MBA 1st SEMESTER MB01 Management Concepts Introductory Concepts, Objectives of Principles of Management, Planning, Organising, Staffing and Supervision, Controlling, Selection and Direction, Communication, Motivation, Delegation, Leadership References Management !as"s, #esponsibilities, Practices by Peter $erdinand Druc"er % &''( % )*+ pages Originally published ,e- .or" /arper 0 #o-, 12+(345 Management by Stephen # /iatt, #ichard L5 Daft % &''' % 3(* pages en5-i"ipedia5org6-i"i6Management management5about5com6cs6generalmanagement6a6Management2'25htm managementhelp5org6 MB02 Organisational Behaviour Organisational Structure and Design, Motivation, Organisational Change, Decision Ma"ing Process, Personality and 7ttitudes, Interpersonal S"ills, !eam 8uilding, Po-er and Politics, Leadership, Conflict Management and #esolution Reference ---5ebsglobal5net6programmes6organisational%behaviour ---5n-lin"5com69donclar"6leader6leadob5html ---5freemba5in6substream5php:stcode;*0 MB03 Managerial Economics Meaning 7nd Importance Of Managerial <conomics, Scope Of Managerial <conomics, Demand 7nalysis, Demand $orecasting, Demand <stimation 7nd $orecasting, Mar"et <=uilibrium, Production 7nalysis, Objectives Of $irms, #evenue 7nalysis 7nd Pricing Policies, Mar"et Structure 7nd 8arriers !o <ntry, Mar"et 7nalysis, Operational Significance Of Consumers Surplus, Macro <conomics 7nd 8usiness Decisions, Consumption $unction 7nd Investment $unction, tabilisation Policies, 8usiness Cycles, Pricing Strategies, Inflation 7nd MB0 Deflation, ,atural <nvironment 7nd 8usiness, Competition In !elecommunication Service Provision55 Management !nformation S"stems Introduction in !o Management Ma"ing System,
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---5freemba5in6substream5php:stcode;*0 Information Systems, !he ;Organisational>8ehaviourprocess,

Decision% Information


#esponsibility 7ccounting 7nd Price Level 7ccounting. Indian Contract 7ct. &''F <dition Managerial 7ccounting 8y #ay /5 Carrison Concepts. Company La-.of Contract. Depreciation Reference http 66en5-i"ipedia5org6-i"i6Management>accounting http 66---5biGed5co5u"6learn6accounting6management6social6inde@5htm Management 7ccounting 8y Sumit Hain. 8udgetary Control 7nd Capital 8udgeting.Statement. 2+*'.or" /arper 0 #o-. Practices by Peter $erdinand Druc"er % &''( % )*+ pages Originally published . 12+(345 MB0# $egal Aspects of Business Ceneral Principles of La. #atio 7nalysis. Controversies and Development and implementation 7pplication System. Standard Costing.&' ---5mca5gov5in6MinistryEebsite6dca6actsbills6pdf6Companies>7ct>2+FA>P art>25pdf MB0% Accounting &or Management Management 7ccounting. Implementation Organisational behaviour individuals. 8udget. ?uality 7ssurance and <valuation of Information Systems. Marginal Costing. #esponsibilities. 2)(&. Sale Of Coods 7ct. Controversies and 7pplications by Page 2 of 17 . Cyber La-s and #!I Reference ---5legalserviceindia5com6companyD&'la-6companyla-5htm ---5va"ilno25com6bareacts6companiesact6companiesacts5htm ---5ta@mann5net6CompanyLa-sPages6CompanyLa-5asp@:pId. 2+3). MIS Security by Ian 8roo"s % &''A % **A pages Previous ed5 &''*5 Reference Organisational 8ehaviour Stephen P5 #obbins B 2++( Management !as"s. Organisational 8ehaviour Concepts. Memorandum Of 7ssociation. System Development Life 7pplications by Stephen P5 #obbins % 2++(Cycle.Statement 7nd Cash $lo. 7nalysis and Interpretation of $inancial Statement.egotiable Instruments 7ct.e. . $und $lo. groups and organisationand Control of Project. !he $actories 7ct. Eor"ing Capital Management. Consumer Protection 7ct. 2))2. 7rticles Of 7ssociation. <@pert Systems..COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) #e=uirements of Information System.

