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Customer Satisfaction Of Airtel Bangladesh

Submitted for: Fatima Tuz Zohra Atcha Lecturer Submitted b : !azia Tasnim "ot

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School of Business -BBA. State %ni/ersit of Bangladesh

$ate: '( September *'(+

At first, I want to bid my heartiest thanks to my teacher , Fatima Tuz Zohra Atcha , Lecturer-BBS, State University of Bangladesh for guiding me and for giving me the opportunity to initiate this report !hen I want to thank Airtel Bangladesh Limited "ABL# for giving me the opportunity to do my survey in the organi$ation

I want to thank %d Ahsan &abib , who assisted me a lot for the preparation of this pro'ect I am also very grateful to %r Auhid$$aman and %r Shahidul Islam, unless their support the research survey would have been difficult for me

I also would like to thank State University authority for their library and internet facilities from where I got enormous information

23ecuti/e Summar
Airtel is the si(th telecom operators in Bangladesh As an emerging company Airtel is doing e(tremely well After the launch of Airtel in Bangladesh, the competition has become more strengthen among the telecom operators )ach of them is fighting to boost up its market share by offering new promotion and benefits to the customers Since, all of the operators are offering almost same categories of products it has become a big challenge to retain the e(isting subscribers and ac*uisition of new customers At this moment Airtel is trying to reach the customers with various promotional activities and is attempting to make their brand presence felt !hrough their significant advances in Bangladesh, Airtel is moving ahead on the track to achieve their goals As a student BBA program, I got the opportunity to do a survey program in such a multinational telecom company I have conducted a research survey among customer satisfaction of Airtel among the Airtel user After that I have designed the research in a descriptive way and collected data are analy$ed *uantitatively !he research findings show that there are several factors that make the customers dissatisfied regarding Airtel +oor network *uality, e(cessively messaging communication from Airtel, poor call *uality and bad internet service etc are the areas for customer dissatisfaction ,n the other hand, the customers are satisfied for the price of new prepaid connection, availability of the prepaid recharge cards-)$ee load, tariffs of the prepaid packages, lives enriching value added service, and for customer supports after sales &owever, the overall analysis describes that the most of the airtel prepaid subscribers are moderate subscribers At the end of the pro'ect, some recommendations are given to help the Airtel management so that they can deploy appropriate decisions to reduce the customer dissatisfaction

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(4 Compan O/er/ie1 5 Bac0ground . . +reface . / 0ompany Info . 1 Airtel Bangladesh Ltd at 2lance . 3 Bharti Airtel . 4 Bharti 2roup . 5 !imeline of 6arid !elecom in Bangladesh . 7 Brand Airtel . 8 9ision : !agline . ; Airtel Logo . .< +roduct ,ffers +re-paid =etails +ostpaid details 9alue Added Services International >oaming "I># . .. 0urrent %arket Situation

*4 6ain 7ro8ect / . Introduction / . . Background of the problem / . / ,rigin of the report / . 1 ,b'ective of the report

a theoretical review / / / !he definition of customer satisfaction / 1 0ustomer satisfaction factors of prepaid customers of Airtel / 3 %ethodology / 3 . >esearch =esign / 3 / !ype of the >esearch / 3 1 +roblem =efinition / 3 3 %easurement and Scaling +rocedure / 3 4 ?uestionnaire / 3 5 !he Sampling designing +rocess / 3 5 . =ata 0ollection / 3 7 / Sources of =ata / 3 7 1 +rocedure of data collection / 3 7 3 =ata analysis / 4 @indings . Analysis / 3 7 . 3 Scope of the report4 / / Literature review / / . +reparation. 0ustomer Satisfaction./ . =efine the target population / 3 5 / =etermine the sampling frame / 3 5 1 Select a sampling techni*ue / 3 5 3 =etermine the sample si$e / 3 7 =ata 0ollection.

/ 4 . @indings on respondents‟ analysis / 4 / @indings on statements analysis / 4 1 @indings on general overview / 4 3 >espondent‟s opinion and suggestion / 5 Limitations / 7 >ecommendation / 8 0onclusion >eference Appendi( (4( 7reface .

and rebranded the companyBs services . customer. which correlate with satisfaction behaviors !he level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other options the customer may have and other products against which the customer can compare the organi$ation‟s product 0ustomers‟ satisfaction has now become ma'or concern of the mobile service providers in our country !he ob'ective of this study is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the process of customer satisfaction on the services provided by the Airtel mobile operator in Bangladesh !o measure the customer satisfaction a *uestionnaire was designed by comprising some important variables Based on the findings of the study some recommendations have been made which may assist Airtel to increase their customer base through more satisfied customers (4* Compan #nfo Airtel Bangladesh Ltd is a 2S%-based cellular operator in Bangladesh Airtel is the si(th mobile phone carrier to enter the Bangladesh market. and launched commercial operations on %ay .focused.<.!oday. or even-customer driven enterprise Increasing competition "whether for-profit or nonprofit# is forcing businesses to pay much more attention to satisfy customers !he state of satisfaction depends on a number of both psychological and physical variables. sold a ma'ority 7<A stake in the company to IndiaBs Bharti Airtel Limited Bharti Airtel is making a fresh investment of US= 1<< million to rapidly e(pand the operations of 6arid !elecom !his is the largest investment in Bangladesh by an Indian company !his is Bharti Airtel‟s second operation outside of India =habi 2roup continues as a strategic partner retaining 1<A shareholding and has its nominees on the Board of the 0ompany Bharti Airtel Limited took management control of the company and its board. it would be difficult to find a company that does not proudly claim to be a customer-oriented. an Abu =habi based consortium. /<<7 6arid !elecom International.

