1 Company Profile
Proficient Interactive Pvt. Ltd
Proficient Interactive is an India based fast growing and dynamic organization, comprising professionals from various disciplines who are trained and qualified in their respective fields. Proficient Interactive operates from Pune and Nasik, India and is promoted by experienced professionals. There is no substitute for practical experience. One of the most important ingredients Proficient Interactive team can bring is that they maintain a vast experience in their respective fields.

Our services include Software Development, eLearning and Visual Design Services. Our core competency lies in development and maintenance of distributed and enterprise-wide robust applications, customized eLearning courseware development and high quality visual and graphics designs using the latest tools and technologies .

Proficient Interactive offers a unique blend of in-depth domain understanding and insight with cutting edge technical competence and an unyielding commitment to excellence. Ever since its inception, Proficient Interactive has believed in operating as an extended arm of all our clients' operations by giving them the best of both worlds: the savings and superior quality of offshore & onsite development, and the immediacy and trust of a local company.

1.1.1 Capabilities
We have expertise in transitioning organization's business processes to the web based solutions. We develop innovative, business winning solutions to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive

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advantage. We offer the full range of strategic, technical, business planning and project management capabilities covering the entire range of software development services.

1.1.2 Talent Pool
We understand that employees are the heart of any organization. Therefore, our focus is to always maintain skilled and experienced talent pool in our organization. The ultimate beneficiary of this focus is our customers to whom we cater to.

1.1.3 Skill-Set
The Creative Services team of Proficient Interactive is a rich clan of versatile programmers, software developers, artists, visualizes

eLearning professionals, and managers. The one aspect that brings all of us on one common platform is our specialization in multiple domains. We strongly encourage our teams to upgrade their skills in different domains, which helps the team to be in pace with the everchanging trends in the industry. Such varied skill sets help us to meet and often exceed the client's expectation in all the service areas.

1.1.4 Experience
Our team possesses valuable experience in all the domains and service areas we work in. All the team members have gone through endless hours of hard work and dedication, which has helped them achieve perfection in their respective areas. Their experience puts them in a position to provide quick and effective solutions.

Racecourse Management


1.1.5 Process
We follow established and proven development processes for software development, eLearning development, and visual design services. The processes stress on ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements and quality standards. We emphasize on improvement, efficiency, and value addition at every stage.

1.1.6 Quality
Proficient Interactive strongly believes in quality services by implementing a comprehensive quality policy to deliver results on time and within a budget. Proficient Interactive encourages participative style of functioning and invests in the training and growth of all of its team members ensuring high quality solutions and services at a very competitive price.

1.1.7 Services
Software Development We help our customers identify their technology needs and requirements. The solutions and products we provide are aimed at enabling the customers achieve their business goals. We partner with our customers to understand their user requirements, provide solutions, and develop and implement the products.

Racecourse Management

8 Value Proposition: Companies often develop. artwork. We offer various engagement models to work. these systems should work in an integrated manner to optimize processes across departments and geographies. We use web conference to present our solutions over the internet using desktop sharing. voice and live video. We provide you complete solution and take ownership of delivering it. Communication technologies and methods used for delivering and managing services are suitable to the requirement. Proficient has flexible engagement models. Users spend lot of valuable time in reconciling the data and information in these systems.Visual Design Services Our pool of creative and technology-savvy graphic artists is capable of providing best of the designs to the customers. Proficient understands these pain areas of customers and can provide tailor-made solutions specific to every customer. Agility is another highlight of services. and implementation we provide are bound to leave an everlasting impression. 1. The concepts. Ideally. graphics. instant messaging tools for regular online communication and support.1. Proficient is committed to customers for delivering best software solutions and professional services with high quality and consistency. implement and customize varied software systems and soon these systems become islands of information. 4 Racecourse Management . We specialize in integrating technologies and systems so that they work seamlessly.

