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Volume XXXVIII Number 3; For the week Jan 15-21, 2013, released from Friday onwards
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he overwhelming demand of those who took to the streets in the weeks after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student was to reform laws related to crime against women, particularly rape. An agitated India demanded severe punishments, including the death penalty for rapists. The Government is now working on a new legislation to respond to the public outcry. What has got less attention is the urgent need to re-examine the laws that govern crimes committed by minors or juveniles. That is because while existing laws are enough to send five of the six brutal rapists to the gallows, they are sorely lacking in punishing the sixth rapist who has claimed that, at 17 years of age, he is a juvenile and must be tried under separate laws. Under the Juvenile Justice Act, the sixth rapist, whose identity is concealed because he is a minor, can only receive a maximum sentence of three years detention, that too in a remand home, not prison. After that the police are bound by the law to destroy his criminal record, ostensibly to ensure a complete rehabilitation in mainstream society. There are several reasons why this is deeply problematic. The reason that countries have a separate jurisprudence for minors is because crimes committed by juveniles may often be in ‘innocence’. However, most countries have provisions where even minors (usually those below 18 years) can be tried as adults depending on the severity of the crime committed. In the case of Delhi’s sixth rapist, it can hardly be argued that his was an ‘innocent’ crime. Sexual assaults and murders are fundamentally different from petty robberies or even minor drug peddling. The 17-year-old Delhi rapist was old enough to know how to rape. According to some reports, he was also the most brutal in assaulting the girl. He had the sense to help destroy the evidence after the crime. In the US or UK, for a crime of this nature, he would have been tried as an adult in a regular court of law. In the US, juveniles as young as 14 can be sentenced to life in prison for rape and murOUR JANUARY der. In the UK, even 10-year-olds can be tried as adults in 1999 COVER regular courts in particularly heinous crimes. In the event that a juvenile convict gets parole when he reaches adulthood, he only gets it on conditional terms and is constantly monitored to prevent a repeat offence. Our cover story, written by Senior Editor Bhavna Vij-Aurora and Assistant Editor Amitabh Srivastava, is a chilling reminder of how the Indian juvenile justice system is in tatters. There are a total of 815 remand homes across India with a capacity of 35,000. According to government statistics, there are 1.7 million juvenile accused in India. The system is rotten because it lets off serious offenders easily and does little to rehabilitate even those who have been convicted of lesser offences. Curiously, the Government raised the threshold age of a juvenile in criminal law from 16 to 18 in 2000. In retrospect that seems a mistake. In any case, whether an individual should be tried as a juvenile or an adult should always depend on the nature of the crime. A reformed law must ensure such a provision rather than laying down a blanket age threshold, whether 18 or 16. The Government also needs to reform the remand homes convicted juveniles are sent to. On present evidence, these awfully-managed places are breeding grounds for future criminals. India has a burgeoning youth demographic. Surely, they need to be deterred from becoming a danger to society.

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2013 WorldMags. the Owaisi brothers are now eyeing Muslims beyond Andhra Pradesh for their political gain. SPORT CRICKET Cover design by: DEV KABIR MALIK Cover photo by: VIVAN MEHRA 50 Survivor of the Storm Despite defeats. Get Lucky. Better Jobs. 02 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21.INSIDE WorldMags. Find the Right Job on Page: 58-59 S P EC I A L R E P O R T BORDER ATTACK 32 Pakistani Knives Draw Blood Better N AT I O N DMK 36 DMKReadies for Marshal Stalin Karunanidhi’s succession plan for DMK puts the younger son at the forefront. Dhoni has quelled threats to his captaincy and purged seniors in his quest to get the team he wants for the 2015 World Cup. Better Connection. Get Active on Monster Powered by: The beheading of two Indian Army soldiers threatens a shaky peace on the Line of . Will siblings Alagiri and Kanimozhi stand in the way of generational change? C OV E R STO RY D E A D LY T E E N S N AT I O N Delhi gang rape sparks nationwide debate on juvenile justice system as crimes by minors show alarming rise. Is reform better than retribution? ASARAM BAPU 14 26 Y oung and Dangerous Hate Mongers of Hyderabad 38 8 10 62 Guru from the Dark Ages T H E B I G STO RY OWAISIS Asaram Bapu adds sexism to the already long list of charges against him from murder to sexual abuse. UP FRONT GLASS HOUSE GLOSSARY A vast empire spanning education and media in their pockets.

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along with the fact that they are mostly puppets in the hands of the corrupt political class. they need to be gender-sensitised. Fax: 0120-4078080. and 0120-2479900 from Rest of India. would we refuse to offer or accept dowries? If we just protest and avoid bringing about changes in our homes and society around us. Noida (Uttar Pradesh)-201301. Mysore When the state has failed in its most basic duty of protecting WorldMags. would we protest against and prevent gender discrimination within our families? Thirdly. Ethnic Violence. An India disillusioned with a passive ruling Establishment erupted in moral rage in a year of multiple injustices. CONTACT: Customer Care. Toll Free No. Phones: 2479900 from Noida. Sector-57. RITAM MUKHERJI. ATANU MUKHERJEE. Delhi Police Must Buck Up VIKRAM SHARMA/www. we will continue to get the administration we deserve.indiatodayimages. R A M E S H S. M. India Gate is the ideal place for martyrs of the nation and the young girl was no less than a brave soldier. via email Right to Protest The large-scale protests following the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old paramedic student in Delhi was absolutely justified (“The Angry Indian”.MAIL WorldMags. the rage beating down the barricade is understandable.. Can this anger be transformed into steely resolve? Firstly. Among other things. Police reforms is the need of the hour. The nation-wide uproar and the outpour of anger was a natural reaction given the brutality of the crime and the callous manner in which authorities concerned continue to deal with the issue of women’s safety. KUMAR. Rape. would we resolve not to remain inert spectators when a girl is molested in public in broad daylight? Secondly. The Government must act wisely now or perish. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY ‘‘ 50 ‘‘ . The real battle is to change the way in which men relate to women and create a culture that does not involve subjugation of The Angry Indian J A N U A R Y 7. India Today Group. January 7). It is high time that the police force across the country is trained adequately to handle different situations so that they do not use the lathi on peaceful citizens. 95120-2479900 from Delhi and Faridabad. Peaceful protest— especially when it’s a nonpolitical one—at India Gate is a right. E-mail: wecare@intoday. Kolkata The UPA Government has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. ever since it was voted back to power FOR SUBSCRIPTION ASSISTANCE. January 7). But it is also the time for The Indian police force’s inability in handling peaceful protesters at India Gate speaks volumes of their inefficiency and callousness (“The Cost of Khaki Tape”. The protesters were harassed by the very men who are supposed to be their protectors.: 1800 1800 100. Corruption. the police sealed India Gate and Raisina Hill and also closed down 10 metro stations which was totally unnecessary. SOHAM BHATT. point to a very disturbing trend that raises questions about the security of common men in the country. Pune The atrocious ratio of police to public in India. But in the name of JANUARY 21. 2 0 1 2 Inflation. A-61.

And if he succeeds. In others police commissioner remained inactive and confused. the juggernaut of the commercial cinema rolls on and.The brutal gang rape in Delhi was the last nail in the coffin and the latent anger of people came out in full fury. Chennai bearer of the common man. chief minister. so much so that it has made our politicians uncomfortable. Chennai Kejriwal’s Litmus Test Arvind Kejriwal appears to have set the tone for citizens to take on the Establishment (“The Arsonist”. They deserve to be voted OR LOG ON TO: www. DESHPANDE. nibbles at the edges of the regional film all the time. The top-level authorities of Delhi including the home minister. K. The bucket must descend deeper to draw any water from the drying well. Bangalore 35 YEARS AGO IN INDIA TO DAY in 2009. Only the most intensive exploitation yields any profit. People were angry and this was reflected in the logjams in the Parliament. MONA MATHUR. Vinod Rai. The era of intelligent. it shall now be a litmus test as to how he manages to sustain his own image as well as that of his party as a torch- Arvind Kejriwal’s ploy to press allegations against public personalities without enough proof might keep him in the limelight. Both Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen are working in Hindi and must use all the ingenuity in order to survive. misgovernance and nepotism is being perceived by many as a bold decision that requires a lot of self-belief and commitment. publisher.D. high levels of inflation. It has gone the way of Marathi cinema much earlier. A. Chandigarh Clueless and Callous The UPA 2 Government has failed in handling the protesters in connection with the recent Delhi gang-rape case (“They Have A Lot To Answer For”.S. They were clueless as to how to deal with spontaneous protests. we may have a political star on the horizon that India has been starved of for a long time. The printer. The India Today Group does not vouch for any claims made by the advertisers of products and services. January 7). But the Government never realised the anger simmering in the hearts of people. SAMEL. It’s high time the Government responds to this public outcry and gears up to act. R. MAHESH KUMAR. is the right man for the post of top auditor’s job in the country (“The Sum of All Fears”. via email The Perfect Auditor The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). Even that could not shake the Government which has set a new benchmark in non-governance. His scathing reports in 2012 kept the Government on its toes. CHIDANAND KUMAR. corruption scams and policy paralysis. ANJUM M. 1 9 7 8 Weathering the Storm I must begin with the cinema not only because I know it best but also because its content is more liable to definitive interpretation than music or painting. Mumbai J A N U A RY 1-1 5 . E-MAILYOUR LETTERS TO: letters. The fact that he has not stopped calling a spade a spade despite controversies. and few are prepared to risk their money on an unconven- The raging campaign by the public against the Establishment’s ineffectiveness is unprecedented and reflects that people are sick of the Government’s inability to address people’s problems promptly. Justice delayed is justice denied. —by Chidananda Dasgupta 06 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. and our system remains unchanged despite such public outrage. 2013 WorldMags. . smallbudget Bengali film in black and white is over. his own elected representatives. like an advancing desert. sociologists need to undertake a study of such protests and submit their recommendations to the Government as to how best the crowd could be handled.MAIL WorldMags.editor@intoday. editor-in-chief and the editor of the India Today Group publications shall not be held liable for any consequences in the event of such claims not being honoured by the advertisers. His movement against corrupt politicians without concrete proof is a wasteful exercise. January 7). but will soon boomerang. All the top level authorities in Delhi should work in coordination while handling such tional film in a shrinking market. For Kejriwal. incurring expenses or entering into commitments in relation to any advertisement appearing in this publication. It is no longer possible to make anything but the run-of-themill Bengali cinema for instance. points to an upright man who is willing to do his work honestly without being influenced by the political bigwigs. Kejriwal is like any other politician whose eyes are fixed on the chair. Rai should continue with his good work and not give in to the Government’s pressure. The pattern has remained unchanged. lieutenant governor and MRINAL SEN—THE HINDI SCREEN BECKONS Readers are recommended to make appropriate enquiries before sending money. as in Karnataka beginning with Samskara and continuing with Chomana Dudi. January 7).indiatoday. It was criticised for economic mismanagement. occasionally a wind rises and sparks fly. as the commissions of inquiry are helpless in the absence of evidence. That Kejriwal chose to soil his hands by getting into the political cesspool with hopes of ridding it of corruption. The nation means nothing. The fledgling Aam Aadmi Party honcho has certainly given a ray of hope to the aam aadmi who over the decades has been hopelessly subjugated by our political system and ironically. There is also an immediate need to set up fast-track courts to try rape cases with provisions in law even for death penalty. BALANATHAN.

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net TABISH KHAIR M CLASH OFTHE SUPERMEN r India vs Shri Bharat. As the only ‘rest’ of but was mostly stitched in Berlin around 1940 (such miracles the world he knows lies in the West.UP FRONT WorldMags. Mr (Shri) Bharat forgets the long records of rape in Indian vilprotected from a fate-worse-than-death.bahscles. to blame tight jeans. who has to be people do not speak English with a public school accent. is convinced that rapes take place only in he may not say so—that a page or two (in English) out of the cosmopolitan spaces of India. Mr Bharat flexes a different set of bahscles. education and narexpect a solution from either Mr India or row experiences make an unanswerShri Bharat. with simply (and loudly) opinionated they are super-yes!-men. Look instead to less mythiable combination. What’s a be fashioned by designers of thought in places like London hope-trick or two to him? He can make more than a rabbit and New York (though it is mostly stitched by Indian vil. who generalise about villages or cities. these facts do not exist for him because he refuses to see Indians. Or at least live in those parts of India where the usual damsel in distress. spectorals. he claims.times. he believes that damsels are India lurks in the darker corners of the country. not speak English with public school fluency. alas. perpetually on not or have not been in distress in Tabish Khair’s latest novel is How to Fight the lookout for women to rape. she is saw no logic in stopping with just the rape of mineral riches. Rhetorical muscles being flexed. Because his ing in a very male act of flexing their Indian urban spaces are slowly filling muscles. village part of all of it.indiatodayimages. Mr Bharat sees no need for all this. at least until of each. of the actual raping was done by she can look after herself. It is the followers of Mr India Englandia will be a good idea. they are engagabout our country. for instance. biceps and precepts. any language) ‘village India’ obviously lacks. The battle of the usual super. where the production and books. Because his son (but not his daughter) can be recognised easily as it does not speak English or does is studying in USA. The flexing of muscles and women to rape. officially. Mr .consumption of ‘woman’ can lead to rape as well. This page (in English or. is convinced that rapes are lages and in spaces where people do not speak English at largely the consequence of the ‘village’ mentality of many all. has turned the burning of books darker corners of the country. Yes sir. and 2. in tain whether he should blame Mr India’s male followers. this time desi. Mr India is convinced that basically what we need to do lagers). village India. As Mr India has seldom been to villages. Actually. He implies that if Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position 08 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. pectorals and spectorals. well said sir. So it goes on. The argumentative Indian—as one of the very few argu. mostly. his costume has to them. he that obscured woman. All Indian women need to do is to do nothing. which he does not do so: 1. He is a hard-headed mystic in this sense.damsels stopped wearing tight jeans they would not need to men. If Mr India had really cal and more ordinary characters like gone around to the villages of India. perpetually on the lookout for into his own personal trademark. Mr Bharat. she is lived.rape—which of course is just another kind of rape—or cated than him and quite desperate to stay in his good women are ‘freed’ to be marginalised producers and consumers in the capitalist market. or Mr India’s female followers. which he proved in Ayodhya some years ago. It is a Women are either kept in place in the name of preventing class thing: He has been surrounded by people less edu.disappear. All in the service of Or nothing new. lurks in the Mussalmaan the Bearded. Mr India mentative Indians around who is actually a genuine and and Shri Bharat both have a point or two right. He is a bit uncer. and something else. 2013 WorldMags. Indian villages. do not that their privileges. so he has decided. He is used to such pub. His dressed in tight jeans. Pectoral and scream ‘help’. wah sir. Biceps and precepts. might have noticed that they vary as She does not talk much because her lanmuch as the cities do. but unfortunately SAURABH SINGH/www. And on. Mr India lives in metropolises. dressed hands often itch to burn a page of English as incense to in tight jeans. She is not spoken. and there are only two reasons why The way Mr India sees the matter. Even the damsel in distress is just an excuse. Mr India’s view. The way Mr India sees it. dear bewildered reader. he kind of feels—though are routine to him). and yet it is a bit Indian cities. It is not so: Some are safer for women than most Urdu. lic flexing of ideas in front of an admiring audience. Ma recently. at who are responsible for rapes. Ma Hindustan. She does not often sophisticated urban types. middle class Indians who are convinced So. Finally. but that is admirable intellectual once put it—might be the best thing not what they are after. joggling for space: after all. and perhaps more guage does not exist. in places like Jharkhand much Hindustan does not look for protection. his gods every morning. Pay her some attention. Hindi or English. so I guess such conjectorals make sense—to him. whose attire is meticulously designed at home is to learn from the ‘rest’ of the world. he feels justified in flexing his dicepts.

net .WorldMags.

com WorldMags. Hope Ramesh’s caution pays off. Chidambaram announced an amalgamation of the entire rural banking system to be run from the headquarters. and the train. He overruled his colleagues Ambika Soni and Mukul Wasnik’s plans to decorate the main stage in an ‘artistic way’. was impeccably on time. Piyush Goyal from BJP and Surpiya Sule from NCP. Instead.K.Jyotiraditya Scindia. The last time he sought a meeting with the Chief Minister was in 2012. This subtle repositioning was done at the behest of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi.GLASS HOUSE WorldMags. Passengers were welcomed into unusually clean coaches that smelt liberally of air freshener. Chidambaram were seen together on January 9 during a visit to the Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank headquarters in Chhindwara. the list of politicians included Rajeev Shukla. with priority over everything else on the tracks. Ramesh’s father’s cousin is married to the Chief Minister’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath and Finance Minister P.Wasan from the Congress. the meal was piping hot. Now if only Bansal extends his patronage to the rest of India. The renaming was first noticed at the December 2012 meeting that Rahul had with 42 district presidents at the Congress war room at Gurdwara Rakabganj by PRIYA SAHGAL SYNERGY OF THE WEEK C JAIRAM’S EXTENDED FAMILY abinet minister Jairam Ramesh shares an unusual relationship with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. 10 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. Dhawan.indiatodayimages. Salman Khurshid. marketing is all very well but what about delivery? RAHUL PARVEEN NEGI/www. Clearly. On January 5. Jayalalithaa. always addressing her as Honourable Chief Minister. But he makes sure he doesn’t sound familiar. Nath’s constituency. The press kits that were distributed had the scheme being referred to as Direct Benefit Transfer. YASBANT NEGI/www. He felt the cash transfer nomenclature restricted the benefits of the scheme.indiatodayimages. Murli Deora and Rahul’s Direct Benefit T Bansal’s Palace on Wheels ravellers on the DelhiChandigarh Shatabdi Express are being treated BANSAL like royalty ever since city MP Pawan Kumar Bansal took over as minister for railways. R. C he Direct Cash Transfer scheme is now referred to as the Direct Benefit Transfer. 2013 T At Mukesh Ambani’s January 5 party in Mumbai to celebrate his niece Nayantara’s forthcoming wedding to Shamit Bhartia. the synergy that brought the two rivals together to pass the Banking Bill in Parliament is now working overtime. Dwivedi preferred to keep it simple. SAURABH SINGH/www.indiatodayimages. But it was called off by her at the last minute as she was miffed with the Congress for pushing the National Counter Terrorism . This is a variation from his greetings to West Bengal Chief Minister whom he hails as Amaar Priyo Mamata Di (Our favourite Mamata Di).K. SPOTTED Stage Fright ongress General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi is clearly calling the shots in planning the party’s Chintan Shivir to be held in Jaipur on DWIVEDI January 18 and 19. Well. Bansal himself was on board.

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Narendra Modi has beaten him to it. Modi even offered to send a special aircraft for her. I JOKES OF THE Twitter Tewari nformation & Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari is busy working on a social media policy to make the Government more responsive. According to sources. Badal BADAL (RIGHT) WITH MAJITHIA then advised the completely flummoxed minister. OVERHEARD Let’s see if Jaya Bachchan sheds copious tears for what party colleague Abu Azmi has just said. B. cautioning him against displaying anger and irritation while speaking. is contesting from Ragogarh.K. P D Look Who’s Talking eepender Hooda ran into CPI’s Gurudas Dasgupta soon after his speech on FDI. with ASIT JOLLY AND ROHIT PARIHAR SIPRA DAS/www. Yet Mamata did not THE NO-SHOW Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had invited West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to his swearing-in ceremony on December 26. hethle lokkan da vi dhyan rakhna pau (Mr Majithia. Please close your fridge door properly. Hariprasad. first wanted Laxman to apologise for the anti-Congress comments he made when he left in 2004. you will have to look after common people).net . Sound advice. isn’t enamoured of youth. The Precedent Tewari says “the idea is to enable. Prasad 12 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. 2013 WorldMags. But general secretary in charge of Madhya Pradesh. Only. The veteran Left leader congratulated the young Congress MP on his speech but also added a word of advice. Delhi. a form of video chat.” Is that a message to Badal Junior as well? WEEK Dear Rajinikanth. work hard. 86. He wants more text in government advertisements instead of just mug shots of the entire party leadership. Kalle NRIs ne sarkar nai banani. not regulate”. that fashion and nudity cause rapes. In the end.GLASS HOUSE FREE FOR ALL by R. only it’s coming from Dasgupta who is renowned for losing his cool on the floor of the House! DASGUPTA United Singh Parivar C ongress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh was keen that brother Laxman Singh return to the Congress in time for the January 9 civic polls which Laxman’s son. does it remind anyone of Kapil Sibal? The Copy Chat He is planning to hold a news conference using Google+ Hangouts. Guess Modi will have to work harder to win acceptability. The Facelift Wooing journalists from private channels to Doordarshan. It’s so cold that one is seeing politicians and policemen with hands in their own pockets. Digvijaya had his way. Badal’s Advice unjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal.“Tussi kadi jail katti hai (Have you ever done jail time)?”he asked Minister for NRI Affairs Bikramjit Majithia at the Pravasi Punjabi Sammelan in Jalandhar on January 5. Digvijaya wanted a united family campaign.“Majithia saab mehnat karo. Yours faithfully.indiatodayimages. recalling the 17 years he spent in jail as a political prisoner.Aditya. Er.The NRIs alone will not elect your government.

or Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj who perceives a victim of rape as a living corpse or Madhya Pradesh minister Kailash Vijayvargiya who says that women should not cross the “Lakshman Rekha”. Nine years of incumbency would fatigue even the most agile of parties. BJP’s main problem isn’t that it is communal. furious with Congress. should naturally be gravitating towards it.K. CHAUDHARY JANUARY 21. Its natural constituency has always been the urban middle class. Such a stance reeks of indecision and infighting. its main opposition party. Chaudhary was wanted for the murder of a young girl. to seize momentum. just twenty years after the demolition of the Babri Masjid. For now. the party may be pleasing its swadeshi masters in RSS. 10-7. corrupt and inept Congress has gone totally numb. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY SANIA WITH MATTEK-SANDS WorldMags. That is the last straw of opportunity that Congress is holding on to. It is also increasingly obvious that a majority of women and men in urban India firmly believe that both genders are equal and must be treated thus. They need to present one face. That is because the BJP is even more disconnected from its potential voters than the Congress. Sporting jeans is one small symbol of that giant aspiration. The duo Singh. 30. S I G N P O STS WON Brisbane International tennis tournament by Sania Mirza and her American partner Bethanie Mattek-Sands.SIGNATURE B O T T O M WorldMags. BJP’s problems run deeper. It is not good enough for BJP to claim that they have several prime ministerial candidates. BJP presents an equally weak and incoherent leadership. The party’s message is hopelessly out of sync with this constituency which. SURRENDERED Himachal Congress MLA Ram Kumar Chaudhary in a Panchkula court in Haryana. and Kveta Peschke 4-6. 6-4. Will the BJP oblige? ■ SAURABH SINGH / www. By opportunistically opposing policies like FDI in retail and more FDI in insurance. They are equally tired of the reticent Sonia Gandhi and the absent Rahul Gandhi wielding power without 13 .net DHIRAJ NAYYAR L I N E THE LOTUS IS WILTED hat the Congress is in the doldrums is a well-known fact. PERFORMED India’s first successful intestine transplant at Medanta—The HIKED Tuition fee for underMedicity. but is hardly making itself attractive as an alternative to the still instinctively socialist Congress. The Congress is firmly wedded to its first family but the BJP needs to divorce its parivar. but the failure of BJP.000 per year. it looks like the BJP is driving in precisely the opposite direction. a small intestine beat Anna-Lena Groenefeld from a cadaver donor. That was the message from the streets of India after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student in Delhi. The lumbering. Even senior party members do not deny it in private conversation. There is an ocean of room for a forward-looking party of aspiration that does not pander to narrow populist interests in 2014. BUT IS HARDLY MAKING ITSELF ATTRACTIVE AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE STILL INSTINCTIVELY SOCIALIST CONGRESS. NAMED Justice D. BJP MAY BE PLEASING ITS SWADESHI MASTERS IN RSS. It seems the BJP did not get it. the more startling political phenomenon is not the decline of the Congress. The BJP also doesn’t seem to understand that its core constituency favours liberal economics. and not the rural poor who lean towards Congress or one of the regional parties. the BJP and the Sangh Parivar are hopelessly illiberal and instinctively anti-Western when it comes to the social sphere. Unfortunately. The West is an aspirational role model for urban Indians of all classes.000 to Rs 90. Incredibly enough. A team of 30 graduate students at doctors gave Himanshu IITs from Rs 50. It is simply out of touch. Whether it is RSS chief Mohan T Bhagwat who believes that women should remain housewives. whether that is Narendra Modi or someone else. The people of India are quite clearly tired of the weak leadership provided by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Still. Congress will never be that party. The reasons for the dismal state of Congress are not hard to pinpoint. Jain as the chairman of the 12th Law Commission of India. The party also needs a leader who can resist the unaccountable hand of RSS just like Atal Bihari Vajpayee did.indiatodayimages. It is unacceptable to even suggest that women should obey red lines of any BY OPPORTUNISTICALLY OPPOSING POLICIES LIKE FDI IN RETAIL AND MORE FDI IN INSURANCE.

Like Rajesh Kumar. It is shared by other parents who have been let down by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. is said to be five months short of 18. if he is like this at 17. violated her body with an iron rod and pulled out her intestines. Counsellors of Haq: Centre for Child Rights. Uttar Pradesh. what kind of a monster will he become when he is older?” asks the victim’s father.” That’s the father of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim. his voice rising in anger now. The boy. Of the seven juveniles lodged at Majnu ka Tila. having got his appendix removed. His deeds are not that of a child. She would have been alive but for the damage he caused to her internal organs. as he speaks about their only son. he is the only one who has access to counselling. as his five fellow rapists get assaulted by Tihar Jail inmates every day. based in south Delhi. He is not alone in his grief. on the phone from his village in Ballia. 2000. are working with the gangrape accused on orders of the principal magistrate of Juvenile Justice Board-2 Geetanjli Goel. 41. he may well walk free after three years in a remand DEADLYMINORS The Delhi gang rape sparks a nationwide debate on the juvenile justice system as crimes by minors show an alarming rise. My daughter told me that he was the most brutal.COVER STORY WorldMags. Is reform better than retribution? YOUNG AND WorldMags. and then did the unspeakable to her. Even now. he is firmly H By Bhavna Vij-Aurora and Amitabh Srivastava ensconced in Delhi’s LNJP hospital. “Can you imagine. Though he called her didi while luring her onto the bus on the fateful night of December 16. He struggles to hold back his tears and wife Rakhi muffles her sobs. . The law must not show any mercy to him because of his age. eightyear-old Satyam who was kidnapped. from Patna. his voice choking with emotion. who raped her e should hang first. .net GETTY IMAGES WorldMags.