Bangladesh  . and introduction of innovative products and services As a result of this additional investment.7 /.< . =haka .1 billion "USE/ 13 billion# "/<. Abhay Seth "0hief Sales : %arketing officer#. /<. mobile telephony  Total subscriber: 5 418 million "April /<./.8 /8/ billion "USE153 71 million# "/<. 77. capacity.<# F  Total assets: 845 . >ubaba =owla "0hief Service .< !he new funding is being utili$ed for e(pansion of the network. /<.1.< ">egistration date#  9ead:uarters: &ouse 13. Sugato &alder "acting 0hief &> officer#  7roducts: !elephony.under its own airtel brand from /< =ecember /<.-A.< <1 billion# "/<.. both for coverage.7 <8 billion# "/<.fficer#.< !he Bangladesh !elecommunication >egulatory 0ommission approved the deal on Can 3.<#F  !et income: .<#F  Operating income: /. billion (4+ Airtel Bangladesh Ltd4 at &lance  T pe: +rivate  #ndustr : !elecommunication  Founded: =ecember ../#  Re/enue: .3/ billion "USE.<#F ..fficer#. billion "USE313 11 million# "/<.fficer#.e people: 0hris !obit "0hief )(ecutive .<#F  Total e:uit : 4</ 5<1 billion "USE. the overall investment in the company will be in the region of US= . SD %ukhopadhyay "0hief @inance . >oad . Banani.

which connects the submarine cable connecting 0hennai and Singapore Airtel is known for being the first mobile phone company in the world to outsource all of its business operations e(cept marketing. Africa and the 0hannel Islands It operates a 2S% network in all countries. and transmission towers are maintained by another company "Bharti Infratel Ltd in India# )ricsson agreed for the first time to be paid by the minute for .F All figures include Bangladesh. etc His maintained by )ricsson. India and Sri Lanka operations  7arent: Bharti Airtel 7<A and 6arid !elecom 1<A  <ebsite: httpG--www bd airtel com (4= Bharti Airtel Bharti Airtel Limited is commonly known as Airtel It is an Indian telecommunications company that operates in /< countries across South Asia. microwave links. and is headed by Sunil Bharti %ittal Bharti Airtel is the first Indian telecom service provider to achieve 0isco 2old 0ertification It also acts as a carrier for national and international long distance communication services !he company has a submarine cable landing station at 0hennai. sales and finance Its networkHbase stations./ It is the largest cellular service provider in India. with over . Iokia Siemens Ietwork and &uawei. and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services It offers its telecom services under the airtel brand. behind 0hina %obile and 0hina Unicom Airtel is the largest provider of mobile telephony and second largest provider of fi(ed telephony in India. million subscribers at the end of %arch /<. 12 and 32 services depending upon the country of operation Airtel is the third largest telecom operator in the world with over /31 115 million customers across /< countries as of %arch /<.8. providing /2. and business support is provided by IB%./ Airtel is the third largest in-country mobile operator by subscriber base.

small and medium as well establishing large scale cash : carry stores to serve institutional customers and other retailers !he group offers a complete portfolio of financial services .installation and maintenance of their e*uipment rather than being paid up front. and Kambia . Iigeria. !an$ania. 2abon. Uganda. 2uernsey. Sri Lanka. Cersey.75 by Sunil Bharti %ittal It has grown from being a manufacturer of bicycle parts to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India 6ith its entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake business pro'ects that are transformational in nature. the groupBsB flagship . Bangladesh. 0had. has emerged as one of the top telecom companies in the world and is amongst the top five wireless operators in the world !hrough its global telecom operations Bharti group has presence in /< countries across customers across India Bharti also serves customers through its fresh and processed foods business !he group has growing interests in other areas such as telecom software. and foods Bharti started its telecom services business by launching mobile services in =elhi "India# in .India./ J + a g e company. which allowed Airtel to provide low call rates (4> Bharti &roup Bharti 2roup was founded in .4 Since then there has been no looking back and Bharti Airtel. Burkina @aso. 2hana. training and capacity building. 0ongo Bra$$aville. Denya. financial services. Sierra Leone. Seychelles. Bharti has created world-class businesses in telecom. Africa and )urope .. general insurance and asset management .. %alawi. the group has diversified into emerging business areas in the fast e(panding Indian economy 6ith a vision to build IndiaBs finest conglomerate by /</< the group has forayed into the retail sector by opening retail stores in multiple formats .ver the past few years. %adagascar. =emocratic >epublic of 0ongo. and distribution of telecom-I! products . Iiger. real insurance. retail.

.<. /<<7.7.ctober. 6arid !elecom International paid USE 4< million to obtain a 2S% license from the B!>0 and became the si(th mobile phone operator in Bangladesh  In a press conference on August .n .n %ay . Camalpur. 6arid !elecom e(panded its network to five more districts raising total number of districts under 6arid coverage to 45. 6arid in an advertisement in some daily newspaper stated that it would be launching publicly on %ay .ctober . /<<5. in .ctober. no call rate or any package details were revealed !he advertisement included an announcement for the people interested to buy 6arid connections to bring the documents like I= card.(4? Timeline of <arid Telecom in Bangladesh  In =ecember /<<4. said a press release %ymensingh.. /<<5 6arid !elecom put off the launch of its cell phone services in Bangladesh until April. to the designated franchise and customer care centers  . 6arid announced that its network would be activated two months ahead of schedule.. whose 'ob was to make Btest callsB and the operator ad'usted its networkBs *uality based on their comments  . etc . /<<7. /<<7 &owever. /<<5 Again in . /<<7 after its ma'or supplier Iokia walked out on an agreement over a payment dispute  6arid had a soft launch at the end of Canuary /<<7 It gave away complimentary subscriptions among a selected group of individuals.

