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PROJECT CHARTER Project Contact and Approval Information Project Name/Number ADIRUS / 04012010 Spon orin! Or!

ani"ation Project Spon or Northwest Airlines Name# James Brady Office Addre P$one# 888-1000

# 1200 Aerona!ti"al Dri#e$ Atlanta$ %A& 20100

Email# 'rady()nwa&"om Project %eader Name# Jaye *& An+er Office Addre P$one# ,0--0000

# 1200 Aerona!ti"al Dri#e$ Atlanta$ %A& 20100

Email# an+er()!wsto!t&ed! Team &ember 'Name( Jaye *& An+er Daniel *ei'el 2harles /am3in Title/Role .ro(e"t /eader /ead 0n+ineer So4tware 0n+ineer 6inan"e /ead Title/Role Northwest S2 5an+er Allied 7est 5an+er 6inan"e 5an+er /e+al Ad#isor P$one ,0-1,11,11,1P$one 888888888888-1000 -2000 --000 -4000 -0000 -0000 -0000 -0000 Email an+er()!wsto!t&ed! hei'eld)!wsto!t&ed! lam3in")!wsto!t&ed! millss)!wsto!t&ed! Email 'rady()nwa&"om mathewsd)nwa&"om s"hill()nwa&"om 8etersons)nwa&"om

Shane 5ills
Principal Sta)e$older James Brady Da#e 5athews J!lie S"hill Ste#e .eterson *ate C$artered# +,-+.-/,,. Revi ion# +2+

Project Start *ate# +,-/0-/,,.

Tar!et Completion *ate#1-+-/,+,

*ate# +,-+.-/,,. *ate# Spon or Approval Si!nature

Spon or Approval Si!nature# 3pdate 4 Approval %o! Revi ion *ate

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+2, +2+


5u ine


What is the problem? Northwest Airlines is "!rrently !na'le to maintain on-time 4li+hts and ser#i"e "!stomer demand in a timely manner& What is the real problem? 7he "!rrent testin+ de#i"e 4or Air Data Inertial Re4eren"e Units 9ADIRUs: is !na'le to 3ee8 !8 with the demand 4or Northwest$ Boein+ and 6AA mandated testin+ and 8re#entati#e maintenan"e& Whose problem is it? Northwest Airlines Ser#i"e 2enter& Where does the problem come from? 7he "!rrent testin+ de#i"e whi"h "an only a""ommodate a sin+le ADIRU at one time& Why do we want to solve the problem? ;e are a leadin+-ed+e$ te"hnolo+y dri#en "om8any that s8e"iali<es in de#elo8in+ "!stom sol!tions 4or o!r "!stomer=s ele"troni" testin+ needs& Additionally we will 'e"ome the mar3et leader 4or ADIRU testin+ 'y 4!rther de#elo8in+ o!r 8ro8rietary so4tware and te"hnolo+y&

Project Scope/Objective 7he +oal o4 this initiati#e is to de#elo8 a state-o4-the-art ADIRU testin+ de#i"e that will sim!ltaneo!sly test three ADIRUS at a time$ while maintainin+ inde8endent start/sto8 4!n"tionality& In Scope# ;e will '!ild a testin+ de#i"e with a total 4oot8rint o4 no lar+er than >= 'y >=& A *. des3to8 mi"ro-"om8!ter will 'e !sed& 7he "om8a"t 'ase ra"3 will 'e !sed& A 8ower s!88ly !nit with 05I/R6I 6ilterin+ / *i+h 6re?!en"y %ro!nd Isolation / 7ransient @olta+e S!r+e S!88ression$ will 'e !sed& 0Aistin+ 8ro8rietary so4tware m!st 'e 4!rther de#elo8ed to a""ommodate sim!ltaneo!sly test three ADIRUS at a time$ while maintainin+ inde8endent start/sto8 4!n"tionality& A -0 day trial 8eriod where the team "an ma3e modi4i"ations as ne"essary will 'e allowed& A >0 day 8eriod o4 "!stomer s!88ort a4ter im8lementation will 'e allowed& Bn-site trainin+ 4or 4 ser#i"e sta44 at the Northwest Airlines Ser#i"e 2enter will 'e 8ro#ided& A re"ommended list o4 s8are 8arts will 'e 8ro#ided& A 4!ll set o4 8rod!"t do"!mentation in"l!din+ a ser#i"e man!al will 'e 8ro#ided& A 4inal "om8letion date o4 5ay 1$2010 Out of Scope# Ser#i"e 'eyond >0 days o4 initial ser#i"e !nless o!r eAtended warranty 8a"3a+e has 'een 8!r"hased& 2!stomer re?!ested !8+rades a4ter the -0 day team trial 8eriod& S8are 8arts&

