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la fndcr Of tbe Pertlculars coatalned 1a tbe Eoly Gulde, fhereby thc Reader tay flnd aay Chaptcr or Paragrapb.

Llb. t.

Ctrepter I.

Of god, Art aad f,ature.
t. 4. Of Oodt of l{a!, of Creatu!€Bo Eepplaess rbat? f. Platote 5. A Splrlt 8. 2. that A dlvtae pattera. rorketb aII th1n6s. 3. 6. 9. Frallty. Dlvlae oplnlons. 12.


Crora. I l.

Tbe grouade of Knorled6e.

Inagea of Eeayen.

Slagle, Messengers and Aagels. Of three dellghts.

Degreee of EapplD€EBo 13.



Chapter fI and

AII ObJectloae caet agal.Bst tbe ROSIE CRUCIAIT'nes ansrered, tbc tnrth l. rade nanlfeat. 2. 9. l{edlclaee. EERMES tbultlees studlee. 9. 5. 6. Ruleg. 4.

Tbe ray to fiadou. and effecta. 8.


l}lttee 7.

Approved to&EoDEr lo. Ioadrous

Optnloae. ll.

Tbe Stop-ahlp. le.

Secret trutbs. 15. 15.


Ileenen. 14.


Of the eecret blast aad Dlvlue tnrtbe. t9. 16. Mans

rotloD of 0od. dld. Drouee. l?. &.

Of Itatures faults. of God. lE.

Of tbe ltle

Ra61l6 Gouaeel. folly.


DLsaentlon; thc hperours


Book If. l. ). Cbeptcr I. Secrets of llurberc. 2. Of tbelr 4. Slgnltlcatlon.

Of thc tondotfirl

Eor IDSES abered !o ra!,y st6ls et1ll by IflIllBERS. ,. 6. future

by thcu.

Eor JOSEUArede tb,e dovn ft're

Sna rtard

Eor by IUMBERSELrJAB called Eor by tbeee tollorlug tLl.nge. 7.

fron beaven trpoD Llg elcdca. nOSfE CRUCIAIS fore-kaor all

XUUBERS tbe fature, Eor

Connand rbolc & ctc. further E.

have pot€r over DBrrLsr eld AtroE[s, aad do ]tlracles, by thts f,unber a RfVER epake to Phythatoraeo trutba, Ald for


ton of tbese aysterlous


Book ff. l.

Chapter fI. 2.r 1., ald Vir tues. 4., 5., of Eebr er .

O f th e P o re r, & e tc.

6.1 7.t to then.

Greek aad E. Latl.a Lctters,

rhen tbe Nunbers are attrlbuted

Book fI.

Cbapter IfI.

lbe lfnnber of Eapplness. 1.1 2. The Pytbatodck plled to tbe flret XAf.{ES or iature of a ldonad or Ualt. 5. t 4. Ap7.t

deys lork.

5.s 6. [!at

ere tbe upper ;atere. --,

E. Ard tbat BouIB that eeecend;ft5 yifCftY or UATERtrIl.lPES, 1u PI0RPEIRIUS. 9. eble. lO. 8. BECEAIDJ.ef,otatlon Ibat natter

are the NAIADES

of 1t aelf ls u!t!ovell. ald

vory happtly explalned 1n ny;

!EUpLE OF TISDO!|. 12. rhat Algel nrles lt.

Of tbe Iftruber Offi, ead tbe atga1flcettoal

Boots II. fhlg Cbeptcr IVo Arta ead lfature. l{atter ta tbe eecond,drys Creatloa,

lfiuber unltse

f.1 2., l.r 5.t 6.1 7.,

4.r That Ualversal E., firlly l O.1 l l .1

lade 6ood by tbe Xeree ead property of tbe ltrul te vlr t[€Eo

D c r t r o; t.'

Book II.

Cbapter V.

Tbe tunber of IonB Life. The l{ature of tbe thlrd days lork. 2. Set off by tbe f,unber J. Tbat the

the nost learned do agree that tbe Creatlon ras perfected at oace. f,otatlon of lJ I f - etrangery egreed rltb the f,otorloue


of the Teuple of Utadoat of the elgnlflcatlon

of tbe f,trnber 5.

Sook ff.

Chapter W.

llhe trruber of llature and Eealth. l. Of the algalfl'catlon rorld 6. of tbe lfurber four. erected lato contlned 2. s l. r 4. r 5. t Eor tbe forn and notlon by tbe tl,tlee on tbe and Pro-

Corlnreal fourth pcrty

ras ualversally It ls loet


notably 7.t 8.

of tbe lfirnber four. lbcrela

or PyTbe If,FALLIBIE ROSfE CRUCfAN By hJ.n tbat taught ra6 a Syl-

tbagor{.ck OATE. 9. then the l$stery

they syorer lO.1 ll. 12. fhet

of the Tetractle.

the Tetractls

bcle of tbe rhole Artr 14. 'llhe nysterle

that lay couched ta ntilBERS and LEPTERS. lT.t four.

of tbe f,ulber


BooL If, lbe fiuber l.

Cheptcr Vff. of foutb. of the lunber fly€. 2. lad rhat lagels uay

0l the el&dttcatlon by lt. 9.

be callcd

And bor tbey ray eppcar.

Eook If.

Cbaptcr YrfI.

!fD'e Xunber of Rlcbcs. f. 0f tbe eltdflcatlon of the f,rulber alr. ,. 2. Aad rhy tbe rhole Creatcarrlcd aray a

lon rae conpreheaded rlth5.n lt. Qgaler. 4.r 5.t 6.

lnd hor a SplrLt of the llurber.

Of tbe vlrtue

Book fI.

Ghapter fX.

the llunber of Vlrtue. 1 . s 2 . s 5 . j 4 .t 5 .t 6 ., 7 .r E.l p.l 17., 18., 19.t 2O.e 21. 21.s 24.t 25.t 26. re6t of God. lO.1 ll.1 12., 15., 14. t 15.1 l 6.s 22.)