It’s like a knife in my heart. 17-YEAR-OLD boy and his friend. He was arrested but released on bail in March 2010. He has since been remanded to judicial custody. HORROR TALES 14-YEAR-OLD in a village in Karnataka raped a five-year-old on December 21. Led by a youth who escaped the home. for three successive days in April 2009. “All this seems fine but where is the deterrent?” asks Sanjeev Kumar. 2013 WorldMags.178 Murders 57 Rapes 80 Andhra Pradesh Total juvenile crimes 1.775 Murders 145 Rapes 125 Tamil Nadu Total juvenile crimes 2.COVER STORY WorldMags. stuffed his body in a polythene bag and then made ransom calls to Rajesh. killed his grandmother. 2012. the gang used to operate in the government colonies of Sarojini Nagar. where even untrained sociologists pass off as counsellors. in Mumbai in June 2011 and stole her jewellery worth Rs 6 lakh. in June 2011. robbery and kidnapping to riots and criminal breach of trust Total juvenile crimes 4. The supposed reformation is usually worse than the crime. 17. “Can you find anything worse than this juvenile justice system? They brutally murdered my innocent son and they are free again after spending just three years in the remand home.They were sent to a remand home two days later but released after six months.7 million accused juveniles who need sustained counselling. Laxmibai Nagar and CRIMINAL MINDS Rajasthan A bulk of juvenile crimes was committed Madhya Pradesh Total juvenile crimes* 1. 63.997 Murders 112 Rapes 271 Uttar Pradesh Total juvenile crimes 959 Murders 81 Rapes 146 Gujarat Total juvenile crimes 1. The focus of the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act is on humane treatment of the juvenile in conflict with the law. the boys strangled him to death. 17-YEAR-OLD driver raped a minor girl in Kila Mohammadi village. a lawyer in Patna High DEADLYMINORS sodomised and killed by two 15-yearolds in Patna in May 2009. Delhi’s notorious ‘burgle and burn’ gang—a group of minors who broke into houses and set them on fire after thefts in early 2011—had come together inside Sewa Kutir observation home at Kingsway Camp.836 Murders 71 Rapes 79 *Other crimes range from attempt to commit murder. When Satyam started crying. The law acknowledges the culpability of juveniles for their crimes but gives them a second chance by rehabilitation. There are 1.618 Murders 43 Rapes 16 Maharashtra Chhattisgarh Total juvenile crimes 4.” he says. murders and rapes in absence of any . They were arrested on May 30. UP. free after having served the maximum possible sentence period in a reformatory.837 Murders 64 Rapes 59 10-YEAR-OLD boy tried to sexually assault a five-year-old girl in Nedungandam. India’s 815 juvenile homes are overcrowded with delinquents and under-equipped with professionals. What kind of a system is this that makes the victims suffer and sets free the perpetrators? Do you call it justice? The two killers roam around in Patna while I try my best not to see them. Juveniles usually end up forming gangs in these homes. Most juvenile homes do not have in-house counsellors and are severely crippled with the skeletal staff mortally scared of the juveniles.The boy was charged with murder and is in a juvenile home. They try to arrange group counselling sessions on ad hoc basis. but drowned her in a pond when she resisted. 16 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. the two are out of the remand home.233 Murders 45 Rapes 14 Total juvenile crimes 1. Three years later. He told police he was curious about sex and rape after he heard about the Delhi gang rape. graduating from petty cellphone snatchings and minor thefts to stabbings. Kerala. The crime changed Rajesh and Rakhi’s lives forever.

along with and his friend. 2011.All four are serving time at a juvenile home in Chandigarh. Four juveniles.887 in 2011. 65.The boys were sent to a remand home in July 2012 but released after two months.125 in 2011. 2010-11 24 UK 515** Murder Rape ** All sexual crimes 2010-11 14 42 NEW ZEALAND 2011 6 81** 13-YEAR-OLD boy killed his fouryear-old neighbour in June 2011 in a tea estate in Kumili.865 Total juvenile crimes 964 Murders 46 Rapes 17 1. arrests haven’t gone up proportionately.628 in 2001 and 33.The boy is in a juvenile home.7% 651 888 2. 15-YEAR-OLD boy’s body. 17-YEAR-OLD boy.The classmate believed the victim had helped his sister elope. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 746 30-35% juveniles delinquents are psychopaths.149 2011 2011 INDIA CANADA is the rise in juvenile crimes in a decade. of all rapes by juveniles in union territories in 2011 took place in Delhi alone—that is.149 17 TOTALJUVENILE CRIMES IN 2011 19.125 815 juvenile homes in the country MINOR SCARE Crimes committed by juveniles have risen steadily over a decade 24.929 18.MANIPUR AND ARUNACHALPRADESH MURDERS BYJUVENILES MADHYA PRADESH 16.088 JANUARY 21.509 17. JAMMU & KASHMIR.125 1. including one of the victim’s classmates. to death in Goa in May 2012 when she tried to stop them from stealing her money and jewellery worth Rs 10 lakh. Source: National Crime Records Bureau 96% 466 WorldMags.The figure was 33.However.740 juveniles accused of crimes No.939 21. of rapes by juvenile males 586 568 656 MAHARASHTRA All figures for 2011 145 112 81 18.was found near a railway track in Chandigarh on July 12. 16. suffocated his grandmother.WorldMags. 858 776 22. Police said the boy subjected the girl to repeated sexual assaults and stabbed her when she resisted.819 No.560 are the only states where no rapes by juveniles were in nine states in 2011 Bihar 25. Kerala.from 16.535 23.7 mn 399 485 UTTAR PRADESH 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 BRUTALAND VICIOUS US reported double the number of juvenile rapes of India UNITED STATES 65.with 15 stab wounds. of crimes by juveniles .926 798 25. confessed to the crime.47 of 49 rapes.071 1.509 in 2001 to 25.

Counsellors who 18 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. it is the capital’s largest remand home for boys under 16 and holds over 70 children. The tiny de-addiction centre shares a wall with the home. Sodomy is rampant. Behind the 14-foot-high walls and series of six gates. and he also managed to escape at least thrice from the observation home. After dumping the gang-rape victim and her friend on the road. Most of them. the Juvenile Justice Board directed the Delhi government to set up an NGO-run drug de-addiction centre in the remand home. attempted murder and rape. His stint at the observation home. Remand homes—a thinly disguised euphemism for prison—transport hapless boys into something straight out of Lord of the Flies and brutalises them for life. The police prefer not to register an FIR in case of petty crimes. The boys sleep on the floor in dormitories and spend most of their time locked indoors.” says Dr Rajesh Kumar. in Badaun district of Uttar Pradesh 11 years ago. nothing more than a hut with plastic sheet for roof. The smaller and weaker boys are terrorised. Boys are savagely beaten inside. incarcerated for petty crimes like chain-snatching and pickpocketing. one of the correctional systems prescribed by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act of 2000. The result? Youngsters who could have had a chance at life fall deeper into the malaise. “The children are seen as criminals and are treated thus.” says Ananth Kumar Asthana. In 2010.” Drugs. They swallow little packets of drugs when they are taken to attend court hearings and vomit them Inmates of a juvenile remand home in Delhi say it’s like living in a medieval dungeon A once they are back inside. Children have clean beds and healthy food. is equally Dickensian. was worse than the worst cold turkey he suffered while trying to kick his deadly habit of sniffing eraser fluid. “The bigger boys drug the weak and vulnerable and then do ‘ganda kaam (bad things)’ to them. 2013 WorldMags. The JJ Act allows the police not to register an FIR against a juvenile if the punishment for the alleged crime is less than seven years—which would include practically all crimes barring murder. It was like any other day for him. the older boys hold sway. are still easily available in the observation home across the wall. The board was shocked to discover addiction rates as high as 70 per cent. emboldening these gangs to commit bigger crimes. The probation unit that is meant to monitor the progress of boys. unable to escape the cycle of crime. once they are with families. 15. says another observation home inmate. Eldest among six siblings.” A magistrate who heard one of Asthana’s petitions on the sorry state of the homes said it reminded him of Oliver Twist. he is now an undertrial at the high-security Tihar prison. Akshay Thakur. a lawyer and child rights activist. “There is a tremendous apathy and contempt in dealing with . 14. He was also the most clinical.COVER STORY WorldMags. They committed burglaries and set the houses on fire to erase DEADLYMINORS REFORM SYSTEM THAT DEFORMS shish (pseudonym). executive director of the Society for the Promotion of Youth and Masses that runs the centre. It has no pre-release and post-release followup plans. Drug abuse is rampant. Having crossed the protective barrier of 18 years.” says Husain. A handful of boys were in for murder. he left his home. Boys there either pay the 60-odd private security guards to obtain their drugs or act as drug mules for peddlers outside. “We have to break the cycle. It is the only one of its kind in the country and treats 25 boys at a time—for three months—in comparatively salubrious surroundings. “Crime and addiction are interlinked. A cluster of two-storey barracks spread over an acre in north Delhi. The gang leader had been arrested several times earlier. Social workers say remand home employees sometimes encourage groupism to keep the violence in check. the boy made tea and cleaned the bus with another rapist. did it to fund a drug habit. however. Like the juvenile accused in the gang rape. He then spent the night watching television at Thakur’s home in Ravi Das Colony. by Sandeep Unnithan adjoining areas. His father is mentally ill and his family is among the poorest in the village. calls his three-month stay at a Delhi government-run remand home a descent into hell. The remand home in Delhi is clearly only a symbol of a broken juvenile reform system.

net JANUARY 21. Sometimes accused aged 19-21 are treated under juvenile law. Tried as adults. abducted. a 12-year-old Colorado boy shot to death his parents and attacked two younger have worked with him say he displays traits of a typical psychopath. a Chadian. It is the ones like him who are most difficult to handle. Somewhat similar is the case of a UNITED KINGDOM In 1993. Congo (1) and Nigeria (1) WorldMags. Wisconsin teenager Brogan Rafferty.” says Delhi-based clinical psychologist Dr Rajat Mitra. The accused were sentenced to two years in juvenile prison and three years of compulsory therapy. and laid his body on a railway track in Kirby. a youth can be tried as an adult in regular courts. and Issa bin Muhammad Muhammad. US (19). in January 2012. SAUDI ARABIA Sultan bin Sulaiman al-Muwallad. both 10. says children between ages 10 and 18 are capable of committing a crime and will be tried in a separate court for youth. were beheaded in 2009 for abduction and rape of a child. Bulger had 42 injury marks on his body. The same year. tortured and killed James HOWTHE WORLD TREATS JUVENILE CRIMINALS Sentences range from beheading to detention UNITED STATES In 2011. delinquents Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. In exceptionally severe cases. LAWON JUVENILES Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act. “At least 30-35 per cent juvenile delinquents are psychopaths. juvenile court may apply adult criminal law for accused aged between 16-18. a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl in Arnhem plotted a ‘contract’ killing on Facebook after they had a spat with the victim. The killer. the motives of which remain a mystery. the minimum time to be spent in jail was increased to 15 years but that was struck down by the European Court of Human Rights.WorldMags.Yemen (2). Pakistan (4). England. They may even lull the counsellor into believing that they are reformed. a 15-year-old girl. LAWON JUVENILES There is no codified penal law. 1999. LAWON JUVENILES Definition of juvenile varies from state to state—the lowest is 14 at which a youth can receive adult sentences for serious crimes. Instead. He was sentenced in juvenile court to seven years in detention after pleading guilty. He was tried as an adult and sentenced to life in prison. theft. They know how to hook an unsuspecting victim. judges interpret and apply Sharia law in criminal cases at their discretion. 2. Following public pressure. Saudi Arabia (5). DEATH PENALTY Since 1990. For children between 12-15. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 19 . a Saudi. who was 14. Sudan (2).indiatodayimages. including those as young as 10 years. it is one year of detention. 16. which they had committed in 2004 when they were 17. In extreme cases. China (2). They were released in 2001 but Venables was re-arrested in 2010. THE NETHERLANDS Popularly known as the ‘Facebook Murder’ . and consumption of alcohol and drugs. LAWON JUVENILES Dutch courts allow a maximum of two years of detention for heinous crimes committed by youth aged 16-18. was sentenced to one year in juvenile detention. was charged with two offences: Killing a man and attempting to murder another. VIKAM SHARMA/ www. the two were sentenced to custody till they became 18. nine countries have given capital punishment to juvenile offenders—Iran (46).

Just as it allows young people to learn . most by 20. or the thick upper border of the hip bone.The test is available in India. Now. “In my first 10 years.COVER STORY WorldMags. “Different body systems have different time clocks. GETTY IMAGES 20 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. “Disorders of thyroid and growth hormones as well as very poor nutrition also change bone age. dental data and secondary sexual characteristics. going by his school records. fear. grows till 25 years Adults Fully developed Teens Immature. professor of orthopaedics. And there is no escaping the cold-blooded brutality of some juvenile crimes. Bone ossification is the standard test to measure age. The iliac crest. orchidometry. Medically. says the law. Cartilages turn into bones under the W influence of sex hormones that abound during puberty. at best. the chances for a highly pathological brain changing its wiring entirely after age 15 or 16 are slim.” A range of tests are conducted to check adult patterns of growth: X-rays for bone maturation. It works out skeletal maturity from hand and wrist bones. prone to high-risk behaviour Amygdala Emotional core for passion. But what happens to bones in an age when sexual development starts early? “The main risk with early puberty is advanced bone age. “Ossification is the process by which softer cartilaginous bones fuse together into hard. one can say it’s a brain badly rewired perhaps by constant exposure to violence. The medical evidence to the legal problem—who is a juvenile and who is an adult—can. be a range of ages. Biologically. it can also get messed up by stress. age tests based on chromosomes are being tried in some parts of the world.” says Mithal. 2013 WorldMags. Dogra of AIIMS has navigated this fuzzy interface between law and medicine for 30 years. a grey zone. “When a technically young person kills for a pair of sneakers. He looked about 15.D. “Some bones take long to form fully. says neurobiologist Dr Sumantra Chattarji of the National Centre for Biological DEADLYMINORS WHO IS AN ADULT? It is not easy to determine age as people have different time clocks ill the youngest and most brutal predator of the Delhi gang. use prefrontal cortex more Teens More impulsive DIFFERENTWAYS TO TELLAGE There are many ways to determine a person’s age but no test is foolproof School records Sexuality Simplest way to verify age. Forensic expert Dr T.” says Dr Rajesh Malhotra. BCCI has instituted the Tanner-Whitehouse 3 bone test to check age fraud in junior cricket. Adults Rely less on this. There’s a catch here. to a large extent. But the test has not been given a green signal by the International Cricket Council. it’s difficult to come up with a precise test to specify one’s age to the month and day. but his bones revealed he was around 23. the courts send us several cases where age is in doubt every week. the age 18 is an arbitrary number. Twenty-five is the cut-off for the joint between collar bone and chest bone. Dogra recalls a case where a boy charged with murder claimed to be a juvenile.” “Adult time for adult crime” is the slogan across America against juvenile crime. adult bones. some at 16. some at 18. “As cartilages do not show up on X-ray. measures testicular volume.rape case get away with murder? Yes. Let the jurists take a call. A girl who has her first period at eight will stop growing compared to others. AIIMS. but her bones will age to that of 12 or 13. ore complex tests are coming up. All body systems do not reach adult-level function at a specific age. Jurists have left the final call with medical professionals. and at worst. by Damayanti Datta INSIDE THE TEENAGE BRAIN Adolescents are prone to high-risk behaviour Prefrontal Cortex M Its functions include planning and reasoning. we determine approximate age of a person by patterns of bone growth. Different bones fuse at different times. director of Sport Science for the Olympic Gold Quest.” says Dr Ambrish Mithal.A new method. Doctors check sexual growth pattern. To the medical world. impulse.The police check if an accused is 18 according to school documents. there wasn’t even a single case of violent sexual offence by minors.” he says. aggression. Bangalore.” The adolescent brain remains very plastic up to 15-16. This year. According to Dr Nikhil Latey. He is a ‘juvenile’. hardens at 21. Delhi. endocrinologist with Apollo Hospital.” he says.

not fully developed in teens Adults Fully developed Teens Are more excited by reward than consequence Hippocampus Hub of memory and learning. Telomeres WorldMags. and had the “looks of a Bollywood hero”. he age barrier too has obviously blurred. an NGO working with delinquent and neglected children. X-ray of elbow. Amod Kanth. is about to be introduced in India. knee. recalls Bharti Ali of Haq. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 21 . Sometime later. wrist. Beijing Rules Responsible for touch. “He was going to turn 18 in a few days and was sent to Tihar from there. One of the framers of JJ Act. hip. Bone age is correlated to chronological age. sight.” Ali says. While he was serving his sentence at the juvenile home. This youngster was extremely charming. the protective cap of Parietal Lobe juvenile.Telomere length varies with age. the family of the accused managed to secure his bail. language. with juveniles using it with impunity to escape harsher sentences.WorldMags. Age determination based on the length of telomeres. Though the Juvenile Justice Board wanted to keep him in detention longer. It works out skeletal maturity from hand and wrist bones. A lawyer associated with juvenile cases in Patna concedes that the Act’s age criterion is one of the most abused provisions. There is a demand for lowering the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 years from various quarters including legal experts. loses neurons with age Teens Tremendous learning curve T Teeth Forensic experts check teeth first. However. Violations have been found across the country. If anything. Kanth says that the law was amended in 2000. (Tanner-Whitehouse 3) bone maturation test has been introduced by BCCI to check age fraud in junior JANUARY 21. the child rights lobby advises against it. a third-year BTech student at Jaipur’s Amity University in March 2012. grows in teens Adults Fully functional. he was brought in for attempted murder but allowed to go home since there was no evidence against him. who was brought in for repeat offences. Juvenile delinquency is not limited to the lower strata of society. he tried to escape after creating a ruckus there and breaking window panes. says that the law should not be changed for exceptional cases. The teenage grandson of a Haryana MLA— along with six adults—was accused of killing Prashant Veer. when the juvenile age was raised from 16 to 18 years in keeping with global norms. he was brought in for another case of attempted murder and was convicted. The first time. former DGP and founder of Prayas. according to her. grows till early 20s Adults Fully developed Teens Do not process information effectively Ventral Striatum Reward centre. It is not easy to again go back to 16 since India is a signatory to three international conventions including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).All molars are up by 18. juveniles are taking advantage of the JJ Act. TW3 shoulders and collar-bones are taken for bone ossification (hardening) test. psychologists and law enforcers.

A young accused should be tackled sociologically by counselling. juvenile welfare officer. B Handling individual cases on the basis of severity of crime and psychological assessment of the accused. It is time for a new juvenile law which considers not just the age but also severity of an offender’s crime. go to www. “The Government has failed to implement the Act. There are no figures to show how many juvenile accused actually get rehabilitated. treating anyone under 18 as juvenile. Why then should the law spare him for his unparalleled brutality? with Rohit Parihar To suggest a punishment for the juvenile in the Delhi gang rape. a child helpline (1018). With sexual development taking place at 10 and cognitive growth at 20. Just because age of puberty has gone down.indiatoday. roaming freely on the streets. Puberty hits much 22 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. Juvenile age needs to be reduced. especially the attention it gets him when he is caught. Policemen who have interrogated juve- nile delinquents immediately after their arrest share their shock at the complete absence of remorse. In many cases. as soon as he is freed at the age of 20. This may find wider acceptability. about 10 per cent juveniles are repeat offenders. the crime itself gives a high to the juvenile. NOW Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. the age of recognised adulthood in India is 18. juvenile justice board. It is quite possible that Delhi’s gangrape juvenile took great pleasure in the pain he inflicted on his victim. ‘‘ ‘‘ ‘‘ Juvenile age should not be lowered. Society and government cannot afford to have dangerous and the Riyadh Guidelines. in each district of the country. 2000—a tougher stand on a juvenile above 16. a child welfare committee. brought both boys and girls on a par. This may not be easy since India is a signatory to three international conventions on child rights which make it mandatory for juvenile age to be 18.” says a police officer. ‘‘ Any punishment should consider the severity of the crime and should be based on psychological assessment of the juvenile. C Repeat juvenile offenders between the ages of 16 and 18 should be treated on a par with adult criminals and face the same quantum of punishment. drive. marry and of legal representation. an observation home with proper counselling and an aftercare programme. 2013 WorldMags. According to government figures. Child rights activists are bound to oppose it. If he is a psychopath. . ‘‘ Juvenile age should be lowered. 2000. Most provisions remain on paper. A Juvenile Justice Law which allows him to roam free so soon with his criminal record erased and no provision of supervision is in urgent need of reform. It seems they almost enjoy reliving the murder. he will no doubt commit a crime again. especially its most crucial aspect: Counselling. go to DEADLYMINORS RAJU RAMACHANDRAN Senior lawyer JYOTI MIRDHA Congress MP Act. D Strengthening Section 16 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. Also. the huge gap has to be taken into account. If he commits a crime as an adult.indiatoday. Age of a juvenile should be immaterial. what should be considered is the criminal bent of mind and intention to commit the offence. “I have heard teenagers describing killings— like how they held the hands and how a victim struggled in a semi-conscious state. WHAT NOW? The Delhi rape case has prompted calls for revisiting the law. you can’t lower age of marriage. VIKAS PAHWA Senior advocate RAJAT MITRA Clinical psychologist For full text of Juvenile Justice Act 2000.COVER STORY KID GLOVES Law on juvenile crimes needs to be modified WorldMags. It is only an estimate since the police are supposed to destroy the records of a juvenile after completion of his sentence. a person does not have the right to vote. why blame the child?” he says. treated boys under the age of 16 and girls below 18 as juveniles. Kanth says lowering the age is not the answer but proper implementation of the JJ Act ‘‘ ‘‘ THEN Juvenile Justice ‘‘ Instead of prescribing a minimum age. considering the seriousness of the offence and his conduct. Before that. 1986. The Act provides for. Some options being discussed: A Lowering the age of juvenile from 18 to 16 years. There was nothing innocent or childlike in the acts of the 17-year-old Delhi rapist. whatever their age. his name will not figure as a repeat offender.

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Whatever was told by this witness to the channel has been categorically denied by Delhi Police. So. Most people think that the braveheart’s friend is DHANANJAY indeed telling the truth—that Delhi cused’s conduct inspire absolute confidence in the mind of a judge? On the other hand. the task of the prosecution in this trial is simply going to get worse. it has a duty to tell the judge to simply trust this witness. Anytime an FIR is lodged against persons who are not previously known to victims. is going to form crucial evidence for the prosecution. Unfortunately. A TIP was not done in this case as four of the accused did not agree. due to absence of a TIP. two monumental errors have already been committed by the police. the accused have also been charged with destruction of evidence as they were reported to have washed off forensic evidence from the bus. a human identification. wasted time fighting over the issue of jurisdiction and not bothering about the dying girl and her bruised friend. Our courts have set aside convictions and even death T penalties in many cases where a TIP was not done. I fail to retain the same level of hope that conviction will happen in this case in the way that the people of this country want to see.OPI NION WorldMags. Even while a big part of our national gaze was fixated on how the police and our courts would address this specific episode. the very trial is bound to suffer immensely. at that moment of emergency. Delhi Police has expectedly denied in public everything told by this witness to the channel. But that evidence. the prosecution’s case would suffer a massive DELHI GANG RAPE I AM LESS HOPEFULOFCONVICTION Conflicting accounts and the lack of a Test Identification Parade may weaken the case he Delhi gang rape is an unspeakable and unpardonable crime and tragedy. Ten days prior to this ghastly episode. So it was unfortunate that the magistrate in this case unintelligently agreed the reluctant accused could not be asked to undergo a TIP. in this case by the friend of the victim. All of us want to see and ensure that justice is done to the memory of that brave girl and that the offenders are inflicted with due and just punishment that the law affords. K. amongst others. GUEST COLUMN K. it is expected of the police to conduct a Test Identification Parade (TIP). Thus with each passing .V. A TIP is generally presided over by an executive magistrate and the victim-witness has to identify the accused from a group of people comprising the accused as well as others not connected with the case but whose looks match the victim’s description of the accused given to the police. the judge who is going to be asked by the police to trust the witness is going to face a very hard time figuring out who between the two did not lie in this TV interview fiasco. So. The next monumental error is the interview of the prime witness given to a news channel. can their version about the acSAURABH SINGH/www. And if it is found that money changed hands for this interview. when Delhi Police takes this very person who is their prime witness into the trial to testify for the prosecution. 2013 WorldMags.V. If it is found that Delhi Police was lying. Dhananjay is an advocate with the Supreme Court of India 24 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. Consider also that it was night when the Delhi gang rape had taken place and the lights inside the bus were reportedly off. that a TIP was never done. To begin with. The law of evidence in our country allows the lawyer for the defence to ask questions designed to ‘shake the credit’ of a witness. These errors may very well strike at the heart of the case of the prosecution. could be seen by the court as ‘weak’. the braveheart and her friend encountered the accused for the first time in the bus. the Supreme Court had set aside a death penalty and acquitted an accused on the grounds. the court and the prime prosecution witness. This is baffling to me because in India. Added to it. an accused does not have the right to refuse a TIP. If the police can’t be truthful about their own conduct in how they rescued the victim. This exercise is largely done without interference or suggestion by the police.indiatodayimages. if it is found during the trial that the interview by this witness was not very truthful. .net WorldMags.

42. is no stranger to hate speeches.” The speech went viral. by adding ‘All India’ to the then MIM to alter the discredited anti-India image that led to its ban in 1948. they drifted away from the ruling party in the state and UPA at the Centre anticipating a poor showing by the ruling party in the next polls. Outside the state. threatening people to give false evidence. He didn’t take calls from INDIA TODAY. their father Salahuddin Owaisi took over the reins of AIMIM from Abdul Wahed on his death. if the police stay away for 15 minutes. seats in the municipal polls in Nanded in Maharashtra. but in an SMS on January 5. Though AIMIM does not have the clout to win more than one Lok Sabha seat. 2013 WorldMags. two MLCs and 43 representatives in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).” He added: “(Chief Minister) Kiran Kumar Reddy is Musalmanon ka dushman (enemy of the Muslims). doing public mischief and disobeying official orders. beyond Hyderabad and across India. His incendiary speech on December 22 at Nirmal in Adilabad district was only pushing the larger political project.THE BIG STORY WorldMags. is the Hyderabad MP. 44. Asaduddin’s grandfather. Akbaruddin is again attempting to polarise the Muslim vote. sedition. it hopes to increase its Assembly tally with the backing of YSR Congress. Menon THE HATE MONGERS OF HYDERABAD Andhra Pradesh’s capital remains virtually unquestionable. including the OWAISIS A vast empire spanning education and media in their pockets. he has. whipped up emotions to build an enduring Muslim vote bank for the party. He remained party chief and built AIMIM assiduously till his death in 2008. Salahuddin made it to the Assembly in 1962 by trouncing then kbaruddin Owaisi. Mohammad Majid Hussain. The Owaisis want to build and expand on this in 2014. The police have booked him for promoting enmity between different groups. As the rabble-rouser of old Hyderabad’s most important political force. Akbaruddin is lodged in the Adilabad district jail. The Internet nailed him. real estate to media KRISHNENDU HALDER 26 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. stated. in . AIMIM has seven MLAs in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly. it has made a dent by winning. fiery speeches. Asaduddin showed no remorse as protests against his brother’s hate speech became intense. the Owaisi brothers are now eyeing Muslims beyond Andhra Pradesh for their political gain By Amarnath K. 33. biased manner.” AIMIM was revived by lawyer Abdul Wahed Owaisi. In 1975. “I’m not speaking to the media as they have reported in a onesided. leading to his arrest on January 8 upon arrival from London. but AIMIM’S dominance in A BAND OF BROTHERS The Owaisi empire extends from education to health. With Assembly elections due in 2014 and AIMIM eager to build an alliance with YSR Congress. “The 25 crore Muslims in India can take care of the 100 crore Hindus. criminal conspiracy. in long. in 2012. to try and emerge as the leading Muslim voice. Akbaruddin heads AIMIM in the Assembly. Traditionally allied to Congress. the Owaisis also preside over a network of educational institutions and control prime real estate in the city. At no time in its history has the party had such a large number of elected representatives. once part of the old Hyderabad state. the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM). doing acts prejudicial to harmony as well as waging or attempting to wage war against the state. While elder brother and party president Asaduddin Owaisi. but using non-allotment of land for their educational institutes as a pretext. Elected to the erstwhile municipal corporation of Hyderabad as a councillor in 1960.