wherever they are By having this focus we will enrich our own lives and those of our other key stakeholders . 6arid !elecom e(panded its network to 1 more districts Bandarban. enriching the lives of millions M C)nriching lives means putting the customer at the heart of everything we do 6e will meet their needs based on our deep understanding of their ambitions.4 Airtel will be the most loved brand. 6arid !elecom was rebranded to airtel (4@ Brand Airtel Airtel was born free.n =ecember /<.nly then will we be thought of as e(citing.Sherpur.<.<. creativity and a team driven Lto sei$e the dayM with an ambition to become the most admired telecom service provider globally Airtel has become one of the most preferable brands among the young people in 'ust . /<. /<<8. /<<7. innovation. districts under 6arid network coverage  .n Cune . on their side and a truly world class company C .<./ months of operations in Bangladesh (4A Bision 5 Tagline LBy /<. >a'bari and Iarail towns were covered by 6arid network  . a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed A spirit charged with energy. Dhagrachhari and >angamati Iow all 53 districts of Bangladesh are under 6arid network coverage meaning 6arid !elecom now has nationwide coverage  .n Iovember . 5.

in India. @oorti 4 =olbol . almost as if it were a living ob'ect It represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings us and our customers closer . and some users talk only on few specific numbers !o cater to all customers ‟ needs. some customers make calls more fre*uently on a day.ur specially designed logo type is modern. some people love to talk for seconds. Airtel Logo !he uni*ue symbol is an interpretation of the Na‟ in airtel !he curved shape : the gentle highlights on the red color make it warm : inviting. the benefits under the previous option will automatically be changed to the new one . airtel offers both prepaid and postpaid connection to its customers %oreover airtel also offers massive value added services to its subscribers 7re)paid : !here are 5 "si(# different packages available in one prepaid connection 0ustomer can switch between the packages on offer 6hen a user switches from one option to another.(4. vibrant : friendly It signals our resolve to be accessible. while the use of all lowercase is our recognition for the need for humanity >ed is part of our heritage It is the color of energy : passion that e(presses the dynamism that has made airtel the success it is today. and now on the global stage (4(' 7roduct Offers =ifferent people love different things Someone likes to talk for longer period of time.

%%S and data access were historically usually considered value-added services. all services beyond standard voice calls transmissions &owever./ Adda 1 Shobai 3 2olpo 5 Dotha 7ostpaidG Airtel postpaid comes with 1 packages that are designed to furnish to both the professional and personal communication needs Balue Added Ser/ices 9alue-added services "9AS# are popular as a telecommunications industry term for non-core services. while technologies like S%S. for services available at little or no cost. on a conceptual level. or in short. but in recent years S%S. spurring the subscriber to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their average revenue per user "A>+U# @or mobile phones. %%S and data access have more and more become core services. and 9AS therefore has beginning to e(clude those services Like other telecom operator airtel also has introduced a distinct sort of value added services to enhance the level of customer . to promote their primary business In the telecommunication industry. it can be used in any service industry. valueadded services add value to the standard service offering.

satisfaction As its vision is to enrich the lives of millions by /<. we know that communication is no longer confined between the boundaries of our own home 6hile we are traveling outside the countryO we understand the need to stay connected with our family.4. airtel continuously developing uni*ue services so that the customers can obtain better e(perience 'ust in one connection #nternational Roaming -#R. million by the end of @ebruary /<<. As the world keeps getting smaller and smaller.< 515 million at the end of April /<. the cell phone is an integral part of our daily life %obile phone operators are . Airtel offers the following International >oaming Services • +ostpaid roaming • +repaid roaming • 2+>S roaming • S%S roaming • In-flight roaming • In-bound roaming (4(( Current 6ar0et Situation According Bangladesh !elecommunication >egulatory 0ommission "B!>0# the total number of mobile phone subscribers has reached ./ It was 'ust 34 /. !he total number of mobile phone subscribers has been doubled within 1 years and it is still increasing significantly +resently. friends and colleagues back home !o seamlessly carry our words across boundaries.

54A market share )gyptian .continuously offering more value added services to enrich the lives of the customers At the same time the competition among the telecom companies has reached to the peak level !his situation is compelling the one telecom operator providing the better *uality services and keeping the call charge lower than the other operators 0urrently.4 million customers !he %obile +hone subscribers are shown belowG .A of total market share >obi. remained in the third position with /< . the telecom industry is dominating by 2rameen+hone with its 3.1A market share !he market‟s late entrant Airtel Bangladesh Ltd is obtaining the fourth position and its current market share is 7 /. /. million customers !he staterun !eletalk now remained at bottom place with . the countryBs first and only 0=%A operator remains in the fifth spot with .A 0itycell.rascom !elecomBs Banglalink retained the second spot !he number of Banglalink users reached /4 <<8 million and holding /7 4. 8<. owned by A(iata "Bangladesh# Ltd. formerly known as AD!)L.