The sl6n1ficat1oa of the Ifunber B€ye!.

ADd tbat aeveD te a ttt

Syubol of tbe Sabbatb or

Eook If. Tbe f,urber l.



of lledou. of tbe funber appoa!. elgbtr ald rhat lngele lay be

Of the B16p1f1catlon by l'tt


ard hor they

Book If.

Chapter Xf.

Tbe Ifiuber of Bodles.


Of tbe atgnlttcttlon

of tbc turber nlae; Lor tbrt

by dlc


cellcd up ap1r1ta, eld dl.d lbat be plceaed: Bor CAL,IEROI by dne hvlaible, aad hed the aoclety of e fedllar Gealue.

Book II.

Chepter IIf.

!tre f,unber of l{edlclaee. Of tbe algllttcatloa ln a Hoaltory cducatton. of tbe f,ruber tea; bor by thte Nunber ten, soCRATEs aa{

Vled.on bad a Sraa la hle lape aad of pLAfOrs blrth

Book ff.

Chapter XIff. of GoId.

The lluuber for tbe preparatlole of tbe sr.SDltlcatlon of Sptrtte, end thelr

of the l{uuber elevea: Eor by 1t re knor the bod,les naturat conetltltlone, iOrarciq - t'a pEERE-

cyD's syR's; bfU$. DllgrEf\g,Fi\\if,)n| lllhe8 of Splrlte bauatlng fLelde and deeolate fOODr rho had tbe coatlaual aad OLIHPfUS. Soclety of a Ouerdlaa






Book II;

Chapter XfV.

The f,ulber of the Knorledge bor to dleaolve Gold. ol the etgatflcatloa tbe tlelve thelr of tD,e xuraDer trclve; of lts natural vlrtue. of

rLae Apborlalee

of Jeabosber aDAt{rs lttl\)R. tbat tbese GuABDfAxoErff

ol aagele, aad oDe

naturc aad dleBlty: be alotted

raJr bc: thether

or lore

to evory laDr or to eoae DoDe. rhat aay be the reaeoa


of Splrlte or to: llat

!o rcldole thelr

eppeer:tl6; rad rhcther rc!

tbcy heve ray acttled ln eltbcr Dcvotton, or


larrrrcr le ol asslatlnt fletber eyery leta

ProPbesler or love:

conplexloa le capable of the rhetber 1t be larfur to pray to

Soclety of a good 0enlus: aad Lastry,

God to cead eucb e Oenlue or Aagel to one or Do, tbat ln tbe lfunber re deslre at the eagravl'ag.

Book If.

Chapter XV. and porer of lfirabers above trelve.

Of rbat Aagels appear by the vlrtue

Book II.



of hperoursr

Popeer f,lugs, rorde, & etc. or other peopre that f,tght,

or 60 to Iar agaLnst aaotber, rhlcb ebalr have the vtctory.

Book If.

Chapter XVII. of all lantrer of Questlons, eld bor by these lfir.ubers you

The Beeolutlon

nay be bappy, & etc.

Book IfI.

Chapter f.

The lay to long lJ.fe. f. Bor to rake a ran llve ,. ,. to tro buadred years. 2. JOBN DiACKLII|our 4. Eelps eelf.

couatrSrnan and otbers. fron AEgypt aad arebla. 5.

Pollcy to prevent occaelone.

f,othlng can beget and rork upoa tt llhe risdone of God. E. ll.

Tbe Leads of do1lg carg€so ?. 9. l'loletness. lO.

A bean of l,Extures.


Of nale ald fenale etuffe.



0f tLe etuftc

cloatbed rlth 15.


Clean el'r ead heat of Ecrflre 16. eld fet of AEtber. Dltfcreacee of heads.

YGDo 14. 16. 19. 22.

l[Lc Sccrct heat. l?. 2O.

lrLe atany

Earth ead latcr. 0f Ealr ud Eoof.

Atr ead llre. Drenples. 2). Se 21.

Of naklag aDd perlshlng. a4. Tbe cauee

Tbe reaa6 to long L1fe. 25. 27. Tbe trutbe

food of Llfe. 26.

of 10!6 L1fe. hd of ldaa. 4.

of [Yature. 28. 3O.

Tbe Juetlce of Crodaad

Xatural [yeterlee.

Of tbe clearaess of lana lte taye of lfature. ,r. 51, Methof


tt,e Juetlce of lfature. A loug Race. t4.

uoa1en. ,t. olaats. bacted 40. ,6.

Eelps to long Llfe. ,?. & etc.

The llfe ,E.

l(1ng ancAT8oltts llfe.

Ptators comonreartb. ,9.

by the rar of [fature, rbat, 41.

The food of stars. four eneDleE. tlatural 42.

Eungry Sp1r1ts.

l{1xt Bodtes, aad thelr 43.

the cbangeable rorld long r'lfe.

aad course of Creatures.

neaas to of the

4I+. 8ou1, r.lfe and Beat of natural 46. Of the nature of AEther. uolsture

tbtage. 4?.


Elenent of Elre. ADtber. the flrst pattern llE.

of tbe food of 49. Of

Of the ulaeetr flrst of the fhe

aad belng of LLfe. fr.


OlI of the food of L,Lfe. 51. 5r. Igatures pattern Gauee of Llfe.

0f a plaln

of adJourneat of Ilfe.

not counterfelt, ,U. Inatructlon

or the blood ald fleeh of seed. aad rourlehtng. ,7. 55. An cratple lu relgbt

of CARDAI|US. 516. Our slngle Olte. and trutb.

f,aturee rorks


Eook IrI. 1., 2.

Chapter II. of the accurate atructure of laD6 body. of rlts. 5. of Joy, aad grlefl

ead dtffcreDce


Book Iff. l.

Chrpter fI. of the Body. 4. Pe1n. 2. ). lad tbca of tbs leture Ipvs. 9. 6. rloy. Eetred. ?. of the Sea-

Of tbe Detf€ctlon 5.