A. Owaisi Schools of Excellence. HYDERABAD CHAIRMAN SALAR-E-MILLAT Educational Trust ESTABLISHED May 2006 RUNS Four primary schools. all in Hyderabad FOUNDED By Salahuddin Owaisi in 1987 DIRECTOR Burhanuddin Owaisi (Asaduddin and Akbaruddin are unofficial patrons) CHAIRMAN Akbar Nizamuddin Hussaini TURNOVER (On March 31. 44 MP. PLANS More schools in poor areas. integrated vocational training institute. 35 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ETEMAAD Urdu daily LAUNCHED December 2005 CIRCULATION 65. HYDERABAD CHAIRMAN BURHANUDDIN OWAISI. 4TV Urdu TV channel MD Jaffer Balala. Maharashtra and Karnataka. DARUSSALAM COOPERATIVE URBAN BANK Six branches. FOCUS Covers Assembly seats.58 crore. DAR-US-SALAM Educational Trust ESTABLISHED By Salahuddin in 1974. two hospitals. 2012) Total deposits of Rs 217. in poor areas of Hyderabad’s Old City. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 27 . Online edition claims 3 lakh hits daily. nursing. Self-financing institution. CHANDRAYAN GUTTA. physiotherapy. profit of Rs 4. management.94 crore. an old age home and an orphanage. architecture. PRABHAKAR RAO WorldMags. brother of AIMIM MLA. 42 MLA. jeweller and money lender Ahmed Balala. pharmacy. AKBARUDDIN OWAISI WITH SUPPORTERS AT HYDERABAD AIRPORT ASADUDDIN JANUARY 21. RUNS Minority institutions. among them 10 colleges of engineering. loans & advances of Rs AKBARUDDIN OWAISI. reports on development. and 12 health centres for the poor.96 crore.000 in Andhra. industrial training institute. medicine.

There are allegations that the Owaisis have gained unlawfully by the transfer of Wakf land to developers for sale as plots in OWAISIS SALAHUDDIN OWAISI. shown more faith in acquiring wealth from real estate. in real estate and education. A fourth letter. He went on to hold elected posts for 44 years in a political career spanning 50 years. This would be their third. on August 18. asked for three acres of government land occupied by Mahavir Hospital and Andhra Pradesh Riding Club at AC Guards in Hyderabad. all in 2012. Following 28 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. SEPT 7 Instruction to state bureaucracy: ‘Please examine and brief me. This includes a chain of shaadi khanas (wedding halls) at different parts of the city. after the Owaisi Hospital and Princess Esra Hospital in the Old City.’ Request for a new hospital under the aegis of the Deccan College of Medical Sciences. 35. The brothers monetised their property with minimal investments. encourage rigging and use force to grow. He did not hesitate to pad up electoral rolls. dated September 7. where most of their operations are based. he sought more state funds for the welfare of Muslims. orphanage. Akbaruddin. again asked for the land. Hussaini is also chairman of the Owaisi-controlled Darussalam Bank. to be given to the Owaisis’ Deccan College of Medical Sciences for a state-of-the-art teaching hospital. Salahuddin relied on a tacit understanding with the Congress and a pragmatic mix of rabble-rousing with strong-arm tactics to ensure the growth of his party. as the founder-chairman of Salar-eMillat Educational Trust. . from Akbaruddin.THE BIG STORY WorldMags.’ REPLY TO OTHER LETTERS BURHANUDDIN OWAISI 2-3 ACRES AUG 18 Request to relocate his newspaper office. wrote on July 26 asking for five acres for a proposed integrated vocational training institute. editor-in-chief of Urdu daily Etemaad. Habib Nagar and Khanajiguda. and started his own educational institutions under the Dar-us-Salam Educational Trust. ASADUDDIN OWAISI 5 ACRES AUG 3 Request for expanding educational activities of Dar-us-Salam Educational Trust. Brothers Owaisi wrote several letters MEN OF LETTERS? In to the Chief Minister for land at cheap rates AKBARUDDIN OWAISI 5 ACRES 3 ACRES JULY 26 REPLY TO SEPT 7 LETTER Request for vocational & industrial training institutes. Asaduddin. registered a boom through the 1990s and 2000s. At the same Khamosh and oversees other properties owned by the Wakf (Muslim charitable trust) in Hyderabad. THE LATE AIMIM CHIEF Congress minister Masooma Begum in Hyderabad. however. Asaduddin and Akbaruddin have. Not to be left out. and around Hyderabad. old age home and orphanage. old age home. There are allegations of their proximity to Akbar Nizamuddin Hussaini. leveraging the fact that Hyderabad. 2013 WorldMags. He fought for the cause of the alienated Muslim poor. who manages the lands of Dargah Sha SIPRA DAS/www. as chairman of the Darus-Salam Educational Trust. INDIA TODAY has accessed four letters the brothers wrote to Chief Minister Kiran Reddy in 2012 to try and get at least 18 acres from the government free of cost or at cheap rates. stepping into the vacuum left behind by the erstwhile rulers of Hyderabad—the Nizams—who kept away from politics. requested for two or three acres at any prime location in the city for the newspaper. industrial training institute. youngest brother Burhanuddin. CM KIRAN REDDY Instruction to state bureaucracy: ‘Please examine and circulate. On August 3. .

net .WorldMags.

who withdrew their own case against the MLA under government pressure. Charged with assault. They gave away Wakf land to the Owaisis.40 crore between 1999 and 2004. CPI and CPI(M). pointing to the case of IAS officer Mohammed Ali Rafat. the Owaisis have never offered any defence. Nevertheless. notably exWakf minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir. managing editor of Urdu daily Siasat. dispersing only after cases were booked against GHMC staff. “The writ of the Owaisis runs large in Hyderabad. He was removed seven months after taking charge. a freestyle wrestler. go to www. Asaduddin and Akbaruddin tour the US. tap on your iPad edition For full text of Asaduddin’s Lok Sabha speech after 2012 Assam violence. management and the convener of the common entrance test used to select the students?” asks Syed Taraq Quadri. MLA MOHD MUQTADA KHAN. particularly the poor. whether in the 32 acres of Vattepally’s Masjid Moghal Faqueer. Protested to disrupt traffic. Will it. and the brothers benefited. a circumspect Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on September 8 wrote “please examine and circulate” on the first three letters. MOHAMMED MOAZZAM KHAN. MLAS Stormed Hyderabad Press Club in August 2007. “Those who did not agree to their demands were moved out in a few months. “There is pent-up anger and fear of reprisals in vast areas of Old City which they control like a family fief. ■ Also named an accused in the attack on junior doctors at the state-run Niloufer Hospital for children. Long after he ceased to be minister. wrongful restraint and criminal intimidation of author Taslima Nasreen. UK and West Asia to firm up admissions of NRI students in their educational institutions. and “please examine and brief me” on the last.” alleges Zaheeruddin Ali Khan. filed a false attempt-to-murder case against GHMC’S Chief City Planner Purushotham Reddy and two other employees at nearby Abids police OWAISIS persistent demands by the Owaisis. justified the Congress government’s selling of 100 acres of Wakf properties for Rs 427 crore between 2004 and 2009 by pointing to the previous Telugu Desam Party government’s sale of 729 acres of Wakf land for Rs 16. “Over the years.” says Madhu. when he pointed out that Wakf board members were acting as touts of AIMIM. Shabbir. Accused in the killing of Ibrahim Bin Yusuf Yafai during an attempt on his life by a breakaway AIMIM group in the Old City in April 2011. following differences over encroachment of government land at Balapur in the city. ■ Charged under Section 353 of IPC in 2008 when he fired at GHMC officials demolishing illegal floor of multi-storey. Compromises were struck in all cases. 2011. That bottled anger is possibly bubbling over. a lawyer and former member of the Andhra Pradesh State Minorities Commission. is alleged to facilitate these transactions. AIMIM leaders are optimistic that Akbaruddin will gain the Muslim community’s support. “Is MIM ready for a public inquiry into the donations collected from students admitted under quotas for NRIS. without acceding to any JANUARY 21.THE BIG STORY WorldMags. AIMIM leaders have become a law unto themselves AKBARUDDIN OWAISI. have consolidated their positions. Obstructed GHMC in 2008 with Muqtada.” he adds.” says former Rajya Sabha member Penumalli Madhu of CPI(M). attacked Akbaruddin on April 30. The clout of the Owaisis and their supporters has enabled them to play with land banks of the Andhra Pradesh State Wakf Board (APSWB). in 2009. Seldom does the law catch up with the Owaisis. The family of Mohammed Bin Omar Yafai aka Mohammed Pahelwan. The strategy of the Owaisis is to control Hyderabad’s Muslims. where Akbaruddin’s farmhouse is located. A chargesheet has been filed by Hyderabad Police. 4 km to the west of Falaknuma Palace. such as BJP. Detractors allege that huge funds collected as capitation fee for seats in their medical or engineering colleges ANSWERABLE TO NONE Over the years. On this. and sent them over to the state bureaucracy. special officers and CEOS of Wakf boards were their appointees. the principal secretary of the Department of Minorities Welfare. reassigning it as government land. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 31 . Other antiMIM forces. rioting with deadly weapons. MOHD MUQTADA KHAN. MOHD MOAZZAM KHAN AND SYED AHMED PASHA QUADRI. MLA are kept abroad. this once? To watch Akbaruddin Owaisi’s arrest. A nexus between the Owaisis and some Congress leaders. He is being probed by the police. as he had after his violent diatribe against writer Taslima Nasreen in August 2007.indiatoday. or on the shores of Himayat Sagar Lake. Every WorldMags. MLA ■ Slapped a constable in April 2010.

2006. 2006 MUMBAI TRAIN BOMBINGS What India said “We will liquidate the terrorists and their sponsors whoever they are.” — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on July 13. India blames the Pakistani army for the attacks. Watch the video of Daniel Pearl’s execution (the kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter decapitated by militants in Karachi in 2001). Both sides agreed to end the frequent artillery and machine gun duels along the 740 km Line of Control (LOC).” It’s a cold. December 15. The knives haven’t been sheathed either. It says Pakistanis fire to cover infiltration by militants across the LOC before snow sets in. and lists 120 ceasefire violations in 2012.PAKISTANI BARBARISM AT THE BORDER The beheading of two Indian Army soldiers threatens a shaky peace on the Line of Control By Sandeep Unnithan SPE CIAL REPORT WorldMags. clinical explanation from an Indian Army officer of how Pakistani soldiers may have decapitated two Indian soldiers they killed in a January 8 raid in Poonch. a boot is placed on his head and a combat knife is used to hack the head off. What India said “The war against terror will be .K. SOLDIERS’BEHEADING ou don’t need a machete. 80 km south west of state capital Srinagar. among the highest since the 2003 agreement. What India did 2003 India agreed to a ceasefire on the Line of Control with Pakistan. wherever they are. The guns haven’t fallen silent.” — L. 32 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. 2001. It’s the most serious violation of the September 2003 ceasefire signed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Pervez Musharraf. no one can make India kneel. Barbaric cross-border head-hunting Y FLIP-FLOP ON PAKISTAN December 13. Once a soldier is shot dead. 2013 WorldMags. home minister. 2001 TERROR ATTACK ON PARLIAMENT INDIA HAS USED STRONG WORDS TO RESPOND TO CROSS-BORDER ATTACKS ORIGINATING July 11.

but come after careful reconnaissance of vulnerable spots along the LOC. What India said “What we want from Pakistan is to dismantle the terror JANUARY 21. the beheading was a Pakistani retaliation. too. A spokesman of the Army’s Northern Command said the soldiers had “laid down their lives” to fight back a Pakistani intrusion. AKSAI CHIN Kupwara Poonch Rajouri JAMMU & KASHMIR January 8. A six-man patrol led by Captain FROM PAKISTAN. On January 8. Such sneak attacks have till now been kept a secret by the Indian Army that has masked them through outright denials or attributed the deaths to border firefights. Pakistan’s foreign ministry in Islamabad summoned the Indian deputy high commissioner to lodge a protest over an “unprovoked attack” by Indian forces on a Pakistani post that killed one soldier and woun- POK July 30.” — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s joint statement with Pakistan Prime Minister Y. The Pakistan foreign office termed the charges as “baseless and unfounded allegations”. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 33 . where soldiers are killed and heads brought back as trophies.R. said the bodies had been “mutilated”. But more worrying are raids by Pakistani Special Services Group (SSG) commandos organised into Border Action Teams (BATS)—dedicated forces tasked with crossing the LOC and killing Indian soldiers. a covert war along the LOC has exacted a grisly toll AP PHOTO (LEFT) INDIAN SOLDIERS CARRYTHE COFFIN OF LANCE NAIK HEMRAJ (ABOVE).net Border Flashpoints Since 2000. 2012 Pakistani troops cross LOC. say Army officials. are a Pakistani calling card. (TOP) LANCE NAIK SUDHAKAR SINGH raids. Gilani. A senior Army official in New Delhi. February 2000 Pakistani troops cross into post in Rajouri. even as Shiv Sena demanded his resignation. this shadow war spilled out into the open when Pakistani troops from the Baloch regiment crossed the LOC in the Poonch sector and killed Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh of the Rajputana Rifles.” the statement added. 2008 MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK What India did 2006 PoonchRawalkot bus service.AFTER EACH ATROCITY. 2011 Pakistani commandos cross LOC. BAT raids. Both soldiers were decapitated and one head carried across the border. behead one and carry back head. mutilate two soldiers. The acronym is an Indian Army coinage and indicative of how frequent the raids are. Antony called the incident “highly provocative”.That is the one demand. flagged off on June 20. WorldMags. “Pakistan is prepared to hold probes through United Nations Military Observer Group for India and Pakistan on the recent ceasefire violations on the LOC. Defence Minister A. Kill seven Indian soldiers. but admitted in private that they had been decapitated. HOWEVER. 2006 by Sonia Gandhi. The same day. behead 2.K. November 26. IT HAS QUICKLY CLIMBED DOWN TO RETURN TO THE NEGOTIATING TABLE. which had its share of barbarity. carry back one head as trophy.July 2009 “Action on terrorism should not be linked to the composite dialogue process and should not be bracketed. Fidayeen attacks and cross-border head-hunting raids began after the Kargil War. carry one head back. kill 3 soldiers. ded another. continued. are not impulsive.WorldMags.” — Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in December 2008 What India did Sharm el-Sheikh declaration. The implication was.

“Whatever has happened should not be escalated. Subsequent interrogation of a captured militant revealed that the head of the soldier was brandished as a trophy in Pakistan. a story began doing the rounds in the Indian Army messes. Violation of 2003 ceasefire. A Pakistani BAT ambushed and killed seven Indian soldiers in Nowshera in Rajouri district. Last June. Can be denied. The militant. seven months after the Kargil War. executed. Pakistani scribe Hamid Mir wrote that the raid was led by Ilyas Kashmiri. India does not want to internationalise anything in Jammu and Kashmir. Kalia and his men were tortured for 22 days. 2013 WorldMags. and their mutilated bodies handed back to the Indian Army. ■ To watch the relatives of the beheaded soldiers speak. The Army was shocked to discover the headless body of a soldier. Undertaken by the Army at the command SOLDIERS’BEHEADING Saurabh Kalia was captured by Pakistani soldiers in the Kaksar sector. former Northern Army commander. but the Government’s range of options is constrained Raise issue with International Court of Justice PROBABILITY Low. something Pakistan favours. Officers whispered of a ferocious crossborder raid by Indian troops in J&K that killed several Pakistani soldiers. the Indian Army came face to face with this new brutality. Pakistan army’s beheadings have now turned the spotlight on Pakistan’s sincerity towards the peace process. Tehrik- AP INDIAN ARMY SOLDIERS PATROL OUTSIDE THEIR CAMP AT GUREZ IN KASHMIR THE ROAD AHEAD India issued demarches to Pakistan over the January 8 beheading of its two soldiers. Covert crossborder raid using special forces PROBABILITY High. said they had played football with the soldier’s head.” says Lt-General B.” a senior Army official warns. Their bodies were sent to their families in Uttarakhand in sealed caskets as they were “badly mutilated”. In July 2011. No reports from Pakistan suggest that the incident had occurred. “Not here. The Army has turned down suggestions of approaching the International Court of Justice over the beheadings. Pakistani Taliban uses videographed beheadings against Pakistani army in Waziristan. and cremated as such. a former SSG commando who later headed HUJI’S 313 Brigade. but head-hunting raids are believed to have continued. The Indian Government appears unwilling to escalate the incident. Artillery barrage against Pakistani post which launched the attack PROBABILITY Low. Limited air strike on target in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) PROBABILITY Low. More so because the Indian Army decided to make the incident public. In February 2000. Could escalate situation.” Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid told a press conference. Last August. The Indian Army flatly denies the July 2011 incident or any retaliation to it. tap on your iPad edition 34 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY . The story goes that it was retaliation for the July 2011 beheadings. The inquiry into the incident omitted mention of the headless corpse of Sepoy Bhausaheb Talekar. We can’t and mustn’t allow an escalation of a very unwholesome event that has taken place. It means the LOC is unlikely to be a quiet place anytime soon. who claimed he was part of the raid. Army officials say beheadings—an ancient wartime tactic—terrorise troops and are used to collect war trophies and wage psychological warfare. But there are indications an Indian retaliation is in the offing. but at a time and place of our choosing.SPE CIAL REPORT WorldMags. not now. “Pakistan army and civilian administration are not in sync with each other. as it says this would amount to thirdparty mediation in J&K. Their deaths were attributed to a firefight with militants along the border. A senior Army official says the Army confirmed the incident as it had become increasingly difficult to conceal mutilated bodies from families. e-Taliban Pakistan released a video that showed 17 decapitated Pakistani soldiers. The 2003 ceasefire brought a lull in such incidents. Indian Army hushed up the brutal killing of Havildar Jaipal Singh Adhikari and Lance Naik Devender Singh of the Rajput regiment in Kupwara district. Kashmiri was killed in a 2011 US drone strike.S. tap on your iPad edition To watch a ground report from Mendhar. Jaswal.

in/digitalmagazine WorldMags. Grab your Digital Edition. TAP TO DOWNLOAD App Store Available on the www. Fun at your fingertips COSMOPOLITAN now available on iPad. iPhone. PC and Mac.WorldMags. .cosmopolitan.

Stalin’s rise thereafter was swift. who fancies himself as his father’s heir apparent. unlike Alagiri. party sources say he does not stand any chance. Over 95 per cent of the 1. Karunanidhi announced that after him. 62. is a contrast to Alagiri. he handled DMK’s state alliances during the 2006-2011 government in Tamil Nadu. Others say it was the wily Karunanidhi who wanted the leadership struggle out of the way before the General Elections in 2014. while addressing a crowd of Dalit leaders. but he can pose no challenge to Stalin. It’s a position he never gave up. There are those in the party who believe that Alagiri scored a self-goal by forcing his father’s hand. According to the party constitution. her father spent over an hour at the 44-year-old’s Chennai home. Stalin. STALIN 59 DMK treasurer. Unfortunately for Alagiri. Alagiri did not visit but phoned in his greetings. it is the General Council that elects the party chief. According to a Karunanidhi aide. Durai is an accused in the granite scam in Madurai and was on the run for months before finally 36 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY . But the remark was immediately seized upon by his older son Alagiri. The 59-year-old Stalin began his political career under his father’s careful watch. Some say he didn’t want his visit to coincide with that of his father or brother. The next day came the rebuff.NA TION WorldMags. “At best. the “development work of society” would be carried on by his younger son M. He launched the DMK’s youth wing in 1980 and became its president two years later. He has been in active politics for more than four decades. On January 3. It was followed by a visit from her half-brother Stalin. even writing his BA examination from jail.K. who was named after the communist leader Josef Stalin who incidentally died the week his namesake was born. Will siblings Alagiri and Kanimozhi stand in the way of generational change? By R.000-plus DMK General Council supports him. heir apparent SILENT OPERATOR Has quietly worked to assume control of the party structure. Alagiri may continue to have some nuisance value. Despite Alagiri’s disgruntled mumblings. Alagiri was challenging his father’s authority to nominate a successor. Soft-spoken and known for his persuasive skills.” one affirms. the leadership announcement has also come at a time when he is busy making frantic efforts to keep his only son Durai Dayanidhi out of jail.K. On January 5. Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi’s birthday. 2013 WorldMags. BUT CHANCES OFA COUP ARE DIM. He went on to become party treasurer in 2008 and deputy chief minister of Tamil Nadu in 2009. Karunanidhi told reporters that “if there is an opportunity to propose a name for the post of party president. the ageing DMK patriarch M. The fissures in the family were showing. I will make use of it to propose the name of Stalin”. Stalin. STUMBLING BLOCK ELDER BROTHER ALAGIRI. Ramasubramanian A ll it took was a deceptively casual comment to spark a leadership struggle in one of Tamil Nadu’s most powerful political dynasties. he was merely referring to his social work. Alagiri retorted that their party was “not a religious order for the head pontiff to nominate a successor”. He cut his teeth as a Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) détenue and braved custodial M. who started his political career only 15 years ago and never had either the mass appeal or the exposure of his younger brother. On January 6. On January 4. torture during the DMK DMK READIES FOR MARSHALSTALIN Karunanidhi’s succession plan for DMK puts the younger son at the forefront.

but lacks both fluency in English and a rapport with the Congress leadership to emerge as an effective troubleshooter. national. The taint has clearly eroded some of Alagiri’s swagger. It’s clear that battlelines have been drawn for a full-blown Southern epic conflict. now it is Kanimozhi who is the conduit between the UPA Government in Delhi and the DMK leadership in Tamil Nadu. it was she who handled the negotiations during the recent FDI crisis. a lesser player in the succession opera is Kanimozhi. Maintains a cordial relationship with Stalin. Kanimozhi fits the role.indiatodayimages. their nephews. no party post LOOKING NORTH She is happy honing her skills as DMK’s interface with Delhi.” she says. Kanimozhi’s interests are JYOTI KAPOOR/www. who now heads his own MDMK party. says she is sure Stalin will deliver. ■ WorldMags. currently a Rajya Sabha MP. she is being groomed to be the party’s face in Delhi. Unlike the brothers. who is the DMK’s face in media debates. Alagiri represents the party in the Government. ODDS AGAINST HER PULLS NO WEIGHT IN THE ROUGH-AND-TUMBLE OF TAMIL POLITICS. JANUARY 21. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 37 . too. For instance.indiatodayimages. He is a great listener and does not jump to conclusions. One of the challenges to Stalin’s ascension was Vaiko. he has made it clear he would rather operate at the state level. Stalin’s comfort level too is restricted to the state border—since he. Her father’s favourite. This is a task that was handled earlier by the ALAGIRI 62 DMK South Zone organising secretary HOME ALONE Is disliked by party cadre for his abrasive ways. As a Cabinet minister in UPA 2. Both brothers realise that they need a presence in Delhi to negotiate Central funds. “It will strengthen the party. It would be a joy to work under him. Madurai. The troops are marshalling around the General.WorldMags. managing to secure anticipatory bail in December 2012. That sent out a message no DMK leader could ignore: Karunanidhi was not going to tolerate any challenges to his heir apparent. KARUNANIDHI’S ANNOUNCEMENT LEAVES HIM A MARGINAL PLAYER. Moreover. A firebrand speaker and parliamentarian for over 25 years. is not very fluent in English. Her initial reaction to the announcement was a non-committal comment stating that she was “happy as a sister” for Stalin. Almost all the party leaders who were not keen to have Stalin at the helm have been expelled on one pretext or the other. The SHEKHAR YADAV/ KANIMOZHI 44 Rajya Sabha MP. Thalapathi (General) is very accessible. Vaiko was expelled from DMK in 1993 on a rather tenuous charge—that he was conspiring with LTTE to murder Karunanidhi. SECOND FIDDLE LACKS STALIN’S SUSTAINED EXPOSURE TO POLITICS AND MASS APPEAL. Karunanidhi’s final nod for Stalin was actually a culmination of many years of careful strategising. Stalin has steadily chipped away at his home base. Actor Kushboo.

2013 WorldMags. politically as well as among ordinary devotees. his following only increased in this phase. Shivraj Singh Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh and Parkash Singh Badal of Punjab. that the Chhattisgarh government declared 2011 Valentine’s Day as a ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ on his suggestion.NA TION WorldMags. The outrage over Asaram’s comments on the December 16 gang rape and murder incident has not left the victim’s grieving family untouched. who lost the Himachal Pradesh polls recently. STATUS No legal action has been initiated yet. ACCUSERS Parents of two children of Asaram’s Ahmedabad school whose bodies were found near the Sabarmati river in GURU FROM THE DARK AGES during spiritual camps in seven states by Congress. Speaking to HEADLINES TODAY. many of them unproved HOLY SMOKE MURDER of children to use their bodies for tantric rituals. Often seen in the company of VVIPS. Raman Singh of Chhattisgarh. grabbing land. So overcome was Raman Singh by Asaram’s campaign against the Western concept of Valentine’s Day. BJP and other chief ministers—among them.indiatodayimages. From the pulpit of his camp at Tonk By Uday Mahurkar ontroversial spiritual guru Asaram Bapu shocked many when he pinned the blame for the Delhi gang rape and murder on the victim ASARAM BAPU ASARAM BAPU SHAILESH RAVAL/www. 38 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. STATUS The state government ordered a probe but is yet to find tangible evidence. the charges include those of killing children for tantric purposes. in 2011 Asaram was accorded the status of a state guest C The godman has faced several serious charges. sexually exploiting women. Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan. which he believes is corrupting the Asaram Bapu adds sexism to the already long list of charges against him from murder to sexual abuse nation’s youth. After . He was supported by a few other followers of Asaram. organising attacks on rebellious disciples and amassing wealth through questionable means. The charges against Asaram and his son Narayan Sai—levelled between 2008 and 2010—could not be proved and did not dent his image. SEXUAL ABUSE Exploited his female disciples sexually. Prem Kumar Dhumal. who was initially a devotee. ACCUSER Raju Chandak. the victim’s father said people should stone the godman for saying insensitive things about his daughter. If anything. Those familiar with the numerous charges against him are not surprised.

