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Extracted from

The Cure
by Supreme Justice Abul !"l E#!"$
"ie" %&&'(CE - Isl!mic Ye!r )**H+

Rep,rte" b# -r!." Muh!""ith H!bib H! i/ Ab"ull!h 0e. S!"e1 Re2ise" b# Muh!""ith Ab"ull!h T!li"i A. !"!pt!ti,. b# Ser2!.t , H!"ith$ Sh!#1h Ahm!" D!r3ish %Ar!bic+ 4h!"ei5!h A6 Stephe.s %E.7lish+ A#esh! N!"ri#! %I.",.esi!.+
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a#ari are of the o&inion it also (eans that he sho l! #e hel&e! an! assiste!. Al 0asan an! several 1o(&anions sai! that "hen it )a(e to !e)ision (a+in$. Allah )on)l !es this verse "ith the )a tion not to !o other"ise. !o not s&ea+ #efore he s&ea+s an! "hen he s&ea+s listen to hi( in silen)e. an! sho" hi( the $reatest res&e)t. stori/s son sai! that the verse (eans. *)holars s )h as Al A+hfash an! At-. "ear Allah. Respect and Honor the Prophet Allah says. to !o other"ise "o l! )onstit te e. Allah also says. ""ear Allah# Allah is the Hearer# the $nower" (49:1). -elievers are "arne! in the se)on! q ote! verse not to s&ea+ #efore hi(. *ahl.The Koran Expresses the Necessity to Praise.hey "ere not &er(itte! to &re)e!e hi( in any (atter. "We have sent you (Prophet Muhammad) as a witness and as a bearer of glad tidings and warning. 0e says. the 1o(&anions "ere for#i!!en to )arry o t any (atter #efore the %ro&het ha! s&o+en an! $iven his instr )tion re$ar!less "hether it "as to fi$ht or so(ethin$ else in their 2eli$ion nless the %ro&het ha! or!ere! it. " elievers do not advan!e before Allah and His Messenger. Allah is the Hearer# the $nower. . elievers# do not raise your voi!es above the voi!e of the Prophet# nor spea% loudly to him as you do to one another lest your wor%s should be annulled without your %nowledge. "&o not ma%e the !alling of the Messenger among yourselves li%e the !alling to one another" (24:63).tre(ely #a! (anners. So that you (people) believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you support him and revere him" (48:8-9). Al-'a"ar!i e. In the first verse q ote!." (49:1-2) Also. o r attention is !ra"n #y Allah to the o#li$ation to honor %ro&het ' ha((a! .&laine! 2 . A#! llah At-.

As-* la(i sai! it (eans one ( st fear Allah. .that /fear Allah/ (eans one ( st not ta+e &re)e!en)e over 0is %ro&het . ) . an! #ears the )on!itional (eanin$ of "3#serve s.hereafter "hen 3(ar s&o+e to the %ro&het he s&o+e in a "his&er. It (eans one ( st res&e)t an! hol! hi( in hi$h estee( an! a!!ress hi( "ith the (ost no#le of titles s )h as. It has also #een sai! that.his is s &&orte! #y the verse that says. . or !isres&e)t "hat is ! e to the %ro&het re(e(#er Allah hears an! +no"s "hat "e !o. Another s)holar "as of the o&inion that it (eant that they sho l! only as+ hi( q estions. Allah )a tions "nor spea% loudly to him as you do to one another lest your wor%s should be annulled without your %nowledge" (49:2).&laine! the verse as (eanin$ one ( st not s&ea+ #efore the %ro&het neither ( st one )all hi( #y his na(e as it is ) sto(ary to !o to others. "hen s&ea+in$ to the %ro&het . "&o not ma%e the !alling of the Messenger among yourselves li%e your !alling to one another" (24:63). )o(e o t to s. 3f the verse. ne$le)t. ' ha((a!. as if he "as )onfi!in$ a se)ret4 his voi)e "as al(ost ina !i#le "here &on the %ro&het as+e! 3(ar to raise his voi)e a little." An! that Allah )ens re! the( for #ein$ i$norant an! sai!.&laine! that this &hrase "as in )o((on se a(on$ the 0el&ers (Ansar). 'essen$er of Allah or %ro&het of Allah. 3 t of res&e)t the Ansar "ere for#i!!en to se the &hrase. . It has also #een sai! the for(er verse "as sent !o"n in referen)e to a )onversation #et"een A# -a+r an! 3(ar "hi)h too+ &la)e in the &resen)e of the %ro&het that er &te! into a !is& te in "hi)h voi)es "ere raise!. It has #een sai! that this verse "as sent !o"n "hen a !ele$ation fro( the tri#e of . A# ' ha((a! 'a++i e. if yo !isre$ar!.a(in )a(e an! sho te! o t "' ha((a!. an! "e "ill o#serve yo ". "most of them la!% understanding" (49:4). " elievers# do not say '(bserve us'" (2:154) a )o((entator e. the 6e"s "o l! se the sa(e &hrase in (o)+ery of the %ro&het #e)a se the "or! "2a/ina" in 0e#re" (eans evil.hereafter Allah for#a!e the( to raise their voi)es a#ove that of the %ro&het or to s&ea+ lo !ly.