5H5 #iggs5 H L % Production system. Inventory Management. planning. Location selection models. $actors Influencing OrganiGational 8uyer 8ehavior. Company Orientations from Production to Product . $orecasting Models. Positioning 0 Differentiation.or"5 Hames Dil-orth. analysis and control B Hohn Eeily and sons. concept of strategic business units. Production and operation management% McCra. buying decision process. #H <bert Production and operation management% Prentice /all <ngle-ood Cliff. .e. . Process design. Design of product and process layouts. Project Management and Scheduling. Measurement of Mar"et Demand5 $actors influencing consumer buyer behavior. &''F5 7dam << .COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) !he . Production Strategy.Delhi MB0* Mar+eting Management Introduction to mar"eting. Capacity strategies. process. Customer Satisfaction Ialue and #etention.e. $rame-or" for managing operations. Eorld Class Manufacturing. Ir-in 6 McCra-%/ill.e. . !he 7ggregate Planning Process. Hob Design and Measurement. Product Decisions and Strategies. . Strategic planning business mission. Capacity management. Published in 2++& MBA 2n' SEMESTER MB0( )ro'uction Management Operations function 0 evolution. Customer relationship management. Product design. Mar"et Segmentation Process. OptimiGed Production !echnology.$oundations of Management 7ccounting 8y 7hmed #iahi% 8el"aoui. Iarious tools of Differentiation.or"5 Martand !elsang Industrial <ngineering and Production Management% S Chand 0 Co. Page 3 of 17 .. Strength%-ea"ness%opportunities%threat JSEO!K analysis.Mar"eting #esearch. mar"eting. $acility location. mar"eting plan. 8rand Positioning. Operating Schedules. 8rand Identity and <=uity and Pac"aging. #esource Planning.. Introduction to <#P and SCM References Operations Management by Eilliam H5 Stevenson5 <ighth <dition.e. < B mar"eting./ill 8oo" Company. Introduction to Service Mar"eting.

Method for Manpo-er #ecruiting. &''A. organiGational commitment. . Leverages. Career 0 Succession Planning. Selection and Orientation of /#. Promotion%Decisions and Strategies Philip Lotler Mar"eting Management. and voluntary early retirement among late% career managers Jp )+F%+2FK Olivier /errbach. Cerhart. Dessler. Cive and !a"e Collective 8argaining. need. Principles of Mar"eting. Hob 7nalysis. . !he !ime Ialue of Money.!echni=ues.oe. 22th ed5. Larim Mignonac. +th <dition MB0. &''A. Christian Iandenberghe. Capital 8udgeting. 7lessia . objectives of /uman #esources Management .COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Price%Decision References and Strategies. Core Concepts in $inancial Management. Eright. Fth ed5 /uman #esource Management. Eor"ersM Participation in Management. Concept and measurement of cost of capital. McCra-%/ill. Christian Iandenberghe. &''* Philip Lotler and Cary 7rmstrong . Hob <valuation and Hob Description.. philosophy. Methods of appraisal and $eedbac". /ollenbec". and !echni=ues. McCra-%/ill MB10 &inancial Management Concepts in financial management. Fth ed5. 22th ed5. &''). Industrial #elations. Cerhart. Cash $lo.ature. P5/5 &5/uman #esource Management. Components of Compensation.egrini /uman #esource Management. Challenges of /uman #esources Manager in Clobal <nvironment. Methods. /uman #esource Planning Process. <mployee 8enefits and Services. organiGational commitment. Statistical !echni=ues of #is" 7nalysis. &'').oe. Eright. Dessler. and voluntary early retirement among late%career managers Jp )+F%+2FK Olivier /errbach. Changing environment of /#M. Distribution Decisions and Strategies. Objective of financial management. <mployee Crievances References Perceived /#M practices. /ollenbec". Capital Page 4 of 17 .ature and need. Investment appraisal%#is" 7nalysis. !raining and Development. Capital 8udgeting Decisions. /#M functions. P5/5 &5/uman #esource Management. Larim Mignonac. /uman resource Planning . Performance 7ppraisal. Indian financial System.uman Resource Management . Pearson <ducation 6 P/I. 7lessia .egriniPerceived /#M practices.