is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer e(pectation 0ustomer satisfaction is defined as Pthe number of customers. companies have gained better understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction "especially service producing companies# and adopted it as a high priority operational goal 0ustomer satisfaction. or percentage of total customers. or its services "ratings# e(ceeds specified satisfaction goals +eople in Bangladesh are becoming busy day by day and more professional than previous !hey need to share more information to each other because demography has changed due to the era of globali$ation %obile phone has introduced a tremendous change in the communication sector in our country It has changed the communication structure also +eople in various occupations and income levels are using mobile phone intensively for their occupational purpose and personal purpose as well *4(4( Bac0ground of the problem !here are si( mobile phone operators are running business in Bangladesh Among them airtel is the late entrant in the market !he other telecom companies are continuing operations for more . whose reported e(perience with a firm. it was unpopular and unaccepted concept because companies thought it was more important to gain new customers than retain the e(isting ones &owever. a term fre*uently used in marketing. in this present decade.*4( #ntroduction 0ustomer satisfaction is a fundamental marketing construct in the last three decades In the past. its products.

there was a remarkable change seen in telecommunication industry !he competition has been more intensified among the mobile phone companies Airtel is also struggling with the other competitors by offering new and uni*ue services to keep up the market share %eanwhile. I found that the airtel customers are e(periencing poor service *uality due to the limited network coverage It is true that. their subscriber base reached to more solid stage After entering of Airtel in the market.than . it might be very difficult to keep the e(isting customers satisfied and to grab more market share It is therefore imperative for Airtel to analy$e the customer ’s opinion in this regard to its services and take care of the dissatisfaction !his study is aimed at reviewing the prevailing . the early entrants in the market ac*uired enormous time for the network e(pansion As a result. decade e(cept !eletalk If we look back at that time. Airtel offers almost all types of lives enriching value added services with the prepaid connection &owever. from my recent observation at my internship program. the mobile phone services were limited to few numbers of customers due to high connection price and call charges %oreover. Airtel has not got enough time for the network e(pansion that the other companies obtained !here are some other problems prevailing with the prepaid connection which make the customer feel unpleased &ence. to survive in this competitive environment. Airtel is vastly well accepted among young generation for its youth oriented campaign and promotions )specially the lower tariffs and highest @n@ facilities are appealing all kinds of people to use Airtel prepaid connection 0urrently. the network was also restricted to some divisional cities and in few ma'or cities in the country As the technology developed and the tariffs reduced by the companies people were getting more engaged with this portable telecommunication services @or this reason.

situation to assist Airtel so that it can take appropriate measures for its improvement if needed *4(4* Origin of the report !his report has been prepared to fulfill the partial re*uirement of my survey report on %arketing research of BBA +rogram of State University of Bangladesh I did my research in Airtel Bangladesh Limited =uring research session I have earned a lot of e(periences *4(4+ Ob8ecti/e of the report !he ob'ective of the report is divided into two parts !hey are specific and broad ob'ectives !he specific and broad ob'ective of this report is given belowG . Broad Ob8ecti/e: !he broad ob'ective of this report is to find out the customer satisfaction level of Airtel customers / Specific Ob8ecti/es: !he specific ob'ectives will be  !o find out specific areas of satisfaction of Airtel users  !o figure out specific areas of dissatisfaction of Airtel users  !o know the overall satisfaction level of the customers  !o figure out possible improvement sectors to reduce dissatisfaction *4(4= Scope of the report !his report basically deals with a brief description about Airtel Bangladesh Limited and its product : services as well as mainly .

I have gone through different articles and 'ournals published for telecom sector I have also reviewed various websites. marketer. the opinion of friends. research papers and te(t books to enrich my theoretical knowledge on customer perception level It provides me with an idea about the current situation in terms of what has been done. associates. they are delighted when the performance fulfills their re*uirements 0ustomers‟ past buying e(periences. and what I know Sometimes it includes suggestions about what needs to be done to increase the knowledge and understanding of a particular problem *4*4( Customer SatisfactionD a theoretical re/ie1 !he customers are in the mainstream of sales oriented services !he success of such companies largely depends on the satisfaction of the customers !he buyers are happy if the product and-or the services meet their e(pectations If their re*uirements do not meet the e(pectations the buyers become discontented. competitor information and promises lead to the e(pectations %arketer must be careful to set the right level of e(pectations .focus on customer acceptance level &ere no industry analysis is done !here is only detail description of the 0entral 0ommunication function of Service )(perience department of the company because of the availability of information to me as I worked in this function *4* Literature re/ie1 As my survey area is to find out the customer satisfaction level of Airtel Bangladesh limited.

the working of customer mind is like a black bo( !hat is an observer can only see what goes in and what comes out but not what happened inside Satisfaction may result from a very simple or a comple( process involving e(tensive cognitive. and customer satisfaction &ighly satisfied customers produce several benefits for the company Satisfied customers remain connected for a longer period and talk favorably to others about the company and its products and services *4*4* The definition of customer satisfaction As the key driver of customer loyalty. they may satisfy those who buy but fail to attract enough buyers In contrast.If they set e(pectations too low. affective and other undiscovered psychological and physiological dynamics 0omparing the definitions of satisfaction. many researchers conceptuali$e customer satisfaction as a personal feeling that customers compare perceived *uality . it presents an opportunity for companies that can deliver superior customer value and satisfaction !oday most successful companies have taken the strategy of raising e(pectations and delivering performance to match Such companies track their customers‟ e(pectations. perceived company performance. but no precise definition already been development According to the researchers. it can be found that satisfaction is stated to be a relative concept always 'udged in relation to a standard !hat means if we define customer satisfaction on different angles. if they raise e(pectations too high. many researchers increased emphasis on customer satisfaction &igh level of customer satisfaction may lead to more loyal customers which means can bring more profit for enterprise !here are many kinds of definition of customer satisfaction. buyers are likely to be disappointed =issatisfaction can arise either from a decrease in product and service *uality or from an increase in customer e(pectations In either case. we can get different definition Usually.

