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Wind power in India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The development of wind power in India began in the

1990s, and has significantly increased in the last few years. ltho!gh a relative newcomer to the wind ind!stry compared with "enmark or the #nited $tates, India has the fifth largest installed wind power capacity in the world. %1& In '009(10 India)s growth rate was highest among the other top fo!r co!ntries. s of *1 +an '01* the installed capacity of wind power in India was 19,,9.1- %'&%*& .W, mainly spread across Tamil /ad! 0,1-1 .W2,%1& 3!4arat 0*,09* .W2, .aharashtra 0'9,5 .W2, 6arnataka0'11* .W2, 7a4asthan 0'*-- .W2, .adhya 8radesh 0*95 .W2, ndhra 8radesh 01*- .W2, 6erala 0*-.1 .W2, :rissa 0'.W2,%-&%5& West ;engal 01.1 .W2 and other states 0*.'0 .W2.%,& It is estimated that 5,000 .W of additional wind power capacity will be installed in India by '011. %9& Wind power acco!nts for 9.-< of India)s total installed power capacity, and it generates 1.5< of the co!ntry)s power. %9& India)s wind atlas is available. Contents %hide&
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1 :verview ' $tate(level wind power
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'.1 Tamil /ad! 0,1-9 .W2 '.' 3!4arat 0*,19, .W2 '.* .aharashtra 0'9,5 .W2 '.1 7a4asthan 0'*-- .W2 '.- .adhya 8radesh 0*95 .W2 '.5 6erala '., :disha 0'.0.W2 '.9 West ;engal 0'.10.W2

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15 . an Indian(owned company.190 .aharashtra 7a4asthan 6arnataka Capacity as on 31. #$ 010.arch '01*. holding some 1* percent of market share in India. %10& $hown here is a wind farmin 6ayathar.W2.00 .W2 are ahead of India in fifth position. 3ermany 0'.W2.W.:verview%edit& India is the world)s fifth largest wind power prod!cer....995 .%1*& $tate(level wind power%edit& There is a growing n!mber of wind energy installations in states across India.W2 and $pain 0'0.19 *1.. and by '005 had capt!red almost ..'1.9'591. ?hina 011. and the increasing reliability and performance of wind energy machines has made wind power a favo!red choice for capacity addition in India.03.5. with a generation capacity of 9.5 . emerged on the global scene in the past decade.%11& The short gestation periods for installing wind t!rbines.adhya 8radesh *95. Tamil /ad!.5. The worldwide installed capacity of wind power reached 19.** .2013(MW)%1-& .-0 ndhra 8radesh 11.. s of .15'. 3W by the end of '010. percent of market share in global wind t!rbine sales. %11& State Tamil /ad! 3!4arat . the states of India had a c!m!lative installed capacity of 190-1. $!@lonAs s!ccess has made India the developing co!ntry leader in advanced wind t!rbine technology.W.-9 *0'1.1. $!@lon is c!rrently the leading man!fact!rer of wind t!rbines for the Indian market.%1'& $!@lon.5'1*-.

W. irreg!lar and long pending payment of arrears to the windmill investors. %citation needed& Mad)ya +rades) (3% MW)%edit& . has its wind power plant.%citation needed& *a'ast)an (2355 MW)%edit& '*-5 .&%19& India is keen to decrease its reliance on fossil f!els to meet its energy demand. s per ?(W=T data. wind power generations capacity in the state has increased a staggering ten times in 4!st si> years.2013(MW)%1-& *-. Tamil /ad!.'01'.*. %15& .State 6erala :thers Total Capacity as on 31.*0 19051.!ppandal. ccording to official data.4 Ta!il "ad# ($15% MW)%edit& With peak wind power generation at close to . Thir!nelveli and Tir!pp!r. Tamil /ad! generates 10< of India)s wind power.a4or districts with wind farms are ?oimbatore.W.W as per the news reported by Times of India. $hown here is a wind farm in . the total installed capacity in 3!4arat stood at *09* . Tamil /ad! is one of the wind power h!bs of $o!th sia. %19& Ma)aras)tra (29$ MW)%edit& . 6anyak!mari. this has led to the new pro4ects moving to other states for investment and the state is no(longer a preferred destination for wind energy investments.aharashtra is third only to Tamil /ad! and 3!4arat in terms of generating in India.In $atara a ?ompany named$!@lon =nergy Btd.000 . "ated *1. &#'arat (3(1%$ MW)%edit& 3!4arat governmentAs foc!s on tapping renewable energy has led to sharp rise in the capacity to generate power !sing wind energy in the last few years. The 3overnment of Tamil /ad! in the recent times has been critici@ed for lack of proper management.03. %1.10 1.

