()2%$) of type K -as t-e status .-erefore delete t-e pair if you rectify t-e corresponding D8 issue 1.08 2005 <edas BB%IThe!pdes#[medas co u# SAP "21 Password "eset "e(uest 15 08 2005 Or e$ PLour S*P Buickorder M Nserid -as 3een unlocked and your password -as 3een reset to VDDSK7ED 9 .!ow !oo#ed o# =a!! $reen>) but the !ast tas# is an error messa$e advice +e =SAP ABAP> shou!d not re0e?ecute itE raise S2wor#s ca!! and assi$n to SAP0 Go$istics Tradin$ 1.o!der E P+"'S'TE Password reset prob!ems Pa$e 12var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .//// (u. .1..1.?????1: -ot 0t!9 te% These errors appear in pairs usua!!y I thin# they are created when a 9ourna! is par#ed I 1. the e?amp!e wor# items are (>''&$>%) and >'&#$>$() 1.NI And &endor w?y E %hec# &AT *umber .-is reOuirement was for password reset reOuest id P(((((&)$> Q IssueE S"< has reset the password but user has not received emai! so it comes to +F5A6<I* Fo!!ow reso!ution out!ined be!ow) then .11 ??& 0re te IDOC In this case the wor#. 5nitiate a correction measure so t-at t-e respective workflow (5! (((((((((((() can 3e continued.1.+1.i!e wor# item in . was that she had a prob!em when par#in$ a 9ourna! Oou $et this pair o. *e-%or F/JD 'er!o% -. Workflow >=.

"eso!utionE Tcode 4A %!ic# "e(uests icon 'nter "e(uest Id =. mai! e$ P((((((22#) in PAuth %han$e "e(uestQ Find @sers Go$in "un pro$ram 4AP5G6AP5S'A"%C 'nter the @sers Go$in .ound in te?t o.inds the emai!M see be!ow .rom above into PSearch Fi!terQ '$ here T"I<<'01 PBase 'ntryQ R 'ither <'6AS or BB% This . w.or e?ception "i$ht c!ic# on wor#item messa$e and then FO"+A"6 'nter the emai! address and choose P"ecip TypeQ '?terna! Address Add a note e$ Apo!o$ies .or the de!ay in sendin$ this. <edas Ce!pdes# Support Send <ove the wor#item to the Outbo? Pa$e 17 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .

orward ori$ina! emai! content with an e?p!anation 1.ap00r.o!!ow up 0 this is importantW Furtherdetai!s are avai!ab!e in the Gotus *otes ABAP Inow!ed$ebase See %*1500 . EDID AFF.or either BB% or <'6AS then .ound in G6AP search .1.FFF e2 ' rt-er prof!le -ot 0t!9e I.ound I.m( work &ow inbo!.orward the wor#item instead to ithe!pdes#[medas co u# and as# them to raise a ca!! .?:. the @ser is not .or SAP Auths In this instance the user is probab!y not set up as *T !o$in or is incorrect!y set in the system ="21) B+)S"< etc> Cowever) i. Pa$e 1: 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . this arises>!ed "unnin$ the G6AP pro$ram above .ukF ot#erwise access (our G.+5. the emai! not .bbc.rom within SAP) and probab!y the internet emai! id is not setup in G6AP In this case) try to .!ow to determine what has happened 2 In this e?amp!e the emai! was due to $o to the enduser but had .ound then advise auths as above *B in some instances the emai! is not sent to enduser but to an advisor but this is not documented at this time =see "ob i.ound the emai! address so was ab!e to .+&.++.ind therea! emai! id %an put SAP !o$in id into S@01d) which usua!!y $ives emai! id Then . 1.. ) (ou #a%e an( prob&ems &ogging on" contact (our s(stem administrator.rom inbo? I.M'mai! not .RR"R.1.orward )mportance2 Big# Aou #a%e new workitems in (our inbo!.Det !ls &1.ent2 06 9arc# =00> ?52@= ..ub$ect2 Aou #a%e new workitems to re%iew.!ow can be sent to advise the condition P!ease .1.or the so!ution which outputs this emai! 1rom2 3A+456735A89 :mai&to2back5$ & In this case there may be no "e(uest Id in the emai! Instead .sp.-e work item 1 Kreecon reO (((((()J(J completed1 (5! ((((%J%'%J#$) of type B -as t-e status .o!!ow the steps above and in 4A enter the P@sers *ameQ Oou can doub!e c!ic# into the !ine on the ne?t screen to see the wor#.gatewa(. Freel -0er B6F(EECON t0o%e to f!-% workflowC Freecon req 0000003606 completed . ) (ou use C9( 3usinessC Dni%ersa& /ork&ist c&ick on t#e &ink be&ow2 E#ttp2. an error arises in AG' that means norma! correction via idocs is not possib!e) e$ AG' Partner not active) a wor#. the re(uest type is P0000???? it is a password reset re(uest .uk< . New Lo2!.

