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2014 Carifta Games Qualifying Standards and Criteria
GIRLS Under 18 A 11.88s 24.19s 55.11s 2:15.55 4:50.00 xxxxxx 13.92s xxxxxx 59.60s 46.69s 3:48.00 1.69m xxxxxx 5.65m 11.87m 12.14m 37.32m 35.61m xxxxx B 12.08s 24.85s 58.40s 2:20.20 5:12.00 xxxxxx 14.75s xxxxxx 1.02.80 48.19s 4:03.00 1.59m xxxxxx 5.45m 11.20m 10.85m 31.67m 33.69m xxxxxx Under 20 A 11.49s 23.94s 54.25s 2:10.60 4:45.40 10:37.00 13.82s xxxxx 58.79s 45.49s 3:39.00 1.77m xxxxx 5.95m 12.22m 13.12m 47.09m 42.26m 5564pts BOYS

B 11.85s 100m 24.78s 200m 56.97s 400m 2:18.10 800m 5:26.10 1500m 11:22.00 3000m/3000m - 5000m Open 14.88s 100m Hurdles (0762; 0.838m) xxxxxx 110m Hurdles (0.914m; 0.991m) 1:03.40 (0.762m) 400mH (0.838; 0.914m) 46.18s 4X100m 3:49.00 4X400m 1.63m High Jump xxxxxx Pole Vault 5.55m Long Jump 11.55m Triple Jump 12.28m (3k;4k) Shot Put (5k;6k) 36.94m (1k) Discus (1.5k; 1.75k) 37.47m (500g; 600g) Javelin (700g; 800g) 5250pts Heptathlon/Octathlon

Under 18 A 10.73s 21.56s 48.98s 1:57.30 4:13.00 9:10.00 xxxxxx 14.00s 54.51s 41.70s 3:18.00 1.95m xxxxxx 6.79m 14.72m 16.22m 46.65m 58.53m xxxxxx B 10.91s 22.15s 49.80s 2:00.52 4:23.00 9:38.24 xxxxxx 14.40s 57.10s 43.54s 3:30.41 1.82m xxxxxx 6.52m 13.62m 14.41m 40.95m 51.00m xxxxxx

Under 20 A B 10.40s 10.68s 21.02s 21.48s 46.99s 48.72s 1:55.00 1:59.10 3.89.00 4:09.00 15:40.40 16:36.12 xxxxx xxxxx 13.76s 14.18s 52.39s 55.39s 40.45s 41.82s 3:10.98 3:12.83 2.09m 1.97m 3.98m 3.61m 7.27m 6.95m 15.52m 14.30m 18.44m 16.07m 56.85m 48.09m 65.60m 55.84m 7100pts 6311pts

* Performances must be achieved between 1st April 2013 to 31st March, 2014.
* All performances must be achieved during competitions organized or sanctioned by the IAAF, its Area Associations and its National Federations. Thus results achieved at club, university or school competitions, must be certified by the SKNAAA, and by the National Federation of the country in which the competition was organised. * Wind assisted performances will not be accepted . * Hand-timed performances i n the 100m, 200m, 400m and 110/100 hurdles and 4x100m events will not be accepted. * To be eligible, athletes must participate in a minimum of two(2) SKNAAA Development Meets, and in the 2014 National Juvenile, Youth and Junior Championships, or must have received an exemption from the SKNAAA Executive Body. * Qualified athletes must also demonstrate and maintain a level of fitness that will be required of them to participate at this level of competition. * A maximum of two (2) qualified athletes per event can be selected to which both athletes must be "A" qualifiers. If an athlete is qualified in an event with a "B" standard performance and another athlete qualified in the same event but with an "A" Standard performance, then only the athlete with "A" Standard performance will be selected.

* The SKNAAA Executive, through its Selection Committee, reserves the right to determine the final team size and participants who
must sign the SKNAAA's Team Code of Conduct and Team Contract. * Selected athletes must also participate in all national team training sessions, clinics and camps organised by the SKNAAA and its Head Coach to prepare the athletes for this level of competition.