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The Cure
by Supreme Justice A u!"#$! E%#$&
$ie$ '(()*CE - Is!#mic Ye#r +,,H-

Rep.rte$ % Gr#/$ Muh#$$ith H# i H#"i0 A $u!!#h 1e/ S#$e2 Re3ise$ % Muh#$$ith A $u!!#h T#!i$i A/ #$#pt#ti./ % Ser3#/t ." H#$ith& Sh#%2h Ahm#$ D#r4ish 'Ar# ic5h#$ei6#h A7 Stephe/s 'E/8!ishA%esh# N#$ri%# 'I/$./esi#/Copyright © 1984-2011 Allah.com Muhammad.com. All rights reserved. erms o! "ervice Copyright#$% %olicy & 'uideli(es

Ju$8e E%#$<s R#/2 )udge *yad .as acclaimed by the $mam Mali7 school o! 8urisprude(ce as a great 8urist.hich he the( .dilige(ce i( the productio( o! his .as also 7(o.here he bega( his studies u(der the directio( o! its 8udge a(d o(e hu(dred highly acclaimed shay7hs .is Abul!adl *yad .elcomed him a(d i(vited him to chair debates 2 .( !or his ge(erosity a(d charity+ a(d .!rom .as a great orator+ patie(t+ 7i(d a(d good compa(y.( by ha(d a(d memori2ed.ledge he le!t his home a(d travelled to A(dalusia ." the er# 4he( )udge *yad embar7ed o( his search !or 7(o. Added to these accomplishme(ts he .as the celebrated "upreme Court )ustice o! "pai( a(d Morocco. 4he( he retur(ed !rom A(dalusia some thirty years later+ the scholars o! "abta . 4he( our . is Supreme Ju$8e E%#$ the #uth. -e .4!e$8e "r.or7 a(d adhere(ce to the truth .gra(d!ather Amro( decided to leave 1e2 he settled i( "abta .ere Arabs .as also a scholar o! the pri(cipals o! 6eligio( a(d Arabic la(guage .His se#rch ".s so(+ Muhammad said+ /0ur great gra(d!athers .ith its literature+ poems a(d the ge(ealogy o! Arabs.r 2/.:i/e#8e )udge *yad. -e .as a( imam o! (ot o(ly the scie(ce o! %rophetic 5uotatio(s but also o! the i(terpretatio( o! the 3ora(." She"#9 "upreme )udge *yad+ the author a(d the complier o! "he!a . -is (ame .Wh.a(.rote do.ho came !rom A(dalusia i( "pai( the( relocated to 1e2 i( Morocco a(d later became reside(ts o! 3airo. -e .mp!ier .ledge he collected a great (umber o! prophetic :uotatio(s .m the 8re#t sh#%2hs .r #/$ the c.hom he ear(ed the traditio(al $slamic certi!icates & the i8a2a 9uri(g his :uest !or 7(o.

His De#th A!ter a cha(ge o! gover(me(t )udge *yad moved to Marra7ech a(d it is there that he passed a.ould be discovered a(d removed > . Marra7ech is a city 7(o.o( the acclamatio( o! his peers . )udge *yad .ere i(su!!icie(t scholars to rule upo( the authe(ticity o! some o! the :uotatio(s+ but he had (o doubt that as time progressed a(d research became easier such .rote over te( boo7s+ amo(gst . -e the( accepted the positio( o! 8udge i( 'ra(ada+ "pai( a(d le!t "abta o(ly to retur( . .His #uth.rship )udge *yad .riti(gs.hich e:uates to the Christia( year 112>+ . $t has stood the test o! time i( ./ $( the gra(d mos:ue o! Cordoba he built its .$(do(esia( la(guages )udge *yad. # M.r$.hich has stood alo(e i( its u(i:ue(ess !or (early 900 years $( this .ot lo(g a!ter is arrival he became a member o! the Advisory Cou(cil a(d therea!ter became the 8udge o! his provi(ce !or ma(y years. herea!ter he built a ce(ter i( the mou(tai(s . -e made re!ere(ce to this possibility i( his .as to become a .s re!ere(ce co(tai(s some (arratio(s that have bee( proved to be u(authe(tic.ho recog(i2ed the great blessi(g o! its productio( a(d subse:ue(tly praised him i( their poems a(d .hich (o o(e has surpassed this great .s=ue e>te/si.ay i( the lu(ar $slamic year =44 . .hich is the e<pla(atio( o! the authe(tic collectio( o! %rophetic :uotatio(s compiled by Muslim.riti(gs sayi(g that duri(g his time there .a(a/.+ Al -amdulillah+ available i( the *(glish a(d .The C. he pi((acle o! his great authorship rests i( his sple(did biography o! %rophet Muhammad /Ash "he!a/+ .or7 a(d the dema(d !or copies still gai( mome(tum a(d is (o.promi(e(t seat o! lear(i(g .hich .:uotatio(s .ester( e<te(sio(.orld.s tomb is visited regularly by people !rom all over Morocco a(d the .or7 his treme(dous s7ill o! research a(d collectio( are appare(t that .( as the city o! the seve( me( close ?A.hich is (early 900 years ago.o( the 8urisprude(ce re!ere(ce /Muda.lia@ to Allah a(d -is %rophet .agai( a(d resume his positio( as 8udge .