to attain more customers Airtel should not charge high price for the new connection so that it can be affordable to the low income people %oreover..performance with e(pectations !his kind of conception is represented by . there are direct and indirect factors that influence customer satisfaction &ere I focus on the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction for prepaid customers of Airtel which relates basically with after sales services *4+4( Cost !he cost of the prepaid connection is one of ma'or factor for the customers %ost of the people in Bangladesh are low income level !herefore.8<# e(pectancy-disconfirmation framework &e states that customers compare the perceived *uality of products and service with their prior e(pectations !he difference between e(pectations and perceived *uality is called disconfirmation If it is positive disconfirmation "the e(pectations are met or e(ceeded#. S0SB and )0SI define customer satisfaction as overall satisfaction So here my theoretical framework treats customer satisfaction as overall satisfaction *4+ Customer satisfaction factors of prepaid customers of Airtel In mobile telecommunication industry. and then the customer is dissatisfied A0SI "American 0ustomer Satisfaction Inde(#.liver‟s ". tariff of the prepaid packages must be reasonable to keep satisfied its customers *4+4* A/ailabilit Availability of the product at the right time leads the customers to a better e(perience 0ustomers always want the product to be . the consumer is satisfiedO if it is negative disconfirmation "perceived *uality falls short of e(pectations#.

So. edge-gprs. are the most important customer satisfaction factors ?uality of airtime depends on the ratio of subscribers and transmission base station If the numbers of subscribers are increased without developing the network. etc.availed near at home !hey do not wish to go far to have product and other related services &owever. etc !he more value added services a company can offer with affordable cost the more it can achieve and retain its customers *4+4> Customer Support: 9elpline Airtel provides the state of the art /3 hours customer supports through customer hotline for its customers in Bangladesh Airtel subscriber needs to dial 785 to reach helpline !he hotline number has a language option for )nglish. but the operations are done manually After dialing 785. the prepaid customers re*uire top-up their credit more fre*uently So. Bangla It is a computer aided information base to afford immediate access to the information about the subscribers. sports update. music information. *uality of airtime goes down *4+4= Balue Added Ser/ice -BAS. for instances. *uality of communication. subscribers are first welcomed by an automated and standardi$ed process !hen he-she needs to . to ensure fre*uent purchase and to build up long term relationship with the customers the top-up stores should be conveniently located to the prepaid users *4+4+ Airtime Air time is the core offering of Airtel. network availability. 9alue added service has become essential factor in telecom business !he customers not only wish to get voice communication but also desire more use of it !he telecom companies are offering new services apart from voice communication. different sorts of alert services.

which is known as LAirtel )(perience 0enterM "A)0#. located at key locations !hese centers are directly run by Airtel itself Airtel has more than two hundred outlets spread across Bangladesh. the largest chain of retail outlets in the country. affinity partners : distributors =ealer outlets are known as LAirtel >elationship 0enterM "A>0# Bill payment. postpaid bill payment and other customer *ueries !hese after sales services are very crucial to keep the customer informed and satisfied regarding Airtel *4= 6ethodolog *4=4( Research $esign A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research pro'ect It details the procedures necessary for obtaining the information needed to structure or solve marketing research problems Although a broad approach to the problem has already been developed.wait for ma(imum 1 minutes After that the subscriber reaches the 0ustomer %anager *4+4? Customer Care Center: A2CD ARCD 5 ASC %ost of the problems of the subscribers are solved by the helpline service But there are some problems that cannot be solved over the telephone conversation Subscriber need to appear physically to deal with those problems Airtel has si( customer care centers around the country. Airtel also has more than four thousand LAirtel Service 0enterM "AS0# around the Bangladesh !his service center handles the customer services. new connection. sim replacement. the design specifies the . address change. which is further backed up by a chain of sub-dealers. prepaid recharge. SI% replacement. for instances. scratch cards and sometimes mobile sets are sold at these outlets Bill collection for postpaid users and L)$ee LoadM top up for pre-paid users can also be availed at the franchises !hese franchises directly appoint dealers and sub-dealers in their designated areas @urthermore. new connection.

e(ploratory research is meaningful in any situation where the researcher does not have enough understanding to proceed with the research pro'ect !he research process that is adopted is fle(ible and unstructured It rarely involves structured *uestionnaires !he primary data are *ualitative in nature and are analy$ed accordingly @or e(ample. this research design involves the following components or tasksG  0lassify the nature of research  =efine the information needed  Specify the measurement and scaling procedures  0onstruct a *uestionnaire for data collection  Specify the sampling process and sample si$e  =evelop a plan for data analysis *4=4* T pe of the Research >esearch design is basically classified as e(ploratory or descriptive research !he main ob'ective of e(ploratory research is to e(plore or search through a problem or situation to provide insights and understanding In general. e(ploratory research may consist of personal interviews with industry e(perts A comparison of basic research designs is given below:  .details of implementing that approach A good research design will ensure that the marketing research pro'ect is conducted effectively and efficiently !ypically.