Inventory Management. Designing Capital Structure. !ools 0 !echni=ues % ?uality $unction Deployment. '3(2')3F+@ H5#5 <vans. Performance Measures % Deming PriGe. Martin.!homson Learning. ?uality Management Systems. &''* MB11 /ualit" Management Introduction to ?uality and ?uality Management . Eesterfield 0 Haffe. Corporate $inance B !heory 0 Practice BHohn Eiley. Deming 7pproach to ?uality. Laoru Ishi"a-aOIntroduction to ?uality Control Chapman and /all 2++& MB12 Research Metho's in Business #ole of #esearch In 8usiness Decision Ma"ing . $inancial management principles and applicationsNP/I 8rearly and Myers. ?uestionnaire Design. $eigenbaum and LaiGen approach to !?M. Design of <@periments JDO<K. HuranMs approach. Performance Measures B M8. Mergers and 7c=uisitions References 8righam 0 <hrhardt. E5M5 Lindsay. &''F 7dvanced $inancial Management B Sudhindra 8hat B <@cel 8oo"s5 Ianhorne.Dale /5 8esterfield. !echni=ues of Data Collection. Performance Measures B ?uality Costs. !ools 0 !echni=ues%Pareto 0 Process $lo. Designing Sample. ?uality 7nalysis and Control. She-hartMs influence on Deming.!he Management and Control of ?uality Publishing Company 2++A. Measurement 0 Scaling. Principle of Corporate $inanceB !M/B (6e. Eor"ing Capital Management. et5 al5. 8enchmar"ing References !otal ?uality Management .?7. &''*5 D5C5 Montgomery. !otal ?uality Management. Corporate $inanceB !M/ B (6e. IS8. ?uality Circles and Si@ Sigma.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Structure. Prentice /all. Steps In #esearch Process . Shigeo Shingo. Introduction to Statistical ?uality ControlO Hohn Eiley 0 Sons. Leadership. Petty5 Scott. #esearch Proposal and Design. $inancial Management B !heory 0 Practice. Customer Satisfaction. &''3 7sh-ath Damodaran. 7ccounts%#eceivables Management. Eriting the #esearch.Diagram. Carvin 0 Ishi"a-a 7pproach. CrosbyMs 7pproach. #ecent !rends. Page 5 of 17 Eest . Pearson 6 P/ILeo-n. $inancial Management 0 Policy. Cash Management. 2'6e B &''3 #oss.

$orecasting Income References5 Project Management 7 Systems 7pproach to Planning. Life%Cycle Costing. . Project $easibility Studies Components. and Controlling.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) 7pplications of Mar"et #esearch. D585!araporevala Sons andCo5 Private Limited. 7ddison B Eesley publishing company Lothari. Principle of /ypothesis !esting. Ma"ing Inferences about Population Parameters. Projects Procurement Process. Dynamics of Project Cost. Project Documentation. a structure for decision ma"ingQ.Delhi MBA 3r'0 MB13 )ro4ect Management th 12S3 Common )aper Project Management. Project Cost #eduction Method. Data coding and Data 7nalysis. Scheduling. -estfall. 7nalysis of Iariance J7. $actor 7nalysis. !esting Of /ypothesis%Large and Small Samples. P7pplied StatisticsQ Hohn Eiley and Sons5 Creen Paul < and Donald S5 !ull.e. Managing Project #esources $lo-. Eiley <astern Ltd5 Stoc"ton and Clar". PIntroduction to 8usiness and <conomic StatisticsQ. C5#5 P#esearch Methodology%Methods and !echni=uesQ. Insurance for Projects. <stimating Operating Costs. P#esearch for Mar"eting DecisionsQ Prentice /all of India. <stimation of Investment and #eturn on Investment. OrganiGation and /#D Issues. (th <dition by /arold LerGner 8rea"through !echnology Project Management J<%8usiness SolutionsK by 8ennet P5 LientG Page 6 of 17 . Clobal !ender.Delhi5 8ro-n. Project $easibility Studies Stages. . $5<5 PMar"eting #esearch. PMar"eting #esearch !e@t and CasesQ. Project Contracting Process. .OI7K. <stimation of Capital Cost. #ole of the Project Manager.on BParametric !ests.e. Management of Projects. 8ombay5 Dunn Olive Hean and Iirginia 7 Clarc". Multidimensional Scaling 0 Discriminant 7nalysis References 8oyd. Model 8uilding and Decision Ma"ing. Chi%S=uare !est. 7ll India !raveller 8oo"seller. Practical 7spects of Contract. and stasch. 7pplication of Correlation !echni=ue in #esearch Methodology.

<nvironmental 7ppraisal. International 8usiness. International Mar"eting Overvie-. Introduction to International 8usiness Management.H Prentice%/all. Scholes. Internal 7ppraisal Methods and !echni=ues. Introduction to global strategic management . !he Challenges of International Management !eams. Corporate Level Strategies. Management. Strategic Management Process% Strategy Implementation. Clobal Strategy 7 Synthesis. #obert. <sse@. !he International 8usiness <nvironment. Rsing Planning !o $ormulate Strategy. Introducing Came !heory for Strategic Managers. International 8usiness% Clobal Strategy. $oreign <@change. )th <dition. . 2+)3 MB1# !nternational Business Hohnson. Strategic Strategic Management Process% Process% Strategy Strategy <valuation. Cary Lnight J7uthorK. International !rade. International 8usiness <thics. L. and the . International Product Life Cycle. Organisational Culture. &'').ature and Scope of International Organisational6Industrial Mar"eting. $ Strategic Management. C. Capability #is" through Core 7pproaches Strategic Management. !he Political Imperative in International 8usiness Political and Country #is". Ehittington.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) MB1 Strategic Management $ormulation. 8usiness Level Strategies. Hohn #iesenberger Page 7 of 17 Control. Competitive 7dvantage and International 8usiness. # <@ploring Corporate Strategy. !he #ole of $inance in International 8usiness. 7ssessing the <@ternal <nvironment.#ealities !amer Cavusgil J7uthorK. Columbus Merrill Publishing Company. Operations Strategy in a Clobal <nvironment References International 8usiness Strategy. <ngle-ood Cliffs. 2+)+ Lamb. .e. Mar"et Monitoring and 7ssessment of International Industrial Mar"et Opportunities. Mar"eting in an International 8usiness Conte@t. #elationship Mar"eting . Strategic $rame-or". $! Prentice /all. Introduction to Strategic Management. 8oyden Competitive strategic management. Management Strategic Planning. References5 David. Strategic 7nalysis and Choice. 7nalysing to Strategic Strategy. ClobaliGation. Strategic Control and Operational Competences.