” in Rajasthan. ACCUSERS Some of his disciples in Ahmedabad and Surat in 2008. STATUS Asaram had to surrender government land in both cities...We have often seen such laws are made to be misutilised. at the latter’s ashram in Adipur. Angry citizens may deplore his insensitivity towards a gang-raped and murdered daughter of India but it will be business as usual as far as his cult following goes. a flourishing business of over two dozen products such as Ayurvedic medicines. he said there should not be stricter penalties for rape as such laws would be misused LAND GRAB Got government and private land in Gujarat by using violence. Ever the faultless preacher. ACCUSERS Some of his disciples. incense sticks.” The rise of Asaram from a mechanic at a bicycle shop in Ahmedabad four decades ago to a spiritual capitalist with an empire worth Rs 8. citizens and the media—did nothing to deter Asaram. How can I say such words about a rape victim? I apologise if it has hurt sentiments. said on January 7 that the girl could have avoided being raped and murdered by addressing her rapists and murderers as “brothers” instead of fighting to save her life and honour. His empire includes thousands of acres of land at prime locations in or around major cities. of which the two most important ones.. soaps and shampoos. ACCUSERS Disciples who turned hostile. first to Kutch and then Ahmedabad.” “Having stricter laws against rape and crimes against women will not be of help. She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop.This could have saved her dignity and life. In his 20s.The dowry harassment law is the biggest example. Even the widespread condemnation of his remarks—by politicians of all parties. religious appeal to run a Rs 8. ..000-crore business covering products from Ayurvedic medicines to cosmetics. Asaram controls the empire through 400-odd trusts. QUELLING PROTESTS Used violence to suppress protests against him and his alleged malpractices. a respected spiritual figure who died in 1973. 73. and a knack for getting in and out of controversies unscathed. UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES Uses his WorldMags.” by women of “loose” character the same way as legal provisions against dowry. the non-matriculate Asaram went to seek the blessings of Leelashah Baba.The victim is as guilty as her rapists. STATUS No legal action has been initiated. Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram Trust and Sant Shri Asaramji Mahila Utthan Trust. Calling his critics “barking dogs”. My comments were taken out of context. Asaram clearly has a way with followers and authorities alike. Asaram.000 crore has been incredible.. are based in Ahmedabad. he fled that country with his father Thaumal during Partition. He was seven at the SENSELESS SERMONS “Only five-six people are not the culprits. ■ “Are the men alone responsible for the gang rape? Can one hand clap? I don’t think so.. media pressure brought an apology: “I didn’t mean what was reported. besides spiritual magazines that net him crores of rupees annually. Born Asumaal Thaumal Harpalani in Birani village near Nawabshah in Pakistan’s Sindh province. STATUS No legal action has been initiated. Kutch.WorldMags.

DATED MORALS Politicians insist on airing their perverse opinions about women in public. he had a verbal duel with BJP leader Smriti Irani on air over the Gujarat elections. It shows how modern they are. “You said sex is a physical need like hunger and thirst. He likened her to an erstwhile “thumka bajane waali” who had only recently entered public life. for confusing Asaram Bapu’s comments with his. On January 7. when they r regressive. The reporter repeated the question. had chosen to marry Takia.” Azmi isn’t the only holier-thanthou politician around. On December 24. He proclaimed that girls in rural India do not go out looking for boyfriends but conveniently forgot that his own son Farhan. Silchar (Assam) SAURABH SINGH/www. Satyanarayana’s face turned pale. sitting in his office in Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad.NA TION WorldMags. On December 21. He even dismissed the violation as “a minor incident”. Almost threeand-a-half years later. went campaigning to Govandi and Bhiwandi in October 2009 for the Assembly elections. “The Azmi family has accepted someone like me. his daughter-inlaw. Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chief Botsa Satyanarayana. Tughlak Road. the Maharashtra unit chief of the Samajwadi Party (SP) suddenly realised that “fashion and nudity” are responsible for women feeling unsafe in cities. 35. It’s time for a quote martial. said “women should consider the timing and conditions while going out late” when TV reporters from Telugu stations sought his opinion on the gang rape in Delhi.indiatodayimages. He still cannot fathom why people got so angry and falls back on the classic excuse: “My comments were taken out of LOOSE TONGUES. 27.They are prevalent in some urban belts. MP and Janata Dal (United) leader Sharad Yadav barked at media persons on the lawn of his official residence at 7. 2013 WorldMags. he was flooded with calls on his mobile phone.” he muttered. on January 8. Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam doesn’t think he created a fuss. 2013. Indian politicians have a penchant for misogyny. One woman describing herself as a “family lady” shouted at him asking if he was W a male chauvinist. “You go to villages and forests of the country and there will be no such incidents of gang rape or sex crimes. and miscommunication. but that doesn’t mean I justify rape. and Yadav ordered the mics to be taken off.” gushed Takia. “I said sex is a basic need. they do not reflect my thoughts n mindset. Minutes later. On January 9. a .” said SEXISTPOLITICIANS Delhi. 57. Don’t you think you should withdraw the remark?” asked a TV reporter. He tried explaining his point. even sumone close to me.” Mohan Bhagwat RSS chief January 3. 54. Takia tweeted to distance herself from what her fatherin-law said: “Comments made by anyone. was in tow in western 40 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. Bollywood actor Ayesha Takia. By Rahul Jayaram hen Abu Azmi. “No. but the woman hung up.

Hyderabad BORN RICH #5 BE “Only girls and women from the affluent class can move up in life. Even a party like CPI(M).” And “there is nothing vulgar about thumka bajaana”.com RULES FOR WOMEN TO LIVE BY ACCORDING TO INDIAN MEN YOUR ASSAILANTS BHAIYA #1 CALL “The girl should have called her rapists brothers. CPI(M) MLA Anisur Rahaman asked Mamata Bannerjee what her “fee would be if someone got Rs 20.. “Very senior politicians would insist that their office door be kept open when they meet a woman. “But it was our male leaders like Biman Bose who condemned the statement first. “When I was in SP. Samajwadi Party chief November 8. 2013. Kolkata GO OUT AT MIDNIGHT #4 DON’T “Just because India achieved freedom at midnight.” Abhijit Mukherjee. This was their way of showing that they care. My comments were against Irani as a professional politician. they slip back to older ways of thinking.” he JANUARY 21. is it necessary for women to move on the streets at night?” Botsa SEXISTPOLITICIANS context. who briefed the media on December 27. The language of Indian politics is fast becoming impossibly male and chauvinistic. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told the nation they have three daughters each.” Brinda Karat regrets what happened. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 41 . On January 1.” Ask the itinerant Shahid Siddiqui. SP leaders thought it cheapSAURABH SINGH/www. but in public they become wary. It wasn’t enough.indiatodayimages.NA TION WorldMags. 2012.” he says. 2012. In the aftermath of the Delhi rape. I was also good friends with (actors) Sridevi and Dimple Kapadia. On December 28. he felt ashamed.000 after being raped.They are dented and painted women chasing two minutes of fame giving interviews on TV. Finance Minister P. “Only those who have something wrong in their mind will be cautious. Bhopal WEAR MAKE-UP #3 DON’T “Most of the protesters are not students.” DON’T CROSS YOUR LIMITS Asaram Bapu. with its long history of fighting for women’s issues. not on her as a person. Sociologist Shiv Visvanathan says we are unable to resolve the role of women and men in our politics. 2012 ened the image of the party. spiritual guru January 7.They both try and expose but with no substance. December 24. While the Government gropes with a comprehensive plan of action. But once they’re on the big stage. He has to find an in-between language to deal with the reality of women in public life.” says Rajya Sabha member Amar Singh. our rural women are not so attractive. Chidambaram. Ravana grabs and takes away those who cross the line just as he kidnapped Sita. Congress MP December 27. we may seem progressive with ministers carrying laptops or tweeting till kingdom come. Uttar Pradesh Adapted from a Facebook post “Arvind Kejriwal is like Rakhi Sawant. the party announced that Rahaman is now barred from addressing public gatherings. Barabanki. 2013..” she says. is not immune to it. the male politician is caught between platitudinous comments and misogynistic remarks. He says they don’t mind meeting women attired in ‘modern’ clothes in private.Rajasthan #2 “Everyone must stay within Lakshman rekha. stating that as a man.” he says. “Therefore. was more emotive. 2012. Madhya Pradesh industries minister January 5.” Congress leader Digvijaya Singh’s tweet on November 11. the sexist politics of lightweights hits home every other day. Clearly. on what brings out the chauvinist in the Indian politician. A Delhi court took cognisance of Irani’s defamation complaint against him on January 8 but Nirupam is unaffected. who recently quit SP. ■ WorldMags.” Kailash Vijayvargiya.” Mulayam Singh Yadav. They don’t want any gossip spreading. “The contemporary Indian woman confuses the male politician. Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee chief.

NA TION WorldMags.” their parents would tell them. who himself worked double shifts each day. the 23year-old would give it a miss. caring sister. once nicknamed ‘Mirzapur Gaon’. She clawed through its vicious grip and gasped for air. Yet. at 23 she was a ‘senior’. she pored over books. For this 40-year-old southwest Delhi neighbourhood. She was applying for her final internship in Delhi and while at Dehradun attented classes from noon to 5 pm and then worked at a call centre from 7 pm to 4 am.” FATHER “Life is going to be so difficult without her. as a loader at the airport during the day and a security guard at night. This is why when her friends would gather for a gossip session. “She often used to kiss my hand and promise she would change our life and lift us from lower class to middle class. A “bright future” was all the two talked about when they cycled to their government school in west Delhi every day. and would get dizzy at the thought.” A BATCHMATE dreaded the idea of discontinuing studies. She fought against poverty and the thick glue of constraints that it coats its prey with. the Delhi gang-rape victim was Everywoman he was always a warrior. dutiful daughter. Her friends recalled how she read Chetan Bhagat’s novel One Night @ the Call Center cover-to-cover. giving her space to spread wings and prepare for the big flight to success. “If only they studied hard enough like didi. helped her two younger brothers study and then taught children from the THE HOUSE (LEFT) WHERE THE VICTIM LIVED IN A SOUTHWEST DELHI COLONY. AND A DOLL (ABOVE) THAT BELONGED TO HER. looked upon with awe and respect by her students. “She S QAMAR SIBTAIN/www. 2013 WorldMags. In her corner of the tiny home. to instead prepare for tuition lessons for neigbourhood children. grabbing at any opportunity that could take her and her family away from lower middle-class life to a better place. They miss her the most—she was their friend. the one they shared secrets with during hour-long conversations over the phone during her commute to work. they made room for their girl. To some her dreams were often too big to be nurtured in the family’s 25-square-yard house. 42 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. their role model.” a friend recalls. She had promised that her brothers would stop giving tuition and concentrate on their education once she was employed. some even hoping to be physiotherapists like her one day.” BROTHER “Her family imagined moving up economically though her aspirations.Without her guidance. His first born . She had been fighting every day of her young life. The 23-year-old gang-rape victim did not turn into a fighter only on the night of December 16 when she kicked and clawed to defend herself during the brutal attack. She was enrolled in a course at an institute in Dehradun and was soon to qualify as a certified physiotherapist. “My daughter would kiss my hand and promise she would change our life. his saviour and strength was the beacon that lit the modest interiors of the family’s two-room house and he would do anything to support her dreams. Having started giving tuition while still a DELHI GANG RAPE AND MURDER THE GIRLWHO STIRRED THE NATION By Karuna John Hard working student.indiatodayimages. I don’t know what to do or how to go about life. Her brothers would have got her review the next day.” says her father. the 23year-old was always a hero. Life of Pi was the movie she saw on December 16. She drew strength from her father. She was a dreamer and was translating her dreams into reality.

the Congress continues to swallow more embarrassment on account of the second largest constituent of the coalition government. Sheila Dixit. “We have mentioned the amount under the head of donation. told me that compensation of Rs 15 lakh was ready and I’d get it on my return. I have no money in my pocket to do so. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 43 . Kunhalikutty however said. His daughter would have been proud of him. “There should also be a probe as to whether IUML leaders pocketed the amount without handing it over to its candidates.500 a month each. by M. Holding 20 of the 73 seats that UDF has in the 140-member legislature.G.000 per month.” says the father.” Her first job as a physiotherapist promised a salary of Rs 30. If he is really trying to help me. IUML GENERAL SECRETARY ith the 19-month-old United Democratic Front (UDF) government hanging on to power by a slender six-seat majority. he can come here to the village. an Audi. Piyush Srivastava and Piyush Babele P. another ally which controls the education W WorldMags. the third largest party in UDF with nine seats. I was hopeful she would get a nice job and support her brothers.” said Nalini Netto.” her father keeps repeating. Achuthanandan. Her father is angry. “She used to kiss my hand and promise she would change our life and lift us from lower class to middle class. Money was never to be a problem again. She would be the winner. The latest is the revelation that IUML did not mention the Rs 2. this time to herself. Action on the revelations will have to wait. perhaps to become a doctor. has also been cornered following AICC’s revelation. None of the 24 IUML candidates mentioned this amount in their statement filed to the chief electoral officer. Radhakrishnan KERALA S he made another promise. Of course. Her fight against poverty would end. While the Congress remained mute spectator. We have accounts for every penny received and spent. though we may not have mentioned that it was from AICC. “She had just got her four-year degree certificate in physiotherapy last month. as Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav is scheduled to arrive on January 12. the date of the girl’s mrityubhoj. With Hakeem Irfan. The small village on the Uttar Pradesh-Bihar border may get its first real road and even a helipad. around four times her father’s. “I earn Rs 5. In May. “I have heard Akhilesh Yadav wants to hold a function and give me Rs 20 lakh but I will not go. a Samsung smartphone was to be bought as soon as possible. leader of the Opposition. My sons also give tuition and earn about Rs 1.S. Kerala Congress (M). made Calicut University gift its property to private trusts held by League leaders. The party’s 15 candidates have mentioned that the funds they received from AICC were their only revenue for their poll campaign—which was not the case. the decision was ultimately scrapped in June after it led to a public outcry. Uttar Pradesh.000 a month. K. we will convey them to the chief election commissioner. the Muslim League.700 a month and work overtime to earn Rs 5. One day she would apply for a scholarship and go abroad for higher JANUARY Their sister had told them they could stop tuition classes and concentrate on their studies the day she got a job. Kerala’s chief electoral officer. The Congress and the League give money to each other often. KUNHALIKUTTY. IUML had earlier arm-twisted the Congress in April 2012 into giving it a fifth berth in the 20-member Cabinet. K. once she had made enough money. I don’t know how I’ll return. My daughter used to give tuition and earn Rs 3.” said V.” The Opposition has demanded the disqualification of IUML legislators. the thirteenth day ceremony for the departed. IUML General Secretary and Industries Minister P. now in his village in Ballia.000 extra.40 crore it received as donation from the All India Congress Committee (AICC) during the 2011 Assembly elections to the state’s chief electoral officer. She had it all planned out for them all. “The Delhi Chief Minister. The financial largesse for IUML emerged when AICC Treasurer Motilal Vora submitted details to the central election commission of the Rs 14 crore the Congress donated to all 140 UDF candidates—Rs 10 lakh to each member of its nine constituent parties.WorldMags. For now. Bankrolling to Power Congress mum as details surface of how it funded ally Muslim League in the 2011 Assembly elections ministry.” says the father.” he says. Her mother faints at the sight of the invitation card to the mrityubhoj. she would build a big house and buy a car. “If there is any discrepancy in the statements of the candidates. the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). WorldMags. PC and . iPhone. Grab your Digital Stay ahead of the curve Business Today now available on iPad. TAP tO DOWNLOAD App Store Available on the www.WorldMags. Kindle Fire. Android.

It can always get the votes of six independents.Will Congress play ball with him now? SOMNATH SEN SON BIGGER THAN STATE GOVERNOR SYED AHMED FLANKED BY SHIBU SOREN (LEFT) AND HEMANT SOREN n January 8. But more than Congress. who he had groomed as his heir. Its partner for 2009 Assembly polls. The 18-member JMM pulled the plug following assurance of support from Congress for Hemant as Jharkhand’s ninth chief minister. wife of jailed former chief minister Madhu Koda. But Congressmen are doubtful about Sahay’s capacity to retain the seat. by Amitabh Srivastava WorldMags. has already spurned it. he was merely acting on the advice of his son Hemant Soren. a section of O Jharkhand leaders believe Shibu surrendered his free will to Hemant after the May 2009 death of his elder son Durga. Hemant is desperate for the chief minister’s post. “Shibu may be shrewd. who face disproportionate assets cases. But all their well-laid plans may go to waste if Governor Syed Ahmed recommends President’s Rule.” says a JMM leader. The wily old fox of Jharkhand politics will have to do everything to keep Congress happy. Hemant needs Shibu. withdrew support from the 28-month-old Arjun Munda-led coalition government. That will be easier said than done. A stint at the top office. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 45 . he had his father make the same announcement. manned by Subodh Kant Sahay. he hopes. when Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) chief Shibu Soren. Congress only has Ranchi. JMM will also need the vote of Geeta Koda. after his younger brother Sunil forfeited his deposit in the June 2012 by-election for the Hatia Assembly seat that falls in Sahay’s Lok Sabha constituency. JMM needs 42 votes to muster a majority in the 82-member House. Congress may piggyback on JMM to win a few more Lok Sabha seats from Jharkhand in 2014. and son Hemant from antagonising the JMM hierarchy. the deputy chief minister. Shibu’s unofficial handing over of the baton to Hemant can be attributed to his overwhelming love for his son. 69. Of the 14 Lok Sabha seats in the THE CONGRESS MAY PIGGYBACK ON JMM TO WIN A FEW MORE LOK SABHA SEATS FROM JHARKHAND IN 2014. The JMM patriarch’s presence gives legitimacy to his manoeuvres. when Hemant’s earlier announcement of withdrawal of support from the Munda government was taken lightly. The young man-in-ahurry suits JHARKHAND JMM chief pulls the plug on the BJP government. the independents on a tight JANUARY 21. the Babulal Marandi-led Jharkhand Vikas Morcha. which is desperate to find an alliance partner in the state in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.NA TION WorldMags. in its kitty. Forming a government will be a fractious exercise. but his biggest weakness is his son. but Congress may have reservations about MLAs like Anosh Ekka and Harinarayan Rai. On January 8. The spotlight is now back on Soren Senior. 2013. state. Always fond of his sons. but it will be six short even after adding Congress and RJD votes. would be the grand finale to his plans of superseding several senior JMM leaders who are not ready to accept him as their boss.

Dhoni has quelled threats to his captaincy and purged seniors in his quest to get the team he wants for the 2015 World Cup blessings have helped him rise to lofty heights. with commercial engagements. 33 is a busy tourist spot. It’s famous for a .com honorary position of Lt-Colonel even as he declined an offer to be part of their annual parade. It’s difficult to fathom how a pragmatic man. preferring not to expose them when the team loses but always happy to let the best player get the accolades. He won’t wake up in the early hours like Sachin Tendulkar to satisfy his urge to race fast cars. Dhoni has said in the past that the deity’s A UNDAUNTED DESPITE DEFEAT M.S. and he says. He has openly expressed his desire to serve the Army after retirement and took the VIKRAM SHARMA / By G. can be so deeply religious—even to the extent of offering animal sacrifice sometimes. he took to Twitter to express deep sorrow over the loss of Sam. But that’s typical Dhoni.SP ORT CRICKET WorldMags. Dhoni will just put on a helmet and go driving through the streets of Ranchi or Chennai enjoying the helplessness of policemen trying to tail his Hayabusa on 100cc bikes—sharing a laugh about it with friends later. It’s a spot cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been visiting since his teens. Dhoni’s grey sideburns are already talk of the town.S. While India fans were still in shock over the recent home series loss to England. undated four-handed idol of Goddess Durga but local tour operators often refer to it as “Dhoni ka temple” to add glamour. who decides everything based on logic. A captain protective of his team and players. his pet German Shepherd. allegedly. There are two facets to Dhoni. Its priests and flower shops in the vicinity are keenly awaiting the India captain’s arrival ahead of the January 19 ODI in Ranchi. But while he’s busy building a new team for his World Cup title defence in 2015. He’s enjoying the uninterrupted patronage of BCCI President 50 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. He angered the Government by skipping the Padma awards ceremony—busy. 2013 WorldMags. Vivek small temple in Deori on the RanchiJamshedpur national highway no.” But captain Dhoni has several other streaks of grey.indiatodayimages. “It’s the result of facing so much pressure and suppressing it under a calm exterior. he’s also ruthlessly clearing long-standing reputations like cobwebs. Red and yellow threads tied around trees for people’s wishes to come true complement the colourful temple facade.

Ashwin in the all-rounder’s slot. the first ever ODI series win in Sri Lanka. He has proved he’s untouchable. Parvinder Awana and Ashok Dinda along with swing bowlers like Kumar and Pathan. the numberone Test ranking and. forcing then Cricket Association of Bengal president Prasun Mukherjee to openly question Dhoni’s role. Sachin Tendulkar or Virender Sehwag has retired or been dropped. Shami Ahmed. Srinivasan.Ashwin looks a certainty with parttimers likely to fill in. MISSION 2015 Dhoni is looking to build a fresh team for India’s World Cup title defence in 2015.WorldMags. That makes him nothing short of a legend in Indian cricket. STRONG IN THE MIDDLE Virat Kohli. coincidentally also the franchise owner of the Dhoni-led Chennai Super JANUARY 21. Suresh Raina and Dhoni himself are locked. and released a statement to that effect. Ganguly was left out of the 2008 CB series in Australia.Jalaj Saxena and Amit Mishra are other options. India need to explore options like Rohit Sharma. That qualifies him as not just a giant but also a giant-killer. according to sources. VVS Laxman. a humiliating home Test series loss to England and a home ODI series defeat to Pakistan. Tendulkar announced his ODI retirement just minutes before the selectors met to pick the squad for the Pakistan series. OPENING BLUES India need a solid opening pair. Laxman announced his retirement despite being selected for the New Zealand Test series because Dhoni. of course. wanted him to announce his retirement plan before the series or risk being left out. A look at how his team is shaping up. Dhoni is looking to pitch Bhuvneshwar Kumar and R. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 51 .Ajinkya Rahane. a rare ODI series victory in Australia. he invited Team India members for dinner at home and left Dhoni out of the guest list. Rahul Dravid. Gautam Gambhir is steady at one end. Laxman added to the intrigue by saying he could not get through to Dhoni over the phone. The captain has survived two whitewashes in England and Australia. Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan are options for the other slot. Dhoni gave India its first ever World T20 championship. M. Dhoni’s name has done the rounds whenever a legendary player such as Sourav Ganguly. But. According to sources. The same week.S. FASTAND FURIOUS Plenty of options in hand but injuries can take a toll. Manoj Tiwary and Cheteshwar Pujara. Former WorldMags. adding it was time to build a team for the future. ALL-ROUND ISSUE Irfan Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja are the only options available. DHONI SPIN IN THE TALE Unlikely to have more than one specialist in the XI and two in the squad. Ishant Sharma. Dhoni has Umesh Yadav. at the same time. the World Cup after 28 long years. LEGENDARY GIANT-KILLER For a nation starved of great victories and obsessed with minute statistical details. all the other legends who have lent a big hand in his achievements have fallen by the wayside.

will the Srinivasan-Dhoni combine continue to decide Team India’s future? Will Dhoni be at the vanguard of the defence of the hard-won title? It is unlikely that there will be a twist in the Dhoni fairytale. comes from Srinivasan’s backing. only Gambhir has managed to survive in all formats of the game. LOST CHANCE Once seen as a promising candidate. So he keeps asking for the same guys. during the third ODI in Delhi. VIRAT KOHLI Vice-captain in ODIs and T20s since 2009-10.SP ORT CRICKET WorldMags. in Bangladesh at the Asia Cup. ONE-MAN SELECTION PANEL Team sources say Dhoni is a one-man selection panel. Sehwag and Gambhir during the Australia tour in FebruaryMarch 2012 immediately after he lost the Test series and the selectors first contemplated a change of captain. To read INDIA TODAY’s special issue on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. VVS LAXMAN Was vicecaptain for the 2011 West Indies Test series. Sehwag was dropped and Gambhir demoted from vice-captain. Such a rapport is not unheard of in Indian cricket. Sources say it was a tactical decision to ensure no immediate threat to Dhoni’s captaincy as Kohli was too young then to lead. go to www. The last of Dhoni’s deputies. Gambhir. they have all been systematically dumped from the team. Suddenly. when Srinivasan hands over control of BCCI to his successor? With the World Cup scheduled for FebruaryMarch 2015. Of all potential captains Team India developed under Dhoni’s vice-captains have been clinically sidelined returned as vice-captain from time to time. 52 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. Reports of a SehwagDhoni rift have surfaced often and the skipper has never shied away from dropping the opening batsman from his playing XI at the first opportunity. GAUTAM GAMBHIR SURESH RAINA Vice-captain for the ODI leg of the England tour in 2011. Laxman was pushed into retirement. Singh gets into the Test team mid-tour during the England 2011 series or how Piyush Chawla keeps returning de- spite doing nothing of note or how Ravindra Jadeja suddenly becomes a constant in all formats. HANGING ON Led India to a 5-0 sweep against New Zealand. WAITLISTED Not experienced enough to take Dhoni’s place. Continued to be Dhoni’s deputy in limited overs till he was eased out in 2008 but VIRENDER SEHWAG Became vice-captain at the same time Dhoni took over as Test skipper against Australia in 2008. go to www. Suresh Raina and Gautam Gambhir. insiders .” says former spinner Maninder Singh. But has shot himself in the foot with a sustained bad patch. questioned the timing of Tendulkar’s retirement.indiatoday. “The problem is Dhoni has barely played domestic cricket and doesn’t know the players. Dhoni’s potential ODI successor under the former selection panel. he lost his place in the Test side and only has an outside chance. has been struggling to justify his place in the team. Raina’s place in the XI has been repeatedly questioned and there’s no immediate chance of a Test recall. Buys the captain time. Sehwag.indiatoday. another interesting aspect binds Laxman. suggesting there was more to it than what meets the eye. To choose your pick for Dhoni’s replacement as captain. Yuvraj’s Test career is firmly over and his ODI career is hanging by a thread. RETIRED HURT The affable Hyderabadi could have been a consensus captaincy candidate for Tests but was forced to retire early. The point is illustrated by how a visibly underprepared R. By coincidence or by design. DILEMMA OF BEING DEPUTY YUVRAJ SINGH Was first named vicecaptain for the World T20 in 2007. named as a one-off for the 2011 Asia Cup to sideline Gambhir and Sehwag. Pakistan great Hanif Mohammad. Virat Kohli was elevated as Dhoni’s deputy. Ganguly and Jagmohan Dalmiya had formed a potent combination as captain and chief administrator until they fell out. 2013 WorldMags. Yuvraj Singh. CURIOUS CASE OFVICE-CAPTAINCY Apart from their being vital cogs in the Team India line-up. NOT SO SERIOUS Once a serious candidate but his chances now are next to impossible. Much of Dhoni’s strength. But what happens beyond September 2014. Dhoni started his famous rotation of Tendulkar. TWIST OF FATE Selectors considered him after the 2011 Australia Test loss but he has since lost his place in T20s and ODIs.P. the most recent contender to assume Test captaincy—as revealed by ousted selector Mohinder Amarnath in December—has been dropped for the first three of the forthcoming England ODIs. They have all been vice-captain at some point under Dhoni and even challenged him as contenders with good shows captaining IPL sides.