ai! to be raised but wor# around is add some arbitary te?t in the PO Ceader Te?t and restart the wor#. present see Gdap 1>Pro?y Issue where pro?y !o$in has been used and the id is not set Goo# up in tab!e 4F"''%O*5"'A pro?y5id Get the G6AP %ut and paste emai! and send a$ain as +F5 A6<I* or .04. Issue w1ere 6F(EECON 'O 'ro0ess!-2 step 1 -2s %ue to teFt up% te pro$lem ref F=?+5:1 There wi!! be S<57 and Stuc# S+IA .urther steps to wor#item comp!ete manua!!y manua!!y then restart wor#.or this e$ ICAI"S02 S++5+I5%O<P5'&'*T5"'%'I&'5IBF +O"IFGO+5GO%A 25 03 20010E50E11 Te?t 3502180207 I6 F01 !an$ua$e '* not . no .rom SAP inter. sti!! not avai!ab!e raise a ca!! with %O' to set user id up I.urther steps to wor#item comp!ete manua!!y manua!!y then restart wor#.2007 Prod.aces inbo?!ed Goo# in the top !eve! container "'A0O"IGI*ATO" I.aces inbo? I.!ow =e?ecute without a$ent> Pa$e 20 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .ound 46496058 Background Step 12:47:30 TS98900336 English PO Processing PO Processing 25.5nitiate a correction measure so t-at t-e respective workflow (5! ((((%J)&>'J() can 3e continued. emai! . b!an# see Pro?y 'rror) I. This occurs usua!!y when the G6AP !oo#up has .rom error 2> Issue G6AP was probab!y not avai!ab!e or new user Get the G6AP 0 i.!ow .rom SAP inter.rom error 1.!ow .+8.1. no .ound %ut and paste emai! and send a$ain as +F5A6<I* or .

5. user needin$ substitute '?ecute %!ic# on persona! substitutes and assi$n %omp!ete end date Oou wi!! then see the substitute in the e?panded !ist Tcode S+I5 is use."C5S@BSTIT@T'S5GIST in test mode @S B user name!d "'P5*A<' and e?ecute Pa$e 21 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .u! to chec# what items the user0id shou!d be ab!e to see For e?amp!e) a userJid B may be substituted .or A) and say that the substitution has not wor#ed as there are sti!! no items visib!e) but it can be that user0id A has no viewab!e items To see !f user !s su$st!tute for -/o-e else ) !oo# in tab!e C"@S562 put their username in . OTHE( SE''O(T TASKS Subs!i!u!io 2 3code SW%$ "un S'1.