" 3sa(a. 'asoo!/s son. to$ether "ith A# -a+r an! 3(ar. "." 0in!. ":hen he s&o+e those sittin$ aro n! hi( "o l! #o" their hea!s as if there "ere #ir!s &er)he! on to& of the(. 9one of the( e.r"a )o((ente! that never #efore ha! he seen s )h tre(en!o s res&e)t &ai! to anyone. #e)a se I a( na#le to $a7e at hi( eno $h. he tol! the(.r"a.hey "o l! ta+e his saliva an! "i&e it over their fa)es an! #o!ies.&on .he 'essen$er of Allah "ent o t a))o(&anie! #y the 8(i$rants an! 0el&ers.r"a noti)e! the 1o(&anions of the %ro&het !i! not stare at hi( o t of res&e)t. 0e "as asto n!e! #y the over"hel(in$. 0e sai! that "henever the %ro&het (a!e a#l tion he sa" his 1o(&anions r sh to re)eive so(e of his leftover "ater. :hen he s&o+e they lo"ere! their voi)es in his &resen)e. :hen he $ave a )o((an! they r she! to f lfill it. If a stran! of hair fell fro( hi( they "o l! r sh to retrieve it. "I have visite! 1hosroes in his +in$!o(. "as sent #y the <oraysh as an envoy to the %ro&het &rior to the si$nin$ of the treaty of 0 !ay#iyah. I "o l! #e na#le to !o so. "ho "as yet to e(#ra)e Isla(. s&o+e of the $reat love. they "o l! s(ile at hi( an! he "o l! s(ile at the(. an! res&e)t he ha! for the %ro&het sayin$. raise! their eyes to loo+ at hi(. I have never seen any +in$ or e(&eror treate! "ith the sa(e res&e)t that the 1o(&anions of 4 ." :hen . I )an never $et (y fill of $a7in$ at hi(. . ". n&arallele! a(o nt of res&e)t the 1o(&anions ha! for the %ro&het .here is no one (ore #elove! to (e than the 'essen$er of Allah neither is there anyone I res&e)t (ore than he. If I "ere to #e as+e! to !es)ri#e hi(. 1aesar in his e(&ire. A#i 0ala/s !a $hter sai! so(ethin$ si(ilar. "I )a(e to the %ro&het an! noti)e! that his 1o(&anions sat aro n! hi( as still as if there "ere #ir!s &er)he! &on their hea!s. . an! #y Allah. 0e sai!. . .)e&t A# -a+r an! 3(ar. an! the 9e$ s in his +in$!o(. Al-As/s son.hey "o l! loo+ at the %ro&het an! he "o l! loo+ at the(." Anas tells s. *hari+/s son !es)ri#e! a $atherin$ in "hi)h the %ro&het an! so(e of his 1o(&anions "ere &resent. an! in fa)t they nearly fo $ht to re)eive it.The Companion's Great Respect and Their Honoring of the Prophet A(r.r"a/s ret rn to the <oraysh. on a))o nt of the $reat res&e)t I have for hi(. .

' ha((a! sho" to ' ha((a!.r"a sai!.alha arrive! he loo+e! at hi( an! re)ite! the verse "Among the believers there are men who have been true to their !ovenant with Allah. A# A#raha( At-.alha s&o+e of the ti(e. on a))o nt of the reveren)e they ha! for hi(. 3ne !ay A# 6a/far.he -e!o in as+e! # t the %ro&het !i! not ans"er hi( i((e!iately. "hen the 1o(&anions of the 'essen$er of Allah req este! an i$norant -e!o in.he 1o(&anions "ere shy to as+ the(selves. the %rin)e of -elievers starte! to !is& te "ith 'ali+ in the 'osq e of the %ro&het 'ali+ re(in!e! hi( not to !o that sayin$." Anas tells of the ti(e "hen he sa" the 'essen$er of Allah #ein$ shave!." It is also re&orte! that .alha #e)a(e a (artyr. The Continuance of Respect and Esteem Due to the Prophet fter His Death In the sa(e "ay as it "as ne)essary to res&e)t the %ro&het ! rin$ his lifeti(e. . Some have fulfilled their vow dying# and others await# unyielding to !hange" (33:23). =ater . it is very ne)essary to res&e)t hi( no" that he has &asse! a"ay. res&e)tf l. to as+ the %ro&het a#o t "hat a &erson "as li+e "ho ha! f lfille! his vo". !o not raise yo r voi)e in this 'osq e. >i#i tells s that there is an o#li$ation &on everyone "ho #elieves to #e h (#le. . :hen . "I have never seen a +in$ hel! in s )h hi$h estee( as ' ha((a! is hel! #y his 1o(&anions. his fa(ily an! 1o(&anions. Allah ta $ht s ho" to #ehave #y sayin$. 0is 1o(&anions stoo! aro n! hi( an! "henever a lo)+ of hair fell one of the( &i)+e! it &. an! still "henever the %ro&het . "%rin)e of -elievers. fearf l. . . is (entione! in their &resen)e. > st as if he "ere still in o r &resen)e. " elievers# do not raise your voi!es above the * .he sa(e !e$ree of res&e)t an! (anners sho"n #y the 1o(&anions to the %ro&het ! rin$ his lifeti(e sho l! #e e( late!. as "ell as "hen one hears (ention of his na(e. In)l !e! in this is the res&e)t one ( st sho" "henever the %ro&het/s sayin$s or "ay are (entione!. an! I have seen a &eo&le "ho "ill never a#an!on hi(. after the !eath of the %ro&het.