Drupal and wordpress based website and web application development. 5 Racecourse Management .net and SQL Server technology stacks. We offer various engagement models to our customers.1. Discussion and finalization of methodology with customer is first step in project execution.10 Technology Focus: Proficient focuses on ASP. We are open to various technologies and consider selection of technology based on the requirements and preferences of customer. We strive to make sure that our client has clear picture of work progress at any given point in time by regular updates and communication.9 Methodology: Proficient gives first priority to its client’s needs and provides a well-managed and efficient execution methodology.1.1. On the open source side we have focus on Joomla. We offer various options and frameworks in Java/J2EE for implementation of projects. 1.

While the attention of horse racing fans and the media is focused almost exclusively on the horse's performance on the racetrack. Bangalore Turf Club conducts races. The breeding. training and racing of horses in many countries is now a significant economic activity as. Of all the Mumbai Race Club's racing is very popular amongst the locals here and is very competitive. monthly magazines for interested users. 6 Racecourse Management . to a greater extent. is the gambling industry which is largely supported by it.2 Existing System and Need for System Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has been practiced over the centuries.1. Presently all the information about races are completely stored manually with dedicated centre’s provided for horse betting. which are famous along with Pune and Kolkata. In India.

1. Online checking and viewing of race details. 2. 7 Racecourse Management .3 Scope of Project We are implementing a web-based. 4. consumer-driven. 5. Providing information about the forthcoming races. collaborative portal that enables following functions: 1. Online betting for races and viewing of results after the races. Ability to register a user on the portal. 3. Online viewing the status of participating Horses and Jockeys.

40 GB  Monitor  Keyboard  Mouse  CPU 1.4.1 GB RAM  HDD.  Browsers: All types of Browsers that support TCP/IP.4.S.2.S.  Web Server: IIS server  Technologies: Microsoft Visual Studio 2.1.0. Netscape Navigator etc. Mozilla Firefox.g. Opera. Internet Explorer 6. Windows.4. Windows. 1.2 GHz)  RAM.2.1 Software: Server Side  Operating System: Windows XP M.4.4 Operating Environment – Hardware and Software 1.2 Software Specifications 1. E.2 Software: Client Side  Operating System: Windows XP M.0  Database: Microsoft SQL Server.1 Hardware requirements  Processor-Pentium(R) P4 Processor(3. 8 Racecourse Management .

NET is more than the next version of Active Server Pages (ASP). 9 Racecourse Management .1. Not only does this make Web development easier. it also provides a new programming model and infrastructure for more scalable and stable applications that help provide greater protection. including a GUI that developers can use to drop server controls onto a Web page and fully integrated debugging support.NET is largely syntax compatible with ASP.5 Detail description of Technology used 1. Additionally. and so on. You can feel free to augment your existing ASP applications by incrementally adding ASP.NET. . but it also provides all the benefits that these tools have to offer.NET.NET is a compiled.NET application.NET-based environment. it provides a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class Web applications.NET Framework is available to any ASP. Developers can easily access the benefits of these technologies.NET functionality to them. While ASP.NET ASP.NET compatible language. including Microsoft Visual Studio . which include the managed common language runtime environment.NET. including Visual Basic . type safety. ASP. and JScript . C#.5. inheritance. ASP.NET has been designed to work seamlessly with WYSIWYG HTML editors and other programming tools. you can author applications in any . the entire .1 ASP.

Windows Mobile. . Other built-in tools include a forms designer for building GUI applications. class designer.2 VISUAL STUDIO Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. and database schema designer. Support for other Framework. Visual Studio supports different programming languages by means of language services. Visual Studio includes a code editor supporting IntelliSense as well as code refactoring.NET (via Visual Basic . VB. Compact Framework and Microsoft Silver light. web sites. It accepts plug-ins that enhance the functionality at almost every level— including adding support for source-control systems (like Subversion and Visual SourceSafe) and adding new toolsets like editors and visual designers for domain-specific languages or toolsets for other aspects of the software development lifecycle (like the Team Foundation Server client: Team Explorer). web applications.NET 10 Racecourse Management . and web services in both native codes together with managed code for all platforms supported by Microsoft Windows. which allow the code editor and debugger to support (to varying degrees) nearly any programming language.5. and F# (as of Visual Studio 2010). web designer. Built-in languages include C/C++ (via Visual C++). provided a language-specific service exists. The integrated debugger works both as a source-level debugger and a machine-level debugger. It is used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications.1.NET). C# (via Visual C#).