Of Dellght. 8.

eual De116ht.

Lad Palns of the Body.

10. lDd Or1.ef.

Book IfI. l.


IV. Uhctber ehe be a leet Moddtstlnct. 4. And

Of thc nature of thc soul of l,laa. 2. of tbe body. 1.


Or a aubBtaDcereally 5.

then rhether corporeal, bo{y.

or lncorporeal.

.lnd of tbe tenper of tbe

Book ffl. l.

Cbapter V. 2. Of apoutaFeous uotloa. t. Of tbe

Eor a Captala ras kl1led.

erternaL PEE|OI.IEM. 4. bereelf. corporeal. 6. fhat tt ls.

Of the nature of the Ee6ence. 5. 7. And rhetber lt be corlnreal.

Of tbe Soul E. Or tn-

Book IIf. Of Plaltsr rtII uter

Clapter VI. tlat the ueer lotlon of tbe natter of Plants. ley do eonethlng, yet 1t That ls lo botch 1n Natothers of subatantthe beauty and

aot aDouat to tbe productton that

aone PEAETMEIA be the reeults

of lotl.on,

1aI forue. vlrtue

Tbat beauty ls aot a Deer faucyl that

and that

of Plaats ls e! Ar$uent

they are nade for the use of our

bodlee fron an tltellectual



Book IfI. 1 . , 2 . , )., 9.t

Cheptcr VfI. l l ., ,. Of tb c Sccdi 6.1 7.r E. eld Slgnr tur ca of P1ente:

l O.1 l l .,

A n d rh e ro for e Ood r ade thcu.

Eook lff. 1., 2.

Chaptcr YfII. Of tbe ueefulacas of Plalte: J., \. lad of thc lorke of God.

Book flf. 1.

Cbapter IX. 2. The cauees rby re 4. A ueasure of rar ald aculny 0a11.

The ROSIE CRIICfAN ray bor to get bealtb. ,. Of the flret Eeat. 5. lature

eat food.

of the lorld.

aad tcnperate 6.

Aad the cauae of tbe llery the ttllt. 8. Drhkless ?.

Aad aeedless nuddy borels, of Urtae draner6.

f,ature carelees of nalclag bave DoDe at all. lO. And avold

tbe relns 9. all


Eor to cleanee your eelf Dlsea6e6.

fron theee l'dle Borels.

Book IfI. l.

Cbaptar X. nade plala by cralplee, aad tboee are above aone tlne aad forelga food, Tbe

ROSfE CRUCIAI| Medlclaee 2. That

coutroleueDt. fataees

tbe ret 1.

Sua-beans declare Eor to lJ've treaty

to nourlab

uadrlnd. do. 4.

lroara rltbout ,.

aa !a!Jr Creatures Bil,rd called level

Uee aad Gustone a eecond tature. Ib6. 6. eld

IIAI|IIDA DMCA, aad the ainglag 7. An experlenced

Thet the Calellon bor to apply 1t rltb

eats food.




Book III. l.

Chaptcr XI. by nOSfE CHICIAf,S. 2. Ol

0f Xaturc eld her Hedl.clacg rrpcrlcnccd vlrtue 4. of l{yetcrtes. uee. 5. ,.

tbc occult lctaee.

Of tbe hea11a6 ead coaeualag l{ed-

Of tbelr & etc.

Of the Gout, Lcproate, Dropelc aad Fall-


Book Iff. l.

Chapter IfI. of- l{ed1claee are secretly 5. bld frou

That the kaorled6e ard vlrtue underetandlnt. 2.


Eor tbey ray be gottea. 4.

Aad of rhat lles out

coucbed 1l the O11 of Bodles.

Of tbe use, aad hor to fetcb lt

by ak111, the Eaven of Dtedlctte.

Book IrI. l.

Ghapter XrII. 2. 4. Of fltchcraft. A.lthough thelr ,. Eor to cure tbose tbat are evtl

Of lledl'clDes. thereby. ,.

affllcted Splr{.ts,

bodles be poseeeeed yltb

tbet cauae tbeu to vodt

up lfcedlee, lltlnbles,

5. Pots,

7. Glaseeer E. Ealrr rere coaveyed lnto by lltchea

p. ead ehreds ol cloth, ll. That llads

lO. rbl.cb by the Devtl end Tenpegte are ralsed 12. Of Poyeoae; rltb

the Body.

upon leer of l{edlclnee.

the exanplee also of otber aupernatural effecta 7r. Of llaglnatlon. 14. lor to cure a lltch.

of unclean Splrlts. 15. Aad to take eray

hcr porer.

Eook III. 1., 2.

Chapter XfV. The lfatural ef fects of
,. Tbe force aad porer of


llhcralc brth

tn Dlsceecr;


trerplca i.


thet cvcty dlrcerc-brccdcr tbrt 7. 1nleon prcpercd curca Ibc vtrtue aad por

tbc cure or reledy la lt. pcople. 5.



l{cdlclnee. nosfE CRUCIAIT

cr of the Plaaete aad beavcnly Stars poured tbrou6h the lnfiluence of the l{ooa upoD the lorer cral ural f;lrst lolsture Creatures. of lal. cr!€Br 10. lt. 8. Of bot Stolecha. Eanplee tlso 9. 0f the Aetb-


ead aupernatural

Of the nadcretaredl'nt of tbeee cn)or-

leaced trutbs

by the rlt

of nan.

Book III. f.

Cbapter XV. 2. 4. Or Splr{.tual OlI. ). 0f tbe Dlrlae 5, ?. Era.uplea 0f the

Sun. Of tbe ROSIE CBUCIAII of Ood aot Jret obeerved.