This must be worked Constitutional panel to appraise governance CHANAKYA’S NEW MANIFESTO: TO RESOLVE THE CRISIS WITHIN INDIA byPavan K. 2013 WorldMags. Further. such as the UPA. not after. to provide specific solutions “To Resolve the Crisis within India”. In his new book. Far from being an infringement of democratic rights. Varma does not suggest an overthrow of the system. Democracy. Chanakya famously strategised to overthrow the corrupt Dhana Nanda. during the minimum lock-in period of three years. each coalition must publicly announce a common Governance Agenda. Such a carefully worked out document is an important part of coalition arrangements in many other parts of the BOOKS CINEMA REVIEWS E Y E C AT C H E R S TELEVISION I Pavan K.Varma Aleph Price: RS 295 Pages: 248 out prior to the elections so that voters know what rival political groupings are offering. Along with unattached political parties. ANCIENT INDIA HAS THE ANSWER E X C E R P T S All political parties that propose to be part of a coalition grouping or front must declare their intention to do so prior to elections taking place. The crisis has only become more acute over the last 18 months as the thin veil which obstructed a clear view of the deep rot within the system was pulled away. no coalition partner will be allowed to withdraw support to. author and former diplomat Pavan K. The response of the political establishment has been slow and unconvincing. or defect from. Varma takes inspiration from Chanakya to provide specific solutions on issues like governance. pre-identified coalition partners would be compulsorily committed to the declared Governance Agenda for a lock-in period of at least three years.LEISURE FA S H I O N WorldMags. Varma’s New Manifesto (even if he modestly calls it Chanakya’s) is full of ideas within the constitutional framework of India. That was when public anger spilled out onto the streets. Chanakya. Unlike Chanakya. The people of India are looking for concrete action. the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and a putative Third Front already exist so this would only require their constituents. ruler of Pataliputra. Following elections. Security and Inclusive Society. with indicative timeframes for specific deliverables. It has plagued the Republic since Independence. and replace him with Chandragupta who eliminated misgovernance and ruled what was the first pan-Indian empire. The following extracts capture some of those ideas in the five different spheres of government he identifies for overhaul: Governance. Varma takes inspiration from the wisdom of Ancient India’s greatest thinker on statecraft. the coalition partnership. Several mass protests have identified the problems but nobody has seemed to have a concrete set of solutions. corruption and security ndia’s crisis of governance is not new. and any other party that wishes to be part of them. Coalition . but before votes are cast. to make a choice. Corruption. Governments have got more things wrong than right. this would considerably enrich the demo- 54 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21.

a distinguished member of the FA S H I O N TELEVISION CINEMA REVIEWS E Y E C AT C H E R S FA S H I O N Illustrations by SAURABH SINGH/www. a respected former administrator. and even after it was diluted subsequently. or were openly opposed to. which has been working in this field for more than two decades. and public debate on the quality and improvement of governance. the leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha. 20. will have constitutional status. an academic of eminence in the area of public affairs and governance. Conversely. In this context. Every paisa given as a donation to political parties must be accounted for and transacted through auditable and transparent bank transactions. exceeding Rs.WorldMags. The report will make an independent assessment of the governance performance of the government on the basis of the objectives it had promised in its Governance Agenda. For independent constitutional bodies which are directly under the president and report only to that office.000 must be scrapped. and the chief justice of India. The current practice which allows parties not to identify donors contributing less than Rs. A report on the WGI rightly states that all modern democratic societies require independent cratic process.indiatodayimages. consideration should be given to modifying the WorldMags. voters would know of coalition groupings in advance of the elections. still seriously curtails the legitimate constitutional powers vested in an elected head of state. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 55 . which is possible with a good set of indicators. rather than finding out subsequent to the elections that parties they did not support. 20. The president’s role in preserving the authority and autonomy of bodies with constitutional status needs to be strengthened. Its members will be selected by a threemember committee consisting of the PM. it is essential that the president exercises powers to protect the jurisdiction and authority of such bodies from interference. have become partners solely for the pursuit of political power at any cost. and a retired chief justice of India or a retired Supreme Court judge. This has also been recommended by the Core Committee on Disqualify legislators if they flout norms A five-member Governance Appraisal Panel (GAP) should be set up as an independent evaluation body.000 must be made by crossed account payee cheques. The GAP will consist of a leading economist (or a senior representative from the corporate sector).net JANUARY 21. This is the principal (but not only) channel for parties to collect vast amounts of undeclared funds. ◆◆◆◆ 42nd amendment to the Constitution introduced by Indira Gandhi during the Emergency. This amendment bound the president of India to act in all matters only on the advice of the Cabinet. The committee will select the members of GAP by consensus. First. It will also devise its own criteria for the measurement of the ruling government’s performance and will be guided in its endeavours by the measurement indices of World Government Indicators or WGI. and report to the president of India. The GAP will have a five-year term and will submit its report annually to the president of India. subversion or infringement by the government of the day. It will be provided a compact secretariat. all payments made by political parties.

Currently political parties merely obtain a certificate from the EC that they have submitted their annual audited statement of accounts. again infringes the rules of established decorum of the house in a manner sufficient to attract the notice of the presiding officer. in case of failure to deliver. must have the following compulsory elements: clearly identified services encompassing as many areas as feasible where the ordinary citizen needs to interact with the government. the time has come to take some clear and resolute decisions with regard to the proper functioning of our Parliament and state assemblies. No member shall ever enter the well of the house. All political parties must compulsorily make public their audited accounts every year. or three years. PAKISTAN AND CHINA hostile or potentially hostile states. any member who flouts the rules or breaks the decorum of the house should.The audited accounts must be made public. be prepared for a war against both. The auditing may be done by any firm of auditors approved by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG). all states mandatorily adopt a Right to Public Services (RTES) Act immediately. for which purpose the maintenance of such accounts and their auditing to ensure their accuracy is a pre-requisite. ◆◆◆◆ It is imperative that. whichever is more. he should be disqualified from membership of the house for the balance period of the life of the house. Any nation that enhances our security must be cultivated. by co-option. through the enabling legislation of the union government. This is completely inadequate. therefore.LEISURE FA S H I O N WorldMags. nor does it preclude negotiations and dialogue where required. engagement or other means. The bedrock of India’s foreign policy must be the understanding that until they prove. should be jettisoned. Currently candidates are required to disclose their assets and liabilities but not political parties. Such behaviour is not about the expression of democratic freedoms but contempt of democratic practices. seduction. a clearcut time frame for the services to be rendered by a clearly designated authority. We must. or the furtherance of people to people contacts where desirable. in a worstcase situation. after being warned. clarity of vision enables the use of a variety of approaches without losing sight of the truth. annual evaluation by a third party of the working of the act. Transparency between public and government Whatever the reasons. A real threat to our security is the collusion between China and Pakistan. must be contained. without a shadow of doubt. As far back as 2004 the EC recommended that ‘political parties should be required to publish their accounts (or at least an abridged version) annually for information and scrutiny of the general public and all concerned’. This act. any nation that is allied or close to nations that threaten us. If a member who has been BOOKS CINEMA REVIEWS E Y E C AT C H E R S TELEVISION Electoral Reforms sponsored by the EC [Election Commission] and the ministry of law and justice. 2013 WorldMags. A principal Break nexus between China and Pakistan { 56 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. be named by the presiding officer and asked to withdraw from the house. multiple modalities. exemplary deterrent punishment for the official responsible for providing the service. This has become routine practice now and is a blatant violation of the rules and decorum of the house. a computerized tracking method to monitor the status of each application. not more than one appellate authority for the final disposal of the service requested and a specified time frame for disposal by the appellate authority. Pakistan and GOOD INTENTIONS TOWARDS China must be classified as INDIA. This does not mean MUST BE CLASSIFIED AS that attempts to improve bilatHOSTILE OR POTENTIALLY eral relations with them HOSTILE STATES. to apply for or to avail of these services. The CEC [Chief Election Commissioner] and the CAG must be given powers to scrutinize and monitor all party funds. even allowing for variations in each state. including online access. their good intentions UNTIL THEY PROVE THEIR towards . To begin with. Any member who violates this absolute injunction should be expelled for the balance period of the life of the house.

APART FROM BENEFITS TO ALL OTHER SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY. the need for the IB [Intelligence Bureau]. viz. low productivity. an antiterrorism unit which will unite under one umbrella to direct the nation’s war against this threat. ◆◆◆◆ A QUANTUM JUMP IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTIVITYWILL MAKE AN UNPRECEDENTED DENT IN THE NUMBERS OF THOSE BELOW THE POVERTY LINE. ■ Partner with NGOs in rural areas { The government has almost never tried to partner with nongovernmental agencies to implement its welfare programmes. ◆◆◆◆ To take care of internal security effectively. apart from providing spin off benefits to all other sectors of the economy. this too should be pursued. The new ministry will have two primary wings: one. ‘These post-reform development entrepreneurs. and run their enterprise with the efficiencies reaped in management and service delivery mechanisms. leading to a near-complete eradication of the disease. except in drought affected areas where special state interventions are required. The vast sums of money that are being mismanaged in populist schemes would be redeployed for attacking the root of the problem. If we can weaken the nexus by providing to any one of the two greater dividends through engagement with India. A minister with this portfolio has been a feature of some previous cabinets but without specific focus or clout and always subordinate to the minister of home affairs. They will partner with the government for one-time subsidies for capital investment or for tapping budgetary allocations’ in order to reach deliverables to the poor. K. With the creation of these two wings. With this in view. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 57 . young professionals who will use the best of management principles with a focus on efficiency and outcomes. If the economy grows rapidly. But the few attempts that have been made have succeeded beyond all expectations. we must do so. Anji Reddy. a thousand micro-entrepreneurs responded. it helps the FA S H I O N TELEVISION CINEMA REVIEWS E Y E C AT C H E R S FA S H I O N tenet of our foreign policy must be to break.WorldMags.’ When the Andhra Pradesh government outsourced water treatment plants to tackle the rampant problem of fluorosis. development services enterprises’. A quantum jump in agricultural productivity will make an unprecedented dent in the numbers of those below the poverty line. must be seriously reviewed. an anti-insurgency department. a separate ministry of internal security headed by a cabinet minister should be hived off from the ministry of home affairs. and with the support of corporate donations. but as conscious policy. governments should especially focus on increasing growth in those sectors of the economy that impact the poorest the most. the founder chairman of the Naandi Foundation and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. If this requires us to sow discord or to create mistrust or encourage suspicion between them. not through policy drift. Partnering with the government. as it currently exists. ‘These will be run by passionate. moots the idea of what he calls ‘post-reform WorldMags. weaken or dilute the nexus between the two countries. However. which will single-mindedly tackle the threat of left wing extremism and other insurgencies. He cites several examples where this is working very well. these entrepreneurs are efficiently running kitchens in urban areas and remote drought-hit regions which have brought the mid-day meal to 5 million children.’ says JANUARY 21. ‘got a one-time subsidy from the state governments for the capital cost. the government must adopt a new National Mission on Agriculture with the aim of tripling national agricultural growth rates in the next five years. and two. The Haryana and Punjab governments have also taken the initiative to float tenders to provide safe drinking water to villages at a fixed price.

a curious mixture of the prudish and the very sexual. working on the book that first catapulted him to global fame. So in some sense she has done what many other victims couldn’t. depending on what you believe—along with fear. Yann Martel’s much-loved Booker Prize-winning novel. before washing up alive on the shores of Mexico. says Martel. but no kissing”. indeed. the hero of Life of Pi. But the Canadian writer came to believe she had survived. and it must act now. thousands of miles away. loneliness. is something that could shake the faith of the strongest of believers. including this one. highly sexualised. she’s somehow managed to make her sad fate known to others. “In a very small. but did not ultimately survive a distance of around 20 km. in a way. 2013 WorldMags. how can it bloom. Martel said his first thoughts upon learning that the Delhi gang-rape victim had been watching Life of Pi before being brutalised by her six attackers. then India not only denigrates half of its citizens. “Unfortunately in India. is a survivor. This is a case where the horror has rung around the world. where he was travelling. I was linked with her. “To be honest. Not so. He survives the sinking of his ship near the Philippines where the ocean is the deepest. tenuous way. I was too literalminded and horrified to think of that sort of subtlety—that Pi is a survivor and that the victim attempted to survive. Because how can a country thrive. The attack endured by the gang-rape victim. Martel explained. Shortly after watching his story on December 16. is a story about God. by Indira Kannan in Toronto 60 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. 227 days adrift in the Pacific on a lifeboat—with or without a Royal Bengal tiger for company. its men? India must act to right this wrong. at its core. somehow.” Martel said. and you never hear about it. “I stand in sympathy and sorrow with her family—I shout my outrage with them—at her appalling DELHI RAPE CASE REUTERS YANN MARTEL ‘I Stand in Sorrowwith the Victim’s Family’ Life of Pi author Yann Martel is horrified at the death of Delhi’s gang-rape victim.SOC IETY WorldMags.” Linked to the victim through his work and a random . a 23-yearold student boarded a bus in Delhi for what should have been a regular journey home. although she didn’t quite make it. who had just watched the movie based on his life-affirming novel P i Patel. many women are attacked and I’m sure some are killed. if half of its citizens cannot trust the police or the judiciary or.” For the writer. and the might of nature. if half of its citizens are confined by fear.” The author spent 13 months in India between 1996 and 2000. faith is strengthened only upon being tested. and more recently of Ang Lee’s film based on the book. In an exclusive interview from England. the victim’s last happy activity had hit home especially hard. the author says it’s now time for action. hunger. So somehow. The irony is that Life of Pi. “Faith is something to overcome the horrors of life. it also diminishes the country’s prospects.” Martel declared in a statement drafted “in sorrow”. If India does not treat the assaults upon her women more seriously. that made it more personal. were rather more prosaic. on the other hand. That was part of India’s “weirdly schizophrenic” nature. He remembers watching Bollywood movies with “incredibly raunchy dancing. She was someone who had chosen to watch my story.

Thirty years later. Chinese or Korean.27 Anupam Kher 85.1 Narendra Modi 85.“We must stop shrouding it (rape) in secrecy. Maar Dala’. Measuring Tape Measure distances through your camera lens with the Dot Measure Pro app.22 Akshay Kumar 84. Each post starts with the dialogue ‘Hey Larki’.and must see it for what it is—a crime of violence in which the rapist is the criminal.2 Dalai Lama 88.1 million Make presentations that get you noticed with Deck. an app developed by Bangalorean Sumanth Raghavendra. JANUARY 21. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY Going Strong Writer and activist Sohaila Abdulali wrote a harrowing piece ‘I Fought for My Life and Won’on her gang rape in 1983 for Manushi. Deck has templates with animated charts and transitions.83 Priyanka Chopra 84.NET FLUX Cover WorldMags. particularly by the Asian community. net fail tech knowlogy blogroll knowyourmobile You can also use your smartphone as a: Spirit Level Hang pictures.a Delhibased magazine devoted to feminism. Make Me Asian is an Android app that alters your photos to make you look Japanese. Started by an anonymous blogger. the app has been called racist and widely criticised.” she ABDULALI wrote. thus converting a boring presentation into something dynamic and engaging. bell hooks has identified patriarchy as the single-most life-threatening social disease assaulting men’s spirits causing them to abuse and inflict power. it consists of photos of SRK along with feminist views and puns on his movie dialogues.2 Amitabh Bachchan 86. Robot band playing heavy metal music 1. Since its launch in December 2012.33 Mahesh Bhupathi * Klout Score determines a person’s online clout based on activity on social networks such as Twitter.Abdulali’s piece has been reproduced by the blog Kracktivist and has received over 200 comments.6 million * Views from when videos were uploaded WorldMags. feministSRK. Red hot nickel ball in water 0. app alert Top of the Lot Pickie suggests thoughtful gift ideas in a catalogue format based on a person’s Facebook ‘likes’.net 61 . The app makes your skin yellow and slants your eyes. One of the most popular posts is the actor looking morose in Devdas with the caption ‘Hey Larki. Battery Status gives you a detailed log of your phone’s battery life every 30 minutes. Facebook and Google+ FEMINISM WITH ATWIST Imagine what actor Shah Rukh Khan would be like if he was a feminist? And because that requires a pretty active by LAKSHMI KUMARASWAMI WHO’S GOT KLOUT Klout Score* of the most influential Net-savvy Indians in 2012 90.The app costs $1 (Rs 53) and allows you to make presentations anywhere. Postagram takes your Instagram or mobile pictures and converts them into postcards you can print and send via snail mail. Cardiometer Check your heart rate by merely placing your finger on your phone screen with the Azumio’s Instant Heart Rate app. appwatch viral video This week’s most watched video was of a woman dancing by herself in the baggage claim section at Los Angeles International Airport. a Tumblr blog can help you out.65 Abhishek Bachchan 84.94 Salman Khan 85.2 Sachin Tendulkar 86.65 million Dance like nobody’s watching 2. Other popular videos included a German robot band playing heavy metal music and a noisy chemical reaction when a red hot ball of nickel was dropped in water. align shelves with the iHandy app.

net . 29. when the Kingfisher Calendar flaunts its bikini-clad models and Dabboo Ratnani unveils the top pick of Bollywood actors in his calendar ON A SONG Music director Nikhil Kamath. the song has already got over Photographs by ATUL KASBEKAR by NISHAT BARI Q& “Thanks to whacky A aunties. The minister came on board to pen the lyrics for a song in Aditya Om’s forthcoming film Bandook while Kamath provided the music. Q. Do you identify with Salim as a person? A.I reconnected with my Parsi roots” American actor Satya Bhabha. How did you get the role of Salim Sinai? A. Q. Salim is a forward-thinking man with a chin-up attitude in times of adversity— just like me. Titled Tu Jaldi Batade. speaks about revisiting his Indian roots and relishing kebabs in Mumbai. One thing you like about Mumbai? A. This time he is jamming with Kapil Sibal. Q. Thanks to the whacky aunties and weird uncles. (As told to Prachi Rege) GETTY IMAGES DATES Save the It’s that time of the year again. Kebabs at Ayub’s at Cuffe Parade are my favourite. 2013 WorldMags. I reconnected with my Parsi roots. she pointed out to the audience that I will be Salim.000 hits on YouTube. who plays the lead in Deepa Mehta’s on screen adaptation of Midnight’s Children. 62 INDIA TODAY ◆ JANUARY 21. What do you think of the book? A. An alternative career for Sibal? FOTOCORP Kanishtha Dharkar is a former Miss India and was a regular at fashion weeks from New York to Mumbai till she landed in the Kingfisher Calendar. Three days later at the screening of Heaven on Earth. the man behind the poll campaign songs for Akhilesh Yadav.GLOSSARY WorldMags. is making music with politicians again. I first read Midnight’s Children when I was 10 years old. Yes. Q. I first met Deepa at a social lunch in New York where we bonded over our love for Mumbai.

Rajamouli tweeting about it with “Had the pleasure/privilege of watching @RGVzoomin playing a dutiful father at revathi’s reception. amazed Ratnani with his agility during the shoot. FOTOCORP London-based lawyer.” Good to know she is alive.. 2013 ◆ INDIA TODAY 63 . “Alive and kicking I am. a former Miss Malaysia. son of director David Dhawan. a doctor.” DABBOO RATNANI Alia Bhatt’s calendar debut made Dabboo Ratnani reminisce about Pooja Bhatt. in Hyderabad? He would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for Telugu director S. debuts in the 2013 Kingfisher Calendar. She even went on to perform on stage in the ghastly ensemble. DABBOO RATNANI A QUIET AFFAIR Who would have thought Ram Gopal Varma would have a discreet ceremony for daughter Revathi’s engagement to Pranav. stunned. angered. But yes if I had to die it would be something like this. Varun Dhawan. She was quick to respond on New Kingfisher Calendar girl. WEEK O F T H E RGV shows me a rough cut of his latest Attacks of 26/11. Is this her way of saying she isn’t very fond of the Mumbai Police? Priya Emmanuel. Or a bungee cord snapping. GoanPeruvian Elena Fernandes has also done lingerie modelling in New York and London before she shot for the Kingfisher Calendar. and how she’d like to go. Bengali model Kyra Dutta is already eyeing the film industry and may debut opposite Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan. also a co-founder of a refugee education centre. is of Indian and Irish descent. her stepsister and the first actress he shot..! —Amitabh Bachchan WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Jacqueline Fernandes appeared at the Umang Police Show in Mumbai looking like she was trying for the part of a warrior princess in a B-grade film in what seem to be chainmail YOGEN SHAH JANUARY 21.. WorldMags.WorldMags. Emmanuel. but choked with tears. What a sight!!!! Ha ha ha.. FALSE ALARM International celebrities have often been declared dead in false reports but the trend comes closer home with a website reporting that Gul Panag died in a jet-ski accident in Turks and Caicos Islands... shocked.

WHAT’S DOWN Vishal Bhardwaj. For the week Jan 15-21. 37. But her days of languishing on the side and being better known as Uday Chopra’s arm candy are finally over as Shoojit Sircar has cast her opposite John Abraham in Madras Café.LEISURE FA S H I O N WorldMags. 2013. Scintillating pictures of her from the Kingfisher Calendar. And the lucky streak continues. came out of the blue to make a phenomenal debut on the international screen as Pi in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. she has been living in Mumbai with her two daughters and actor-husband Manmeet Singh who has done small roles in Band Baaja Baarat and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. WHAT’S UP American hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg.Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra joins Shankar Mahadevan and Sunidhi Chauhan for a music video titled Betiyaan. FOTOCORP ■ Compiled by Nishat Bari 64 Volume XXXVIII Number BOOKS CINEMA REVIEWS E Y E C AT C H E R S TELEVISION In the Spotlight Suraj Sharma.That was till Rockstar released. After picking a role in Atul Sabharwal’s Aurangzeb that has Arjun Kapoor in the lead. will perform at Gurgaon on January 13. released from Friday onwards . she is doing yet another film with the new actor. To support Save The Girl Child initiative. He is the only male actor nominated for the BAFTA Rising Star award this year. taking home a prize money of Rs 5 crore. One look at the lack of coordination between her lips and facial expressions and no filmmaker wanted her. LOOK WHO’S BACK Nargis Fakhri’s was amongst the most awaited debuts of 2011. 19. became the first woman to win the jackpot on Kaun Banega Crorepati. Just one piece of advice: No pouting please. A homemaker from Chandigarh. an Imtiaz Ali film opposite Ranbir Kapoor—she had everything going for her. PTI FOTOCORP Over to Mom Amrita Singh is gearing up for a busy year ahead. based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel by the same name. Luck by Chance Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney. She plays Kapoor’s mother in Abhishek Verman’s 2 States.The director fell flat on his face while promoting his film Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola at a mall in Delhi. now Snoop Lion. Pooja Bhatt had to file a police complaint after receiving obscene calls and threats on the phone.

“Supplement to India Today issue dated January JANUARY 2013 Not for sale. 2. Delhi & NCR. (I . .20) Press / 2007 MAKING A DIFFERENCE ‘WE’VE HAD ENOUGH’ Roundtable talk on why it’s time to end sexual violence RAISING THE BAR Star litigator Pallavi Shroff on what it takes to make it MOM MILLION DOLLAR With a series of endorsements and new films in her kitty MADHURI DIXIT is having the time of her life WorldMags.WorldMags.: F. To be circulated free with India Today in Mumbai. Bangalore and Kolkata. 2013 DCP No.

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But no matter what you do in life 3. the arrest cannot be made unless the police have a written letter from a magistrate stating that the woman has committed a grave offence and arrest is necessary. Criminal Procedure Code 1973) 2 According to a Supreme Court (SC) ruling a woman cannot be arrested after sunset. For instance. TED TALKS? We follow the ethos of TED in terms of time limits. Bangalore 560009 Ph: +918022253392 WorldMags. of-the-box things. together. Now these people keep getting evicted every 2-3 years as no community wants them as neighbours. stationery or even TRENDS. SOME CRITICS SAY THESE FORUMS ARE hearsing with speakers.000. DO THESE IDEAS TRANSLATE INTO there will always be critics. 6th Cross. At times. A former marketer and entrepreneur. 1. Sunita Krishnan runs an organisation called Prajwala in Hyderabad where they rescue women from prostitution and give them homes.26972351. So. 41401216 PRAYAS (juvenile home) 59. founded The INK Conference in partnership with TED. HOW DID INKTALKS HAPPEN? I have seen how TED has grown over the years and what an impact it has made. Mahakali Road Andheri (East) Mumbai Ph: 022-28324515 Thelma J R D Tata Anand Kendra Trust Dr A B Road Worli. Most of the people there are people with amazing ideas but they who attend INKtalks are accomplished and do may not be able to give a compelling 18-minute talk. Our goal is to inspire 4. Krishnan wanted to build a home for these women. I believe that by putting the talks out there we are creating a democracy of ideas. Eighteen months later. we do more interviews than TED does. and people. So I thought why not do something like that here with an Indian twist. not need to network. You can donate blankets. New Delhi Ph: 011. where all the women now . ance of ideas and people. Have five minutes to spare? Call some of the numbers below and enquire if they could use some help: GOONJ J-93. Tughlakabad Institutional Area. Police can question a woman only at her house and that too only in the presence of her family and a woman constable. REAL ACTION ON THE GROUND? I will give 1 Know your rights: Three facts every woman must know A woman cannot be summoned to a police station for interrogation. Mumbai Ph: 022. B Street. Krishnan built a 3-acre campus outside Hyderabad.Yuvodaya 91. New Delhi Ph: 011-29956244 011-29051103 Cheshire Homes Bethleham House. crisp articulation and re5. BASED ON WHAT CRETERION the youth by introducing LAKSHMI PRATURY DO YOU SHORT-LIST SPEAKERS? them to new role models Over the years I have developed the instinct so that they can gain the confidence to try outto choose the right people to tell their story. bedsheets.24922552 BOSCO . 2013 WorldMags. Gandhinagar. We formats. (Section 160. Her talk was so inspiring that a person in the audience committed $10. by Supriya Sharma 08 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. Pratury narrates how she found her calling in bringing great ideas. And then 20 more people came forward to help. woollens.> >SNAPSHOTS THE JOY OF GIVING Spare a thought for the less fortunate as you bundle up against the winter cold. but at the same time JUST NETWORKING PLATFORMS WHERE we customise it to suit India and use different THE ELITE LET OFF A LOT OF HOT AIR. Even if there is a woman officer present. I’m looking for whether the person behind the idea is passionate about creating an impact 2. Sarita Vihar. IS INKTALKS THE INDIAN VERSION OF in the world. Lakshmi Pratury co-hosted TEDIndia in 2009 and motivated by the response. 3 The SC has ruled that all employers must set up Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee. NEWS AND VIEWS 5 QUESTIONS FOR LAKSHMI PRATURY you an example of how an idea translated into concrete action. we try to make sure curate our audience to ensure the right balthere are enough rural speakers.