situation and what sort of problems the subscriber faces regarding this services @or this research.enerall! followed b! further Findings used as input in explorator! or conclusive decision making research Exploratory Discover ideas and insights *4=4+ 7roblem $efinition +roblem definition is the important part of marketing research.esults -entative Conclusive *utcome . Ion-0omparative techni*ue is selected because each ob'ect will be scaled independently from other ob'ects in the stimulus test A Liker Scale has been used for the measurement and scaling A Liker scale is a psychometric scale commonly used in *uestionnaires. and is the most widely . after defining the problem the research can be design and conducted !he main problem in which the research will focus is the analysis of customer satisfaction level of user of Airtel Bangladesh Ltd and the associated problems with the user which is identified by asking relevant *uestionnaires to the customer of Airtel !he information needed for the study will be the customer’s perception level of using Airtel connection.Category objective Descriptive Describe market characteristics or functions Characteristics Flexible. arked b! prior formulation unstructured and h!potheses "ample is small and non#representative $re#planned and structured ethods %ualitative research Data anal!sis &uantitativel! 'xpert surve!s "urve!s (%uestionnaire) $ilot surve!s *bservational and other data Findings+. versatile. 'udging perception level for the prepaid services have been obtained by asking *uestions and doing survey on the Airtel users *4=4= 6easurement and Scaling 7rocedure @or measurement and scaling. an overview of the problem.

to 4 So the point of strongly agree is 4. so that it must translate the information needed into a set of specific *uestions that the respondents can and will answer @urthermore. I introduce myself. cooperate and complete the interview In beginning of the *uestionnaire. and strongly disagree is . such that the term is often used interchangeably with rating scale even though the two are not synonymous 6hen responding to a Liker *uestionnaire item. I proceed to respondent section !he aim of the respondent section is to get the general .used scale in survey research. and put a little description about the purpose survey respectively !hen. I made this *uestionnaire in such a way that must uplift. motivate and encourage the respondents to participate. each statement is assigned a numerical score ranging from . mention the name of the research topic. respondents specify their level of agreement to a statement @or gaining full view of customer’s perception of the prepaid services and their response level on each *uestions five response categories will be used starting from strongly agree to strongly disagree !o conduct the analysis. *4=4> Euestionnaire Survey and observation are the two basic methods for obtaining *uantitative primary data in descriptive research Both of these methods re*uire some procedure for standardi$ing the datacollection process so that the data obtained are internally consistent and can be analy$ed in a uniform and coherent manner A *uestionnaire has been used to conduct the survey for this research paper It is a formali$ed set of *uestions for obtaining information from the Airtel customers I tried my level best in setting up the *uestions.

the target population must be defined precisely It should be defined in terms of elements.4 set of *uestions has been prepared based on the factors for measuring satisfaction level Lastly. sampling units.information about the respondent and to become aware of the usage pattern of their respective airtel connection In the third portion of the *uestionnaire. and time *4=4?4* $etermine the sampling frame A sampling frame is a representation of the elements of the target population It consists of a list or set of directions for identifying the target population @or determining sampling frame of this research I took the help of some student ‟ of State university of Bangladesh !hey provided me the information about the members who were using airtel SI% I also prepared myself to obtain help from my friends and neighbors if I wouldn ’t get enough respondents in State university of Bangladesh for conducting the research @or this reason. there is some space given for the respondent if they wish to write some comment or suggestion regarding Airtel services *4=4? The Sampling designing 7rocess *4=4?4( $efine the target population !he sample design begins by specifying the target population !arget population is the collection of elements or ob'ects that possess the information sought by the researcher and about which inferences are to be made +opulation of this research could be the mobile phone users Ievertheless. e(tent.4 direct and correlated *uestions placed which are very precise with the airtel prepaid service !hese . there are . I used the phonebook .

the repetition of the same sample is not occurred in this pro'ect Another approach 'udgmental sampling has also been followed in this research It is a kind of non-probability sampling techni*ues that allow me to apply my observation and personal 'udgment to choose the elements to be included in the sample *4=4?4= $etermine the sample size Sample si$e will be the number of elements to be included in the study !he important *ualitative factors which should be considered will beG • !he importance of the decision • !he nature of the research • !he number of variables • !he nature of analysis • Sample si$e used in similar studies • >esource constraints.nce a sample is selected and asked *uestion. etc By considering all this factors and discussing with my supervisor the sample si$e is considered to be around 1< users of airtel connection .directory of my cell phone to know which of my friends ones use Airtel *4=4?4+ Select a sampling techni:ue In case of selecting a sampling unit. I selected sampling without replacement techni*ue . it is removed from the sampling frame so that it cannot be selected again By this sampling approach.

+rimary =ata SourcesQ =irect interview though a survey *uestionnaire Q !elephone conversation with the prepaid customers / Secondary =ata Sources• 0ommercial websites of airtel • .*4=4@ $ata CollectionD 7reparationD Anal sis *4=4@4( $ata Collection =ata collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data for e(ample as part of a process improvement or similar pro'ect !he purpose of data collection is to obtain information to keep on record. etc *4=4@4+ 7rocedure of data collection . the data is collected from the respondents through a survey *uestionnaire Some other feedback is also obtained from the website and telecom information *4=4@4* Sources of $ata !here are two types of data sources are used to obtain the re*uired information . data is collected to provide information regarding a specific topic !he planning of data collection for research work is generally developed in early stage of the research for its importance and impact on the research work @or this research.nline articles on telecommunication sector • +reviously conducted research papers on different issues of telecommunication • 0ompany’s maga$ines. to pass information on to others +rimarily. to make decisions about important issues. brochures.

