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My View of The Bronnikov Method By, Tulku Chime Dorje March 19, 2011


What is the Bronnikov Method? The teacher of the Bronnikov Method is V.M. Bronnikov, Ph.D., a Ukrainian who lives in Fedosia, Ukraine. He is a member of the Russian National Academy of Sciences.


Yang Hsi. “Introduction”. just such an account is given for the founding of the Maoshan School. p. from the first of fifteen immortals. presumably in the dream state.According to Bronnikov. at the age of the three. 3 (1993).” 1 Isabelle Robinet. Sound crazy? Actually. among whom was Lady Wei Hua-ts’un. he would sleep outside in the ancestral graveyard of his family‟s home over the graves of three Tibetan monks and began to receive teachings. a certain Chinese person. Between 367 and 370 C. According to Bronnikov. Taoist Meditation: the Mao-shan Tradition of Great Purity. This Taoist immortal revealed most of the revelations that have come to comprise the texts of the Maoshan.1 Bronnikov learned the basis of his Method from a Tibetan monk who taught him in his dreams. was visited in the middle of the night by a group of immortals.E. 2 . the monk and/or the immortals that visited him at night taught him an ancient Slavic-Tibetan internal martial art called the “Red Ruby Eyes of the Dragon..

2 Garchen Rinpoche. the path of classical internal alchemy will begin to unfold quite naturally with its corresponding fruits--embryonic breathing (breath suspension). can be an infallible method to open the door to meditative absorption. 3 . bigu (total fasting by living off energy). I received a transmission while prostrating to a statue of Maitreya in the shrine room of my spontaneous yoga teacher. called “The Ganges. Yuan Miao (see her picture on the next page). in my limited experience. physical training enables one to approach the path of enlightenment in an accessible. through a koan.” that inferior practitioners means all of us.” Something as simple as prostrations. when I go into those fasting retreats. When the union of wind and mind is strong enough. commented on Tilopa’s doha (spontaneous song of instruction) on Mahamudra. etc. may suddenly realize that primordial awareness by cutting through conceptual mind‟s subtle attachment to dualistic fixation on self and other.2 Within the central channel is primordial awareness and primordial energy. I privately practiced the details of what was transmitted to me: a spontaneous sense of how to practice Tibetan prostrations in a combined qigong and yoga fashion with breath regulation during my monthly and yearly fasting retreats. systematic and reproducible way. the well-known Drikung Kagyu lama. A zen practitioner.The Importance of Physical Training Although I am not an authority. by cultivating the primordial energy within the central channel. one can fuel one‟s realization by energizing it.” which he suggested to his student Naropa as the means for inferior practitioners to practice the path of enlightenment. However. meditative absorption. turning the art of it into a science both at the levels of theory and experience. This was the key that enables me. This is the meaning of “merging wind and mind in the central channel. if one has done one‟s homework. to be able to know how to enter into meditative absorption through what the Indian siddha Tilopa called the “merging of wind and mind in the central channel. when practiced mindfully in such a way as to increase one‟s supply of energy in the lower abdomen and to circulate it in the microcosmic orbit to merge with one‟s primordial awareness. Once.

Teacher of the “Yoga of Joy” 4 .Yuan Miao.

showed me the prostrations he teaches his students that he received from his lama and I recognized it had some of the same features and principles as the form of prostrations that I had received intuitively. was nearly identical to the flow of movements that also “came to me” one day in Teacher Yuan Miao‟s home. Dancing on Rooftops with Dragons. I had the clear sense of a visitation occurring and proceeded to breathe in and out the energy that enveloped and pervaded me. During this seminar. who teaches with Teacher Yuan Miao. Like Teacher Yuan Miao. I‟ve trained with various teachers like Sifu Lamb and Teacher Yuan Miao. So I know personally and first-hand the truth and the value of transmitted teachings received as a mind-to-mind transmission or through a visitation as I‟ve proved to myself the infinite value that even one set of inspired movements has on my energy body and its corresponding effects on my consciousness. taught by Sifu (Master) Jenny Lamb.). While prostrating in her shrine room one day.” Since then. the “Yoga of Joy”. leading me to naturally unfold the breath regulation and flow of the variation of Tibetan prostrations that came about spontaneously. Moreover. I told Sifu Lamb about the similarity in the flow of movements that I received and the circumstances under which I received them (the “visitation”) and after listening intently.Six months ago. The common thread in such teachings is that the teachings continue to teach you new things through the practice of them as the their profundity is revealed to you over time as a constant stream of new discoveries. who practice and teach profound revealed practices.” 5 . Sifu Lamb taught her personal qigong set that she practices. who holds the lineage for the Maoshan Yi Gong (“Siddhi of Mind-Intent”). I also taught it to Dustin who is very energy sensitive and after practicing it he texted me. “Your technique is profound!!!” [exclamations his]. I call “energetic prostrations. Lama Norbu (see next pg. except for a neck bandha (lock) that she engages at the end of the flow. “Good. 3 In Yuan Miao’s autobiography. that for lack of a better title. Yuan Miao explains that her system. she smiled and said. I attended a seminar on Spontaneous Adjustment Qigong.” I was struck by the fact that her final flow of movements. unfolded naturally from her body movements following a transmission she received from orbs of light (which she identifies as various Buddhist deities) after they were heralded by the sighting in broad daylight by her family and various villagers of dragons dancing on the roof of their home.3 the qigong set “came to her spontaneously from her practice.