BP .<ecuteP to display t-e workflow t-at -as errors.-e following error occurred in t-e workflow a3ove "perator P.rror S=KAR8SA((# #(# .or APIPS @ser added to or$ structure 28201205 but not shown as a$ent in a wor#. SW9:O.ored a d dele!ed '$ in AP0 200031051 B"01 2001 'rror when determinin$ attribute \FGAG%O<PG ob9ect instance \UBO FIPP B"010200031051200 or =orkflow >$%J$J'& .-e value of t-e left operand cannot 3e determined Please repair t-e suspended workflow Press P.!ow created 28201205 "unnin$ this tcode re.4o* !o for*ard a *ork i!e' !o a o!her user @se tcode S+IA and the icon .or administrator . Please r .reshed the bu.orward There is a simi!ar .orward> 56 Workflo* Where a docu'e ! has bee dele!ed !here is a bu.uffer Situation happed in SA0 .i !he W" *here i! s!ill a!!e'p!s !o se! a co'ple!e s!a!us af!er !he dele!io s!ep is co'ple!e7 % !his case pro8ided !he W" is co'ple!e !he !he e'ail i W"#$DM%& ca be i.orward in S+I1 and that is not suitab!e =it 9ust does an emai! and he was automatica!!y in the a$ent !ist a moment !ater Pa$e 22 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .9" Sy chro i<e 0u !i'e .

report shows where the pro. the Or$ Structure Since FF P% assi$nment to Or$ @nit doesn/t seem to happen J chec# with Gavin i.rom '?istin$ Set "adio button Or$ @nit Type and 'nter B@S0015 %enter 'nter the P% and %han$e %!ic# on the P% and 6e!imit 'nter Oesterdays 6ate • %reate in *ew Or$ @nit 'nter new Or$ @nit %!ic# on Or$ @nit %reate J 'nter P% and BB% SA&' • "un 4"128 to chec# that P% is now in *ew Or$ @nit o A%%!-2 'C to Or2 E-!t I.or a date and which users can use approve etc "un this report . PFO< On!y do this i.ied I.inition Too!0LOr$ <ana$ement0LSAP Or$aniDationa! Ob9ects • 6e!imit . AGG P%s in the $roup sit in the same node o.ind what P% Group the P% sits in and . the other P% sits Accountin$ 0 L %ontro!!in$0LP% Acc0L <aster 6ata0LPro.5=6 Workflo* Profi! Ce !er $ssi.ind where one o. a re(uest comes in a$ain GiD 112032200- Pa$e 21 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .or the P% and chec# that it is current!y under the Or$ Structure speci.!ow0L6eve!opment0 %enter 6isp!ay=I'51> Find the P% Group Accountin$ 0 L %ontro!!in$0LP% Acc0L <aster 6ata0LP% Group 6isp!ay=I%C1> Find another P% in this $roup and run 4"128 to see where it sits Then use this number e$ 50038-:3 and put this in the Or$ @nit .'e !7 C1 -2e • 'rof!t Ce-ter from 1 Or2 E-!t to -ot1er 4"128 J GG w2. not (uery with re(uester e!se continue Go to the GG +F Or$ Structure =PFO<>Too!0LBusiness!d centre sits in the or$ structure . you don/t #now where to p!ace P% then .

it %entre on the ne?t screen Oou wi!! need to put the cursor on e$ the top !eve! node Broadcast Gtd and then you can se!ect assi$nment .rom the menu % !er al 3rade – *orkflo* s!uck Pa$e 23 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .Then assi$n the Pro.

was stuc# 'rror messa$e occurred but send .ied so S+IA =Process +or# Item as Administator "aise this with the Tradin$ Team to action 'nter Id =25855-25> Pa$e 25 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .ai!ed +F0A6<I* never noti.Idoc not created w.