!rade Rnion 7ct. *(A. Change management. <@plicit recognition of cross%cultural leadership as a domain of study.otification of IacanciesK 7ct *F+. 2+*A. 2+(&. Coaching and Mentoring /#D Strategies.uman Resource 2evelopment 8 Strategies an' S"stems. 2+A2. 2+&A. /#D 7udit. Payment of Cratuity 7ct. 2+A2. Culture and International 8usiness. 2+F&. Diplomatic Culture or Cultural Diplomacy. Contract Labour in India. Eor"mens Compensation 7ct. 2+F&. !he $actories 7ct. Models. 2+3(. !he Industrial Disputes 7ct. /#D 7ctivities. <mployees Provident $und and Miscellaneous Provisions 7ct. Leadership in a cross%cultural conte@t. International e@perience of /#D. Cross%Cultural Communication and . !he Comple@ity of Page 8 of 17 . 2+3). and Croup 8ehavior 7cross Cultures.R03 Cross Cultural 9 7lo:al Management Leadership. and Changes. !he Child Labour JProhibition 7nd #egualtionK 7ct. /#D in service Industry. /#D for Eor"ers. Compensation Policies 7nd Payment Of Eages 7ct. Intercultural communication in a business conte@t. !he Plantation Labour 7ct 2+F2. Miscellaneous Provisions 7ct. 2+3A. Indian Labor La-. OrganiGational development. !he Maternity 8enefit 7ct. <mployee !raining and Development. *)A 7nd #ules. /#D climate in India. /uman #esource Development. Industrial <mployment JStanding OrdersK 7ct. Strategic /#M. Performance 7ppraisal for employees. Cultural Influences on Leadership and OrganiGations. 7pprentices 7ct.uman Resource 1. MB. 2+&A. Motivation. Differences in Communication Culture.R01 $egal &rame6or+ 7overning Introduction to /uman #esource. Lno-ledge Creation and !ransfer in a Cross%Cultural Conte@t. !?M role of /#D. !he !rade Rnions 7ct. <=ual #emuneration 7C!. Lno-ledge management. Management development and Career planning. /# competencies. Instructional !echnologies in /uman #esource Development Impact. !he <mployment <@changes JCompulsory .R3 MB.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) J7uthorK international 8usiness Competing in the Clobal Mar"etplace by Hohn S5 /ill MBA 3r'0 th 12S3 Electives )aper .R02 . !he Mines 7ct. /#D !rends and challenges MB. 2+&*.egotiation.

$unctional Dependencies and . Mis Concepts !he . Soft-are #eliability. . #is" 7nalysis. Management and OrganiGation IS Structure.egotiations. MIS Planning and Development Structure. Managing People. Design Concepts and Models.01 !n'ian Ban+ing S"stem Page 9 of 17 . Soft-are <ngineering 7pproach. MIS% Support Models and Lno-ledge Management Structure. MIS OrganiGation Structure. Decision ma"ing In MIS. Influence of Culture on Strategic /uman #esource Management. Maintenance. $ile Organisation $or D8MS. Concepts and 7pplications of MSS Structure5 Ban+ing MBB. Managing the Dynamic Interfaces bet-een Culture and Lno-ledge. Impact of Cultural Dynamics on the Process. Ierification and Ialidation. Soft-are Metrics. Communication in international business%to%business mar"eting channels. #elational Model. Cross%Cultural . !he Process. #epresenting Data <lements.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Intercultural Communication in Cross%Cultural Management. 8usiness Process #e%engineering Structure.ormaliGation for #elational Databases. Soft-are #e% engineering5 MB!T03 Management Support S"stem Planning and Development 7lternatives. Soft-are estimation. Coupling and Cohesion. Project Scheduling and !racing. Rnderstanding MSS Structure. #elational 7lgebra.ormaliGation. #ecovery !echni=ues. Soft-are !esting Strategies. Management support using database.amsteme Of * 8l"%Concept and Planning Of Management Support Sy. Individual differences in the motivation to comply across cultures !nformation Technolog" 1!T3 MB!T01 2ata:ase Management Introduction to Database System. Conte@tualiGing Cultural Intelligence. Rseful $iles Structure. Structured ?uery Language. Mar"eting 7cross Cultures. #elational 7lgebra. Motivation%related values across cultures. Management Considerations MB!T02 S"stem Anal"sis an' 2esign Introduction to Soft-are <ngineering. Information !echnology and Systems Structure. Primary $ile OrganiGation and storage Structure. MIS Component. Database Models. Coding. Distributed Database. Soft-are ?uality. Iarious Model used in MSS.