Eor to uake Aether. Of Po1son.

of l{edlclncs ROSfE CRUCIAI| aad GRAECIAII. 6. Superaatural Reason. 9. l{lrecles


Ultb obedience to lO. Of the porer 12. Ard

Another HedlcJ-ne of Superaatural effect. of Xature, ll.

aad Secret nk{ll

Eor to dlaeolve ltlaerale.

bor to prepare thca for uene bodlee.

Book fff. l.


XlIf. 2. That lt

ualse a Chirurgeoue Inatruaent. Eor tbe ROSIE CRUCIAtrS plerce tbrougb ely part of the rbole bodyr rlthout ,. The dlff€rence


aeDae or feellng,

end eound the depth of a louad. rarr blultl

of connon Pbye5.caas, fbet a Phy-

aad bearby l,ledlclnesr and ROSIE CRU0IAI|S. 4. 5. Ibet tbey ought to learn. 6.

alcaa ougbt to be. ougbt to practlae.

lnd rbet tbey

Eook III. Cbeptcr XVU.

Tbe ray to rer toult. l. old lgc, 6ny Eelre, dln gea, deaf Elrs, rottca Tccth, ead rane

Bolee renered to etreagth 2. TD,eRcesoa. L[fe. ,. 5.

and youth; JOEIT I{ACf,LEINTS era.aple aad otbere. lr. Of cber6. Tbe

Ubat latree uB youDt atd flourlghlD8. ead o1d folk Eralplc


ILV chlldren 7. 9.

erc leaee actlve. 8.

decay of tbe lood of llfe. cea are Dgt 10['6 llved. fndlaa Secrets. ture ln Nature. 16. trlultfullness ll. 15.

of rcacted youth. lO.

yhy pr.1!-

To preeerve youtb.

Of Brachnans aad 12. Tbe ftret aole-

Tbe atay of the Ial of k1ad. l{otlor. 14. Beat. l?. 15.

Eor to love tbe eplrlts. lE. 21. Of loutb. 19.

ald Actlvtty. 20.

Of host.

Klnde of rar1n6 toung. 22. lo eprlat to loutb 25.

Varlous oplnloas. Zr.

Strange chaages. 0f tbe

lrou A6e. llaa reetoted.

l,tEDEA aad JASON. 24. 26.

Deede of Xature. aad hair. ae lt lere, 27.

To reuer tbe nlrtul aatls, EaJrbc talcen,

of order la youtb.


That eD old !a!

frou the brlnk of the grave, rltberedl e.

feeble and crooked, Acts of klnd. 51. Eol to

aad. red back to hls forner youtb ald lusthees. 30. Al old loDaD turned luto a !a!,

and of other thlngs.

ecconplleh theee th{EgB.

Book fII.

Cbapter XVIII. or the forlde 2. ceteeled Bapplaeee. rcalth. 7. Of IRABIAN ua5. Tbat the

TLe ray to Plcaeure, f. Of lnverty

aad r{,chee. 4.

Of rorldly

dergrouad bodlee.

Of SOCRATES uadergrouad aecrcte. l{lnerals.

heat of the eartb bo1le Rocke lato

Of Qulck-el1yer.



lbc anlpburoue end dacral 9.


of tbc broath of ll4 lO. DlrsoldDt



hozea Al'r.

of purttDg Qulck-allyer, I l. uaD. Euthly lr.

of lerds rtght.

ead breatbe of tetala. 12. 15. Sua and l{ooa uke Eattb 1a Poler,

brlnetoae to aeke e pcrtect t{ctals. equll. 14. 16.

Of rrktat

fnatructloa. Iourlehneat t8. N. uineral Iroa


la Q;ulck-ellver l?.

la l{laerala bcat. 19.

ead, P1alte, Eeat perfccts

Of groes and flae bodlee. cold coy€ra tbc rork. 21.


and CoPPer of the f,ature of Qglck-sllver. rLtte all 25. and yellor l{etale. 2r. Copper aa GoId and Sllver.

Tbat Xature lntended l.n

?.2. Sl'lver aad GoId Zh.

Dcgrees of l{etals cleaneed. 26.

Xature chan8eable. of Bdrds. 50. 27. To dte

Of neadlng f,ature by Att. lattuoay. 4.

Ihe luaglaatloa

Ould,ea. 28. l'letal. Jl.

Tbe colour of GoId faetaed. 32.

To stay f1y1n6 sptrlts. ,r.

To raeh tbe baads ln uolten rrnhujt. 54. To keep

Lead uaburt. a clotb

Io stand the force of a Bullet t5.

fron buralng. 56.

To use uarlpe Cold, ald lake lt

as 6ood ae aay

tbe Dest.

Bor to ratse AURIIM POTABILE. 97.

That Qulck-stlver

be bouad, coloured aad aade Gold, and of strange thlnge.

Book IrI. The tro

Chapter lGX. 6uards of safety, trutbar Iledon aad Vlrtue, to tbe Soul aad Body, rlth

otber roaderful l. 1. fiU

experlenced aad publlebed by tood Autborlty, 2. 4. Of tbe dlfference Eartbly Judgee. of Saplence aad prudeDce. 5. ?. Ot tbe eervante of tlhe lnrer of Bplrlts 9. That

aad dlllgeDce. and aoul. 6. 8.

Of tbe dud

soule and eplrtte. 1l recelvlng ehapcs.

l{esseagere of eplrlts. llotl'on of tbe eplrlte

ald aenbere.

tbc lEthcr lO. ctrrl.cth thc roul of rel. 12. 14. end r11 Lla bcera dora lato I l. llbc lrturc tbc body.

llbc orccllelcy

ol lgc rad loutb 1a cold lt. lhrt r Dcaat rey

erd Dot Couatrl.ce. put oa rrdy 16. lature.

Of Stera ead Ploptrete. 0l e llole. 15. 17.

Of thc Ccgrcee of f,ature. To lcad lal 19. ln or ten

Of tLe cluae ead cure of Khd. 18. lhe laturc

off-cDr1.ate. 20.

of Perents.