Microsoft SQL Server's primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL. Individual language-specific versions of Visual Studio also exist which provide more limited language services to the user: Microsoft Visual Basic. to millions of users and computers that access huge amounts of data from the Internet at the same time). 11 Racecourse Management . There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for different workloads (ranging from small applications that store and retrieve data on the same computer. 1. True to its name. developed by Microsoft. and Ruby among others is available via language services installed separately. It also supports XML/XSLT. It is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications.languages such as M.3 SQL Server2005 Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database server. Visual J#.5. Python. JavaScript and CSS. Visual C#. HTML/XHTML. be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet). and Visual C++.

The system will be secured by authenticated passwords and logins 12 Racecourse Management . go to a specific section of the website and recover odds for a certain horse in the next race. This will provide some extra information about the racecourse like the next races and the rules to bet. The bets will happen every five minutes and the betting will be 24 hours a day.1 Proposed System To develop a program to log into a betting website with a user name and password.2. We then need it to carry out a % calculation based on those odds and then to place appropriate bet. We then need it to go to another section of the website to check for the results as soon as the race is over.

2. They could give them order of racing and can also having the authority to change their information. it is a fast working and time saving portal. This portal makes the user to give the better experience of racing and secure transaction due to password protection.2. Objectives of the System As we know the market scope of online technologies. This portal will provide the ease for the user that e/she could bet over the races and the respective races from home by online betting. And people want to save their time instead of doing the paper work. 13 Racecourse Management . As well as the administrator could change the updating and show the online results in less time which is again an advantage? This portal is helpful for those people who want their horses and jockeys participate into the race. it is fastly growing. Even due to its feature. Maintaining the account of each type of user is also beneficial with every aspect.

3) An Application stores all the record into the database and gives appropriate result for user activities. 4) User will get User manual to use an application for their guideline. 5) The user need following things to run the system : Browser IIS SERVER.2. User Requirements The Requirements of the user are as follows: 1) An application must be having simple user interface. 2) The system would be made in such a way that if any up gradation is needed in future it could be done easily.3. 14 Racecourse Management .

1Data Flow Diagram (DFD): login Login Horse details Jockey details User Update changes updates Admin 0.0 Betti ng login logout Jockey info Horse info logout Cash Details Owner Cash info logout Data Flow Diagram 15 Racecourse Management .3.

2 Function Decomposition Diagram (FDD): 16 Racecourse Management .3.

3 Use Case Diagram 17 Racecourse Management .3.

3.3.1 Use case diagram for User 18 Racecourse Management .

.3.2 Use case diagram for Administrator 19 Racecourse Management .3.

3 Use case diagram for Owner 20 Racecourse Management .3.3.

1 User Sequence Diagrams :user :System Login Display Message :Database Completion Execute Query Response Execute Query Response Execute Query Response Execute Query Response Execute Query Response Validation Sequence diagram for User Search Race Details Show Details View Horse Details Search Details View Jockey Details Show Details Show Today Tips Show Details Do Betting Accept Receipt Search Result Show Detail Logout Display message Execute Query Response Execute Query Response Execute Query Response 21 Racecourse Management .3.4 Sequence Diagram 3.4.

4.3.2Sequence diagram for Administrator Administrator Login Displa Message y view owner details Displa Message y Add Horse Info Update Horse Delete Horseinfo Display Message Add Jockey Info Update Delete Jockeyinfo Message Response System completion execute Response query Update Database Response Database Valida n execute query Response execute query Sequence diagram for Owner Add race details Message Manage betting execute query Response Sequence diagram Messagefor Owner Add results Show Details L o g o u t Display Messages execute query Response Update Database Response execute query Response 22 Racecourse Management .

