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Inner Awareness Is it possible for a 5-year-old to be a clairvoyant?

By Jaime Licauco Philippine Daily Inquirer DateFirst Posted 23:45:00 12/15/2009 ALTHOUGH I KEEP REPEATING IN THIS column that I cannot analyze or interpret drea ms of people whose background I do not know, I still receive a good number of le tters about them. Here is a recent one, which seems to be interesting: ?A few months ago, I dreamt of a woman dressed in white with long black hair, li ghtly stroking my face with her hair, while swaying her head. Then I couldn?t br eathe anymore. After a few weeks, I dreamt of walking in my room in broad daylig ht, while that woman was guiding me and pointing something toward my computer ta ble. I wasn?t able to see her face. ?A few days ago, I dreamt of being pulled up the ceiling of a room I presumed wa s a classroom, because I saw chairs and a table, like a classroom setting. In th at dream, I saw my friends trying to pull me down to the floor. Pulling me was a n invincible force. Then I felt that I couldn?t breathe again. ?Yesterday, I dreamt of something or someone choking me. Again I felt that I cou ldn?t breathe. ?Years ago and until now, I kept dreaming of the old apartment we used to live i n in Makati. One time, I dreamt of an entity that looked like an old Chinese man , with long white eyebrows, long white beard and mustache, wearing a blue robe w ith floral patterns. He was sitting on a big old porcelain urn, like a Chinese v ase. Inside the urn were precious stones or gems. There were two urns, one was w here the old man was sitting and the other was an open urn where the stones were . The urn and the old man were located on the farthest vacant lot that used to h ave three banana trees, an old septic tank and a guava tree. The vacant lot was where we used to play when I was still young. ?Sometimes, dead relatives appear in my dreams asking me why they are there in t hat old apartment although they know that they are already dead. I remember one relative asking me: ?Bakit ako nandito? Patay na ako ah,? while standing beside the main door. I also dream of my dead dog, jumping outside the window of the se cond floor of that apartment. ?Sometimes, in my half-conscious sleep, I hear murmurs or voices but I can?t und erstand their language. Why do I dream of things like these? Is there any explan ation to them or am I just imagining things? ?My cousin told me that she also dreams of doing something in the same place whe re I saw in my dreams the old entity with the urn, the three banana trees, old s eptic tank and the guava tree. Do these have a connection to my dreams? ?One time around 6 p.m. she saw a huge figure which she presumed was ?tao? (huma n), looking down at her, taller than the kamias tree which was around 9 ft. She told me that it suddenly disappeared after a few seconds. ?She also has been seeing a male figure with thick fur roaming the vacant lot at night. ?Her 5-year-old niece suddenly told her that someone was in the kitchen, which s he described as ?mama? or lalake (male), even going closer to the subject and po

inting her finger toward it. The child is the only one who saw it and it seemed she was not afraid of it. ?I am also obsessed about going back to that house and visiting the area, for no reason. It just attracts me.??Name withheld Although I do not know anything about your background, there are certain common elements in your dream that may help explain why they occur. It is most likely that your dream of seeing a woman and then being unable to bre athe was not a dream but a case of astral projection (or out-of-body experience) . This interpretation is bolstered or strengthened by your feeling of being pull ed up to the ceiling and then seeing another scene. During an out-of-body experience, we feel as though we are floating on the air o r flying (while our physical body is lying quietly on the bed). We see other sce nes outside our own bedroom and can sometimes even hear people talking. It is usual and normal for people to dream of old houses they grew up in, becaus e these places have strong emotional impact on them. The fact that your cousin and you see strange creatures in the same place could mean there are really entities or earth-bound spirits there. They are not aware that they are dead, or even if they were, they refuse to accept that they are al ready dead. They are still in a confused state or probably still in shock. This usually happens in case of sudden deaths. Your cousin?s 5-year-old niece is a clairvoyant or has her Third Eye open. That? s why she could see things other people could not. Note: Due to some requests from people who want to learn how to meditate, I will conduct a four-hour workshop on Dec. 19, 1-5 p.m., on Basic Meditation. For fur ther details, call 810-7245/815-9890/0908-4383217.

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