Teacher of the Tibetan qigong of the esoteric Shiva-Garuda cycle. This is why I say the Method is probably 6 . The “Big Dragon” system is based on the bagua. which has obvious Hindu roots Tibetan monks doing prostrations at Baudhanath.Lama Norbu. he received one-eighth of a larger system called the “Big Dragon” system. Nepal The Taoist Basis of the Bronnikov Method (Extracted from the “Red Ruby Eyes of the Dragon”) According to Bronnikov. known as the eight trigrams (made famous by the I Ching system of divination).

comes from or is another name for the “Fire Dragon” system. the basis of the “Dragon” system(s) is seven main practices. possibly from Western China to eastern Tibet.” “Earth Dragon. Sleeping God (vertical and horizontal energy transfers to the energy in the central channel and its extension outside the body in the aura as a closed loop). 4. The Bronnikov Method shortens the time to activation of the upper tan-tien by leveraging the energy of other fellow practitioners who practice with you. In Stage 1. This is a technique used by several Eastern traditions. for example.). The efficacy of the Bronnikov Method lies in their use of transmission qigong from one‟s partners to stimulate and increase the amount of energy rising to the upper tan-tien so as to open 7 . and “Thirsty Dragon”. the emphasis is on using the energy of partners to develop one‟s internal energy so as to stimulate the upper tan-tien. Five Beasts (Absorbing the Essences of the Five Animals). “Ruby Dragon Eye. The Seven Main Practices of the “Dragon” System(s) According to Bronnikov. Borrowing energy from partners is also a feature of left-handed Taoist.” “Mountain Dragon. For example. for example in Hindu tantra. and 7.2. etc. and Hindu traditions. etc. The other seven systems are: “Sky Dragon. 3. Partners do this by practicing a form of qigong whereby they transmit energy to their practice partner who receives the energy. Drunkard (a form of standing qigong called “Tibetan Bell”). most of which he teaches in the very first stage of the Bronnikov Method: 1.” “Air Dragon. Five of the Seven Practices are Taught in the very first Stage 1.1 Seminar I just finished attending the entry-level seminar.” “Dragon Thunderer [Thunder Dragon]”. Stage 1. They then exchange roles so that the exchange of energy between them is balanced. Column/Pole Standing (Standing Qigong to tonify the lower tan-tien). transmission is a key feature of most Eastern traditions (kundalini shaktipat. In addition. Emptiness Presence (Absorption and Departure of Animal Essences). Buddhist. having made its way at some point to Tibet. which borders China. Tibetan yogis often congregated together to take advantage of the group field generated by their practice and to leverage the assistance of the presiding vajra master and to utilize the multiplication effect present when two or more yogis gather to practice together.” “Water Dragon.).” from which the Bronnikov Method is extracted from. of the Bronnikov Method--a four-day seminar. each day lasting four hours--and I really liked it! I learned five of the seven main practices of the “Dragon” System(s) (Emptiness Presence and the Five Beasts [which involve Absorbing the Essences of the Five Animals] is taught in Stage 1.Taoist in origin. presumably an internal martial art or a body of lore.). which corresponds to the trigram Li. These Seven Practices are Qigong Another reason why the Bronnikov Method is probably Taoist in origin is that all six of the seven main practices that I learned in the first stage are all forms of qigong (energy work). 2. each of them corresponding to one of the other seven trigrams (Kan. Each of the eight trigrams corresponds to a particular dragon system. 6. 5. Dragon (a form of standing qigong unifying Heaven and Earth energies in the middle tan-tien [solar plexus]).1. Fast Wind (Alternating the sensation of heavy and light in part or all of one‟s body).

