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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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Scoot takes over SIA's Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2014

Published on Oct 24, 2012 (/st/pri (javas nt/556 cript:v 691) oid(0);)



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CNB officers nab four men iny/siaTampines ordersdrug raid (/breaking-news/singapore/story/fourmoremen-nabbed-drug-raid-20121024) a380s-

Scoot takes over SIA's Boeing 787 a350sDreamliners in 2014 (/breaking2012102

news/singapore/story/scoot-takes-over-sias4) dreamliners-20121024)


SIA orders more A380s, A350s for capacity growth, fleet renewal (/breaking-



Duo threw bottles at bus and attacked its driver (/breaking-news/singapore/story/duothrew-bottles-bus-and-attacked-its-driver-

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Woman jailed for abusing four-year-old daughter (/breakingnews/singapore/story/woman-jailed-childabuse-20121024)

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A Scoot and a Singapore Airlines (SIA) plane at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Long-haul budget carrier Scoot will start flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in 2014. -- ST PHOTO: LIM WUI LIANG

CEL launches campaign celebrating abilities of people needing care


By Karamjit Kaur

Long-haul budget carrier Scoot will start flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in 2014. The Singapore Airlines subsidiary said on Wednesday that it will acquire 20 of the

Former engineer pleads guilty to cheating victims of luxury bags (/breakingnews/singapore/story/former-engineer-pleadsguilty-cheating-victims-luxury-bags-20121024)

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aircraft to fuel expansion plans. The plans were originally ordered by parent SIA. Scoot which started operating in June now flies out of Singapore to Sydney, Gold Coast, Bangkok, Taipei and Tianjin.

Ex-delivery manager jailed 10 months for corruption (/breakingnews/singapore/story/ex-delivery-managerjailed-corruption-20121024)

Explosion, fire part of live Home Team drill (/breaking-news/singapore/story/explosionfire-part-live-home-team-drill-20121024)

Capacity boost with 4th storage tank at LNG terminal (/breakingnews/singapore/story/capacity-boost-4thstorage-tank-lng-terminal-20121024)

SIA orders more A380s, A350s for capacity growth, fleet renewal (/breakingnews/singapore/story/sia-ordersmore-a380s-a350s-20121024)

Ascendas in deal to build $1.5b tech park in Johor (/breakingnews/singapore/story/ascendas-deal-build-15btech-park-johor-20121024)

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Junior college student dies after being hit by minibus (/breakingnews/singapore/story/junior-college-studentdies-after-being-hit-minibus-20121024)

Make road near school in Sembawang

10/24/12 Scoot takes over SIA's Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2014

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Make road near school in Sembawang Drive safer: MP (/breakingnews/singapore/story/make-road-near-schoolsembawang-drive-safer-mp-20121024)

reroute=/br eakingnews/singapore/story /sia-orders-more-a380s-a350s-20121024) (/breaking-news/singapore/story /sia-orders-morea380s-a350s-20121024) news/singa

NEXT STORY: SIA orders m ore A380s, A350s for capacity grow th, fleet renew al (/breakingpore/story/s coot-takesover-siasdreamliner s20121024) (#)

Scientists, volunteers take part in biggest marine life audit (/breakingnews/singapore/story/scientists-volunteers-takepart-biggest-marine-life-audit-20121024)


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Hospital finds new way of tracking surgical items (/breakingnews/singapore/story/hospital-finds-new-waytracking-surgical-items-20121024)


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Singapore shares ideas at global health summit (/breakingnews/singapore/story/singapore-shares-ideasglobal-health-summit-20121024)

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Tax filing easier now for SMEs with new, simplified form (/breakingnews/singapore/story/tax-filing-easier-now-smesnew-simplified-form-20121024)

Higher payout for Frasers Centrepoint Trust's unit holders (/breakingnews/singapore/story/higher-payout-fraserscentrepoint-trusts-unit-holders-20121024)

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2,000 rental flats to be built for lowerincome families (/breakingnews/singapore/story/2000-rental-flats-be-builtlower-income-families-20121024)

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Photo gallery: Northern shores expedition examines Singapore's marine life (/breakingnews/singapore/story/photo-gallery-northernshores-expedition-examines-singapores-marineli)

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Strong sales seen at freehold Sky Green condominium (/breakingnews/singapore/story/strong-sales-seenfreehold-condo-sky-green-20121023)

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10/24/12 Scoot takes over SIA's Boeing 787 Dreamliners in 2014

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