3Sequence diagram for owner : Owner Login Display Message View race details Display Message Add Horse Info Update Horse Delete Horseinfo Display Messge Add Jockey info Update jockey info Delete Jockey Display Message Search results Execute query Show details Response Logout Execute query display message Add results Show results Logout display message update Database Response request Response Response : System Completion Execute query Response Execute query Response Execute query : Database Validation Response Execute query Response z 23 Racecourse Management .3.4.

3.5Activity diagrams
3.5.1 Activity diagram for User

Racecourse Management

3.5.2 Activity diagram for Administrator

Racecourse Management

3.5.3 Activity diagram for Owner





Gives Details

Give Horse Details

Give Jockey Details







View Results



Racecourse Management

. 1--* 1.3..6 Class Diagram 1 Owner Admin User u_id:string u_name:string password:string city:string mobno:numeric ccno:numeric viewracedetails()...* 1. 1. results()... viewresults().. viewjockeydetails().* * Bet bet_id:string race_id:string horse_id:string user_id:string amount:numeric date: betdetails()..* Jockey 1.* 27 Racecourse Management .. 1 o_id:string o_name:string o_password:string city:string 1. horsedetails()...* j_id:string j_name:string j_city:string play:int win:int jockeydetails().* 1 1 1 1 has 1 1 1 1 has views has 1.. 1. view views 1. horsedetails().userid : Varchar ..* h_id:string h_name:string h_speed:int h_color:string play:int win:int horsedetails()....* win_id:string h_id:string j_id:string 1. jockeydetails().* 1.* Race winning 1.. viewhorsedetails().. betting().* r_id:string date: wininfo()... 1 * 0..* has 1 .. has 1....password : Varchar racedetails(). has 1 1 login()...* race_id:string r_name:string r_city:string r_date: r_time: racedetails().* Horse has 1. jockeydetails()..

7 Component Diagram 28 Racecourse Management .3.

3.8 Deployment Diagram 29 Racecourse Management .

9 Table Specifications User Table Field user_id Fname Lname Password Address Dob contact_no email_id creditcardno City State Country Data type INT VARCHAR VARCHAR VARCHAR VARCHAR DATETIME INT VARCHAR INT VARCHAR VARCHAR VARCHAR Size Constraint 10 20 20 20 40 10 20 20 10 10 10 Primary key Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Not null Description Id of the user FName of the user LName of the user Password Addr of the user Date of birth Contact no Email of the user Credit card no.3. city of the user State of the user Country of theuser 30 Racecourse Management .

Admin Table Fields admin_id Data Type INT Size 4 Constraint Primary key Not null Description Id of the admin admin_name Password VARCHAR VARCHAR 10 10 Not null Not null Name of admin Password admin of the 31 Racecourse Management .

Jockey Information Table Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description primary key jockey_id INT 4 not null identify jockey jockey_name VARCHAR 20 not null name of jockey foreign key owner_id INT 4 not null identify owner jockey_city VARCHAR 20 not null city of jockey jockey_country VARCHAR 20 not null country jockey of Play INT 4 not null no of matches played no of matches win Win INT 4 not null 32 Racecourse Management .

Horse Information Table Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description Primary key horse_id INT 4 Not NULL Identify horse horse_name VARCHAR 20 Not NULL Name of horse horse_color VARCHAR 20 Not NULL Color of horse horse_speed INT 4 Not NULL Speed of horse Foreign key owner_id INT 4 Not null No of matches played No of matches win Identify owner play INT 4 NOT NULL win INT 4 NOT NULL 33 Racecourse Management .