“Lots of different colors. (I think the flashes of light come from the energy stimulating the optic nerves at the optic chiasm. that turned the „lights‟ on. After I asked her what she was seeing.the ancestral cavity in the central channel that eventually leads to the opening of the third-eye. I tried out prakochkas on three of my friends: Mihaela and Sylvie and Abby. one connects with a partner‟s energy field and then causes the partner‟s internal energy within their central channel to rise to the third-eye area through the use of intent integrated with a form of transmission qigong. re-entering the central channel at its lower gate in a continuous loop.. lights. The sign that the ancestral cavity is beginning to open is the perception of flashes of light. prakochka is one of the seven main practices of the “Dragon” System(s) that the Bronnikov Method relies on in my estimation to open the ancestral cavity (third-eye area [near the optic chiasm where the optic nerves cross]). That area in the brain. The Transmission Qigong of the Bronnikov Method Opens the Ancestral Cavity A few days ago.” Mihaela also saw various lights and colors.. corresponds anatomically to the place where the energy gathers. she said. usually white in color. last Friday. The result is that the energy rises up the central channel and then around the aura. After a few prakochkas. “Oh. however. but that is pure speculation). Optic chiasm at center of the red X (optic nerves) In prakochka.” Sylvie was visibly squinting with her eyes closed as she clearly was enduring something that was observing. all three reported seeing lights and colors. 8 . Abby remarked.

until all the cells were filled with the specified objects. students develop their nei guan (internal vision) by activating the luminosity channels of the eyes.Stage 1. at least one person in the group would know the answer to each question.” opens up in one‟s mind‟s-eye something like an inner TV screen. they could see its contents! For example.1. the instructor. Activating the Luminosity Channels of the Eyes (Activation of the Psycho-Bio-Computer) In Stage 2. is designed primarily to connect the lower tan-tien4 to the upper tan-tien. three-digit numbers into the second face. I was amazed at how accurate the group was. The five main techniques introduced in stage 1. animals with smells or behaviors in another. the ancestral cavity. 9 .” the Bronnikov Method intently channels the energy from the lower tan-tien to the upper tan-tien and then through the twin luminosity channels. and got him ready to open his inner sight. Azrael would ask them what was in a particular cell and day after day. you can contact him at beggingbowl@hotmail. but also the area beyond it) to rise and open the ancestral cavity. There were around eight students in total that attended. they would retrieve the “cube” and the images of its contents would still be there! They also did other exercises. A fascinating description of this inner vision is described by Drunvalo Melchizedek on the website of Bronnikov‟s representative in the Americas. I was amazed by the fact that every student that attended the Stage 2. including my friend. Day after day. the entry-level seminar in his system. Then the next day. all of the students were able to see day-after-day objects that they “visualized” into a cube of six faces of 9 squares on each face--a total of 54 squares (each face being like a 3 rows x 3 columns tic-tactoe). These channels branch out from the ancestral cavity and pass through the eyes. Azrael. Using a technique called “Splash. They would see this cubic lattice container and then fill it with objects. like asking their inner TV/computer screen to tell them how many matches were placed before them while blindfolded.php. at least one student would “see” the object and answer correctly! Each of them could see part of the cube.” the students would tuck their cube into a corner of the “desktop” of their inner “computer screen” and shut down their inner vision.1 of the Bronnikov Method. after turning “on” their inner sight. Dustin. If you want to find out what it was like for Dustin. Azrael Rajama: www. Dustin told me that he believes that Yi Gong made him really sensitive to energy. Bronnikov calls this inner vision activation of the “psycho-bio-computer” (Russians are fond of scientific terms).1 seminar. it is clear that stage 1. I was amazed by the fact that over the four days of the Stage 2. It was wild. ramped up his psychic abilities. Upon scanning the 54 cells of this cube. etc. the Bronnikov Method‟s technique.1 seem primarily to condition and channel the energy of the abdomen and pelvis (including the lower tan-tien. Each day after the “ He also found that the inner 4 I think of the tan-tiens as dilatations or balloon-like expansions in the central channel. The stimulation of the luminosity channels of the eyes somehow activates internal vision.1 seminar activated their internal vision. would ask them to place particular colored shapes into one face. my friend.neurovisionacademy. A few would see a number on their inner TV screen. “Splash. to have this inner sight activated. so collectively working together every day.1 of the Bronnikov Method Connects the Lower Tan-Tien to the Upper Tan-Tien Although Bronnikov uses different terms.

