Hurricane Katrina Tropical cyclones have cost US a lot of damage of property and destruction.

One such disaster hurricane is Katrina. Hurricane Katrina which is a tropical storm passes southeast of New Orleans on august 29 2!!". The storm caused almost "! #reaches in the canal leaves. $!% of the entire city was flooded and watered up to &" feet. The disaster caused massive destruction and even stimulated the federal involvement. 'part from the (a#or )ay hurricane the hurricane *amille hurricane charley Katrina was e+ually disastrous and caused a lot destruction across new Orleans. 'fter its second and third landfalls in the gulf coast region massive num#ers of casualties were reported. Hundreds were dead and trapped. The total death toll was estimated around &,-,. *ommunications failure caused due to the storm surge. .uildings li/e the Hyatt regency were #lown out and the superdome was damaged. (eeve failures caused more flooding and many more #uildings were apparently damaged. Over &.0 million people lost power in their homes and offices in 1ulf States. *ivil distur#ances and violence were also visi#le as a post disaster effect. On august 2& the government commenced with the evacuation efforts across the entire gulf coast. ' mandatory evacuation was ordered for all those remaining in New Orleans. ' lot of relief organi3ations helped in the relocation process. ' lot of survivors had ta/en shelter in the superdome. They were later shifted to Houston. The total num#er of evacuees that swelled across the entire Orleans was a#out ,2!!! in num#er. The air#orne division arrived on Septem#er 2nd. The paratroopers helped in regaining control of the region clearing de#ris streets etc. 'part from the damage that occurred the flooding also caused spreading of various diseases li/e T. hepatitis ' cholera and so on #ecause of the contamination of food and drin/ing waters. ' lot of efforts were made to carry out evacuations from hospitals. 4atients with ris/y conditions were immediately shifted with a stream of helicopters and choppers. 5mergency triage center was esta#lished to help people who needed immediate health care. Katrina hurricane also had detrimental effects on the economy too. 6ith almost the entire city su#merged in water the port of New Orleans suffered massive decline in transport pu#lic service and entertainment sectors. 'nother ma7or area was decline in production of oil. 4rices rose and as many as 9"!! were suddenly unemployed. 6ith the passing years more and more efforts were made towards reconstruction and re#uilding. 8estoration of wetlands and with ecological industry prospering the city was a#le to thrive again. The economy started improving with a huge natural capital. 'part from Katrina some other hurricanes that struc/ the New Orleans port were the .etsy hurricane in &9-" when $9 people died and a lot of offshore oil rigs were damaged. The ne9t was *amille in &9-9 with a death toll of 22". The government too/ immediate evacuation steps and a#out $"!!! people were evacuated in :ississippi. Oil rigs were damaged too #ut no oil wor/ers died. Though NH* had issued early warnings a#out it #ut issued an order to evacuate 7ust, hours #efore the landfall which helped saving hundreds and thousands of lives. No such thing as natural disaster