+ ." 'ali+ sai! of Ayyo # As-*a+htiyani. . ")f# when they had wrong themselves# they had !ome to you*" (4:64).his "as on a))o nt of the res&e)t he felt for the %ro&het . I "o l! o#serve ' ha((a!. the 'i$hty the Blorifie!. I "ent on the Breater %il$ri(a$e t"i)e an! ha! )han)e to o#serve Ayyo #. Al <asi(/s son t rne! &ale. # t "hen the %ro&het "as (entione! in his &resen)e. /If yo ha! seen "hat I have seen. I o#serve! 6af/ar. 0e "as a(on$ the s)holars "ho "ere +no"le!$ea#le an! "orshi&&e! Allah. an! his ton$ e #e)a(e !ry "henever the %ro&het "as (entione!.voi!e of the Prophet" (49:2). 0e only s&o+e a#o t ne)essary thin$s "hi)h "ere of )on)ern to hi(. 3ne !ay he "as as+e! a#o t this an! re&lie!. there#y re(in!in$ 6afar that even tho $h the %ro&het ha! &asse! a"ay the sa(e res&e)t ! e to hi( ! rin$ his life ti(e is ! e to hi( thereafter. "those who lower their voi!e in the presen!e of the Messenger of Allah are those whose hearts Allah has tested for warding off (evil) (49:3) 'ali+ also re(in!e! hi( of the "arnin$ in the verse. > st as if the #loo! ha! !raine! fro( it. an! !re" 6a?fars attention to. "A# A#! llah. :hen I se! to visit hi( I "o l! fin! hi( either &rayin$. :hen this o)) rre! I reali7e! the $reat a(o nt of res&e)t he ha! for the %ro&het it "as then that I starte! to "rite !o"n narrations fro( hi(. yo "o l! not #e s r&rise! #y this. he "e&t an! his eyes #e)a(e re!. ' ha((a!/s son "ho "o l! >o+e an! la $h a lot. the (aster of <oran re)iters. "I !o not re&ort to yo e. ":henever the %ro&het "as (entione! 'ali+ #e)a(e so &ale that it )a se! !istress to those in his )o(&any. fastin$ or re)itin$ the <oran.)e&t fro( Ayyo # or so(eone #etter than hi(. ":hy "o l! yo t rn yo r fa)e fro( hi( "hen he is yo r (eans an! the (eans of yo r father A!a( to Allah on the Aay of 2es rre)tion@ I fa)e the %ro&het an! as+ hi( to inter)e!e #e)a se Allah $rants his inter)ession. on (ost o))asions "hen he "as as+e! a#o t a &ro&heti) q otation he "e&t ntil "e ha! sy(&athy for hi(. "hen yo s &&li)ate !o yo fa)e the !ire)tion of &rayer or !o yo fa)e the 'essen$er of Allah @" 'ali+ re&lie!. Allah says. "those who !all out to you (Prophet Muhammad)" (49:4). ' n+a!ir/s son." ' s/a# A#! llah/s son sai!. . :henever the 'essen$er of Allah "as (entione!. 6a/far "as h (#le! #y this re(in!er an! as+e! 'ali+. he $re" &ale an! I never sa" hi( relate a sayin$ of the 'essen$er of Allah "itho t first (a+in$ a#l tion.he fa)e of A#! r 2ah(an.