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5enefit 4 Potential 9alue' ( 7o im8ro#e the "om8any=s ind!stry-leadin+ ima+e and re8!tation as a state-o4-theart "!stom ele"troni" test e?!i8ment man!4a"t!rer& 7o 4!rther de#elo8 o!r 8ro8rietary so4tware and te"hnolo+y& 7o hold 8atents that will allow o!r "om8any to maintain a te"hnolo+i"al ad#anta+e in AIRDU testin+&


Impact of *oin! Not$in! : Internal to t$e 5u ine A wasted o88ort!nity to 4!rther de#elo8 o!r 8ro8rietary so4tware and te"hnolo+y& A loss o4 8otential 8atents whi"h wo!ld diminish o!r te"hnolo+i"al ad#anta+e&


Impact of *oin! Not$in! : E<ternal to t$e 5u ine B!r "om8any=s ima+e and re8!tation will 'e dama+ed 4or not 'ein+ a'le to hel8 the airline ind!stry& B!r "om8etitors will "ertainly "a8itali<e and we may no lon+er 'e the ind!stry leader&

/2, /2+


*eliverable 1& 7estin+ 0?!i8ment 4or Air Data Inertial Re4eren"e Units& 9ADIRUS: 2& C!ality "ontrol 8er4orman"e meas!rements -& S8e"iali<e B8eratin+ So4tware 4& /istin+ o4 re?!ired s8are 8arts 1& B8eration D maintenan"e man!als >& 7rainin+ man!als ,& 6AA D Boein+ 2erti4i"ations 8& Si+n-B44 .ro"ed!res & 2ontra"t 4or B!t o4 S"o8e ;or3 10& ;arranty do"!mentation


Activitie 'li t in e=uence order if )no>n( 1& Identi4y 8otential team mem'ers and re"r!it 2& .ro(e"t "harter E7eam Roles and 5ilestonesF -& Identi4y 5aterials$ and Reso!r"e A#aila'ility 4& Ris3 assessment and milestone re#iew 1& Desi+n new ra"3 system to meet s8a"e and testin+ re?!irements >& Ben"hmar3 testin+ and a88ly 4or 6AA and Boein+ "erti4i"ations ,& Desi+n em8loyee testin+ 8ro"ed!res and o8eration man!als 8& Desi+n em8loyee "erti4i"ation 8ro+ram and trainin+ man!als & Deli#ery o4 testin+ ra"3 with all "om8onents& 10& 2om8lete 8ro(e"t do"!mentation s!'mitted to "!stomer 11& .ro(e"t 2lose-B!t



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Overvie> of Sc$edule • • •
Re=ue ted Start# 10-2>-200 Re=uired *eliver7# 04-01-2010 Timin! Concern # Re"ei#e

6AA/Boein+ "erti4i"ation 'e4ore tar+et "lose-o!t date


A • • •

umption / *ependencie A#aila'ility o4 team mem'ers and "!rrent 8ro(e"t "ommitments .ro(e"t 4!ndin+ to in"l!de #aria'les in material "osts U88er mana+ement time "onstraints in meetin+ 8ro(e"t deli#era'les


