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Career Planning Guide 2010

The O ce of Career Services at Princeton University publishes the Career Planning Guide as a resource for our students to assist them in developing their career plans and the skills and relationships necessary to pursue their post-graduation goals. It is best used as a complement to the full array of services, programs, and resourc ered b ce. 36 University Place, Suite 200 Princeton, NJ 08544 Please visit our website at for the complete publication.

How to Write Resumes

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How to Write Resumes


A resume is a succinct outline of your education, experience, activities, accomplishments, and skills as they pertain to your employment goals. Employers may spend only 30 seconds scanning a resume to determine whether your background matches their requirements. So, you need to think of your resume as a marketing tool that demonstrates that your product (you) meets the needs of your potential customer (the employer). Effective resumes get noticed because they: Emphasize relevant accomplishments and potential contributions Focus on the skills necessary in a particular field or the requirements of a specific position Are concise, well-organized, and easy to read

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If you have never written a resume, start with simple brainstorming to identify some of the skills and abilities you may have to offer a potential employer.

Resume writing is different from other styles of writing. Do not use first-person pronouns (I, me, my) or articles (a, an, the). Do not include your age, gender, religion, political affiliation, ethnicity, marital status, social security number, references, or salary expectations/history.

Think about your experiences (past and present) including education, coursework, jobs, internships, activities, honors, publications, language skills, study abroad experiences, and community service projects. Create a rough outline that covers the past three to five years.

Industry Research

Create Multiple Versions (optional)

Next, research your field of interest using the resources and links available on the Career Services website to become more familiar with the skills and abilities employers are looking for in potential candidates.

Review several job descriptions, on various job posting sites, to help uncover specific needs and key words in the industry. In general, all employers will be interested in communication and leadership skills. Key words are nouns and phrases, industry buzz words, or acronyms used within a particular field. These are found in the job description or the list of employer requirements. If your resume includes some industry key words, it is more likely to be selected. However, only list terms you are familiar with and can answer questions about during an interview.

You may need to have multiple versions of your resume for different industries or types of positions you are interested in. Using industry research as your guide, you can develop tailored resumes that emphasize relevant skills pertaining to any number of fields. You will also need to create a formatted and non-formatted version of your resume for various modes of distribution (see the information below).

Edit, Proofread, and Critique

This is the most critical step of all and will involve enlisting the assistance of others.

Make sure that you have organized your resume so that the most relevant information appears closer to the top of the page. Read each section over carefully and be sure that you have effectively conveyed the skills, abilities, or accomplishments you are trying to emphasize. Proofread for spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.


Compare your qualifications to the requirements of employers and decide what to highlight on your resume.

Write Your First Draft

Follow the general guidelines on the next page and the tips below to create each section of your resume. There are also sample resumes included later in this section that offer a variety of formats and styles.

Be concise! Express your qualifications and accomplishments using as few words as possible. For students and recent graduates with limited work experience, a one-page resume is recommended. If you have extensive experience, or are applying for graduate/ professional school or academic fellowships, you may create a two-page resume or CV.

Have your resume critiqued by a career counselor and, if possible, others within the field.

Save in Multiple Formats

You will need formatted and non-formatted versions of your resume for various modes of distribution.

Convert your Word document version into a PDF to retain the original formatting when sending as an attachment. Save as yourname.pdf. Use Notepad to convert your Word document version to a text-only/non-formatted version suitable for copying and pasting into online applications and into the body of an e-mail message (some companies do not accept attachments). Save as yourname.txt.


Follow the general guidelines found on the next two pages when developing the content in each section of your resume. CONTACT INFORMATION
FULL NAME (in size 14 font and boldfaced) E-mail address (use professional language) CURRENT ADDRESS Campus Box Number or Street City, State, Zip Code Phone number PERMANENT ADDRESS Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone number

Including an objective on top of your resume is optional. However, a well-written, concise statement (one sentence in length) describing your employment goal and some of your unique selling points can provide some context for your reader as they review the rest of your resume. If you are planning to target more than one field, you should prepare multiple versions of your resume and develop a specific objective for each. For example, A_________position within the ___________field using _____________ and __________ skills.

Name of Institution, City and State, Country Degree, Major, Month, and Year of Graduation Date of Graduation

Indicate your major or concentration, if appropriate. Indicate your overall and /or major GPA if it is 3.0 or higher. (Freshmen do not need to include a GPA.) If you attended other institutions, list in reverse chronological order and use either dates of attendance or graduation date, if appropriate. (Freshman may include high school information in this section.) List academic honors and awards in order of importance. (This can be a sub-heading of Education or another separate section.) List relevant coursework (six to ten courses without course numbers). (This can be a sub-heading of Education or another separate section.) Include a brief description of your junior paper or senior thesis.

you Did Know?