but is potentially Taoist in origin. are very sensitive to energy. I can see through the walls. I suspect and am intrigued by the Method‟s potential for accelerating completion stage practice as well. I asked him what he saw. which they attribute to their practice of the Method. Zach. purify the mirror of their mind. What I want to focus on is their use of the term “generation” or “creation. he let out a primal scream and opened his eyes dramatically wider. was recorded on video by my student. New York. Because he attributes his development to the Method. As I tapered off the transfer. As I raised the energy to his third-eye. some specialists in the Method can see through steel walls). As the Bronnikov Method is presumably based on the “The Red Ruby Eyes of the Dragon. and in fact he managed to achieve it in his second practice session. I demonstrated at an introductory lecture on Yi Gong. Tibetan spiritual technology heavily favors Tantra. who had come up from Washington. I remember once in Brooklyn. one can look first at how both those traditions use inner vision. so the opening of inner sight in students of the Bronnikov Method through “Splash” (a similar process) makes sense (incidentally.sight exercises really ramped up his inner fire.” The point of generation stage practice is to see the hologram that one is projecting upon the screen of one‟s 10 . I felt Max behind me energetically and together I began to infuse him with Yi Gong energy onstage in front of the audience. which may really amplify any energy practices that he does do (which makes sense because the secret-square-inch gets stimulated and in my experience that really ramps up the energy for completion stage yoga). mantras. I have found this true also in the Bronnikov Method specialists that I have taught and/or practiced qigong with. he displayed signs and indications that he was ready energetically to do that practice. including this part. develop a mind that can powerfully penetrate their central channel and direct energy into it in preparation for completion stage yoga (energy yoga). a student of Sifu Lamb‟s used to call a powerful transfer of Yi Gong energy a “transfer. The whole lecture. I remember that transfer sent a powerful current of energy from the base of Josh‟s spine up to his head. Looking like he was in dazed wonderment. What Inner Sight is Used for in the Bronnikov Method So what‟s the point of opening inner sight? I think it depends on how you use it. and even gain miraculous powers (siddhis). I intuited he would succeed almost immediately after being taught. according to Azrael. Opening the Third Eye by Yi Gong Facilitation It used to be that Max. mandalas.” a Tibetan internal martial art. Tibetan yogis purify the seeds of reincarnation within their being. D. has two halves: generation or creation stage yoga and completion stage yoga. Josh replied. dakinis. “Wow. which in the Tibetan context. Generation stage yoga depends on the opening of inner sight in order to visualize/see deities. I‟m going to use the term to mean a powerful sustained transfer of Yi Gong energy.” Below. both specialists. I found it very easy to teach Azrael a secret practice due to his energetics. I can see the children playing outside in the schoolyard” (there is a schoolyard across the street from where the lecture was). a transfer on Josh. whose photography studio was the arena for this event.C. and light. Azrael and Blair. Through mastering the visualizations.

Taoist Use of Inner Vision I get the impression that Taoists use inner vision as a means to explore themselves inwardly and outwardly as the phenomenal world. the nonmaterial and bardo bodies will recreate the body.. Like an X-ray machine. other worlds. First.” Of these. I‟ve heard Azrael say that at specialists in the Bronnikov Method can generate or regenerate organs by sending their consciousness to construction points in the nonmaterial space or bardo (intermediate state) spaces that precede the material body as the template and origin of/for body. Experts of the Method can not only remotely view and diagnose problems in the 11 . they create an alchemical body of energy. they used it for ecstatic excursions of outer space. Tibetan internal alchemy is focused on the creation of an alchemical body of light. to enter and move within the world of pictures as an alternate when the Buddha turned the rain of arrows flying towards him from the armies of Mara into flowers. “The Red Ruby Eyes of the Dragon” has eighteen stages and many of them involve control of various aspects of the process of generation and creation. affording a form of immortality. and the various heaven realms--”spirit travel.mind created from the luminosity of the heart. they direct their attention towards creating a rainbow body. I‟ve even heard Azrael say that at advanced levels.” It seems to me that stages 7-11 are similar to the goals of generation stage yoga as practiced by Tibetan yogis.. I‟ve heard Azrael talk about children who can detect tumors 1 mm in diameter nearly 100% of the time. Interestingly enough. The most interesting direction of development seems to be gaining the ability to phase in and out of reality. distant lands. Later on. like: Stage 7: Organism Structure Construction Stage 8: Organism Structure Reconstruction Stage 9: Consciousness‟ Holographic Presence Formation Stage 10: Holographic Presence Creation in Different Bodies Stage 11: Twins Creation (These are the intermediate stages.. and to slip in and out of other realities. called an illusory body. One eventually is able to manipulate the illusion. It is said that you‟ve mastered generation stage yoga when you can create objects at will. they sometimes used it to look at their organs. Perhaps the most interesting anecdote.. is the appearance of a blue dot in the center of one‟s visual field that indicates one can control the appearance of objects in the hologram and/or others‟ perception of them--meaning at that point. He speaks of their ability to unlayer the hologram of the body layer by layer. In other cases. Bronnikov says one send one‟s consciousness to the construction points that precede the body in the nonmaterial and bardo spaces and create a clone of oneself so that if the body dies or is destroyed. it becomes possible to manifest objects in the material space. both seem doable with psychic internal vision like the kind activated in the Bronnikov Method. the middle part of “Big Dragon”) The development of Internal Vision in the Bronnikov Method at the beginning stages 1-3 (“Small Dragon”) precedes these seven of “generation” or “creation. collectively--”Middle Dragon”) Stage 15: Sky Dragon Formation Stage 16: Earth Dragon Formation (These are two advanced stages.