he hi$h re$ar! of the 1o(&anions an! their follo"ers (. A#! llah/s son "hose $ran!father "as A7-C #air. .:hen he visite! A(ir." 'ali+ re&lie!." *irin/s son "o l! la $h.a#i . "henever a &ro&heti) q otation "as (entione!. A#! r 2ah(an. . :henever the %ro&het "as (entione! he "e&t an! )ontin e! to !o so an! those aro n! hi( $ot & an! left. The Transmission of Hadith !y the Companions and their "o##o$ers %Ta!ien and Ta!i Ta!ien& . then he )o l! (a+e the &eo&le hear. 'ah!i/s son instr )te! those in his )o(&any to #e silent. it "as as if he !i! not +no" yo nor yo +ne" hi(. an! it "as o#serve! that "henever the %ro&het "as (entione! in his &resen)e he #e)a(e o#livio s of all. ' elievers# do not raise your voi!es above the voi!e of the Prophet' (49:2). F. an! the %ro&het "as (entione! in his &resen)e he "o l! "ee& ntil he ha! no (ore tears left to she!.he 'essen$er of Allah sai!? # t one .a#ien) for the trans(ission of the %ro&heti) q otations an! his "ay of life A(r. 'ay( n?s son tells s EI visite! 'asoo!?s son thro $ho t the &erio! of a year an! he never hear! hi( say. I "o l! visit *af"an. ":o l! that yo "o l! a&&oint so(eone to "ho( yo )o l! !i)tate.a#ien an! . .he res&e)t ! e to hi( ! rin$ his lifeti(e.D .he reason for this lies in his inter&retation of the &re)e!in$ verse. 0e sai! that &eo&le ( st #e silent "henever a &ro&heti) q otation is rea!. "Ao not raise yo r voi)es a#ove the voi)e of the %ro&het . # t "hen a &ro&heti) q otation "as (entione! he #e)a(e h (#le. > st as if they "o l! if they "ere in the &resen)e of the %ro&het listenin$ to hi( s&ea+in$. * lay(an/s son "ho "as a(on$ those (ost !ili$ent in their "orshi& an! offere! &rayers thro $ho t the ni$ht." :henever <ata!a hear! a &ro&heti) q otation he "o l! #rea+ o t in a so# an! #e)a(e very fearf l. an! tol! the(. "Allah sai!. is the sa(e no" that he is !ea!. A7-C hri "as one of the (ost easy-$oin$ an! frien!ly &eo& "as a ti(e "hen a lot of &eo&le $athere! aro n! 'ali+ an! so(eone sai!.

0e as+e! a#o t a )ertain &ro&heti) sayin$. "'ali+. he re&lie! sayin$.he shay+h as+s "hether yo have )o(e to hear &ro&heti) q otations or if it is #e)a se yo have a q estion. . "It is the sayin$ of the 'essen$er of Allah . Anas/ son "as ta $ht a &ro&heti) q otation he "o l! o t of res&e)t." :hen &eo&le visite! 'ali+. 'ali+ as+e! &er(ission to listen. his (ai! "o l! $o to the( an! as+. /.hat &latfor( "as only set & for his tea)hin$s of the &ro&heti) q otations. & t on so(e &erf (e an! fresh ro#es on to& of "hi)h he "o l! "ear a !ar+ )loa+.he 6 !$e of 'e!ina." If they ha! q estions.hen 'asoo!?s son starte! to e. # t if it "as to hear a &ro&heti) q otation he "o l! first (a+e a#l tion. 0is eyes "ere f ll of tears an! his veins #e)a(e enlar$e!.his "as on a))o nt of the res&e)t 'ali+ ha! for the %ro&het . . 0e "o l! "ear a t r#an an! then &la)e the hoo! of his )loa+ over his hea!. A#raha(.he (an sai! to Al ' sayya#. (a+e a#l tion. *irin/s son "as a &erson "ho "o l! la $h a lot # t "hen he hear! a sayin$ of the %ro&het he #e)a(e h (#le." ' ha((a!. .!ay he sai! Fthe 'essen$er of Allah sai!? an! &on sayin$ it he #e)a(e so !istresse! ntil I sa" &ers&iration !ri& fro( his #ro". tells s that "'ali+. Anas/ son ha&&ene! to &ass #y A# 0a7i( "ho "as tea)hin$ so(e of the &ro&heti) q otations." :here &on he re&lie!. "I "o l! !isli+e to )onvey to yo a &ro&heti) q otation "hilst restin$. "I "ish yo ha! not tro #le! yo rself. :hen he "as as+e! "hy he ha! !i! that." :e are tol! #y 'ali+ that a (an "ent to Al ' sayya#/s son an! fo n! hi( restin$. ho"ever there "as no &la)e to sit an! he sai!. "I !isli+e listenin$ to a &ro&heti) q otation "hile stan!in$. A#! llah/s son "ho "as the son of G say( Al Ansari. . :henever 'ali+. "I li+e to sho" (y res&e)t for the sayin$s of the 'essen$er of Allah 8 . :hen he "as as+e! "hy he !i! this he re&lie!. . an! aloes "ere # rne! ntil he finishe! tea)hin$ the &ro&heti) sayin$s.&lain the ha!ith. A &latfor( "o l! #e set & for hi( an! he "o l! $o o t to his visitors in a state of h (ility. he "o l! )o(e o t to hear the(. &re&are hi(self then & t on his ro#e an! trans(it it. Anas/ son "o l! only trans(it a &ro&heti) q otation if he ha! his a#l tion. "here &on Al ' sayya#/s son sat &ri$ht an! $ave hi( the q otation. A# ' s/a# sai!.