A curriculum vitae, or CV, is used in academia and in certain scientific fields. A CV is really just an expanded resume (more than one page in length) that includes additional sections such as Publications, Conferences, Presentations, Research Experience, Teaching Experience, and Professional Organizations. Check Career Services Library resources such as The Curriculum Vitae Handbook by Anthony and Roe for samples. You can also visit The Chronicle of Higher Educations CV Doctor at


How to Write Resumes

This section can be labeled in a variety of ways to highlight pertinent experience and can include paid or unpaid internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, and/or work-study positions. Use section titles like RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, RELATED EXPERIENCE, VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE, or titles that pertain to your career goal like JOURNALISM EXPERIENCE, RESEARCH EXPERIENCE, and TEACHING EXPERIENCE. List internships, part-time, full-time, summer, and volunteer experience directly related to your career goal. Use the title EMPLOYMENT, OTHER EXPERIENCE, or ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE for all other part-time, full-time, and summer jobs that may not directly relate to your career goal. For each work experience or major extracurricular activity, think about major responsibilities, projects worked on, new skills learned, and goals achieved. Focus on writing about your achievements or the skills used, rather than routine duties or merely listing job responsibilities (avoid using Responsibilities included or Duties included). If possible, quantify the accomplishment in some way. For all positions you are listing, use the following general format and list positions in reverse chronological order: Name of Organization City, State Your Job Title Month, YearMonth, Year

Be sure to begin each bullet statement with an action verb. Your first bullet statement should provide a general overview of your job function. Describe a specific function focusing on transferable skills and key words from the industry (one-to-three bullets). Include accomplishment statements (using the APR formula on the next page) focusing on contributions and results (one to three bullets).

Computer, Management, Language, or Laboratory Skills Include key words based on your research of the field or industry. Use subheadings when listing more than one skill set.

Membership and Leadership within Organizations Begin with your title (Member, Treasurer, Special Events Committee Chair, etc.) and then state the name of the organization and the dates of participation. If leadership positions were held, title this section Campus Leadership or Leadership and Activities and follow with a brief description as you did for your experience section.

This section can be included for special accomplishments (e.g., completed New York Marathon), distinctions (e.g., filed patent for invention), or unique experiences (e.g., traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa).


Do not include references on your resume, or the phrase References Upon Request. See the section on Choosing References.

How to Write Resumes

Use Accomplishment Statements to describe your achievements in the experience section. The APR (Action + Problem/Project + Result) formula makes it easy to highlight your accomplishments. Begin by thinking of a project you completed or a problem you solved at a job or through volunteer efforts. Choose an Action verb that describes the actions you took to complete a Project or solve a Problem and the Results you achieved. Quantify your results whenever possible. Heres an example: ction verb roject


Adapted Administered Advised Analyzed Applied Arranged Assisted Balanced Billed Briefed Carried out Communicated Compiled Completed Computed Conducted Controlled Coordinated Created Defined Delegated Delivered Demonstrated Designed Determined Developed Directed Earned Edited Eliminated Enabled Enforced Enhanced Established Evaluated Expanded Expedited Facilitated Filed Formed Fostered Founded Generated Guided Harnessed Illustrated Implemented Improved Innovated Instructed Introduced Invented Launched Led Maintained Managed Mastered Mediated Monitored Negotiated Observed Operated Organized Participated Performed Persuaded Planned Prepared Presented Produced Programmed Provided Published Received Recommended Reduced Reorganized Reviewed Revised Scheduled Screened Selected Served Set up Sold Solved Streamlined Structured Supervised Supported Surpassed Surveyed Targeted Taught Teamed with Tested Trained Tripled Utilized Wrote

A + P R

Coordinated three fundraising events for local shelters which raised over $8,000 (20% over goal) and greatly improved community awareness. Coordinated three fundraising events for local shelters, which raised over $8,000 (20% over goal) and greatly improved community awareness.