no one denied participating in the survey because it did not take more than 4 minutes to finish %oreover. therefore. I did not have any trouble to collect the information from the fieldwork 6henever I found a student who was sitting idle or gossiping with their friends I went to them. I used %S )(cel software because I have enough insights of using this program In the beginning portion of the *uestionnaire.After determining the target population and sampling frame I was looking forward to conduct the survey for collecting the information As my e(tent of the target population was preplanned and structured. I collected data from /4 respondents on the same day >est 4 set of *uestionnaires were given to my family member and the neighbors who were the Airtel users *4=4@4= $ata anal sis After completing the research survey. duration of the network age and some direct *uestion related to their usage pattern !his . for instances. there were some general *uestions to aware of the some information about the respondents. age. cordially introduced myself and asked them whether they were using airtel or not After receiving a positive response. gender. this is a descriptive research and the data analysis should be done *uantitatively @or this reason. I started the data preparation for the pro'ect As soon as I received the *uestionnaires from the field I kept all the information in %icrosoft )(cel program Since. I provided a *uestionnaire form and asked them to participate in the survey @ortunately. every respondent was looking enthusiastic in taking part and some of them were very cooperative and supportive !hey also assisted me to find out active airtel users By this way.

age limit.information is analy$ed collectively rather than individually &ere. *4> Findings !he research findings are organi$ed in coherent and logical way After the completion data analysis successfully I have arranged the research findings into four segments !he research findings of this pro'ect begin with the respondent analysis with supporting interpretation and illustrations In the second segment. each statement is assigned a numerical score ranging from . and usage pattern. etc have been discussed briefly !here is no statistical tool used to analysis the . respondent ’s gender. the findings will be on the analysis on each statement of the *uestionnaire !he findings of the general overview of respondents will be shown in segments three !he segment four will reflect the personal opinion and suggestion of respondents to the airtel *4>4( Findings on respondentsF anal sis !he general analysis of the 1< samples is presented in this section !he main ob'ective of the respondents ‟ analysis is to get the overview about respondents &ere. to 4 So the point of strongly agree is 4. and strongly disagree is . duration of their network. no statistical tools have been used !he ne(t section of the *uestionnaire contains 7 statements )ach of the statements has been arranged in such a way which is directly related to the customer satisfaction factors !o measure the degree of agreement.

./ month and .1A use business solution ./7 years Amongst 1< respondents. after analy$ing the data I found that 75 57A of the total respondents were using other operator’s SI% apart from airtel that is /1 and 7 respondents were using only airtel that is /1 11A of total respondents @rom this scenario.5 respondents were using for more than .8 male and ./ female users of airtel prepaid connection !hus. respondents were using for 5-. the research survey has been conducted among . Airtel is the most preferable brand among young people I conducted the survey among the people whose age limit was . it can be said that most of the airtel customers use more than one SI% *4>4* Findings on statements anal sis @indings of the statements are analy$ed by summing up total scores of each statement of 1< respondents !hen I calculate the arithmetic mean of the each statement to figure out the central limit tendency and also compute the standard deviation to get the dispersion of the values . the ratio of male user is 5<A and the ratio of female user is 3<A Since. only 4 respondents had been using their airtel for more than /-5 month .respondent’s overview because this information will not affect directly to the customer satisfaction factors @or collecting data from the field. year no respondents were using for less than one month &owever. 6hich of the following services do you use of Airtel R %ost of the airtel user use prepaid sim in my survey 5<A are use prepaid other two is /7A use postpaid and .

1< 51A /7A 7A 1A ..n my survey airtel network completely dissatisfy the customer the network is very poor 4<A respondent rating network level is poor . network ./ 6hich services are more helpful to you while using Airtel R Euestion option /hich services are more helpful to !ou while using Airtel 0 Call rates S" " service S 1etwork 2alue Added "ervices total !um ber Of R esponses 7ersentag e .verall customer satisfaction ratings in percentage G !et1or0: . 8 / . and valu added service 1 .n the based on this survey most of the people use airtel for its call rate above 51A of user and rest of other use for sms.<<A .

S6S rates: !hrow my research I find this chart 37A respondent rating sms rate as an e(cellent so most of the user satisfy for the charge of sms Customer Care: Airtel customer care is very good %ost of the airtel user satisfy with airtel customer care .

f >esponses +ersentage .n this chart we can see 5<A respondent rating airtel customer care as a very good Call Rates: Airtel call rates are very cheaper Spatially airtel offer various type of call rate @or this reason . 7 / ..n this chart we can see the number of respondent and their rating of percentage 0all rate is the highly satisfaction level of airtel There are four specific areas found for customer dissatisfaction !he ma'or areas of dissatisfaction areG  Ietwork *uality  %essaging communication from Airtel  Internet or )dge-2+>S service  0all *uality during airtime ..<<A . . of the total respondent rating call rate is e(cellent ?uestion option Call Rates Excellent Very Good Fairly good Average Poor Iumber . 1< 51A /1A 7A 1A 1A ..

ffer attractive handset bundle package .)$ee Load for prepaid  !he affordability of new prepaid connection  !ariffs.8 of the respondents shared their valuable opinion regarding Airtel services and those are given below accordinglyG • %ost of the respondents suggested airtel to upgrade its network coverage as soon as possible Some respondents also suggested toG • Stop sending unwanted S%S • >educe 9AS tariffs • Increase the validity for bonus talk time • ./ respondents did not put any opinion &owever.Conse:uentl D the ma8or areas for customer satisfaction are:  !he availability of the recharge card . etc *4>4+ RespondentFs opinion and suggestion In the respondent’s opinion and suggestion section. features of the prepaid packages  Bonus talk time . . rest .S%S  9alue Added Service "9AS#  0ustomer services through customer care line "785#  After sales service.