Race Information Table Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description Primary key race_id INT 4 Not NULL Identify race race_name VARCHAR 20 Not NULL Name of race race_city VARCHAR 20 Not NULL City of race race_country VARCHAR 20 Not NULL Country race of race_date DATETIME 8 Not NULL Race date race_time DATETIME 8 NOT NULL Race time 34 Racecourse Management .

no INT 4 PRIMARY KEY Foreign key RACE NO race_id INT 4 Not NULL Foreign key Identify race horse_id INT 4 Not NULL Identify horse Owner Information Table Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description Primary owner_id INT 4 key Not NULL Name owner Owner password Address owner of of Identify owner owner_name VARCHAR 20 Not NULL owner_password VARCHAR 20 Not NULL owner_address VARCHAR 20 Not NULL 35 Racecourse Management .

owner_city VARCHAR 20 Not null Owner city no_of_horses INT 4 NOT NULL NOT NULL No of horses no_of_jockey INT 4 No of jockey Bet Table Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description bet_id INT 4 Primary key Not NULL Identify race race _id INT 20 Not NULL Name of race horse_id INT 20 Not NULL City of race user_id INT 20 Not NULL Country of race amount NUMERIC 18 Not NULL Bet amount date DATETIME 8 NOT NULL Race date 36 Racecourse Management .

Winning details Fields Data Type Size Constraint Description Primary key win_id INT 4 Not NULL Identify race race _id INT 4 Not NULL Name of race horse_id INT 4 Not NULL City of race jockey_id INT 4 Not NULL Country of race date DATETIME 8 NOT NULL Race date 37 Racecourse Management .

3.11 user interfaces Home: 38 Racecourse Management .

Racing Ticket & Online Buying 39 Racecourse Management .

Packages 40 Racecourse Management .

Entertainment & Hospitality 41 Racecourse Management .

Advertise & Sponsorship Betting 42 Racecourse Management .

User Registration Schedule 43 Racecourse Management .

Upcoming Races Statistics Horse Statistics 44 Racecourse Management .

Jockey Statistics Result 45 Racecourse Management .

Bet 46 Racecourse Management .

Open If the Shows an Login form 2. Open If Login form opens 2.Login ID field login ID error field is message skipped ”Login ID?” the Shows an error Enter the Fail Login ID? Fail RC_TC10 2 1. Open Both the Either the fields are filled in message “Welcome ” “Invalid User” Should appear or Welcome Pass Login form opens 2Sign button is clicked 47 Racecourse Management .3.9Test Conditions and Test Cases PURPOSE OF TEST: To Validate Login and Password Test Case Id RC_TC10 1 Expected Result Actual Result Remark s Requisite Action 1.Passwor d field passwor d is skipped field message “Enter the password password” RC_TC10 3 1.

Open If the “Forgot password” massage “Forgot password? Fail ” Login form 2. Forget password field wrong passwor d is should appear entered PURPOSE OF TEST: Screen Menu Testing Test case ID RC_TC2 Click 01 home menu RC_TC2 Click 02 home menu RC_TC2 Click 03 on Home page open on Home page open Requisite Action Expected result Go home page go home page Actual result to Goes home page to Don’t to page to Pass go Fail Remar ks to Pass home on race page Go to race Goes open page race menu race page RC_TC2 Click 04 on race page Go to race Don’t Go Fail open page to page race race menu RC_TC2 Click 05 ticket on ticket page Go open ticket to Goes ticket to Pass 48 Racecourse Management .RC_TC10 4 1.

menu RC_TC2 Click 06 ticket menu RC_TC2 Click 07 page on ticket page Go open ticket page on Entertainm Go page to Don’t Go Fail to page to Goes to Pass ticket entertainm ent ent menu open page entertainm entertainm ent page ent page to Don’t go Fail RC_TC2 Click 08 on Entertainm Go entertainm ent ent menu open page entertainm to ent page entertainm ent page RC_TC2 Click 09 on advertising Go and to Goes to Pass advertisin g advertisin g advertisin and and sponsorshi and g sponsorshi p p menu RC_TC2 Click 10 open page sponsorshi sponsorshi p page p page to Don’t Go Fail to on advertising Go and advertisin g advertisin g and sponsorshi and advertisin and sponsorshi p p menu open page sponsorshi g p page sponsorshi p page RC_TC2 Click 11 on Bet open page Go to Bet Goes page Bet page to Pass Bet menu 49 Racecourse Management .