Here’s what she’s reading now: THE GREATEST: MY OWN STORY The autobiography of Muhammed Ali T NARAYAN/www. 2. 4. Be Happy. 3. My Book shelf A n avid reader who claims she has more books than clothes. 5. a new study has revealed. NEWS AND VIEWS TOP 5 POPULAR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS 1. Making a concrete decision to quit smoking at the dawn of the new year is common but studies say only 1 in 5 smokers manage to kick the butt for good. Tired of being in debt? You’re one of the many who have decided that this is the year to put your financial house in order. Getting fit and losing weight is right at the top on everyone’s list. in the 80s. Contrary to conventional wisdom that suggests cognitive function begins to decline in the mid-40s. not any time in the near future. WHAT’S NOT HOAX CALLS No longer considered mischievous after the death of Nurse Jacintha. who shot to fame playing a smalltown Muslim girl.indiatodayimages. produced by Vishal Bhardwaj and Ekta Kapoor and Nikhil Advani’s D Day. Next up she will be seen in the psychological thriller Ek Thi Daayan opposite Emraan . 2013 WorldMags. Studies show that most people feel its important to make lifestyle changes in order to spend more time with friends and family. Live in the present. a recent study by MetLife Mature Market Institute and the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas indicates that aging does not correlate with deteriorating ability to think for ourselves. IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE: The autobiography of Lance Armstrong ESCAPE TO NOWHERE: STORY OF AN INDIAN ESPIONAGE AGENT By Amar Bhushan NORWEGIAN WOOD By Haruki Murakami MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN By Salman Rushdie WHAT’S HOT SPEAKING OUT The aam aurat now seems comfortable with the idea of speaking up to ensure her voice is TRENDS. But few have the discipline to stay the course. Laugh. “It’s difficult for me to choose favourites as I keep going through phases. Mohsina.> >SNAPSHOTS Huma Qureshi WorldMags. The only person who could pull it off was Govinda.” Qureshi. Right now I’m reading a lot of Myth Buster Older decision makers are more careful and organised as compared to those in a younger age group. COLOUR BLOCKING We’re glad to see the back of this annoying trend. Huma Quereshi says her favourite author is Joyce Carol Oates. in Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) is a much-in-demand actor today. GEEK CHIC When will beautiful people stop wearing nerdy glasses? From the looks of it. this prank now has few takers 10 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY.


illion Dollar Mom
adhuri Dixit Nene walks into the room wearing a little black dress all ready to face a bank of cameras as part of her duties as the brand ambassador of Olay. Her hair is set in perfect place and her make-up is flawless. Between extolling the virtues of Regenerist’s Wrinkle Revolution — which she recommends women her age use day and night — she flashes her trademark smile and the assembled scribes, like her innumerable fans, melt as surely as an ice cube in summer. The 45-year-old, who was once the reigning queen of Bollywood in the ‘90s is back in focus once again. Now that she is done with judging the TV dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Ja Season 5, she has moved on to other commitments, mainly endorsing a slew of big-ticket brands. “For over 35 per cent of our market segment Madhuri Dixit is the “It” girl. With her huge fan following she brings with her a nostalgic edge to whatever she endorses. She charges anything between Rs 1 to 2 crore per brand,” says Prahlad Kakkar, a leading ad film director. Post the launch ceremony and two hours of non-stop interviews and shoots for online videos later, Dixit is tired and jokes that she just wants to head straight home and relax. But a quick twominute-break later, she settles down on a couch ready to be interviewed. “It wasn’t like this back in the ‘90s. Actors hardly did any product endorsements,” she says referring to today’s hectic schedule. So how does it feel to be back in the limelight where actors are better known for the brands they represent than their films today? “I love how organised and disciplined our entertainment industry has become of late,” she points out, adding. “It’s a welcome change.” Dixit says she likes to divide her time between working in television and films, “The only thing is TV has a wider and farreaching viewership whereas films are a longer process, with a restricted audience,” she says.

Dixit’s rise to the top was partly due to her excellent skills as a dancer
Tezaab (1988) Ek do teen

Sailaab (1990) Hum ko aaj kal hai intezaar

Beta (1992) Dhak dhak karne laga Khalnayak (1993) Choli ke peeche kya hai Aaja Nachle (2007) Aaja nachle Pukar (2000) Ke sera sera

Devdas (2002) Maar Dala

Hum Apke Hai Kaun (1994) Didi Tera Devar Diwana

Anjaam (1994) Channe ke keth mein

She sounds almost amazed about the presence of bound film scripts, and that “dialogues are rehearsed before you do the shot in front of the camera and there are set schedules for shooting the film.” “And yes the multiplexes just add to the variety an audience can get,” she quickly adds. Although Indian audiences saw her only at sporadic intervals in films like Lajja, Devdas and Aaja Nachle after her marriage in 1999 to USbased cardiovascular surgeon Dr Shriram Nene, Bollywood’s dancing diva is back after almost a decade. And this time around she seems all set to pursue a full-time career in films. Ask her why she decided to return lock-stock-and-barrel to India and she says, “This is the best time to be here. Besides the booming economy, it is also the quality of our entertainment that has improved,” says Dixit. But she clar14

ifies that the decision to return wasn’t just about making a comeback in Hindi films but rather about providing her children Arin, 9, and Ryan, 7, roots in the city that has given her so much. “I believe that being raised in Mumbai will broaden their horizons, unlike in Denver where they would have had an insular upbringing,” says the doting mother, who when not busy with her appointments is happy to stay at home reading Eragon and Percy Jackson books to her sons. Dixit considers herself a combination of a hands-on and tiger mom who doesn’t interfere much in her kids’ life. “I want them to grow up to be independent individuals who can think and make decisions for themselves,” she says. So is she looking for any signs of a potential actor in the next twenty years? “I am not the kind who would look for any

signs. Both I and Shriram want them to be their own person,” she says. Dixit was an unlikely candidate for stardom. She grew up a middle-class Maharashtra girl who wanted to study microbiology from Mumbai University and pursue a career as a genetic researcher. But post her Class 12th exams she signed up for an audition with Rajshri Productions just to explore her deep love for the art of acting. “I firmly believed that if I passed the audition I had the talent in me to become a good actor,” she says. This belief kept her going through a series of flops in the beginning of her career from 1984-‘87. The jinx was broken with the release of Tezaab in 1988 afterwhich there was no looking back. Madhuri aka Mohini stole the nation’s heart with the chartbuster number Ek do Teen. She credits her success to only one thing: hard work.

” she quips. “Talent doesn’t have an expiry date. actors above 40 need to be careful while selecting films so they can do justice to their role.” she says. dancing with Saroj Khan. this seems to be the season of comebacks.” she says. “We shared a great friendship while working together and it will be a pleasure to work with her again. with her family everyone is asking these days: How does she manage to look so good at 45? “Beauty depends on inner happiness.” When asked how she would describe her journey to the top of the Bollywood pile Dixit doesn’t hesitate for a second: “Work. now and when I’m 100 years old. She has an amazing sense of humour and is a delight to work with on the sets. I’m sure she is going to redefine that trend with her forthcoming films.” she says. However. Actor Anupam Kher. “Until then I was the baby of commercial cinema. she says. While the average age of heroines in the industry is getting younger by the day.” 16 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. work and more work. Ask the dancing queen if she is nervous about her comeback and she says. “There will be butterflies in my stomach for sure.” she adds. But if I’m a good actor I have to be one when I was 18.” she says. WORK. Kher seems to speak for many in the industry when he STORY YOGEN SHAH BACK IN FOCUS: (Clockwise) Dixit with her co-stars Anil Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan. But adds she considers herself lucky for having met and worked with some of the best people in the industry. When we finally get to the question WHEN ASKED HOW SHE WOULD DESCRIBE HER JOURNEY TO THE TOP OF THE BOLLYWOOD PILE DIXIT DOESN’T HESITATE FOR A SECOND: “WORK. With her contemporary (and some say main competitor) Sridevi making a stellar return to the big screen with English Vinglish. “I earned respect from the people I worked with because I gave my best to whatever I did. “I don’t have any strict beauty regime.” WorldMags.” he said. produced by Vishal Bharadwaj and directed by Abhishek Chaubey? “I love playing strong characters that make a mark on the screen. I just use Olay day and night creams and think positive all the time. WORK AND MORE WORK.” Dixit is excited about sharing screen space with Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi in the much-anticipated sequel to Ishqiya in which she plays Shahi Begum who is fond of reciting Urdu poetry. If you love what you do it will reflect on your face. Dixit will be seen in two films in 2013. 2013 says the actor who counts her role in Mrityudand (1997) among her favourites .net . Your ambitions are more important than your age which is just a number to label you with. her co-star of several films agrees.> >C O V E R WorldMags. work. “Madhuri is a sharp and intelligent actor who is in competition with herself. Dixit doesn’t believe it is difficult for female actors over 40 to get meaty roles thanks to the changing mindset of Indian filmmakers and audiences who finally seemed to have warmed up to unconventional subjects and storylines. What made her sign Anubhav Sinha’s Gulab Gang and Dedh Ishqiya.

enough is enough. the brutality of this case was beyond anybody’s acceptance. The determined protesters braved water cannons. Although the girl succumbed to her injuries after a 13-day struggle. Ayesha Kidwai. who heads the department of clinical psychology at Fortis Hospital in Delhi — to discuss 18 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. Certainly the brutality shocked many but I also noticed that this protest became a means for the collective recounting of all the brutal rapes that we know about. 2013 the recent protests and define a practical way forward. 2012. Meenakshi Lekhi: The administration WorldMags. identified with her.’ This incredible message resonated with everyone.> >C O N V E R S AT I O N S “WOMEN ARE TIRED OF BEING TOLD TO POLICE THEMSELVES. I’m proud and glad that the youth have spoken up and they must not stop until we find solutions. JNU professor and member of JNU’s gender sensitisation committee against sexual harassment and Kamna Chhibber. social activist and a former police officer. as many have claimed. Kamna Chhibber: This is one of the first times everyone was able to relate to the victim. WE ASK FOUR EXPERTS WHAT STEPS CAN BRING ABOUT REAL AND LASTING CHANGE. fight for yourself. the victim had no political or cultural tags attached to her and the people who took to the streets. students from across city universities. Also in this case. We invited four professionals — Kiran Bedi. Why do you think this particular case resonated with so many? Kiran Bedi: I think the last two years have fortunately put citizens in the mode to protest. AS A SHAKEN GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES MEASURES AND REVIEWS LAWS. tear-gas shells and stood their ground. Ayesha Kidwai: It’s not a PLU issue. ‘don’t fight for me. Q. BY SUPRIYA SHARMA O n the night of December 16. she was talking about a system. which hasn’t happened yet. It was as if she was . Besides. Meenakshi Lekhi. You can call it the proverbial last straw. Meenakshi Lekhi.” THE BRUTAL GANG-RAPE OF A 23-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN DELHI LED TO NATION-WIDE OUTRAGE. Supreme Court advocate and activist who has handled several rape cases. People suddenly realised that things were going out of hand and they said. she was not only talking about herself. a 23-year-old paramedical student was brutally gang-raped and tortured by six men in a moving bus in the Capital. Also the victim fought so bravely for her life until the very end. We are well into the 21st century and women are tired of MAKING A POINT: (clockwise from left) Kiran Bedi. The gruesome incident sparked angry protests across India with the youth in Delhi pouring on to the streets to demand answers from the Government. Ayesha Kidwai and Kamna Chhibber being told to police themselves. she seems to have awakened young India to unite for a better future. There have been several reasons for outrage and I think all this accumulated anger finally came to a tipping point. police lathis.

bringing family and educational institutions into focus. Are Delhi Police equipped to handle rape cases in terms of training and sensitisation? Kiran Bedi: Before one speaks of police reform what about family reform? Are families equipped? Has anyone told parents: handle your boys? I’ve not heard one appeal. The fact that there were so many men in the crowd shows that men have also finally understood that it is no longer about “women” but a societal issue that affects us all. punish. Kamna Chhibber: It’s important that this rage is channelised and the momentum is not lost. The police is like a frog in the ocean. Then also college students carried com- “WE NEED TO FIGHT STEREOTYPES. at all levels from the law to administration and politics and even the judiciary which needs to be kept insulated from any intervention and political pressure. Nothing much has changed from 25-30 years ago. We need to fight stereotypes. They work day after day and put up with constant harassment. every day lakhs of women use public transport to get to work. Universities need to educate and respond. Why should we tell girls to go for self-defence classes? Why aren’t mothers and fathers and teachers of boys not told to educate and counsel them instead. If we are talking about a crime which has already been committed then we need maximum punishment. there’s only so much JANUARY. I feel serious changes are also needed in the public transport system. whether its by metros or buses. Q.indiatodayimages. AS THE ‘DENTED PAINTED’ COMMENT SHOWED PEOPLE COMING FROM SUPPOSEDLY ERUDITE BACKGROUNDS CAN CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN A CHEAP MANNER. Some possible solutions? Kiran Bedi: It’s important to have crime prevention plans in place. prevent. Meenakshi Lekhi: First of all we need reforms in place. find out what’s psychologically troubling them. A proper system has to be put in place. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN WorldMags. Q. This is why some states have a Goonda Prevention Act.” CHANDRADEEP KUMAR/www. families need to educate.WorldMags. ensuring an eve teaser is caught before he becomes a rapist. which acts as a check. Most people don’t know where to go and aren’t even aware that help is available. whether it is passes to protect themselves from rogue elements and the same happens today as well. and if need crime prevention plans or support and counselling to rape victims and their families. which means setting up a primary social prevention 19 . Their lives have become a kind of living hell and I think these protesters were responding and reacting to that. As the “dented painted” comment showed people coming from supposedly erudite backgrounds can conduct themselves in a cheap and regressive manner. the transport department is not performing. The police should be handling only 10 per cent of the fallout not 100 per cent. If this still is not a deterrent enough then I advocate crime prevention where the police now takes over and then we have community policing and patrolling which hopefully prevents a ruffian from becoming a failed.

It is only when the police is fully supported by the community before a crime takes place and supported by the courts afterwards. Mothers and fathers are exercising control over their children’s sexuality. There is a huge transformation taking place in this society and that change should be acknowledged. but find no long-term solutions. Here are the buses. has to undergo another physical violation during the medical examination while the accused. By 2010-11 the figure had come down to 7. they will be killed. There needs to be an annual social audit for these public services. Until this happens we will continue to debate and discuss. how are they going to handle cases where the accused is a stranger? Also it’s bizarre that only the rape victim. The huge disconnect between the polity and the public was highlighted during these protests. The statistics in NCR are troubling — out of every 100 complaints made by women. Most people are content to see women in the home or “It’s time there is an . Meenakshi Lekhi: It was important PARVEEN NEGI/www. let’s move to the Ram Lila grounds. Until this happens we will continue to debate and discuss. It’s been sixty-five years since Independence and we still don’t have a law on sexual molestation or sexual assault passed by the Parliament.5 crores out of which only 9 lakh was spent and the rest of the money was returned.“ KIRAN BEDI. The police is just one spoke in the wheel of justice. The government still hasn’t pushed the women’s reservation bill through because they don’t want women in public spaces. for politicians to meet the protestors. that they can do their job well and make real change possible. the government allocated only 53. Another shocking statistic is that in 2009-10. But I do feel that it’s time there is an independent impartial CAG for the police and the courts. According to police. an institutional and public tolerance of sexual harassment. we are there to speak to you. to undergo a physical examination despite the fact that his body should show signs of resistance as well.5 crore for the rehabilitation of rape victims.000 rapes happen in India every year (these are the recorded ones that is the FIRs). and an incitement to sexual violence. not acting against us. When the police has no established protocol to handle cases where the victim knows the accused. 96 per cent of the accused are known to the victim. So while police reforms are essential. who has just been physically violated. But that didn’t happen. they have been told time and again that if they do make their own choices in love. they would have sat on dharna and said look we can’t tackle this sort of thing by policing and laws alone. About 25. Sixty years ago if an incident of this kind of happened I’m quite confident that political leaders would have joined the protest. only 10-15 per cent go from police diary to FIR of which 26 per cent is your conviction rate. Former cop and social activist 20 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. So the government spent Rs 42 per rape victim. we need to ask where is the political will? Q. Ayesha Kidwai: The police are definitely not equipped mostly because sexual crimes against women have been given very short shrift by our lawmakers. but find no long-term solutions.> >C O N V E R S AT I O N S they can do. does not have WorldMags. so certainly there is a great apathy in our political class. Instead of just speaking about sexual assault they have tried to establish that there is a chain — sexual harassment. falls in the 4 per cent category. But if they are known to the victim why are they not apprehended? That means cases like the one that we are discussing today. 2013 WorldMags. Could the protests have been handled better by the police? Kiran Bedi: All the Delhi Commisioner of Police had to say to the protestors was: I am assuring you the LG and CM will come and speak to you and so will I.How do we bring about a change in the social mind-set? Ayesha Kidwai: One part of changing mind-sets is quite simply to allow young people to love. This government should have been sitting with us. Will it always take a case like this for the government to sit up and take notice? Why is our so government apathetic? Ayesha Kidwai: The young women on the street have broadened the debate on rape. impartial CAG for the police and the courts.

many face sexual harassment. Kamna Chhibber: Our education system is failing our children. If death penalty is not made in the rarest of rare case. whether in the media or on the internet as a result there is a lack of awareness of consequences among the 21 working as domestic workers. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN . but it is these women who are most vulnerable to abuse. Is capital punishment the answer? Meenakshi Lekhi: Death penalty should be given in any case where a woman has been grievously injured. The only time a speedy trial on rape took place was for a German tourist (Biti Mohanty case. Also. Kiran Bedi: Death penalty should be given for such gruesome crimes. our system doesn’t encourage debate or discussion even about on-campus issues like bullying. we need to create awareness about what kind of punishment has been meted out to the perpetrators. Most of the changes in our law in favour of women have actually been possible due to rape survivors like Bhanwari Devi etc. Everyone should congratulate these youngsters for raising such important questions and now the government must play a socially enabling role and laws must be put in place so women can go and reclaim what they have. Watch excerpts of the conversation at www. Ayesha Kidwai: Death penalty has been given to murderers as well but that WorldMags. THEY WOULD HAVE SAT ON DHARNA AND SAID LOOK WE CAN’T TACKLE THIS SORT OF THING BY POLICING AND LAWS ALONE.” killed for their crime then they would ensure the victims don’t survive. Q. The only thing that will work as a true deterrent is for a speedy trial to take place. Ayesha Kidwai: The media should cover rape trials and not just incidents of rape. It’s time for the administration to respond. If children aren’t taught about personal boundaries and social behaviour in school or by their parents of course he is going to go out in public and make a nuisance of him- self. There is a lot of desensitisation happening. So in a way by asking for capital punishment we are signing the death warrant of rape victims. uncle or cousin. Kamna Chhibber: Justice should be delivered swiftly. who has now absconded) in 16 days. then the 96 per cent of women who know the accused may no longer come forward to complain as they would not want to be responsible for the death of their father.indiatoday. Among those women who do work. whether it is a death penalty that is awarded or a life imprisonment. Death penalty should be given depending on the circumstances of hasn’t stopped murders from taking place. If rapists knew that they would be SPEAKING UP: Women protesters at Raisina Hill in Delhi “SIXTY YEARS AGO IF AN INCIDENT OF THIS KIND OF HAPPENED I’M SURE THAT POLITICAL LEADERS WOULD HAVE JOINED THE PROTEST. The trial should be time-bound and the death sentence executed while the case is still fresh in the minds of people. so that people know that there are consequences attached to acts of aggression and JANUARY. Pallavi Shroff at her New Delhi office .

indiatodayimages. Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co assisted the beleaguered company on all critical matters. FAMILY AND WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED AT BOTH. Yet she wears her success FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS PALLAVI SHROFF HAS PROVIDED LEGAL ADVICE TO INDIA’S HIGH AND MIGHTY. She has received several awards for her work and is counted among the best corporate lawyers in the country today.> >P R O F I L E WorldMags. Indian Oil Corporation) to her credit.” says Shroff. THE STAR SOLICITOR TALKS ABOUT WORK. Shroff says while growing up she had no plans to become a lawyer even though her WorldMags. The case threw up fresh challenges everyCHANDRADEEP KUMAR/www. From advising and assisting the company on the sale of a controlling stake and induction of a strategic investor to putting the entire bid process together and securing loans.” says Raising theBar I day. Shroff has a number of highprofile representations (Coca-Cola. “The Satyam case was a big challenge for me which I so enjoyed. “It was particularly special as it was one of the few cases on which my husband Shardul and I worked together. Today a senior partner at Amarchand & Mangaldas.” The couple headed a team of legal advisers appointed by the Government-nominated board of directors of Satyam Computer Services . “My father-in-law Suresh Shroff taught me that one should learn to put one’s success in a box and forget about it. Most had written the IT firm off.” she recalls. BY SUPRIYA SHARMA t took four months of exhaustive work for Pallavi Shroff and her team to put the Satyam-Tech Mahindra deal together. but what Shroff still finds bemusing to this day is how greed can make smart people self-destructive. Though she remembers the Satyam case as one of her most satisfying accomplishments. but it managed to prove everyone wrong and recuperate under a new leadership. IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. 56. “It still amazes me how individual greed can be so great that you destroy something which you built yourself. ‘That’s done. If you rest on past laurels you will never grow’ is what he used to say.

too. If anybody tells you ‘Oh I manage beautifully and keep aside these many hours for work and these many hours for family’. But that doesn’t happen though. I cut out my social life THREE’S COMPANY: Shroff with her daughters Shweta and Natashaa (left) father was former Chief Justice of India P.’” Like most women who choose to build a career. and only she will handle it.N. it is utter rubbish. If you don’t. law wasn’t exactly considered an ideal profession for women who had to put their careers on hold to run homes and raise children. IT IS UTTER RUBBISH. But Shardul would tell them. 2013 in a woman counsel. That Shroff loves art and is an avid collector is quite evident once you enter her firm’s tastefully decorated Delhi office where a series of eclectic paintings define the decor. it is not possible to get along. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are both in the same profession.” she says. You must give space to each other and support each other for your respective careers to flourish. “It was only after I was engaged to Shardul that I realised that law was a very time consuming profession. which must have brought its own share of challenges. YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME SACRIFICES. who preferred her husband over her. Bhagwati. You have to make some sacrifices.” she says. He wanted her to study law. “Instead I tried IT IS A DAILY STRUGGLE TO FIND A WORK-LIFE BALANCE. “that is never an issue. “One had to work extra hard to be taken seriously. but even some judges who put little faith 24 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. You need to respect each other if you work .” she says. When she started her career in 1981.” she laughs. “But I am happier for having joined this profession. “Clients would tell me ‘oh we will wait for Mr Shroff and they would wait for hours.” The fact that her husband handles the corporate and commercial divisions and she heads the litigation team helps. IF ANYBODY TELLS YOU ‘OH I MANAGED BEAUTIFULLY’. divided her time between home and office and she tells you frankly that it wasn’t a cakewalk. but placed no pressure on her so Shroff pursued an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute in Mumbai after graduating in economics. Did they often disagree? “We always disagree.” Few women have to contend with a situation in which your husband is also your colleague but Shroff has managed this balancing act as well.WorldMags. But not WorldMags. “Work-life balance is a day-today struggle. There were sceptics and critics to be won over not just among the clients. Shroff found she had a lot to live up to.” Soon after marrying into a family of high-profile lawyers. Shroff. Pallavi has been assigned this case. “This way I can offer objective advice to him on matters without becoming too involved and likewise so can he. I CUT OUT SOCIALISING to spend all my free time with my daughters.” laughs Shroff. ‘No. Since I always wanted to work I felt being in the same profession as my husband would help me understand him better and hopefully allow us to spend more time together.