Of Di.geaace ead Lcproate. 22. lfbc ceuse ol ead rlad of llaa 26. Of tbe

llhe cauae of foollah 2r.

bodlca end thc rlrturc. Of tha rtll


llhe cauee of DrDDcrEo 24. 25.

erd 8tare.

Of tbe place of thc Sua; l5'rr ead food. 27. Pepper turned lato fvy. 28. 70.

Polcs of ttre rorld. dletenpere. ladteee. end llver. )1. 31. 4.

The cauee of 'l[be cauee of

llhe cauee of nonetrous chlldrea. ![hc cauee of Joy or foeD. )2.

Eor to teuper tbe beart & etc.

Of tbat proceed,etD fron tbe heart end llverr

Book IV.

Cbapter I. alter, defoned. 2. .|!be door of L'tgDt. 5. 1. Order of cure and a.ucnd tbe state of llaas bodyr rben f,at-

Eor to shngol ure rakcs tt l.

0t the Coulnsd,tlon of !t!r 4.


lledlcJ.neg aDd other tblnge. Of EERUES

Ibat aD outce

ol Gold la a y€ar rtll 6. Of the 8oa of Cold.

rake a l{cdlclD€ la good re tDe PLtloeopbers atole. 7. Of the heavealy vl'rtue ol tlgDta. 9. I l. Of tbe beale ol EeaYcl. E. lo. Of of

Crcatbg Gslcst!.al 12. EIe

lllcc ald other thln6e. aplr{,te !.a l{laerale. lr. tDlnge.

llhc lorce of beavealy splrate. Electur{.eet

Evl'oue Lcaclce. later rad otber

Of Stonsat ltlocbl.accor Plller 14. Of tLe rtrtuc

of cel.ct'aed lleta1e b

P\yatck ud CllrurtcDl. lr. Of tLc recrct Ulrtuc of lllacrala. l?. 16.

of iteeorvcd Oord eld rer 0o1d, ead otber tlbga. laturo. lE.

of our tlftb Parecclaus

Of thc Derfect{rg of tbc ead Dody. 19.

OPIEOX, ald of Poleoa.

Book fV.



EERI.IES end PARACELSUS llcdl'ctacs. l. 5. Of the tour Coupler1ons of the bo(y. Ol Dlseaeea, Age, eld Deatb. 6. fbat 4. 2. Ol llalace ead Igaoraace. trroro 5. of

Eor to lake l{laerale ?.

Eor to take Lead trot. eecrets. tO. lron 8. luthora

Oold hath ltfe. 9. &r

Ibe unrlad{r€'ons. I l.

to order tbe aecd of 0o1d. 12. Of tutdag 14. rood lato

tsper{.eaccd trntb. and atole. 15. 15. 17.


Of turul'ns

Iron !'ato Gopper. and otber th1l6a. 18.


ADIts crPer{rent. rad, aoRI@LA. ea Saet ee ateel 'llthe vlrtue

Irc'eb fatere GEllll. 19. ?1.

Ot galt

Iroa ta5r be lade to cut eteel ead 6olden Gopperas. eld traturel cba!tc8. 2. 20. Ot

cute tood.

Of allvery Of lrt

of Copperas tater.

ttrc lood of OoId aad other




Chapter fII.

lha Roal'e Cructaa l{edl.claes. l. Of aced. 2. Of J'acreaalag CoId. ,. 5. lbc qnalLty 6. of 0o1d. &r E. 4.

Of lettrre

l'n coacoctloa.

CDra8eable atuffc. 7.

Xature lade Of L|-ghta-

Qulch-ad.lvcr hgeo 9.

aad turaed 1t l'ato Oo1d. Of tlre f[ce. lO.

Ol purglas.

Of tbe Star-tteh,

eld otber tDlngs.


ll. of tb lrtu,lo ol tlrce. 12. ol f,E[,tEr-SEIR eld ceuec of llgtn-

1rg eli tbudcr. lS.

13. lllr porcr erd vlrtuc of BOSrD cBucurs rootstlca. lLs tlret lettcr ol OoLC. 15. Ol bot tptrtta. 16. Of tbo tlert
of GolC erd tta cou!t! lo. poteto l?. Ol tbc 1rcraltlona rplrt,te queltty elr, 4. of cold, ead Of of tbc udcratud!'lg 19.

qn'rltJ'/ tlorca

of tlc

tDe llvcly e letnrel fourty tror

+d,r'a.ta ol hcaycl. rtoae tDrt colauletl

Ol thc eplrlt t]tceD ud lh'

of rctelr.

r11 tls ar. E.

Doaca of e dced raa b parta ai.rver ZI.

dayal aad of otber thbga. 6oli. 22,. Eot etoErche.



to phlloeophere.

Eools fY. lhat lorkllg l.


lltr. fre true ratter lu trature erd lrt: la thle all l. l[tfs ranncr of Eook. be61'nn{l€e eyer Eeavcl uld erd peri,shlDe d!'rtolver t1c th{nt lZ. !tre lt.

tbe PAfIARVA le: caronlcallyr

ald orderry 2. Of eli rau. 6.

rade ralifeet

![Le place for rottllg. thbge. oF ood lld of tle j.

f,cevel ,pshc'6€eb1c, rad cyerleatb6leaa. of Drood. ?.

a.nd of otler Eerttr. 1!t. E. 5.

of la}llt g.

four tceda of atrl.Sc Ll the rcrli. lO. lbe rry ef rlbrrg

eld icetsolrer rcuglt ler aftcr.

of Oold. I l.

ead rortsag

Ol tle

Do{f r tLre eld blood of our lattcr. eoed. tj. Iaflucncec 16. tDc lrt

of Etarry

Dlood eed, ronb lor lr. TLe qutllty

of EeayaD. 1h. plfTlRVA.

Of laotructlone. 17.

of @uutr'!.ee. erd ell

Da. IOBE eld, D.

mEEUAf coantlccd,,

raoe laalfeet.


looL V.