$inancial Derivatives !rade and /edge 7ccounting. #etail Store Management. 8an"ing Innovations. <% commerce and 8an"ing. Information !echnology and #etailing.on Performance 7ssets5 MBB. #etail Strategy and <nvironment. Legal frame-or"s of regulation of 8an"s Securitisation. Merchant 8an"ers. Pricing in 8an"s. 8an" Management. Money Mar"ets.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) 8an"ing System.ospitalit" Management MB. Pricing flo. 7ccounting for Derivative Contracts. Modeling Continuous State Space %% Discrete !ime.03 &inancial 2erivatives Derivatives. Contemporary Issues in #etailing. Merchant 8an"ing. Introduction to 8an"ing and C#M in 8an"ing. !he Cree"s. Customer #elationship Management. . Developing !ourism Plans. !he #ole of an Information Concept in #elation to Destination Planning Management. Section. S<8I and Merchant 8an"ers.and types of stores. #etail 8an"ing in India. #etail Control. !ourism <ngineering. Strategic and. Issues -ith #etail 8an"ing in India. 7pproaches to !ourism Planning.of commodity derivatives. !ourism Planning $rame-or"s. !a@ation 7spects of Derivatives. !ourism in Coastal 7reas. Derivatives % Introduction 0 7ccounting Issues. #etail Mar"et Strategy. 8an"ing sectors in India. Ialuing Cash $lo-s. Interior Store Design and Layout. 7ccounting !reatment of Derivatives. Latest !rends in #etailing. Page 10 of 17 .M01 Tourism )lanning an' Mar+eting !ourism. Cro-th of 8an"ing in India. Modeling Discrete State Space and !ime. Rnderstanding #etailing Issues. Merchandise Pricing. Cooperative 8an"s in India.02 Retailing an' CRM in Ban+ing Introduction to Indian #etail Sector. $inancial Derivatives Presentation. Modeling Continuous State Space and !ime. 7dding value through customer service5 MBB. #etail Store location and layout. !a@ !reatment of Derivatives5 . !ourism Planning. #etail 8an"ing. Sustainable !ourism B !urning the !ide. $utures and $or-ards. International 8an"ing. Development 8an"s. $inancial Services. Destination Mar"eting Communication. #etail Institutions #etailing overvie. 7ccounting 7spects of Derivatives. Merchandise Management. #ole of technology in #etail 8an"ing.

M03 . #e=uirements of an International Legal $rame-or" on . Process and Physical <vidence. ClobaliGation. Sustainable !ourism and Social Dialogue. Information Supply in !ourism Management by Mar"eting. Rnderstand the role of branding in hospitality organiGations% II. <mployment and ClobaliGation in the /otel. Mar"eting Mi@% People. Mar"eting and its 7pplication to !ourism.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) 7pproach to Sustainable !ourism Development. Developing the offer. !he !ourism System in India. Rnderstand the role of branding in hospitality organiGations% I. Catering and !ourism Sector. Issues in /ealth. !ourism Mar"ets $orecasting.M02 !nternational .e. Introduction to /ospitality Mar"eting. /ospitality Supervision 0 !raining S"ills.ospitalit" $a6 /otel Management Contracts and Deficiencies in O-ner. <ducation and !raining in the /ospitality Industry. Origin of /otel Industry and /ospitality. Introduction to !ourism Mar"eting 7pproaches. Major !rends and Diversification in the /ospitality and !ourism Sector. Mar"eting !ourism Certification5 MB. /otels and /ospitality. Social Dialogue. Mar"eting #esearch. Segmenting Customers. OrganiGational Structure. Lin" bet-een /ospitality Industry and !ourism. /ospitality services in India. mar"et segmentation and mar"eting strategies. !he Impact of the $inancial and <conomic Crisis on the /C! Industry. Management of Eor"ing Capital5 )ro4ect Management 1)M3 Page 11 of 17 .Mar"etBLed Products and 7lternate Mar"ets. /ospitality $inancial Management.ature 8ased !ourism. !ourist motivation. <conomic <nvironment in /ospitality Mar"eting. Clobal /ospitality Management. !he #ole of !ransportation in !ourism. /uman #ights in the /ospitality Industry. Mar"eting Sustainable !ourism Products. Legal 8asis for !ourism Planning. <mpirical Data. #elevance and #ole. Staff induction and Pon%the%jobQ training. Social #esponsibility in !ourism. <mployment and Eor"ing Conditions. Corporate Identity in International /ospitality. Safety and Security. Decision Support Systems. Data 7nalysis. Sustainable /ospitality Management.ospitalit" Management Introduction to /ospitality. Developments and Challenges in the /ospitality and !ourism Sector. . /uman resource management and the tourism and hospitality Industry. /uman #esource Development5 MB.