0e sai!. * )h &ra)ti)e "as evi!ent in the early $enerations of ' sli(s (1o(&anions. "I sa" yo !o so(ethin$ e. "his (Prophet Muhammad's) wives are their mothers" (33:6). 'ali+/s fa)e )han$e! )olor an! #e)a(e &ale. "I #esee)h yo #y AllahH . ' #ara+/s son tells s that a s)or&ion st n$ hi( si. #e)a se the %ro&het en)o ra$e! one to !o so.a#ien an! ." A#! llah. The Prophet's De'otion to his "ami#y (i'es and Descendants An ele(ent of res&e)t an! !evotion to %ro&het ' ha((a! is one/s !evotion to his fa(ily. A#! llah sai! to hi(." 'ali+ "as trans(ittin$ so(e of the sayin$s of the %ro&het an! ! rin$ that ti(e A#! llah. an! his !es)en!ants. Allah sai!." Airar ." 'ah!i/s son "al+e! "ith 'ali+ to Al-/Aqiq an! as+e! hi( a#o t a %ro&heti) q otation an! 'ali+ re&roa)he! hi( sayin$. Arqa(/s son that one !ay the %ro&het sai! thri)e. # t it !i! not sto& hi( fro( )ontin in$ his tea)hin$.a#ien).traor!inary to!ayH" 'ali+ re&lie!. (ay Allah #e &lease! "ith the(. "Io are in (y eyes too $oo! to as+ a#o t a sayin$ of the %ro&het "hile "e are "al+in$.a#i . *alih/s son sai!.teen ti(es. "( family of the House# Allah only wishes to distan!e fault from you and !leanse you" (33:33).he %eo&le of (y 0o seH" :hen Cay! as+e! "ho( 9 . "Ies. his "ives "ho are the 'others of -elievers. "-oth 'ali+ an! Al-=ayth "o l! only "rite !o"n a %ro&heti) sayin$ "hen they ha! their a#l tion. I en! re! it o t of res&e)t for the 'essen$er of Allah . "I li+e to ens re that &eo&le n!erstan! the sayin$s of the 'essen$er of Allah . At the en! of the lesson. stan!in$ & or "hen he "as in a h rry." 'ali+ !isli+e! #ein$ as+e! a#o t a ha!ith "hile "al+in$ in the street. .an! I "ill only tea)h the( "hen I have a#l tion. :e are tol! #y Cay!. they !isli+e! to tea)h the %ro&heti) sayin$s if they "ere in nee! to rene" their a#l tion. Allah also tells s. ' rra/s son sai! that. after the &eo&le !e&arte!.

+hen let us humbly pray and so lay the !urse of Allah upon the ones who lie'" (3:61). *aa!." 3(ar. . "+o those who dispute with you !on!erning him after the %nowledge has !ome to you# say# '. let hi( $ive it to Ali.ome# let us gather our sons and your sons# our womenfol% and your womenfol%# ourselves and yourselves. "3 Allah. the %ro&het sai!. 0 ssain an! Jati(a an! sai!." (Shay%h &arwish added.qayl (son of A# . these are the %eo&le of (y 0o se. Hafi/ ibn Ha00ar said# "Hafi/ ibn (1da gathered it in a boo% of whi!h most 1uotations are authenti! or designated as being fine. +he meaning of the Arabi! word "mowalah" in this hadith means )slami! love and support. the fa(ily of 6a/far (son of A# . )t does not mean be!oming an appointed imam# though Ali was ele!ted to be the fourth guided !aliph# be!ause the Prophet says the truth and the !laim of the Shia would render the first three !aliphs in error together with the 3migrants and Supporters who !olle!tively ele!ted one !aliph after the other by giving them their allegian!e. "3 Allah.a+e hol! of it an! yo "ill not $o astray: the -oo+ of Allah. these are (y fa(ily." *hortly #efore the %ro&het &asse! a"ay he tol! his 1o(&anions. "I a( leavin$ yo "ith so(ethin$. (y fa(ily an! the &eo&le of (y 0o se. $ive vi)tory an! love for "hosoever $ives hi( vi)tory an! love. 0asan. an! the fa(ily of Al A##as.+his hadith is reported in Musnad Ahmad and ibn Hiban and .isai with multiple authenti! !hain of narrators. A#i :a++as/ son s&o+e of the verse in "hi)h the )hallen$e of Allah is invo+e!. 3 Allah.ali#). "here &on. (ay Allah #e &lease! "ith her. he re&lie!.ali#). . *ala(a/s son tells s that the verse.a+e )are to follo" (y instr )tion re$ar!in$ the(. the %ro&het )alle! for his !a $hter =a!y Jati(a an! her sons 0asan an! 0 ssain an! "ra&&e! the( in a $ar(ent as Ali stoo! #ehin! hi( an! sai!. "( family of the House# Allah only wishes to distan!e fault from you and !leanse you" (33:33) "as sent !o"n in the ho se of =a!y . Hafi/ 2ahabi said# it has fine !hains. Suyuti said# it is Mutawatta (!olle!tively reported). *aa! sai! that "hen this verse "as reveale! the %ro&het )alle! Ali.he (eant #y the "%eo&le of his 0o se".he fa(ily of Ali. so re(ove all i(& rity fro( the( an! & rify the( )o(&letely". the fa(ily of . ". With su!h understanding# the Shi'ite twelve imams have earned 10 . ":hosoever $ives (e love an! vi)tory.(( *ala(a. (ay Allah honor his fa)e. an! #e an ene(y for "hosoever ta+es hi( as an ene(y." 1on)ernin$ the ran+ of Ali.