China’s Super Psychics (secondary source: www.”5 As Stage 1.body. I studied qigong with a Chinese Taoist master of internal alchemy.neurovisionacademy.. For example. Azrael says Bronnikov has trained specialists who can physically rejuvenate the body twenty years younger by communicating with the DNA and making changes to the DNA in its non-material and bardo states. it is not surprising that the inner TV screen common to psychics comes online through the practice of the five main practices taught in Stage 1. Master Wei Ling Yi.php). animal communication. Ming Pang. 12 ... the director of a qigong hospital in China (a medicine-less hospital) with an 95% cure rate for everything using qigong alone for diagnosis and treatment). Chinese researchers discovered that qigong is a catalyst for EHF (exceptional human function) and also found many people who had developed psychic powers through practicing qigong.1 of the Bronnikov Method is all a Taoist internal alchemy master 5 Paul Dong.1.. telepathy.these human diagnostic and therapeutic abilities have exciting implications for the development of the practice of spiritual medicine etc. tapping into the akashic records for scientific research and development: the possibilities are endless. said. Psychic Uses of Inner Vision Of course. but they can fix them by making changes in the nonmaterial and bardo bodies that bleed into the material body and manifest physically. Before I studied Yi Gong. Wei Ling Yi. human development along the lines of psychic abilities are well known to everyone--remote viewing. “By early 1979. What is impressive is that some of the students succeed in activating their inner sight after four days of practice. Dr.

explaining why they want to apply and why they would be a good candidate for the program: the email address is info@neurovisionacademy.Master Wei Ling Yi. The basis of all his training was qigong. I think that those of us who have advanced our human potential and human development can be better prepared to be of service to mankind now and in times to come if and when the need for it arises.. Imagine the gift of sight. like me. (internal vision while blindfolded) and 3 (internal vision with closed eyes) for free. Dionne. This is a very worthy project. a colleague whom many of you know. as it were. it really looks like Stage 2 students can see an inner TV screen while blindfolded. 2. including their hands. People blind from birth have been able to secure inner vision within 6 months at a 100% success rate in children under 14 years of age and a 70% success rate in adults! Bronnikov is subsidizing an integrated program with doctors to supervise and document the development of inner vision in blind students of the Method all around the world for free. From what I‟ve observed. what I‟ve heard Hendrix call the Human Internet. If you need details. Master Wei Ling Yi taught them many things. in China. have them submit a photo and a one-page essay electronically to Azrael Rajama. If she‟s accepted. I like the idea of a world without blindness.Good luck! 13 . Along those lines. a form of psychic videoconferencing. the idea of doing akashic research for technological R&D is very exciting. Another application of the psycho-bio-computer is human I recently met a lama whose psycho-bio-computer (to use the Bronnikov term for it) is on and who uses it to conduct scientific research and development and who used it to invent in the laboratory forms of both free energy and antigravity. feet.. the Bronnikov Method began as a means to teach blind children how to see using their inner sight. As he wants to collaborate with me. One common thread that many of the Buddhist lamas and masters have been saying is that the future will be challenging for mankind with wars and other destructive world events coming to the world stage in the coming years. I look forward to working with him in this capacity as I‟ve worked with a scientific intuitive before and it is very rewarding. she‟ll receive Stages 1. A World Without Blindness Originally. who are excited by technology. For those. One can network several people into one‟s inner TV screen and communicate with them simultaneously... had been the headmaster of a government-sponsored psychic academy or institute where it was his responsibility to train the Chinese children identified by the state as psychics. Azrael will be happy to give them to you. The merit of that is inconceivable. He says he can call up information on his inner computer screen on any subject with some initial information as an input. is herself applying to Bronnikov to be one of those blind students to be trained in using a form of biological radiation from her brain to see. etc. so I hope that the Bronnikov team succeeds in their goal (if you know a blind person that is interested in this. including how to see with different body parts.