How to Write Resumes

q Sample Freshman Resume

School Address: 5555 Frist Campus Center Princeton, NJ 08544

Thomas Freshman 609-555-1234

Permanent Address: 1 Main Road Central, NJ 08888

EDUCATION Princeton University, Princeton, NJ June 2014 Intended Major: Politics Intended Certificate: French Language and Culture Coursework includes: Campaigns and Elections; American Politics; Religion, Law, and Society; Multivariable Calculus; Microeconomics; The Civil Rights Movement; French Central High School, Central, NJ June 2009 Salutatorian Captain of cross-country and track teams with 10 varsity letters and all-state honors; peer leader; secretary of debate team; student government committee chairperson EXPERIENCE New Jersey 5k Run, Central Jersey Educational Foundation, Central, NJ 2008Present Assistant Race Director Plan events that draw 1,000+ participants and raises $30,000 annually for local nonprofit educational foundation. Direct entire registration process prior to and on day of event, including creating computer database and coordinating the efforts of 30 volunteers. Update and maintain website ( Bill Richardson for President, Primary Election Campaign, Manchester, NH Jan. 2009 Volunteer Staffed five campaign events and performed Get-Out-The-Vote activities including phone banking, canvassing, and writing letters. Global Care Unlimited Club, Central High School, Central, NJ 20072010 Co-Founder/President Co-founded club to raise awareness of humanitarian crises. Led weekly club meetings and increased membership from 10 to 25 dedicated members. Organized conference that brought in expert speakers to educate school on conflict in Darfur. Managed fundraising campaign that raised over $3,500 from student community to support medical care for Sudanese refugees. UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES

The Daily Princetonian , Copy Editor, Fall, 2010Present Department of Public Safety, Student Worker, Fall, 2011Present Princeton Running Club, Member. Spring, 2011Present Princeton Preview Program, Residential College Recruitment Captain, Spring, 2011

SKILLS Strong knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator Basic proficiency in French


How to Write Resumes

q Sample Sophomore Resume

Campus Address: Princeton University Frist Campus Center Box 9999 Princeton, NJ 08544 EDUCATION

Emily Ima Dancer


Permanent Address: 555 Maple Road New York, NY 10000

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ June 2013 A.B. in Art and Archaeology, Certificate in Dance GPA: 3.33 Coursework includes: Modern Repertory and Choreography; Topics in Dance History, Criticism, and Aesthetics; The Russian Avant-Garde; Behind the Scenes of the University Art Museum Maggie L. Walker Governors School, Richmond, VA June 2008 Virginia Commonwealth University dual-enrollment courses in Art History and B&W Photography


Cookie magazine, New York, NY Editorial Intern Gather research and pitch story ideas to travel editors. Write online stories and blurbs for the Travel and Daily Find pages. Procure research and photo shoot supplies for editors. Post daily responses to Letters to the Editor and the Travel Forum. Quirk Gallery, Richmond, VA Gallery Shop Intern Researched, wrote, and designed artist cards for represented artists. Streamlined Gallery Shop for Domino magazine photo shoot. Performed administrative and clerical tasks. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA Photographic Resources Intern Archived the photography of objects in the collection. Utilized Adobe PhotoShop to polish images.

Jan. 2010Present

JulyAug. 2009

JulySept. 2008

New York International Ballet Competition, New York, NY Summer 2007 Counselor (Live-in position with professional dancers, ages 1724) Directed dancers daily schedules. Ensured fairness in competition by monitoring and timing rehearsals. Coordinated daily delivery of supplies. Demonstrated communication skills in interactions with judges and visiting company directors. The Richmond Ballet, Richmond, VA June 2005June 2006 Trainee Trained daily and performed with the professional company in The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty (world premiere), and A Midsummer Nights Dream (world premiere). Created educational PowerPoint presentation, The Evolution of Dance in America. CAMPUS ACTIVITIES The Review Sept. 2009Present Staff Writer for On-the-Town Section Contribute bi-weekly stories covering the Princeton area on such topics as food and fashion. Program in Dance Selected Performer Performed solo in Susan Marshalls Name by Name. HONORS SKILLS Princeton University: Outstanding Freshman Award in Dance (June 2010) High School: Member of the National Honor Society; AP Scholar with Distinction Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with PCs and Macs; Photoshop experience Conversational Spanish Sept. 2008Present