"Ao not !is)o(fort (e #y . their father an! their (other "ill #e "ith (e in (y ran+ on the Aay of 2es rre)tion." A##as/ son sai!." . "-y the 3ne in "hose han! is (y so l. 3f the <oraysh. he loo+s li+e the %ro&hetH 0e !oes not loo+ li+e AliH" Ali > st la $he!." sai!." 11 .o =a!y .hen Cay! +isse! A##as/ han! an! sai!. "2es&e)t ' ha((a! #y res&e)tin$ the %eo&le of his 0o se. "Allah loves those "ho love 0asan. ." 2eferrin$ to his t"o $ran!sons. the %ro&het !is)o(fortin$ =a!y Ayesha.ha#it/s son &asse! a"ay an! after the f neral &rayer he fet)he! his ( le so that he (i$ht (o nt. ne&he" of the 'essen$er of Allah." 'ay Allah #e &lease! "ith the(.his is the "ay in "hi)h I "as instr )te! to #ehave "ith the %eo&le of the 0o se. ". "-y the 3ne in "hose han! is (y so l." 0e also sai!.(( *ala(a." .he %ro&het "o l! ta+e hol! of the han! of 3sa(a. ":hosoever !e(eans the <oraysh. A##as/ son sa" hi(. ":hosoever loves these t"o. Al-0asan an! Al-0 ssain an! their &arents.+#a. Cay!/s son an! Al0asan an! s &&li)ate." A# -a+r sai!.he %ro&het tol! his n)le Al-A##as. . "-y (y father. . "Bive &referen)e to the <oraysh.he %ro&het tol! his 1o(&anions. "=et $o. Allah "ill !e(ean the(. the %ro&het sai!." . " 3 Allah.he (other of Cay!. the %ro&het sai!.the anger of Allah and His Prophet by a!!using su!h a fine generation who spread the $oran and sunnah and with whom Allah is pleased. the near +in of the 'essen$er of Allah are !earer to (e than (y o"n +in!re!. he )a(e an! too+ hol! of the stirr & "here &on Cay! &olitely sai!.his is the "ay "e #ehave "ith the +no"le!$ea#le. an! !o not &re)e!e the(.) . I love #oth of the( so &lease love the(." 0e also !e)lare!. Al 0arith/s son tells of the ti(e "hen he sa" A# -a+r & ttin$ Al 0asan on his sho l!ers an! sai!. "." .his "as sai! t"o !ays after the !eath of the %ro&het as Ali "al+e! #esi!e A# -a+r after he ha! #een ele)te! as )ali&h. #elief "ill not enter a &ersons heart ntil he loves yo for Allah an! 0is 'essen$er.