Of proJestloa

aad prclnrtng

Rorlc Cnrclel



Ol tLc Ot{,glrar of Oold. 4. 6. llet


Of Spcrae. of 0old. 5.


Of tbe llrat

retter of of

ol llctale. CILler.

Ol tDc dltferelcr Srltr E.

Ot tbe dlffcrsacc 7. 9. Ot the vlrtue Ot galt. 15.

Sttlpbur r.nd l{ercuqr lre. Of the neture of llercury. la.

Su1phur of lfctale. Of 0old. ll.

10. Of

Ol Sllver.

Ol tbe Preparatloas of 0old. 14. Eor to rel,e tbcu. 18. 19.

IttRID.lPOTABLE,e^ado11 of Oold. ond proccsE r t9. 22. 16 & l?. !!Le thlrd 20.

Tbe eec-


|lhe true o1l ol Oold. 21. Tbe ltoon of Gold.

t]be GlLld of 0old. Se Star of OoId.

Tbe Su of Oold. 24.

?-5. Tbe Rel'abor.

FIII' Eor to lake AURUM


Book Y.







thle ratcr


or reredJ.ce thcee dlseeaee ud lon, loasr lathpr ColvulsloDtr


tbe Caah,er, Coaaulptof the Sre, fcoratltuo, llnp1erle, 1. Ot

CLoUch, Deefaeesr Ilfleratloae

Le1ps Dd.geatlolr pur6eth Cboler, cures r quutal.D obetnretloaa ol thc Bladdcrr preaervee frol lt l.a gpod rgalDst


AQUAHAATIS SURTILITATIS: lots ettcnuatee Eletnr

grl'ptnge ol tbc Belly, ud llel'atllge, 4. Of eld

curet tbc Fallhg-slcklcea,

belps Obetructloas,

ceecth Lot pel'ae, ud

cutea thc Prl.ale.


ELIUS 80I.IS OOELESIIS. ioto purtflce putrlfled


bclpa to rtrcagtbca Por, hatlca, eli


hcad rad brdna,

tLc blood,r curca thc 0outl ll'rl

prcacrvca e6ahat aad

hclpa tbc hcadr ead tehce rralr thc Scurfe tbcreof

the ecbe or belpa tbe peealone of tbe Leart, cuaea hydroplcal Eyeterlcel dl.acaaea, obetructlola 5. lotc

atrea6tbeue heertagl ead LUIAI Ia-

of tbc Rclae, Rlag-sgstr, 6. Eor IILIA


Bor $IELLA VITAE le rade.

ls lade. OOELES'|IIS flelnatlolar purtf;lee E.

1t curce tLe Scurvey l'anard end, outrard. of f,ldleye, etrengthels ?. the lt6ht a.nd atlcre,

dlatelper tbc alt{lr

end lakea lt 9.

looh falr. lO.

gor fOIfIS WTAE le Dade. I l. Eor of rltbout


SALUSVfTAE. 12. |ld


to re*,e II{ICUS YITAE. VEI|USb WROO. trote lt


Of tbe rater

cauace lonen h

to De dellvered

palBr cures tbe lone 14. Of tbe reter

ln tbe belly,

a.nd belps the grlplDg f,ote tt 15. preaervro Of the reter

of the Oute.

of ttARSl'n ARIES.

fron 6rey balre, of the SIIX.

belpe the head eld the palas thereof. f,ote lt hclpe agalnet lrdaeee,

qulckeae dcad relbere, 16. Of tbe rater l?.

ead curee all

dlaealee 1a the herd or h€art. f,ote thls yfIAE.

of SATURI| la LIBRA. Eor to rake I{EDUII^A Xote thlg curee tbe l.t cnreth tbe

cools bot Relns ead cursa tbe Por. 18. Of the rater

of IIARSrad tbe lDOl. obetructloae 19.

Ce.oker la tbs Dreaet, end, all

1l tbe breaat,

lead, Del'D8 eld OOI|OREE"ITS, etc. 20. ut{le, Of tbe rater

Of the rater Iote



th1e provokee vcnery aad 21. Of the rater of YEIIUS

e^ndcuree all

dlseaeee ln the Relaa.

1D SCORPIO. iote

tLts ls a secret rater

for rolen and ao not to be to tbeu. 22. Of the rater

alnkea of by r Jrou!6 reD, ao ruch r atrengcr



of tbc 8Uf 1a Yfn00: lotc DrlDs la tbe Dcl1y. lt 21.

1t curee tbe trletlage 0f tbe ;rtor

of tLc 6utsr ead rll

of JIIPIIER 1! CIPRICORf,,f,ote 24. Of tbe rater of 25. Of tbe

belpa arell:lega 1n tbc kleea,

th16be aad feet.

IfARS1l CIf,CER: trote lt later 26.

cools fnflruetlone thle reter

of tbe Drcaat. belps all

of I{ERCIIRT 1D VIRGO: lote Of the ratcr

palaa la the belly. good of

of iIIIPITER rad tbe lDOf,.

trote |'t 1e srcclleat lnflennatloaa

tor tbc rlad 1l tbc atorack; tbe atouack, aad clealree naatlck 29. !r!cy

3r.tptage of the atouack, 2?.

tbe etonack. 2E.

Of tbe vlrtue

of tbe Oeo-

Elgure ald the Sul.

Of tbe Geouaatlck Elgure aad tbe ]loon. S@RFfO. 5O. 51. laother Of tbe Elgure of OeoE[6urc of Geonalcy, end vtrtue. ,t. 0f the

Of tbe ratcr

of tbe llooa h of l,etrouaacy. 52.

aad the Lt6ht

e Plaaet of AetronllGlr rater of JUPfTER. 54.


of ronderful

Of tbe rater all

of tbe SIIf, aad }IARSla ARIES: f,ote aad prlvy nen-

1t 1e v€rJr good agalnet bera. 75.

dlaeatea la the bead, heart, t6.

Qf rak{ag 8p1r1ts, & etc. & etc.