Natashaa’s (a senior associate) field of practice is private equity.> >P R O F I L E WorldMags. Amarchand Mangaldas opened offices in Ahmedabad and Chennai this year. For starters.” she says. her kid must be sick’. Create a level playing field. And sometimes there are usual work issues that need to be discussed. a concierge service. If you are not there one day.” she signs off. TWO-GETHER Shroff with her husband Shardul many people know that Shroff is also a trained Kathak dancer. Even the partnership wasn’t handed down to them on a platter. This way they can check on their children every now and then. Having faced these particular hardships years ago. I used to perform in their dance troupes while in college.” she says. and Natashaa. Shroff’s daughters Shweta. “When there is no distinction in the allocation of work and I am treating both sexes at par. We have CCTV cameras in the crèche that are connected to the laptops of the mothers. Shroff says the goal certainly is to grow. Shroff maintains her children will first have to prove themselves. While Shweta (a partner) handles competition law. “The Government should ensure that the Indian legal profession becomes more competitive and can stand up to global competition. “You have to stick it out and be dogged. Look at the restriction on the size of the who need it. are also lawyers who work for the firm. 31. Remove these. “They started from the scratch like everyone else.” says Shroff. “We have a crèche for children of employees.” But beyond these facilities. But for 2013 our motto will definitely be growth. I HAD TO WORK VERY HARD TO PROVE MYSELF WorldMags. so leadership would be tougher. It is very easy for men to be dismissive and write off a woman. They had to earn it. Shroff says no other special treatment is accorded to women employees and she expects them to work as hard as the men.” she says. Shroff says she is not against the move as such but feels that it should be done in a phased manner. I had to work very hard to prove that I was as good as the rest and I still work hard. the fetters placed on law firms in India should be done away with. You can’t be all gung-ho at work and then 26 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. With the entire family in the same profession.” she says. Talking about her firm’s plans for the future. On the question of the fourth generation of Shroffs taking charge. IT IS VERY EASY FOR MEN TO BE DISMISSIVE AND WRITE OFF A WOMAN.” On the subject of liberalising the legal sector. “I first learnt Kathak from Kumudini Lakhia in Ahmedabad for ten years and then for three years from Birju Maharaj after that. 28. Shroff unwinds by cooking and gardening and loves spending time with her two-year-old grandson Yohan.” she points out.000 by . we cannot advertise. we cannot put our names in the directory. “I do try to dicuss other subjects with my family. Either there is much joy because we got a good order or you want to share some achievement with the family. and a flexi-time option for those YOU HAVE TO BE THERE DAY IN AND DAY OUT BECAUSE IT IS STILL A MAN’S WORLD. “Shop talk is not banned at our dinner table. The firm has over 800 employees at present and plans to touch a 1. Shroff says she has ensured that her firm provides an enabling environment for its women employees. We cannot have more than 20 partners. Shroff feels grit and determination are essential qualities for women to make it big in the legal profession. You have to be there day in and day out because it is still a man’s world. “It is not an easy thing to do while maintaining the standards and ethics of the firm and given the current dip in the market. 2013 go home and completely switch off. people will say ‘Oh. And you cannot afford to be erratic in your performance. I expect the quality of work to be at par too. Shroff says it is often hard to separate home life from the office. but sometimes it’s impossible. if not more.

the British moved Hindu merchants.” he explains. Marwaris and Jains from Rajasthan into this area.> >F O O D WorldMags. 2013 . A group of people are standing in a huddle outside Gate No 3 of the Chawri Bazaar Metro station in Old Delhi. “This was not intended to be a bazaar. Oblivious to the hustle and bustle characteristic of the Old City. You may be forgiven for thinking you have stumbled upon a group of tourists WorldMags.” he says. They then set up businesses Photographs by RAJWANT RAWAT/ All aboard: Foodies on an Old Delhi food walk organised by Delhi By Foot Tasting WHAT BETTER WAY TO DISCOVER A CITY AND ITS CUISINE THAN TO SIGN UP FOR A FOOD WALK.indiatodayimages. they listen with rapt attention as a man in the centre explains how the architecture of Asia’s biggest market reflects its rich history. “In keeping with their divide and rule policy and to further humiliate the Muslims. BY SUPRIYA SHARMA 28 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. These were the havelis and houses of nawabs who were driven out by the British after the Revolt of 1857.

The Delicacies of Old Delhi: (clockwise from left) Haji Muhammad Hussain Chicken and Fish Fry, Shyam Sweets and Hiralal Chaat Corner.

exploring the city with a trusted guide. In fact this is a group of hard-core foodies who are enjoying a history lesson or two while wolfing down plates of the unusually crunchy Kalmi Vade Ki Chaat from the famous Ashok Chaat Corner. Once done, they move on to savour another decades-old delicacy of the area — Bade Mian Ki Kheer. These foodies are on a food and heritage walk organised by Delhi By Foot. And they have a lot of eating and walking to do this afternoon as they explore the cuisine and bylanes of Chawri Bazaar. Food walks are a unique way to explore a city and its culture and are fast becoming a rage. The idea finds favour not only with tourists eager to explore a new city, but even locals eager to rediscover their city’s culinary heritage. Delhi with its rich history and culture

is home to a wide variety of cuisines and can perhaps boast of having the maximum number of food walks in the country. Started in September 2011 by Asif Khan and Ramit Mitra, Delhi By Foot initially organised weekly heritage walks but soon, on popular demand, arranged a monthly food walk. “We make our food walk announcements through our Facebook page, and now a website is in


the works,” says Khan, a student of history. The size of the group depends upon the number of people who show up on that particular day, which could range from 15 to 35 people for the four-hour walk. “We charge Rs 700 for vegetarians while non-vegetarians have to shell out Rs 850,” says Khan. Food spots are decided through a process of trial and error. “We ourselves first explore the market and try food at various stalls. The aim is to always include new experiences for the tour participants,” says Mitra. The food walks organised by art curator Himanshu Verma of Red Earth in Old Delhi and Paharganj are also quite popular. “Old Delhi is a treasure trove of food, spices and fabrics. With some establishments being as old as 60 to 200 years, the area offers food items not


> >F O O D

Mistress of spices: Deepa Krishnan (in sari) on a tour of the spice market in Null Bazaar, Mumbai. available in other parts of the city,” explains Verma. Similarly, Paharganj has a variety of foods on offer thanks to its cosmopolitan nature. “This is where all the foreign tourists hang-out so you get to try all sorts of international cuisines. From Amritsari naan to Korean cuisine to German confectionary, it is all available in Paharganj.” Encouraged by the response he has received,Verma now plans to start more food walks in Lajpat Nagar, Karol Bagh and Green Park this year. Foreign tourists do join these walks on rare occasions but Verma’s customers are mostly Delhiites or expats who have lived in the Capital city for years. Verma conducts these walks himself and charges Rs 1,500 for a 4-hour walk. Other than informal food walks around the city, there are also groups that organise regular and customised tours, which cater mostly to expats and foreign tourists. Delhi Food Adventure and Delhi Food Tours (DFT) are two of the best known ones in Delhi. Started by Prashant and Ayesha Kalra in January 2011, who worked as a

lawyer and a corporate trainer before they quit their jobs to work on their food venture full-time, DFT guides tourists around the city, allowing them to savour different types of Indian cuisines. “This is a personalised tour. Guests are asked beforehand about their food allergies and preferences,” says Kalra. “They are picked up from their hotel and taken to different eateries across the city. We also organise a tea-tasting ceremony under the guidance of professional tea taster,” says Kalra. The tour lasts for three to four hours depending on how much the guests can eat. The tour costs Rs 4,000 per person and includes transport, food and non-alcoholic drinks. Old Delhi does not feature very highly on their food map as most foreign tourists are unwilling to try out street food due to hygiene issues. While food walks in Delhi find takers around the year, those in Chennai reach a fever pitch in December dur-


ing the music season. “Music halls here hold Carnatic music fests from December to mid-January. We organise Sabha trots around this time, relishing breakfast, lunch and dinner at different canteens,” says GVS Mani, member, Chennai Food Guide. Canteens in music halls are run by specialised food caterers of Chennai during December till Pongal in January where they serve the old, rare and now forgotten delicacies of Tamil Nadu at economical prices, says Mani, a marketing and business development head with a company in the city. The canteen-hopping group comprises of usually 10-20 people who split the bill. The trotting programme is announced through the group’s Facebook forum. During the rest of the year, Chennai Food Guide organises food walks in places like Parry’s Corner or Mylapore or T Nagar. “While Mylapore has eateries serving typical south Indian food, Parry’s Corner with its Rajasthani, Gujarati and Marwari joints offers a wider variety from dhoklas to pheplas and kulfi,” says Mani. The Chennai Food Guide was started in 2004 by hardcore foodies Mohammed Ali and Nishanth and has over 9,000 members at present. The

> >F O O D

forum also works as a database of information about restaurants and eateries in the city. “It is a one-stop shop to know all about the Chennai food scene,” says Mani. “If you need a caterer for an event, just post your query and you will be flooded with references in no time,” he adds. Magic Tours started by Deepa Krishnan provides two walks in Chennai and a day trip to Mamallapuram. Krishnan, who provides food-related tours in eight cities, started her journey with Chennai Magic back in 2004 when she moved to the city with her family and launched the Filter Coffee Tours. Krishnan, who completed a masters in business administration from IIM Calcutta, was a banking consultant before she quit in 2008 to focus solely on Magic Tours. She is based in Mumbai but has teams in each of the cities on the Magic Tours map. Krishnan sensed a business opportunity when she took her international corporate guests around Chennai. She frequently found herself fielding questions on Indian history and architecture and began reading up on these subjects. When she moved to Mumbai with her husband in 2007, she started the Mumbai Magic chapter. Magic Tours conducts food walks through Matunga market, Ranade and Dadar market in the city. “We do food-related tours in Agra, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Chennai. Even what we call our “bazaar walks” are in largely about food,” says Krishnan. These walks are mostly conducted by local women “and a few talented men”, says Krishnan, who like sharing their culture and cuisine with visitors. “Some are specialists, like our resource person for the “Story of Chai” Tea Trail. Some are cookbook writers, food critics, or just plain foodies who love to experiment with food.” Next, Krishnan plans to start food trails in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Krishnan feels food walks are becoming popular as the very nature of travel is changing. “People want more immersive experiences. For example,

Gastronomic delight: Kulle Ke Chaat from Hiralal Chaat Corner in Old Delhi. India is associated with many rich smells —spices, incense, sandalwood, the fresh smell of coriander as you walk around a market. When you stop and linger to experience these fragrances, then you are really seeing the country. Walking through a local bazaar, embracing it with all your senses, is the most elemental way of immersing yourself in a new culture,” says Krishnan. And not just food tours, Krishnan’s Magic Tours also entails an engaging story of chai. “A lot of the food walks in Delhi are just the usual ghisa-pita Old Delhi street food tasting masquerading as a cuisine tour. Whereas the Story of Chai has real content, real expertise and depth. And it is something travel agents typically don’t offer. So tourists like the idea. We are now offering this tour in both Mumbai and Delhi,” says Krishnan. Food consultant and writer Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal also conducts spice tours in Mumbai. She started Masala Trails with her Melbourne-based sister three years ago. “I always wanted to do something related to food trails for the expat traveller. We currently have fourfive tours in Mumbai.” Ghildiyal focuses mainly on expats and foreign nationals interested in Indian cooking, spices and ingredients. Masala Trails conducts Tadka Workshops and also does market tours to introduce the travellers to Indian cooking and the basic recipes. The street food walks usually cost Rs 1,500 depending on the area in which it is being held. Ghildiyal also launched a cooking studio in August last year where participants are given hands-on training by a specialist. “Food tours are the easiest way to understand the culture of a place. And it helps when you have a local taking you around,” she says. So what drives this enthusiasm to pay up to learn about the food culture of a city? “Our clientele comprises of overseas visitors to India, including chefs, foodies, or anyone who wants to learn about India and Indian communities through regional cuisine. For many overseas visitors who have business partnerships in India these walks offer a chance to learn more about the country and what makes it tick,” Krishnan explains. And for the home-bred food enthusiasts, it is the joy of rediscovering their city that draws them to these walks. “I love food and with a little bit of history and culture thrown in, it sounded like a lot of fun. Also, such excursions are a great way to meet new people and make like-minded friends,” says Anshul Bajaj, a firsttimer on the Delhi By Foot food walk.


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Violence. (Only about 2 per cent of adult women have never been married. marriage is the destiny of Indian women. let us remind ourselves that the ‘dowry deaths’ and ‘bride burnings’ that made headlines in the 1980s happened in metropolitan cities. There is nothing ‘medieval’ about such crimes. Moreover. But despite its obvious importance.HPIECE > >M O U TWorldMags. By paying most attention to acts of violence. Marriages that incur the wrath of kin and community provoke threats. HOWEVER LONG OR HARD THEY MAY BE WORKING. And lest we think only backward rural families do such things. I believe that violence should not be our main focus in understanding contemporary marriage. marriage has very different implications for men than for women. whether inside or outside the home. Some months ago an honour killing was reported in Karnataka. but it is part of a depressingly familiar story.) But though it is a norm for men as well. BY MARY E. but that need not mean that it is any less frequent. we run the risk of believing that this is the real problem. THE MOTHER OF ALL SCAMS HAS ONLY ONE ‘G’ AND IT IS CALLED MARRIAGE. Marriage FORGET 3G AND 2G. 2013 WorldMags. Nowadays this sort of crime is buried in the inside pages. Both highlight the extraordinary levels of violence that modern marriage and family relations are capable of. It is not only in states like Haryana and Uttar Pradesh that couples are losing their lives because of whom they want to marry. Simply put. The most recent case may be exceptional because of the link to Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate. 36 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. for example. marriages are mostly about work. marriage is mandatory for women in countries like ours. The killing of a couple for choosing to marry against community norms is no more – or no less – barbaric than burning a young bride with kerosene because her family cannot meet escalating dowry demands. and the differences have to do with the realm of . this is not an ‘oriental’ STATISTICS SAY 85% OF INDIAN WOMEN. as in honour killings. But this does not seem likely at first glance. This means that as a compulsory norm. JOHN Working The Shift W hether or not they work. is a far more traumatic issue and gets a lot more attention. where a girl was killed by her own father for having secretly married a boy from a lower caste. This then encourages us to think that a marriage without explicit violence is the solution. WHETHER AT HOME OR OUTSIDE – ARE DEPENDENT ON THEIR MARITAL FAMILIES FOR THEIR LIVELIHOOD but a global phenomenon — the statistics on spousal violence and women being killed in their homes in the United States are no lower than ours. harassment and all too frequently. But to think thus is to remain blind to the greatest challenges faced by the institution of marriage today.

In spite of all the hype about its diversification and its rates of growth. It is only against this background that we can see just how allencompassing marriage is for women. or psychological terms. JANUARY. then marriage is the only ‘job’ that the vast majority of women can hope to get. WORK FOR WHICH WAGES OR SALARIES ARE GIVEN SAURABH SINGH/www. But the numbers speak otherwise — in urban India the only two significant sources of employment for women are as school teachers or domestic servants. So. Then there is a large majority. and if only 15 per cent can find paid work. women would spend most of their adult life in marriage. while almost all men are also expected to work and to marry. in the sense that it both precedes and is more important than marriage. I wonder how many readers are aware that barely 15 per cent of Indian women are engaged in any kind of paid work. marriage is the defining horizon for most girls in contemporary India. women are finding ample opportunities in IT. Once we look more closely at what kinds of jobs are available to women and which women are entirely dependent on BARELY 15% OF INDIAN WOMEN ARE ENGAGED IN ANY KIND OF PAID WORK. a rather unusual pattern emerges. Forget 3G and 2G — the mother of all scams has only one ‘g’ and it is called marriage. If the media is to be believed. are dependent on their marital families for their livelihood. Dependence is further intensified by the near absence of any actual inheritance rights for women. in export industries. This means that 85 per cent of Indian 37 . If almost all women must marry. at least theoretically. But such a broad strokes picture can also mislead. John is Senior Fellow at the Centre for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi. Though this information is publicly available. who are dependent on their fami- lies because they lack paid employment. Only at the very top of the spectrum do we find a small proportion of women who have jobs and careers that can. in entertainment and in the media itself. it is their only future. Given the average age of marriage. offer independence. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN WorldMags. work comes first for them.WorldMags. social. the Indian economy in the twenty-first century is reinforcing conventional views about a woman’s place being in the home. however long or hard they may be working whether at home or outside. which includes women from a wide range of classes. THAT IS.indiatodayimages. Whether considered in economic. At the bottom are the poor women who have to work to survive and are often the breadwinners on whom their families Even those of us who are otherwise well informed have hardly any inkling about the enormous disparities between men and women when it comes to the work that they do. that is. work for which wages or salaries are given.

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net .500 Purple Agate Necklace.> >S T Y L E WorldMags.400 Amrapali Turquoise and Marcasite Pendant `5. `4.80 Made by M ` 3500 Green Pink Agate Gold Necklace.000 ` 8. a chunky neckpiece is a great accessory to have especially during winter Mansi Choksi Zariin Blue Topaz Gold Necklace ` 4.600 Made by M ` 3300 Made by M ` 4000 Compiled by Supriya Sharma WorldMags.500 Making a Statement Worn over a sweater.400 Vasundra Mantri ` ` 14. ` 9.650 Silver and glass pendant `5.000 Turquoise pendant `7.

> >S P E N D WorldMags.999 Raitan Ikat IT SITTING PRETTY Braided Rug. ` 1.990 15 Raitan Blue Striped cushion. ` 3. ` . 2013 WorldMags. ` 2. ` 1. ` 380 -Star Shaped glass Votive part of Box of Ornaments. ` 875 15 Raitan Red Striped cushion.150 -15 Raitan Printed cushion.215 Red Glass Luminary. ` 825 15 Raitan Lampshade.150 -15 Raitan Floor Cushion. shoes-Jimmy Choo 42 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. ` 999 On Suzanne: Dress-Donna Karan.

with a heart of gold. AND HOW TO KEEP IT SIMPLE. JANUARY. TALKS ABOUT HER STYLE MANTRA. completely like me. “My work.” she explains. my family and my husband keep me busy and I haven’t had time to dwell on this question. there are expansion plans in the offing for The Charcoal Project as well so it looks like 2013 will truly be an exciting year for Roshan.WorldMags. ELEGANT AND STYLISH Text by PRACHI REGE Photographs by SHIVANGI KULKARNI E FFORTLESS IS THE ONE WORD that comes to mind when Sussane Roshan thinks of Roshan SIMPLY SUZZANE FASHION IS ALL ABOUT FEELING CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU WEAR. very focused and hard working. SAYS SUSSANE ROSHAN.” she states firmly. “My boys are like my left artery and right artery — they energise me. maybe I’ll think about it when I’m away on holiday. THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF A NEW ONLINE HOME ACCESSORIES BRAND CALLED THE HOME LABEL. making it a point to add that she isn’t an actor or a model so she doesn’t believe in “dolling up”. Whereas my younger son Hridaan is. “To be comfortable and confident in your everyday world. that’s what style means to me. Two years after the launch of her store The Charcoal Project. Roshan says she loves to doodle and sketch. a start up holding company for lifestyle e-commerce brands which has launched its first private label brand in the home décor space: www.” WorldMags.” she says with a smile.” When it comes to unwinding after a hard day’s work. and make me the person I am. a victim of a curious mind and spontaneous. Ask her what it is it to be Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan’s wife and she quips. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN 43 . Roshan is excited about her latest venture as creative director of The Label Corp. A doting mother of two. “I’m a business woman.thehomelabel. “Most of my ideas come to me while I’m alone with my notepad and a pencil.” So which one is a Mamma’s boy and which one’s taken after Daddy? “Hrehaan is more like Hrithik. “The Label Corp will soon launch another label but you’ll have to wait to see with whom and how. But now that you’ve asked me.” she says when asked about her future plans.

` 950 Relax and Sparkle cushion.898 Infinite Reflection box. Shoes-Manolo Blahnik 44 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY. ` 1. ` S P E N D > > IT AFTER GLOW Antique Gold Tray. 2013 WorldMags. ` 560 Dress-Christian Dior Dress.950 Red Wine Glasses. ` . Shoes-Manolo Blahnik MAKING A STATEMENT Let Them All Listen Cushion.999 Glass Decanter and glass set. ` 950 Victim of a Curious Mind Cushion. ` 1.500 Pattiyaan Wall Art. ` 7. ` 950 Shirt and Trousers-Dolce and Gabbana.100 Absorb and Strain Cushion.

FAVOURITE HIGH STREET BRANDS I shop almost everywhere and am not fussy at all when it comes to dressing up. BEST DRESSED IN BOLLYWOOD Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are undoubtedly Bollywood’s best dressed JANUARY. I prefer solid colours rather than A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS FAVOURITE DESIGNERS My favourite international designers are Dolce and Gabbana. FAVOURITE FASHION TREND I believe in the mantra of “Less is more”. Dior. MY FAVOURITE MUSIC My favourite band is Cold Play while Jack Johnson singer is my favourite artiste. of course. I love progressive house.” WorldMags. you can put together vintage or high street brands to create an ensemble that’s uniquely you. electric dance music and a fusion of remixed world music. COMFORT CLOTHING Tracks jeggings from Abercrombie MY FAVOURITE ACCESSORY I adore my key-shaped pendant even more now as it was an inspiration for our logo here at thehomelabel. my husband make the cut.WorldMags. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN 45 . Complete no-no’s for me is anything with frills and definitely no bling. Among the men l think Arjun Rampal. Ralph Lauren. I don't leave home without my bracelets. MOTTO “Whatever floats your boat. Among home I swear by the designs of Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Ranbir Kapoor My favourite brands are Abercrombie and Fitch. Fashion should be effortless. Gap and Banana Republic. Donna Karan. I play music on my Ipod at work.

345 Copper Hurricane Lamp.> >S P E N D WorldMags. Shoes-YSL wedges FASHION STYLIST PRAGNYA RAO HAIR STYLIST RITA SHUKLA MAKE-UP ARTIST SHAYLI NAYAK FOR MAC LOCATION COURTESY 15 . ` 1. ` 1. 2013 WorldMags.850 Dress-Ralph Lauren.650 Mosaic Tiled Gold IT LET THERE BE LIGHT Antique Jaali lantern. ` 1. Sweater-Louis Vuitton. MUMBAI 46 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY.

` 350 Vintage Cake Stand. ` 250 Paper doily. ` 6. 2013 ● INDIA TODAY WOMAN 47 . ` 2.WorldMags. ` 450 Hammered cutlery 18 pc QUIET CORNER Paper coaster doily.100 Whiskey tumbler set of 6.500 Dress-Miu Miu JANUARY.500 Jute Table Runner. ` 1.

Spread love and joy and give back to the universe for all it has given me.indiatodayimages. So I Tech-Life Balance: The use of technology in such a way that it does not interfere with or reduce the quality of one’s personal life or relationships. Cardiovascular fitness SRIDEVI “The one thing I would like to do this year is become a bit more punctual and improve my time management skills. 2013 Photographs by YOGEN SHAH/ www. I would like to begin arriving exactly on time. WorldMags.” SUZANNE ROSHAN “In 2013 I’m going to go with a never-say-never attitude.> >L A S T WorldMags. everyday without fail. I am confident of out-running any prospective assailant. CHANDRADEEP KUMAR/ www. and almost every time I end up becoming the person who has to wait for others to WORD Tillotama Shome “My New Year resolution is to be like the sun: bright and punctual. To rise up in every way.” Bipasha Basu “In 2011.indiatodayimages. I took a resolution that I am going to learn (the art) of lying a bit as it sometimes .” My New Year Resolution Sonakshi Sinha “I am too punctual. it’s great for self WORD OF THE MONTH —GUL PANAG 48 INDIA TODAY WOMAN ● JANUARY.” TWEET OF THE MONTH Running has many benefits. I will try to learn to say a few harmless lies to get out of sticky situations.” MANDAR DEODHAR / www. I hope it’s a year of reading books over watching films. Instead of arriving before time. I always get everywhere earlier than the expected time. I am a pathetic liar.indiatodayimages. So I would like to change that about myself.


net COVER STORY Home Truths s. a collaboration of Evolv and Cupcake Company. Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna. intense print and flamboyant splashes of colour. Ekta . Vandana Nayar Production Surinder Hastu (Chief of Production). You can also treat yourself to some steaming coffee and snacks at Café Evolv. a bargain or just a visit CELEB SPEAK Star Ideas s-30 HK RAJASHEKHAR/ Celebrities on what they love about their homes Haute in town OUR PICKof the month The city now gets a high street. Designers such as Manish Arora. Marcia Rodrigues Photo Department H. Off Chamiers Road. Here it introduces Desigual. Co-operative Colony. a leading Spanish brand known for its patchwork design.SIMPLY CHENNAI Inside WorldMags. accessible.K. Naveen Gupta Layout Execution Ramesh Gusain ● Group Business Head Manoj Sharma Associate Publisher (Impact) Anil Fernandes ● IMPACT TEAM Senior General Managers: Kaustav Chatterjee (East) V.4 Join us as SIMPLY CHENNAI steps into the finest and most stylish celebrity homes in the city PREVIEW A sneak peek into the sixth edition of the DSC Jaipur Literary Festival HOME DECOR Are you booked yet? s-16 Home Affairs BUZZ s-18 Accessories that add flamboyance to your home In the City A checklist on where to eat and what to shop for ELSEWHERE Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie Group Chief Executive Officer Ashish Bagga Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie ● Senior Editor Karuna John Correspondent Saranya Chakrapani Editorial Team Rewati Rau. luxury store with Evolv’s brand new retail outlet on Chamiers Road. Abraham & Thakore and Malini Ramani have created a unique range for the store. Where 21/1. Teynampet Tel 4204 2474 Want to tell us about an event?A new store? A restaurant?People doing interesting things?Anything newsworthy? Please email us at: simplychennai@intoday. Ekta Alreja. Somasundaram (Chennai) Jitendra Lad (West) Head (North): Dipayan Chowdhary s-22 Out and About s-26 Heading out of the city? Try these places for a bite. Harish Aggarwal.indiatodayimages. Rajashekar Design Associates Madhu Bhaskar. .net WorldMags. .

net . .net WorldMags.