ame+ a(d is the 0. $! this is the case .rote a !ourth u(it to address a(d deal .ith him+ ope(s his great .ho dare to i(sult the %rophet a(d his Compa(io(s.$ucti.i(g i( his visio( o! .or7.(er o! treme(dous might+ havi(g (either a begi((i(g (or a( e(d.(er o! u(co(:uerable might.e .e are !ollo.or7 o! %rophet Muhammad. their %rophet AA .his authorship Supreme Ju$8e A $u! E%#$?s I/tr.assured a(d their good deeds a(d !aith i(crease -o.ith a supplicatio( as a( i(dicatio( to the e(di(g o! the boo7 !or the believer.ith the ability to research a(d authe(ticate these :uotatio(s a(d rule accordi(gly the( delete the u(authe(tic !rom the re!ere(ce a(d it is his editio( . 4e have there!ore produced that u(it separately because (o believer .elcome him to ac:uire our !ree editio( o! this u(it.or7 because he is (ot i( (eed o! it.upo( !or our tra(slatio( )udge *yad said o! his boo7 that+ /.s biography . %raise be to Allah .ho de(ies the ra(7 o! prophethood+ or :uestio(s the miracles o! %rophet Muhammad rather it is !or those . -e is appare(t+ (ot by imagi(atio( or guess.ith hypocrites+ a(d those ./ he $mam+ -a!i2+ Abul!adl+ may Allah be pleased .he curre(t Muhaddith o! a(gier+ Morocco+ "hay7h -abib "ayed alidi+ is that scholar blessed .e . $t is .ho is alo(e i( possessi(g -is most sple(did .rote it !or the believers i( the !aith o! the %rophet .e did (ot gather its prese(tatio( !or a perso( .ho accepted his i(vitatio( to Allah a(d deeply believe i( his prophethood so that their love is /.ill e(8oy it u(less he is de!e(di(g the prophethood as a (ature o! his .ames+ the 0.ho is C(i:ue havi(g the highest .ever+ )udge *yad .ith a( i(troductio( sayi(gB %raise be to Allah . here!ore .e have relied .orth (oti(g that at the e(d o! the > rd u(it )udge *yad himsel! co(cluded it . -e is the hidde( because o! purity+ (ot out o! (o(-e<iste(ce .ho are believers so that they might 7(o.ho has e(compassed 4 .

ere covered a(d ears that .hom -e guides ?!rie(ds@ a(d -e se(t to them to %rophet Muhammad a Messe(ger o! pure desce(t !rom the best amo(g Arabs a(d (o(-Arabs a(d . Allah 7ept -is %rophet pure i( both spirit a(d body a(d protected him !rom all imper!ectio(s a(d blemishes+ a(d besto.lia@+ those .ed him .ho are !ear!ul o! -im+ those . May Allah praise -is Messe(ger .er a(d the e(ormity o! -is 'reat(ess.ledge Allah has se(t a( abu(da(ce o! -is 1avor to those . hose .hom -e has ho(ored by se(di(g to them !rom -is %urity a(d .it(essi(g o! the marvels o! -is 3i(gdom a(d the traces o! -is Might i( .ith . ?A!ter the above i(troductio( -a!i2+ Abul!adl supplicated@B /May Allah illumi(e both your heart a(d mi(e .a(dered i( -is 'reat(ess.hom Allah had . hey are totally satis!ied immersed i( their devotio( a(d relia(ce upo( -im applyi(g to = .hom Allah had decreed happi(ess ho(ored a(d helped him+ as !or those to .ho is the !i(est both i( li(eage a(d upbri(gi(g.ere !ull o! .ith praisi(g that i(crease co(ti(uously a(d may -e gra(t peace upo( his !amily a(d Compa(io(s.ith the lights o! certai(ty.as the greatest o! all huma(s.everythi(g i( -is Mercy a(d 3(o.ledge a(d the . -is co(victio( ./ "uch !rie(ds that ma7e Allah their o(ly pursuit a(d .ere bli(d+ hearts that . hrough him+ Allah ope(ed eyes that .ee( the tasti(g o! -is %o. upo( us subtle(ess as -e besto.ere greater tha( a(y o! the creatio( o! Allah+ a(d his 7(o.ise his determi(atio(+ as !or his compassio( a(d mercy it .hich their hearts .ed -is !rie(ds ?A. Allah says+ /But he who is blind in this life shall be blind in the Everlasting Life and will be further astray from the Path" ?1EBE2).isdom a(d 8udgme(t.ledge a(d u(dersta(di(g .ere dea!+ a(d -e caused people to believe i( -im. May -e besto.ho has dista(ced them !rom huma(ity thereby gi!ti(g them !rom -is 3(o.o(derme(t a(d so their i(tellect .retched(ess they re8ected a(d tur(ed a.ay !rom him. %rophet MuhammadDs i(tellige(ce a(d patie(ce .ritte( .ere i(deed o! the highest sta(di(g.it(ess -im i( this li!e a(d i( the *verlasti(g Fi!e are blessed by seei(g the Geauty a(d Ma8esty o! Allah as they go too a(d !ro bet.as the stro(gest li7e.

