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hoists (manual, electric, air), monorails (DEMAG KBK and structural steel), cranes, remote control packages, transfer

cars and various underhook devices, i.e. !hooks, po"er rotated hook, magnets and slings. Jib Cranes Alumium or steel rail ! lo" rolling resistance for smooth travel ost effective for short transfer applications #election $asis% #le"ing &ange'&otation ! (() or *+) (,ngersoll) Mounting ! -loo" or "all Boom .ength ! &adius of coverage area apacit/ ! Boom design dependence Boom underclearance ! distance from floor to $ottom of $oom 0eight ! Distance from floor to top of 1i$ crane -or a floor!supported 1i$ crane s/stem a minimium of +2 thick reinforced concrete floor is