etc.S. Bronnikov and is certified by him to teach Stages 1 and 2. Dionne If You Would Like to Learn More Sometimes we run across something that we really think may be great or beneficial and we want to share it with our friends. If you would like to find out more. For example. See below for Blair‟s contact information. and he lives close by in Riverside County. 14 . I‟m taking the time to share my journey with you so that you can explore it yourself and see if it‟s as meaningful as Dionne. Bronnikov‟s representative in the Americas. to the Casita in Ojai (our favorite hangout). He is the main teacher of the Method in the U.S. to Aravel and Max the Crystal Skull. 2. So as I explore the Bronnikov Method. our beloved Kay. See below for Hendrix‟s contact information. you can: 1. That‟s my sense anyway. He knows more about the Bronnikov Method than anyone else in the U. Call Blair: the American specialist of the Method teaching in North America under the auspices of Neurovision Academy. This is the best way to learn about the Method fast. Dustin and I think it is. introduced many of us in L. and should be the first person you check in with. My sense is that there is something significant in it for spiritual development.This is my favorite picture of my (blind) colleage. Call Azrael: you can schedule a call with Azrael. Azrael trained personally under V.A.

1 and 2. Contact Info Azrael Rajama Azrael Rajama U. workshops.S. Email Dionne: Hillary Clinton had invited Bronnikov to relocate to the U. Bronnikov Instructor of the Bronnikov Method. but he also can come up to L. Blair and Azrael live in Riverside and currently teach in San Diego and Orange County. Classes.bronnikovmethodusa. but he declined. Representative of V. See below for her email address. You can always contact me. Stages 1. and seminars are available in the Bronnikov 15 www. See below for his email address. to teach. That is good qigong. but a fair amount of my thoughts are in this essay. toll-free: (888) 928-7333 azraellives@gmail. after seeing blind children from his academy who could see without using their eyes. email him if you‟re curious about what impresses him about the Bronnikov Method. One example of a class would be to learn the prakodkas to open the ancestral cavity and some of the main qigong practices of the Bronnikov Method™ like “Dragon” for absorbing sky and earth energy into the middle tan-tien for building qi. practice groups. Dustin is a good practitioner. Email Dustin: Dustin is available to tell you what his experience of the psycho-bio-computer is like.S.3. so your best bet is to do 1-3 above first before checking back with me. Dionne is an example of a blind practitioner who will astonish you sometimes with what she “sees. 5. 4. but you‟re always welcome to.1 (1 and 2) cell: (858)866-4452.” The Method has helped her advance her inner sight and she would be a good resource for those of you interested in how this technology applies to the sight-challenged or sight-impaired and its potential implications in offering alternative sight to the blind.

and the Queen’s Oracle in Bhutan as a tulku (reincarnate lama). Lama Dustin Attended Stages 1. he is a partner in Integral Energetics.3.quan@gmail. dionne.1 and About the Author: Tulku Chime Dorje is a graduate of Harvard University with a Master’s in Biology and finished a full four-year medical school curriculum. He is the L.Blair Souter Lead American specialist of the Bronnikov Method™ teaching under the auspices of Neurovision Academy.1 Bronnikov Method seminars Turned on his psycho-bio-computer (inner TV screen) beggingbowl@hotmail. He is considered by his Dudjom Tersar teacher. representative for Adzom Paylo Rinpoche. a movement dedicated to combining systems of energetics to offer an effective interdisciplinary framework for human development (its focus being internal alchemy). 16 . Facebook. He does not teach publicly. a Tibetan siddha from Adzom Drukpa’s Longchen Nyingthig lineage. Dionne Nominated by Azrael Rajama to be the president of the “World Without Blindness” program Has inner vision already.bronnikovmethodusa. (530) 375-0067 cell/text/page/voicemail bssouter@neurovisionacademy. Will be engaged in developing outer vision and merging outer and inner vision in stage Tulku Chime Dorje (805) 340-7227 cell/text/ www. but is available for private consultation.