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net WorldMags.

in a single form). my heart is loyal to the traditional.the Ardhanareeswar (a manifestation of Siva and Sakthi ing to ourselves. housing a big happy family. a home is where I feel safe. bilities meet.WorldMags. “We now have an entire apartment build. Her handpicked collection of Tamilnadu Handicrafts Development Corporation has the best. To me. secure and wanted. which is why you’ll find more Tanjore paintings than abstracts. pointing out to a HK RAJASHEKHAR/www. Poompuhar—the friends and extended family love to congregate for impromptu get-togethers. “I love bronze idols and lamps.” . This house is where her Swamimalai in Thanjavur. An intricately carved puja shelf. and décor of the house. passed on to her by her mother gets the pride of the place. This ground floor apartment is a tributary of a bigger bungalow that once housed the Kannans' the best of which is a majestic interpretation of joint family. sun figures and dolls bask in the soft golden luminance of ceiling lights playing up on walls. She is proud of her cherished bronze idol collection. which she brought home from a Bharatanatyam dancer. While I do appreciate contemporary art. And the Indianness in my environment gives me this. “I designed everything else around this puja SIMPLY CHENNAI “Home is where I feel secure” terracotta line of kuthuvilakus (ceremonial lamps) lined on the living room table. sounds and sensi.painted in a rich burnt orange. Roja's loyalty to traditional Indian art forms is reflected in her choice of colour. Roja’s home is where Indian sights.” says Roja.” she says.
“Allusively traditional”
There’s no room for a glum day at Aishwarya Srikkanth’s house. The daughter-in-law of cricket veteran Krishnamachari Srikkanth, accessory designer Aishwarya and her husband Adithya live in a plush three-bedroom apartment in Besant Nagar. Inside her home, Aishwarya’s love for colour is reflected in the vivid, ornamental artwork on her walls, vibrant, multicoloured accent cushions and warm yellow light flooding the space. The highlight of her art collection is a painting of Balaji, where the deity is painted on an elaborate red background by artist Nitin Utge. “This is special, it was a gift from my in-laws,” says Aishwarya. Her collection has works by Ramesh Gorjala, Vaikuntam, Yusuf Arkkaral, Nitin Utge, Santhana Krishna and Anand Panchal. Roman blinds on the windows and bold Thai motifs add to the confluence of art forms her home boasts of. The highlights of her house are her heirlooms—a silver jug used to wash hands, inherited from her great grand mother Indira Raj Lakshmi Raje, given to her by her parents at the time of her marriage; an intricately carved rosewood table and silver table runner with zardozi embroidery from the 1880s . “I like to call my style of designing ‘Future Present’ or 'New Indian Chic'. It is a radically modern, and distinctively stylish approach,” says Aishwarya. SIMPLY CHENNAI Home décor

Accessories that add flamboyance to your home

Cosy cot
Add quirkiness to your home with this funky recliner. Fall back and relax into it, as its raw rustic feel takes you back in time. Price Rs 85,099 Available at

Lion king

Venerated by many cultures and hailed as a royal symbol, a crouched lion may be a perfect match for your home. Lladro’s classic porcelain with signature colours adds lustre to this luxury ornament. Price Rs 61,300 At 270/2 Krishnamachari Road, Alwarpet Tel 43129440

Designer decoded

Furnish your space with Zolijns’ new al fresco collection. Choose from a variety of outdoor furniture, all delivered at your doorstep. Price On request Available at

net .WorldMags.

you manage to save room for dessert. Here’s the warning: there’s no dish that’s devoid of generous amounts of ghee. but also about the lavish food it has to offer. as there is much in store for them as well. Cooked and served in a simmering brass pot. do make sure you try a spoonful of their Baked Anjeer Halwa (fig pudding) caramelised on top and sinfully creamy under—a fitting end to a feast. and fairly so. This newbie should tingle your curiosity. considering it serves you time-tested recipes of the flamboyant Mughal era.500 including taxes At Khansama. explosive flavours. The best thing about Khansama is that vegetarians wouldn’t feel ignored. Nungambakkam Tel 43168111 ■ by Saranya Chakrapani WorldMags. Sample delights like Katliyan Aloo (sliced potatoes spiced with chili. cooked in a clay pot) and it is highly recommended that nonvegetarians treat themselves to it. If. unpredictable service and the lack of choice! Ornate brass cutlery replaces the fine bone china. because it’s not just about the swanky ambience. served with oodles of ghee. Clearly.200 to Rs 1. but equally delectable. asafetida and curry leaves) or Kehkashan (a mélange of fresh vegetables and corn nibblets tossed with cumin and red chili in Khandhari anar gravy)—a musttry for its rich. The best way to start your meal would be with Chhene Se Bhare Khumb (button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese. paneer. and expect no less when you’re at Khansama. butter or dry fruits! If you’re particularly choosy about rich food. this technique is used to retain the fresh flavours. This leads it to steer clear of pretentious portions. Average meal for two Rs 1. the star dish of the Mughlai cuisine here is the Martabaan Ka Meat (lamb cooked with special chilies. The Mughals are known for their sumptious IN THE CITY RESTAURANT Royal feast Khansama. after all this. the newly opened finedining restaurant is all about opulence. you might have a problem picking the least sumptuous dish of the lot. and cooked in a tandoor). and adds to the regal charm of the restaurant. Khadar Nawaz Khan .SIMPLY CHENNAI Buzz WorldMags. Signature starters like Chatpate Pudine Wale Jhinga (tiger prawns in fresh mint paste and cooked in a clay oven) and Paneer Dum Roll (stuffed cottage cheese roulade crumbled and pan-fried with papaya and dry fruits) are a less richer option.

At Aura. The Park.indiatodayimages. The outsoles are embedded with a puff print that acts as an anti-slip . Rutland PRODUCT SPA Indulge! Best Foot forward Language has introduced a new collection of footwear. Claiming to be made of Italian leather. Price On request At Language. Nungambakkam Tel 32210400.WorldMags. HK RAJASHEKAR/www. followed by a foot reflexology session (Priced at Rs 2. the shoes have soft cushioning. the luxury spa at The Park. 17. and come with a removable and washable Aloe Vera insole. has introduced some exotic spa packages. Or replenish your skin with the refreshing musk melon body massage and an express pedicure (Priced at Rs 3. You could also customise a package to your choice. Anna Salai Tel 42676000 WorldMags. exclusively designed for children. You could rejuvenate yourself with with the time-tested goodness of the traditional Indian head oil massage.500). 601.000).

net .WorldMags.

net .net WorldMags.WorldMags.

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Marcia Rodrigues Photo Department Reuben Singh (Deputy Photo Editor). last month. Ground Floor. French cosmetic brand Sephora. among others. Saket Want to tell us about an event?A new store? A restaurant?People doing interesting things?Anything newsworthy? Please email us at: simplydelhi@intoday. and body care products. Ekta Alreja. camera.600 stores worldwide. fragrances. Somasundaram (Chennai) Jitendra Lad (West) Head (North): Dipayan Chowdhary s-20 Heading out of the city? Try these places Star Ideas Design tips from the experts s-22 OUR PICKof the month Beauty alert! With more than 1. Select CityWalk. At Sephora. reaction s-12 Budding filmmakers Rohit Gaba and Nijo Johnson talk about life after being shortlisted for Anurag Kashyap’s project The Last Act BUZZ In the City ELSEWHERE s-14 Achecklist on where to eat and what to shop for Out and About CELEB SPEAK Editor-in-Chief Aroon Purie Chief Executive Officer Ashish Bagga Group Synergy and Creative Officer Kalli Purie ● Senior Editor Karuna John Editorial Team Rewati Rau. offers complementary one-on-one beauty consultancy. finally opened its doors in .net VIKRAM SHARMA/www. The Face Shop. Zihr. the store is a paradise for beauty junkies. Peter Thomas Roth. Naveen Gupta Layout Execution Ramesh Gusain ● Group Business Head Manoj Sharma Associate Publisher (Impact) Anil Fernandes ● IMPACT TEAM Senior General Managers: Kaustav Chatterjee (East) V. Harish Aggarwal. Vandana Nayar Production Surinder Hastu (Chief of Production). Benefit. Located on the ground floor of Select CityWalk.SIMPLY DELHI Inside WorldMags. and advice on makeup application. StriVectin. make-up. Featured brands include Make Up For Ever. Stila. COVER STORY Home Truths s-4 Join us as we explore some of the finest and most stylish homes in the city PREVIEW Are you booked yet? PROFILE A sneak peek into the sixth edition of the DSC Jaipur Literary Festival s-10 Lights. Ekta Marwaha. Vikram WorldMags. On offer are a wide range of skin care products. The Beauty Studio at Sephora. Vinod Singh Design Associates Madhu Bhaskar.

we found interesting features unique to each home that took us by surprise. As we surveyed some of the most luxuriant homes in the city. trendy and sophisticated.SIMPLY DELHI Cover story WorldMags. However. SIMPLY DELHI STEPS INTO THE FINESTAND MOST STYLISH CELEBRITY HOMES IN THE CITY HOME TRUTHS SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 Q s-4 uirky. panache and bespoke . Delhi’s finest homes today are a statement in cutting-edge design. charm and glamour. SIMPLY DELHI takes you on a walkthrough to discover some of the city’s most extravagant celebrity homes that inspire colourful whims and lush fancies. what all the homes had in common was the home owner’s personal touch.

A bronze dancing girl resting one hand in a water body. This sculpture by KS JANUARY 2013 ◆ SIMPLY DELHI s-5 . where we experiment and reinvent. a gift from Payal’s parents add an eclectic imprint. “My husband and I pretty much did everything on our own here. stone and burl pieces as well as outdoor furniture from Bali and a massive bronze Natraj in the lobby. which has been topped by clear glass to create a stunning table in the living room. Everything was designed by me and it is still a constantly evolving space.000 kg natural sea boulder brought from Eclectic imprints Large open spaces that invite air. The stone which leaves none unturned is the 3. Leather furniture from Italy. is one of her prized possessions ■ by Rewati Rau WorldMags. The Balinese themed house has been built by architect Rajesh Dongre who planned its minimal earthy interiors using stone and wood to add textural dimensions.WorldMags. light and positive vibes seem to embrace all those who walk into designer Payal Jain’s two acre home in Chhatarpur Farms. welcomes guests to this house.” says Jain.

our home is the first place from where we start. the other element that adds colour to the room are two deep blue glass plates created by a Czechoslovakian artist mounted on a wall. “Whenever we design something new. where the centre of attraction is a 12-seater table and 10 mirror frames in different sizes on the wall behind ■ India Today Home the table. bedrooms.” says Amita Kanwar. a study room. wooden bookshelves interspersed with quirky s-6 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. many times over. Amita’s most treasured ones are an ivory Ganesha and a wall clock picked up from London that runs counterclockwise. the interiors are a mix of neutrals and biege hues complemented with clutter free rooms. which is separated into three seating areas. an entertainment den. the seating areas from here lead us into the dining area. An ornate mother of pearl chair with abalone shells on its arms is an eye-catcher. A short flight of stairs leads to the lobby where a colourful Buddha painting breaks the white vastness of the main wall and artworks by Satish Gujral and Kamre Alam enrich the living room walls. Rajiv Kanwar finds solace in his study’s leather sofas. while one of the walls has a huge grey and white canvas done by Hemi Bawa. Inside. ■ by Ekta Alreja RAJWANT RAWAT/www. Class apart VIKRAM SHARMA/ White house Most of us stress at the thought of maintaining an all-white décor.150 square feet house is divided into eight levels to accommodate a living room. have redone their family home in Gulmohar Park. The 3.indiatodayimages. Ananda Spa in the Himalayas and the luxury train Palace on Wheels. but for Rajiv and Amita Kanwar. an outdoor area and a cosy bar.indiatodayimages. it is a breeze. As the house follows an open plan. An absorbing lush green lawn welcomes you to this spotless white bungalow. neat lines for furniture. known for dressing up show windows of the Oberoi Hemi Bawa’s one-and-a-half level bungalow on Hailey Road is an eclectic mix of modern and minimalist elements. The Kanwars’. open spaces and sufficient natural light. As does the Kanwar’s collection of artifacts brought back from their travels across the world. A double-panelled glass door opens into a spacious hall. founders of Window Passions.SIMPLY DELHI Cover story WorldMags. In the living . The bungalow is glowing in its white avatar for now.

designer Shantanu and wife Rima Mehra’s 3.000 square feet home in New Friends Colony was planned by artist and interior designer Alex Davis.indiatodayimages. “It looks best in natural daylight. Another striking piece in her house is a wall panel showcasing momentoes from around the world and the family just keeps adding to Treasure trove Designer Niki Mahajan’s home in Sainik Farms is a mélange of things old and new.” says Mahajan. an art-deco style wooden seat salvaged from Mumbai’s Mehboob Studios and a wall-mounted collection of four century-old miniature paintings finished in gold-leaf. Here you have a Portugese writing desk finished to give an old world feel to REUBEN SINGH/www. I find heavy curtains and drapes fussy and Design marvel A sleek and clutter free space. The living room opens up to a manicured lawn with a koi pond. some yellow and some white. as the bay windows have been kept bare. another multi-hued wall. The linear steel and wood furniture by Alex Davis upholstered in black and chequered marble flooring enhance the room’s minimal décor. sharing space with a large contemporary black-and-white artwork.indiatodayimages. “The idea was to play around with geometrical shapes and forms of furniture that were both contemporary and minimalistic and can last us a lifetime. There is a conspicuous lack of drapes here as the house uses a lot of colour. A walk around the first floor house that the couple share with their two . A brick-walled arch divides the living room from the dining area. The Mahajan bedroom has a huge wooden bed embellished with intricate brass inlay work. this is where the family prefers to entertain their guests. a bamboo grove and yes. The spacious formal living room follows a modern Japanese aesthetic.” says Shantanu. ■ India Today Home s-8 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. ■ With inputs from India Today Home REUBEN SINGH/www. and is dipped in natural light. Ayan and Rishan radiates an ‘at-home’ feel that lends credence to the fact that this is not a run-of-the-mill house.” says Mahajan.SIMPLY DELHI Cover story WorldMags. Some of my walls are orange. “I have paired very different hues in the house.

Yes it does become a problem but we like to welcome everyone. The literature festival is a platform for people from all walks of life to interact. Before you pack your bags and head out to DSCJLF. performances and workshops. then the inaugural session has been replaced by a friendly cricket . this time the JLF aims to accommodate 6. here are a few tips: Register online This saves you from the trouble of standing in the long queues for on-the-spot registration. I always say. Be on time Keep yourself updated on session timings. What is new at the Jaipur Literature Festival this year? A. Check online for the list of performers and book tickets in advance. Carry a snack The food stalls at the venue get sold quickly. And if Sanjoy Roy. For details log onto http://jaipurliteraturefestival. Since. It is absolutely the other person’s choice whether they want to subscribe to that opinion or create their own. Q. opinions are shared and not forced upon anybody. Some say that JLF can be overwhelming. last minute rescheduling can happen.000 people per hour at the ■ by Ekta Marwaha T “I hope there are no controversies this time” Sanjoy Roy tells Marcia Rodrigues what to look forward to at the DSCJLF for this year. Such aspects don’t allow us to restrict the event to a certain kind of public.SIMPLY DELHI Preview WorldMags. hope the organisers. but the media created such a hue and cry. the festival is open to all we also welcome everyone who comes and welcome all opinions. with so many celebrities at the venue. and how the mindset needs to change. I have interacted with many people who come to let their children hear stories as they would never be able to afford education for them. After last year’s fireworks revolving around Salman Rushdie’s session. Managing Director of Teamwork and organizer of the DSCJLF is to be believed. It’s not the festival that revolved around controversy. debates. there will be sessions on Buddhism. Apart from the regular book readings. Buddhist Literature with Buddhist hymns playing at the venue during the day. Make prior reservations Hotels get sold out around this time of the year. Q. Buy music show pass You need to buy an entry pass for Rs 250. talks. Afghanistan and Pakistan. this would be a welcome change. We will also have a discuscussion on women not being safe in the country. We also have 10-15 book releases and sessions on the 100 years of Indian cin- ema. A. A range of Buddhist writings will be presented at the festival and there is also a large line-up of writers from India. authors write not to please but to present themselves and their opinions. Everyone can have an opinion irrespective of whether they are a celebrity or a non-celebrity. Q. The festival has no entry restrictions. Q. This year we will pay tribute to writers such as Sunil Gangopadhyay. s-10 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. Scheduled to take place from January 24-28 at Jaipur’s Diggi Palace. is security a concern? A. I hope there are no controversies this time. how will you prevent fireworks this time? A. My colleague Namita Gokhale has put together works from 16 regional languages which will definitely add to the exuberance of the festival. Do carry a printout and a photo identity card. JLF was controversial last Are you booked yet? he sixth edition of the DSC Jaipur Literature festival is expected to have a major Buddhist influence.

Puranidili Talkies—No Escape (music video). all of us were engrossed in a shot. My Friend Human and Lifting Hope (documentaries) to name a few. “There were practical problems while shooting the movie. Where else would you see different characters try and solve a crime. are you the popular guys on Facebook now? A. So.” says Gaba. s-12 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. What projects are you working on next? A. The President is Back and Black and White. don’t dismiss it as a documentary. “Quite a few friend requests pops up in a day. “We are working on a children’s film and it is for Starman Productions. Nijo Johnson and Rohit Gaba They are not the industry’s celebrated stars yet but Nijo Johnson.” says .” laughs Johnson. “We were RAJWANT RAWAT/www. The Last Act (released on December 11. and we had to take the story forward from given one of the clues.SIMPLY DELHI Profile WorldMags. Once. We were given a budget of Rs 75. There were some rave reviews and we started working on it. Q.” adds Gaba.indiatodayimages. Q. We finally came up with a script and circulated it among our friends for a test run. shooting the film to editing had to be done fast. Q. and everything from finalising a script. 2012). one from Pakistan and the other from India. If you still decide to go for the film. we ended up spending quite a bit from our pockets. You were short on time. for Anurag Kashyap’s collaborative project called.” ■ by Ekta Alreja explains Gaba.000. camera. The kind of shots you take tells the audience and critic how brilliant your filmmaking is. They have also made music videos and documentaries under their year-and-half-old banner. So. looked into the rolling camera and he says. “Money was a constraint too. reaction A tête-à-tête with Delhi’s young director duo. which is based in the US. which had to be taken in the middle of the Ring Road. have made two short films and worked as Assistant Directors in films like Slumdog Millionaire. with clues interspersed across 12 short films? A psychopath commits a murder and leaves 12 clues Lights. what about money? A. thinking and rethinking. How they become friends after they both get lost in a jungle and help each othertoget out of there. Is it more difficult to write short scripts than full fledged features? A. Each clue is de-constructed through these 12.” says Gaba. Gaba and Johnson share their experiences with Simply Delhi Q.” explains Gaba. What sort of an audience is The Last Act aimed at? A. “Those who are open to experiment have liked the film but there are also people who haven’t understood it. 27 and Rohit Gaba. suddenly an old man stopped his car. which was a mobile phone. Needless to say. there were endless discussions. if that’s what you think makes us famous. ‘bhaiya shooting chal rahi hai kya?’” laughs Gaba. The storyline revolves around two young boys. “You can call it an experiment. Q. “Don’t watch it if you love a standard procedure Bollywood flick.” says Johnson. 27. They were among the 12 directors shortlisted from across India. We had a tight deadline of 20 days. “Yes it is. For example we needed a shot of a big crowd and only one actor was supposed to look into the camera. 10-minute stories.

placed between perfectly sliced mozzarella. we realised that it doesn’t burn a huge hole in the pocket. the potatoes and beans mildly flavoured and perfectly cooked. we tried the warm pecan and honey tart. A must try is the Chicken Cacciatore—braised chicken with sautéed potatoes and green beans. the chicken was soft and tender. Located in DLF Emporio. Average meal for two Rs 2. DLF Emporio. elegance and true Cavalli style—leopard prints. Vasant Kunj ■ by Ekta Marwaha Tel 46950000 WorldMags. as boring as it may sound the presentation was elegant. The menu seems rather run-of-the-mill until the food arrives on your table. the café spells opulence.500 including taxes (without alcohol) At Cavalli Caffé. and zebra stripes dominate the dé . Beyonce. Ground Floor. Raveena Tandon and Zaheer Khan among others—the showroom and café (located next door) have become the talk of the IN THE CITY NEW IN TOWN Slice of Cavalli The much awaited label Roberto Cavalli finally arrived in India last month. We started our meal with the Caprese. A visual delight.SIMPLY DELHI Buzz WorldMags. To savour what Cavalli Caffé has to offer. Order a hot cup of cappuccino or sit back and enjoy a signature Cavalli cocktail. followed next—superbly thin. and full of flavour (the pizzas here will definitely turn you into a regular). 133. As we wrap an indulgent meal in a larger than life ambience. The Margherita Pizza. The cheery staff greets you into this moderately sized café. Saving space for dessert. topped with fresh basil leaves and caviar. mildly sweet and delicate–it was the best way to end on a sweet note. crunchy. And ever since its grand launch that saw Cavalli accompanied by his Bollywood friends Sonam Kapoor. Pictures of Cavalli with his celebrity friends Paris Hilton. Halle Berry and more dawn the wall of fame. we made a quick visit for brunch. beautifully smoked tomatoes.

ask around till you find Daulat ki Chaat. they know the best spots. A synthetic ice skating . the club has a special space dedicated white board for it. Ambience Mall Gurgaon Tel 0124 4610606 ■ by Marcia Rodrigues s-16 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. Cost Rs 300 per session (Monday to Thursday). play and do a bit of socialising with other children. Hire a rickshaw. shopping with them can often be stressful. Ask him about the legend of the delicacy and tales of milk foam collected and cooled on moonlight nights will add a lingering sweetness to ethereal feel and flavour of this rare dessert. artificial snow. we STREET FOOD Crème de la crème We know. and take yourself over to the Walled City. between three to 10 years. Enroll your child for a session that lasts for an hour where they can participate in the activities that help them learn. This is where Club Fledge at Gurgaon’s Ambience Mall comes to your aid. The seller will scoop out a portion. However. stimulating games. Available on early winter morning at Rs 10 onwards KIDS CORNER Junior jamboree While you may love taking your little one to the mall over the weekends. Rs 600 to Rs 700 (including lunch or dinner) At 6th Floor. this trip will have a sweet ending. the club also provides meals during their special lunch and dinner sessions. movie screenings and video games are some of the exciting activities your child can enjoy and if your notorious one likes scribbling on walls. At Chandni Chowk. dust it with some powdered sugar and sometimes chopped nuts and serve it in the blink of an eye. Once you reach Delhi 6. While activities are the focus. interactive storytelling sessions. Rs 400 per session (Friday to Sunday). on a platter balanced on it. Look for where a crowd may have congregated around a small wooden cart. You will see a fluffy mountain of lightly whipped milk cream. The place offers several attractions for children.SIMPLY DELHI Buzz WorldMags. it takes major effort to get out the quilt’s warm embrace early on a winter morning.

cinema. film screenings .in ONGOING TILL JAN 20 Following fish Mantra Amaltas is offering a specially crafted menu called. Enjoy! At 23. Another highlight is an Indo-French play Gates to India Song. four km before Pushkar. golden fried fish and prawns and fish and prawn risotto served with Parmesan cheese. which has actor Nandita Das in the lead and French author Marguerite Duras. and the langa singer Bachu Khan. The fair’s focus is on providing a bridge building platform to spread deeper awareness. Ticket Rs 300 At NSIC Exhibition Grounds. It will also include a video lounge. The festival begins with the Ballet Preljocaj. Ajmer Pushkar Road Log on to bluelotusfestival. an acrobatic dance show recently seen at the London Olympics. There will also be a grand closing show. There will be a lot more activities like yoga and meditation sessions. art projects and a Speakers' Forum with over 40 speakers. It is a confluence of 350 artists from across India including the stunning Sufi qawwali singer Raza Khan.SIMPLY DELHI GETAWAY Buzz WorldMags. fish and chips. Flying Angels. fashion. play unique instruments and learn more about the inspiration behind these unique art forms. a unique festival of Indian music and culture. At Ananta Spa & Resorts. The art fair will include 106 exhibitors from 24 countries in the general exhibition area and solo camel safaris and much more. an art bookstore. Another added atrraction is that you can also participate in workshops with the performing artists. whose voice has been described as ‘supernatural’ (by WorldMusic. At Various locations Log on to bonjour-india. A Fiesty Fish fare. education. literature. photography and performing arts will be the focus of Bonjour India that continues till April this year. NSIC Bhawan. Friends Colony West Tel 49664966 s-18 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. . who will be presenting his work to the Indian audience for the first time. food carnival. Okhla Industrial Estate JAN 26-MARCH 31 Cultural fiesta Bonjour India-Festival of France is back with a bang. live art and craft FEB 13-18 Note worthy Plan a weekend trip to Pushkar to attend the very first Blue Lotus Festival. The menu includes dishes like Mahi EVENTS FEB 1-3 Art attack! A visit to India Art Fair should be on your top priority this month. Village Leela Sevri. a contemporary ballet created in collaboration with the Bolshoi Theatre and artist Subodh Gupta. Art. and creating wider access to art in India.

Someplace Else has hosted big names like Louis Banks. But just like at a bar. So diners can get creative.000.indiatodayimages. The nightclub serves predominantly Oriental fare with dishes such as chicken satay and salt-pepper prawns coming recommended. Mix@36 targets the older lot that prefers a Scotch or a cocktail over retro music and comfortable couches. peppery corn fritters and burnt garlic mushrooms are just the beginning of a fun roster of dishes. 17 Park Street Tel 033 22499000 BANGALORE SANDESH RAVIKUMAR Noodle Bar Head to Noodle Bar to sample some of the best dishes from the Oriental region— think Chinese. wooden accents and a stained glass ceiling. customers can mix things up to get the exact dish they want. vegetables and sauces.SIMPLY DELHI Elsewhere WorldMags. Average meal for two Rs 2. Krosswindz. As expected. PUNE Mix@36 If its year-old sister nightclub Kue Bar at The Westin is for the young reveller who likes to dance the night away. it’s got to be at Someplace Else.000 plus taxes Where The Westin. eighties and . Thai. plus taxes Where Phoenix Market City. the bar selection is extensive and boasts of some of the best brands from across the world with expensive single malts. The Saturday Night Blues Band and Orient Express that perform here ensure a steady stream of music lovers who sway to the popular numbers at the British-style pub done up with exposed brick walls. Whitefield s-20 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. pairing noodles with meats. The regular roster of bands including Hip Pocket. The lounge puts you in rewind mode with music from the seventies. Jonas SUBIR HALDERK/www. Onion pancakes. Gary Husband and Andreas Marsechini along with the finest Indian performers. barbecue roast lamb. Burmese. Meal for two Rs 1. Rémy Martin cognac and world wines. Japanese and Korean. 36/3-B Koregaon Park Annexe. Practically synonymous with the best musical nights in the city. The Open Mic nights and Open Mind Mondays are the perfect launch-pads for young musical talents.100 plus taxes At The Park. crystal prawn dumplings. Ghorpadi Tel 020 67210000 OutandAbout HEADING OUT OFTHE CITY? TRYTHESE PLACES MILIND WADEKAR KOLKATA Someplace Else When it comes to live music. Meal for two Rs 1.

This is exceptionally important with respect to designing a s-22 SIMPLY DELHI ◆ JANUARY 2013 WorldMags. Qboid Design House I prefer fusion when it comes to furniture. is good to look at individually.SIMPLY DELHI Celeb speak WorldMags. Owner. HEMANT CHAWLA/www. since. but they should also compliment each other. A space with several mismatched pieces look messy and disorienting. EKANSH BANSAL. mixing contemporary and traditional styles. Interior Designer The individual shouldn't be forgotten amongst the masses. One of the greatest ways to capture the essence of a room is to add an element that can be the centre of STAR Ideas DESIGN TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS DIMPLE KOHLI. yet the masses should not dissipate into individuals.indiatodayimages. it is important that every single piece and item with that . It may be colourful or visually appealing and one can also use contrasting colours and enhance its look with soft lighting.

Investing in it is a better option. Keep in mind things you can’t change often like flooring. The latest trends in home décor are contemporary with a classic ANKUSH AGGARWAL. Special effects on the walls with embellishments are a rage catching on in the .WorldMags. A high-end residence uses luxury creatively. but the use of materials and furniture which adds a timeless touch. One can use fabrics like silk and tussar with Swarovski for their upholstery. It is not just about opulence. Every home should synchronise with the owner’s personality and not talk only about latest trends and conceptual ideas. The Furniture Republic ■ Compiled by Marcia Rodrigues WorldMags. Co-Founder. Art and furniture can be played with easily while flooring helps you build aesthetic value to your home. ADITYA GUPTA. CEO Ansa Interiors RASEEL GUJRAL. It had a lot of contemporary elements that I have never used before. Interior Designer A year ago I worked on a farm house and it was a good experience.