ill support their sayi(gs .hat is due to him or those .ith the e<ceptio(al :ualities o! the %rophet all o! .eri(g your :uestio(s by e<posi(g the treme(dous value a(d superb character together .hich eve( the (ative bird becomes perple<ed a(d u(able to cross+ a(d u(7(o.ever+ great hopes o! a re.ith verses !rom the 3ora( or parables.hat is (ecessary !or the %rophet . hose to . o support this stateme(t $ :uote the %rophetic sayi(g (arrated by Abu -urayrah+ the .( places i( .ard !or both o! us i( a(s. $ have+ ho.ho do (ot !ul!ill .ledge a(d clarity o! thought+ go astray.here !eet slip i! they do (ot rely solely upo( success a(d support !rom Allah. A(d+ the verdict upo( those .hat is permissible or !orbidde( i( respect o! him. 'Allah'. $t also (ecessitates a deep 7(o. Iou should be a. $ have bee( as7ed ma(y times to .ith a very di!!icult tas7+ a(d that this tas7 is a mome(tous u(derta7i(g a(d my heart is !illed . hen leave them.hich depicts his deservedly great ho(or a(d the respect due to him.or7 it is (ecessary !or me to evaluate the primary sources a(d e<ami(e the seco(dary sources+ a(d research i( both depth a(d detail the scie(ce o! .hich i(tellect+ i! it is (ot guided by the directio( o! 7(o.rite a re!ere(ce that harvests the de!i(itio( o! the ra(7 o! the chose(+ %rophet Muhammad . $( order to produce this .ledge o! the %rophetDs Messe(gership a(d prophethood coupled .hich (o(e o! creatio( ever possessed. the sayi(g o! Allah de!i(i(g his duties+ "So that those to whom the Boo" was given are #ertain and those who believe in#rease in belief" ?E4B>1@. -ere o(e !i(ds a vast desolate desert i( .themselves the sayi(g o! Allah+ "Say.are that you have burde(ed me . !laying in their !lunging" ?HB91@.ere obligated by -im to clari!y it to the masses a(d (ot to co(ceal it. $ :uote (o. $ have also bee( as7ed to gather the stateme(ts o! our predecessors a(d imams o( his great(ess a(d .hom Allah gave the Goo7 .ell lear(ed Compa(io(+ .ith the love+ a(d i(timate !rie(dship a(d the e<tra special :ualities o! his superlative ra(7.ho attempt to degrade the superiority o! his ra(7 by eve( the clip o! a (ail.ith apprehe(sio(. $t is a slippery slope .ho tells us that the %rophet H .

$ have mapped out its path+ orga(i2ed its material a(d collated them. -e e(ables us to prepare !or our retur( to -im a(d provides us .ill o(ly be bliss or the pu(ishme(t o! -ell+ it is !or this reaso( that a perso( should atte(d to his o.hich ./ he -eali(g ?o! the reader@ by 9e!i(i(g the 6ights o! the Chose( %rophet/ . 0( the 9ay o! )udgeme(t there .ledge !or the be(e!it o! himsel! a(d others.er o! 1avor a(d Mercy to us all./ A(d it is !or this reaso( $ haste(ed my search to !i(d some clear a(ecdotes+ thereby achievi(g the ob8ect o! my goal a(d !ul!illi(g the obligatio(.hich .ith trials a(d a!!lictio(+ a(d tested thereby.said+ /Allah . .ledge co(ceals it.ill bri(g us to sa!ety a(d (ear to -im. $( this li!e a perso(. "ig(edB "upreme )ustice Abul!adl *yad E . Allah is the 0(e . -e !orgives the e(ormity o! our si(s.( a!!airs see7i(g the salvatio( o! his#her o. $ (ame this re!ere(ce JAsh-"he!a Gitari! -u:u: Musta!aK .orthy both (o.ill bridle a(yo(e . a(d i( the *verlasti(g Fi!e.( soul+ a(d i(creasi(g the (umber o! his good deeds as .ithout restrictio( i( his co(cer( !or that .he( as7ed about religious 7(o.ho+ .ho a!ter havi(g achieved the best status ca( be reduced to the lo.ith multiple reaso(s !or doi(g good thi(gs .ell as ac:uiri(g use!ul 7(o. 4he( Allah chooses the best !or a perso(+ -e totally immerses him#her . his the( is my i(te(tio( to proceed .eedless to say such matters ca( easily distract him#her !rom his obligatio(+ a(d volu(tary actio(s a(d a perso(+ .ith a bridle o! !ire o( the 9ay o! 6esurrectio( .s body a(d mi(d are occupied .ith the tas7.ho me(ds our bro7e( hearts. -e is the Gesto.est+ it is !or this reaso( that $ sei2e upo( these a(ecdotes.ill be praise.