To lake a Vegctable yelld

ll.e aplrlts,

Book Y. l.

Chapter flf. 2. Of the rppearLn6 of tbe fdea of a falou.s Hedlclne e-perl.eaced by the 5. tt, 6. Eor to tura Qulck-ellver ead to rake tbercof Of tbe hagraat tato

Ol tbe Eseence of a Eerb. ,.

Eerb 1l e Olass.

0f a ronderful Of 1te rtrtue. aly thlug rttb

nOSfE CRUCI.0IIS. 4. ratcr gatlve 7. rltlout rl'rl'trg

e, 6ood pur-

ald ilaphorctlck 8. fts

lfedlclne. uae. ll. 9.

O11 of llERCURf. lO. 0f

Ita vlrtue.

!o rrlte r Splrlt

of Boacy. 7?.

tLc Qnlateseeace of Eoaey.

Ot tle O11 of Eoacy.

0f tbe Eesence


ol lolty.


Ol lta ud uac.

rlrtues. 16.




l0nfitfA 17.

VIf,ERIS, alil lbc laloua

of thc vtrtuca Bcatoratlvc 19.

IQUA HAOtrlII}tIrlTfS. 18.

of PLM0 ead PIIEACOMS. 20.

Of PIRACEI,SUS B0HUICLULUS. 21. ltc th1rd Rulc. 22. 0t

lEe proccee.

Ibe accold Rnlc. 4.

tbe vl'rtuee 1ts Yl'rtuce.

ald u-ee of l't.

Eor to rate utlftctal

fiIcah, ald ol

Bo* l.


Chapter fV. a dead Eil.rd to L[fe. 5. 2. Of gcaeratlnt gn6ar. 4. la.ny SerTo rake a 9.

'lfbe ray to ralse of oae, & ctc.


To purl.fLe ead rGilne

YegetaDle gr.'or aad becoEe tore fo rake a Sall'et any Plalt ?.

6lor1.oue tbeu rDy of lte 6.


610r 1l tro or three boure.

To uake tbc fdea of lt aelf roro there. Earte-horn

appear 1n a 61aas, as l'f the very Plalt appear 1n Turpentlae. 9. 8.

To rah,e llr-trees

To uhe

eppcar 1n a Glaas. tO.

To rake golden to aDpcar 1a e 6laee. eppear 1a r Qlaee. To reEe a pcr?otuel tbat lf ahall Cve Utht I l. Io rah.e lour Eleueate 15.

fu rahe tb.e lorld 12. rater

ippeaa 1l a Oleae. Io rahe a Ludloue DooL thet sball a porderl Ioadgtone


1l a O]'aae. 14. 15.

by rl.8Dt. e Celd1c. t6.

Of a Io lale

!€eE oD tlre

you enter rtth ahall

tbat by splttlng

upoa lt

be llfleled.

To lake a

drar a IaJ'l out of a 1nst.

Doolc Y. l. tlto

Chapter V. ralleaDle dt. 1o sGYcDboura. 5. 2. llo rcducs tla88 or crr8ray€

!o rahe t'rck-ellver lta tlrgt prlaclpleal

aaad ald ga1t.

To rr{.te


tDo! u


ot pcbblcr 5.


rer. ltrelge


!o rerc


9. 7.

ro lal!


BLff pa8fure. Grot r{kc of l't. rDcr lror 9.

to uhc E.

OlIa eld Llquorao

lto rehc gtcrl bun1a6 anbet-

e trge.

fo rclt

rDy rctel lO.

t.a tbe hald rltbout !o crtract a rhltc

Sscret oDaervattols. tLc reya of the ISon.


looh Y. l. ). 9.

Gheptcr YI. 2. Eor to fllx trc volatllc Sa1ta. 4. &other.

l[o coadelae al.r la aunoer.

Of a nOSfE CRUCIAI Hedlclae, a.nd lte Of a Cordlal and lta Tlncturer ueeo ?. .Dd lts

uae vlrtuee. 6. &otber


of crcclleat lato lte bo{y


To rcduce dletlllcd E.


e6ala, aad of lte eay Eerbr or llorer, tror

uae aad rlrtuee.

To lake a dlatllled rl,tbout l' prctty f l. a hroace.

OtI out of 9. To

or Seed la en t'letaat lO.

rbet Hetal tbcre 1e J.a aay Ore. ol Copper ead tll Selt lnoalack, tltRltlt Fl[JlItAfS. of lltlnoay. togetber. ud



tbe reltlag

.l rcnelkeblc

obacrvatloa 12. A chcap cup, rDd

upo! tLc relthg porier llkc ulto

CaIr vLve togetber. 13. So takc aa llthodal

caet dlvcrs


look Y. l. tdr


YIf. to cauae leJ'r tallcl to gror egal,^u. 2. 7. L leter to caurc 4. 6. lor 'lDopre-

Of e latcr telcl off

acver to tDor agaln. 5. 8.

Eor to rakc uotlor. e8al'nst 8cabg.

to tahe rtalr !.ryo ai6ht. 9.

spots 1tl tbe facc. 7. &r llotlcr latcr.

I fatcr

Eor to roetorc lO.

tLc rnCbt of en tpote

old, laa.

to cure the 0out.

To cufe tbc lcb rld


11 thc gca. lZ. l). ll. Eor to cutc frttorer ltrtnlecal ut Gerlcrlr & ctc. Eor to cure tbc rcdacaa of tbc ficcr botber. 14. &otLcr of tbc rlle breutl'llc tLr rrkl'D.


Eook, 1.


Cbeptcr VIIf. llur of Toare. 2. Or tDua. 7. Pol. tO' 12. 7. Eor to curc

Eor to curc lnordllrtc l.

roO grce. rllte catrllc lllcera louode.

Eor to clcuao 6.

end dry e eLerp Ulccr.

Eor to reh'e 7. fu clOf Dollor


To takc elay thc rer*,e of thc elal1 8. &other I l. later. 15. tbug. 9.