Scientific Project Management and Project Management <ssentials. ?uantitative Methods In Project Management5 MB)M02 )ro4ect )lanning an' Sche'uling Project Management <ssentials. #is" 7nalysis. Project ?uality Management and ?uality Planning. <mployee #elations. Case Studies in Project Planning and Scheduling%II5 MB)M03 Managing . Managing Project Changes. Project Management 7pplication !ools%I. Performance 7ppraisal. Project !eam Leader. Project Cost <stimation. <mployee !raining. Project Management 7pplication !ools%II. Strategy and Capital 7llocation. #is" and Change Management. Dealing Eith #is" and Rncertainty. Project Planning and Management !as"s. Project Management Lno-ledge 7reas and Processes. Communication. Eor" 8rea"do-n Structure. Compensation Management. Project Management. Case Studies in Project Planning and Scheduling%I. Project Manager. Management Conflict and . Po-erful !echni=ues for Project Control. Project Planning. Managing People in Projects.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) MB)M01 !ntro'uction to )ro4ect Management Introduction to Project. Hob <valuation. <mployee Cro-th. Project Decomposition !echni=ues.01 Behavioral &inance Page 12 of 17 . Project #is" 7nalysis and Management. /#M Planning and Staffing. Project <valuation 0 #eporting. Motivation in Projects. ProjectMs Contract Management. Crievance and Discipline. Participative Management. Project OrganiGation. Project Information System. Project 8udgeting and Control. Integrating 8usiness and /# Strategy. Project Project ?uality Management. Maintaining Control in Project. Manager and Lno-ledge 7reas. Communities of Practice in Project Management. Indian scenario of /#M. #ecruitment and Selection. 8uilding 0 maintaining effective team. <mployee Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedure. #ole of Leadership in Projects5 &inance MB&. Development of /uman #esources.uman resource in pro4ects /uman #esource Management. Project Scheduling 7nd !racing. Project $inance.egotiation. Project Commissioning 0 Migration. Collective 8argaining and Industrial Conflicts. Project Planning. Career Planning and Development.

#ecent Development Of Demand !heory. Cradual Incorporation of Information into Stoc" Prices. Ialue and Cro-th Investing. 8ehavioral 7sset.of $inancial Mar"et.03 Corporate Structure' &inance Sources of finance. $or-ards. Mar"et Players and Conventions. 8asics of Probability. <nvironmental 7nd Croup Page 13 of 17 . Rnderstanding Consumer 8ehaviour.<ngineering 0 $or-ard Contracts. $amily Life Cycle and 8uying #oles. Cash $lo. Production <conomics. $inancial Mar"ets.our 8usiness. <ngineering of $i@ed Income Securities5 MB&. Information for decision ma"ing5 Mar+eting MBM<01 Consumer Behaviour Consumer 8ehavior !he 8asics. #eference Croup Influence 7nd Croup Dynamics. 7 Rnified !heory of Rnder reaction. 7pproaches to Security Ialuation. Investment management. 7n Introduction to #is" Management. !heory of Production. <stimating $actor Models. Momentum !rading and Overreaction in 7sset Mar"ets. Capital Structure and Dividend Policy. . Single $actor Model.02 &inancial Engineering Introduction to $inancial <ngineering. Methods of $inancing . 7 8ehavioral International 7sset Pricing. #esearch Objectives. Overvie. /edge $und. Probability $orecasting. Capital 7ssets Pricing Model 0 Capital Mar"et Line. #epo mar"et strategy in financial engineering.oise !rader #is" in $inancial Mar"ets5 MB&. Cost of Capital. #is" Management Systems. Mergers and 7c=uisitions 7nd Corporate #estructuring. Introduction to ?uantitative #esearch of consumer satisfaction. Leveraged Lease. Operating Leases in Ialuation. $oreign <@change Mar"ets. Investment decisions % Capital budgeting. Debt $inancing. Limits of 7rbitrage !heory and <vidence from the Mortgage%8ac"ed Securities Mar"et. Capital 7sset Pricing Model.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Ialuation of $inance. $amily 8uying Influences. Investment. <ngineering of interest rate derivatives. Consumers 0 Mar"et Segmentation. !heory of Cost. 7rbitrage Pricing !heory. Modern portfolio theory. Sources of Long !erm $inance. S-aps and $utures. Lease $inancing. $inancial Mar"et. 8ehavioral 7sset Pricing. Introductions to Derivatives. !emporary movements in stoc" prices.