" The Respect. shy a"ay fro( !is) ssin$ their !ifferen)es. 0e 12 ." Allah says. "Ao yo &rostrate at this ho r@" ("hi)h "as ! rin$ an e)li&se). &raise the(. sho" en(ity to those hostile to"ar!s the(. the %ro&het sai!. the )orre)t a&&roa)h is to a!o&t the #est inter&retation an! loo+ for the a&&ro&riate "ay #e)a se they are !eservin$ of s )h. so I &referre! the love of the 'essen$er of Allah to (y love. A#! llah as+e! his father. hol! yo r ton$ e.he 'essen$er of Allah se! to visit her." A##as/ son "as tol!. ":henever (y 1o(&anions are (entione!.:hen 3(ar. "Ai!n/t the 'essen$er of Allah say. virt es an! &raise"orthy q alities an! re(ain silent a#o t other (atters. If so(ethin$ is re&orte! a#o t the( re$ar!in$ the !ifferen)es that too+ &la)e #et"een the(. ." A# -a+r an! 3(ar "o l! visit . "It "as #e)a se Cay! "as !earer to the 'essen$er of Allah than yo r father. an! re>e)t the (is$ i!an)e of the *hi/ite an! innovators. 9one of the 1o(&anions sho l! #e (entione! in a #a! (anner nor yet re# +e!. Cay!/s son three tho san! five h n!re!. as "ell as the re&orts of historians or i$norant trans(itters (or the &oison s #tly intro! )e! #y orientalists) "ho atte(&t to !etra)t fro( their estee(. Kindness Due to the Companions and their Rights Another as&e)t of the res&e)t is +no"in$ the ri$hts of the 1o(&anions an! o#e!ien)e ! e to the %ro&het that one sho l! res&e)t his 1o(&anions. +hose who are with him are harsh against the unbelievers but mer!iful to one another" (48:29). he !i! not fi$ht in the #attle #efore (e. /If yo see a si$n &rostrate/ an! "hat $reater si$n )o l! there #e than the !e&art re of one of the "ives of the %ro&het. "here &on he &rostrate! an! those aro n! hi( as+e!. he $ave his son A#! llah three tho san! "hereas he $ave 3sa(a. ":hy !i! yo $ive 3sa(a (ore than (e@ -y Allah. ". "*o-an!-so has &asse! a"ay" referrin$ to one of the %ro&het/s "ives. "ho ha! #een the (ai! of the %ro&het an! sai!.(( Ay(an. follo" the(. the )orre)t a&&roa)h is to (ention their $oo! !ee!s. as+ for their for$iveness.&on this s #>e)t." 0is father re&lie!. re)o$ni7e their ri$hts. 0e re&lie!. Al <hatta#/s son "as !istri# tin$ the s&oils of "ar. "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. an! 3sa(a "as !earer to hi( than yo . (ay Allah #e &lease! "ith the(.

"and through them He enrages the unbelievers" (48:29). A# -a+r an! 3(ar. Anas/s son an! others sai!.here are t"o q alities if fo n! in a &erson "ill #rin$ a#o t their salvation. If anyone "ere )a&a#le of s&en!in$ the "ei$ht of 'o nt ." (Shay%h &arwish !ommented. "Jear Allah.heir > !$(ent "as fo n! in the verse.) . "Ao not ins lt (y 1o(&anions. on a))o nt of the verse that rea!s." .+his authenti! hadith is an indi!ation that Abu a%r should be the first !aliph and (mar the se!ond. Also. It is (y fear that the a)tions of s )h a &erson "ill not rise to the heavens ntil he loves all of the( an! his heart is so n!. fear Allah. . "+hose who !ame after them say# '"orgive us our 4ord# and forgive our brothers who were believers before us. "As for the first (utstrippers among the migrants and supporters * Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him" (9:155). An!. 0 !hayfa hear! the 'essen$er of Allah say. ":hosoever hates an! ins lts the 1o(&anions has no ri$ht to the ' sli( treas ry.he %ro&het sai!. 'y 1o(&anions !o not (a+e the( tar$ets after (eH :hosoever loves the( loves the( #e)a se they love (e. an! the .h ! in $ol!. an! "hosoever hates the( it is thro $h their hatre! of (e.also says. . "there are men who have been true to their !ovenant with Allah" (33:23). "Allah was pleased with the believers when they swore allegian!e to you under the tree and He %new what was in their hearts" (48:18). :hosoever !oes so(ethin$ to h rt (e !oes it is as if it is h rtf l to Allah. :hosoever #elittles any of the(." %ro&het ' ha((a! "arne!. har(s (e. it "o l! not even rea)h the (eas re of see!s eq al to t"o-thir!s of a +ilo nor its half. :hosoever har(s the(. ". 'ali+ also "as of the o&inion that "hosoever is o tra$e! #y the 1o(&anions of the %ro&het is an n#eliever." 1) .hey are tr thf lness an! love for the 1o(&anions of ' ha((a!. ":hosoever &raises the 1o(&anions of ' ha((a! is not a hy&o)rite. Al ' #ara+/s son sai!. As-*a+htiyani sai!.he > rist 'ali+. "Jollo" those after (e.a#ien an! ." Ayyo #.a#i . A#! llah. &o not put in our hearts any spite towards those who believe/" (K9:15).a#ien ((eanin$ the se)on! an! thir! $eneration of ' sli(s) o&&oses the %ro&heti) :ay an! is an innovator. :hosoever !oes so(ethin$ that a&&ears to #e h rtf l to Allah is a#o t to #e sei7e!.