Ulcera. ud tbclr 15.

to cure Ulcgre' later.


Ol e 14.

Of curtng 15' Of tDe Of Sage and uee.


Io rekc tccth lbl'te'

CoLL[ck, bor to cure lt. lator. t9. 18.

To cure e cold ctoDack.


of laveader rater rater. 20.

coapouaded, ald 1ta rlrtueg 21. drtucs'

a pectoral 2..




AQUAFEBnrsuGAaad lts 24.

etd 1te rl.rtues. ODORIEERAT 25. rQUl ltlpmlrlcA. 26.

AQUAEISTERICIT e.nd 1te vlrtuee. 8d tbelr vtrtuce rad ule.


Dook Y. f.


II. 2. $. ![o rekc thc tree Of tbe golOcn of PreParcd, oold. BEI.IA'S 6reen of

Eor to take tbe 6p1deu tree of Pblloaopbera. 5. 5. Io rakc GoId t3rol 1n the Eartb. Ol preparlDt sllver. lo. 1t sbalt 8. of lt. 6.

of tbc Sul. lfercacdte. ?.

Ot thc rtrtuca 9.

of prelnred

Ol BEASAiS lledlctLc. of sllYer. lhcrel! I l. tt

oLI of si-Iver. sJ-Iver, that

TO rakc otl

Io relEe e llquor 1a to clccodlag

rake the 6hes


tbet lolt llrccg. lo lll tbc. 14. la eblc 12. lor tlc coldacer tlcmof to lold l! ootr lt 1l tta lr. lr, lrad ray

Eor to rehc Sil,lvcr ea rl!.tc Phlloropbcra |IAI-I ClLf. 16.

Of gLlvcr Ibc pro-

Of preprlbg

Oolt eld gilvcr.

ccaa of the Teneetrtal 17. cold. Itc Proccgs ol tte 16. trc

tl,c Proccca of thc Pl,f,llu8Vl. lad of tbelr dlaaolrtag


Proccee of tbc PlIttcE[,

eld EEm{Es ttcdlcl^ace.

Book VI. lLts Book raa deal6[aed to ebcr the uee of thc Elgurce of AatroEalclr othcr, both lor tbe day ald bour of tbe rcrklag; l. lltlc bly oulde r, 2. lLe

ald Ocolaacy 1l a1l tle but bcceure tt doth lot,

you ue 5.

to reed,

Barnony of the lorldz dld ao !a!V lllraclee

Ibe Geba1lal or trt,

try th1cb thet cay lioacs et111,

1l rEtlptr

Joehua lade tbe Sun llooa stald Thc lenplc of tledon to8etber;

and mrJab ralaed thc dead: tbere ray thelr rtald, the rcet3 ).

lnd 4.

LlgDt to eacb other, l. Ite

end Dy oEo lrou leJr 8ee aad ruder2. tlc Idca of 0overanent:

Idea of the trrr: lf. ud tte hre, hnde-ertel

tbo fdea of 8trerny.

ELeleata of [5ra1 Phllotbe aetbod thcy

aopby, Poll,cyr eovcrtneat ateldr

ere to Dc rsad after

ead l'a theae books you rey flad

tbc nalee of eU h1e booke: end leest herceltet ttc

tLta le tbought good to advertlee Dookeellcre t Ysr Ettr lDonl'd cozea tbcu, ead eo rDugc blnr ID all

tbe Rceder of, other

Dy prl'ltl'rs

Dooke 1l htc lane Le CULPEPPER.

ae PEIEB @LE dotb Dr. IICE. you rnat thcr, tDJr Ict obacrve rcl'l

lDo conclude, ll.a Iord atloa

tour rorte ead tortllle

ttrs Aecendent,

ead the !bon,

t[ea bs 1l tlclr eli

tbc day ald Lour you bc6h

te tbl.e looh,



thc lbrtulo. rcad et ler6c you bvc



or llltno





tou rrt icrt ettor

1a lDc IarooEy of tbc lorld, yout Et3ure of lrtroaaacyr

ud, onr Gebbel'le. tou turt ud proJcct


e Dlgurc you

of Ocororctr rlc to rekcr

eld obacrve bor tbcy rtres, or llctal tou rrc ud to prcplrc,



thc llgruc

ol Ocooucy rtII


you to tte


hor to uec 1t;

tbc t1re rhca to nrc lt,

note you rurt t'be Elturc

oDtsryc. of lstroualcy, rhlch bel'ng ao fortlflcd, et that you ruat loaeat pro-

Patc aaC 61vc Jrour f,edl'clae ol t1ae, I! rll rld God Drroeper tout

to your Patlcat rorL.

or durte

tbe accoad Eooh, you ruat obacrre thc Agccai"tr bclry fortlfled 1a |lglce l'a thclr


I1e lptd,

aad tbe l,boa, rll'cb 6ood lapccte,

ora Louees rlth

tbca you ruet have rcady e ll6ure thua dtb

of Ocouarcy; and tonr aoatb, det

Dl6uree agreetlg

the aunbers eld Da!e8, the ycarl llcaecnger rlll cltraordlury Llorled6c trll

eld, hourr end, tbca 3lc letnl rni pcrforc,

dora upoD thc llattcr, cffecta, of el'l rad dJ.rcct thlaga Lceltb, Destr 5outh,

tbcy aay, [credlble,

tou (thcy proaclt

say) to tbe ray to leppl'lesa, lcai vlrtuc,

ead to co!e; rld rlldor ud

you the ray to long llfe, el4 tror to eltcr, or old; llctrls ud ud

bleeecdreaer tLc etate


curo eld e.lcld ead opcn thc tbel to ead ro

of tbc body 1l toul6

Lor to prcparc ltllereler of eoldr yooa purl,oae. lc rcfer

811ver ead otbcr Ior

eld flt

tbe 'lfcrple of lledol


you thcac tbla6e;

you to Lto