!ow "untime 0L+or# Item 6ead!ine monitorin$0L S++B schedu!e Bac#$round Nob I.or the appropriate time =This is the pro$ram .ter a chan$e> Tic# the chec#bo? Pupdate tab!e 4+F25Q Capi!al % 8es!'e ! Proposal C%P (C?01&@ C?0A&@ C?03&) Approva! re(uired .0L6ev0L 6e.9ser !o a role I.Or.orm Automatic +F %ustomiDin$ =F: $enerate icon> %hec# S<1.0L) 6ev 0L Admin 0L +or#. Too!s0L Or$ <$t0L Or$ P!an =PPO<+> Dele!i .or very !ar$e pro9ects e$ L ]!mi!!ion %IP Or$ Structure %reate Or$ @nit %reate Position J Tic# C'A6 Assi$n @ser "e(uests to update a user to %IP position on or$ structure J process is documented in detai! separate!y K$o thereL Deadli e Mo i!ori Switch o.0L) 6ev 0L Admin 0L +or#.0L) 6ev 0L @ti!ities0LAuto +F %ustomiDin$ =S+@1> Se!ect top <aintain "untime 'nvironment H wi!! be shown a$ainst non active 9ob Per.a user fro' a role7 6e!imit don/t de!ete date %!ic# on user c!ic# on icon with ca!endar de!imit as at yesterdays $ddi . you need to schedu!e to be switched on .or GG reason then =not very common in AP0> <anua!!y run in bac#$round 4"208F5GG5+F5@P6AT'54+F25 =this runs every ni$ht to update tab!es but must be run manua!!y a.ind another user with the same ro!e and ASSIG* user in same p!ace I. R Too!s0LBus w .!ow "untime 0L+or# Item 6ead!ine monitorin$0L @nschedu!e Bac#$round Nob =this wi!! de!eted the re!eased 9ob S++6C'H in S<1-> Switch on Immediate!y Too!s0LBus w .or 4++B> *B O!d way o.or !ater J Schedu!e pro$ram "S++6C'H5I*S'"T .that 9ob is schedu!ed Pa$e 28 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .S!ruc!ure> Too!s0LBus w. switchin$ on R Too!s0LBus w . added BB% Or$ Structure . position not #nown ..

a 9sers i boB S+I5 J +or#!oad Ana!ysis *B chec# radio button .SW%.or TO B' P"O%%'SS'6 J to see open items on!y Pa$e 22var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 . # ?ie*i .

ind wor#.!ow !o$ i.SW%C Display Worlflo*s by objec! @se this tcode to . #now the se!ection period norma! wor#.!ow where you have .tatus.ormation on AP0 at any one time There is a spreadsheet which is maintained every month a.ter the archive run The process is to raise a he!pdes# ca!! .or the SAP Basis Pa$e 27 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .ind one attached to the transaction document '$ 4%&1 when the vendor re(uest has been created in HI01 'nter the Ob9ect type and #ey and i.ound Oou wi!! then $et the SO3C – repor! !o ac!io au!o'a!ic for*ardi - Mo !hly $rchi8e wor#.!ow archivin$ has to be done at the be$innin$ o. every month +e #eep three months o.&nk .!&!ed to . wor#item in. .#ortcut to /ork &ow Arc#i%e .

rom Ob9ect and Tas#0 LIn.!ow .!ow !in#ed to a document in the norma! way "un pro$ram "S++A"%P 0 "ead +or#.ormation System0LArchive '?p!orer e$ to view a PO !o$ Pa$e 2: 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .rom Archive Startin$ .terwards Then usin$ this status report maintain the spreadsheet The co!umns are co!our coded based on the status report Idea!!y we shou!d be aimin$ to have everythin$ ye!!ow or $reen This was decreasin$ unti! be.$rhi8ed Workflo* Once data has been archived it is not viewab!e .rom the wor#.ore APIPS went !ive when it dramatica!!y increased It seems to be startin$ to decrease a$ain) but as the a$reement with the BB% is three months we can\t decrease the archivin$ period 0eadi .Team te!!in$ them which month to archive and to send the status report to you a.

This wi!! read .ormat a !o$ Cowever dri!! down icons e$ to container are not supported For this you can use Tcode SA"A This wi!! disp!ay each o.!ow !o$ 'ach tab!e can be viewed e$ S++5%O*T =%ontainer> Pa$e 10 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .rom the optica! du#ebo? and . the steps Oou can dri!! down on each step and see the tab!es that ma#e up the wor#.

