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The 1895 Trust Co-operative Society Limited Society Number: 5594R Mi utes o!

Specia" #e era" Meeti $ Location: The Small Bar, Tolka Park Date: Friday 8th of November Starting Time: 19:30 Names of Trust committee of management members: Martin rehan !a"tin# $e"retary%, Barry &orthin#ton, Niall Farrell, 'en B("kma$ter, )ee *aly !"hair%+ In attendance: Martin rehan, Barry &orthin#ton, 'en B("kma$ter, )ee *aly+ Apologies due to illness: Niall Farrell+ 1% &uorum 30 member$ ,ere in attendan"e, e-"eedin# the .0/ of member$hi0 re1(ired+ '% (i a cia" )!!icer*s Report + (i a cia" sta di $ o! the Trust 'en B("kma$ter delivered the follo,in# re0ort: The Tr($t ,a$ formally e$tabli$hed a$ a friendly $o"iety and re#i$tered ,ith 234S, the 2ri$h 3o5o0erative 4r#ani$ation So"iety+ 3 3 6$$o"iate$ ,ere formerly a00ointed a(ditor$ after ,e had re"eived 1(ote$ from three firm$+ The fee i$ ba$ed on their time in0(t and i$ "a00ed at 71,000 0l($ 86T+ 4(r intention i$ to kee0 the fee a$ lo, a$ 0o$$ibly by 0rovidin# information to them that i$ a$ ($er5friendly a$ 0o$$ible+ 4(t fir$t 0eriod end ,ill be 30 November .013+ So"iety r(le$, b($ine$$ 0lan, and finan"ial 0ro9e"tion$ ,ere formally ado0ted at o(r 6 M+ &e ($e a bank a""o(nt at Bank of 2reland+ &e have a00lied to :l$ter Bank for a non5 for50rofit entity bank a""o(nt, b(t the a""o(nt ha$ $till not been o0ened+ There have been lay5off$ and (n"ertainty over :l$ter Bank;$ f(t(re ,hi"h may have im0a"ted $ervi"e level$+ 2f the a""o(nt i$ not o0ened imminently ,e ,ill look at other o0tion$+ &e have a 0(bli" liability in$(ran"e 0oli"y ,ith B<P 2n$(ran"e+ The 0oli"y "over$ 0(bli" liability in$(ran"e to a total of 7.+=m for any one o""(rren"e, b(t (nlimited o""(rren"e$ "overed+ The 0remi(m ,a$ 73.1+ Monthly a""o(nt$ are 0re0ared and di$"($$ed at mana#ement meetin#$, ($(ally t,i"e 0er month+

F(rther to that the follo,in# de"i$ion$ ,ere made in "on$(ltation ,ith tho$e attendin#: 3an"ellation of a "he1(e from )iam 'elly, member, and )iam to 0ay hi$ member$hi0 fee in "a$h to 'en+ F(rthermore, it ,a$ de"ided to al,ay$ inform member$ in advan"e of "a$hin# "he1(e$ 9($t to en$(re their bank balan"e ,a$ ade1(ate at that time+ To di$$eminate a""o(nt$ to member$ 1(arterly, Martin rehan, "ommittee member noted that on"e a year ,a$ a lon# 0eriod to not be informed on day5to5day finan"e$ of the tr($t+

.+ Survey Resu"ts Martin rehan 0re$ented a brief re0ort of the $(rvey re$(lt$ and e-0lained to fan$ that ,e ho0e to meet ,ith the board $oon to di$"($$ the re0ort+