How to Write Resumes

q Sample Junior Resume

11 Ocean Blvd. |Union City, CA 99888 | 999.555.1234 |

EDUCATION Princeton University, Princeton, NJ A.B. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology GPA: 3.45 June 2012 Relevant Coursework: Advanced Physics; Molecular Evolutionary Genetics; Comparative Physiology RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Is Xq28 Linked to Sexual Orientation? Fall 2011 A junior paper submitted that investigated the linkage between genetic evolution and male sexual orientation Revising the Phylogenetic Reassignment of Oxytricha trifallax Spring 2010 A paper submitted that revised the phylogeny of O. trifallax using several conserved gene sequences RELATED EXPERIENCE Princeternship with Orthopedic Associates, Phillipsburg, NJ Spring Break 2010 Intern Shadowed orthopedic surgeon during office hours and several surgeries for 40 hours during spring break Learned numerous medical practices and strategies and made referral from previous internship Surgical/Clinical Volunteer at University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ), Newark, NJ Summer 2009 Volunteer Intern Observed surgeries from within the operating room and assisted in various tasks for attending physicians Interpreted between English doctors and Spanish-speaking patients in the clinic utilizing medical vocabulary OTHER EXPERIENCE Beach Town Beach Patrol, Beach Town, CA Summer 2008Present Senior Crewmember Collaborated with 15 adult and peer crewmembers on a daily basis to ensure the safety of patrons in a high-risk, constantly changing environment, while utilizing professional life-saving training and skills Directed and evaluated the professional training of five new crewmembers eight hours each week Princeton University Reunions, Princeton, NJ 15th Reunion Crewmember Assisted managers during 20-hour work days including tending to all needs of alumni 2010, 2009

SAT Prep and Individual Tutoring, Palo Alto, CA 2008, 2007 Tutor Counseled and guided three high school students in SAT prep, college essays, and high school physics SKILLS Technical: Microsoft Office, Java, C, C++, R, Perl Language: Conversational German ACTIVITIES Member Princeton University Varsity Swimming and Club Cycling Team (2008-Present); Math Coach, Lets Get Ready (Volunteer Program), Trenton, NJ (Spring 2009-Present); ESL Tutor, Padelante, Princeton, NJ (Fall 2008)


How to Write Resumes

q Sample Senior Resume

Wendy W. Wilson
1000 State NW Apt.1 Washington, DC 20000 (123) 456-7890 (mobile)


Princeton University, Princeton, NJ A.B. from Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs June 2011 Cumulative GPA: 3.17 Senior Thesis: Lessons on developing a highly qualified teacher workforce in state pre-kindergarten programs Allen Macy Dulles 51 Award for the senior who best exemplifies Princetons motto of in the Nations Service and the Service of All Nations EXPERIENCE Vice President, Princeton Engineers Without Borders, Princeton, NJ February 2009Present Local chapter of national humanitarian organization that implements sustainable engineering projects in developing countries Communicate with university administration and national Engineers Without Borders staff to ensure the financial backing and technical support necessary for project approval Represent chapter in promotional events and organize regular chapter meetings on campus Planned three-week service project in summer 2009 to Huamanzaa, Peru, to install solar energy power Designed and conducted accompanying instructional and educational program to teach Peruvian villagers about basic physics, the benefits of sustainable technology, and how to operate and maintain new technology Fundraised to meet goal of over $15,000 and created 60-page collaborative report for Peru project

Intern, National Teaching Academy, Washington, DC Summer 2007 Start-up nonprofit that provides professional development program to talented urban teachers Created an interview guide and online survey, interviewing 40 teachers and collecting 130 surveys Synthesized research to identify critical issues, outline profiles of model teachers, suggest design structure for workshops, and propose strategies to cope with the challenges of urban schools Designed 20-page report to help lay basis for market strategy, admissions criteria, and program design ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT

Intern, Medical Health Research AssociationMaternal Infant Care, New York, NY Summer 2008 Network of eight womens health centers in disadvantaged New York City communities Conducted wait-time study on four clinics with three other interns Developed data collection tools, gathered data, and analyzed information on over 1,000 patients Identified bottlenecks in patient flow and sources of patient wait time, making recommendations to administrators of how to improve patient scheduling and general efficiency of clinics

Intern, Mothers-to-Mothers, Cape Town, South Africa Summer 2009 Mentoring program offering peer education and support to HIV-positive pregnant woman and new mothers Collaborated with a team of three to organize and formalize a 400-page training curriculum Designed a structure that would make the progression of the material clear and logical Identified gaps in the curriculum and composed modules to fill those gaps to create a comprehensive training program

Member, Princeton Varsity Womens Lacrosse Fall 2007Present NJ Intercollegiate Athletes 2008 Woman of the Year for leadership, service, academics, and athletics June 2009 The Art Lane 34 Citizen Athlete Award for selfless contribution to sport and society June 2008 United States National Lacrosse Team Member June 2007 OTHER ACTIVITIES Engaged in bi-weekly campus discussion on race through Sustained Dialogue Led 10 freshmen on a six-day outdoor orientation trip Tutored local immigrants in English as a volunteer in an ESL program Fall 2008Spring 2009 September 2008 & 2009 Fall 2006