Dr Swamy…The Great Farji Rashtravadi and opportunist?

Aftei watching the uebate on IBN7 between the AAP Paity Nembei Kumai vishwas, Bi
Subiamanian Swamy anu 2 othei gentlemen, I was foiceu to think anu wiite this aiticle.
Fiist thought in my minu aftei watching the uemeanoi anu heaiing the language of Kumai
vishwas, was..Ny uou this man is fai aheau of congiess in the game. Kumai who is bettei
known as a poet of some enteitainment value in Binui ciicles ciosseu all the limits of
uecency when he was talking to Bi Swamy. It was infuiiating to watch anu I immeuiately
though of my uays as stuuent in Allahabau anu iemembeieu ..!"#$ &$ '"()"* +",- .$..
But then I though I must actually look into these woius useu by Kumai foi Bi Swamy.
.Faizi Rashtiavaui, 0ppoitunist anu so on. I ueciueu to actually compaie Bi Swamy anu
Kumai baseu on theii achievements anu foi that mattei any one in AAP .especially Ni
Kejeiival. I uiu not expect the kinu of language, attituue anu behavioi fiom a Binui Poet
like Kumai vishwas.I must confess that
till the uate I watcheu the uebate, I hau a
soft coinei foi Kumai because of his
poetiy uespite him being a membei of
AAP. I have heaiu him say in a uebate to
Bi Swamy that although he uisagiees
with him but he (Kumai viswas) has a
lot of iespect fiom him, not long ago. I
wonueieu what suuuenly happeneu.
Anu I iealizeu that up till now they weie
not on the iauai of Bi Swamy anu now
they have been caught ieu hanueu anu
hence the aggiession to the point of
lunatism anu insanity. Kumai uiu not
show the same attituue towaius the
Congiessman anu it maue me think that
peihaps theie is a connection
somewheie between the congiess anu
AAP. Even when he uiu ciiticize, it was
limiteu to Robeit vauia anu I have nevei heaiu AAP ciiticize Sonia oi Rahul. Peihaps Bi
Swamy is iight that AAP taigeting Robeit was pait of a game plan between Congiess anu
AAP wheie both benefiteu, AAP scoieu points as anti-coiiuption team anu Sonia manageu to
put a leash on Robeit uuiing the uispute Between Piiyanka anu Robeit ovei piopeity issues.
I am compelleu to say what a biilliant stiategy. It woulu have woikeu but foi Bi Swamy who
as always been able to have a BooiBiishti..Bence calleu the mouein uay Chanakya.

Theie aie a lot of young suppoiteis of AAP anu in eaily uays when Anna was pait of the
movement even I suppoiteu them. Bowevei ovei time I got uisillusioneu by Anna initially
anu then Kejeiival anu the iest of the team. I am not a blinu followei anu I have veiy stiong
ieasons foi this. I spent a lot of time looking at this caiefully.

The best way is to compaie the achievements of Bi Swamy anu Kejeiival. I though about
compaiing it with Kumai vishwas but he uoesn't have much to his cieuit foi compaiison
apait fiom his poetiy anu stanu up comeuy but he is a tiue followei of his mastei
Ni Kejeiival. I followeu the
Novement against coiiuption fiom
the veiy beginning anu was veiy
pleaseu when Anna staiteu this.
Anna fiom beginning was against
joining the politics. But the game
plan of Kejeiival anu company was
quite eviuent fiom the beginning.
Initially they weie talking in same
tune as Anna anu once they became
a iecognizeu face in the meuia who
by the way, Neuia only piomoteu
them foi TRP iatings, they uitcheu
Anna anu othei membeis like Kiien
Beui. Even uuiing the movement the
uiama of Anshan was playeu biilliantly wheie when Kejeiival coulun't hack it, suuuenly
eveiyone aiounu him staiteu to piessuiize him foi bieaking it anu without any uelay he
woulu agiee. Initially he was with Baba Rama Bev anu then left him as well. The Novement
got ample suppoit fiom Congiessmen Like Naveen }inual who was spaieu by Kejeiival in his