the an$els an! all &eo&le. In the !ar+ness of ni$ht he "o l! $o to Al -aqi (the )e(etery in "hi)h (any of his fa(ily an! 1o(&anions are # rie!) an! s &&li)ate! for for$iveness for the( in the sa(e "ay that a &erson $oes to see so(eone off on a >o rney. Anas/s son sai!. "0e )lai(s the soil in "hi)h the %ro&het is # rie! is not $oo!H" .3f the Ansars.he a thenti) %ro&heti) *ayin$s narrate that the %ro&het sai! of 'e!ina. . "%ro&het ' ha((a! ta $ht his follo"ers the (anner to "hi)h Allah $ i!e! hi(. "%ar!on their fa lts an! a))e&t fro( their 'ali+.he soil of 'e!ina is #a!. Allah ha! )o((an!e! hi( to !o that." 14 . an! #y "hi)h 0e (a!e hi( a (er)y for the "orl!s. )o((an!e! his nation to have love an! frien!shi& for the( an! to #e in o&&osition to those "ho o&&oses his 1o(&anions." *o(eone in 'e!ina sai!. an! the %ro&het .he (an ha! )onne)tions to the hierar)hy of 'e!ina # t 'ali+ !i! not retra)t his > !$(ent an! sai!. It "as on a))o nt of the estee( 'ali+ ha! for the %ro&het that. the %ro&het $oo!-!oers." .he %ro&het sai!.his o tra$eo s state(ent )a se! 'ali+ to &rono n)e a > !$(ent a$ainst hi( that he sho l! #e #eaten an! >aile!.)han$e or re)o(&ense fro( hi(. 0e "o l! say. ":hosoever s"ears to a lie on (y & l&it "ill have a seat in the Jire. 'e!ina an! else"here. he "o l! not ri!e a (o nt in 'e!ina. ". ":hosoever innovates so(ethin$ in it or shelters an innovator is s #>e)t to the ) rse of Allah." sai!." Things and P#aces ssociated $ith the Prophet to !e respected Another ele(ent of the one/s reveren)e an! estee( for %ro&het ' ha((a! is fo n! in all thin$s an! &la)es )onne)te! to hi( in 'e))a. Allah "ill not a))e&t any e. "I a( too shy in front of Allah to tra(&le "ith the hoof of an ani(al &on the earth in "hi)h the 'essen$er of Allah is # rie!." .

as "ell as &la)es "here the an$els !es)en!e! is a ne)essity.t I "ill #e $ i!e! in (y ea$erness to $reet the inha#itants of those ho ses an! roo(s. ":hatH An offen!in$ "orshi&er $oin$ to the ho(e of his (aster ri!in$H 0a! I #een a#le to "al+ &on (y hea!.:hen a &io s shay+h "ent on &il$ri(a$e he "ent on foot. &la)es "here virt es an! $oo! !ee!s "ere "itnesse!. then (y t r#ane! $ray hea! "ill #e )overe! "ith ! st fro( so ( )h +issin$.he &la)es "here the *eal of the %ro&hets live! an! fro( "here the &ro&he)y $ she! an! its "aves overflo"e!. 3ne ( st also revere an! res&e)t the &la)es "here verses of the <oran "ere st !ie!. &la)es asso)iate! "ith the rites of the 2eli$ion an! the stations of the &il$ri(a$e an! the "ay(ar+s of the 'aster of all the (essen$ers of Allah . even if I "ere to #e !ra$$e! &on (y feet. an! the #lesse! soil that s rro n!s the #o!y of the 'aster of all (an+in! an! &la)es fro( "hi)h the 2eli$ion of Allah an! the &ro&heti) q otations of the 'essen$er of Allah "ere s&rea!. 0a! it not #een for o#sta)les an! ene(ies. its resi!en)e an! "alls +isse!. &assionate love. he re&lie!. I have a vo" L if I fill (y eyes "ith those "alls an! the &la)es "here yo "al+e!. an! a yearnin$ "hi)h +in!les the e(#ers of (y heart. "3 a#o!e of the #est of all 'essen$ers the one #y "ho( &eo&le are $ i!e! an! he "ho "as )hosen to re)eive the verses. . .altation. &la)es that sa" &roofs an! (ira)les. -y a s)ent & rer than the (ost s&len!i! ( s+ "hi)h )overs hi( ea)h (ornin$ an! evenin$. :hen as+e! "hy he ha! !one so.he sa(e a&&lies to &la)es that hear! the so n!s of "orshi& an! e. . the (osq es in "hi)h the &rayer "as offere!. Jor yo I have intense. I "o l! not have "al+e! &on (y feetH" 2everen)e an! res&e)t for the &la)es in "hi)h the 2evelation "as re)eive! an! "hi)h the an$els Ba#riel an! 'i)hael visite!. an! the first earth that the s+in of the %ro&het to )he! after his !eath L its fra$ran)e sho l! #e inhale!. . an! ever in)reasin$ #lessin$s are #esto"e! &on hi( 1* .he &la)es that "itnesse! the (essa$e. I "o l! al"ays visit the(. % re.

thro $h the &rayers for &ea)e an! #lessin$s &on hi(." 1+ .