3+ Commu ity report Martin rehan 0re$ented the re0ort a$ 3omm(nity 4ffi"er+ Martin re0la"ed *onna"ha >> in the $(mmer in thi$ role+ Achievements: F6?@ &eek: 3o5o0erated ,ith the F62A$ 2nter"(lt(ral Pro#ramme and Sho, ?a"i$m the ?ed 3ard !S?T?3% to 0rod("e a B)ove Shel$, <ate ?a"i$mB banner+ 6$ 0art of thi$ event ,e re"eived a #rant from the F62 to "over the "o$t of the banner and rai$ed $ome f(nd$ for S?T?3+ Prod("ed a do"(mentary titled BS0arkyB !dire"ted by Simon 3ro,e% abo(t the "areer of Mark ?(therford+ 2t fo"($ed on hi$ time at Shel$ and the diffi"(lty of inte#ratin# into 2ri$h $o"iety+ The video ha$ re"eived over 3,C00 vie,$ on yo(t(be and Mark ,a$ $(b$e1(ently hono(red by the F62 a$ a )ea#(e of 2reland )e#end at the 'aDakh$tan #ame+ )ee *aly and Mark both feat(red on Phantom 10C+. to di$"($$ the do"(mentary and F6?@ ,eek+ 3oa"hin# in S"hool$: The 189C Tr($t ,orked ,ith the 3l(b to 0rovide trainin# by 3l(b 0rofe$$ional$ to lo"al $"hool$ !St Pat$ BNS *r(m"ondra and )arkhill BNS &hitehall+%, and 0rovidin# free football mat"h ti"ket$ to lo"al $"hool$ to en"o(ra#e involvement in the 3l(b+ Shelbo(rne F3 Fan$A$ S(rvey: C00 Shel$ fan$ "om0leted the $(rvey ,hi"h ,ill have a key role in #(idin# the role of The 189C Tr($t and the "l(b in intervention$ in the lo"al "omm(nity+ Future work: The F62A$ 2nter"(lt(ral Pro#ramme are intere$ted in ($in# the BS0arkyB do"(mentary a$ 0art of their ,ork ,ith yo(n# 0eo0le+ &e are "(rrently in di$"($$ion$ abo(t im0lementin# thi$+ 2t i$ ho0ed to roll o(t a "om0rehen$ive "oa"hin# 0ro#ramme in the near f(t(re in "on9(n"tion ,ith the "l(b+ There are $ome i$$(e$ to over"ome here in relation to "hild 0rote"tion and #arda vettin# b(t lon# term it i$ envi$a#ed that thi$ 0ro#ramme ,o(ld be a 0ermanent fi-t(re+ 3(rrently in the 0ro"e$$ of formali$in# a 0artner$hi0 ,ith Teenline+ The 3omm(nity 4ffi"er and other "ommittee member$ ,ill $oon vi$it TeenlineA$ head1(arter$ to ,itne$$ ho, their hel05line for yo(n# 0eo0le o0erate$ and to di$"($$ a "am0ai#n to 0rovide them ,ith 0hone$ $o(r"ed from the Shel$ fanba$e+ :til$in# the re$(lt$ of the Fan$A S(rvey ,ill be vital to thi$ ,ork, and a fo"($ on the North 3ity area i$ likely+ The 189C Tr($t, in "oo0eration ,ith lo"al area 0artner$hi0$, i$ attem0tin# to find a lon#5term $ol(tion to 0rovidin# vol(nteer$ for the "l(b+


The 189C Tr($t ha$ made link$ ,ith the follo,in# relevant "omm(nity or#ani$ation$ over the la$t 1. month$:

S?T?3, Tolka 6rea Partner$hi0, North$ide Partner$hi0, *(blin North 3ity 8ol(nteer 3entre, Teenline, St Pat$ BNS, *r(m"ondra, )arkhill BNS, &hitehall+

E+ Membership report: Barry &orthin#ton delivered the member$hi0 re0ort+ There are 1C0 member$ of the 189C Tr($t, ,hi"h "on$i$t$ of 1E1 f(ll member$ and 9 hono(rary member$+ C+ ,ub"icity report *eliver by )ee *aly, the 0(bli"ity re0orted the belo, $i#nifi"ant event$: The Tr($t a00eared on Ne,$talk;$ 4ff The Ball before the la(n"h ni#ht+ 2t al$o 0arti"i0ated in the <eart of The $everal T*$ and $enator$+ ame la(n"h ,ith the mini$ter for $0ort and

6rti"le$ on the Tr($t and it;$ ,ork have a00eared on Broad$heet, The S"ore, ?abble and ?ed$ 2nde0endent+ Finan"e offi"er 'en B("kma$ter re0re$ented the Tr($t on a vi$it to 6ra$ 6n :a"htaran+ <e fo(nd Pre$ident Mi"hael * <i##in$ very enth($ia$ti" abo(t 2ri$h football and $(00ortive of the aim$ of the S(00orter$ Tr($t movement+ Mark ?(therford, Simon 3ro,e and )ee *aly ,ere al$o #(e$t$ on the Foe and 'eith Sho, on Phantom FM, di$"($$in# the GS0arkyH do"(mentary and F6?@ ,eek+

=+ -"ectio s Barry &orthin#ton ,a$ ele"ted (no00o$ed and ,ill re$(me hi$ "o5o0ted role of member$hi0 offi"er+ None of the other va"an"ie$ ,ere filled+ I+ (a ). ership update The Tr($t ha$ a$$embled a $(b #ro(0 to e-amine i$$(e$ aro(nd "omm(nity o,ner$hi0 of the football "l(b and a$$o"iated a$$et$+ The member$ in"l(de Mark M(lville, *e"lan S"(lly, Niall Mallin, 'en B("kma$ter and )ee *aly They are e-aminin# the "(rrent $tandin# of the football "l(b and ,ay$ to brin# it into a $($tainable form of "omm(nity o,ner$hi0+ The Tr($t ha$ met t,i"e formally ,ith the board and fo(nd them forth"omin# on the $it(ation the "l(b find$ it$elf in+ The Tr($t ,ill kee0 ,orkin# on thi$ and $ho(ld have more $olid detail$ before the $tart of ne-t $ea$on+

8+ / y )ther 0usi ess There ,a$ no 64B+

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