<nhancing Services Mar"eting Potential. International !rade In Services. Criticisms. Individual Determinants 8ehaviour. $acilities Location. C#M Strategy. Sales Promotions Pushing and Pulling 8elo. Cultural 0 <nvironmental Influences on Consumer 8ehaviour. Sales Promotion in $inancial Services. Rnderstanding Customer #elationship Mar"eting. !he importance of product involvement. Consumer 8ehaviour In Services. Production Planning and Control. <valuation of 7dvertising <ffectiveness. Mar"eting Communications Planning. Purchase Process 0 Post%Purchase #ecent Developments Modelling Consumer 8ehaviour. <ducational Services. and Opportunities5 MBM<03 Mar+eting of Services Introduction to Service Mar"eting. Customer #etention. Practice. Productivity and Demand $orecasting. Plant Location Page 14 of 17 . Challenges of Service Mar"eting. Perception and Learning. !he <ffect of 7dvertising on 8rand 7-areness. !ourism and /ospitality. !he #is" #eduction #ole of 7dvertising. Of Consumer 8ehaviour. In Consumer Decision Process. Consumers 0 Mar"et Segmentation. Service ?uality. 7lternative <valuation in 8uying Decisions. #esults /o. 8ehavior in $inancial Services.Sales Promotion Influence on Consumer.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Influences On Consumer 8ehaviour. Professional Support Services 7dvertising 7gencies Structure.on Personal Communication Channels. Consumer Decision Ma"ing and 8ehavior in $inancial Services. !he Eto. Consumerism and Mar"eting <thics. $ocusing Mar"eting Strategy -ith Segmentation and Positioning. Impersonal Mar"eting Communications. !he impact of mar"eting communication and price promotion on brand e=uity. Service Mar"eting Mi@.the Line. Promotion Management Managing . Customer 8ehaviour in Service. 7nd India. <@tended Mar"et Mi@ $or services. Strategic Issues in Service Mar"eting. Opinion Leadership 0 Diffusion of Innovations. Capacity Planning. 8rand 7-areness in Dynamic Oligopoly Mar"ets. <nvironmental Scan of Challenges. Importance of 8rand 7-areness. Product Support Services. $amily Influences 0 Decision Ma"ing. /ealth Services. #ole of C#M in Services Mar"eting5 Operations MBO)01 )urchasing an' Materials Management Production Management. 8usiness 8uyer 8ehaviour and Decisions5 MBM<02 Sale )romotion Management Consumer Decision Ma"ing Process.

Provision Of Logistics Infrastructure. Strategic Supply Chain Management.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) and Layout.eeds 0 Motivation. ?uality 7ssurance. !otal ?uality Management5 MBO)02 $ogistics Management Introduction of Logistic Management. Materials Management. !ransport Logistics. Material /andling Systems. Supply Chain Management <volution. Consumer #esearch. Principles of Supply Chain Management. Communication and 8uyer 8ehaviour. Hust In 8asic Concepts of Supply Chain !ime Logistic. Production Scheduling. Supply Chain Management. Logistics. 8uyer Personality. !echni=ues of Inventory Control. !he multi%period incremental service facility location problem. Stores Management. Consumer . Simulation Designs. Performance Contracting in 7fter%Sales Service Supply Chains. Inventory Management. #eorganiGing Iertical Supply #elationships. <stimation !echni=ues for 7nalyGing <ndogenously Created Data. Logistics. Ialidation of a Simulation Model. Invetory. Production Planning Levels. Simulation !echni=ues. 8uyer Perception. ?ueuing Models and Capacity Planning. Management. !echnology JIctK Developments $or Supporting. S"ills 7nd !raining #e=uirements. Mar"et Segmentation.umbers. <valuation Of Logistics Systems B Indicators. Logistics Management from a Comple@ity Perspective. Learning and 8uying 8ehaviour. Customer $ocus in Supply Chain Management5 MBO)03 Service Operation Management !he Design of Eaiting Lines. Purchasing. Intermodality 7nd Logistics. Production System. 8uyer Decision Ma"ing. Purchasing and Iendor Management. Page 15 of 17 . Ialue Chains versus Supply Chains. Designing and Managing Online Service ?uality. ?ueuing !heory. Logistics 7nd Scm Management <nhancement. Rsing Capacity Planning for Server Consolidation. Capacity Planning. Commodity 8enchmar"ing In SCM. Service operations management return to roots. Mar"et Segmentation. 8est Practices 0 7n Introduction. Information 7nd Communication. !he Characteristics of Service Industries5 Retail Management 1RM3 MBRM01 Bu"er Behaviour Introduction to 8uyers 8ehaviour. !echnology Integration in Service Supply Chains. Consumer #eference Croups. Cenerating Stochastic Iariates. !he Ceneration of Pseudo%#andom . !he #ole of Services in an <conomy. Performance Measurement 7nd <valuation Of SCM. 7 capacity planning 6 =ueueing theory primer.