.'ccording to Neil smith there is a#solutely no such thing as natural disaster. Though there were a lot of Ngos and government operations that contri#uted yet the havoc could have #een easily reduced if capitalist profits and ine+ualities are ignored. This is shaped #y the social conte9t of the region. <ncompetence of preparations and efforts also is well /nown. <t was seen in new Orleans the well off had cars to get out credit cards and access to resources while some li/e the afro 'merican populace were still surviving on sewage ponds. Some groups felt more ris/y than others li/e the women fol/ the afro 'merican people. The political policies were not with acutance with welfare of the people. <t is clear that some Social and political conte9t shape the impact of the disaster. 'll phases and events that occur post the disaster which may include results response and reconstruction and then preparedness for any other future impending domes are always triggered #y various causes. 6hile it was shown that Katrina is a disastrous event to occur negligence on the =part of federal emergency management made a lot of people suffer. ' lot of people were agitated as they did not get immediate help. Of course it is not possi#le that every group would receive the same amenities. The reconstruction was dominated #y government awarded contracts that still loo/ed for capitalist profits and so on. :edia when showed how #adly the city was damaged the real stories without scripts started to appear then. Those who were the most vulnera#le when it came #eing poor were women. The causes are not always natural.or instance only a +uarter of availa#le search teams were sent. . 8acial and socioeconomic ine+ualities were made while the reconstruction efforts were #eing made. So the supposed naturalness in causes #ecomes a mas/ to hide the real reason #ehind a disruption. The government aid was more or less a#sent till the fourth day. Of course the saying is true if you tamper with :other Nature it would surely ruin man made environment too. Vulnerable groups. The Katrina is an e9ample of that. 6omen ma/e up ma7ority of minimum wage earners. There is always a social and political racial ethnic and economic conte9t that dominates the effort of reconstruction. 1lo#al warming is a huge cause. The other aspect that includes attention is the presence of a lot of groups that may e9perience varied forms of treatment in the recovery and reconstruction period. <f the recovery and reconstruction is simply #ased on factors li/e political occupancies and other relations in the city then how is the disaster natural in any way> 6e #ecause it and then the aid is triggered #y what sort of availa#ility is the government ready to provide. The la#or . 4overty was a common pro#lem in New Orleans.or instance winds and storms hurricanes such as Katrina could #e a result of severe climatic changes due to car#on emissions and other pollutants. they faced multiple disadvantages during the crisis and each group coped with the aftermath of the disaster in a different way. The issue of vulnera#le groups shall #e discussed in the coming section. 's the hurricane Katrina struc/ the gulf region its impact was felt with various class race and gender divides. The National 1uard wor/ed under orders to control the city militarily and protect properties does any further damages. So the issue of reconstruction and impacting including even the causes could not #e termed as natural.

To conclude < would say that disaster such as Katrina swiped the entire New Orleans and massive destruction occurred that affected a lot of peopleA some really vulnera#le groups who either were forced tp flee from the state or had to cope with the adverse conditions. 'ccording to the <468 analysis the total percentage of single mothers in New Orleans decreased #y . 6omen #oth young and old faced high ris/s post Katrina. Ha3ards posed a considera#le threat that affected people . These families had no or very little resources. @et there were some helpful charita#le organi3ations from Houston . 6ith the #rea/ing of levees and flooding of the entire area forced them to leave their homes. 'fro 'mericans whether #e it men or women had less chance to uplift themselves. These women who were on their own who had to ta/e care of their children. 5ven though the citi3ens might have helped each other yet politici3ed attitudes triggered the aid that people received. The case was worse for afro 'merican women adding the racial disadvtange too.!. 5ven if the mandatory federal policies had laid out plans for reconstruction yet there was no system in place to ensure that displaced and unemployed people would get proper employment. the issue of race apart from gender disadvantage is again startling one.force wor/ers were left unemployed post Katrina.-%. ?. They descri#ed that though the attitude of federal #ureaucracies was cruel #ut still the political implications of race were visi#le. 4hilip Thomson evaluates this. The images of many #lac/ people #eing stranded on sewage ponds struc/ the whole nation. <n comparison more women were rendered poor than men. <n New Orleans race and class were significant divides and this was seen post Katrina and during re#uilding. The resistance against poor people was visi#le the long term unemployment of the poor led to permutation of crimes li/e drug dealing and riots. 0&% of the afro 'merican populace was affected against 7ust a 2 % white population. <nitially if there was "!% unemployment then post Katrina two out of five women even #eing employed was still no poor.aton 8ouge that helped tge #lac/ victims. 6ith limited support from the federal government the afro 'mericans faced a dou#le disadvantage. 4rofessional planners loo/ed at the larger picture of #uilding and reconstruction #ut issues such as mentioned a#ove somehow were left as it as to #e mended on their own. 8epopulation was difficult and a lot of people who fled from the city did not return. 6omen were vulnera#le #ut afro 'merican women faced higher ris/s.