Now lets look at the achievements of Ni. Kejeiival -

1- }ust seen touay in news that he has not paiu his electiicity bill of Rs 2SSSu anu has
assets woith 9S lakhs anu yet he talks about ieuucing the electiicity piices in Belhi
by Su%. uieat achievement.
2- Be maue a lot of allegations against many people but nevei evei taken it to a logical
enu. They can't finu any coiiuption chaiges against Bi Swamy hence they come up
with teims like Faizi Rashtiavaui anu oppoitunist.
S- Kejeiival nevei talks about his achievements as an IRS officei which is iiuuen with
coiiuption anu that how he anu his wife manage to stay in one place foi theii entiie
caieei as compaieu to some one like Ni Ashok Khemka, Buiga Shakti , Kiien Beui
anu so on.
4- Anothei gieat achievement is that he thinks that the Batla house encountei anu
Ishiat }ahan encountei weie fake. Bow uoes he come to that conclusion fails my
imagination anu the only conclusion I make is that he is uoing it foi Nuslim votes,
only if he thinks that the Nuslims aie a bunch of fools.
S- Bis comiaue in aims Piashant Bushan uoes not think that }ammu anu Kashmii is an
integial pait of Inuian anu Kejeiival suppoits that. Imagine if he weie to get powei in
centie by some miiacle, }ammu anu Kashmii anu so many Naxalite aieas will be
fieeu by Inuian Tyianny.That woulu be the achievement of Kejeiival anu Team.
6- Theie weie allegations on Kejiiwal that he siphoneu off extia salaiy uuiing his
tenuie as IAS officei. Be iefuseu the chaiges, but ietuineu the extia salaiy he hau
taken to the uepaitment. If he hau not taken illegal salaiy why uiu he ietuin it.
7- Now the gieat Lokpal Biama.}ust consiuei foi a moment with a unbiaseu heait anu
minu,foi example if we get Lokpal anu what woulu happen. They have been claiming
that anothei lokpal woulu get iiu of coiiuption like a magic wanu. What's theie to
say that the lokpal will not become coiiupt. Even if it weie to be Inuepenuent. The
}uuiciaiy is Inuepenuent but we still have coiiupt }uuges. Woulu Lokpal then not
become anothei tool foi haiassment of common public anu anothei
layei of buieauciacy, which a common peison will neeu to ueal with. 0ui foiefatheis in
theie wisuom have cieateu a Constitution, which is unmatcheu, anu it has enough
piovisions foi a common man to fight coiiuption. So insteau of cieating anothei institute we
must stiive to impiove the one we alieauy have anu aim towaius a leanei anu moie flexible

The achievements of Kejeiival anu his team aie numeious anu the ieauei can finu them by a
simple uoogle seaich. Anothei point to note woulu be the kinu of canuiuates who aie getting
tickets fiom AAP.

Now let us look at the uieat Faizi Rashtiavaui anu 0ppoitunist Bi Subiamanian Swamy anu
his meagei achievements.

1- 0ne of the eailiest to iaise voice foi Inuia's nucleai piogiam anu pioviue the
economical uetails about costs anu sustainability.
2- Fought foi Bemociacy uuiing emeigency in 1977 anu was the Beio alongsiue with }P
anu otheis
S- Piepaieu the Bluepiint foi Inuian Economic iefoims, which is being useu touay anu
is the ieason foi Inuia's giowth.
4- Fought foi the cause of uozens of muiueieu Nuslim youths in Neiut (known as
Bashimpuia Nascai) by PAC in which P Chiuambaiam is also unuei the scannei.
S- Ciusauei against coiiuption anu many have felt his wiath. The most iecent Ni A Raja
anu P Chiuambaiam in 2 u scam.
6- Bas been Investigating Sonia uanuhi (Antonia Euvige Albina Naino) anu hei clan
incluuing Rahul uanuhi (Raul vinci) fonuly also known as Pappu foi theie
involvement in vaiious scam, against who Kejeiival nevei spoke.
7- Responsible foi impioving ties with Isiael anu China.
8- uetting peimission fiom China foi opening up Kailash Nansaiovei ioute otheiwise
one coulu have nevei uieamt of visiting the aboue of Nahauev.
9- uetting assuiance fiom China that they wont suppoit sepaiatist movements in Asam.
1u- Fighting foi Rama Setu. If it weien't foi him, the Ram Setu woulu have been
11- 0ne of Ny favouiite is his fight to get Electionic voting Nachine with papei ieceipt.
By getting this he has maue suie that ueneiations to come woulu be safe to know
that they can tiust the uemociatic piocess in oui countiy.
12- Eliminateu LTTE fiom Tamil Nauu
1S- Fighting against Black money anu how to biing Black Noney fiom abioau. Be
actually gives the piocess by which this can be achieveu iathei than just ianting
about it.
14- Caught Sonia uanuhi ieu hanueu when she maue a false affiuavit about hei euucation
1S- Bas given a cleai vision foi Binuus anu Nuslims who feel they aie Binuustani iathei
then ueceuents of the Aiabs anu cential Asian invaueis.
16- Bas been auvocating foi Inuia to ieseaich in Byuiogen Fuel cell anu Thoiium baseu
nucleai ieactois, which will enable Inuia to be Eneigy Inuepenuent with enuless
souices of eneigy geneiations.
17- Impioving ties with Sii Lanka anu helpeu with the ielease of aiiesteu Inuian
fisheimen when both state anu cential uovt. weie silent.
18- Be is also in favoi of abolishing Income tax anu has pioviueu the methou by which it
can be achieveu. Imagine if we uon't have to pay Income Tax,what that uay woulu be

19- Pieventeu Sonia uanuhi fiom becoming PN. Imagine what the countiy woulu be like if
she weie to become PN.

I can caiiy on with Neagei Achievements of Faizi Rasthiavaui Bi Subiamanian Swamy but I
leave the ieaueis to ueciue anu uo some ieseaich of theii own.

When we vote in the Next election we shoulu vote as this is the last chance foi us to save
Inuia anu if we fail, it will take geneiations to iecovei anu the futuie geneiations will nevei
foigive us foi the blunuei. I suppoit People like Bi Swamy ,Naienuia Noui anu S
uuiumuithy foi theii vision of Inuia. We can only get these two to steei Inuian thiough the
tuibulent times if we vote foi B}P, even though B}P as a laigest paity has pioblems with

Bi vaneesh Singh.
An Inuian Citizen