3.g. tries to re*use o&d batc# numbers w#ic# it t#inks are unused.2er error 12 12 2005 by *ei! *P 5mage 5! #((#%#)&%) call workflow manager error #>. in clsCapCst4elease.mail type P*SS="R! . Em !l t/pe 'ASSWO(D Em !l t1e e-% user t1e p sswor% .< "un pro$ram ZU200_APIPS_TABLES with the re!evant batch id =BAT%C I6 <@ST B' P"'FIH'6 +ITC TC' G'TT'" . records in the data base. H#is is done using program2 ZU200_APIPS_TABLES :H#is program de&etes entries rom t#e 471AI staging tab&e ZA'5H9'5GJK).>(($ Ceres an e<ample of onRRRRsimilar RRRRuick"rRRr PaRRRRRRRRRRRR./on line 300' )he *B*+14 Open S23 arra& insert results in duplicate database records..HJG. *ction Korward workitem to -elp desk to advise *N. 7&d entries &e t on #ere are causing prob&ems w#en A')'.g F t-ere was no NSRRRRo email failed. RR((RR'($$ C N #>.!( for t-ese.>(($ ## %& )> BRRRR!(# .D5S.#>. they do re!ate to above so!utions p!ease move the write0up to the ri$ht p!ace above A'D Im 2e ID FFFFF 0 ll workflow m .<pired images causing messQ 5an Cu<ley -as a fi< in .>(($ 5mage 5! #((#%('2>) does not e<ist in @*PA!"4AR.A' tab&es be ore t#e batc# can be re run.mail t-e end user t-e password #>. OBImport failed to transfer Images to CommonStore due to duplicate database records within Batches 10354 5! " 10354 #.#>.irst to see how many records are se!ected and then remove the tic# in the \Test mode 0 no updates\ chec#bo? to actua!!y de!ete the records As# user =P% Apps> to ensure that they have no dup!icate invoice numbers in the batches they are submittin$ They can then re0try the batch 8.Commit)oS*+ H#e dup&icate entries need to be remo%ed rom .(-14#-3-.#>.CS Pa$e 11 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc RR>.#>. $ach of the abo%e batches displa&ed the following error' ( Sucessful transfer of Images to CommonStore Sucessful Batch )ransfer to S*+ $rror .ound above I.Duplicate Database Entries e.I/ IF *OT AG"'A6O> 6o a test run .R *ction drag to folder . WO(KFLOW '(OBLE#S TO BE W(ITTEN E' Cere are wor#.>(($ Saved 2720822011 15E18 .!ow error captions that are not .*P5PS96 .

8ogically delete t-e errored =ork5tem.o$<e0t Pa$e 12 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .mo%uleD " f!-% work!tems for S++5+I5TO5OBN'%T5FI*6 '$ in AP0 'HIST'*%'5%C'%I5O*GO @*FI*ISC'65+IS5O*GO H GOGSOS 4SAPAP0005 OBNTOP' B@S2012 OBNI'O 350212-52'?port parameters +I5TO5OBN'%T5FO@*6 Tab!es +O"IIT'<5GIST "esu!tE &a!ue 0 'ntries 2 'ntries &a!ue H . Additional omments: Role resolution is the process of determinin! the users "actors# that re$uire the purchase order appro%al work item in their inbo&. ESEFEL TOOLS ) TI'S Eseful Fu-0t!o.Password not sent to user as no NS. Barry +est 0: 12 2005 :.R5! in form. 'O 58?&1?5118 D ?5 D role resolut!o. PO 4501883554 has been rejected by RE !"#01 1$%1$%$005 A "e(uisition 10275713 has been approved of type = -as t-e status .RR"R. The workflow was terminated.f !le% Description The system was unable to do role resolution for purchase order 4502104115 Release code : 04 Role resolution failed as no actors found.

Do0ume-t t!oThere is documentation on the %6" There is documentation On the GA* 0 @EY@C5ABAP5TeamY6ocumentationY+or#.!ow Support Pa$e 11 2var2www2apps2conversion2tmp2scratch58217:032817 doc Saved 2720822011 15E18 .!ow There is documentation on the IB 0 ABAP Inow!ed$e Base 0 Topic +or#.