the network up gradation has not been finished yet Airtel should offer %iscall Alert service for free 0ustomers understand that network improvement cannot be done overnight But if miscall alert service is offered at free of cost the e(isting customers may compromise with the current situation and new .*4? Limitations !he study was limited by a number of factors 6ithout these limitations the research would have been much better Some of the constraints are given belowG • Such a short internship period was not sufficient to understand the insights of customer satisfaction level • Lack of information due to inade*uate telecom publications and 'ournals • Lack of co-operation from the officials from confidential point of view • !he research was limited only in =haka city !he research findings could be different if it is carried out with the other regions of the country • All of the respondents are young generation ".-/7 years old#O their opinion and preferences may conflict with the elders "more than 14 years old subscribers# So it can also be done in the future *4@ Recommendation !he recommendation part of the pro'ect is prepared based on the research findings By following those recommendations. distinct competitive advantage to achieve more market share  Airtel must upgrade the network coverage as early as possible Since.. Airtel can decrease the dissatisfactions of the customers and thus earn a sustainable.

customers may also wish to 'oin Airtel !hus. holidays. Airtel should increase the validity date for the bonus talk time and S%S to enhance the satisfaction level  Airtel can offer attractive handset bundle package with low price so that low income people can afford to buy an airtel connection with handset  Airtel must not only be sponsor of recreational programs at !9 channels but they should be an active participant of charity events to establish a good corporate image *4A Conclusion Airtel is a telecom service providing company where customer satisfaction is both goal and marketing tool !oday ‟s customers in . or in offpeak hour so that it does not make the customers dissatisfied  Internet is now an integral part of our life Airtel internet service must be developed reasonably so that people can use more of it  Airtel must use advanced technology to improve the phone call *uality  !he tariffs of the value added service "9AS# can be reduced so that more people can use 9AS to enrich their moments  Airtel offers enormous bonus talk time or S%S to the prepaid customers usable for short time period 0ustomers get dissatisfied when they find that validity of using bonus offer e(pires before it is consumed !herefore. dissatisfaction may reduce regarding network problem  Airtel should not send unnecessary S%S to the subscribers It makes the customers annoyed when a S%S is received during working hours S%S can be sent on weekend.

Devin L O %arketing %anagementO . more price conscious..  Dotler. even the price of the handset have been reduced due to technological advancement people of all income level are started using cell phone Iowadays. less forgiving and they are approached by many more companies with e*ual or better offers !he challenge is not only to produce satisfied customers also to produce loyal and delighted customer !his is competitive and customer driven market It is high time for Airtel to satisfy and retain its e(isting customers As the mobile connection price.1th )ditionO +earson )ducation "India#O /<. are harder to satisfy !hey are smarter. +hilip : Deller. where lots of offers are available. call charge. it has become inevitable for Airtel to e(pand the network coverage soon for a sustainable future References  httpG--www bd airtel com httpG--www airtel in httpG--en wikipedia org-wiki-!elecommunicationsTinTBangladesh  httpG--en wikipedia org-wiki-AirtelTBangla  httpG--www gifted uconn edu-siegle-research-Iormal-stde(cel htm  httpG--www btrc gov bd %alhotra. Iaresh D O %arketing >esearchG An Applied . most of the students and the low income people are deeply relying on Airtel because of the cheap cost &ence.rientationO 4th )ditionO +rentice-&all of IndiaO /<.< .the telecom industry. more demanding.

Appendi3 *4( Current 6ar0et Situation +4( Euestionnaire 1ame: 3333333333333333 Age: 333 !ears "ex: ale+Female Contact no4: 33333333333 "ignature: 3333333333 Customer Satisfaction Of Airtel anglades! %5) Do !ou have a mobile phone0  6es  1o .

rameenphone  .%7) Are !ou aware about telecommunications service0  6es  1o 8f !  9anglalink  -eletalk %:) Are !ou aware about Airtel 0  6es  1o %. then which operator’s "ervice do !ou use0  Airtel  .) From which source !ou came to know about Airtel 0  Advertisement  1ewspapers  outh $ublicit! %<) "ince how long !ou are using Airtel services0  =ess than 5 month  7#> months  >#57 months  ore than 5 !ear %>) /hich of the following services do !ou use of Airtel 0  $re#paid  $ost#paid .

 9usiness "olution %?) /hich services are more helpful to !ou while using Airtel 0  Call rates  " " service  1etwork  2alue Added "ervices %@A) .echarge outlets Call .ates 2alue Added "ervices Excellent Very Good Fairly good Average Poor %@B) /hat makes !ou unhapp! about Airtel 0  =ess Advertisements  =ess $ublicit!  *thers (8f others then mention 333333333333333333333333) %5@) /h! !ou are not using Airtel services0  =ack of awareness  Cigh $rices  $oor "ervices .ate the following services on the basis of !our satisfaction4 Services 1etwork " " rates 1ew schemes and offers Customer Care .

 $oor network  (8f others then mention 333333333333333333333333) %55) Are !ou call or visit Airtel Customer Care 0  6es  1o %57) Cow satisfied are !ou about the customer care 0  Cighl! satisfied  "atisfied  Dissatisfied  Cighl! Dissatisfied  1either satisfied nor dissatisfied %5:) An! suggestions for customer care4 #################################################################################################################### #################################################################################################################### ################################################################################################################ %55) /ould !ou like to recommend Airtel to others0  6es  1o %57) .ive !our suggestions to betterment4 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 8nterviewer: 1aDia -asnim Eot! .

"tudent of "chool of 9usiness "tate Fniversit! of 9angladesh .