"istt( $o!th '1 8araganas.erala%edit& The first wind farm of the state was set !p%when?& at 6an4ikode in 8alakkad district.engal is '. $!bhash Btd. 3ovt. :disha has a windpower potential of 1.adhya 8radesh has sanctioned another 1. . .%'0& .10 . The agency has identified 15 sites for setting !p wind farms thro!gh private developers. . ban Boyd ?hiles :ffshore Btd. $!bhash Btd.!ppandal 3!dimangalam Tamil /ad! Tamil /ad! 6erala Tamil /ad! Tamil /ad! ** *0 ''' '1 . is setting !p wind farms on private land in vario!s parts of the state to generate a total of 500 . however it has not progressed like other states primarily beca!se :disha having a h!ge coal reserve and n!mber of e>isting and !pcoming thermal power plants. 6akdwip.00. "istt ( $o!th '1 8araganas.%'1& West . 3overnment of 6erala. of W.ore 0.In consideration of !niC!e concept. ?!rrent installation capacity stands at '. .adhya 8radesh Windfarms Btd. The 3ovt of :disha is actively p!rs!ing to boost Wind power generation in the state.en/al (2.. of .engal 7enewable =nergy "evelopment gency 0W.0 . ll the '. %citation needed& 8ro4ects in India%edit& India)s Bargest Wind power prod!ction facilities 010.%citation needed& The gency for /on(conventional =nergy and 7!ral Technology 0 /=7T2.W. %citation needed& -dis)a (2.7=" 2. 3ovt.hopal at /agda Dills near "ewas !nder cons!ltation from ?onsolidated =nergy ?ons!ltants Btd.8WB.W till "ec '009 at Frasergan4. an a!tonomo!s body !nder the "epartment of 8ower. ?=?B .W=3s have been commissioned on *1.oth the pro4ect owned by West .0MW)%edit& :disha a coastal state has higher potential for wind energy.!ppandal Wind 3!dimangalam +rod#cer 0ocation State Total Capacity (MWe) '-9 $!@lon =nergy Btd..0*.10MW)%edit& The total installation in West .!ppandal Wind Farm 3!dimangalam Wind Farm $atara "istrict.W of power. .aharashtra 6anyak!mari 6ayathar 7amakkalmed! . is a power s!rpl!s state.. and pro4ect was e>ec!ted on t!rnkey basis by #tility 8owertech Bimited 0#8B2.W and greater2 %''& +ower +lant Eank!sawade Wind 8ark ?ape ?omorin 6ayathar $!bhash 7amakkalmed! .W pro4ect to .W.W 0appro>2 at 3anga $agar.hopal. .'009 and !nder s!ccessf!l operation.

"anida India Btd.adhya 8radesh 6arnataka Tamil /ad! Tamil /ad! ndhra 8radesh Tamil /ad! 6arnataka 6arnataka 6arnataka Tamil /ad! Tamil /ad! 7a4asthan Total Capacity (MWe) '0 11- 8!thl!r 7?I Bamda "anida ?hennai .adras $hah 3a4endragarh $hah 3a4endragarh cciona T!ppadahalli 8oolavadi ?hettinad $halivahana Wind "angiri Wind Farm %'*& . 3hodawat T!ppadahalli =nergy India 8rivate Bimited .adras ?ements Btd.!ppandal .8 "ewas ?hitrad!rga "istrict 11 +ogmatti . This is not normally an iss!e in the locations chosen for most wind farms. Tir!p!r +aiselmer .8 Windfarms Btd.+ower +lant +rod#cer 0ocation State ndhra 8radesh 3!4arat Tamil /ad! .. /oise is prod!ced by the rotor blades.$=$ Btd. Btd.ohan Wescare 0India2 Btd.1 10 '0.reweries F "istilleries Btd. . . .T?B $an4ay ". 8!thl!r Bamba ?hennai +amg!drani . 11 1' 11 10 10 110.9 -5. F!t!re%edit& .1 -1 /ewam 8ower ?ompany Btd.ohan . 8oolavadi $halivahana 3reen =nergy. :il India Btd.!ppandal 3adag 3adag ?hitrad!rga "istrict ?hettinad ?ement ?orp.arriers%edit& Initial cost for wind t!rbines is greater than that of conventional fossil f!el generators per . .$=$ 8er!ng!di /ewam 6ethan!r Wind Farm Dyderabad 8$7T? . 8er!ng!di 6ethan!r Wind Farm 6ethan!r ndhra 8radesh $tate 7oad Dyderabad Transport ?orporation.W installed. Btd.

The .W might be available for commercial !se by '01'.W assessed at 90m D!b height. The wind reso!rce at higher D!b heights that are now prevailing is possibly even more.G 1'.1*0 .-00 ..inistry of /ew and 7enewable =nergy 0. b!t an additional generation capacity of only abo!t 5./7=2 has fi>ed a target of 10./7=2 has anno!nced a revised estimation of the potential wind reso!rce in India from 19.%9& The .W between '00.99 .000 .W assessed at -0m D!b heights to 10'. .inistry of /ew and 7enewable =nergy 0.