RC_TC2 Click 12 on Bet open page Go to Bet Don’t Go Fail page to page Bet Bet menu PURPOSE OF TEST: To Validate Betting Calculations Test Case Requisit Id RC_TC_30 1 e Date selection Expected Actual Result Result Dropdow list Pass Remark s Action Click on Dropdow dropdow n list n list n appears appears for date selection RC_TC_30 2 date selection IF DATE Shows an is not error message “select date” RC_TC_30 3 RC_TC_30 4 bet Bet Click on Calculate bet bet Resulting amount Wrong date massage Fail Select date Fail selected Pass If passes Massage date selected 50 Racecourse Management .

PURPOSE OF TEST: To Validate Search Option Test Id RC_TC_40 1 Case Requisit e Jockey selection Expected Result Jockey radio button get selected Actual Result Remar k Action Click on jockey radio button Jockey radio button get selected Pass RC_TC_40 2 Jockey selection Click on jockey radio button Jockey radio Jockey radio do Fail get button get button selected not selected Horse radio button get selected RC_TC_40 3 Horse selection Click on Horse radio button Horse radio button get selected Pass RC_TC_40 4 Horse selection Click on Horse radio button Horse radio Horse radio do Fail get button get button selected not selected Respectiv e RC_TC_40 Searchin Click on Respective Pass page informatio 51 Racecourse Management .

5 g search button open n retrieved RC_TC_40 6 Searchin g Click on search button Respectiv e open Respective Fail page informatio n do not retrieved RC_TC_40 7 Blank text box Click on search button when textbo x is Fire error an Error message of “Enter the text” Pass empty RC_TC_40 8 Blank text box Click on search button when textbo x is Fire error an Error message “Enter the Fail text” don’t appear empty 52 Racecourse Management .

PURPOSE OF TEST: Database Validation Test Id RC_TC_50 1 Case Requisit e Add record Expecte d Result Record Pass Actual Result Remark s Action Adding record in should be Record database added in added database RC_TC_50 2 Add record Adding Record record in should be database added in database Record don’t added Fail RC_TC_50 3 Update record Updatin Record g record should be Record in database updated in database updatin g done Pass RC_TC_50 4 Update record Updatin Record g record should be in database updated in database Record updatin g done not Fail RC_TC_50 5 Deleting record deleting record from Record Record Pass should be deleting deleted done from 53 Racecourse Management .

database RC_TC_50 6 Deleting record deleting record from database database Record should be Record deleted from database deleting not done Fail PURPOSE OF TEST: Registration Page Validation Test Case Id RC_TC_60 1 Expecte d Result Fire error message Actual Result Remark s Requisite Action Blank text Submit box validation page with blank field error message of enter the text Pass RC_TC_60 2 Blank text Submit box validation page with blank field Fire error message error message of enter the text don’t appear Fail RC_TC_60 3 Value comparing validation Enter Data the same should value in be Data entered Pass 54 Racecourse Management .

passwor d and entered compare passwor d fields RC_TC_60 4 Value comparing validation Enter Data the same should value in be passwor d and entered Data do not entered Fail compare passwor d fields RC_TC_60 5 Value comparing validation Enter the different value in passwor d and Error should be fired Error message of data Pass mismatc h compare passwor d fields RC_TC_60 6 Value comparing validation Enter the different value in Error should be fired Error message of data Fail mismatc 55 Racecourse Management .

passwor d and h do not appear compare passwor d fields RC_TC_607 Format specificatio n validation Enter the Fire email id error with missing of @ or dot operator or domain name RC_TC_608 Format specificatio n validation Enter the Fire email id error with missing of @ or dot operator or domain name do appear not an Error message of “Enter the valid Fail mail id” Error message of “Enter Pass the valid mail id” an 56 Racecourse Management .