Ri ) @ %i)eli$ood@ Con e=uence @ and Contin!enc7 Plan • • • • • • • • 2han+in+ 6AA "erti4i"ate re?!irements De4!nded 8ro(e"t 'y Airline/"!stomer 6AA 'ands "!rrent ADIRUS 4or new #ersion 7eam mem'ers are reassi+ned or lea#e 5aterials shorta+es Un4oreseen so4tware re#isions A#aila'le s8a"e has "han+ed EDe"reasedF 0Aternal e"onomi" "onditions 4or"e desi+n "han+e urance Revie> and Role


&ajor Aualit7 A • •

C!arterly testin+ and 'en"hmar3in+ data deli#ered to ma(or shareholders and !88er mana+ement to determine 8ro(e"t #ia'ility Deli#er monthly 8ro(e"t re#iew to 8ro(e"t s8onsor


E timated %abor Co t ' i"e@ ran!e of Hour ( • • • • • 4 6!ll-time 0n+ineers G 4 5onths H 21>0 *o!rs G I40 H I102$400 91 5onth De#elo8ment and 7rainin+$ 1 5onth Im8lementation$ 2 5onths S!88ort: 5ana+ers 2 G 1>0 H -20 *o!rs 9no "har+e: Ad#isors 2 G 40 H 80 *o!rs G I-1/100 H I1$400 7rainin+ 4 2rew G 80 H -20 *o!rs G I40 H I12$800


E timated Non-%abor Co t

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• •

0A8ense 4or *ardwareJ I80$000 0A8ense 4or So4twareJ I10$000 7rainin+ S8a"e and do"!mentation 8re8aration/4ees/"ostsJ I1$000

Interdependencie >it$ Ot$er Project 1& 2& -& 4& 1& .rod!"t de#elo8ment in"reases 8rod!"ti#ity o4 o!t8!t Re?!ired to in"rease the sa4ety o4 "!stomers In"reases "!stomer satis4a"tion o4 s"hed!lin+ 5aAimi<es minimal s8a"e "a8a"ity Bnsite 8ersonnel will ha#e trainin+ to "om8lete "om8any o'(e"ti#es


Dunctional Area Impacted b7 Re=ue t 1& 2& -& 4& 1& >& ,& 8& & 5ar3etin+ D Sales 2!stomer Satis4a"tion 0n+ineerin+ S"hed!lin+ .!r"hasin+ Re"ei#in+ D In#entory 5an!4a"t!rin+ C!ality 2ontrol Sa4ety and 5aintenan"e

12, 12+

Project Staffin!

Project Staff and Time Commitment • • • • • ;or3in+ lead 0n+ineer$ >40 *o!rs 100K *ardware and So4tware 0n+ineers$ -$ 1 20 *o!rs 100K 5ana+ers 2$ -20 *o!rs 21K Ad#isors 2$ 80 *o!rs 1K 7rainin+ 2rew 4$ -20 *o!rs 10K


Special Re ource Needed S8e"ial reso!r"es are Identi4ied as a 6leA-line 2!stomi<ed Do!'le ;ide 2om8a"t test ra"3


Project Or!ani"ation 'Role 4 Re pon ibilitie ( • • • • ;or3in+ /ead 0n+ineer L /eadin+ 0n+ineer on .ro(e"t 0n+ineer G - L *ardware and So4tware De#elo8ment$ Im8lementation and 7rainin+ James Brady - Northwest Ser#i"e 2enter 5ana+erJ .ro(e"t 5ana+er 4or Northwest Da#id 5atthews - Allied 7est 0?!i8ment 5ana+erJ B#er#iew test e?!i8ment