Cross%Cultural Consumer 8ehaviour. 7 !?M 7pproach to the Improvement of Information ?uality. !he $amily and Life Style Mar"eting. Mar"eting Concepts in #etailing. Disposal and Storage. #etail $inancial Strategy. . Meetings and Case" Mar"eting <@perience. ?CC !echni=ues.et6or+ Mar+eting='oc Overvieof Mar"et. 8ehavior 0 7dvertising. Introduction to . Managers Managing People. Supply Chain Management. Consumer" Mar"eting Company Profiles. Managers Managing Systems. 0 Loyalty. Mar"eting Planning and Management Process. #etail location. Consumer Protection La-5 MBRM02 Retail )lanning Introduction to retail management. 7m-aySs Indian . Chief <@ecutive Officer <nsuring ?uality. Safety. !echnology in #etail. Sales $orce Management and Integrated Mar"eting Communications. Earehousing5 MBRM03 2irect an' . $ranchising.ature and Scope of Mar"eting <thics. Iisual merchandising. #etail Mar"et Strategy. !otal ?uality Management 7 Continuous Improvement Process. #etail Store Management. Product Plan. #ole of It in Supply Chain Management. Mar"eting" Mar"eting. !he $ive%Step Process in .et-or" Mar"eting and Its $uture. Customer Demand and Mar"et Segmentation. Mar"eting Survey. ?CC%?uality Control Circle.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) Culture and Consumer 8ehavior. #etail communication mi@. ?C Circle 7ctivities. Influencing the future of !?M internal and e@ternal driving factors. Product #elated Strategies. Choosing 7mong the" Mar"eting. Direct selling company PO#I$L7M<Q Sales force management5 Total /ualit" Management 1T/M3 MBT/M01 Metho'ological Approches to T/M Introduction to !?M. !?M and 8P# 7 Comparative 7pproach5 Page 16 of 17 .et-or" Mar"eting. Social Class and 8uyer 8ehaviour. ?C Story. StandardiGation. Managing merchandise. Customer Ialue. Consumer Influence and the diffusion of Innovations. Satisfaction. Direct Mar"eting. #etailer. Problem Solving. . #etail Pricing. . Multi%channel retailing. /ygiene and /ealth. Eor"ing of . <%#etailing. Mar"eting <nvironment. Consumer 8uying 8ehaviour. OrganiGational 7pproach to !otal ?uality Management. <%Commerce and Consumer 8ehaviour. OD. #etail Stores. Chief <@ecutive Officer Managing Policy.

!otal =uality inde@ benchmar"ing tool for !otal ?uality Management. ISO compliant ?uality Management System. Concept of !otal ?uality Management. Leadership <mployee and the Involvement. 7n Overvie. !ool and !echni=ues of !?M. Leadership ethical dimension a re=uirement in !?M implementation.of !otal ?uality Management. Leadership. 7cceptance Sampling. !heory of Leadership for ?uality. !he #ole of Management ?uality and Implications for Leading a !ransformation. ?uality Management. !otal ?uality Management Process. Performance of People in OrganiGations Page 17 of 17 . in !?M implementation. !otal ?uality Management. <@perimental Design. <mployeesM perspective on the effectiveness of ISO +''' certification. !otal ?uality Management and Information !echnologies. Probability Distributions. Primary Dimensions of the !otal ?uality Management $rame-or". Control Charts for 7ttributes. !he <ffects of !otal ?uality Management on 8usiness Performance5 MBT/M03 $ea'ership re>uirements &or T/M Managerial Information 8ehaviour. #eliability. !he #ole of Personal Ialues in an 7dvanced Perspective of !otal. Rnderstanding OrganiGational Culture and Leadership. Designing Performance Management !?M Systems for !otal !otal ?uality ?uality Implementation. !he <ffect of Leadership Styles on Service ?uality Delivery. Rnderstanding !otal ?uality Management. <mployee perceptions of /#M and !?M. and !?M.COMMON REGULATIONS – MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ( DUAL SPECIALIZATION) MBT/M02 Tools of T/M !ools to Support !?M Implementation. #esource Management. !op Management 7 !hreat or an Opportunity to !?M. ?uality and ?uality Control. Leadership. Measuring ?uality Management Level -ith #eference to ISO +'''. !?M and OrganiGational Change and Development. !op management commitment and <mpo-erment of employees. ?uality Manual. Product #ealiGation. Statistical Process Control.