1 User Manual Use the appropriate choice for your selection from the menus present on home page. The home page will show you the optional links and the information about the website. This will open the home page and the subsequent links. This includes: Home  Racing 57 Racecourse Management . For getting such menu options we have to enter the address of the website in the browser of the user system.4.

The racecourse provides the facility to book the tickets online and user can bet online on the races. If the user is new or betting first time then the registration is also available. Before entering into the betting option user need to login into the system. Online booking of tickets  Entertaining and hospitality  Advertising and sponsorship  Betting  Contact These are the static pages which are having pages which provide the information regarding the website and the racecourse. For login the user is provided with the unique id and the password. The betting page shows various options regarding online betting as explained below. When the process of registration gets completed the user is free to use the online betting facility. User can register into the website to get his/her id and password. The online betting page is having various options as follows  Home  Statistics  Schedules  Result  Bet 58 Racecourse Management .

These options give the facility of the betting and getting the statistics regarding the jockeys and the horses as well as the schedules of the races. This is clearly shown in following image 59 Racecourse Management .

If all the mandatory fields are filled correctly then this will generates the id for the user which is unique. If the user is not registered on the site then the sign up button gives the way to open the form of registration.4. Statistic menu Statistics shows the details about the horses and jockeys. Otherwise this will fire an error.2 Operations Manual / Menu Explanation The operations that are included into the website are as follows  Login  Viewing statistics  Viewing race schedules  Online betting  Viewing result  Logout Login menu The login page is having 2 buttons  Login  Sign up Where login page takes the user details of id and password and if these things matches with the existing records stored into the database. There are two submenus:  Horse statistics  Jockey statistics 60 Racecourse Management . then the betting page will open.

Result menu Result menu gives the details of the race result. After the result come into the flash this will give the result of your money also. This gives us the chance to plan the schedule regarding races sitting in our own house. Schedule menu This menu provides the details of the races. For that you need to select the date of the race only. There are again two submenus:  All races  Upcoming races All races option gives the information about the races which have already done as well as the upcoming. 61 Racecourse Management . Betting menu This is the heart of the website this give the facility to bet online. But the upcoming races option is bound into the future race details. The tubular format of the statistic is very attractive. For that you just need to select the date from the drop down list and enter the amount of betting.Both the menus are having a drop down list we need to select the appropriate option from the list and click on the go button which will show the details of respective horse or the jockey.

Logout By clicking on this button the session of the user ends and he/she comes on the homepage. 62 Racecourse Management . If user need to go again on the last page they need to login again.

We cannot bet on the races held in other racecourses.  Betting is quite static i.  We cannot bet on second levels. jockey and winners. 63 Racecourse Management .e. we only bet on horse.5 Drawbacks and Limitations :  This site does betting regarding only one race course.

Live Show: The live show on the site can fill the excitement in the viewers. so it will be in priority after this.6 Proposed Enhancement: Centralization: In the Future we are planning to centralize the races all over the world. Second wise betting: We will enhance the system by adding second wise betting. in this system we are focusing on winning and losing horses and jockeys but in future we will make this as live experience with second wise betting Due to above future features user can experience the better and live races from home. They can bet as well as view the races live. 64 Racecourse Management .

7 Conclusion :  User friendly  Easy to learn  Attractive  Organized  Light Weight  High Performance 65 Racecourse Management .

Net 2.msdn. John Kauffman.com 66 Racecourse Management .  “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed” Ray Rankins  “Professional C#” Fred Barwell.net  http://www.net  http://www.0 With C#” Chris Hart.8 Bibliography:  “Asp.microsoft.asp. Richard Blair  “Software Engineering” Pankaj Jalote Online Help:  http://www.codeprojects.