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• • •
;2, ;2+

Ser#i"e 2enter 2rew G 4 L 7rainees and ;or3ersJ re"ei#e trainin+ and wor3 with e?!i8ment J!lie S"hill - .!r"hasin+ D 6inan"e Re8 JAssist in 4inan"ial 8!r"hases Ste#e .eterson - /e+al Ad#isorJ re#iew do"!mentation

Project &ana!ement Approac$

Approac$ • 7he lead en+ineer$ Jaye An+er$ hardware en+ineer$ Daniel *ei'el$ and so4tware en+ineer$ 2harles /am83in$ will 'e wor3in+ #ery "losely to+ether on this 8ro(e"t$ so a 4ormal 8ro(e"t team meetin+ will 'e re?!ired only on a wee3ly 'asis L 7h!rsday mornin+s at J00 a&m& 5S .ro(e"t will 'e !sed to set and meas!re a+ainst the 8ro(e"t timelines .ro(e"t initiation sta+e .ro(e"t 8lannin+ or desi+n sta+e .ro(e"t eAe"!tion or 8rod!"tion sta+e .ro(e"t monitorin+ and "ontrollin+ systems& .ro(e"t "om8letion sta+e& .hases in"l!de traditional en+ineerin+ 8ro(e"t 8hases o4 re?!irements$ desi+n$ "onstr!"tion$ test$ trial$ and 4!ll de8loyment&

• • • • • • •


Statu or Pro!re • • • •

Reportin! Plan

Jaye will de#elo8 a wee3ly re8ort 4rom the wee3ly meetin+ and s!'mit to the 8ro(e"t s8onsor 'y the 4ollowin+ 5onday& An a"tion re+ister will re"ord e#eryone=s 8ro+ress and de"isions made L with a""om8anyin+ rationale& A"ti#ities !nderta3en to date 2han+es s!"h as di44erent 8ro"ed!res !sed to assess a 8ro(e"t element$ delays$ et"&:$ in"l!din+ (!sti4i"ation 4or "han+es and "orre"ti#e a"tions to minimi<e or a#oid 4!rther "han+es or delays&


• 2om8leted a"ti#ities in a""ordan"e& C$an!e &ana!ement Approac$ • All "han+es a44e"tin+ "harter s"o8e will re?!ire a "han+e a88ro#al/ si+n-o44

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to 'e s!'mitted 'y the "han+e re?!estor& Jaye will 'e the "han+e mana+er& *e will assi+n a "han+e owner 4or ea"h a88ro#ed "han+e a88ro#al/ si+n-o44& 7he "han+e mana+er re#iews the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44 to determine the im8a"t o4 the re?!ested "han+e and assi+ns 8riority to the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44 as !r+ent$ hi+h$ medi!m$ or low 8riority& 7he "han+e mana+er ens!res the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44 is "om8lete and 8ra"ti"al$ and !8dates the "han+e mana+ement lo+& D!rin+ "han+e re#iew$ eAistin+ in4ormation on identi4ied ris3s and their 8otential im8a"ts 4rom ris3 mana+ement is !sed to 8ro"ess the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44& In "ases where there is ins!44i"ient in4ormation to determine the 8otential im8a"t o4 the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44$ the ris3 mana+ement 8ro"ess ta3es 8la"e& 6indin+s are do"!mented as 8art o4 the ris3 list and ris3 statement& Bn"e a88ro#ed$ s"hed!led$ and do"!mented$ the "han+e a88ro#al/si+n o44 +oes to the "han+e owner$ who is res8onsi'le 4or im8lementin+ the re?!ested "han+e& 7he "han+e re?!ester and "han+e mana+er #eri4y whether the "han+e owner has s!""ess4!lly im8lemented the "han+es& 7he s!""ess or 4ail!re and the e44e"ti#eness o4 the "han+e 8ro"ess are do"!mented$ so that "orre"ti#e a"tions "an 'e ta3en to im8ro#e 4!t!re "han+es All delays in the timeline m!st 'e re8orted to Jaye L as soon as they are 3nown

• •

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